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List of Best Cheap and Top Managed Hosting Providers of 2021 with Reviews

At the time of choosing best and reliable Managed web hosting service providers, the best thing is that there are numerous of options to choose from these day. Regrettably, the large number of web hosting providers can make selecting the best hosting company difficult than ever. Being our valuable user we enable you to make best, knowledgeable choice, on this page we have assembled this list of top 6 best managed hosting providers, containing short overview of what makes them stand apart from others and why these hosting providers may be the best choice for your needs. Discover the top 6 reliable manage hosting solution for you with UpdatedReviews.

Top 3 Managed Hosting Providers



InMotion review

At a Glance

  • 50% off on Managed Hosting
  • Real-time redundancy empowered based on cloud
  • FREE cPanel/WHM Panel with CentOS
  • FREE server management for patches and updates
  • FREE Domain, SSD and SSL certificate




Inmotionhosting Review


Inmotion Managed hosting 



Hostgator Managed VPS

At a Glance

  • Now Flat 75% OFF!
  • 120 GB Disk Space
  • 1.5 TB Bandwidth
  • 2 GB RAM/2 Cores CPU
  • 2 IP addresses
  • Free account migration




Hostgator Reviews


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Ipage Managed Hosting

At a Glance

  • Flat 20% off your first term
  • Instantly setup, grow & scale as demands grows
  • High-speed mirrored SAN storage
  • CGI, Perl, Rails, Curl etc. Pre-installed
  • Cloud-based flexibility




Ipage Reviews


Visit Ipage 

What is Managed Hosting Service?

In simple words, managed hosting is a type of service which diminish the amount of server related task that needs to be done in order to keep a web server up and running at excellent performance. Managed hosting service provided by a hosting provider by charging some amount of money so that they can handle your hardware related tasks and you can focus on your business. If you don’t have the knowledge and skills to enough time to manage a server, you can sign up for managed web hosting service.

Managed website hosting in some measure is similar to dedicated server hosting. Big size organizations that have the money for dedicated server make a decision if they wish their in-house team to manage the web server, or want to focus on their business and leave the server and its management related tasks to the hosting provider.

Top 6 Best Managed Hosting Services

Different Types of Managed Hosting Services

The different types of managed hosting services depends on what you want your hosting company to manage for example infrastructure or just operations? Based on this there are two types of managed hosting service, Fully managed and semi-managed hosting.

Fully Managed Hosting: This is a best option for those having very less technical skills, by opting for fully managed hosting business can completely concentrate on their online business and leave all the server management related task to hosting company.

Semi-Managed hosting: This type of managed hosting service is ideal for businesses who just wish to make use of hosting company’s technical support and infrastructure but want to perform server management related tasks on their own.

Once your website outgrown the resources of shared server hosting, you need to make a move to VPS server, Cloud hosting or a dedicated server. Here is the situation where managed hosting come into action.

Benefits of Managed Hosting?

There are numerous of benefits a managed hosting provider offers, some of the benefits are listed below:

Top class 24/7 Support- One of the most important element of a managed hosting service is that it comes with top class 24/7 technical support. You hosting company provide you with a dedicated staff to take care your server related tasks. You can easily contact support experts via email, phone, live chat as well as ticket system.

24/7 Server Monitoring- This is another biggest benefit of managed hosting service. You hosting provider with monitor your server 24/7 and scan it for any irregularities or to find other issues. So that all the upcoming issues can be rectified in advance.

Server management and Configuration- One of the biggest advantage of having a managed hosting service is that you will be provided with dedicated support expert to manage and handle your website and server related task to keep then risks free. Dedicated support expert make sure that all the solution are configured properly to match your specific needs.

Excellent Security – Managed hosting comes with excellent security such as virus scan, spam protection, regular updates of OS, firewall deployment in order to protect your sensitive data and information.

Flexibility- Managed hosting is one of the best and flexible hosting option available because it can be easily customized based on the requirements of different kinds of websites and businesses.

Lower Server management Cost- Not everyone can manage everything. In order to manage technical stuffs one need to be an expert and managing something on own required resources that can be very costly. So taking managed service from a hosting provider can decrease the charges of server management because everything will be taken care by your selected hosting company in a professional way.

Our Most Preferred Managed Web Hosting Providers

Even if you are searching for fully managed VPS hosting, Dedicated Server hosting, managed WordPress hosting or Cloud hosting solution, our most preferred hosts including HostGator, inMotion hosting, iPage are best for you to get started with managed hosting. Our team of experts analysed the top managed hosting service providers and look over each and every hosting providers based on performance, customer support, services, features and pricing of managed services.

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