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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh
Hostinger Monsoon Sale - Get Upto 85% off Web Hosting + Free .COM Domain - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

Hostinger Monsoon Sale 2021 - Get Upto 85% off Shared, WordPress, Cloud, and VPS Hosting

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Details of Hostinger India Monsoon Sale 2021

Hostinger India Monsoon Special Sale

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    Why Hostinger?

    Hostinger is the cheapest and reliable web hosting company in India and the world, Hostinger gives you a 99.99% guaranteed uptime, and many more free services included. Hostinger has the most reliable Shared & WordPress Hosting.

  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime.
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    Grasp the benefits of Hostinger Great Monsoon Sale Get Up to 85% Off on Hosting.

    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    13 Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    Getting a huge amount of traffic, but no one is buying? The dream of every online store is to have an array of customers visiting their online store, but without them buying your products and turning into customers, all your efforts to attract them will be in vain.

    This is why the conversion rate of your online store is an important metric to measure the success of your work and improve the performance of your WooCommerce store.

    What is a conversion rate?

    In short, the conversion rate is the percentage of visits that resulted in the desired eCommerce activity. Many times we think this is a sale, but there may be different things in a conversion. Typical eCommerce activities include the following:

  • Email subscriptions
  • Social Media Shares
  • Adding a shopping cart
  • Form submissions
  • Product Purchase
  • All of the above topics are important. Therefore, in this article, we will focus on magnifying conversion on your WooCommerce product pages, which will help turn visitors into real paid customers.

    Also Learn - How To Start a WooCommerce Store in 2021

    Measuring conversion rates

    Increasing your product page conversion will lead to the eCommerce activity of sales. But, how do you figure your conversion rate?

    How to calculate the conversion rates

    Conversion rate estimation helps us determine how many of our visitors have become buyers. See this conversion rate formula below for more details.

    Total number of Conversions / Total number of Unique Visitors * 100 = Conversion rate

    Again, you can change the conversion with any desired action you want to measure. Most eCommerce analytics tools can efficiently deliver the conversion rates you want. For WooCommerce users, it can be conveniently integrated using handy Google Analytics plugins such as WooCommerce Google Analytics.

    With WordPress conversion plugins, you can dig deeper into your historical data to determine why your product page is unsuccessful and understand areas that need improvements.

    Your data tells you that your monthly visitors have increased by 10%, but product purchases have decreased by 50%. It means that something is wrong. It is because you are attracting the wrong customers or they are not convinced from your product page.

    What is a good conversion rate?

    You need to keep in mind that a good conversion rate will vary depending on your industry and the niche you work in. But, if you are looking for basic goals, here are the global benchmarks that you should try:

  • Product Conversion Rate: 2.59%
  • Add to Cart rate: 9.89%
  • You should also note the following areas as they provide your customers with insights into the specific area you are missing out on:

    Cart Abandonment Rate: When shoppers place items in their cart and leave the site (Target below 75.6%).

    Checkout Abandonment Rate: When a shopper has already begun the checkout process and exits (target below 46%)

    Bounce rate: When a visitor exits after seeing a page.

    Exit Rate: When a visitor exits after visiting more than one webpage on your site.

    Utilize Retainful to recover as many abandoned checkouts as possible & Drive sales.

    Traffic sources, target market, location, and many more aspects need to be considered before you can claim a good conversion rate.

    A good conversion rate is healthier than what you had last month.

    Learn about the TOP 10 Best WooCommerce Hosting Service Providers.

    13 Must-have Tips To Improve Your WooCommerce Store Conversion Rate

    Find the right products

    The moment a buyer visits your online store and sees the product page, the time is already beating. If your online store takes more time and effort to find what they are looking for, then the possibilities are high that they won’t convert.

    Making things easier will drive your shoppers for immediate purchases. You can achieve this by making sure you have the following features:

    Boost Onsite Search: Add live search, filters, indexing, and more to speed up the search. And grow your email list, drive conversions, conduct surveys with Optinly Goal-Based WordPress Popup Plugin.

    Improve navigation on your website: It makes it easy to find a product based on a layered product navigation type, price range, color, size, or other available product attributes.

    Implementing Product Comparison: Comparing products is part of the customer's purchasing decision process. They like to compare features, benefits, and prices to know which product is right for them. Try comparing products to make this easier.

    Enable Messenger Live Chat: Help shoppers quickly reach you by displaying a chat window.

    Upgrade your product pages

    Implement breadcrumbs based on product sequence and visitor history so that products can be easily identified by people, especially the navigation of your site should be easy to understand and intuitive. Do not want to miss the first-time audience with complicated instructions and pages that are difficult to find.

    Includes SEO-friendly topics. Your topics should be attractive, contextual, and keyword optimized so that they naturally attract relevant traffic.

    You should also follow other e-commerce SEO best practices related to internal linking, meta descriptions, and navigation. Your SEO efforts should help deliver the best UX to your audience, which will automatically improve your search rankings.

    Go with the most advanced design trends to design the best product pages in the business. Advanced technology such as AR and VR can be used to create virtual test rooms.

    Get your pricing right

    Wrong pricing can be a main factor of issue, even if your product pages are at the top. I need not remind you that competition in the e-commerce industry is fierce, and vendors work on razor-thin edges.

    If you plan to live in this competitive landscape, you need to keep your prices comparable and product quality high. If you are selling branded products, your prices should be at or below average prices to attract customers.
    Here are some other strategies to make your prices inevitable, including:

    When you create a pricing table, compare basic and premium products side by side. As an outcome, customers feel like they are getting a good deal when it comes to offering advanced features at a basic price.

    Use clear words, compelling, important CTAs to motivate the user action.

    Eliminate analytics paralysis by reducing confusing pricing options. Limit your price layers to 4 or 5, and neatly sort out the features offered on each slab so that people can candidly compare their choices and make quick decisions.

  • Add attractive pricing (adding "9" at the end of prices would seem like a bargain).
  • Providing free trials - Provide free shipping to loyal customers.
  • Offering concession shipping for a one-time fee.Use secure payment logos to build trust. List the product benefits by comparing the products of the competitors and highlighting the unique features.

    Learn - Why Backups are Important for Woocommerce Stores?

    Use high-quality product images

    People are more visionary. The product image is a sacred grail for any product page. An online store relies heavily on product images as a reference point for online shoppers. The product image can answer some of the questions of the shopper without having to scan a long product description.

    Here are some tips to improve your product images and your overall visual content strategy:

    High Resolution: Shoppers supplied with high-quality product images are three times more likely to convert than those who have not presented with good quality product images. From a shopper’s point of view, low-resolution images prevent further exploration of the product, and your company appears amateurish and unreliable.

    Zoom feature: Shopkeepers like to use the zoom feature that allows interactive zoom or pan zoom on product images. In fact, most online shoppers are more likely to purchase an item from an online store utilizing the product zoom feature.

    360 ° Product View: The 360-degree product view helps you to display different dimensions, angles, and perspectives. Online stores see a 6% increase in sales for products that display 360 ° images compared to those with static images.

    Cut the jargon in your content

    Words are powerful. You need to complement your product page with quality content to increase the chances of your customers' purchasing decisions. Make it easy to read your content, and try to write in a way that resonates with your target audience. Be as trustworthy as possible with your writing style, such as how you would normally talk to your friends.

    Remember that you are not only providing information with your content; tell them who you are, and this is a way to motivate shoppers to make purchases. In fact, standard descriptions could increase conversion rates by 78%.

    Do not try to surprise those with fancy, complex business language - it will not work.

    You write for customers - it's customers who read your site and decide to buy based on your words. So invest in writing your product descriptions to be positive and friendly to indicate that you are a genuine and impressive brand.

    Run ads to increase urgency

    According to sales guru Zig Ziggler, there are only 4 reasons why people may not buy from you:

  • They don’t need it
  • They don’t have money
  • They don’t trust you
  • They are not in a hurry
  • If you can’t do much about the first two cases, you can certainly affect the urgency and build confidence. Let’s talk about creating urgency first and then discuss trust.

    You can shoot up the urgency on your product page by triggering supply and demand legislation. There are 2 types of scarcity you can create:

    Quantity-related scarcity like there is only 2 items left for this price)

    Time-related scarcity like it is going to end in an hour

    If the supply of your product is boundless, you can offer a time-sensitive bonus, a free gift to buyers, or a discount if they complete the purchase within a specified period.

    For example, this online store puts urgent triggers on your offers by adding a countdown timer. Offers with a countdown timer will tell buyers that they need to act quickly if they want to take advantage of the deal.

    The reason for the shortage must be real. Never lie to your customers. If this is a fake scarcity, the shoppers are smart enough to recognize; your credibility is declining.

    You can also create messages that convey to shoppers that the supply for a product is low or the inventory is already low, so it will not be available soon. For example, use messages such as ‘Only 2 in stock’ or ‘the deal expires in 2 hours.

    Build trust

    Trust is an important element for successful conversion. But why is it vital for customers to trust the online store before making a purchase? Well, online transactions include personal information such as name, home address, and credit card details. In addition, money is involved.

    You can easily build the credibility of your website by placing trust signs that can be found on your homepage or the product page. In fact, the second big factor for online shoppers to trust an unknown website is to place signs of trust like Antivirus protection.

    Also, reassure your audience by showing honest testimonials and reviews from your satisfied customers. For example, 74% of customers said that they trust a business more if it has more positive reviews.

    It can also add credibility by showing a social resource, such as a pop-up message stating that others are looking at an item or have recently purchased a similar product.

    Recover lost conversions

    Did you know that 98% of visitors will not buy from you on their first visit? Yes, it is absolutely true. This is a challenging task for many online stores, especially as obtaining traffic is very hard. Imagine the lost conversions.

    But there are still many ways you can regain those lost opportunities. Here are some examples:

    Set the Wishlist feature: Sometimes, shoppers are not ready to buy yet. It is vital to provide the wishlist buttons on your product page for the customers to save a product, then come back to it, and complete the purchase. With the wishlist feature, potential conversions are not wasted.

