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Hostinger India vs HostGator India

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Hostinger India vs HostGator India: Which One Provides Better services?

Hostinger vs HostGator India

In this comparison of Hostinger India vs HostGator India, I will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the cost, usability, performance, security, and client support service for both web hosting companies.

Hostinger and HostGator both offer very reasonable hosting services, making them incredibly fascinating to customers who are on a limited budget. In addition to that, yet the two service providers show dependable as well as expedient performance results.

They likewise cover the fundamental security requirements and have a well-trained group of client support representatives accessible every minute of every day to help in the event that anything turns out badly.

By all accounts, the two companies appear to be basically the same yet would they say they are truly? In this Hostinger vs HostGator review, I intend to reveal their dissimilarities and assist you with picking the right one for your website hosting related needs.

Hostinger India vs HostGator India : Quick Overview

Both HostGator and Hostinger are widely known and cost-effective hosting companies that accompany feature-packed hosting plans along with great performance results. Hostinger is leading the industry with regards to the most minimal costs available, while HostGator is known for its "limitless" unlimited hosting resources.

To more readily see how the two stack facing one another, below I have created a table with key features of both providers. Nonetheless, assuming you might want to see a more point by point summary, make a quick move to the conclusion of this article.

Rating 4.9 4.6
Price from Rs.69 Rs.79
Free domain No No
Payment Modes Credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin Credit card, PayPal

Hosting types

WordPress, Shared, VPS, Cloud, cPanel, Minecraft Server, and CyberPanel VPS hosting

WordPress, Shared, VPS, Cloud, and dedicated server
Control panel hPanel control panel Customized cPanel
Average speed

Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9%
Server locations The US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, Lithuania, and Singapore USA
Security Free SSL, server monitoring, daily/weekly backups, DDoS protection, 2FA Free SSL, server monitoring, automated backups, & DDoS protection
Support 24/7 live chat & email 24/7 live chat and phone
Website Migration WordPress, cPanel & WHM, and control panel based migrations WordPress, cPanel & WHM website migration
RoR hosting support, email account & caching

RoR hosting support & email accounts
Money-back guarantee
30 Days

45 Days

: Winner

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Hostinger India vs HostGator India: Comparison of Pricing

Between the two web hosts, Hostinger provides more reasonable hosting plans at the price of as low as Rs.69 per month. Whereas, the low cost shared web hosting plan from HostGator will cost Rs.79 per month Concerning different types of web hosting, here are a portion of the versatile choices the two hosts offer:

  • Shared Hosting: Hostinger (Rs.69/month) vs HostGator (Rs.79/month).
  • WordPress Hosting: Hostinger (Rs.99/month) vs HostGator (Rs.249/month)
  • VPS Hosting: Hostinger (Rs.285/month) vs HostGator (Rs.699/month)
  • Cloud Hosting: Hostinger (Rs.799/month) vs HostGator (Rs.699/month).
  • Furthermore, Hostinger additionally offers cPanel hosting at Rs.139/mo. Minecraft server hosting at Rs.639/mo, and CyberPanel VPS hosting at Rs.285/mo.

    Simultaneously, HostGator provides dedicated server hosting starting from Rs.9269/mo.

    Both of the hosting companies offer different web hosting services. Notwithstanding, the most famous and widely used choice remains shared server hosting, so that is actually the thing I am going to concentrate on.

    There are few common features in both of the hosting companies. You will get a free SSL at least one email account etc. with all shared hosting plans offered by both of the providers.

    In simple words, both of the companies offer feature-packed hosting plans at a price that everyone can afford.

    Although, considering cost as the primary factor, Hostinger clearly wins in this section. However you can save even more using their coupon codes:

  • Explore all coupons here
  • Explore all coupons here

  • vs User-Friendliness

    Both of the providers are focused on beginners and, all things considered, offer easy to use UIs. Albeit comparative as far as easiness, Hostinger & HostGator utilize separate management frameworks. Hostinger gives you a single local hPanel control panel, while HostGator utilizes an old style local dashboard as well as cPanel blend.

    Something extraordinary with regards to Hostinger is that it makes the hosting account setup process very quick and simple. Instantly after account creation, you'll wind up with an automatic account setup wizard.

    It will assist you with SSL security certificate activation, web domain name registration, and setting up your web hosting environment.

    You will likewise get your hands on Hostinger's custom built control panel tool- hPanel. It offers a neat and clean, well-organized, and easy to understand interface that permits you to get to and handle different tools such as domains, SSL, email accounts, databases, a CMS installer, and much more. On the off chance that you're interested to find out about the hosting company’s management, head over to our detailed Hostinger review.

    On the other side, you have HostGator hosting, which incorporates a native UI and cPanel tool.
    HostGator's native interface manages essential tasks such as billing, associating with support, getting to the HostGator marketplace, and fills in as a connection to the cPanel control panel.

    Discussing cPanel, there you access further developed tools, similar to email accounts and documents on your server, manage information bases, and security highlights. Basically, all your site management settings and fundamental tools are found in the cPanel.

    It's additionally here that you will find the Softaculous script Installer application to assist you with installing WordPress or some other CMS platforms you like. To additionally investigate the services offered by them, head over to HostGator review.

    In general, the two hosting companies are exceptionally oversimplified and simple as far as the management. Notwithstanding, with its custom control panel and automatic account setup wizard that for all intents and purposes holds your hands, Hostinger came on top in this segment.

    Hostinger India vs HostGator India: Performance Comparison

    In my experience with Hostinger and HostGator both, I found these service providers deliver comparable performance. Although, to pick the best, I ran both through some experiments. What I discovered was that Hostinger delivered somewhat better uptime, server response time, and much quicker loading speeds.

