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Best Icarus Server Hosting Providers in 2023

Best Icarus Server Hosting Providers

Obtaining the best Icarus server hosting will improve your ability to survive in diverse gaming environments with a variety of settings and features.
Many gamers are starting to recognise survival games. Every survival game has a different gameplay mechanic and visual style. The interest and excitement of players rise as a result.

One such game with fantastic graphics that gamers enjoy is Icarus. Your talents will be put to the test as you venture out into the world to survive, explore, create, and escape.
Also, a trustworthy Icarus gaming server will make your gameplay simpler by giving you improved graphics, additional functionalities, and other things.
What counts is picking the correct server, and this article will show you how to achieve that.

What Is Icarus?

Icarus is a PvE survival game that supports up to 8 people in both persistent open-world and mission-based modes. The initial Windows version of this game, which was produced by RocketWerkz and designed by Dean Hall, was made available on December 4th, 2021.

Four light-years away from Earth, on the mythical planet Icarus, the game is set. There is a lot to discover, craft, harvest, and hunt on the planet's surface as well as from the orbital station and prospectors drops.
Icarus used to be thought of as a second Earth. When terraforming failed, it was discovered that the air was poisonous, and colonisation plans perished with it.

Why Should You Go For an Icarus Game Server?

The game's graphics and components use a lot of resources. Your system needs a reliable, always-on broadband connection in order to play these games. You need a game server to get around issues like problems, unsaved games, interruptions, slowness, bugs, and more.
A game server also assists in preventing undesired DDoS attacks, backs up your information and stored games, gives top-notch security, delivers reliable speed, and more.

Icarus Server - Minimum System Requirements

You need at least:

  • A system with 64-bit processor along with Windows 10 operating system
  • At least 16 GB RAM
  • Intel i5 8400
  • NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB
  • DirectX (DX11, Direct3D 11) of version 11
  • A broadband connection with fast speed
  • 70 GB available web space
  • Let's talk about top Icarus game server providers with lots of features.

    #1. GTXGaming


    Since the initial release of Icarus, GTXGaming has been the leading host. An advanced control panel with a tonne of features and capabilities will be provided for you. Its text entry fields and simple sliders make setting incredibly simple for new users. It has more sophisticated tools for experienced gamers.
    The gaming servers are equipped with powerful AMD Ryzens as well as Intel CPUs ranging from E3 to the most recent i7 or i9 models. You will receive total DDoS protection with every server.
    Use an FTP client like Filezilla to upload your plugins, forge mod pack, or game world. You can also change between the offered games at any moment by starting a support ticket. You can always contact the support team for a prompt answer.

    New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney are among the cities where GTXGaming maintains data centres. Using the stunning web interface to fully control and easily customise your server.

    For specialists, it offers complete FTP access so they can manually configure their server and make changes to some parameters. You can create a sub-user on GTXGaming and grant it the access you choose if you want a friend to run your server.

    Choose your rental duration and order your server using drop-down menus right away to get started playing your game.

    #2. Survival Servers

    survival servers

    Obtain one of the top platforms for hosting gaming servers for your preferred game. The advanced features you require for your games are available with flexible renting choices from Survival Servers . Your server will be ready for game play in a matter of minutes following a successful purchase.

    You have access to FTP and a web-based file management as an experienced gamer. If you prefer to play other games, you can quickly and at no charge switch between them.
    Gamers will have immediate access to the control panel where they may edit or adjust the server settings and locations. You can install plugins and mods using the unique in-house game panel created by Survival Servers. You will receive notifications and the ability to restart the server automatically.

    To provide you greater power, Survival Servers exclusively makes use of the newest hardware, such as Xeon processors, SSD NVMe storage, etc. You will also receive the most recent Icarus modifications version. It offers custom launch settings with server statuses like start, stop, or restart and supports server pass locking, map updating, and custom launch parameters. To make your gaming experience awesome, you can access third-party tools. Data centres for Survival Servers can be found all over the world, notably in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, France, Singapore, and Germany. You will receive DDoS protection and round-the-clock server accessibility in every data centre.

    #3. Shockbyte


    Start using Shockbyte's Icarus game server right away to take advantage of its limitless capabilities. Even when you are offline, receive updates automatically. The server is completely adjustable, which benefits gamers. Experienced players will have full access to the file manager and FTP.
    To save the system's power after a prolonged nap, you can shut down your game using the auto shutdown functionality. Shockbyte has set up its data centres all over the world in order to guarantee minimal latency and a high uptime.

    Setup your game server quickly and painlessly. Keep your server accessible round-the-clock with the effective DDoS protection feature that stops unwanted flooding. DLC, multicraft CP, and a lot more are supported by Shockbyte. Shockbyte game servers offer self-service manuals and much more.
    Get an Icarus game server for as little as $12.99 per month or $3.25 per slot. It has 6 GB of memory and supports Steam.

    #4. Nitrado


    Utilize the Nitrado hosting platform to rent the Icarus game server, and choose from a variety of slot configurations to suit your requirements. Mods and plugins can be rapidly installed, and server management is simple. You can give a buddy access to administer servers on your behalf using the share access option.
    By condensing the internet routes, Nitrado provides the lowest ping while boosting reliability. Every server offers a daily backup option so you can protect your saved games and private data.

    The Nitrado gaming server only makes use of reliable, high-caliber, and powerful hardware. To avoid slow speeds, you can choose the closest location from among those offered throughout the world. Every data center has DDoS defense, allowing your server to be online constantly.

    Take use of the Nitrado Icarus game server's flexibility. The server is always accessible, so you may select a flexible runtime based on your requirements. Simple game switching is possible on your server. Also, you may easily download or upgrade your server whenever you wish.

    To begin playing, select from a variety of rental options or design your own setup.

    #5. XGamingServer


    Icarus and Baremetal game servers are available through XGamingServer. You will therefore receive dedicated RAM, storage, and CPU, along with performance assurance. Its gaming panel is based on a pterodactyl and has a tonne of powerful features and capabilities.

    You may easily configure the dedicated game panel to have total control over your game server and data. Also, you may immediately configure cloud backups from the game menu and download them whenever you choose.

    The unique control interface for XGamingServer also offers options for scheduling, inviting users, and free MySQL databases. It has 6 data centres worldwide, including ones on the East Coast, West Coast, in Europe, and in Oceania.

    The comprehensive documentation for XGamingServer contains all information, from fundamentals to complex setups. After placing your order, your servers will be accessible in a matter of minutes. The most recent Intel and AMD Ryzen Processors are used in every server, along with NVMe SSD drivers.

    Additionally, it maintains your server online and safeguards it against unwelcome flooding or attacks. Rent for the powerful Icarus game server, which includes useful features, starts at $10 per month. It has DISK RAID 1, which includes 30 GB to 100 GB SSD.


    Icarus is a special game that introduces you to a new environment and improves your survival abilities. You can enhance the fun, utility, power, and lag-free gaming of Icarus with the correct server hosting.
    You could also take a look at these specialised gaming server hosting providers for competitive players.

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