    Restart Customers with cart abandonment Emails: You can gently tell your customers of abandoned carts by sending abandoned cart emails. You can set up automated emails to retrieve abandoned carts using the built-in feature in WooCommerce.

    Use the power of customization

    According to Gartner, personalizing content and offers will increase profits by 15%. Here are some hints to help you customize your e-commerce site:

    Divide your audience by location, age, gender, past interaction, etc.

    Show related products for upsell products and cross-marketing. Customized product suggestions based on browsing history and cart content also help maximize conversion.

    Adjust the site navigation to the interests of the visitors. For example, show pages they were interested in during their previous visit. This way, you can gain conversions and increase the visitors’ time on your site.

    Customize your marketing emails. Use compelling theme lines that include urgency-triggering phrases such as "limited stock." You can design your offers and content according to the user's browsing behavior and past connection with your messaging.

    WordPress provides many plugins for automating email marketing and monitoring engagement. For instance, if you fix a plugin in your online store, the software will send customized reminder emails to visitors who have dropped out of the purchase. Often, they incorporate discount codes in emails to encourage customers to complete their orders.

    Mobile optimize the site

    Mobile optimized stores have higher conversion rates than websites that are not mobile-ready. This is because nearly one-third of retail sales come from mobile devices.

    To make sure that your e-commerce site works on mobile devices, you can implement these hacks:

    Speed ​​up your site by lowering the code and shrinking your images. To reduce the loading time of your content-heavy e-commerce sites, you can use WordPress plugins.

    Add videos to showcase product and customer testimonials. Mobile users are more likely to pay attention to videos than reading text-heavy product descriptions. Also, they are easy to add with an extension like product videos for WooCommerce.

    Build your website in responsive designs and have “hamburger” style menus that best serve on small screens.

    Work on Mobile SEO. Understand that Google considers your site's mobile experience to determine your search rankings. This means that it is very important to provide exemplary UX to your mobile audience.

    For that, implement Dynamic service and Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for faster loading. Improve your technical SEO by adding canonical tags, alt-text, title tags, and meta descriptions with pictures. And finally, Create mobile marketing campaigns.

    Upsell for existing customers

    Selling to existing customers is easier than to new customers.

    That’s why it is good to take advantage of “moments of need” and upsell deliberately. Research proves that low-ticket products are more suitable for impetus purchases. Here are few ideas you can do to upsell more efficiently:

  • Utilize social proof to convince customers. Unedited images, testimonial videos, and direct quotes from customers will force buyers to bite the bullet without hesitation.
  • Reducing prices. If you notice a visitor frequently adding an item to their cart or wishlist but not purchasing it, sweeten the deal with a discount coupon.
  • Get the upsell placing right. Product pages are the best place for upsells. The "Oftenly brought together" or "Popular Products" sections have a good response rate on product pages. Shopping carts and check-out are other good upselling places. WooCommerce product page level upgrades and cart page cross-sells are already built-in.
  • Use smart tags
  • Don’t forget the A / B test offers
  • Use Flash Sales to create urgency

    Humans are hard to operate in emergency situations. You can make capital out of this human tendency to increase the revenue of your e-commerce site.


  • Use language that creates urgency
  • Trigger FOMO (with countdown timers)
  • Show Stock Levels
  • Show competition for your offer
  • Use a doorbuster offer (sale within the sale)
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates

    You can use cart abandonment software to track lost customers and track abandoned carts. Or, by activating browse abandoned campaigns, you can act more efficiently and reduce the bounce. In this, retargeting emails are sent to the customer to keep them on the page when a visitor is about to leave or regret it.

    There are other ways to motivate visitors to complete a purchase and may improve the overall WooCommerce cart checkout, such as:

  • Use exit-intent pop-ups
  • Offering multiple payment options
  • Allow guest checkout
  • Send Abandoned Cart emails using a cart recovery tool
  • Use coupons to fasten the deal
  • Final words

    By improving your product pages, you increase what your product page expects to do. There are many techniques to boost your product page conversion rate, but the primary intention is to create a healthy shopping experience.

    This is achieved by ensuring that your customers can easily search for the right products, visually verify products with quality images, understand your content, avoid distrust and complete the purchase seamlessly.

    DhanalakshmiAuthor Bio:

    Dhanalakshmi is a technology writer and a blogger having four years of experience with digital marketing skills in different sorts of platforms. She is a writer by day and a reader by night. When she is not writing, Dhana spends most of her time reading, cooking, and catching her favorite shows.

    Email-id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite in India - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Top 5 Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite in India 2021

    Best VPNs for PUBG Mobile and PUBG lite in India

    The craze and trend of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite in our country India is overwhelming. Well, the most popular and influential personality of India Mr Prime Minister, Narendra Damodar Das Modi asked a Mother during '​Pariksha pe Charcha' Event - "Yeh PUBG Wala Hai Kya?".

    This fame accompanies its own detriments. On numerous occasions, PUBG has been named “addictions" and "hazardous". Therefore, the Govt of India has taken some decisive steps against it in the past. Certainly, PUBG mobile was once prohibited in the country. What's more, numerous theorists see exactly the same thing occurring later on.

    That is a judgment numerous gamers express disagreement with. However, there is no other viable option for one if the Government or public authority orders a boycott or ban.

    Hold on.... in fact, these days you have an option to do in such a situation: make use of a VPN!

    A VPN will forward the entirety of your traffic through a server outward of India region. Which means, when you begin the game on the web, the machine will believe you are playing from outside of the country's geo-limitations, and subsequently let you play the way you want.

    A superior VPN for gaming gives extremely quick server connections along with lower ping, enhanced protection to keep you away from any hacking endeavors, as well as numerous server choices throughout countries to pass over from geo-limitations and quicker connection.

    Thinking about each of the three components, we have brought together a list of the top 5 best VPN for PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite in India you can use in 2021 and beyond.

    Is a free VPN suitable for gaming?

    The short and simple answer for this is no. Free Virtual Private Networks are good on the off chance that you need to surf the web secretly or you need to visit any sites which are restricted and in the event that you have the tolerance to hold up until everything is loaded properly.

    Be that as it may, gaming is a diverse thing. Free VPNs normally have restrictions, limited speed, as well as compatibility concerns, therefore regardless of whether you track down a decent free VPN solution that works with PubG, you will most likely experience constant delays and lags.

    Consequently you should ask yourself, is it really worth the issue and trouble, or would you rather put in a couple money per month and get aggressive word-class security as well as a superb gaming experience?

    Additionally, In case you think that you justify the least ping time possible, how about we look at our best 5 recommended VPNs.

    Best VPN for PUBG Mobile in India

    1. NordVPN : Best overall VPN solution with extremely fast servers for India
    2. HMA VPN : One of the cheapest VPN service
    3. PrivateVPN : Superb VPN available for mobile gaming worldwide
    4. ExpressVPN : Best business VPN service, most likely over the top excess for gaming
    5. Surfshark : A decent option to play PUBG

    1. NordVPN

    Best VPN for pubg lite

    When it comes to the best VPN for PUBG mobile and Lite in India, our No.1 recommendation is NordVPN. It offers outstanding features, enhanced security, professional customer support service and solid privacy policy. NordVPN’s 5265+ servers are placed in 59 countries around the world, which is right now perhaps the greatest stockpiles in the global VPN industry.

    On the off chance that you take a look at gaming-explicit components, making use of India's and closer continents servers, the ping times continue to be reliably under 40 ms with a 100 Mbps internet plan. That is suitable for playing PUBG games, obviously, with quicker Internet connection the ping time will go considerably down.

    NordVPN service assigns sufficient amount of data transfer as of now, yet their application is going to bypass any Internet Service Providers trying to choke your transfer speed during top hours of traffic , which will likewise bring down latency, which brings about extremely smooth gaming periods.

    Also, the amazing news is that you can utilize something like 6 devices with one single membership, therefore you can either play on different gadgets or offer your login credentials with a few of your friends and divide the membership/package cost.


    All in all, NordVPN isn't the least expensive alternative in our list, yet in the event that you are searching for excellent performance, this is the perfect decision.
    Payment options are vital for countries like India and fortunately NordVPN has a lot of alternatives containing Credit Card, Paypal, Google Pay (UPI), Amazon Pay, Cryptocurrencies, and many more.

    In case you are as yet not certain if NordVPN is value for the money, you have the option to take the advantage of their free 30-days trial and check it for yourself!

    Visit NordVPN

    2. HMA (HideMyAss) VPN

    HideMyAss VPN

    HideMyAss (HMA) VPN is ranked 2nd position in our list for PUBG games. They are Headquartered in the UK with nearly 400 million clients around the world, and are a member of the Avast family, a globally recognized name in the security sector.

    With its offering of comprehensive protection and severe no-logging strategy, great worldwide inclusion of 210+ countries and 290+ server locations, support, as well as connection security, it's anything but undoubtedly, perhaps the most easy to understand service out there.
    You will be given unlimited installation with your membership, but you can just use 5 gadgets at one time.


    HMA's best cost is Rs.139/month for 36 months billing cycle, and it is one of the cheapest VPN solution available in our list, significantly less expensive than NordVPN:

    So for what reason is HMA (HideMyAss) listed as 2nd next to NordVPN?

    Mainly there are 2 primary reasons why we prefer NordVPN over HMA:

    The level of performance offered by NordVPN is somewhat better than HMA. It is not a big difference but in the gaming industry, every small thing matters.
    HideMyAss offers less payment alternatives for Indian users, which can be an issue for certain individuals.
    Notwithstanding, in case you do not have any concerns with the available payment options as well as you do not totally require the least conceivable ping time, then, at that point HMA is certainly the best decision for you as it costs essentially 50% of the cost of NordVPN.

    They likewise offer a 30 days long money back guarantee, so you can test it without any trouble.

