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VPS9 Networks User Reviews

VPS9 Networks User Reviews - 4.7 out of 5 based on 10 votes

VPS9 Networks

VPS9 Networks Reviews

VPS9 is a privately owned and operated web hosting company founded in 2010. VPS 9.NET is a brand of Apeiron Global Private Limited, Bangalore, Karnataka. The Management of Apeiron has raised its web hosting and server related business Worldwide with the VPS9 brand name.

VPS9 is offering broad range of powerful, reliable, secured website hosting services all over world. At the time of writing this review they were operates 3 data centers globally giving businesses and individuals the broad options of network. There core data centers operates 24/7 without any interruptions or failures. Checkout Coupons & Promo Codes

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VPS9 Networks Hosting Plans, Prices & Features 2023

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name
Space/RAM CPU Cores Price
RUVPS1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 8/Mo.
RUVPS2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 14/Mo.
RUVPS3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 23/Mo.
RUVPS4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 34/Mo.
RUVPS5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 46/Mo.
RUVPS6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 57/Mo.
DEVPS1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 6/Mo.
DEVPS2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 10/Mo.
DEVPS3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 17/Mo.
DEVPS4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 25/Mo.
DEVPS5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 35/Mo.
DEVPS6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 46/Mo.
NLVPS1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 8/Mo.
NLVPS2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 13/Mo.
NLVPS3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 19/Mo.
NLVPS4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 27/Mo.
NLVPS5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 36/Mo.
NLVPS6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 52/Mo.
DE-KVM1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 7/Mo.
DE-KVM2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 12/Mo.
DE-KVM3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 23/Mo.
DE-KVM4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 34/Mo.
DE-KVM5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 45/Mo.
DE-KVM6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 56/Mo.
NKLINVPS1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 9/Mo.
NKLINVPS2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 15/Mo.
NKLINVPS3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 23/Mo.
NKLINVPS4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 35/Mo.
NKLINVPS5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 47/Mo.
NKLINVPS6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 62/Mo.
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Windows VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name
Space/RAM CPU Cores Price
DEWINVPS1 25GB/1024MB 1 € 8/Mo.
DEWINVPS2 40GB/2048MB 2 € 13/Mo.
DEWINVPS3 60GB/3072MB 3 € 25/Mo.
DEWINVPS4 80GB/4096MB 4 € 37/Mo.
DEWINVPS5 100GB/6041MB 6 € 49/Mo.
DEWINVPS6 120GB/8192MB 8 € 62/Mo.
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Dedicated Server Plans provides 14 Germany Dedicated Servers packages with 1Gbps, 100Mbps speed, particulary used for Gaming speed, websites with huge amount of traffic, Backup servers, with Intel Xeon Series processors.

Plan Name
Space/RAM Processor Price
HP DL120G7 4x1TB/14GB 1x Intel G850 € 228.99/Mo.
HP DL120G6 4x1TB/15GB 1x Intel Xeon X3440 € 231.99/Mo.
Dell R210-II 2x2TB/16GB 1x Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 € 266.99/Mo.
HP DL120G9 80GB/4096MB 4 € 34/Mo.
HP DL120G9 4x2TB/32GB 1x Intel E5-1620v3 @3.5GHz € 285.99/Mo.
HP DL180G9 (12xLFF) 4x1TB/64GB 1x Intel E5-1650v4 @3.6GHz € 359.99/Mo.
HP DL180G9 (12xLFF) 4x2TB/64GB 2x Intel Xeon E5-2620v3 € 456.99/Mo.
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Cloud Hosting Plans

Looking for fully Isolated Dedicated Environment for website/business? VPS9.Net offers secure, 20 times faster and easy scalable Cloud VPS Hosting plans. Get Public Cloud VPS hosting now € 6.99/month.

Plan Name
Space/RAM VCPU Price
CHVPS01 40/1GB 1 Core € 6.99/Mo.
CHVPS02 60GB/2GB 2 Cores € 12.99/Mo.
CHVPS03 80GB/4GB 4 Cores € 22.99/Mo.
CHVPS04 160GB/8GB 8 Cores € 49.99/Mo.
CHVPS05 160GB/16GB 16 Cores € 99.99/Mo.
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VPS9 Infrastructure

A professional team of experts is always there to looks after clients requirements with special offers and modern technology implementations. VPS9.NET hosting services are situated at several state-of-art data centers such as USA, Russia, Germany, Netherlands etc. to surpass the industry standards. Complete Network redundancy, service reliability, enhanced security, instant failover recovery, industry’s leading experts make their products different from others.

VPS Customer/Tech Support

At VPS9 they believes in teamwork. Fast response from customers helps their operations team without any trouble as well as exactly recognize customers issue. Their main values are to service the clients values. To serve the customers in a best possible way they hire only highly trained staff members available 24/7 to assist and help you anytime beyond any expectations.

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