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Bluehost Data Center Server Locations

Check this page for information about Bluehost India server data center locations/ servers and choose best hosting for your website. I’ve done huge research about Bluehost Data centers and updated the information on this page. Here is a short summary of Bluehost Data Center/Server Locations

  • Mumbai, India Data Center via
  • Utah, USA Data Center
  • Orem, USA Data Center
  • London, UK/Europe Data Center
  • China, Shanghai, Data Center
  • China, Hong Kong, City Data Center
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The performance of the servers of Bluehost is quite outstanding irrespective of some issues they experienced back in 2013. The main cause behind this issue was An Automatic Transfer Switch on one of their legs of power supply failed. But after experiencing this issue they have strengthened their server to a great extent from many aspects including quality, speed, maximum uptime, enhanced security etc. due to this reason they are consistently ranked No.1 by for WordPress hosting.

Bluehost is operated/managed/handled by EIG (Endurance International Group, formerly BizLand) group. When you visit the official web page of, there is a very rare chance that you get information about the data centers/server locations of Bluehost. Based on our research we found that Bluehost data centers/servers are situated throughout the world with the intention to give high quality, dependable, consistent, and extremely fast hosting experience to their precious clients across the globe. Bluehost data centers use several redundant systems along with backup generators as well as four different UPS legs of power supply. Every server is tested every 2 weeks as well as maintenance is conducted on all systems on a periodic basis so that customers can get highly reliable service.


Bluehost Data Center Location

Bluehost has not shared any information about the data center locations on their web page and blog. Although, their well-known and main servers are located in the USA based data centers. Based on our research and findings, Bluehost has 6 highly secure data centers located around the world.

Bluehost India, Mumbai Data Center

By Associating with EIG (Endurance International Group) and Mumbai, India based ResellerClub - Bluehost brought their services to India. Bluehost’s Mumbai based data center is especially located for redundant connections in every part of India. They are serving Indian client with website.

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  • NameServers of Bluehost’s Mumbai Data Center

With Bluehost India all hosting plans comes with Global CDN for an increased high speed global connection. Also if you are looking for US based servers you can easily opt them from Bluebost India website.


USA Data Center - Provo, Utah (Primary)

The major US web hosting operations are concentrated at their Unified Layer web servers located in Utah. With vital areas in central USA (United States of America) in a highly associated features and facilities. The main US based data center is located in Provo, Utah. Given below is the detail of IP and NameServer of Bluehost Provo, Utah: Primary US Data Center:

  • NameServer :
  • IP Address:

USA Data Center - Orem, Utah(Secondary)

The alternate Data Center is located in the Orem, Utah: also known as Secondary US Data Center Bluehost hosting with Unified Layer Servers. Following are the details of Bluehost Orem Data Center IP and NameServers:

  • NameServer :
  • IP Address :

More Details about Bluehost’s US data center technology

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Bluehost China, Hong Kong (HK), Data Center

For Chinese customers Bluehost is having two websites — (1) (2)

The first website ( is accessible in both languages i.g Chinese and English for targeting both Chinese and China-based users who need to extend for the most part through Hong Kong for high quality association with mainland China and beyond, facilitated at Telehouse server data centre, a hosting provided to UK, India and US locations.

Bluehost China, Shanghai (Mainland), Data Center

The 2nd one is only built in Chinese language, focused at employing low server latency and redundant mainland China website hosting solution via their rock-solid, extremely fast Shanghai based server location. The alternate data center of Bluehost China ( is located in Shanghai Mainland China to serve the clients of Mainland China. The main motive of this server location is to provide low server latency, reliable and stable hosting solution to Mainland China specific users. To offer high redundancy and fast network speed, Bluehost China has partnered with Shanghai Blue Network Technology Co. Ltd., one of the best Internet service providers (ISP) in China.

  • Shanghai, Mainland China Data Center Server Location

Bluehost UK, Europe, London, Data Center

To serve the UK, Europe based customers/users, Bluehost have located its servers in the London based Data center. The main motive of setting this data center is to provide low latency and faster speed to the clients from the UK as well as other European nations.

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