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How To Choose The Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Providers For Your Website?

How To Choose The Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Providers For Your Website? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

Looking for a hosting provider with high degree of scalability! It means you need some extra resources and features. So, if you are looking for extra resources such as RAM, web space or transfer/bandwidth or CPU power, only a VPS hosting provider can offers these resources to you. It is highly recommended for you to check their privacy policy as well as terms of the service usage carefully before buying any hosting plans from them.

When you are going to sign up for VPS hosting plans, you need to make decision whether you should go for Linux or Windows as your hosting operating system. If you opt for VPS server hosting, you can enjoy the features and benefits of a dedicated server for lowest rates. If you opt for Linux VPS server it costs you much lesser because Linux is an open source platform available for free of cost. For the websites built using windows or Microsoft technologies, Windows VPS server is the ideal option. So here on this page I am going to discuss about best Windows VPS server hosting plans India to host your Windows based website.

Tips to find the best Windows VPS Hosting Providers in India

Room to Grow

When you are searching for a best Windows VPS server solution for your website, you require a specific hosting package which must fulfil your website motives. Choose a provider which provides you with all the required features, functionalities as well as room to grow your business/website.

Select Between Managed & Unmanaged VPS

In order to select the best Windows VPS hosting packages in India, you also need to make selection between managed and unmanaged hosting solutions. If you are not technically expert a managed VPS hosting plan is the ideal option for you to choose. But choosing managed VPS Server hosting option with cost you more as your hosting provider will take care the server management, monitoring related tasks for you. If you are technically expert you can opt for unmanaged VPS hosting option but you have to manage your server on your own.

Quality of Customer Support

Customer support is another important point to check before signing up with any provider. Make sure you are getting 24/7 expert customer/technical support via live chat, email, phone or ticket system so that you can easily contact them in case of any trouble or issue with your website.

Server & Hardware Performance

While choosing best Windows VPS hosting plans in India to host your website make sure that you are getting latest and high-end hardware. If you host is not providing you with high-end hardware resources it can negatively affect your website performance. Performance is one of the most important aspect need to consider while choosing a best plans for your website.

Choose Between SSD & HDD

Always go with a provider which offers SSD based storage space because SSD based storage option can enhanced the performance of your website. SSD powered hosting operate almost 100 times more faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives, hence it boost the performance of your site.

Root Access

Make sure you are provided with Full Root Access so that you can access your server from any location remotely.


Make sure you will have the option to easily Scale your resources when you needed them. This means you must have the potential get more resources when you needed. So, if any point of time your website needs more resources such as RAM, web space or bandwidth or CPU power, your selected VPS host has to be able to offer these to you. Also go through the usage of services carefully.

Backup Options

Before signing up ensure that you will be provided with daily/weekly backup option , so that you can easily take the backup of your data. Also make sure you should be offered with user-friendly control panel tool. Plesk is the most preferred panel for Windows VPS hosting packages.

Furthermore, the hosting plans should also be cost-effective to keep it within your budget. Anyway, Windows based hosting packages are somewhat costlier, which makes budget factors more and more crucial. Above mentioned are the few guidelines you need to follow while choosing the best Windows VPS server hosting plans and providers for your website. If you are looking for best Windows VPS hosting options, visit our Windows VPS page where we have listed best solution for windows based sites. Save more on Windows VPS using latestVPS hosting offers.

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