    Visit HMA

    3. PrivateVPN


    PrivateVPN has nearly 200 servers across 63 countries and it offers better-than-normal speeds and outstanding unblocking possibilities. Moreover it enable you to play PUBG game anywhere, PrivateVPN permits you to access services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, & Amazon Prime Video. You get the option to connect 6 devices simultaneously.
    This VPN service safeguard your traffic from prying eyes using IPv6, DNS, as well as WebRTC leak protection, a kill switch ( for just Windows), and 256-bit strong AES encryption. PrivateVPN includes a no-logs policy, therefore once connected, you are efficiently unknown. PrivateVPN availavle for iOS, Windows, Android, as well as MacOS applications. Additionally this service works perfectly on Linux-based platforms


    By paying $2.50/monthly with 24 months subscription you can use all 63+ server locations. Many other features such as Supports all OS platforms, Best-in-class security & encryption, Unlimited bandwidth & server switches, Killswitch Feature, Free Remote Help + Installation and many more.

    Visit PrivateVPN

    4. ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN - Best free VPN for PubG Mobile

    ExpressVPN is additionally among our top most loved VPNs to play PUBG mobile and Lite games. Two of the essential/top reasons why we love it are:
    It offers 3,000+ VPN servers in 160 global VPN server locations in 94 countries. This implies we can claim to be under locales and areas of 94 nations!
    The normal speed decline making use of ExpressVPN's server was the lowest among the VPNs we tried. Just nearly 10 to 15% decrease in transfer and download speed!
    Concerning its ping time, it moderated 110 ms, in our analysis. In Indian continent and closer countries' servers, we had the option to play PUBG games under 50 ms without any problem.

    Generally, it's somewhat costly ($8.32/month) contrasted with NordVPN and much more costly than HMA (HideMyAss), so truth be told, we're not sure why it would be a preferable decision over the initial two.

    Visit ExpressVPN

    5. SurfShark

    SurfShark - best free vpn for pubg

    SurfShark is a total killer in the event that you need a cost-effective VPN service and they have created their brand around this message. Putting its minimal price to the side, according to a gaming point of view alone, it's among the top VPNs to play PUBG or some other online multiplayer game online.

    It has 3200+ servers in 65+ countries around the world, but the download & transfer speeds we tried with SurfShark VPN were somewhat frustrating, frankly. Furthermore, on the off chance that you do not have an internet connection with decent speed, we would not suggest SurfShark for gaming.

    Be that as it may, in the event that you have a speedy internet connection, the speed decrease will not influence your performance so much. In that event, ping time turns into the most important element. Furthermore, SurfShark's normal ping time of 90 ms remains among the great ones out there, tragically.

    At the time of playing PUBG utilizing SurfShark's Indian servers, the latency was right under 60 ms, making it a great alternative for gaming, yet once more, for what reason would you pick Surfshark in the event that you have better choices available?

    Visit SurfShark

    Final Words - NordVPN or HMA (HideMyAss)?

    Making use of a VPN for gaming enjoys a few benefits, including playing geo-confined games, bringing latency on the off chance that you wish down to play outside servers, and securing hackers.
    Ping duration is the fundamental element we concentrated on while checking all the VPN services. Also, to be honest, numerous VPNs demonstrated to have less latency, for example, the ping bar in PUBG never abandoned green to orange or red. Nonetheless, as we tried the various VPN service providers in the industry, it became obvious that NordVPN as well as HMA stand apart from the other, so we suggest you go with one of them.

    Go with NordVPN in case:

  • you favor excellent performance, at a greater cost tag
  • The payment method doesn’t supported by HMA
  • Try NordVPN

    Go with HMA in case:

  • You are searching for a reasonable and reliable performance at the most reduced cost
  • Try HMA VPN

    Since the two VPS providers offer a 30-day FREE preliminary service, it probably be a smart thought to buy into the two services and stick with the best one after the time for testing is finished.
    However, we trust you tracked down an ultimate VPN service to fulfil your Pubg mobile and Lite related needs.

    Hivalidity Users Reviews

    Hivalidity Users Reviews - 4.2 out of 5 based on 5 votes


    Are you searching for a new home for your WordPress website/blog? Comparing web hosts here & there? No more!
    We have recently reviewed one of the most prominent managed WordPress host over 90 days, and share the results on this review.
    Guess the name? Yeah! You're right.

    Hivalidity Review

    Visit Hivalidity

    About HiValidity Hosting

    HiValidity was founded in 2017 by a small team of WordPress developers and system admins. They have offices in Dehradun, Jalpaiguri and started offering hosting to the public in early 2018. Shortly, they become a choice for self-hosted WordPress users who care about fast loading websites, high-end security and award-winning help.

    HiValidity’s rich features, high performance and excellent support is really what set them apart from other managed WordPress hosting companies out there.

    HiValidity Features

    Below are some of the primary features that make HiValidity different from the other WordPress hosting companies.

    Built on Google Cloud Platform

    HiValidity is one of the first managed WordPress host, to be powered exclusively by the Google Cloud. Their infrastructure is maintained by Certified Google Cloud Architects & WordPress developers.

    Their infrastructure features the Compute-Optimized VMs (C2) which offer a greater than 40% performance improvement compared to other Google Cloud VMs.

    HiValidity uses CloudLinux account isolation technology, so each account will be isolated from another account. Got a surge of traffic? No problem, they use Google Cloud Load Balancer which automatically distributes the overload to other VMs.

    By adopting Google Cloud Infrastructure, HiValidity offering premium tier network (not standard) which ensures low latency all over the planet.

    HiValidity using best architecture for WordPress hosting which includes, but not limited to:

  • LiteSpeed Web Server: A drop-in Apache and NGINX replacement and the leading high-performance, high-scalability flag-ship web server which is far better than Apache/NGINX which other hosts are offering out there.
  • CloudLinux OS+: HiValidity uses next-generation CloudLinux OS+ on their platform, which provides complete account isolation, patch well-known PHP bugs & vulnerabilities, PHP X-Ray - PHP performance tracking tool which detect slow plugins or slow queries.
  • PHP 8.0: The fastest and more secure versions of PHP. PHP 8.0 is more than three times faster than PHP 5.6. HiValidity let you choose select from PHP 7.3, 7.4, & 8.0 in their dashboard.
  • HTTP/3 via The most recent and top most protocol since HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. HTTP/3 includes superior multiplexing, conformity, smaller headers, and many more. It makes SSL certificate more faster and has 0-RTT support for speedy subsequent connections.
  • MariaDB 10.3: An upgraded and faster drop-in substitute for MySQL database. It’s one of the best and most trusted choice as database for your WordPress.
  • Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificates are offered via Let’s Encrypt with free automatic renewal. Grasp the benefits of wildcard SSL security support for all of your sub domains.
  • Transactional Emails: Transactional emails are their unique in-house developed business email hosting service, which comes with guaranteed and instant delivery for all emails.
  • SSH, Staging, Git, and WP-CLI, PHP X-Ray and Terminal on EverCloud Plus & Pro plan.
  • All websites hosted with EverCloud Plus and EverCloud Pro Plan includes the ability to use HiValidity’s application performance monitoring (PHP X-Ray). Which was developed specifically to troubleshoot performance issues in PHP-based web sites, such as: Slow plugins, Slow database queries, Slow functions, Slow external calls.

    I do not know of any other top web hosting company offering this.

    Automatic Server-Side Cache

    HiValidity uses LSCache to provide the fastest possible loading speed for web pages hosted on their platform. LiteSpeed Cache plugin will be automatically installed when you install WordPress.

    Unlike other providers, they offer object caching such as Memcached, OPcache and Redis absolutely free with all plans. No upsell, no premium add-on required!

    Managed Server & Website Security

    HiValidity’s managed security provides a worry-free secure website environment, where their security suites automatically patch plugin, theme and other software vulnerabilities before it’s publicly well-known. Below are some highlighted security sets:

  • HiValidity using BitNinja server security solution, which provides full-stack server protection, includes Honeypots, WAF, DoS Protection, Instant Malware Detection.
  • They only support secure FTP connections, non-secure FTP connections are blocked. Which offers complete FTP security during file transfer from your local computer to HiValidity server.
  • All website accounts are isolated from each other, and directories are also protected from SymLink vulnerabilities.
  • Client Area and cPanel dashboard both have Two-factor authentication (2FA) by Google Authenticator.
  • The servers are protected by Google’s word-class Cloud Firewall. Which by default disabled all non required open ports - so no open ports.
  • HiValidity takes data backups of your site every 24 hours. Made a mess with your site? Not to worry. From their JetBackup manager, you can restore your website and download a backup of your site, whenever you want.
  • HiValidity Account Management Dashboard

    When it comes to managing your account, HiValidity has an easy to navigate dashboard, and allows you to upgrade your current plan, pay hosting bills, create support tickets, managing email accounts, databases, accessing website files etc.

    You can see very simple and easy to use Quick Shortcuts which includes Email Accounts, File Manager, Backups, MySQL Database and Awstats without logging into cPanel.

    Installing WordPress

    Once you’ve signed up with HiValidity, you can log in to the cPanel control panel and create a WordPress website. The process is very easy, and in just a few clicks you’ll have a brand new WordPress installation setup and ready to go.

    1. Login to HiValidity Dashboard
    2. Click on Manage Services
    3. Softaculous Auto Install
    4. Then click on the “Install” button, a configuration page will open and will ask for some basic details. Once you fill-up the details, you are good to go with Installation.

    Once you’ve logged in to your HiValidity account dashboard, you can also contact the support staff via support tickets, in our case they replied within 10 minutes on every support ticket.

    HiValidity Hosting Performance

    To check the performance of HiValidity Hosting, we have run some experiments with our website hosted on their platform. We’ve covered loading speed, TTFB and uptime performance. The results are based on real-time tests with some open-source tools mentioned in this review.

    HiValidity Loading Time Test Results

    To receive the wide range of performance results with different types of websites; we have tested the speed of the site with a lightweight theme installed, as well as a site using a feature-rich multipurpose theme. The loading times were recorded using the GTmatrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

    LightWeight Theme Results

    For lightweight theme, we have used the default Twenty Twenty-One WordPress theme which comes with WordPress installation. To give you an idea of what sort of loading times you might experience using this theme or a similar theme. Here are the results recorded by GTmatrix and Google PageSpeed Insights:

    Hivalidity LightWeight Theme Results

    According to PageSpeed Insights, the First Contentful Paint is 0.3 seconds. It’s clear from the results that the test site using the lightweight Twenty Twenty-One theme loaded very quickly.
    Now let’s see how it performs with a heavyweight theme.

