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Cloudways Halloween Sale 2022- 30% Discount on Hosting Plans [Live Now] - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Cloudways Halloween Sale 2022- 30% Discount on Hosting Plans [Live Now]

CloudWays Halloween treat 2022 is here. This means you have an incredible chance to avail a flat 30% discount on any managed cloud hosting service offered by

During this promotion period of Halloween, you can sign up for any hosting plan with Cloudways to get 30% off for next 3 months. Keep in kind that this amazing deal is available from 25th Oct, 09:30 GMT 2022 till 5th Nov, 00:00 GMT 2022. So be fast enough to grasp the benefits of this amazing deal.

Use coupon code “TREAT22”, and you will get a 30% discount for 3 months on industry's favorite managed cloud hosting that's backed by 24/7/365 support, flexible hosting plans, feature-rich platform and with a massive discount!

Get 30% Off CloudWays Halloween Deal

Continue to read this post to learn more about this best Halloween special web hosting offers for maximum savings during the Cloudways Halloween treat.

Grab Offer Now

Cloudways Halloween Deal

All About CloudWays and its pros and cons in 2022?

CloudWays is a well known hosting service provider, offers fully managed cloud hosting services without any speed and performance related issues.

The most affordable hosting plan of Cloudways starts from as low as $12/month which contains 25GB SSD Storage, 1TB Dedicated Bandwidth as well as 1GB of RAM.

The Pros – Reasons to Go With CloudWays

  • A Completely Free Hosting Trial Period
  • No limits on the number of websites you can host
  • Pay As You Go Pricing model
  • Easy to Install CMS (Content Management Systems) and Applications
  • Free Automatic Updates
  • Free Website Migration
  • The Cons – Reasons to Avoid CloudWays

  • Lack of cPanel Tool
  • No eMail Accounts or Domain name registrations
  • Limited server access
  • Details of CloudWays Halloween deal

    This year, CloudWays is going to give a flat 30% discount on all hosting plans as a Halloween treat. Buying managed Cloud hosting from Cloudways during this Halloween will give you an exclusive discount on all hosting plans for next 3 months.

    This limited time special deal is valid on all hosting plans offered by Coudways on all tenures. You can opt for any billing tenure based on your budget and requirements.

    How to Grab CloudWays Halloween Special Promo Code?

  • 1st Step: Copy the coupon code “TREAT22“.
  • 2nd Step: Now, Click here to visit the offer page.
  • 3rd Step: Now you need to choose the hosting plan and click the Get Started Free button.
  • 4th Step: Now sign up using Google, Github, LinkedIn or your email account. Now enter the coupon code “TREAT22” under Got a Promo Code link.
  • 5th Step: Complete the signup process by making the payment.
  • Congrats, you have successfully taken the advantages of CloudWays Halloween Deal 30% off. Now you can login to your account and begin creating sites the manner in which you need.

    That’s all about this offer

    Above I have shared all the details about Cloudways Halloween deal and offer available for the entire month of October 2022. This offer will be available till 5th November 2022. So must take advantage of this limited time deal before it’s gone.

    Get CloudWays Promo Code Here
    How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider for Your Business? - 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider for Your Business?

    How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider for Your Business?

    Choosing the best cloud service provider is a strategic step for your company. While the cloud offers lower costs and greater scalability than traditional computers, you do give up too easily in the process. Over the last decade, a slew of cloud service companies has sprung up. Cloud service providers are corporations that offer a variety of computer services to businesses and consumers over the internet. Software, memory, servers, networking, databases, analytics, and other services are all available.

    There's no denying fact that cloud computing is gaining popularity. Cloud computing is becoming the preferred option for an increasing number of businesses. But, with so many possibilities, how can you choose the best cloud service provider for your business?

    That's exactly what we're going to discuss in this blog. But before discussing how to choose the best cloud service providers, let's discuss,

    Cloud service providers: what & what are the benefits of hiring one for your business?

    A cloud service provider, is a business that provides some aspect of cloud services to other businesses; often, when searching the internet, a cloud service is characterized as infrastructure as a service, software-as-a-service, or platform-as-a-service.

    One advantage of this technology is that businesses can bypass the upfront costs and hassle of building and managing their own IT infrastructure by paying only for what they use when they are using it.

    Companies nowadays can rent everything from apps to space rather than having their own computing infrastructure or data centers.


    How to choose the right cloud service providers for your business?

    The following tips might help you choose the cloud service providers that best fit your business demands.

    #1. Check compliance benchmarks

    The most important factor to check is the compliance benchmarks. Check to see if the cloud architecture platform is assisting you in adhering to industry standards. The first stage in identifying the best provider with high compliance requirements is to understand your duties.

    Have a look at the: 9 Most Important Questions to Ask a Cloud Hosting Provider

    #2. Check their clientele

    Before you team up with a cloud service provider, look at their present customer base. Examine the pattern of their customers' activity. If the service provider is a newcomer who delivers excellent service, their customer base will grow. If they lose consumers, it indicates that their services have faults. Check to determine what proportion of their customer base is comprised of business clients, as this is crucial in determining the quality and degree of service they provide.

