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Top Reasons to Choose Hostinger India VPS for Your Website

Top Reasons to Choose Hostinger India VPS for Your Website - 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 votes

Reasons Why Millions of Clients Trust Hostinger’s VPS?

At the moment when it was the ideal opportunity for me to move my VPS hosting, I found that it is a challenging task for me. It is difficult to track down a best VPS hosting service that is cost-effective and yet gives excellent solutions, tools, speed, resources and enhanced stability. A large portion of the VPS hosting companies available in the industry charge at any rate 2 digit figures every month. So when I came to know about the Hostinger India Rs.285/month ($3.88) cost, I was fascinated. A little bit of research and analysis enabled me to understand that the hosting company offered a Cloud-powered VPS hosting solution, has top-of-the-line hardware in its powerful servers/data centers in 10+ locations all over the world, and at present they are trusted by more than 29 million customers. Despite the fact, when I was paying not as much as what I paid to my old hosting providers, I was getting much more, significantly more as far as server/site speed, stability, resources, and a broad array of services.

In this post, I am going to list the reasons why millions of clients trust the VPS hosting offered by Hostinger India.

The Various Advantages of VPS

The reasons clients moved onto Hostinger’s VPS for their sites are given below:

  • Getting increasingly more control over the server resources: Hostinger furnished it’s clients with full control and power.
  • High Scalability: With this hosting provider, You will have the option to upgrade immediately whenever you expect to install more apps or scripts.
  • Reliable Hosting Environment: I discovered that Hostinger India does not compromise with regards to giving the quality and amount of resources/computing power - dedicated server space, most recent version of powerful Intel Xeon processors, huge amount of RAM on each server, SSD storage, RAID-10 security, and considerably more.
  • I never imagined that Virtual Private Server hosting could be as practical as this amazing hosting service provider could make it. Additionally, it has had the ability to do as such without settling on quality of service.

    Linux Powered VPS Hosting provides the well-recognized and easily adaptable Linux based VPS solutions. You can without any trouble install the necessary OS templates with only a couple of clicks of mouse. There is no compelling reason to experience the whole process. Install any of the accompanying Linux-based distributions of operating systems.

  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Open Suse
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • It offers user-friendly management tools that appear to be much easier to utilize yet are incredible in transforming your virtual server environment into an advanced stage.

    The Cloud-based VPS offered by Hostinger India presents multiple times more speed than the most exceptional shared hosting solution you can discover. What's more, it is likewise considerably more quicker than what different VPS hosting providers are offering.

    A few of the key highlights that I loved with this hosting company incorporate the following:

  • Easy and Instant Installer: I am not a skilled developer and Hostinger's VPS platform is intended for clients with all degrees of skills. Every hosting plan includes an easy to use auto installer along with the list of frequently used OS layouts and scripts. The VPS setup containers manage all the complicated operations, making things more simpler and quicker for everybody. The operations it permits you to do incorporate simple and snappy Linux Operating system install, add-ons setup, crafting superior WP VPS Cloud environment, or establish VPN servers.

  • Easy to use Control Panel: The VPS hosting service comes with a simple to-utilize control panel tool. Moreover, anybody with any expertise levels can deal with their server with only a couple of mouse clicks. You will be given all power and command over your web server. Get moment root access, introduce web scripts or operating systems, or alter your server resources progressively. This feature enables us to make changes to virtual servers continuously dependent on constantly changing requirements.

  • Advanced Data Backup: Data backup is among the most significant components to consider while picking a hosting provider. offers advanced enterprise level data backups. The data backups are put away on the Cloud based environment. Also, RAID10 security gives an additional layer of safety. Similarly as with different highlights, all that's needed is a couple of clicks to make backups and restore them. At whatever point you have to restore your information, you can do as such from inside the Control Panel provided by them. The hosting company additionally enables you to backup and restore VPS containers through the Control Panel.

  • Most Advanced Hardware: Hostinger India has top of the line data centers situated in major worldwide locations. Initially when I ran over their VPS plans, I thought they were economical. Yet, the hardware setup insights concerning their servers changed my view. Every web server is composed of TBs of SSD based storage space, the most innovative Intel Xeon CPUs/processors, and many GBs of RAM. The website host assures your virtual private server resources. So you can gain an approach to incredibly quick processing power at much lesser cost.
  • Most of the clients choose unmanaged VPS from the hosting provider, however the nature of their support staff has been extraordinary. They have publically named their support staff as Customer Success Team that offers committed Live chat support and assistance 24/7/365 days per year. The host does not outsource its chat support services The support staff contains experts with full-fledged knowledge about the Hostinger services. Each time I wanted to contact the support staff, I was straightaway associated with an expert individual.


    Dedicated IP address, SSD drives, most recent hardware, adaptability of Linux Operating system, and cost-effectiveness are only some of the highlights that make Hostinger India VPS service outstanding. It is extremely easy to install operating systems, applications and scripts. The cPael tool has a simple to-utilize user-interface and offers unlimited authority over the server resources. What's more, the hosting brand is at present trusted by more than 29 million customers around the globe. This is one of the ideal VPS hosting providers around you can trust. You can get a special discount using Hostinger India Coupons on your VPS plan.

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