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Is HostGator Cheating Affiliates With Their Affiliate Program?

Is HostGator Cheating Affiliates With Their Affiliate Program? - 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 votes

Everyone do know how successfull the hosting affiliate programs are running these days. Anyone can make some decent bucks through these affiliate programmes by referring customers to hosting companies by promoting their services through their blogs or websites. But to your knowledge there are some flaws in these programmes too. Especially we want to talk about hostgator affiliate program which is totally flawed.

The reason to take up this discussion is to bring an awareness about the scam of Hostgator affiliate program. It might also help beginners. Read this complete review on Hostgator affiliate program. However It is clear, this has nothing do with Hostgator Hosting plan, or tech support given by them. I believe they are are doing fine with with their hosting business.

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HostGator Affiliate Program - How It works

If you are reading this I understand you know, what is an affiliate program and how It works. From past 3 years Updated reviews has been a affiliate to many hosting companies, even Hostgator is one among them. We sometimes regret the decision that we selected Hostgator as an affiliate. At some point, I feel hostgator doesn't have proper tracking system or It is cheating In Its own way.


A picture of Hostgator affiliate revenue. affiiate review, Hostgator Scam, Hosgator Affiiate review

According to this you will be paid more If you refer more customers, However we were able to refer many customers, If you read further you can see attached picture which says how many we referred.

The revenue structure is so lucrative, hence Most of us get attracted by seeing It. However this just looks good on paper, In reality after referring the customers, they make active sales to Inactive by their own method of rules.

Read why I feel HostGator is cheating

Since our site is live, we are a part of Hostgator affiliate progrmme. From then I have referred so many customers. Attached below Image tells you how many customers are referred. Here is the attached screenshot of what emails I get whenever I send an referral and the customer buys it. affiiate review, Hostgator Scam, Hosgator Affiiate review affiiate review, Hostgator Scam, Hosgator Affiiate review

Note: I have referred more than 500 customers to Hostgator since March 2016 and Never got commission. They have deleted around 10 sales from my account without any reason.

The email which you receives makes you happy for that moment. But when you are about to get the actual the revenue from the referral sales, they deny it either saying duplicate or make it Inactive stating the customer has cancelled the account, hence it is Invalid.

With growing demand of their hosting plans and popularity of the brand, they seem to be less concerned about their affiliates who promote their business. As far as I feel other hosting companies has some relationship manager, But HostGator lacks in it. Even their system of tracking the sales also needs some revamp.

The reason to rant this much is, they never even bother to respond you properly. I have tweeted them, Sent many mails, but till now they are not able to respond me with a proper solution. Many might say you can join their affiliate program through CJ or Impact Radius, But what is the outcome of the referral sales done till now is the question.

I believe many might have undergone this scenario, Please do share your experiences which helps beginners know the truth. I would appreciate for any of the solution for this. Hope this Hostgator affiliate review will be helpful for others.

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  • Gautam Nagraj

    posted by Gautam Nagraj

    Tuesday, 23 May 2017 09:36 and Both Sucks, they both cheats their affiliate publishers, i have made no of sales even then they rejected my sales. hate them.

  • Carlos

    posted by Carlos

    Thursday, 13 April 2017 21:24

    Thank you for this post, I was looking for information. It's a lot of people who says is a scam, so I will work with another platform.

    Thank you.

  • Robert Stack

    posted by Robert Stack

    Thursday, 13 April 2017 11:58

    Here is one way that Hostgator cheats affiliates. When a customer goes to Hostgator on your affiliate link to sign up, as soon as they enter their credit card details they are told there is a problem and they must call customer service at the 800 number. The sale is then completed by telephone and logged as a telephone sale and your commission is thereby eliminated. They have done this to me on 5 out of 7 sales that I can prove. There is no way to tell how many times they have gotten away with this ploy. Hostgator does not care about affiliates or customers for that matter. They only worship money. If you are an Affiliate Marketer stay away from Hostgator.


    posted by SANDEEP SINGH

    Thursday, 01 December 2016 03:19

    Ofcourse Hostgator are cheating even i faced the same issue with hostgator Affiliate program. that is the only reason I left promoting them. If they want to do like this then they should stop their affiliate program rather than cheating Affiliate users like me.

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