    #3. Go for standardized services

    To offer transparency and make it easy to grasp what's on offer, a cloud provider's capabilities should be standardized across the board. Delivering standardized cloud-based industrialized services costs 40% less than delivering ad hoc services. Standardization increases reuse, and bundles can help you decrease feature complexity while maintaining the flexibility you need to get the best result.

    #4. Check security standards

    Simply said, data necessitates security, so cloud service providers must ensure that their security requirements are up to par. Cloud service providers must adhere to important industry certifications, such as ISO 27001 or other government-sponsored Cyber Essentials Schemes. The cornerstone of cloud service provider choice probably is the best information management method, backed by a structured service support procedure.

    #5. Cost

    It is, undoubtedly, among the most important decision criteria, and you must examine both the list price and the associated costs, including any employees you may need to manage your cloud instances. It is not wise to contact for the lowest cloud provider right away. They might not be able to supply you with the services you require. But that doesn't imply you should go with the most expensive option. When in doubt, compare the services these companies provide to the costs they charge for the same. When it comes to pricing, it's considerably more complicated than a straightforward comparison because there are so many different plans and discounts to compare. After determining what best matches your business model, timeframe, and budget, you must make a decision based on your projected and actual usage patterns and the cloud service provider's plans.

    #6. Check Reliability

    Before making investments in any cloud service provider, it's critical to look at their previous year's service quality and customer feedback from various industries. The sensible decision is to assess the cloud provider's service reliability using customer experience and engagement metrics. Firms must also assess how they have dealt with both planned and accidental system outages. This is a critical issue since smooth data recovery operations are critical to any cloud service provider's success, especially in the event of an emergency.

    #7. Check SLA

    Firstly, SLA stands for "Service Level Agreement."

    Cloud service providers must have a service level agreement (SLA) in place that outlines the services that clients can anticipate from them. It must include metrics by which the provider's performance is evaluated, as well as sanctions for any agreed-upon service that is not delivered. Before signing any agreements, make careful you read the SLA of a cloud provider.

    #8. Tech expertise

    As they have strong technical capabilities and scalable operational capabilities, choosing a cloud provider that quickly responds to the continuously shifting technological breakthroughs and trends is favored. It's vital to check whether the provider's cloud services are compatible with the dynamic nature of the company's or business's needs.

    #9. Check their financial status

    Perform a background check to discover if the cloud service provider you're considering is well-known and financially secure. Examine whether the service provider can be relied on in the long run. If the service provider is in financial trouble, they are likely to vanish without warning.

    Wrapping up

    The finest cloud service provider is one that can modify to meet even the most unusual corporate requirements. It is critical to have a plan, but it is also critical that the plan be filled with well-defined execution milestones and crystal-clear business objectives. Remember that the secret to a successful cloud move is to start small, experiment courageously, fail quickly, and learn as the company or business grows. Choosing the best cloud service provider requires a thorough consideration of all of your company's requirements. Also, make absolutely sure your service provider is adaptable enough to expand with your company and can give you additional storage and cutting-edge technology.

    9 Most Important Questions to Ask a Cloud Hosting Service Provider - 4.6 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    9 Most Important Questions to Ask a Cloud Hosting Service Provider

    Important Questions to Ask a Cloud Hosting Service Provider

    Nowadays even smaller size businesses and organizations are functioning from various locations around the world. It has never been simpler or more effective. The days you need to have your own hardware, resources and skilled IT staff to smoothly run your are already gone because these days you can take the advantage of the cloud services.

    The Cloud hosting and cloud computing solution empowers a team member in the USA to access the similar file and data updated and added before in the day by any other team member in India. Both of the team members share details and information s of their progress to the next and for you to review across numerous time zones and large numbers of miles.

    With the growing popularity of Cloud hosting there is a considerable framework of cloud hosting service providers for your particular need. Taking this into account we have created the list of the main questions you will need to ask to a cloud hosting company prior to moving onto their facility.

    Learn: How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider

    1: How Much Does the Cloud Hosting Service Cost?

    Cost is normally determined by the business and its particular needs of the website. Assuming you need a fixed shelf cost you can assume that nothing is custom-made to the specific requirements of your organization. Moreover, one factor that is commonly neglected is the overall price of the service, as clients will in general concentrate too much on the actual services that are required, such as infrastructure. The more unsubstantial services , for example, regular operation and the day by day aid with the provider are regularly neglected. Thus, ensure you invest some additional energy as well as time estimating all expenses.

    2. What Security Provision Do You Take?

    You just have to take a look at the news and features to realize that security is a significant worry for putting away your information. Any trustworthy and Best hosting service provider has a few safety efforts set up that are standard to their operation containing security checks, antivirus security, web based firewalls, encryption and the verification technique.

    3: Where Are the Data Centers Located and How Secure Are The Data Centers?

    The area of the data centers as well as security of the servers where your organization's data will be kept are as significant as web security. There must be technique and schedules set up on how the cloud providers shield the server farm from inevitable disasters like fires and thunderstorms.

    4. How Reliable is Your Cloud Service?

    No one prefers being locked out from their work. Cloud blackouts are very annoying, expensive and a truth of modern technology. On the off chance that you find a company who lets you know that they are "never down or 100% uptime" just move to the next name on your list. Trustworthy providers will post their set of experiences on the web.

    5: What Type of Customer Support Services are Given?