    Multi Purpose Theme

    Astra, one of the most popular multi purpose WordPress themes available today. This theme comes with many widgets & features.

    We installed Astra on our WordPress site and imported one of its pre-built website demos (Online Health Coach). As before, the load times were recorded by GTmatrix and Google PageSpeed Insights, but this time, as the Astra theme was being used, the file size of the page being tested was much larger.

    Hivalidity Multi Purpose Theme Results

    The Astra Online Health Coach full demo website First Contentful Paint time is 0.7 seconds as the file size was much larger than the Twenty Twenty-One theme.

    HiValidity are definitely fast web hosts according to our results. As you can see from the test results, your choice of theme will determine how fast your site actually loads - with the lightweight Twenty Twenty-One theme loading much faster than the feature-rich Astra theme.

    For testing purpose, the HiValidity data center in Oregon was selected, along with the nearest GTmatrix server location, which was in San Antonio (Texas). These two data center locations are partially close to each other, therefore online users accessing your website from further away may face longer page loading times.

    No caching technology or optimization plugin has been used during the tests.
    So, you may be able to improve the speed of your WordPress website with image and database optimization, compressing CSS, JavaScript and carrying out other tasks to deliver faster loading times.

    Time to First Byte Results

    Time to first byte (in short - TTFB) is a measurement used as an indication of the responsiveness of a web server or other network resource. TTFB measures the time from the site visitor or client making an HTTP request to the first byte of the web page being received by the client's web browser. For this test, we have used the GeekFlare TTFB checker tool. The results are below:

    Hivalidity Time to First Byte Results

    The tool recorded an average TTFB of 120 milliseconds. From London it’s 0.256, from New York it’s 0.120 (nearest to the origin server), and from India it’s 0.406. HiValidity has a better TTFB than many top hosting companies out there.

    HiValidity Uptime Results

    HiValidity has a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with money off your bill if the uptime drops below this level. However, during our tests, Uptime Robot recorded an impressive uptime of 100% over a 90-day period.

    HiValidity Uptime Results

    We did not experience any downtime till now with our test website. Which is definitely a good sign for selecting a web host.
    Now, let’s take a look at how much you have to pay to host your website with HiValidity.

    HiValidity Hosting Pricing Details

    HiValidity has three plans, EverCloud, EverCloud Plus and EverCloud Pro. Here are their key details:

  • EverCloud: Starting from $2.99 per month for one WordPress install, 25,000 visits, and 15 GB disk space.
  • EverCloud Plus: Starting from $4.49 per month for Unlimited WordPress installs, 50,000 visits, and 25 GB disk space
  • EverCloud Pro: Starting from $5.99 per month for Unlimited WordPress installs, 100,000 visits, and 35 GB disk space.
  • Paying for a longer billing cycle gets you maximum benefits in case of promotional offers, and all plans include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, as well as CDN access. There’s also a 45-day money-back guarantee (highest in the industry) on all plans, so you can try HiValidity without any risk.

    HiValidity Shared Hosting Plans

    Plan Name
    Space/Bandwidth Websites Cost
    EverCloud 15GB/Unlimited 1 $2.99/Mo.
    EverCloud Plus 25GB/Unlimited Unlimited $4.49/Mo.
    EverCloud Pro 35GB/Unlimited Unlimited $ 5.99/Mo.

    Every hosting plan has access to the similar infrastructure, powered by the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This implies upgrading to higher end package just increases the number of WordPress installations permitted, and the monthly visits and storage space allowances.

    Visit Site

    Support by WordPress Developers

    Although, we did not require to contact the support, but for this review purpose, we have made some corruptions with our website hosted on their server, and you can see below the quality of support which we have received from their WordPress developers.

    What we like about their customer support team is their dedication to finding a resolution. Instead of guessing and assuming, the kinds of suggestions and solutions we receive are top-notch and are obviously from WordPress experts who eat and drink codes in daily manner.


    As you can see from our experiments, HiValidity offers fast & secure managed WordPress hosting with impressive levels of uptime, speed and support.
    We can say it’s a complete value for the money. With HiValidity Hosting, you never have to worry about website downtime or other hosting related technical issues.
    You also get access to some genuinely worthwhile features, such as automatic website backups, plugin performance checker and an easy-to-use staging environment.
    So, if you’re looking for a faster and more reliable host for your WordPress website, or if you want to launch your new site on managed WordPress hosting, then HiValidity comes into highly recommended web host.

    Visit HiValidity Now

    ScalaCube Review

    ScalaCube Review - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes


    Best Game server VPS hosting for Minecraft, Hytale, Ark and Rust

    ScalaCube Review

    ScalaCube is a leading game server hosting provider especially for Ark: Survival Evolved. In this detailed review of Scalacube we checked Scalacube hosting for both Minecraft as well as Ark server. From the past few years, they have become one of the best and most popular choices for Ark as well as Minecraft server hosting.

    In case you have a little knowledge about the gaming space, you should be knowing how these two go together. ScalaCube offers some of the outstanding services for a variety of games including Minecraft.


    ScalaCube is a somewhat less famous Minecraft server provider but still, A good option for novices. It incorporates every one of the features that are essential to play the Minecraft game. In any case, we suggest checking different web hosts like Hostinger, which is an outstanding option for skilled/professional gamers.
    However the organization professes to give a huge array of features alongside 24/7 client assistance, We discovered mixed opinions from the clients.
    Discussing the hosting plans, they are extremely cheap for the 1st month and somewhat pricey from 2nd month onwards.


  • Expert in game server hosting
  • Reasonable pricing
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple Several server locations all over the world
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic backups
  • Payments accepted in multiple currencies
  • Option to choose between Java and Bedrock server
  • Cons

  • No money-back guarantee/refund policy
  • Average uptime
  • Visit ScalaCube

    A large portion of my reviews are just for regular web hosting providers that may unexpectedly give specialized game workers. Though, I have likewise evaluated web hosts that basically offer game servers that could regardless be utilized for different sorts of hosting since they have the entirety of similar important qualities. Additionally you can have a look at the list of our recommended best website hosting services to find out which hosting provider could accommodate your business/website needs best.

    This one is seemingly significantly farther along the game server hosting range, since it is for the most part related to Minecraft Web Hosting, despite the fact that it additionally offers hosting solutions for Rust, Ark, as well as different games. What's more, in accordance with what I have previously mentioned, this host provider guarantees you that you can utilize your server for any purpose until it does not violate any laws.

    Interested in ScalaCube hosting? Give it a try now.

    Since the main thing for web based gaming is low latency, ScalaCube gives virtual and dedicated web servers from all over the globe - in North America, Asia, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe - so you can easily host your website where your clients can get the most reduced ping times.

    Important Features and Advantages of ScalaCube

    Below we have listed the important features of ScalaCube Minecraft server:

  • Standard Server Hosting
  • Spigot Server Hosting
  • PaperMC Server Hosting
  • Bukkit
  • Snapshot, Sponge, Cauldron, Forge, Modpacks etc.
  • BungeeCord
  • Voids Wrath
  • ATLauncher
  • FTB Server
  • Technic Server
  • Twitch (Curse)
  • & 13 other minigames
  • Also look at the list of best Minecraft server hosting providers.

    ScalaCube Hosting Plans and Specifications

    ScalaCube offers 10 powerful Minecraft VPS Plans with a dedicated amount of resources such as Ram and CPU power.
    The pricing table listed below contains all the Minecraft server plans of ScalaCube from 768 MB RAM to 32GB RAM.

    Plan Name
    RAM/Space Slots Price
    Minecraft 3G 3GB/30GB -- $0
    Minecraft VPS 768 MB 768MB/10GB 10 $2.50
    Minecraft VPS 1.5G 1.5GB/15GB 20 $5
    Minecraft VPS 3G 3GB/30GB 40 $10
    Minecraft VPS 4.5G 4.5GB/40GB 70 $13
    Minecraft VPS 6G 6GB/60GB 100 $18
    Minecraft VPS 8G 8GB/80GB 150 $24
    Minecraft VPS 12G 12GB/120GB 225 $36
    Minecraft VPS 16G 16GB/160GB 300 $48
    Minecraft VPS 32G 32GB/320GB 600 $96

    Learn more about ScalaCube hosting packages

    Based on the needs, we recommend you pick according to the number of game players and slots you need. Commonly the offered variations are from 10 players to 600 players.

    Ease of access

    ScalaCube gives 10 Minecraft VPS hosting plans, 9 Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) VPS server plans, 12 Ark server plans, 4 Rust plans, 9 Hytale Server Hosting Plans and 2 Valheim Server plans.
    These game server hosting plans permit you to install a limitless number of slots on a single VPS server, based on the maximum players value assigned for your server. It implies your Minecraft server can flawlessly support countless players giving the CPU power & RAM is adequate.

    In spite of the gaming mindset, the web hosting plans likewise give all that you would hope to discover for traditional hosting service, including an easy to use control panel tool, root access, FTP, MySQL along with phpMyAdmin, PHP, as well as Apache server. Additionally you get a pre-arranged site and discussion forum for free of charge.

    ScalaCube hosting allows you to pick among HDD as well as SSD storage drives, and it gives limitless traffic without choking. Scalacube guarantees at least 99.9% availability, meaning your servers and business run smoothly all the time.

    Scalacube Server Locations

    Scalacube servers are located in Europe, UK, North America and Australia. All these regions will improve speed when contrasted with different regions such as Asia, Africa, & South America. Most of the time these 4 server locations are sufficient to run a game server.

