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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Prior you settle on a choice to utilize or reject making use of a shared server hosting service, it is much essential to figure out the benefits and drawbacks of this hosting service. The selection of a right hosting alternative entirely relies on the type and nature of site you are going to run, therefore in this article we are presenting you the more commonly known advantages (Pros) of shared web hosting that businesses of all sizes as well as individuals can take advantage from, at the same time, we are going to share few of the drawbacks of this sort of hosting which may possibly force you to look at the hosting options such as VPS or Cloud hosting.

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Various Advantages of Shared Hosting Service:

Shared Hosting service provide numerous of of benefits for small to mid-sized websites . Some of the top and most crucial advantages of shared web hosting are given below:

  • In this type of hosting option you do not need to worry about the technical tasks of the server because server maintenance, management and administration is handled solely by your hosting company.
  • You will be given access to an easy to use icon based cPanel tool along with many useful application that are especially intended to make website management related tasks uncomplicated.
  • You are allowed to create multiple email addresses at your website domain name.
  • You have the option to create more than one MySQL, MS SQL database.
  • When compared to VPS or Dedicated servers, shared hosting plans appears to be considerably less expensive and due to this reason most of the websites including personal, small businesses, blogging sites can easily bear the cost of it. Shared hosting packages generally costs between $1.99 to $10 each month.
  • In this type of hosting arrangements you do not need to have any distinct skills and expertise in site, blog and server management since web host company has the responsibility of the management related tasks.
  • In spite of the fact that large number of sites, blog share the resources of one single physical server, majority of shared web hosting plans comes with consistent monitoring, administration along with expert support that ensures the excellent uptime.
  • You get access to PHP programming language
  • Disadvantages of Shared Hosting Service:

    Even though there are several benefits a shared hosting service contains for the website owners, it also has some of the major drawbacks and those drawbacks are listed below:

  • Since you share the computing power and resources of one single physical server with many other websites, your web page may frequently face slowness caused by the other resources hungry websites.
  • A shared hosting plan contains less amount of features when compared with a VPS or dedicated server plan.
  • One of the biggest drawback of shared server hosting solution is the security related issues that faces by the server like:
    1. This type of servers are generally disposed to hackers.
    2. Every single spiteful movement and exercise caused by one single site affects the entire network of sites sharing the same server.
  • Physical server/machine may get overburdened by by requests which may lead it to shut.
  • Customer/technical support available in shared plans may not be as best as those of higher-end hosting options such as VPS, Cloud hosting or Dedicated servers.
  • At some point of times you might face resources restriction issues since all of the other i n the network make use of the same resources including CPU power, RAM, bandwidth etc.
  • You don’t own the right to choose the software and web applications that you wish to use since you can not use or install any extra software other than what is offered by your selected web host.
  • How Much Does Shared Hosting Cost in 2021?

    In most of the cases you expect to pay $3.95 to $10.95/month for shared hosting plan during signup.

    Typically, a starter-level shared hosting plan cost somewhere around $1.99 each month and permit to host just single domain name, whereas mid-tier shared hosting package cost $6.99 per month. For top-level shared hosting plan, one need to pay upto $20.99/month.

    When it comes to buying a hosting service, you should keep in mind that it is a very sensitive issue because majority of best web hosting companies 2021 around the world offer several hosting plans. For this reason, I would suggest you to look besides the price to the particular highlights offered by a web host before considering the cost factor.

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