    Expert and professional support services must be accessible to you on the web or by telephone 24/7/365. At the point when you contact the customer service team, the individual noting enquiries ought to be a skilled expert!

    Numerous presentations are completely reliant upon professionals and support executives. One crucial thing that is regularly neglected is that everyday cooperation and contact can take various forms. Search for a cloud service provider that can offer you dedicated support service that can deal with discussions, preparations and management of projects over the long haul.

    6. Can I Get More Cloud Hosting Space as my Business Grows?

    As your business develops the measure of storage space and bandwidth you need will likewise increase. Ensure the service provider you pick will permit you to include space and other resources. Learn about the charges for extra storage space/resources.

    7: What Happens if My Data is Lost?

    On the off chance that you mistakenly delete or lose information, would you be able to get it back? What is there in the agreement with regard to data loss? Make sure that there is detectability and consistent monitoring in services and maybe additionally an excess environment that lessens the danger of information misfortune. A prospective company ought to have reported and formalized change management arrangements and methods for modifications in data frameworks, including an interaction for mentioning, logging, testing and endorsing changes before execution. The service provider should likewise state that urgency changes are under a proper review process. Accountabilities and responsibilities, escalation methods and who has the burden of evidence, should all be unmistakably documented in the support/service contract.

    8. What is the Cloud Hosting Provider’s Downtime History?

    Since server downtime can be expensive for your organization/website, it is obviously recommended to pick a service provider who encounters as not many as could really be expected. Notwithstanding, downtime is hard to keep away from and all cloud server hosting service providers experience them sooner or later. What then, at that point, becomes significant is the manner by which the provider handles downtime. They must have schedules and processes set up that incorporate how they speak with clients during interferences. The provider must likewise know about how applications and frameworks can be developed in their foundation to diminish the danger of interruptions in case of downtime.

    9: How to Get Started with Cloud Hosting?

    Many hosting companies offer migration services and support with the evaluation and planning stage, along with highly trained staff that can fill abilities holes in your migration staff. Ensure you have a best understanding of the given support service and conclude who will perform what.

    It is very important to ask the questions and pose the queries and get the solutions so you can settle on the best choice with respect to a best cloud hosting service provider for your business.

    How to use Pinterest for business: 9 Strategies you must know - 4.5 out of 5 based on 8 votes

    How to use Pinterest for business: 9 Strategies you must know

    You might be knowing about Pinterest but what is that you are using Pinterest for? Apart from being a social network platform, Pinterest can be used as a productivity tool and a visual search engine for your business. It’s high time that you start considering Pinterest for the same. Pinterest has a lot to offer to businesses of all sizes as people generally come to Pinterest to try new things, discover new places, recipes or can even end up making a purchase from you.

    But the latter is possible only when you implement the right marketing strategies to attract your potential customers. In this article, we will be talking about the same.
    Keep reading to find out how all about Pinterest and how you can use it for your business?

    What is Pinterest Marketing?

    What is Pinterest Marketing?

    Pinterest Marketing is a set of strategies that you can implement in your social media marketing to reach new people and grow awareness for your products and brands. Putting it simply, Pinterest can help your brand reach a lot of people which in return can help you in making money.

    Going by the data , Pinterest comes at 14th number in terms of largest social network with around 459 million active users each month. Earlier the craze of Pinterest was only in women and people who wanted to shop or start new projects.

    But as of 2023, Pinterest is becoming more popular with men and Gen-Z. Besides, if you are looking for some positive inspiration, Pinterest is your place to go.
    Now that you have a basic idea about Pinterest marketing, let us introduce you to the best strategies that businesses can implement for using Pinterest.

    9 Strategies for using Pinterest for business

    Optimize your profile on Pinterest

    You must know that setting up a business account on Pinterest takes just seconds but it won’t give you any benefit unless you have optimized your account for the same.
    Your account should give your viewers a clear idea of what your brand is about. To optimize your account, you can do the following:

  • Choose a unique logo for your brand keeping in mind the Pinterest guidelines.
  • Create an attractive cover pic for your account that clearly speaks about your brand.
  • An exact description stating what your brand does.
  • Add your brand’s website link.
  • Highlight some of your boards as “featured boards”.
  • Set clear goals for an organized approach

    The next thing you need to work on is to decide what are you expecting out of your Pinterest marketing? Is it that you want brand visibility and brand awareness or you are looking to drive more traffic to your website or do you want increased product sales?

    Pinterest as a matter of fact can help you achieve all of it. But it’s better to identify your goals so as to create an in-depth content strategy for them. Similar to any other social media, Pinterest can help you meet your specific goals.

    Since people use Pinterest as a visual search engine, there is more chance for you to drive your viewer’s attention towards your brand using both paid and organic content.