    You can use the IPs given below to check the ping of their servers:

  • Test Server IP Address for North America is :
  • Test Server IP Address for Europe is:
  • Test Server IP Address for United Kingdom is:
  • Test Server IP Address for Australia is:
  • Customer Support Service

    We manually tried their client support service to assess the reaction time of the support team. While testing their customer support service, we got a very quick response. For existing clients, support through ticket systems and live chat is accessible 24/7. They claim to react to all open tickets within 60 minutes.

    Alternatives of ScalaCube

    Below are the best alternatives of ScalaCube:


    Apex Hosting : Best Alternative to Scalacube

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Player Slots
    • Full DDoS Protection
    • Automated Backups
    • One Click Pack Installers
    • Free Server Transfers
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Apex Hosting Review


    Visit Site


    Hostinger India : Scalacube Alternatives

    Alex Plan

    At a Glance

    • 2GB Memory
    • 70 Players
    • Instant Setup & Install
    • DDoS Protection
    • Automatic Off-Site Backups
    • PCI-DSS Compliant




    Hostinger India Review


    Visit Site


    Shockbyte : Cheap Alternatives


    At a Glance

    • MCPC & MCPE
    • DDOS Protection
    • Instant Setup
    • 1GB RAM/20+ slots
    • Unlimited SSD Space/Bandwidth
    • Java Version Switcher




    Shockbyte Reviews


    Visit Site


    Bisecthosting : Top Scalacube Competitors

    At a Glance

    • 1024 MB RAM
    • Unlimited NVMe SSD
    • Unlimited Slots
    • Daily Backups
    • Free Sponge Installation
    • Free Dedicated IP




    Bisecthosting Reviews


    Visit Site

    Apex Hosting and Hostinger, both of these hosting companies offer excellent service with outstanding performance. As a player, You will definitely love them.

    Frequently Asked Questions about ScalaCube Hosting

    Let us now talk about some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Scalacube

    Is ScalaCube Really a Good Host?

    We recommend Scalacube for newbies. In case you are a professional gamer and looking for more power, resources, fast deployment and outstanding service, we suggest you to go with Hostinger.

    Is ScalaCube Really Free?

    Scalacube offers both free as well as paid Minecraft hosting plans. You can choose any plan based on your requirements.

    How Much Does ScalaCube Cost?

    The cost of Scalacube hosting ranges from $0 to $96. The cost of hosting plans depends on the type of hosting package you select. You can learn about the Scalacube pricing here.

    Which ScalaCube Hosting Plan Should I Get?

    Based on my experience, I would recommend you to begin with a starter level plan. You can generally upgrade later on. Once you outgrown the resources of the basic plan, Scalacube can assist you with the migration to a higher level plan. It always takes time to get more visitors to a website, therefore you should not pay more until the requirement grows.

    Where are ScalaCube Servers Located?

    Scalacube servers are located in North America (USA), Europe, the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and Asia , therefore you can choose to host your website where your valuable users can get the least ping times.

    How is Customer Support for ScalaCube?

    Scalacube is not listed as one of the top web hosting providers. Yet, that can likewise be due to the fact that ScalaCube being a little, overlooked, web host. There are always benefits to going with a small sized company because as a client, you are more worthy to them.

    Is Scalacube Good Rust?

    Yes, it is one of the best hosting choices for Rust server. It is cheap as well as a stable option with quick support and faster servers with nearly 0 lag.

    Final Words about Scalacube Review

    ScalaCube could be a decent option for game server hosting, particularly for Minecraft. It is simply a regret that I was unable to get a pre-sales support service. It's additionally a disgrace that the features of hosting are niche specific and restricted. This is the primary reason why ScalaCube is not highlighted on the list of our recommended best web hosting services. I would suggest, nonetheless, having a look at the super reasonable plans of Hostinger since it offers more features, benefits, superior performance and top-of-the-line hosting services.

    Try ScalaCube for competitively priced Minecraft hosting/game servers.

    Visit Site

    BisectHosting review

    BisectHosting review - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    BisectHosting Review

    Relatively-inexpensive Minecraft server hosting plans for different needs

    BisectHosting Minecraft Hosting Review

    Our Verdict

    BisectHosting offers an amazing flexibility with all hosting plans at an affordable cost which makes their service more recommendable to those looking for cost-effective Minecraft server hosting solutions.

    In Favour

  • Several servers located around the world
  • Feature-rich Minecraft server hosting plans
  • Daily Backups and DDoS protection is included in all package
  • Wide variety of Minecraft hosting packages
  • 3 Day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited* NVMe SSD Space
  • Against

  • No free dedicated IP with Budget packages
  • Lack of telephone support
  • Visit BisectHosting

    BisectHosting started its operations in February 2011 as a child organization of Venture Node LLC which is registered business in the state of Ohio, United States of America. Despite the fact that they have been mainly focused around giving full-fledged yet cost-effective Minecraft server web hosting services, they have been able to cover a few different games too, including Terraria, Valheim, Team Fortress 2, Garry's Mod, Counter Strike: Source, 7 Days to Die and many others.

    Other than permitting gamers of the world to join through a smooth multiplayer experience, BisectHosting likewise gives other popular website hosting services, for example, shared server hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting to the individuals who need to launch their own site. They guarantee that their support service is fast enough and dependable so every client including beginner as well as professional, can feel quite happy with BisectHosting. They include that their primary motive is to be the best and reliable Minecraft server hosting in the industry, giving outstanding service at a reasonable cost. Although while reviewing their services we found that their goal was deserving, their rivals should not be neglected under any circumstances.

    Fascinated about BisectHosting? Give it a try now.

    The website of BisectHosting is an excellent example of user-friendliness style done right, where you will have the option to discover all you require in just a few clicks of mouse.

    Bisecthosting Data Center Facility Server Locations
    BisectHosting has eight state-of-the-art Minecraft server locations around the globe

    Each server location is described on the map and you can get extra information by tapping on every one of them. These includes numerous in the USA (Los Angeles, Buffalo, Dallas & Miami), 2 in Canada (Montreal & Hillsboro) as well as one each in the UK (London), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Germany (Limburg), France (Roubaix), Poland (Warsaw), Russia (Moscow), (Singapore) and Australia (Sydney). All things considered, BisectHosting's network of powerful servers had a savvy procedure as a top priority and it is out and out amazing.

    BisectHosting includes an all around web blog which comprises information and updates about their services, products, new updates etc. On the other hand, clients can stay updated by following them on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as Discord.

    Here is the detailed list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers.

    Hosting Plans and Pricing

    For the people looking for a Minecraft server hosting solution, BisectHosting offers nearly 40 budget and premium packages, which is such a large number of options that our reviewer was struck with analysis dullness straight away.

    Indeed, even the less expensive ones are stuffed with excellent features that are essential in Minecraft, containing Unlimited* NVMe SSD space, custom JAR support, Free DDOS Protection, full FTP access, free MySQL, Multicraft Control Panel, a free subdomain, and many more. The least expensive Budget Minecraft hosting plan will cost you as low as $2.99 every month and give 1024MB of RAM along with upto 12 slots, as well as all the features listed above.

    Other than Minecraft, there are different packages for other famous multiplayer games comprising: Terraria, Valheim, ARK: Survival Evolved, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, 7 Days to Die, Rust, Counter Strike: Source, Arma 3, Garry's Mod as well as Team Fortress 2.


    Plan Name
    RAM Slots Price
    1GB 1 GB 12 $2.99
    2GB 2 GB 24 $5.98
    3GB 3 GB 36 $8.97
    4GB 4 GB 48 $11.96
    5GB 5 GB 60 $14.95
    6GB 6 GB 72 $17.94
    7GB 7 GB 84 $20.93
    8GB 8 GB 96 $23.92
    10GB 10 GB 96 $29.90
    12GB 12 GB 160 $35.88
    View other Budget packages


    Plan Name
    RAM Slots Price
    1GB 1 GB Unlimited $7.99
    2GB 2 GB Unlimited $9.98
    3GB 3 GB Unlimited $14.97
    4GB 4 GB Unlimited $19.96
    5GB 5 GB Unlimited $24.95
    6GB 6 GB Unlimited $29.94
    7GB 7 GB Unlimited $34.93
    8GB 8 GB Unlimited $39.92
    10GB 10 GB Unlimited $49.90
    12GB 12 GB Unlimited $59.88
    View other Premium packages

    Other than game hosting services, BisectHosting offers a couple of alternatives for those planning to host a site, which comprise shared web hosting starting from $2.99/month, VPS hosting from $4/month and dedicated server hosting starting from $109/month.

    All web hosting packages except dedicated servers accompany a 3-day unconditional money-back guarantee. In spite of the fact that it is considerably less than the hosting industry’s standard, at any rate there is one being really offered.

    Concerning payment options, BisectHosting presently accepts payments through Paysafecard, Mastercards as well as PayPal.


    Bisect hosting provides the entirety of its clients with a variety of options, with something being proposed to suit most preferences. Regardless of whether you need hosting service for a small game or a large community of games, BisectHosting ought to get you covered with its limitless slots.

    For the people who are searching for a Minecraft hosting server can choose from Bedrock (Mobile) and Java (Original) version, with more pre-configured hosting packages being accommodated Java. Whichever you choose to pick, the accompanying step is to choose a package and review the entirety of its details, for example, server location, add-ons as well as billing cycle.

    On the off chance that you are not concerned about budget, you could go with the top-notch Premium hosting packages, since these packages accompany all features you could want without the need to pay extra for every one of them. The most prominent are Free Unlimited Slots, Unlimited* NVMe SSD Space, Free Dedicated IP, Free Daily Backups, More locations, Free Modpack Installation, Free Modpack Updates, Free Sponge Installation and more. Additionally all the features of Budget packages are included in the premium packages.

    Setting up an account with BisectHosting will need you to share various personal details and instant server setup is one of their primary features, your brand new server will be available for use in a fraction of a second. All Minecraft hosting plans accompany a customised version of Minecraft control panel and which vary based on the plan you choose i.e. Budget or Premium. The control panel comes with easy to use functionality as well as speedy navigation for Java as well as Bedrock users equally. Regardless of whether you have not utilized any version of MultiCraft previously, with the help of its ease of use and simple interface you should have the option to quickly discover approaches to alter your server by installing modpacks, modules, server JARs & substantially more.

