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Cloud Hosting Guide - what is & How Does it Work?

What is Cloud Hosting

What Really Cloud Hosting Is?

Cloud hosting or Cloud computing is the latest type of web hosting and it has gained huge popularity in a short time. Cloud based hosting follow the concept of “Divide and Rule” and the resources such as CPU power, RAM, web space, needed to run a website are distributed over more than one secured server and these resources are rendered on requirement basis. Also read Top 30 Fascinating Facts about Cloud Computing here.

There is very rare chance of website downtime in this type of hosting environment.

Another worth paying attention feature of Cloud hosting service is that it can easily handle the load of high traffic without facing any server downtime issue as another interconnected server can deliver the additional resources needed in that situation.

Therefore, in Cloud web hosting environment, a website doesn’t depend on one single server, preferably, a website run on a group of web servers that function simultaneously.

How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

As we described in above paragraph each and every web server in the Cloud based environment helps in executing a specific tasks in the situation of any server failure or down, another interconnected server take charge and supply the necessary resources. Below we are going to discuss about the various types of Cloud hosting options:

Public Cloud

  • This type of Cloud hosting include the use of public cloud setup, hosting on virtual machines that take required resources from a group of other openly accessible virtual machines.
  • On Public cloud, a similar open systems are utilized to transmit their information; information which is physically put away on the basic shared servers which frame the cloud asset.
  • These public cloud servers will incorporate some safety procedures to guarantee that all the information of a website is kept private, and would do the trick for generally establishments.
  • Private Cloud

  • Private cloud solution is best suitable option for those who need more security, safety and privacy of data and information.
  • Private cloud servers utilize ring-fenced server resources, for example, servers and networks, even if situated on the spot or with the cloud solution provider.
  • Hybrid cloud

  • Hybrid Cloud means using both public as well as private cloud solutions, determined by their motive.
  • Example of Cloud Hosting

    If you are seeking for an actual example of Cloud hosting solution, what best example can we give other than World’s No.1 search engine Google itself? The top search engine has got its resources circulated over numerous of web servers on the cloud environment, this is the reason we have never seen Google facing any downtime. Other planned maintenance for their other services such as Google Adwords, news, alerts and Adsense are different matter entirely.

    VPS vs Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Servers

    When we compare dedicated web servers to cloud hosting, the reliability is one of the solid factor to consider cloud as we have got multiple interconnected servers at our control as opposed to one dedicated server that enables us to adapt up to any crises effortlessly. Nevertheless, the charges of Cloud hosting varies determined on actual usage, in case you are using more resources, the cost of Cloud server may be slightly more, however so is its strength as well.

    When we come to VPS server and shared hosting service, the cost element is amazingly low is this case clearly, however again so is the dependability as well. On account of VPS hosting, a single big server is separated into various pieces, and each one is allocated to a specific user, so the monetary investment is reasonably low.

    VPS hosting is an ideal option for those looking for the reliability of Cloud hosting at reasonable rate. Whereas shared hosting is ideal solution for small businesses and personal websites.

    Benefits of a Cloud Server/Hosting?

  • The topmost level of site performance which is ensured by multiple interconnected server.
  • One of the best benefit of Cloud based hosting is that you are ensured of maximum server resources such as unlimited storage, CPU power, RAM, bandwidth and many more.
  • In cloud many servers act as one single machine, you will be guaranteed of redundant data storage space.
  • Not even single chance of failure in Cloud server.
  • Effortless data back, restoration and recovery option.
  • Best option for you if your website is growing very fast.
  • You can easily customize server based on your needs.
  • Cost-effective solution as compare to dedicated server and VPS hosting.
  • Cloud hosting service comes with 24/7 round the clock expert support.
  • Cloud hosting comes with extreme level of security and you will never have to worry about the data and information loses.
  • Future of Cloud Hosting Solution

    Cloud hosting has made some amazing progress and growth and these days numerous large businesses have been making use of it, although for the small business entrepreneurs, the price of Cloud hosting is little high.

    In Spite of that the pricing of Cloud hosting has considerable decreased over last few years, and people have understand the benefits of it, which is forcing the medium size businesses to take a step to the cloud hosting environment.

    Many online businesses have done a good investment as well as a good decision by moving to the cloud, while many others have not still invested in the platform needed to make a move to the cloud based environment. The one and only reason behind this is that the cost of Cloud is still a major concern for small business owners.

    Be that as it may, one can hope to see an ever increasing number of online businesses and organizations influencing a move to cloud as extraordinary low cost cloud implementations keep on being produced, and we wouldn't call it an overemphasis to state – one day each and every website would be on the clouds.

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