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12 Ways To Make Money Online From a Website 2021

12 Ways To Make Money Online From a Website 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Earning as well as making money from a website is not a fantasy. It’s doable by each and every website owner.

In actual fact, turning a part-time, hobby or interest based blog/website into a money making or revenue generating asset is just a normal thing with a bit destiny and some smart work.

As a website owner you must be able to generate good amount of money to cover your basic cost of domain name registration and web hosting services.

Remember that the methods for making money online listed below range from easiest and simple to ones that need a lot of efforts. So be sure to choose something that suits exactly to your site and interest.

In this guide I have shared the top 10 most popular site monetization tips and tricks.

Note: It does not make a difference whether you have started a web blog or created a website. The below mentioned techniques will work for both.

It will take some time to figure out the best way to make money from a web site. If one thing doesn’t work for you, try different way. Don’t simply give up. The most common reason individuals or website owners fail with blogging, is not because their planning or web site is not good but the main reason behind this is they give up too soon.

Tips to Monetize a Website

Best Ways to Make Money from Your Website

Making money online from a website is not that easy task. But these best tips are doubtlessly your best bet.

1. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best and most popular way to make money from your website as well as a blog is Affiliate marketing.

Go ahead with finding a product or service you love the most and would like to recommend your visitors. Then promote it on your website and recommend it to your visitors. If your visitors need those products and services they will click on your affiliate link for buying the products/services at the same time you earn some money as a commission.

The amount of commission you get might be anywhere from 35%-80$ or up to $100 per successful sale. In simple words, if the commission is 40% and you promote a products that costs $100, you will get $40 for just referring the successful sale. Is it not a great deal?!

Where can I find products to promote?

  • CJ (Commission junction) – One of the best affiliate network offers reliable products/services with timely payments.
  • Shareasale– Another best affiliate network mostly best for clothes, accessories, business, education and other offline goods & services.
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Programs – Web Hosting Affiliate Programs pays whopping amount of commission. There are numerous of people earning thousands of dollars as commissions by promoting different Best Web Hosting Companies. There are few hosting commission like A2Hosting, iPage etc. offering good amount of commission. Read more about best and highest paying web hosting affiliate programs.
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You can earn big amount as a commission!
  • Simple to setup and does not need a lot of support and knowledge.
  • Passive source of income.
  • Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Income is not assured, one month you can earn $100, next month can make $1000 or more.
  • Most of the time great products can have less conversion ratio.
  • Higher conversion rates pages can have useless products.
  • Also check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies.

    2. Sell Ad Space

    One of the most popular and widely used way to make money from a website is by putting advertisements on it. We all recognize what ads appear as if, however did you recognize that they operate in many alternative ways in which like Pay Per Click, Pay Per one thousand Views or Pay Per timeframe.

    Everyone know what adverts look like, but some of them may don’t know how ads function! they function in various formats such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Pay Per Views (PPV) etc.

    The major drawback of selling ad space on a website, is that everybody know what they look like and avoid clicking those advertisements.

    When selling ad space, you generally have 2 options:

    1. Find work yourself and work with advertisers directly.


    2. Contact a mediator who takes care of bringing you advertisers and work.

    Everything relies upon you. Is this a business for you or is this only a chance to make profit?

    At UpdatedReviews, we generally lean towards searching advertisers from our end. By finding advertiser yourself you get paid more, build much better associations and can make generate superior results by doing better job.

    Setting ad space contribute only a little part of my total income but it is great to realize that money is nearly assured to come consistently.

    Keep in mind, Google hates the method of purchasing and selling links. Website owners usually buy links because search Engines like Google rank sites based on the quality and quantity of backlinks. When you are giving link to other website, it means you are informing search engines that you really trust those websites. Google loves this process to happen organically. If your website get caught for selling and buying links, Search engine like Google will definitely penalize your website by throwing your site out of organic search.

    Best Ways to make money online

    3. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense)

    As a business/website owner you must have heard about best and leading paid advertising platform on the web known as Google Adword which enables an advertise or promoters to target ads in the format of text and images based on various keywords & contents of the websites. Then there comes Google Display Network wherein Google search engine allows advertisers to put advertisements in the form of images and banners on websites, online stores, applications etc. who are part of the Adsense network. The search adverts are placed on the search engine before and after organic results which is directly owned by google however what about the image and animated ads which google displays on other web pages, online stores that it does not own, operate nor handle? this is the situation where google adsense comes in. Google Adsense is a part of Google network which permits publishers, website owners to accept adverts from directly from Google advertising network which are positioned with the help of Adwords. When publishers or website owners adds put on google advertisements to their own website or online store they makes money directly from the advertisers, website owners who deploy Google Adwords or Google Display Network.