    Create a strong content strategy

    Content is what will help you win an audience for your brand. Therefore, it’s important that along with links and posts, you should focus on creating a strong content strategy for your business. A well-defined goal can help you build the exact content strategy that you need. While there are many options out there, the following you can include in your list:

  • Attractive imagery: Just like Instagram, images have a greater value on Pinterest too. So, accounts having eye-catchy imagery will always attract people’s attention more. Therefore, you must add relevant and attractive images to your account.
  • Informative content: Informational content will also help you gather more audience. So, create infographics that will help people learn new facts and hack about gadgets, technology, and others.
  • Inspiring content: Another type of content is inspiring content. Since people turn to Pinterest to learn new ideas and “how-to-do” things, therefore, give your audience a regular dose of inspiring content to keep them hooked.
  • Keep an eye on best creative practices for creating pins

    Though attractive imagery is a vital part of your marketing strategy, at times it's difficult to create the same. Have a look here, how you can ace it:

  • Add your brand’s logo.
  • Maintain a 2:3 border ratio.
  • Take help with texts.
  • Add creative images.
  • Publish at the right time

    Like any other social media, posting content at the right time is important for Pinterest too. You need to analyze at what time your audience is most active so that you can share content at the same time to attract your target audience.

    Images get better engagement than videos here so you need to plan your strategy accordingly.

    Plan for the future to increase productivity

    Once you have your powerful content strategy and the desired time to post content, you can plan your content. This not just saves your time but also helps you in being more creative and productive with your posts. Dedicate a week a day for planning and then post or plan for days to cover the entire month, choose what suits you best, and start pinning.

    Add save button for Pinterest on your site

    Regardless of what goals you have for Pinterest, you need to create content that other people can pin on their boards. This way more people will come to know about your brand, more people will visit your site and end up purchasing from you.

    One effective way to do this is to add save buttons to your site so that people can easily pin your content on their boards.

    Use Shop the Look pins

    If you want to make more people reach your brand, you need to keep their journey smooth. Just like save buttons, you can add shop the look pins to your account.
    This is a powerful feature that helps people easily reach the exact product. What you need to do is to tag the product’s URL with the relevant image and affiliate the same. This saves their time from the lengthy process of visiting the website.

    Track your performance

    And lastly, keep a check on your account’s performance. Look for the posts that have the highest engagement, build your strategy similar to that.
    Avoid posting content that has got the lowest engagement. Have a 360-degree view of your account’s performance to understand what your audience is looking for and what they are ignoring.

    Why should you use Pinterest for business?

    On Pinterest, every idea is represented by a pin, basically, an image that the Pinterest users have searched for and saved. These pins can link back to websites too and that’s why Pinterest is considered best for driving traffic and sales.

    For businesses, pins can help the viewers find more information about the product that they are looking for. A recent survey says that Pinterest has the capability to drive 3.8 times more sales than other platforms and approximately 87% of pinners have made the purchase on Pinterest.

    So, if you are not utilizing Pinterest for your business, you may be missing out a lot.

    To conclude

    You can avail the maximum benefits of Pinterest only when you have a feature-packed strategy for marketing. Pinterest is not the place for making assumptions. Besides, take the help of performance analytics to keep a track of your posts and pins.

    This quick guide will definitely help you in creating a difference for your brand on Pinterest.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start pinning and find the target audience for your brand on Pinterest.

    Do you have any such strategy or Pinterest’s success story to share or do you have any doubts or queries, drop it in the comments section below?

    Bhavik SoniAuthor Bio:

    Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

    FastComet Birthday Sale 2023 - Up to 80% off Web Hosting & More - 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    FastComet Birthday Sale - Up to 80% off on Web Hosting & More

    FastComet Birthday Sale

    As a leader in the industry for managed Cloud hosting services, FastComet has formed a strong base of very loyal customers in the global market over the years. To celebrate this exciting eve, FastComet has announced massive discounts on web hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated server as a part of 2023’s Birthday sale from 23rd August - 31st August. 2023. The entire team of FastComet is very excited to offer these discounts to its customers.

    Given below are the details of the discounts you can enjoy as part of the FastComet Birthday sale 2023:

    Details of FastComet Birthday Blowout Sale

    One more year has moved by! FastComet is celebrating its Birthday on August 29th 2023 and want to give Big Thanks to all their valuable customers, partners as well as employees for being a part of their whole journey so far.
    For an entire week, they will be celebrating Birthday by giving some great deals and discounts on all their products and services.

    Note: These offers are just valid on new web hosting packages, not applicable on renewals of existing hosting plans.

  • Sale Details: 80% OFF all new FastCloud Shared Hosting plans + Free Domain for Life + Free Website & Domain Transfer
  • Coupon Code: BDAY80
  • Sale Starts: Wed, August 23rd, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Sale Ends: Thursday, August 31st, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Visit FastComet

    Yearly terms are the best long-term opportunities for everyone to save money hosting purchases.

  • Sale Details: 30% OFF all new Managed SSD Cloud VPS & Multiple Locations
  • Coupon Code: BDAY30
  • Sale Starts: Wed, August 23rd, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Sale Ends: Thursday, August 31st, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Get FastComet Birthday Deal

  • Sale Details: 30% OFF all new Managed Dedicated CPU Servers & Multiple Locations
  • Coupon Code: BDAY30
  • Sale Starts: Wed, August 23rd, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Sale Ends: Thursday, August 31st, 6:00 A.M. EST
  • Get FastComet Birthday Deal

    Additionally, on hosting package purchase new users also get the following features and advantages at NO additional cost:

  • Free Domain name for Life
  • Free Domain name Transfer
  • Free Managed Website Migrations
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL Security Certificate
  • BitNinja Server Security
  • Visit FastComet Now

    This provides new customers with amazing tools and services for free of cost.

