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Web Hosting Features

Searching for a best website hosting service is a basic choice. Finding a reliable and rusted web host service provider in India can be a difficult task because there are numerous hosting companies available on the web. Throw in the Hosting Features sheets, claims as well as promises, the process can be significantly more terrifying.
However, it does not need to be that intimidating. Let us now go through the common features a best web host must give in all plans:


Web space speaks about the measure of storage space allocated to you by the web host. This amount of web space will be utilized to store the files and data of your site, containing pictures, text, video, audio and more files you use for your blog/site.

Data transfer speaks about the measure of traffic/visitors that is permitted to access and leave your blog/site. Access makes reference to each time a guest types in your site/blog name in their web browser such as Firefox of Chrome. Leave makes reference to each time a guest gets something from your blog/site, regardless of whether it be watching video, reading an article or downloading a document.
For instance, in case your site has several photos at that point you will require a huge amount of web space and data transfer capacity in your hosting plan.


You must consistently pick a website hosting service with free of cost, dependable phone, toll-free, email and live chat support.
Although no hosting service provider around the world can offer a 100% ensured uptime because there are many common problems such as area specific power blackout, natural disaster etc., they ought to give "in the event of some unforeseen issue" actions to restrict site and email service downtime to a slightest level. These actions may incorporate consistent server monitoring as well as network monitoring by experts, top-of-the-line hardware and network configurations, and onsite service for backup. While you may not totally comprehend the details of these, don’t forget to check whether your web host has these included some place on their site. Or else, get some information about it.


In case you are searching for a reliable hosting service provider, at that point you should not pay any extra charges to obtain the features mentioned above. You should also not compromise the quality of hosting service. There are numerous hosting companies offering extremely cheap hosting prices but do not concentrate on the quality of service. A reliable web host offers high quality hosting services with all essential features at an affordable cost.


In case you are creating your first website and do not have coding and programming knowledge, at that point search for a web host that offers a free site building tools where you can build your site just by picking a free template and including your own content and other data related to your business.

FTP is an abbreviated name of File Transfer Protocol. It is a well-known protocol for transferring your site documents from your PC to the server of your hosting account, or the other way around. This permits you to transfer your completed site/blog documents such as pictures, text, graphics etc. from your PC to your hosting server. It likewise enables you to download your records from the hosting server to your PC. A decent hosting company should offer all day, every day unhindered FTP access.


Yes, your web host company ought to give you an email solution - with the goal that you can set up an email account on your domain. Furthermore, a webmail interface, the email hosting service offered by web hosts ought to likewise incorporate access to POP3 & SMTP so you can easily set up and without any trouble access your emails utilizing any mobile devices.

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