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Liquid Web Reviews

Liquid Web Reviews - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

Liquid Web Reviews

Funded in 1997, LiquidWeb has become a leader in the managed hosting services, offering VPS hosting, Dedicated server, cloud hosting. They are globally recognized for their outstanding support, named as Heroic Support. Every hosting service offered by Liquid Web is available on highly secured, powerful, fastest and performance-tuned servers for trouble-free hosting solutions. Their WordPress hosting plans come with a staging environment, automated updates as well as an easy to use dashboard for easier website management, due to this reason many top organizations such as FedEx, Motorola, Red Bull, United Way, ESPN, Audi, and many others use Liquid Web.

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Liquid Web hosting review

Liquid Web Review From Hosting Experts

Liquid Web specializes in giving fully managed dedicated web servers, Cloud hosting & Virtual Private Server hosting. They are well-known for their high quality Heroic Support services with rapid response time and highly trained customer support staff. Check out our hosting expert’s Liquid Web Hosting Review to find out whether they are the right option for your website.

About LiquidWeb

Begun its operation in 1997, Liquid Web now offers powerful and best managed hosting services for more than 45,000 customers in over 150 Countries 500,000+ websites Under Management.

They are headquartered in Lansing, MI, US, where LiquidWeb currently own Privately Owned and Operated Core Data Centers. Apart from this they have secondary data centers in Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix and Amsterdam for smooth hosting experience.

LiquidWeb Hosting Plans

As mentioned above Liquid Web is specialized in managed web hosting services with superior support. They offer managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, Dedicated server, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, VMware private cloud hosting as well as enterprise and customer hosting solutions.

The high-end managed WordPress hosting solution is optimized specially for WordPress websites and crafted for excellent speed, enhanced performance and outstanding security. Not at all like other fully managed WordPress hosting companies, there are no restrictions on the quantity of visitors you can have on your site or the plugins you can utilize.

Liquid Web’s managed WordPress web hosting comes in four different tiers, Spark , Maker, Designer and Builder. You can buy any hosting plan based on your needs. All hosting plans include:

  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Automated WordPress updates
  • Automatic backups with one-click restore option
  • No Pageview/Traffic Limits
  • Option to choose Liquid Web’s WordPress Dashboard, iThemes Sync Pro, or easy to use cPanel with WP-CLI/SSH Access
  • One-click staging environment
  • SSH, Git, and WP-CLI
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free website migration
  • For cloud hosting, you have the option to opt from managed Cloud VPS, VMWare Private Cloud, Cloud Dedicated, Magento Cloud and Cloud servers for web designers and web masters.

    The cloud hosting plans offered by Liquid Web are designed on their Storm platform which contain SSD storage, CDN from Cloudflare, excellent security along with DDoS protection.

    One can easily customize Storm VPS Cloud servers for different purposes, configurations and needs, all in a shared cloud platform. There are different levels of VPS servers available depending upon the amount of storage space, CPU power and web space quota.

    Cloud server hosting plans likewise include instant resources provisioning and day by day billing, therefore you can easily alter your plan quickly and just pay for the resources you use.

    Liquid Web Support and Customer Service

    Liquid Web guarantees 24*7*365 days availability of US-based Heroic customer support service by trained and skilled staff accessible through live chat, telephone and ticket system. In case you need support, work with one of their nearly 250+ Red Hat Linux and Windows Certified experts quickly and on your first interaction.

    Liquid Web also pledges thrift response time to your support related concerns. Telephone calls as well as live chats are responded instantly in just a few seconds whereas ticket inquiries are responded within 30 minutes of time. Their support staff members are competent to take control of your concerns, so your ticket will not get passed around prior to being settled.

    Clients of Liquid Web praise about their astounding client support service. Support staff members are friendly, proficient, and fast to determine any issue that emerges.

