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What is Cloud Hosting & How Does it Work?

What is Cloud Hosting & How Does it Work? - 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 votes

There is a too much talk around cloud computing and cloud-based solutions. Unhappily, there is not sufficient and honest information on cloud hosting service. Here in this blog post we are going to have detailed information about: What, exactly, is cloud hosting? Why should you use it? Why it is better than a Dedicated server hosting?

In short, cloud hosting solution is more powerful and flexible as well as economical and cost-effective solution for website owners.

If you are already getting, or assuming more visitors and traffic on your website, cloud hosting could be an ideal choice for you. If you are looking for a web hosting solution that will grow with your web page and shape around you in terms of volume of traffic, resources such as bandwidth/web space and cost, cloud hosting India is obviously for you.

What is Cloud Hosting?

One of the simplest mean to explicate cloud hosting service is to conceptualize hundreds of web servers together in the sky. In cloud hosting atmosphere, the data, files and resources or your website are apportioned between them. If unfortunately one web server goes down, your website will simply switch to another one.

If your website receive an unexpected volume of visitors or traffic, automatically additional cloud servers will appear to take the burden. Once your traffic dissipate, the additional servers will disappear again.

Cloud is flexible, manageable and accountable to your specific requirements.

It’s more advanced than from traditional ‘shared hosting’ solution where all your data and files are stored on single server. In shared hosting environment, you are sharing one single server with thousands of other websites and all struggling for the same resources such as space and bandwidth.

If you think your website is big enough to outgrow shared hosting environment, a cloud hosting option can give you more flexibility and server resources.

What is Cloud Hosting?

What Do You Mean by ‘dedicated hosting’?

In Dedicated hosting you will get entire server to yourself, which is an ideal choice for few sites. But it can sometime be more expensive. Just assume a farmer with 1000’s of acres land and only 20 sheep. That farmer is also paying for the land he is not at all using. Dedicated server is similar to this if you are running a small or medium sized web page.

Conclusion: Cloud hosting bridges the distance between shared server hosting and dedicated server. Cloud provides moldable resources that are particularly what you need at any point of time.

There, now we know what exactly cloud hosting solution is, but why should you use it?

  • Speed: Cloud hosting much faster as Compared to a shared hosting solution. In shared hosting many websites are hosted on a single server and you are struggle with other web pages for resources such as memory and CPU power. Suppose one website gets more traffic, it will slow down yours. In cloud hosting environment, your web site continuously adapts and utilize a server with much more space and resources. The result? secured site speed, all the time.
  • Scalability/Expandability: One of the best thing about top cloud hosting solution is the potential to scale/expend. Just assume that your website is seasonal and you get 200,000 monthly visitors the winter, but just 50,000 monthly visitors during the summer.
    In cloud hosting environment, your server web space will expand or decrease according to your specific requirements. If your website visitors and traffic starts to grow swiftly, your server resources automatically expand with the requirement.
    If you are using a shared hosting solution, although, those 200,000 monthly visitors would possibly crash your server. You would need to keep upgrading whenever you require more server resources. But in cloud hosting, those required resources are there waiting for you.
  • You only Pay as You Go: In your current situation, you might be assuming, okay, these server resources are appreciable, but how much these resources will cost me?
    Anyhow, cloud server hosting will costs you little extra as compared to shared hosting. But, you will have to pay only for the resources you use. If your website or application receive a huge traffic and consume more resources, you will have to pay for that. But suppose if you have got few months or days where your website hardly consume any, you need to pay only for what you consume. Cloud hosting can be fairly economical and cost effective compared to dedicated server hosting, in which you are going to pay for the whole server web space, whether you use it or not.
  • No Website Crashes or Slowdowns: Having Cloud servers is a very flexible choice. If one web server crashes due to overloads or because of any other issue, then other server will take the charge automatically. Unless the complete system goes down, your web page will always find another server option to run on. It means just about guaranteed uptime almost 100%.
  • Amazing Data Backup & Recovery Option: Backup and recovery of data is an essential element of cloud server. Many Top Cloud Hosting Providers will automatically backups your data, permitting you to restore your web page or data to a previous point in time, if any worst happens. Because in Cloud hosting your website’s data and information is stored on various servers, it is less seemingly to be drained and lost forever.
  • Flexible and customizable: In simple words, best cloud hosts are flexible and customizable by nature. They can easily mould to march your requirements. If anytime you need additional tools, they are easily available whenever you require them, and you pay-as-you-go basis.

Furthermore, dedicated server hosting might have a lot of added features and benefits you may don’t really need or use. But you need to pay for all the resources. Also read Shared Hosting vs VPS vs Dedicated Server vs Cloud.

Are there any Drawbacks?

Certainly, cloud hosting providers are not faultless. If your website is running at full capacity and consuming a lot of server resources ceaselessly, a dedicated hosting solution may be a right choice for you.

There is little security issue with cloud hosting solution. As all the information and data stored on the cloud, there are more chance hacking and attack because various servers interchanging data, there are merely a lot of points of entry. Although there is are few ways to lock down your cloud security. We will discuss about cloud security in our next article.

At the same time, Cloud Hosting solution is the best choice for those who need scalability, flexibility, customizable and economical, cloud hosting could present a helpful stepping stone before clutch a completely Dedicated server.

Because of the increasing demand of cloud computing, more number of hosting companies to offer cloud solutions, and it may lower the price too. Hope we have cleared all of your doubts related to cloud, still if you have any further questions or queries on cloud hosting India, please feel free to share in the comment section below!

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