    Putting adsense ads to a website is almost similar to selling advert space on your web page but just to a single advertising network which will display ads on advertisers website, therefore saving their valuable time as well as money. Google adsense based ads are targeted based on the content, category, interest and topic of the publishers website.

    One of the best thing about Google adsense network is that it is one of the simplest and easiest way for website owners, bloggers and webmasters to earn and generate income from their websites or web blogs. To begin with Adsense one requires to sign up / register with Google Adsense account, once the account get approved then they have to set up advertisements for each and every page on the site. Google Advertisements comes in different sizes and you have complete freedom of picking the promotions. To display these ads on the website one need to install ad code available in the HTML format which can easily generated from the adsense account.

    Adsense is a money making program designed by Google for bloggers, webmasters and website owners. With Adsense website owners can monetize their websites, online applications just by placing advertisements. If you are facing any trouble or need any help to start adsense on your website or blog you can easily contact Google Adsense specialists. And if you have already begin started with adsense then it is recommended you to go ahead with reading the Google Adsense rules and regulations for publishers before you go further.

    Google Adsense works on Pay per click model and you can make anywhere from $0.10 to $5 per click. Although, when your website start getting enough traffic, visitors, you can easily make hundreds even thousands of dollars every month.

    How to apply for for Google Adsense Account?

    Apply for Google AdSense – Before you apply for adsense account, make sure you go through with their latest Terms Of Service. Google's Terms & Conditions Of Service are very strict, so it is very difficult to get approved.

    4. Sponsored Reviews, Posts & Articles

    Accepting sponsored posts and articles is one of the most common ways to making good money from your website.

    When you have done the smart work of generating consistent traffic to your web page with an engaged community, there are a couple of best approaches to monetise your diligent work.

    For instance, many business and organizations look for blogs and websites that will promote their sponsored blog post content. Method of ‘Native advertising‘ like this works decently because it however lines up together with your website’s main content, therefore it comes across relevant and more clear.

    You can likewise review the products from an organization or business in an *advertorial* that is part content, part promotion or advertisement. For instance, if your site talks about the most recent mobile phones, computers and laptops, the manufacturer or distributor of one of those promotions would definitely LOVE/LIKE to have you review and highlight their products to your fans and followers.

    If done in a right or proper way, this can make a win/win situation. But done inadequately or imperfectly, with unessential or unreliable site content, and it can surely destroy all of the user’s believe and trust that you have earned why putting lot of efforts and hard work.

    5. Create a job board

    Creating a job board on your site is another easiest and simplest way to make extra money when people or companies looking to hire someone will allow to post a job on your board and users will apply for the job.

    Additionally, I have seen many small blogging website try to do follow this method and totally not succeed because it’s very competitive way and if you are not able to send them any use to apply for their job then it’s waste and useless for those people to post jobs on your website.

    As for the software concern, I would recommend you try ThemeForest, they have an amazing collection of various kind of job board plugins, templates and themes.

    It is highly recommended to charge a least amount at the starting so that you can attract more customers/users to your website and if they get applications as per their needs they will definitely return to your site.

    6. Accept Donations from Your Visitors

    Do not have much traffic or large numbers monthly/daily visits, but you have a well built online community? Directly ask your users to donate!

    Accepting contributions/donations is not a fastest route to make money, but, it can definitely help you to cover up your small expenses, if your readers like what you have got to say on your website and wish to support your journey.

    To give an example, PayPal offers donation buttons that you can add to your website very easily also it’s doesn’t require much time, offers you a quickest way to get back what you are spending on a web hosting Service, new service/product addition, research, development and all of the extra daily charges to maintain and keep your blog active. To give an example website like earns a lot of money because of donation option on their.

    7. Sell Your Own Digital Product (i.e. Ebook)

    By selling your product directly to your visitors potentially you can make more money on per sale basis.

    This is actually possible because there’s no mediator or any individual in between you and your potential buyers to take a share from the money you earned.

