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A2 Hosting Review

Is A2 Hosting Right Choice for Your Website?

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A2Hosting has been in the hosting industry for 18+ years since 2001. It has been dedicated to providing users worldwide with high-quality web hosting services at affordable costs. A2Hosting is an outstanding hosting service provider focusing on offering rich-featured and extremely fast web hosting solutions to all types of customers ranging from personal bloggers to large enterprises. The company has a wide range of products, including Shared hosting, Cloud, VPS server, Reseller hosting and Dedicated server.

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a2 hosting review

A2 Hosting offer high powered web hosting solution for every business needs!
Are you a web developer, coder or programmer hunting for a web hosting company that is efficient serving all your efforts? Or in need of something that can support the tools you want to use, even so you be informed you need it at present or not? if such is the case, A2Hosting might be the best choice for you. The provider delights itself as being the web host provider by web developers/codes for web developers/codes, in spite of everything including which kind of hosting such as shared, Dedicated, VPS hosting service you need for your website, you can easily obtain something that works well with Looking for best Cloud Hosting choices? A2 has solution for your specific needs.

A2 Hosting Pricing & Plans Review

A2 Hosting offers a wide variety of feature rich web hosting plans ideal for all kind of websites, forums, communities, mobile applications, blogs etc. A2Hosting provides 3 types of shared hosting packages available on Linux platforms, VPS hosting plans (Core VPS, Managed VPS, Unmanaged VPS), WordPress hosting plans, Cloud VPS Hosting, Reseller hosting packages, and dedicated server hosting. Their VPS hosting and dedicated server packages are available in both managed and unmanaged formats with a broad range of operating system support and configuration choices.

A2 Hosting Plans Review

Let’s have quick overview of these different hosting options, starting from shared hosting plans:

Shared Hosting Plans

Our team has spent most of the time analysing A2 Hosting’s shared hosting packages. There are three different choices of shared hosting are available in the form of Lite, Swift & Turbo. Similar to other popular hosting companies in India out there, it also concentrates on unlimited options with its shared hosting packages. All three shared packages comes with unlimited storage space and bandwidth, plus free SSD is included, ranging from $3.92/mo. to $9.31/mo. Moreover, the Swift and Turbo packages include unlimited websites, email accounts and databases.

Being a top hosting company A2 hosting provide a branded edition of the industries leading control panel cPanel to the customers buying shared web hosting plan, fully managed VPS package, or even a dedicated server plan. If you have opted for unmanaged packages in VPS or Dedicated server you can get cPanel by paying additional cost.

Plan Name
Space/Bandwidth Websites Price
STARTUP Unlimited 1 $2.99/Mo.
DRIVE Unlimited Unlimited $4.99/Mo.
TURBO BOOST Unlimited Unlimited $9.99/Mo.
TURBO MAX Unlimited Unlimited $14.99/Mo.
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Lite Shared Hosting Plan

The entry level shared hosting plan, which is known as Lite plan, provide with the option to host 1 website, 5 databases, unlimited storage space, unlimited data transfer, Free SSL & SSD and anytime moneyback guarantee. Additionally you will provided with a free cPanel to manage your website.

A2 Swift Shared Hosting Plan

At A2 Hosting most popular hosting plan for shared server is the Swift, which is the intermediate-level hosting alternative. In this package you can host as many as websites you want, can use unlimited databases, unlimited amount of storage, transfer, a free shared SSL included and also you will get a free cPanel tool.

This plan is somewhat similar to lite, starter level hosting plan, but instead of hosting one website you can host unlimited websites and use resources for unlimited website.

A2 Hosting Turbo Shared Plan

A2Hosting’s top-tier shared hosting package, known as Turbo plan, is almost similar to the intermediate-level swift shared hosting plan, but additionally access to increase performance of your website. In this shared package your website will be hosted on Upto 20X faster Turbo server along with A2 Site Accelerator.