    Labor Day 2023 Web Hosting Offers, Deals & Sales - 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 votes

    Labor Day 2023 Web Hosting Offers, Deals & Sales

    As Labour Day of 2023 is around the corner, several top hosting companies are going to offer stupendous deals and discounts on web hosting services to celebrate this public holiday. The individuals who are searching for a deal or considering changing to a more affordable hosting plan should never miss this once a year opportunity.

    Today on this page we are going to share some amazing deals and discounts offered by the best web hosting providers in the industry. The leading web hosts like Hostinger, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks and inMotion Hosting have planned huge surprises. Go through the list below to find the promotions.

    Hostinger Hosting - Up to 90% OFF

    Hostinger is going to offer up to 90% discount on all its hosting services for its labour day special deal. Hostinger is an ideal option if you are looking for a cost-effective hosting solution with excellent uptime and good customer support service. You can buy any type of hosting service including shared, VPS, Cloud and WordPress hosting from Hostinger at massive discount.


  • A free domain name & SSL Certificate.
  • Free website migration.
  • Free automatic backup.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Get Hostinger Hosting Deal

    InMotion Hosting – Up to 70% Off

    All the hosting services offered by inMotion are on a huge discount. All 4 shared hosting plans Lite, Launch, Power and Pro are regularly available at the price of $7.49, $9.99, $13.99 and $22.99 per month. But on the occasion of labour day in the United States of America (USA) are discounted by 70%. Means by using our exclusive link you can save big on inMotion hosting plans.


  • A free domain name for the 1st year with all plans except lite plan.
  • Free account setup, cPanel, SSL, Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Free automatic data backup.
  • Free website builder and marketing credits.
  • Get inMotion Hosting Deal

    BlueHost – 65% Off

    Bluehost offers one of the best and cost-effective hosting solutions. With all the essential features and tools, it costs just $2.95/month if bought using our link + a free domain name included with all hosting plans. The hosting service is backed by 30 days money back guarantee and 99.99 uptime. Option to choose from shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and powerful dedicated servers.


  • Free domain name registration for 1 year.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Free marketing credits.
  • Free SSL, CDN and cPanel.
  • 24/7 technical support service.
  • Get Bluehost Hosting Deal

    A2Hosting – 72% Off

    Another best discount for this labour day is available at A2 Hosting, one of the fastest web hosts in the industry. You can get web hosting for as low as $2.99/month by using our exclusive link. You get 30 days full money back guarantee, SSD storage, CDN, site builder and many more with their hosting plans.


  • Unlimited SSD storage, Bandwidth, and MySQL databases.
  • 24/7 guru crew customer support.
  • BBB accredited web hosting.
  • Optional Turbo servers.
  • Get A2 Hosting Deal

    Keep visiting and checking this page over the weekend, as I am going to add more web hosting and WordPress hosting deals on this page in the upcoming days.

    Have a Happy Labour Day!

    NameCheap Back to School Sales 2021: Deals on Web Hosting, Domains & Web Security - 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    NameCheap Back to School Sales 2021: Deals on Web Hosting, Domains & Web Security

    It’s now the time to take back what’s left of 2021 with our NameCheap’s back to School Deals. Grab massive savings and discounts on the products and services you need to bring that postponed website idea to life, or expand your existing online business presence.

    You do not have to wait for the new year’s eve. Take advantage of the Back to School season and get started today. Check out the exciting deals from namecheap on web hosting, domains, and web security services. Back to School Sale starts on August 31st 2021.

    Details of The Back To School Savings

    They are going to give huge savings across their entire product range for this mega sale.

    Domain Names

    Every great idea needs a unique name, and they have picked out some of their top TLDs and given huge discounts on them.

  • Save up to 94% off on top domain extensions including .com, .net, and .org, as well as .co.

  • Get Deal

    Shared Hosting

    Get a powerful cPanel hosting solution. Install any applications and CMS you wish to get hosting that suits you perfectly.

  • Web Hosting & Emails - Up to 71% off

  • Get Deal

    EasyWP - WordPress hosting

    Easy to use, fast and world-class hosting on the platform that functions over one-third of the web. Easy to install, as well as comes with plenty of room to grow your website/blog as it grows, their EasyWP hosting plans are the best and most affordable approach to start a website with WordPress.

  • Managed WordPress Hosting — Save 50%

  • Get NameCheap Hosting Deal

    SSL Certificates

    Give outstanding security to your website with an SSL certificate which encrypts the link between you and your online customers. At the same it helps boost the SEO of your website.

  • Save up to 56% on SSL security.

  • VPN

    Move to the next step and ensure safe browsing wherever you select to work online and while streaming the web based content you want with namecheap’s super-fast and highly secure VPN.

  • Up to 65% off on yearly plans

  • Visit NameCheap Now

    Why Choose Namecheap?

    Simple - it’s all about you and your online business.

    Safety and Protection

    Your website security as well as privacy is the first priority of Namecheap, and they will always support the rights of users and clients online. It’s their primary mission to keep the web available, free, and highly secured for everyone.

