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Major Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

In case that you own a medium sized business or organization, selecting between the two most popular web hosting option i.e. shared hosting or dedicated web hosting service can be really a huge challenge. Things can be wind up really complicating since as a website owner you will need to decide between your present and future requirement. During a time where each and every web hosting company states unlimited everything, it can actually turn out to be much more complicated to make a well-informed decision.

Major Differences Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

In this article we are going to take a look at the the various aspects of shared web hosting vs Dedicated website hosting plans so that it will be much effortless for you to make a wise decision. We are also going to differentiate these two types of web hosting based on their features and characteristics.

Shared Server Hosting vs Dedicated server hosting plans- The Key Differences

In dedicated server hosting arrangement only and only your website is hosted an entire server. In Shared server hosting arrangement, the amount of web space, data transfer/bandwidth you are given by hosting provider is restricted because there are several other web pages sharing the server along with your web page. You need to pay extra if you exceed your allocated amount of resources.

While selecting between Dedicated web hosting and Shared server hosting, the choice comes down to tracking what actually you and your business needs. At the same time there are ups and downs of both of the choices, it is much crucial to understand the distinctions between these two best hosting alternatives i.e. shared hosting vs. Dedicated hosting to simplify this crucial option in setting up, maintaining and taking your business online successfully.

Shared Web Hosting

In this type of hosting arrangement one physical web server is divided and shared by several users who use the same resources for their websites. Each and every user sharing the server also shares the cost of server resources including CPU power, bandwidth, storage space and many other attributes. Other web page owners can not access the resources of other hosting accounts and websites on the same server. Due to its sharing nature it is cost-effective, cheapest and easier to use, most popular hosting option available to use and even novices with less knowledge and skills can also use shared hosting.

Shared Web Hosting

If you opt for Shared web hosting your web host will set up server for you and install all the essential software, application based on your needs. You will be provided with an easy to use cPanel control panel tool so that you can easily upload your website to server. With the help of easy to use cPanel control panel tool you can easily create database, manage databases, install SSL, add addon domain, create sub domains, email account for your business or personal use and many other required things needed to run your business online.

Shared web hosting is ideal option for you if:

  • You are having small or mid-sized business
  • If you are expecting only a few hundred visits to your website on monthly basis
  • If you are not updating your site with new contents on regular basis
  • You don’t know how to setup a server, install application/software
  • You have less technical knowledge and skills
  • Why Choose Shared Web Hosting? - Top Reasons

    In case you are new to the field of web hosting, then shared hosting is ideal way for you to go with great learning curve. This option is perfectly fine and suitable for businesses, organizations and websites with low to medium traffic and visitors and do not actually need complicated and customized server.

    You could consider shared hosting similar to a bigger house shared by several people’s. Costs and charges for stuffs such as electricity, water, food items and tasks are partitioned. In case something stops working for example air cooler, the kindly proprietor lives appropriate next door. This type of arrangement actually saves everyone pocket and all things work out pleasantly allowed not anyone drinks or eats straightforwardly the container or box.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    With this type of web hosting arrangement, you and only you are on the entire web server. Everything related to a server including all the resources is completely yours and you can use the server, the way you wish. Dedicated web hosting server gives you excellent control and power over its configuration and entire operating environment. In this type of server arrangement you will be offered with broad variety of services, applications as well as software to choose from for your website and online application.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    You should keep in mind that not every business and website owner needs luxury features that comes with dedicated server hosting solution, but you can choose dedicated server in the following situations: If you feel your business is growing at fast pace and shared hosting is not enough handle your website.

    If you are adding products and services continuously and need more control, power, flexibility, management power to customize your server, select software and application based on your growing requirements.

  • If your website contains huge amount of high-quality images, videos and graphics
  • If you want to have an unique IP address for your website without sharing it with any other websites.
  • If you have an online business that contains the sensitive details of clients such as credit/debit card information, in this case you need increased security to protect those details.
  • Everything you Need to Know about Dedicated Server Hosting

    In simple words,having a dedicated web server exclusively for your website costs extremely more compared to shared server hosting. Above all, you will be offered with more features, CPU power and server resources to choose for your website with more customization opportunities. Though you have excellent technical knowledge, expertise or availability of strong and highly skilled technical support ii your organization, you will most likely need a solution that contains building, creating, administering, maintaining and keeping up the hardware.

    All the features mentioned above above costs extra but these features are actually worth it for website owners who need more control and power of the operating environment as well as increased security with advanced features.

    Make a Well-Informed Decision

    The type of web hosting that you select will totally depends on your requirements, business motive, budget and your website needs as well as the measure of control that you wish. Therefore,to make a well-informed choice, you should do some research, get advice from professional webmasters, discuss with technically expert people. Keep in mind that decent and savvy choice will decide the success of your business on the web.

    It doesn’t matter which type of web hosting or server option you choose, we at UpdatedReviews wish you to make a well-informed and wise decision. In case you need more help contact us and we will help you to analyse your business needs. Since 2014, we have helped and assisted thousands of businesses and organizations build up a thorough hosting server strategy to address their business needs.

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