With turbo servers each user will be provided with additional resources as only very few user access the server. There is an additional option in this package, A2 site accelerator, a plugin of cPanel that quicken your web page by offering pre-packaged and installed caching option. The catching option include:

  • Turbo Cache - The whole HTML based contents of a web page is cached by Turbo Cache and served without running PHP for faster page load or speeds upto 20X.
  • OPcache/APC – Analyses show that OPcache can cut PHP page load/response time in half. OPcache contains pre-installed with PHP 5.5 and higher version. APC is accessible on earlier versions of PHP.
  • Memcached- Help to Increase the speed of MySQL databases of your website by storing your most important data of website in memory for quicker retrieval.
  • VPS Hosting Plans

    You have the choice to go with Unmanaged or Managed VPS hosting options with A2 Hosting. Unmanaged VPS hosting starts at as low as $4.99 per month, while Managed VPS hosting package starts at $34.99/mo. We highly recommend the Managed VPS hosting option if you are looking for a user-friendly easy-to-use platform and a trouble free Management of your website. If you are expert developer and want to have complete control over your server consider going with the Unmanaged VPS hosting platform.

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM CPU Price
    Runway 1 Unmanaged 150GB/1GB 1 Core $4.99/Mo.
    Runway 2 Unmanaged 250GB/2GB 2 Core $7.90/Mo.
    Runway 4 Unmanaged 450GB/4GB 4 Cores $9.99/Mo.
    Lift 4 Managed 150GB/4GB 2 Cores $34.99/Mo.
    Lift 8 Managed 250GB/8GB 6 Cores $49.99/Mo.
    Lift 16 Managed 450GB/16GB 8 Cores $59.99/Mo.
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    Reseller Hosting Plans

    A2 Hosting has Eight different reseller hosting choices available in the form of KickStart, Launch, Grow, Scale, Turbo KickStart, Turbo Launch, Turbo Grow and Turbo Scale. The KickStart plan starts at $18.99/mo, the Launch plan costs $24.99 monthly, the Grow plan costs $34.99/mo. and higher level Turbo Scale plan costs $69.99/mo. range from 60 GB SSD storage to 270 GB NVMe storage space per month and 600 GB to 2700 GB data transfer/bandwidth per month. All packages contain Unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, free SSD and free SSL Certificate.

    Plan Name
    Space Bandwidth Price
    KickStart 60GB SSD 600GB $18.99/Mo.
    Launch 100GB SSD 1000GB $24.99/Mo.
    Grow 170GB SSD 1700GB $34.99/Mo.
    Scale 270GB SSD 2700GB $39.99/Mo.
    Turbo KickStart 60GB NVMe 600GB $29.99/Mo.
    Turbo Launch 100GB NVMe 1000GB $39.99/Mo.
    Turbo Grow 170GB NVMe 1700 $54.99/Mo.
    Turbo Scale 270GB NVMe 2700 $69.99/Mo.
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    Dedicated Server Plans

    Lastly, you can sign up for dedicated server hosting at You have the option to Select from Unmanaged or Managed Server plans. The Unmanaged dedicated server plan starts at $99.59/mo., and the fully Managed server plan starts at $141.09 per month. Unmanaged hosting plan of A2hosting is fully customizable includes root access and your choice of Linux operating system, whereas the Managed Dedicated Server solutions has a free cPanel (control panel) to manage your website.

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM CPU Price
    SPRINT Unmanaged 1000GB/8GB 2 x 3.1+ GHz $99.59/Mo.
    EXCEED Unmanaged 1000GB/8GB 4 x 2.4+ GHz $165.99/Mo.
    MACH Unmanaged 2000GB/16GB 8 x 2.1+ GHz $248.99/Mo.
    SPRINT Managed 1000GB/8GB 2 x 3.1+ GHz $141.09/Mo.
    EXCEED Managed 1000GB/8GB 4 x 2.4+ GHz $207.49/Mo.
    MACH Managed 2000GB/16GB 8 x 2.1+ GHz $290.49/Mo.
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    Cloud Hosting Plans

    A2 Hosting offer Cloud Hosting on upto 20X faster Turbo Server for faster hosting experience. They have 6 different Cloud Hosting Plans with different features. Buy A2 Cloud Hosting and pay only for the resources you need.