    Uptime Guarantee of 100%

    The majority of Liquid Web reviews shows that they have an outstanding uptime of 100%. Unlike different hosting providers, LiquidWeb guarantees 100% uptime. In case they do not fulfil their promise, the customer will get a credit for 10 times the actual amount of server downtime. This means that in case your server is unavailable for 1 hour, you will receive 10 hours of credits in your account.

    Liquid Web also promises that in the event of a dedicated web server hardware failure, the deficient hardware will be changed, in most cases, nearly 30 Minutes of identifying the issue. In case that this promise is not met, they will issue a credit for 10X the actual amount of extra downtime recorded by service monitoring logs.

    Pros and Cons of Liquid Web

    Liquid Web is one of the well-recognized hosting brands in the industry, however it may not be an ideal option for everyone. Go through these pros and cons prior to picking a hosting plan/service.


  • Fast Hosting : All hosting plans offered by Liquid Web are optimized for super fast loading speeds. Many customers are quite happy with their speed/Loading time.
  • No Plugin Restrictions : Unlike other best managed WordPress hosting companies, they don't restrict any plugins. You can utilize any plugins on your WordPress website.
  • Guaranteed Server Uptime : Liquid Web guarantees an outstanding uptime of 100% and will give you 10X credit for any server downtime.
  • Heroic Customer Support : Liquid Web is very popular for their world-class customer support. We found that their customers praise how fast, friendly, and knowledgeable their support support staff is.
  • Cons

  • Lack of Shared Hosting : Liquid Web does not provide any shared hosting service. Their primary target is higher-traffic WordPress powered websites, large enterprises, large-scale businesses that need Cloud server, Dedicated server or fully managed WordPress hosting.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee : They do not offer any money back/refund for the services they offer. Nonetheless, you are not bound with agreement and can cancel your service whenever you want. On the off chance that you paid in advance, you can in any case get a refund for any entire month of service you do not utilize. Notice of cancellation should be given prior the month in question begins.
  • Pricey Plans : Liquid Web’s hosting plans are quite costly compared to many managed web hosting providers, anyways you get what you pay for in customer/technical support and quality of the service you get.
  • Liquid Web Performance Overview

    The most crucial element of performance is the speed of your website. It not just influences the user experience, but it also influences the SEO of your site.

    Studies show that a one second delay in site loading can decrease your conversions and sales by nearly 7%. A delay of three second can cost you half of your website traffic.
    Presently let us find out how Liquid Web performs in our testing.

    Results of Liquid Web Speed Test

    For a quicker loading site you need to choose a fast web hosting service. To examine this out we signed up for Liquid web hosting and hosted a test website. We made use of the default twenty twenty theme and filled it with some contents and pictures so it would seem like a normal WordPress website.

    To begin with, we utilized Pingdom, Website Performance and Availability Monitoring tool to test the speed of our demo website. Given below are the results:

    Liquid Web speed test

    As we can see, our Liquid Web analysis shows that the webpage loaded in under a second for a server located in San Jose, California. That implies our test website is quicker than 91% of other websites.

    Subsequently, we conducted a server response time test to find out how rapid the servers of LiquidWeb respond to incoming requests from diverse locations of the world.

    Liquid Web server response time

    As you can find in the results, our test website responded within under a second. The response time was especially outstanding in the United States of America.

    Is Liquid Web Right Host for You?

    Since you have gone through our whole Liquid Web hosting review, you may be asking yourself whether Liquid Web hosting is the right option for you.
    After completing this review of Liquid Web hosting services, we are giving them an award of Best Web Hosting Support.

    Liquid Web is well-known for their Heroic Support available 24/7. Clients praise how responsive, fast and knowledgeable the staff members are, and many notice feelings such as part of the family. Liquid Web customer support representatives react rapidly to any request through telephone, live chat, or ticket support, and work with you until the issue gets resolved.

    Ready to go with LiquidWeb? Click here and choose your web hosting plan at LiquidWeb.

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