    Your business on the Web

    Strengthen your web based business with industry-premium web hosting services, at cost that is not going to break your budget. In case it does not offer you with a better web experience, they simply do not offer it to you.

    Customer Support Service

    You are supported by a professional Support Team that’s well-known for being one of the most informed, user friendly, and expert in the business. At Namecheap, the real humans are ready to help you with any concern, any time, 24x7.

    Namecheap Summer Sale - Up to 97% OFF Domains, Web Hosting & Security - 4.5 out of 5 based on 12 votes

    Namecheap Summer Sale, Offers & Discounts 2023 - Up to 97% OFF

    Namecheap Summer Sale Offers Sizzling Hot Discounts On Domains, Web Hosting, Web Security, Private Email & VPN Services

    Namecheap, one of the largest domain registrar around the globe and one-stop destination for online business and website owners, webmasters, Internet marketers and entrepreneurs, today started a 1 week Summer Sale special deal packed with a hefty lineup of online services and solutions, offered at incredibly hot discounted prices starting from 25th July 2023.

    Namecheap Summer Sale

    The sultry days of summer are at full speed, and while several are daydreaming of beaches, trips to hill stations and lazy holidays, small-mid size business owners, freelancers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs and bloggers are still crushing and putting hard efforts to take their online business to the next level. To celebrate those businesses and individuals going at a fast pace during the dull warm days of July (Summer Season), Namecheap is offering huge discounts on selected products and services.

    Take that novel thought online with up to 97% off on top domain extensions. Get up to 67% discount on web hosting and upto 45% off on web security services. For the people looking for reliable Business Toolkit, they can try it for free of cost.

    Visit NameCheap

    Savings on Domains Names (Up to 97% OFF)

  • New customer? Get your .COM for just Rs.477.11
  • .COM Domain Rs.652.87/yr - 43% OFF
  • .NET Domain Rs.914.67/yr - 20% OFF
  • .ORG Rs.611.96/yr - 42% OFF
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    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate - 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    13 Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    Getting a huge amount of traffic, but no one is buying? The dream of every online store is to have an array of customers visiting their online store, but without them buying your products and turning into customers, all your efforts to attract them will be in vain.

    This is why the conversion rate of your online store is an important metric to measure the success of your work and improve the performance of your WooCommerce store.

    What is a conversion rate?

    In short, the conversion rate is the percentage of visits that resulted in the desired eCommerce activity. Many times we think this is a sale, but there may be different things in a conversion. Typical eCommerce activities include the following:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Social Media Shares
  • Adding a shopping cart
  • Form submissions
  • Product Purchase
  • All of the above topics are important. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on magnifying conversion on your WooCommerce product pages, which will help turn visitors into real paid customers.

    Also Learn - How To Start a WooCommerce Store in 2023

    Measuring conversion rates

    Increasing your product page conversion will lead to the eCommerce activity of sales. But, how do you figure your conversion rate?

    How to calculate the conversion rates

    Conversion rate estimation helps us determine how many of our visitors have become buyers. See this conversion rate formula below for more details.

    Total number of Conversions / Total number of Unique Visitors * 100 = Conversion rate

    Again, you can change the conversion with any desired action you want to measure. Most eCommerce analytics tools can efficiently deliver the conversion rates you want. For WooCommerce users, it can be conveniently integrated using handy Google Analytics plugins such as WooCommerce Google Analytics.

    With WordPress conversion plugins, you can dig deeper into your historical data to determine why your product page is unsuccessful and understand areas that need improvements.

    Your data tells you that your monthly visitors have increased by 10%, but product purchases have decreased by 50%. It means that something is wrong. It is because you are attracting the wrong customers or they are not convinced from your product page.

    What is a good conversion rate?

    You need to keep in mind that a good conversion rate will vary depending on your industry and the niche you work in. But, if you are looking for basic goals, here are the global benchmarks that you should try:

  • Product Conversion Rate: 2.59%
  • Add to Cart rate: 9.89%
  • You should also note the following areas as they provide your customers with insights into the specific area you are missing out on:

    Cart Abandonment Rate: When shoppers place items in their cart and leave the site (Target below 75.6%).

    Checkout Abandonment Rate: When a shopper has already begun the checkout process and exits (target below 46%)

    Bounce rate: When a visitor exits after seeing a page.

    Exit Rate: When a visitor exits after visiting more than one webpage on your site.

    Utilize Retainful to recover as many abandoned checkouts as possible & Drive sales.

    Traffic sources, target market, location, and many more aspects need to be considered before you can claim a good conversion rate.

    A good conversion rate is healthier than what you had last month.

    Learn about the TOP 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Service Providers.

    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    Find the right products

    The moment a buyer visits your online store and sees the product page, the time is already beating. If your online store takes more time and effort to find what they are looking for, then the possibilities are high that they won’t convert.

    Making things easier will drive your shoppers for immediate purchases. You can achieve this by making sure you have the following features:

    Boost Onsite Search: Add live search, filters, indexing, and more to speed up the search. And grow your email list, drive conversions, conduct surveys with Optinly Goal-Based WordPress Popup Plugin.

    Improve navigation on your website: It makes it easy to find a product based on a layered product navigation type, price range, color, size, or other available product attributes.