    Speed and Performance

    To satisfy its objective and become one of the most reliable and best Minecraft server hosting companies out there, BisectHosting must provide us nearly outstanding performance, much more so since they guarantee that NVMe/SSDs are utilized only to run the entirety of their game servers. After checking the speed of the main website of BisectHosting making use of GTmetrix (test and monitoring website) as our tool we got to some degree expected and exceptionally decent results. All essential measures connected with speed and performance were well more than average, resulting in nearly an excellent 99%.

    In spite of the fact that BisectHosting does not offer any uptime guarantee, as indicated by the results we received after observing it for 30 days using UptimeRobot it ought to be near 100%. No significant fluctuations were recorded according to time and not a single second of server downtime on top of everything. Honestly, one month of wonderful performance does not need to be demonstrative of an entire year, however it sure appears to be a decent beginning.

    Customer Support

    As stated by numerous of their clients, the customer support team of BisectHosting is one of the significant selling factors of their hosting services. As well as they are available for your service round the clock, also the people in control are responsive, knowledgeable and exceptionally humble in their way to deal with clients. Their customer support team can be accessed by live chat and ticket system.

    In case that you wish to be self-supporting, you will discover significant sources of information in their knowledgebase. At present there are nearly 150 articles containing answers related to different topics such as domain name management, billing, game server, control panel etc. Most of those articles are easy to understand and provide information in the form of images and video tutorials.
    Additionally we should give special attention to their YouTube channel, as it is just a year old and contains a huge number of videos related to hosting, servers and games.

    Alternatives to BisectHosting Minecraft Server

    Given below is the list of best alternatives to BisectHosting:


    Apex Hosting Logo

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Player Slots
    • Full DDoS Protection
    • Automated Backups
    • One Click Pack Installers
    • Free Server Transfers
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Apex Hosting Review


    Visit Site


    Hostinger India Logo

    Alex Plan

    At a Glance

    • 2GB Memory
    • 70 Players
    • Instant Setup & Install
    • DDoS Protection
    • Automatic Off-Site Backups
    • PCI-DSS Compliant




    Hostinger India Review


    Visit Site


    Shockbyte Logo


    At a Glance

    • MCPC & MCPE
    • DDOS Protection
    • Instant Setup
    • 1GB RAM/20+ slots
    • Unlimited SSD Space/Bandwidth
    • Java Version Switcher




    Shockbyte Reviews


    Visit Site


    ScalaCube Logo

    At a Glance

    • 10 Player Slots
    • 768 MB RAM
    • 3.4 GHz CPU
    • 10 GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Number of Game Servers
    • 50% OFF for the first month




    ScalaCube Reviews


    Visit Site

    Final Words

    If you are thinking if Bisecthosting is probably going to make your gaming fantasy alive, we must say yes, undoubtedly. Bisect hosting offers an assortment with its Minecraft server packages, a comprehensive suite of ideal features, instant, skilled and capable client support service and all at this available at budget-friendly cost.

    Their hosting packages are, although, another point to take into account as neglect few of the features we are habitual to see with other popular hosting companies that are essential for newbies. Newbies who wish to grasp the advantages of those features are better to go with our favorite brands such as Hostinger or Apex Hosting.

    Additionally we have featured the best web hosting companies here.

    Shockbyte Review for Minecraft

    Shockbyte Review for Minecraft - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Shockbyte: Prices, Features, Pros & Cons and Reviews

    Shockbyte is a company specialized in providing Minecraft server hosting services. Its main motive is to provide a world class Minecraft server hosting solution at reasonable cost. Their long experience in the industry places them in the class of a standout amongst other game server hosting solutions like Minecraft.

    No matter what the Minecraft project you are planning to start, the utilization of a specific hosting service is crucial. Along these lines, you can depend on an expert support service that accommodates the necessities of a Minecraft server so that you can get consistent gaming experience and excellent connection speed.

    One of the most appreciated considerations of Shockbyte MineCraft server hosting is availability of highly professional service offered by them. You can locate all the assistance you need whenever, throughout the year. Like this, it won't ever leave you halfway through the game.

    Go through this article to find out more about the Minecraft server hosting services offered by Shockbyte. You will find its benefits and drawbacks, costs, performance and offers, reviews and other details about the services offered by them.

    Pros and Cons of Shockbyte Hosting


  • Servers are base in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Dedicated in Minecraft Servers.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Wide range of plans.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited SSD Storage.
  • MCPC & MCPE Compatible.
  • Cons

  • Customer support is a little slow.
  • Visit Shockbyte

    Why Choose Shockbyte in 2021

    Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting Review

    To play Minecraft games with your companions or other players, you need a particular and high quality hosting service. For this you should know the proportions you require. From that point onward, it is going to be significant for you to consider the views of users normal to you.

    Generally the most common user of the services is the one keen on Minecraft and numerous other gaming platforms. Every one of the individuals who have a web based game choice to share to a few users. In the views of the service it is repetitive the proposal to make use of this hosting on the off chance that you are simply beginning in this universe of private servers for gaming space. The Minecraft web hosting offered by Shockbyte is available at guaranteed lowest cost.

    On their official website, you will discover numerous helpful tutorials, which can guide you through the supervision of the Minecraft server hosting offered by them. These tutorials are helpful in solving doubts related to the server without contacting customer support service.

    Why Choose Shockbyte for Minecraft?

    Shockbyte has been an outstanding option as best web hosting for Minecraft server. What makes them an amazing choice for Minecraft server hosting? The purpose is that Shockbyte offers various features and tools to their clients and make use of state-of-the-art hardware at much lower cost. Something else is their involvement in the industry. Shockbyte has been giving Minecraft server hosting services since 2013. With a huge number of clients served, they have an amazingly solid reputation among the Minecraft community.

    The following are a portion of the highlights that makes Shockbyte one of the perfect Minecraft server hosts.


    Adaptability is quite possibly the most crucial component a hosting service provider must have. With a modern age of gaming, there are chances you need to modernize your services after a short period of time. Particularly, with a game such as Minecraft, you will manage countless mods and updates on a daily basis. This ought to have no impact on the hosting services offered by you. Your system needs to be sufficiently capable to effectively adapt every one of the alterations and changes all alone.

    Shockbyte servers have been outfitted with this feature. Initially, they attempt to stay away from any odds of framework alteration in any case. However, in case that they need to go through any update or adjustments, the framework stays unaltered and effectively adapts to the latest alterations.

    Client Interaction and Navigation

    Client interaction is generally ignored however it assumes a significant part in a system’s popularity. Your system should not be difficult to utilize. The client should not feel a weight exploring the system. The system should impose a decent first impression on new clients. As far as we are concerned, it is the control panel.

    Stockbyte gives its clients the Multicraft control panel for easier server management. Multicraft is perhaps the most flexible and incredible control panel tool utilized as often as possible for hosting servers. It keeps the clients delighted by making the route simple for them.

    Popularity and User Reviews

    These days each online application is evaluated based on its popularity and its users. Certainly, user reviews are the best way to know where your web application stands.

    Shockbyte hosting comes with total freedom and scope to their users. Previous customers/clients are their primary objective. Their popularity in the industry isn't that properly maintained when contrasted with other hosting companies however they are as yet working actively to improve it.


    Uniqueness or you can also call it as innovativeness is another significant element contemplated while picking the best web hosting for Minecraft. You will be given good services, features and tools in all web hosts yet what makes the best website hosting are the extraordinary features. The best web server hosting companies offer remarkable services, tools and features to their customers that are not generally offered by other providers.
    Shockbyte provides the most reasonable prices to its users. They provide their customers with a lot of different hosting plans. This makes the customers effectively pick the perfect package for their website or app. In addition, they provide their customers with a free subdomain which you can use to create a custom IP address with your server name. Numerous other distinctive services are also given that separates Shockbyte from other Minecraft hosting providers.

    Nature of Service

    Ultimately, it is the nature of service that positions your organization. Renowned hosting providers have an enormous number of clients and users utilizing their hosting services constantly. Still, a little fault can influence several clients. Hence, the nature of service can't be settled.

    Shockbyte is well-known for offering best services to its clients. We are going to talk about every one of the services offered by them in detail. In a quick way, Shockbyte servers have nearly 100% uptime. They have servers/data centers in various areas for trouble free information coverage. Together with this, they offer 24*7 client support service to avoid any trouble. They likewise offer a SLA (Service Level Agreement) to pay off their clients if there is an occurrence of any short of service failure or interruption.

    At present, we should have an in-depth look at the highlights, tools and services offered by them.

    Overview of Shockbyte Services and Features

    In the accompanying segment we are going to take a look at the features of Shockbyte hosting. This section will help you to decide whether Shockbyte Minecraft hosting is perfect for you or not.

    Storage Space

    As stated above, it is essential to retain the nature of service when managing countless clients simultaneously. Because of that, Shockbyte makes use of SSD NVMe for their storage space. These storage devices are significantly quick when contrasted with customary SSD drives and significantly influence their performance in a positive manner. Shockbyte has been the just web host to utilize SSD NVMe drives as a storage device. This makes their hosting services much quicker and one of a kind when contrasted with other hosting companies also. Presently talking about the storage limit, Shockbyte offers limitless storage space to their customers that implies the customers can deal with any mod or any version of game without stressing over the storage space limit.

    Security and Protection

    Security is crucial to keeping up while hosting your own private server. Assuming you are a Minecraft player, you would dislike losing your sensitive information. For that reason, Shockbyte offers DDoS security on all their servers. They utilize a distinct set of strategies, tools and features that screens inbound traffic on the servers to combat and forestall a DDoS/DoS assault. Shockbyte performs DDoS reduction after each small timeframe. They additionally compensate their clients in the event of failure in security from any online attacks, DDoS or DoS assaults.