    This perspective looks fairly simple and easy to use as a result you can simply sell your product directly to your buyer through your website and make money instantly. It is unfortunate that it is not that simple task to do in reality.

    Making great items that are solid and accomplished actually require more amount of time and extra resources. Selling your own items with the help of your site likewise raise some tricky problems such as payment gateways option (the way you are going to collect payments), shipping & handling (how are you going to delivered the items to your buyers?), taxes and much more.

    What's more, if that does not seem sufficient work already, you will additionally require a very much attractive, powerful landing page to ensure your item has a solid conversion rate.

    8. Offer Premium Content

    A few sites and blogs give away a small piece of their content without any charges, and charge extra for the use of their premium content and other tools.

    For example Moz, they have a well-popular blog that provides information, guides and advice on broad range of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related topics. In addition of your users and viewers can decide to become paid members. Moz Pro costs $99 per month and give access to many amazing tool, guides, and other exclusive resources.

    For creating your website, I would recommend you to use ThemeForest to find a best theme.

    9. Sell Paid Directory Listings

    This is not most common way to make money but I seriously believe it should be.

    As a website owner I consider it to be a savvy approach to sell advertising, you see as opposed to putting and displaying advertisements on the sidebar of your website, you have a directory on your website or blog where you connect to various organization's, businesses and sites related to your industry and charge a small amount for the listing. If you charged fixed monthly amount, so to give an example, say you had listed 1000 companies in your registry and charged $10 per month, you would make $10000 per month.

    Anyhow, in reality this is advantageous to the readers of your website, for example you have a website about selling and buying mobiles online, in the directory could be a segment for the sellers, where mobile phone seller pay to list their products. Buyers will come and look for the right mobile phone as per their need and budget.

    Similar to a job board, you can add adverts to your blog, to promote the directory to ensure your customers are delighted with the number of visitors seeing their advert.

    10. Build an Email List

    Spend some of your time in reading blog/website growth ideas/suggestions, and you are sure to meet up with people talking “the money’s in the list“ and Email List is the list they are talking about.

    They are directly indicating to your email list, which contains your most reliable audiences. The main purpose of email list is to convert as much as strangers who visit your web page/blog for the first time into regular followers who wish to remain up-to-date with your latest work or content.

    In actual fact this is a time consuming technique and you certainly will not become rich overnight. But I guarantee that it is one of the outstanding, long term techniques.

    Never miss the significance in making relationships with your supporters, followers and regular visitors, nonetheless. Providing your followers with outstanding information or free help is an ideal approach to begin. Spamming your followers with spontaneous promotions is the speediest approaches to lose your trust in front of your followers and harm your long-term objectives.

    11. Sell Your Website/Blog

    Selling your website or blog can make you rich enough, or it could be simply a pleasant retirement fund. Whatsoever it will be, it can be a superior approach to get a whopping lump sum cash in your pocket. Normally, websites and blogs sell for 2 to 4 years income, although if your web page is old enough and it has something noteworthy about it or it has great command in your industry at that situation you can expect any figure you want. Being in the blogging industry for many years I have seen few blogging websites go for more than 200 years revenue and it didn't even get $100,000 twelve-month period (a year).

    Remember that all of your hard work will at last pay off and once it does it will be one of the most glorifying moments of one’s life.

    It is good to know that if you sold your blog/website for the revenue of 3 years and suppose it made $4000 per month, you would get $144000. But in actual to make that much of amount of money it could take around 7 or 8 years because of taxes and other expenses. Another factor you have to consider the time you took to build your business. Suppose it took you around 3 years to build your business and you sell for $144,000 – then it would be like making an additional $48,000 each year.

    Where can I sell my website?

    Flippa – One of the best and most popular website market to sell your site.

    12. Just Copy Others

    Last but not least and my personal favourite. Just copy what other website/blog owners are doing.

    A Quick Overview and Your Thoughts

    Undoubtedly I failed to share many other methods that you can use to make money from your site as well as blog, but this is a good begin! And of course there are numerous of other affiliate programs out there that you can utilize. But mentioned above are the main options to monetize your website: Pay Per Click (Google Adsense), Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Reviews, Selling Ad Space, Selling a Product, accepting Donations, selling your site or Selling Paid Directory Listing.

    At last I would love to hear your thoughts about this post! If you guys know any other best ways to monetize websites, feel free to share in the comment section. I’ll definitely add it in the above list.

    Good luck.

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