Best PHP Hosting Companies of 2018

If you are searching for PHP-friendly web hosting solution, you're planning to create a fully customized or dynamic website with the outstanding performance that this preferred scripting language provides. Luckily, there are many best and reliable web hosting companies support PHP in their hosting packages and PHP works well with Linux. Our team of hosting experts analysed and evaluated 50+ top PHP based plans and providers based on PHP versions, performance, pricing, support, customization options, security and more. Here are the list of top PHP hosting providers:

World's Top 5 Best PHP Hosting Services



BlueHost Review

At a Glance

  • PHP 5.3x, 5.4x,MySQL and Ruby
  • FREE cPanel, Softaculous & SSL
  • 1 Click Install of Joomla, Wordpress
  • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth & Emails
  • 24/7 Expert PHP Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




Bluehost Reviews


BlueHost PHP Hosting Review 



iPage Reviews

At a Glance

  • Easy switch to PHP versions
  • Unlimited Transfer/space/domains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • FREE Domain & Site Builder
  • 1 Click App Installer
  • $200 Worth of Marketing Credit




Ipage Reviews


iPage PHP Hosting Reviews 



A2Hosting Reviews

At a Glance

  • Multiple PHP Versions PHP 5.5/5.6/7/7.1
  • Blazing Fast PHP Web Hosting
  • Host 1 Website
  • unlimited Storage & Transfer
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee




A2hosting Reviews


Visit A2Hosting 



Hosting Raja Reviews

At a Glance

  • Support PHP 5.3 to 7.1
  • POP3/SMTP/IMAP/PHP/Python/MySql
  • 10GB Space & 1000GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Databases & 250 Emails
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 PHP Support




HostingRaja Reviews


Visit HostingRaja 



Inmotion PHP Hosting

At a Glance

  • PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Perl & Python
  • Multiple PHP version
  • WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla Preinstalled
  • FREE cPanel, Softaculous & SSL
  • Professional PHP Support




InmotionHosting Review

$ 3.49

Visit Inmotion 



Siteground PHP Hosting

At a Glance

  • PHP 7.1; 7.0; 5.6 & 5.5
  • Advanced PHP optimizations
  • Easy PHP version switch
  • Unmetered Traffic & 10 GB Space
  • Free Domain/SSL/SSL/Site Builder




Siteground Reviews


SiteGround Shared Hosting Reviews 

All About PHP Web Hosting

PHP is a programming language Originally created in 1994 by a well known computer programmer Rasmus Lerdorf for web development purpose. PHP is an open source scripting language, it is a free software package and normally used to design dynamic web pages. PHP is a powerful scripting language which fits gracefully into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

What is PHP?

PHP is a most popular and widely-used open source scripting language which is best suitable to perform web development related tasks and can be easily combined with HTML the standard markup language as well as it can be used in mixture with many different template engines like Twig, Volt and frameworks. PHP code or script is generally implemented by a PHP interpreter, which is normally executed as a server's native module for example CGI, FastCGI, mod_php, suPHP, etc. Once the PHP script is implemented, the server of website forwards the HTTP response to its client in the format of images, animations, audio, videos etc.

Best PHP Hosting

Benefits of PHP Hosting

If your website is developed using PHP scripting language and the web host you selected to host your website supports it, in that situation you are going to get huge benefits you can’t even imagine with any other environments. Below we have listed few of the major benefits you will get with PHP hosting.

1. Easy to Use: Most webmasters and experienced developers choose to work with PHP scripting language. Because it can be easily integrated with HTML and CSS, without having any extra plugins or applications to make it functioning. Furthermore, PHP is must needed if you are using any popular CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. for your website.

2. Compatibility: As a most popular scripting language, websites developed using PHP are going to be adaptable with each and every new device, such as Android, Windows phones, iPhones, Mac and iPad.

3. Cost Efficient: As we know PHP is an open source scripting language available for free of cost, the cost of hosting a website in PHP hosting environment is usually low as compare to other commercial languages.

4. Incredible Speed: PHP utilize its own resources to load, because of this the workload of a server and website loading time automatically get reduced and overall site performance will automatically increase. which results into excellent users experience.

5. Easy Integration with Databases : PHP can be easily integrated with databases like MySQL. This is another real power and advantage using of PHP. Although, because of it’s versatile nature it can also be easily integrated with databases.

6. Complete Control : There are many other languages require lengthy scripts and coding whereas with the help of PHP same task can perform in few lines of code. This gives the utmost control over the online applications and websites.

7. Highly Secured : PHP is one of the highly secured option of creating websites as well as web based applications; because PHP has got excellent security layer to safeguard against viruses and unwanted threats.

Why choose PHP hosting

As one of the most popular programming language for web development, most of the best web hosts are providing PHP hosting solution. Although most of web hosts oversell their hosting services too much which may lead to low performance, uncertainty, low quality service and poor customer service which is not good for a website. Below are the few factors we take into consideration while evaluating the best PHP hosting services:

  • Support Multiple PHP versions like PHP like 5.5.x, 5.6.x & 7.0.x
  • Advanced PHP optimizations
  • Minimum 64MB PHP memory_limit or more
  • Option to run as suPHP for increased security
  • Easy PHP version switch
  • Affordable Prices
  • Good reputation in the industry
  • Expert PHP customer Support
  • Atleast 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Apache web server
  • Minimum 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Highly secured server
  • Linux operating system powers the majority of websites on the web. Do not opt for Windows server until you need any windows specific website, because Linux OS and PHP are a great combination for web development and hosting a website.

    So What are you waiting for? Choose best PHP from above list and start Coding your PHP website With The Best Host for PHP Today!

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