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VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting : Which is Better for a E-commerce Website?

VPS Hosting vs Cloud Hosting : Which is Better for a E-commerce Website? - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 votes

Numerous type of web hosting options can be found on the Internet for hosting your Ecommerce website or an online store and that makes it very complicated to recognize each of these website hosting options and select the most suitable one - see the list of best web hosting sites in India here. The main and most popular types of web hosting services are Shared hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting but the most common question is which choice is best and ideal for your website? Suppose you have to decide amongst Cloud hosting and VPS hosting solution then which one would be the ideal to host your ecommerce website/online store?

Cloud Hosting vs. VPS Hosting: Which is the Best for Your Ecommerce Website?

Cloud Hosting VS VPS Hosting

It is highly recommended to have a look at both of the web hosting options before making any decision.

VPS Hosting Plan

Virtual Private Server (VPS), is a hosting option that give you access to a virtual machine sold as a service by web hosting service providers. It is an economical and less-expensive option that is the reason widely used by many businesses including small and sized websites. You have complete control over your server and you can do almost anything like installation, customization, modification as well as can manage the server.

VPS hosting can be an ideal choice to host a website because the access and the level of security that is offered to you with Virtual Private Server is exceptionally amazing. VPS can deliver you such level of control and customization possibilities that you will not able to get with any other hosting option. Additionally, it is completely secure, safe and comes with attributes that are same as dedicated server hosting. Even if you are a newbie and planning to go with VPS, it is very easy to get started using it. The level of customer support offered with VPS hosting plan is very helpful, like it can allow you resolve server related issues by yourself in many instances. One of the best thing about VPS is that security troubles and the website crashing issues are very rare. Also, there is no interference from other web pages hosted on the same server. VPS hosting platform can present you direct IP address excessively and as it is a virtual server machine, it will be outstandingly secure to use.

Cloud Web hosting Plan

Cloud hosting Service is the form of Internet hosting that enables you create various partition of virtual servers, which are expanded to individual physical machines. Each and every individual web server obtains its private operating system and the website owner can easily as per their needs control and personalize that operating system. This type of hosting is now being picked and used by numerous of website owners by reason of that VPS hosting offers better security level and backup options.

The major advantage of Best Cloud Hosting India solution is that it is broaden to a few of machines. This amazing feature makes this sever much more versatile as well as highly secure. With the help of this server you can make changes to your web page and resources as per the growing requirements. With this server you will get automatic scalability if means if your website need extra resources such as bandwidth, memory power or even more servers option during high pick web traffic, then the hosting provider can easily provide you that too. When you receive less web traffic to your website, you can also decrease the resources which are not needed.


For online stores and Ecommerce websites, VPS hosting option provide you with monthly or yearly billing system however if you go with cloud hosting solution, you need to pay on a per-use basis, typically hourly, weekly or monthly based on the features you have selected. If you are expecting huge amount of traffic on your Ecommerce site, VPS will not to be an affordable and best suited option for you. At the same time, if it is a normal website for a small/mid size business, then you can opt Best VPS hosting India Service for you . The ideal approach to select a web host for any kind of website is to firstly know the needs and then make a decision whether to go with VPS hosting or cloud server hosting and buy web hosting service that is best suited for your Ecommerce website needs. You can also avail huge discount on hosting plans by using our exclusive web hosting coupon codes while choosing a reliable service provider for you.


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