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM CPU Price
    Runway 1 150GB/1GB 1 $4.99/Mo.
    Runway 2 250GB SSD/2GB 2 $7.99/Mo.
    Runway 4 450GB/4GB 4 $9.99/Mo.
    Supersonic 8 150GB MVMe/8GB 2 $29.99/Mo.
    Supersonic 16 250GB NVMe/16GB 6 $49.99/Mo.
    Supersonic 32 450GB NVMe/32GB 8 $69.99/Mo.
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    Main Features of A2 Hosting

    A2Hosting packages are available on Linux platforms, which includes many powerful features like:

    • ✔ Unlimited Disk Space, Data Transfer, Email account, Subdomains, Domains and Databases
    • ✔ Supports for almost all the standard scripts: PHP 8, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 5.6 or Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2; Ruby 1.8, Perl 5.10, and MySQL 5.6/MariaDB Databases
    • ✔ cPanel 11 Control Panel
    • ✔  Hassle-Free Anytime Money Back Guarantee
    • ✔ Perpetual Security w/ Free HackScan
    • ✔ Free Server Rewind Backups
    • ✔ Free Content Delivery Network(CDN)

    In addition, there are some free extras also included in the plan, such as $25 Bing/Yahoo Ad credits, 60-Day Constant Contact Email Marketing Trial, site listed in Google within 24 hours with Attracta.

    A2 Hosting Reliability & Uptime

    A2Hosting has retained a detailed server uptime report for every public servers which clearly shows the real uptime statistics for shared servers, cloud VPS servers, reseller servers, VPS servers & dedicated servers which are 100%, 99.9%, 99.87% respectively. A2Hosting uses a robust redundant network and extremely fast servers with fully redundant power supply, which ensures optimum uptime for the all hosted websites. With the help of scheduled maintenance and server reboots, A2Hosting has well organized all the servers for extremely high uptime. So valuable customers can get the best experience with great reliability no matter they are on a shared web server, VPS server or a dedicated server.

    A2 Hosting Data Centers Location - A2 Hosting has 3 data centers located in: USA (Michigan), Europe (Amsterdam), Asia (Singapore).

    Primary Data Center Location - USA - Michigan & Arizona.

    Additional Equinix Data Center Options - Europe - Amsterdam and Asia - Singapore.

    Note: Buy hosting from A2Hosting India - 20X Faster Indian Web Hosting On highly secured Turbo Servers. Their Global Data Centers are ideal For Your Hosting and server related needs In India.

    A2 Hosting uptime stat

    Last 12 months average load time and Uptime Score of A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting Uptime 2020 - 2021

  • May 2021 average speed & Uptime: 286 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • April 2021 average speed & Uptime: 288 ms - 100% Uptime
  • March 2021 average speed & Uptime: 212 ms - 100% Uptime
  • February 2021 average speed & Uptime: 190 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • January 2021 average speed & Uptime: 160 ms - 100% Uptime
  • December 2020 average speed & Uptime: 238 ms - 100% Uptime
  • November 2020 average speed & Uptime: 296 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • October 2020 average speed & Uptime: 163 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • September 2020 average speed & Uptime: 283 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • August 2020 average speed & Uptime: 396 ms - 99.98% Uptime
  • July 2020 average speed & Uptime: 350 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • June 2020 average speed & Uptime: 269 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • May 2020 average speed & Uptime: 286 ms - 99.99% Uptime
  • Fast Server Response Time

    The websites hosted on A2 swift and Turbo platforms has an excellent uptime of around 160ms and the fastest response time of 2ms for Singapore locations. For India it is 61ms, which means A2 Hosting is another best choice for Indian websites.
    Below is the screenshot of A2 Hosting Server Response Time