    Network Coverage

    Network coverage is critical while picking the best web hosting service provider/company. On account of Minecraft, it is conceivable you get the best possible coverage in your location yet the friends for whom you are hosting wind up getting the most noticeably awful coverage in their locations. Hence network coverage is very significant.

    Stockbyte has cleverly positioned their server data centers in nearly every area of the world. This causes them to give trouble-free coverage everywhere in the world. When purchasing hosting server space, the customers have the option to choose from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Asia-Pacific regions. They additionally give an alternative option by the selection which, the system naturally chooses the most ideal choice for the client. This causes the client to get nearly 100% server uptime and super low server rate.

    Control Panel

    The Control panel tool functions as the front end of the framework offering control to the client from one place. Having an easy to understand control panel is something mandatory for any hosting company. Shockbyte provides Multicraft as a control panel, which is not difficult to set-up and is quite possibly the most adaptable and easy to understand control panel tool of all. Multicraft gives usability and gives a decent experience to Shockbyte clients.

    Customer Support Service

    Client support service is a fundamental component to maintain for hosting providers as well as in conventional terms also. Shockbyte remembers that and gives every minute of every day customer service to its clients. The clients can easily contact them via email.

    Furthermore, they likewise offer an online chatbot system for tackling the questions of their valuable clients. Other than that, you can tackle your inquiries yourself by taking a look at the video tutorials, FAQs and the knowledge base available on their site.

    Shockbyte Pricing, Plans, and Packages:

    Shockbyte offers various plans for Minecraft server hosting. They have a total 12 game server hosting plans. The plans change with the measure of RAM utilized and the quantity of slots in the server. The cost likewise rises steadily as we go to higher levels of hosting plans. The least one begins from 1GB with 20+ slots and goes to 16GB RAM and unlimited slots in the higher level package.

    Plan Name
    RAM Slots Price
    DIRT 1 GB 20+ $2.50
    SAND 2 GB 40+ $5.00
    COBBLESTONE 3 GB 60+ $7.50
    IRON 4 GB 80+ $10.00
    GOLD 5 GB 100+ $12.50
    REDSTONE 6 GB 120+ $15.00
    DIAMOND 7 GB 140+ $17.50
    EMERALD 8 GB 160+ $20.00
    OBSIDIAN 9 GB 180+ $22.50
    SPARTAN 10 GB 200+ $25.00
    ZEUS 12 GB 240+ $30.00
    TITAN 16 GB 320+ $40.00

    Shockbyte Payment Options

    The payment methods accepted by Shockbyte are the very convenient and used by most of the users. You can pay using:

  • PayPal
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Paymentwall (Bank transfer, SMS etc.)
  • Extra Features and Add-ons

    All the hosting plans have the following mandatory features:

  • Control Panel: Multicraft
  • Storage: NVMe SSD Drive
  • DDoS Protection: Assured
  • Web Space: Unlimited
  • Data Transfer: Unlimited
  • Regardless of whether you pick the starter level hosting plan or the biggest one, it will have access to all the above features. With reference to billing, Shockbyte gives four choices to the clients. You can choose to pay month to month, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly for your hosting plan. The selection of the server area is additionally chosen by the customer. The customer can pick one of the five available data center locations.
    There are two important features given by Shockbyte as add-ons.

    Dedicated IP Address

    A dedicated IP address is an IP that is kept for just your server. Other than a shared IP address that is utilized for more than one single system, you can have a distinctive IP address for your own server. This implies your server can operate on port 25565 or 19132, the default port of Minecraft. The client can get advantage of it by paying an additional $5 per month.

    Server Management

    This is a fairly valuable add-on and ought to be preferred. By choosing this extra feature, Shockbyte will install & configure plugins, mod packs as well as custom jars for you. In this manner you do not need to manage and look out for your server. In response, you need to pay $15 per month.

    Final Words about Shockbyte Minecraft Server Hosting

    As we have observed, Shockbyte's hosting has incredible advantages in its hosting services. The chance of browsing a wide variety of plans will without a doubt permit you to discover the best option for you.

    One of only a few unfavorable situations we can find in this hosting service for Minecraft server is the absence of promotions/offers. Albeit the availability of month to month payment options can have its positive side. Month by month you can determine its value and end the agreement on the off chance that you consider it significant.

    Despite that, it offers great network connection speed to the server, which is necessary to appreciate a game without interference. What's more, it has various plans aligned with the number of players you need to have in your Minecraft map, which can be limitless. All of this an aggressive and adjusted cost.

    The cost of the hosting packages is one of the least expensive available in the industry. Also, the service offered is similar to others of higher cost. Consequently, we suggest using Shockbyte in the event that you are searching for a high quality Minecraft server hosting provider, at a reasonable cost.

    Alternatives to Shockbyte Minecraft hosting

    Given below is the list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers and best alternatives to Shockbyte hosting:


    Apex Hosting Logo

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Player Slots
    • Full DDoS Protection
    • Automated Backups
    • One Click Pack Installers
    • Free Server Transfers
    • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Apex Hosting Review


    Visit Site


    Hostinger India Logo

    Alex Plan

    At a Glance

    • 2GB Memory
    • 70 Players
    • Instant Setup & Install
    • DDoS Protection
    • Automatic Off-Site Backups
    • PCI-DSS Compliant




    Hostinger India Review


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • 1024 MB RAM
    • Unlimited NVMe SSD
    • Unlimited Slots
    • Daily Backups
    • Free Sponge Installation
    • Free Dedicated IP




    Bisecthosting Reviews


    Visit Site


    ScalaCube Logo

    At a Glance

    • 10 Player Slots
    • 768 MB RAM
    • 3.4 GHz CPU
    • 10 GB SSD Storage
    • Unlimited Number of Game Servers
    • 50% OFF for the first month




    ScalaCube Reviews


    Visit Site

    Frequently Asked Questions about Shockbyte Hosting

    What is Shockbyte?

    Shockbyte is a web host for game and Minecraft servers. It is well-known for its specialty in Minecraft. Based on the opinions we got from their clients, they provide one of the perfect hosting solutions for Minecraft at reasonable cost.

    Why Choose Shockbyte Hosting?

    The easy to use interface and simple design is the main reason to choose them. But undoubtedly, the cost of your hosting package will be important when contrasting it and other Minecraft hosting services available. It is going to be hard for you to discover a particularly full-fledge at a lower cost than Shockbyte's.

    Is Shockbyte Hosting Good?

    Yes, Shockbyte hosting is good. The goodness and safety of Shockbyte is assured by DDoS protection as well as backed by its service level agreement (SLA).

    Is Shockbyte a Server?

    Shockbyte offers web server hosting for both Minecraft Java as well as Bedrock Editions so one can run a server either play on a PC/computer system, mobile, tablet or any other supported devices.

    Is Shockbyte or Apex Hosting better?

    The key section in which Shockbyte beats Apex Server Hosting is in the hosting package cost it offers. For a comparatively lowest cost, Shockbyte provides its users a server that can allow up to 20 player slots on a 1 GB RAM storage. Other than that, both Apex hosting and Shockbyte offer somewhat more or less equivalent features to their customers.

    What are the Advantages of Shockbyte?

    Shockbyte has the outstanding advantage of a broad range of Minecraft hosting packages with affordable pricing in the market. Whether you are a professional user or a newbie user in the Minecraft space, you will find a plan for your needs.
    But in case you do not locate a package for your needs, there is an option to create a custom plan.

    In the event that you don't know whether this is the right Minecraft server hosting for you, we welcome you to keep browsing our site and get knowledgeable about the universe of top web hosting services.

    NordVPN Summer Sale Deals (2021) - 72% OFF + 3 EXTRA Months - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    NordVPN Summer Sale Deals (2021) - Get 72% OFF + 3 EXTRA Months

    Summer is the best season, especially if you have been looking for NordVPN!
    It is the right time for you to get yourself a huge discount on NordVPN plans. This sweet season also makes it the perfect time to shop online, as prices everywhere will be at groundbreakingly low.
    In case a VPN service is something you have been searching for, or you may be planning to switch VPN service providers, here is great news for you - NordVPN is slashing the cost of their most popular 2-year plan by a massive 72%, starting now!

    How does this deal work? All right, just buy their 2-year plan at an amazing 72% discount and get 3 months automatically included in your plan. It is as simple as that!

    This insane discount - it truly is an insane, 2-year plan at just $3.30/mo. in addition to getting 3 months free of cost on top of it – might be accessible for an extremely limited period, so ensure you don't pass up a great opportunity!

    NordVPN Summer 2021 Promo/Campaign Details

    NordVPN Summer Sale

    Get Summer Deal

    NordVPN is beginning the summer season with a blockbuster promo. From June 15th the price for NordVPN’s 2-year plan will be $3.30/month (total cost— $89.00), offering users a whopping discount of 72% off. Here’s the complete breakdown of the summer campaign price:

  • Promo: 72% Discounts + 3 months FREE
  • Subscription Duration: 24-month
  • Monthly cost: $3.30
  • Total Cost: $89.00
  • Start Date: 15th June 2021
  • End Date: Last for Approximately 1 Month
  • More Details: Click here
  • Claim NordVPN Deals

    Looking for more VPN options? Click here to learn more about the best VPN providers.


    NordVPN is one of the best VPNs available on the web, so we think this Summer Deals are the best and worth investing in. You can get a whopping 72% discount on NordVPN 2 year subscription plan, which should appear around a few USDs monthly for NordVPN’s service.

    Apex Hosting Review

    Apex Hosting Review - 4.7 out of 5 based on 11 votes

    Apex Hosting Review

    Lag-free Minecraft server hosting 2021 with outstanding support

    Apex Hosting Review


    Apex Hosting is one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers situated in the USA. Their Minecraft server locations are available throughout North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia. In North America, they have servers from coast to coast including California, Oregon, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Miami as well as Quebec. Their European servers are located in France, Poland, Germany, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Their Australia servers are located in Sydney. Their Asia region servers are located in Singapore. With players in more than 70 countries, they are able to offer outstanding connections to the customers across the globe with lowest latency. Some amazing features of their servers includes Java & Bedrock Edition Servers, 24/7 Chat and Ticket Support, All Mod & Plugin Support, 200+ 1-Click-Modpack Installers, Premium Hardware, DDoS protection etc. at reasonable cost, this is the reason they are one of the best choice for Minecraft server hosting.


