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Top 10 Best Content Delivery Networks In India 2021

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Are you tired of keep trying each and every trick to improve the speed and performance of your website but still you are not happy with the speed of your website then this is the right time to move to Content Delivery Network or CDN.

A CDN (content delivery network) refer to a series of distributed servers that deliver contents, pages and other Web related stuffs to a user, In regard to the origin of the webpage, geographical areas of the user, and the CDN (content delivery Network server).

This is one of the best and effective way in speeding the process of delivery of content and data of websites with more traffic, more visitors and websites that have worldwide reach. The nearest the CDN server or content delivery network location is to the website user geographically, the speedy the content and information will be supplied to the user.

Top 10 Best Content Delivery Networks, Best CDN Services

If you are from India and looking for best CDN in India then it can be little challenging task because there are many best Content Delivery Network providers in India. To make your selection easier here we have presented the list of the top 10 Content Delivery Network in India to help you make the right choice for your website easily.

Best Content Delivery Network Companies in India


CloudFlare is one of the well-known and widely used CDN service provider for all kind of websites. The smart CDN solution makes any website Extremely fast and speedy by optimizing the web page delivery system. As CloudFlare CDN blocks Doubtful activities and limits reach for probable unwanted threats and abusers, it will help you to make your website extremely secure. You can take the advantages of the basic features of CloudFlare for free of cost. If you are looking for additional features such as mobile optimization, advanced security, instant support, performance, guaranteed uptime, multi-user access, etc. then you need to pay. There paid plans start from $20/mo. Cloudflare has servers are located in 118+ countries worldwide including India (Chennai, New Delhi), USA, Europe, Africa etc.

Bluehost Free CDN

Cloudflare have partnered with top hosting companies like Bluehost, FastComet, Hostinger and many more so that these hosting providers can resell Cloudflare's free and paid services to their clients along with web hosting services. We recommend FastComet if you are looking for web hosting service with free CloudFlare.

Best Web Hosting With Free CDN


MaxCDN another most popular CDN services available on the web used by many popular website. MaxCDN is a paid service and have a number of paid packages for the users to select from. MaxCDN has servers are located in 90 countries including USA, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, China, Israel, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam etc. They have powerful control panel lets you control and manage different type of cache choice for your website or blog.


Akamai is one of the most popular and trusted content delivery company with an extensive network. Akamai has more than 100,000 servers worldwide. They well-known for offering enterprise level solutions and they only works with big organizations and well established businesses online.


CtrlS, Asia's Largest data center cater to the content delivery network (CDN) services needs of large organizations and eCommerce businesses worldwide. Their Tier 4 data center with state-of-the-art technology and CDN services are competent of distributing both dynamic and static content. CtrlS CDN service offers assured low latency and faster delivery of contents.

NetMagic Solutions

NetMagic Solutions Private Limited is a highly reputed CDN service provider located in India. Their service is very easy to use and can use to speed the online processes. Businesses and organizations can presents magnificent critical enterprise applications, rich files and process online transactions for their valuable customers in a highly secure and genuine way using NetMagic services.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a web solution provided by Amazon leading Cloud solution provider, which speeds up delivery of the content of your website. CloudFront delivers the contents of your website through a worldwide network of edge locations worldwide. When the user of your website requests content that you are serving with Amazon CloudFront, the user is routed to the edge area that provides the least network latency, so website content is convey with the great level of performance. If the content requested by user is already in that particular edge area, then Amazon CloudFront conveys it promptly.


CDNetworks Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, provides highly secure, reliable, innovative and high performing content delivery network services all over world, by utilizing Global Cloud Acceleration technology. They have 170+ servers located in different locations worldwide. Their content delivery network comes with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection and a free shared SSL certificate which is very essential for the security of the websites. CDNetworks currently speed up more than 40,000 websites and online applications across 6 different continents, including the some most challenging areas like Korea, China, Russia, Japan and many other developing markets around the world. re the best performance in speed, reliability and security.

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