    The overall performance difference is not very high among HostGator and Hostinger. In any case, as your website grows and you include more content, data, graphics, images, HTML/CSS/JS scripts, and so on, the little benefit with Hostinger may be precisely what you really want.

    Uptime and Server response time

    For this comparison, I have tested the two hosting providers for a practically identical time frame - only about 2 months. Below are the result received.

    In the 2 months of continuous testing, with Hostinger I have not got a single outage, bringing about an amazing uptime of 100%.

    This is mind blowing! However, anticipating exactly 100 percent uptime over the long haul is not viable. All things considered, Hostinger gives a standard uptime of 99.9%.

    Presently taking a look at the responsiveness of the hosting company, I received a normal response time of 311ms , the duration taken for the program to retrieve HTTP headers as well as the primary byte of information. This is additionally inside the business normal of 600ms.

    Now talking about HostGator, the hosting provider experienced 3 outages which means 5 minutes of downtime in 2 months duration. This has carried HostGators server uptime to around 99.99%.

    Now moving forward to the server speeds, I received a normal response season of 425ms. While this is scarcely little slow than Hostinger's response time, HostGator actually figures out how to slip underneath the industry’s normal of 600ms.

    So, the two hosts put forth a valiant effort and went side by side as far as uptime and reaction time is concerned. In any case, I should concede that Hostinger showed somewhat better outcomes generally speaking.

    Hostinger India vs HostGator India: Website Security Comparison

    Both Hostinger and HostGator include the essential security highlights you should keep your site protected and safeguarded. With these 2 hosting companies, you will get the accompanying features:

  • Free SSL Security Certificate
  • DDoS protection on all plans
  • Automated server backups
  • Server-side security improvement.
  • Hostinger additionally accompanies a 2-factor-authentication. In any case, HostGator lacks this fundamental feature.

    As opposed to this, it is important that Hostinger offers week by week backups with the basic and Business plans. Every day backups are just accessible with its Business hosting plan. Sadly, HostGator isn't as clear in this offering. Every one of their hosting plans get automated backups. They truly do express that backups can be taken day by day, week after week and month to month, however the timetable is not clear, and you are approached to pay assuming you might want to restore one of the forms.

    There are likewise a few distinctions in how Hostinger and HostGator manage security at the server side:

    With the services offered by Hostinger, you get day in and day out server monitoring supported by security modules such as mod_security and PHP open_basedir. This is adequate to protect your website from common online dangers.

    The custom firewall offered by HostGator gives a similar degree of safety to avoid maleficent and dubious traffic from your site.

    Presently, aside from these fundamental security highlights, HostGator also gives you the choice to install additional items:

  • Free upgrade to Positive SSL Worth $39.99/year- gets your website domain as well as subdomain with a TrustLogo website seal. This is absolutely free with a Business plan offered by HostGator.
  • CodeGuard worth $23.95/year- an enterprise grade site backup tool that offers automated server backups along with monitoring as well as restores solutions.
  • Presently, it is important that every one of these are t-party security additional items. You can undoubtedly get all these amazing elements on Hostinger hosting by installing comparable security modules. Accordingly, to contrast HostGator and Hostinger, I am going to consider their security features which are available for free of cost.

    In general, as a best host Hostinger comes out somewhat more fascinating as far as security is concerned. Its apparent server backup approaches as well as the inclusion of 2 factor authentication make it an extremely safe web hosting provider in India. Apart from this, the two hosts are something very similar.

    Customer Support Comparison

    Both of the hosts offers 24*7 live chat support along with detailed knowledge bases. Also, Hostinger offers support by means of email, whereas HostGator's support representative can be contacted through telephone. Presently, at whatever point I analyze any provider’s customer service, I go 100% of the time for the live chat choice as I find it one of the fastest and generally most advantageous options. Here are the result I got with both providers:

    Discussing Hostinger, I needed to hold on as long as 20 minutes prior to getting in touch with a support executive. Nonetheless, when I connected with them, my concern was immediately settled. The customer support individuals were additionally very polite as well as supportive.

    On the other side, I got associated with a HostGator customer support agent inside only a couple of moments. It took nearly 10 minutes for the support specialist to address my issue, however for all intents and purposes, it was not that big issue. The specialists were likewise exceptionally helpful, which generally leaves a decent flavor.

    Presently, as far as knowledge bases, the two suppliers offer very efficient, educational, as well as simple to explore choices. Any trouble you may be facing, possibilities are high you will have the option to track down a tutorial on it.

    In general, Hostinger as well as HostGator approach with truly well-informed support specialists and broad information bases. Despite the fact that, I should say that the absence of telephone support option with Hostinger and email option for HostGator takes a few focus off.

    Hostinger India vs HostGator India: Final Words

    And now we reached the conclusion of this comparison of Hostinger vs Hostgator. Both Hostinger as well as HostGator are really equivalent in many areas. Be that as it may, Hostinger gives somewhat better performance at significantly more reasonable costs. This gives Hostinger an incredible useful benefit over HostGator hosting.

    With less expensive costs, a more instinctive hosting control panel tool, well disposed customer support, and somewhat better performance measures, Hostinger web hosting takes the general win. It's perhaps the most ideal choice for website owners who are on a limited budget yet need dependable hosting service to lay out their internet based presence.

    Visit Hostinger India

    Although, on the off chance that you are searching for a web host with pretty liberal web space for an individual website, HostGator India is a phenomenal choice as well.

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