    A2 Hosting Server Response Time

    A2Hosting Customer Support

    A2hosting offers its valuable customers with 24/7/365 REAL US-Based customer Support. Their award-winning Guru Crew customer support staff are expert and patient, who their customers could fully rely on no matter what sort of hosting difficulties they might face. They could be contacted by Email, ticket system, phone call and live chat. Knowledge-base is also available for helpful How Tos.
    A2Hosting guarantee 30 days unconditional Money Back. People could get a full refund within the first 30 days if they are not satisfied with A2hosting services.

    Top Reasons to Choose A2 Hosting:

    • ✔ Blazing Fast web hosting solution optimized for speed and reliability
    • ✔ Ideal option for web developers, expert web-masters & programmers who be in need of platform customization possibilities
    • ✔ Allows its customers to opt data center location from three continents including USA, Europe, or Asia
    • ✔ Both managed and unmanaged web hosting packages comes with a broad range of technical configurations
    • ✔ Planning to host a WordPress website than A2hosting is an Excellent choice with 6x faster page load speed
    • ✔ Availability of multiple Reseller hosting packages for professional web designers and small businesses
    • ✔ SSD storage is available for free of cost with all the hosting plans
    • ✔ A2 hosting support team is “Always Available” via phone/Toll Free (USA/Canada), live chat, ticket system and email
    • ✔ Affordable Unmanaged VPS hosting plans starting at as low as $5/month with amazing features

    What are the drawbacks:

    • ✘ Restrictions on Low Cost Plan
    • ✘ Turbo Boost and Turbo Cache options are quite expensive on VPS & Dedicated server plans

    Do We Recommend A2Hosting?

    Undoubtedly Yes.

    Looking for Fast, reliable and good web hosting service provider for any type of website? Must give A2 Hosting a try. I am sure you should not be dissatisfied. most of all, A2 Hosting have been one of best web host for the past 13+ months.

    A2hosting is better option at optimizing web server for best performance. One could find many modern web technology from them, such as free CDN service, SSD hosting, PHP 7, green server, and more. And its professional customer support technicians are around the clock to give expert assistance and advice. Their hosting service is highly recommended by us.

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    • Galinamig

      posted by Galinamig

      Thursday, 04 May 2017 20:38

      I had used A2 hosting for about 1 year and never faced any critical issue. Also they gave me complete control.. One of the best thing about Aalso it has monthly hosting plans A2 host os monthly and it saves me from getting locked for yearly basis.

    • Garg

      posted by Garg

      Thursday, 20 April 2017 06:50

      Very Fast, efficiently and user friendly!! I had a serious issue with my domain and within few minutes in live chat support my problems gotresolved.
      Simply Awesome. Forget the rest A2 hosting is the best for hosting a website

    • Jones

      posted by Jones

      Wednesday, 19 April 2017 03:12

      Great support and pretty fast :)

      Around 10 months ago I switched from HostGator to A2 Hosting. I read a lot of reviews online and found that this A2host seems to be doing good than the rest.

      Well, I was absolutely right. I have not experienced any major problems during the last 10 months. Support is very user friendly, my website loads extremely fast and seems to be up & running all the time. I am recommending it to everyone looking for best hosting solution.

    A2 Hosting Review


    Starts at:

    Visit A2 Hosting

    A2 Hosting Pros:

  • Fastest Hosting Provider (205ms)
  • Good Customer Support
  • Good Uptime - 99.98%
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Green/Environment-Friendly Web Hosting
  • Easy Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free & easy Site Migration
  • Free SSD, SSL, Backups, CDN
  • Click Here To Check All Features
  • A2 Hosting Cons:

  • Few Restrictions on Cheaper Plans
  • High Renewal Price

  • Visit A2 Hosting

    Read & Write A2 Hosting Reviews

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