  • All packages include a free subdomain
  • One-click installation of modpacks
  • Offsite automatic backups
  • Wide variety of server options
  • 24*7 live chat & ticket support
  • Money-back guarantee of 7-days
  • Cons

  • There are some restrictions on Unlimited Player slots
  • There are other inexpensive options available in the industry
  • Visit Apex Hosting

    Apex Hosting is a US-based Minecraft server organization that was started in 2013 with an objective to convey the most significant level of customer support service to Minecraft server hosting users. The company is registered in Florida, United States of America with the main office located in Sarasota FL. When it comes to data centers, the users have the option to choose from eighteen highly secured and powerful data centers around the world, which is a great option and best method to keep latency at least possible level.

    Fascinated about Apex hosting? Give it a try now.

    The main website of Apex hosting is quite simple to navigate as some other websites available on the web are not easy to navigate. The vast majority of the things you will need to know are found inside a couple of mouse clicks, so there should not be a single chance of confusion. Apex hosting claims that they deploy state-of-the-art hardware technology to make sure that each and every server of theirs is lag free. With latest DDOS protection, solid 1GBPS connections and RAID powered hard drives, you can stay assured that your Minecraft hosting will run smoothly.

    Here is the complete list of the best Minecraft server hosting providers.

    Features of Apex Minecraft Hosting

    Apex hosting is a leading and best Minecraft server hosting provider all over the world. In case you are in the search of the top Minecraft hosting service then Apex hosting is the perfect choice for you. Given below are the top features of Apex Minecraft Server Hosting that included in all packages:

  • Java & Bedrock Edition Servers
  • 24/7 Chat and Ticket Support
  • All Mod & Plugin Support
  • 200+ 1-Click-Modpack Installers
  • Premium Hardware & Low Latency
  • Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access
  • Free Server Transfers
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Premade Minigames
  • 24/7 Servers with 99.9% Uptime
  • Powerful Multicraft 2.0 panel
  • Free Subdomain
  • Automated Offsite Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Apex Minecraft Hosting Plans and Pricing

    Apex hosting has 10 feature-packed Minecraft server hosting packages, starting from as low as $4.49/month (Recurring Price $5.99/mo. Billed Monthly) which is quite expensive compared to its competitors. With this package you get 1GB of dedicated RAM, unlimited player slots, free subdomain etc.

    As one would assume, the cost of hosting packages goes up with the measure of RAM. consequently, the most costly package will give you 15GB of dedicated RAM at a cost of $59.99 for the 1st month with the recurring Price $79.99/mo. billed monthly, which is a decent alternative for the individuals who need extra plugins, more powerful modpacks and the choice to add a large number of users they know to their server.

    Despite the fact that there is no free trial available, Apex Hosting gives a flat 7-day unconditional money back guarantee, which is consistently helpful. When it comes to payment options, Apex Hosting accepts payments through credit cards, debits cards, PayPal and Stripe.

    Visit Site

    User Friendliness

    Since there are nearly 10 Minecraft server plans altogether and all are introduced sensibly well, picking one of them ought to be just about as simple as falling over the edge of the guide. In spite of affirmation that there are limitless player slots with the entirety of the hosting plans, there is consistently a breaking point to slots and it's regularly dependent on GB of RAM. Luckily, clients have the flexibility to alter their selected server plan whenever they want, so in the event that one plan does not accommodate your need, there is most likely another that will. Although, if neither of them suits your requirements, remember about their unconditional money back guarantee.

    Subsequent to picking your server plan, you will need to configure a few insights concerning it like billing duration, Minecraft server username, version of server as well as optional subdomain and choose in case you need to incorporate a couple of additional services for additional money such as plugins, permissions setup, dedicated IP address or premium support service. Strangely, there are just two choices concerning the billing cycle, month to month and quarterly and you will save just $2 by buying in for a quarter of a year rather than one month. After this, you will need to share your own details, choose a payment medium, create a password and continue to checkout.

    Since Apex Minecraft Hosting uses a personalized variant of simple Multicraft as its control panel, maintaining your server functioning and dealing with the entirety of its tasks should turn into a clear involvement with no time. Furthermore, video tutorials are discovered just a mouse click away, as is a single click modpack installer, which is all certain to make things considerably more simpler. Another critical element that is incorporated with each Minecraft package is an automated server backup, which will guarantee the security of your Minecraft world.

    Speed and Performance

    While serving more than 300,000 Minecraft servers around the world and having the best in class support service in the entire industry, Apex Hosting raises their dedicated hardware/equipment features, for example, high clock speed CPUs as well as the utilization of SSD drives. This ought to specify high TPS (Ticks Per Second) and lag-free servers for the entirety of their clients. To look at the speed of their Minecraft server we tried the performance of their primary site with the help of GTmetrix. The outcomes we got were quite encouraging, with all the fundamental web measurements being over the normal and rated with a definitive grade of 10 out of 10.

    Apex hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime and, as stated by UptimeRobot, almost certainly, you will have the option to maintain it. We observed the main website of Apex Hosting for over a month and were given a report showing a faultless 100% of uptime, which came as an unforeseen pleasure. Not a moment of downtime was reported and keeping in mind that there were a few fluctuations in server response time, they ought to significantly affect the general performance.

    Customer Support

    Despite the fact that we were fairly doubtful about Apex Hosting professes to have the best customer support in the hosting industry we chose to give them an occasion to prove us wrong. Their client support service is accessible every minute of every day through a ticket system and live chat, which they appear to take great pridefulness in. From our point of view, live chat appears to be efficient and works as a one-stop-option for the vast majority of the issues one may experience en route. A support specialist we reached out to reacted inside five minutes and gave us all that we needed to know in an extremely kind manner. On the off chance that you are utilizing a portion of similar social media platforms they are active on, you can attempt to contact them there too.


    There are numerous reasons behind the growing reputation of Apex Minecraft Hosting among professional Minecraft lovers, including an assortment of server choices and complete authority over it. At the point when we add quick and slack free performance, backups and DDoS insurance, easy-to-utilize control panel tools and top notch customer support service to the deal, it's truly difficult to say no to the Minecraft server offered by Apex Hosting.

    Albeit the unconditional money back guarantee is valid for just 7 days and probably won't appear to be especially generous, it is in reality somewhat more than what is found with other competitors of Apex hosting. For a standard 30 days one, you can give a try to Hostinger’s Minecraft server, which is one of top 10 website hosting companies out there, with and without Minecraft server.

    Despite that, in the event that you are keeping watch for a highly credible and dependable web host for your site and do not have the foggiest idea how you wound up here in any case, do not forget to check Bluehost, A2 Hosting and HostGator.

    Also have a look at the best web hosting services of 2021.

    FAQs About Apex Minecraft Hosting

    Is Apex Minecraft server hosting free?

    Without a doubt, the Minecraft server offered by Apex hosting is not free. The cost of Apex Minecraft server depends on the hosting plan you select, if you go with higher level plan, you need to pay more money to get your Minecraft server.

    What are the minimum requirements to set up or host a Minecraft server?

    The least requirements to host your Minecraft server are
  • At Least 1GB of RAM
  • At Least 1 Core CPU
  • Is Apex hosting good for Minecraft server?

    Apex hosting is one of the top Minecraft server hosts that offers cost-effective solutions. It offers a highly scalable and flexible Minecraft solution so that you can get much better performance.

    What are the best alternatives to Apex Minecraft server hosting?

    The best Apex Minecraft Server hosting alternatives hosts are as follows:

  • Hostinger Hosting,
  • ShockByte Hosting,
  • Bisect Hosting,
  • ScalaCube Hosting
  • How much RAM do I need to run a Minecraft Server?

    At least 1GB of RAM is mandatory to run a Minecraft server. 1GB is suggested by the Minecraft game, but in case you wish to host a perfect Minecraft server then you should get access to 2GB RAM.

    HostGator 70% OFF Super Savings Sale on Web Hosting Plans - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    HostGator Super Savings Sale - 70% OFF Web Hosting Plans

    HostGator is one of the trusted names in the hosting industry and I am not going to discuss more about HostGator in this post because I have already written a detailed article about HostGator and its services. In this post I am going to discuss the Super Savings hosting sale announced by HostGator. At the end of this post you will get to know about unique web hosting deals, hosting coupons and discounts offered by HostGator.

    HostGator Super Savings Sale

    HostGator Super Savings Deals 2021

    Super Savings Sale gets you upto 70% discount on HostGator hosting plans + a Free domain name with every purchase till 10th June 2021.

  • 65% off on 12 – 36 Month Hatchling Shared Package
  • 70% off of on 12 – 36 Month Baby and Business Shared Hosting Package
  • Starting Monday, June 7th at 12:00 AM CST through Thursday, June 10th at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Get A FREE Domain Name with every new hosting account
  • Get Offer

    How to grab this Super Savings Sale?

  • Visit the official website by clicking here
  • Choose your desired hosting plan
  • Proceed to checkout
  • Fill the essential detailed like domain name and personal details
  • Make the payment using the available payment method to get Super Savings Sale of web hosting.
  • What is included in HostGator Super Savings Sale?

  • Free Domain Name Registration.
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth/Data Transfer.
  • Free Dedicated IP Address [with Business Plan]
  • Free SEO Tools [with Business Plan]
  • FREE Positive SSL upgrade [with Business Plan]
  • Get Deal

    Final Words On HostGator Super Savings Sale

    Like Bluehost and Hostinger, HostGator is one of the most reliable brands trusted by millions of website owners and webmasters. They offer high-performance and extremely reliable hosting services for all types of businesses including large enterprises. HostGator servers/data centers are located globally so that you can target audiences from any region of the world.

    HostGator is going to begin a super savings sale on Shared Hosting plans and you can get upto 70% off huge discount on HostGator hosting plans during this Super Savings sale.

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