    Implementing Product Comparison: Comparing products is part of the customer's purchasing decision process. They like to compare features, benefits, and prices to know which product is right for them. Try comparing products to make this easier.

    Enable Messenger Live Chat: Help shoppers quickly reach you by displaying a chat window.

    Upgrade your product pages

    Implement breadcrumbs based on product sequence and visitor history so that products can be easily identified by people, especially the navigation of your site should be easy to understand and intuitive. Do not want to miss the first-time audience with complicated instructions and pages that are difficult to find.

    Includes SEO-friendly topics. Your topics should be attractive, contextual, and keyword optimized so that they naturally attract relevant traffic.

    You should also follow other e-commerce SEO best practices related to internal linking, meta descriptions, and navigation. Your SEO efforts should help deliver the best UX to your audience, which will automatically improve your search rankings.

    Go with the most advanced design trends to design the best product pages in the business. Advanced technology such as AR and VR can be used to create virtual test rooms.

    Get your pricing right

    Wrong pricing can be a main factor of issue, even if your product pages are at the top. I need not remind you that competition in the e-commerce industry is fierce, and vendors work on razor-thin edges.

    If you plan to live in this competitive landscape, you need to keep your prices comparable and product quality high. If you are selling branded products, your prices should be at or below average prices to attract customers.
    Here are some other strategies to make your prices inevitable, including:

    When you create a pricing table, compare basic and premium products side by side. As an outcome, customers feel like they are getting a good deal when it comes to offering advanced features at a basic price.

    Use clear words, compelling, important CTAs to motivate the user action.

    Eliminate analytics paralysis by reducing confusing pricing options. Limit your price layers to 4 or 5, and neatly sort out the features offered on each slab so that people can candidly compare their choices and make quick decisions.

  • Add attractive pricing (adding "9" at the end of prices would seem like a bargain).
  • Providing free trials - Provide free shipping to loyal customers.
  • Offering concession shipping for a one-time fee.Use secure payment logos to build trust. List the product benefits by comparing the products of the competitors and highlighting the unique features.

    Learn - Why Backups are Important for Woocommerce Stores?

    Use high-quality product images

    People are more visionary. The product image is a sacred grail for any product page. An online store relies heavily on product images as a reference point for online shoppers. The product image can answer some of the questions of the shopper without having to scan a long product description.

    Here are some tips to improve your product images and your overall visual content strategy:

    High Resolution: Shoppers supplied with high-quality product images are three times more likely to convert than those who have not presented with good quality product images. From a shopper’s point of view, low-resolution images prevent further exploration of the product, and your company appears amateurish and unreliable.

    Zoom feature: Shopkeepers like to use the zoom feature that allows interactive zoom or pan zoom on product images. In fact, most online shoppers are more likely to purchase an item from an online store utilizing the product zoom feature.

    360 ° Product View: The 360-degree product view helps you to display different dimensions, angles, and perspectives. Online stores see a 6% increase in sales for products that display 360 ° images compared to those with static images.

    Cut the jargon in your content

    Words are powerful. You need to complement your product page with quality content to increase the chances of your customers' purchasing decisions. Make it easy to read your content, and try to write in a way that resonates with your target audience. Be as trustworthy as possible with your writing style, such as how you would normally talk to your friends.

    Remember that you are not only providing information with your content; tell them who you are, and this is a way to motivate shoppers to make purchases. In fact, standard descriptions could increase conversion rates by 78%.

    Do not try to surprise those with fancy, complex business language - it will not work.

    You write for customers - it's customers who read your site and decide to buy based on your words. So invest in writing your product descriptions to be positive and friendly to indicate that you are a genuine and impressive brand.

    Run ads to increase urgency

    According to sales guru Zig Ziggler, there are only 4 reasons why people may not buy from you:

  • They don’t need it
  • They don’t have money
  • They don’t trust you
  • They are not in a hurry
  • If you can’t do much about the first two cases, you can certainly affect the urgency and build confidence. Let’s talk about creating urgency first and then discuss trust.

    You can shoot up the urgency on your product page by triggering supply and demand legislation. There are 2 types of scarcity you can create:

    Quantity-related scarcity like there is only 2 items left for this price)

    Time-related scarcity like it is going to end in an hour

    If the supply of your product is boundless, you can offer a time-sensitive bonus, a free gift to buyers, or a discount if they complete the purchase within a specified period.

    For example, this online store puts urgent triggers on your offers by adding a countdown timer. Offers with a countdown timer will tell buyers that they need to act quickly if they want to take advantage of the deal.

    The reason for the shortage must be real. Never lie to your customers. If this is a fake scarcity, the shoppers are smart enough to recognize; your credibility is declining.

    You can also create messages that convey to shoppers that the supply for a product is low or the inventory is already low, so it will not be available soon. For example, use messages such as ‘Only 2 in stock’ or ‘the deal expires in 2 hours.

    Build trust

    Trust is an important element for successful conversion. But why is it vital for customers to trust the online store before making a purchase? Well, online transactions include personal information such as name, home address, and credit card details. In addition, money is involved.

    You can easily build the credibility of your website by placing trust signs that can be found on your homepage or the product page. In fact, the second big factor for online shoppers to trust an unknown website is to place signs of trust like Antivirus protection.

