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What is Web Hosting? - Website Hosting Guide for Beginners

What is Web Hosting? - Website Hosting Guide for Beginners - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes

What is Web Hosting?

Basically Website Hosting is a type of service which provide space/room for websites and blog on the Internet.

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows businesses and individuals to submit their websites onto the web and a web host also known as hosting service provider, is a company or firm that provides the tools and technologies required for the websites, applications to be viewed in the web. Websites are stored and hosted on unique computers known as servers with high security.

At the point of time Internet por your viewers need to see your site, they should simply enter your site address or the name of your domain into their web browsers. Once they enter the site address into browser their PC will then associate with your server and your site pages will be delivered to them via browser.

Domain Name

Before we discuss about the various types of web hosting services, you should understand the importance of a domain name because it order to make your website accessible and available on the web you must need to have a domain name registered. A domain name is must for the online address of your website, because a domain name is used to search your website. It is recommended to choose a domain name which is easy to remember and recognize.

Buying a domain is very simple, all you need to do is search for a domain registration service provider. You can get a domain name starting from just Rs.99/year from Bigrock or Godaddy. Some of the top hosting service providers include a free domain name in their hosting packages such as iPage, hosting packages start from $1.99/mo. Contains unlimited space, bandwidth, email accounts and allow to host unlimited domains.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

There are many different types of web hosting solutions available to host a website. It is very much necessary to understand your requirements, what kind of website you are going to have, what is your budget and what sort of services provided by a web hosts before signing up for any hosting services.

Different Hosting options available are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Shared Hosting

    Shared Web Hosting is one of the cheapest and most common type of web hosting services available, and also the best way to start a site. Shared hosting refer to a internet service in which single server is allocated between many websites. Mentioned below are the benefits and drawbacks of this hosting solution:

  • Cost Effectiveness: One of the cost-effective option to host a website because you do not need to pay for the complete server.
  • Easy to Maintain: If you opt for this hosting solution, you will find it very easy to maintain because the server is pre-configured and most of the required things are already available on the server and also you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of it because hosting company will take care of everything.
  • Performance Issue: As you are sharing the server resources with other websites on same server, if any site use more resources it will definitely affect the performance of your and other sites on that server.
  • Security Issues: Any malicious activity from any website using the server affects the entire network of websites using that server.
  • As shared web hosting is one of the most popular type of web hosting services, most of the hosting providers simply mentioned it as website hosting or hosting service. iPage Shared Hosting Plan comes with the most preferred OS (operating system) which is Linux.

    VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server

    VPS hosting is basically a physical server that is splitted and sold as numerous virtual machines. Each virtual server act as single server because has its own operating system (OS), software and applications. Each virtual server will provided with its own resources such as certain amount of RAM, Memory and CPU power.

    Reseller Hosting

    Reseller hosting packages provided by a hosting provider are in the form of shared,VPS or dedicated server hosting account with amazing tools to help you resell hosting space to your clients under your brand name.

    Reseller bundle come with remarkable technical control such as control panel, WHM, billing software to manage your clients account.

    Price range: Reseller hosting packages range from Rs.500-3000/mo., based on features, benefits and resources provided.

    If you are planning to start hosting business then reseller is the best choice for you.

    Furthermore, if you are want to earn money as a web hosting affiliate you should check out our article on highest paying web hosting affiliate program.

    Cloud Hosting

    Cloud Based Hosting is quite new technology in the hosting field that allow numerous of independent web servers work with each other so that it act like one very big server. The thought is that as the website requirements increases, the service provider can easily add more hardware to fulfil the websites requirements.

    One of the biggest benefit of Cloud based hosting is that if you suddenly you get huge traffic to your website in that situation hosting plan can be easily altered based on requirements. If you feel your website is growing very fast and you are getting huge amount of traffic to it, then this is the right time to upgrade your shared hosting account.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

  • More Flexibility: cloud server hosting is one of the most flexible option available in the hosting industry. It’s flexible nature help you to grow your website and business tool. It also provides a rapid and seamless option to upgrade a website for those times when it receives huge amount of traffic.
  • Dedicated Resources: In Cloud environment you will be provided with dedicated resources such as RAM, Bandwidth, CPU and Memory power, process etc.
  • Better Performance: The performance level of cloud hosting is stunning. a lot of people that have used it for their online applications or websites have shared positive feedbacks. The greater number of users have experienced excellent performance as compare to the dedicated servers. Along with the ability to handle more number of users, cloud hosting provide its users with higher speed. Because of this reason the websites hosted on this environment always loads extremely fast.
  • Easy Server Configuration: As cloud use virtualization software, it provides much more freedom and easiest way to configure a server as per your needs; but it also needs higher knowledge and expertise.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

    Dedicated hosting or server is type of Internet hosting in which an organization or business rents a complete server, which is completely devoted to one website. A dedicated hosting service is also known as a dedicated server which is housed within a highly secured data center. Let’s now have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated hosting.

  • Flexibility & easy customization: Dedicated Servers are very flexible because of this reason you have the freedom to select the exact hardware and software resources based of your needs.
  • Dedicated Resources: As one server entirely devoted to one website means you don't share your server resources with any other website.
  • Complete control: you will be provided with root access to your dedicated servers, means you will have complete control over your server and you can easily configure and modify your server setup to match your website needs.
  • Support: Most of the dedicated servers comes with extreme level of support which is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, email or ticket system.
  • Technical knowledge Needed: If you opt for dedicated server it will be your sole responsibility to manage, handle and configure the server.
  • Expensive option: As you are renting a complete server, you need to bear the cost of server because the server is not shared with any other website owners.
  • Inmotion Hosting provides a complete range of dedicated server hosting with Better Performance, Better Storage space and all-SSD Servers. Their top of the line Dedicated Servers can be easily configured to match the exact needs of your website.


    Website hosting is a must required thing for anyone planning to create a website or want to start a blog. Because without hosting services, your website will only be accessible on the web.

    In order to make a website live and accessible to internet users, you must need to choose the right web hosting service provider and register a domain name. These are the two most essential and required things, and without one, the other is waste.

    So whether you are planning to start a web blog, website for your business use or personal use, you will have to have a Perfect web hosting solution.

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