Dreamhost Data Center Server Locations

Dreamhost is one of the best hosting companies with fastest data centers/server locations around the world and it is an official recommended host for WordPress hosting by

The main reason for which many people prefer to go with Dreamhost is their transparent hosting services. They give all the details you need regarding their server locations or data centers. You can also ask about the server on which your websites are hosted. In this blog post we are going to cover everything that you should know about Dreamhost’s data centers.

DreamHost Data center Locations

Dreamhost Data Center Location

When it comes to data centers, Dreamhost has several server locations similar to other top web hosting providers. Anyways, unlike many of the hosting companies in the industry, Dreamhost is very clear about their world-class data center/server locations.

Majority of the hosting providers let you know about the locations of their servers but being a website owner you will not know in which location your website data and files are hosted. When you host your website with Dreamhost, you can easily get information about where your website is hosted. This is one of the advantages of choosing Dreamhost as your hosting partner.

Additionally, Dreamhost deploys DreamCompute for Virtual Private Server hosting and Cloud hosting services. DreamCompute is a cloud based service offered by Dreamhost and the location of the data center of DreamCompute is different from other data centers.

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Where Are Dreamhost Data Center/Servers Located?

First we are going to see the primary web hosting data centers of Dreamhost and then we will see the Dreamcompute data center locations.
Let’s begin with the primary server location details.

Dreamhost United States Data Center

The main data centers of Dreamhost are located in Ashburn Virginia and Hillsboro, United States of America. All the details related to your website data will be hosted on these two data centers. These data centers are accessible from anywhere globally.

DreamCompute Data Center Location

For Cloud web hosting services, Dreamhost makes use of their DreamCompute Data Centers. DreamCompute is a Cloud powered service which enables easy scale of required resources. DreamCompute is located in their Ashburn, Virginia data center.

Dreamobject Data Center

Dreamobject is an object storage solution with unlimited capacity and power. Consider it as a bottomless pit in which you can keep adding data without worrying about getting it filled. Website files and data are stored as objects into buckets. DreamObjects is located in their Irvine, California data center location.

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How To Find Your Data Center Location In Dreamhost?

Now let’s discover how to find your data center location in Dreamhost?

In case you wish to identify where your data center is located or where your website is hosted, you can easily discover from your hosting panel.

All you need to do is login to your panel using this link and head over to the Account Status option available in the top right hand side and go to the data centers option. You will find the detailed list of services you are using for your website as well as the location of the server where your website is hosted by Dreamhost.

You will get every possible detail related to your account and website on the account status page. In case you wish to know more about it, feel free to contact their customer support team. Their support team is accessible round the clock and will surely assist you as well as let you know where the files of your website are hosted?

Can I Change Dreamhost Data Center Location?

Yes, you can surely change your Dreamhost data center/server location.
In order to change the server location you need to contact their support team and ask them to change the data center location. There are multiple ways to contact support including live chat, Ticket support. Live chat is the best option to get an instant response from a real human.


Mentioned above the detailed information about Dreamhost data centers. To be frank, you should not bother about the data center/server location much particularly at the point when you are using a trusted hosting brand such as Dreanhost because they have got official recommendation of

Their support team is always there to ensure you get world-class performance for your website. They have been well-known for giving top speed since many years. So try Dreamhost without any worry.

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