    Also, reassure your audience by showing honest testimonials and reviews from your satisfied customers. For example, 74% of customers said that they trust a business more if it has more positive reviews.

    It can also add credibility by showing a social resource, such as a pop-up message stating that others are looking at an item or have recently purchased a similar product.

    Recover lost conversions

    Did you know that 98% of visitors will not buy from you on their first visit? Yes, it is absolutely true. This is a challenging task for many online stores, especially as obtaining traffic is very hard. Imagine the lost conversions.

    But there are still many ways you can regain those lost opportunities. Here are some examples:

    Set the Wishlist feature: Sometimes, shoppers are not ready to buy yet. It is vital to provide the wishlist buttons on your product page for the customers to save a product, then come back to it, and complete the purchase. With the wishlist feature, potential conversions are not wasted.

    Restart Customers with cart abandonment Emails: You can gently tell your customers of abandoned carts by sending abandoned cart emails. You can set up automated emails to retrieve abandoned carts using the built-in feature in WooCommerce.

    Use the power of customization

    According to Gartner, personalizing content and offers will increase profits by 15%. Here are some hints to help you customize your e-commerce site:

    Divide your audience by location, age, gender, past interaction, etc.

    Show related products for upsell products and cross-marketing. Customized product suggestions based on browsing history and cart content also help maximize conversion.

    Adjust the site navigation to the interests of the visitors. For example, show pages they were interested in during their previous visit. This way, you can gain conversions and increase the visitors’ time on your site.

    Customize your marketing emails. Use compelling theme lines that include urgency-triggering phrases such as "limited stock." You can design your offers and content according to the user's browsing behavior and past connection with your messaging.

    WordPress provides many plugins for automating email marketing and monitoring engagement. For instance, if you fix a plugin in your online store, the software will send customized reminder emails to visitors who have dropped out of the purchase. Often, they incorporate discount codes in emails to encourage customers to complete their orders.

    Mobile optimize the site

    Mobile optimized stores have higher conversion rates than websites that are not mobile-ready. This is because nearly one-third of retail sales come from mobile devices.

    To make sure that your e-commerce site works on mobile devices, you can implement these hacks:

    Speed ​​up your site by lowering the code and shrinking your images. To reduce the loading time of your content-heavy e-commerce sites, you can use WordPress plugins.

    Add videos to showcase product and customer testimonials. Mobile users are more likely to pay attention to videos than reading text-heavy product descriptions. Also, they are easy to add with an extension like product videos for WooCommerce.

    Build your website in responsive designs and have “hamburger” style menus that best serve on small screens.

    Work on Mobile SEO. Understand that Google considers your site's mobile experience to determine your search rankings. This means that it is very important to provide exemplary UX to your mobile audience.

    For that, implement Dynamic service and Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for faster loading. Improve your technical SEO by adding canonical tags, alt-text, title tags, and meta descriptions with pictures. And finally, Create mobile marketing campaigns.

    Upsell for existing customers

    Selling to existing customers is easier than to new customers.

    That’s why it is good to take advantage of “moments of need” and upsell deliberately. Research proves that low-ticket products are more suitable for impetus purchases. Here are few ideas you can do to upsell more efficiently:

  • Utilize social proof to convince customers. Unedited images, testimonial videos, and direct quotes from customers will force buyers to bite the bullet without hesitation.
  • Reducing prices. If you notice a visitor frequently adding an item to their cart or wishlist but not purchasing it, sweeten the deal with a discount coupon.
  • Get the upsell placing right. Product pages are the best place for upsells. The "Oftenly brought together" or "Popular Products" sections have a good response rate on product pages. Shopping carts and check-out are other good upselling places. WooCommerce product page level upgrades and cart page cross-sells are already built-in.
  • Use smart tags
  • Don’t forget the A / B test offers
  • Use Flash Sales to create urgency

    Humans are hard to operate in emergency situations. You can make capital out of this human tendency to increase the revenue of your e-commerce site.


  • Use language that creates urgency
  • Trigger FOMO (with countdown timers)
  • Show Stock Levels
  • Show competition for your offer
  • Use a doorbuster offer (sale within the sale)
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates

    You can use cart abandonment software to track lost customers and track abandoned carts. Or, by activating browse abandoned campaigns, you can act more efficiently and reduce the bounce. In this, retargeting emails are sent to the customer to keep them on the page when a visitor is about to leave or regret it.

    There are other ways to motivate visitors to complete a purchase and may improve the overall WooCommerce cart checkout, such as:

  • Use exit-intent pop-ups
  • Offering multiple payment options
  • Allow guest checkout
  • Send Abandoned Cart emails using a cart recovery tool
  • Use coupons to fasten the deal
  • Final words

    By improving your product pages, you increase what your product page expects to do. There are many techniques to boost your product page conversion rate, but the primary intention is to create a healthy shopping experience.

    This is achieved by ensuring that your customers can easily search for the right products, visually verify products with quality images, understand your content, avoid distrust and complete the purchase seamlessly.

    DhanalakshmiAuthor Bio:

    Dhanalakshmi is a technology writer and a blogger having four years of experience with digital marketing skills in different sorts of platforms. She is a writer by day and a reader by night. When she is not writing, Dhana spends most of her time reading, cooking, and catching her favorite shows.

    Email-id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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