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What Is cPanel - A Beginners Guide And Why Do I Need It

What Is cPanel - A Beginners Guide And Why Do I Need It?

cPanel is well-known and widely used web-based control panel. It is full-fledged web development tool that assists in web page management related tasks using GUI (Graphical user interface). With the help of a cPanel tool you can easily and effectively manage your web page without depending on a professional and skilled web developers.

With the help of cPanel tool you can handle almost every aspects of file management, FTP account, website backups, email account management and many other important tasks related to your website including spam filter, error page management, website statistics, CGI scripts, error logs, database management, domains management, SSL management, IP blocking, DNS management, Password protection, visitors statistics, site publishing and many more.

An Introduction to cPanel

cPanel tool has made web page management and administration related tasks much easier. Along with website management it also helps in web development related tasks. Aside from being a web based easy to use control panel, cPanel also assists in getting to important features of overall web page statistics with the help of AWStats, Webalizer FTP, Analog Stats, Bandwidth usage, Raw access, visitors data and many more.

With the help of cPanel you can easily create and manage website databases, uploading website files, downloading website files as well as deleting, removing, modifying and creating files. The simplicity at which the site, web page or an online application can be overseen through the cPanel is really unimaginable and it has really made web page management unbelievable and easier. cPanel control panel generally utilized on Linux based platforms that contain Fedora, SUSE, RED Hat, CentOS, FreeBSD, CloudLinux OS and Enterprise Linux.

What can I do with cPanel Control Panel?

There are countess tasks you can do with cPanel. Some of them are listed below.

  • Connect your website domain name to your web hosting account
  • Set up email account for your website
  • Install popular CMS platforms including WordPress and Joomla
  • Backup & restore your website
  • Upload and Download your files
  • Check bandwidth usage statistics
  • Installing SSL/TLS
  • Adding Domains, Sub-domains and addon domains.
  • And many more things you can do such as security audit, cron jobs, password & security, user management, website redirection and many other important tasks.

    How To Access Your cPanel Control Panel Dashboard?

    Once you sign up for hosting account with any hosting company, you should receive a welcome email containing link to access cPanel. But in case you are not able to get that specific link, given below is the shortcut to access your cPanel dashboard:

  • Enter your domain name in the web browser and add 2082 or 2083 to the end of your domain name such as
  • Enter your ip address provided by hosting company and add 2082 or 2083 at the end of your domain name, such as
  • Once you enter the above URL or IP in your web browser, you will landed to the login page of cpanel, now you need to enter your username and password:

    cPanel Login

    A Quick Guide to cPanel – Few Helpful Things You Can Do With cPanel

    There are several tasks you can do with cPanel tool. Some of the top tasks are listed below:

    How To Upload & Manage Files Using cPanel

    You can easily upload and manage your website files with the help of FTP and there are several FTP clients such as FIlezilla but cPanel also offers an easy interface to help you manage and upload files easily known as File Manager.

    In order to access file manage to the files area of cPanel and search for File Manager:

    File manager cPanel

    Once you hit the File Manager icon you will be redirect to new page, in which you can:

  • Browse to distinct areas utilizing the folder tree on the left hand side.
  • Oversee operate individual files in the middle section.
  • Execute the several actions such as create folder/files, move, copy, upload, download, delete files via the top bar.
  • How To Upload & Manage Files Using cPanel

    How To Install WordPress CMS With cPanel

    There are numerous of hosting companies provide auto installer in your control panel of your hosting account. With the help of auto-installer you can install WordPress CMS easily along with many other CMS platforms in just a few clicks of your mouse.

    To install any CMS including WordPress through cPanel, all you have to do search for the Apps Installer section in your control panel and hit WordPress icon:

    WordPress installation using cPanel

    After that follow the process to complete the installation process of WordPress setup wizard:

    WordPress installation with cPanel

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    With the help of cPanel tool you can easily create your email account for your domain name.

    To create email account using cPanel, go to the Email section in your cPanel and click on Email Accounts option:

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    Now click Add New Email Account and fill the desired Account name for your email address, type strong password and retype the same password and hit create account button:

    How To Create An Email Account With cPanel

    Now your email account is created, you can access it using webmail available in your ePanel of setup new email account using email client such as Thunderbird. It is one of the well-known email client available on the web.

    How To BackUp and Restore Your Website With cPanel

    cPanel tool make it very easy to backup and restore a website. With the backup option available in cPanel you can manually take backup of your website as well as restore your website in just few clicks.

    Backup Your Website with cPanel:

    To backup your website with cPanel search for the Backup or Backup Wizard option available under Files section of your control panel . Here in this tutorial we are going to use Backup Wizard option because it is much easier and user-friendly:

    Backup Your Website with cPanel

    Now follow the entire backup wizard to complete backup process:

    Backup Your Website with cPanel

    Once you click Backup button, on next windows you need to choose whether you want Full Backup or partial Backup. Choose any option based on your needs.

    Restore Your Website With cPanel:

    Hit the restore option available in the above image, and select restore type. There are three options available Home directory, MySQL databases and Email forwarders and Filters. Hit any of the option based on your needs and upload the file on next step from your local system.

    How to Add A Domain/Addon Domains or Sub Domain with cPanel

    cPanel makes it very easy to add domain name or sub domains to your hosting account. An Addon domain is main domain name such as Whereas sub domain is part of your main domain like

    In order to add these two types of domains using your cPanel, search for the relevant choice in the Domain area of your cPanel tool:

    How to Add A Domain/Addon Domains or Sub Domain with cPanel

    Now follow the process to add domain name or addon domains with cPanel to your hosting account..


    We at UpdatedReviews hope you have found this article easy, simple, knowledgeable and informative for you. Now after reading this detailed article you have almost everything you have to begin with few of the most crucial aspects of cPanel control Panel.

    The cPanel tool offer almost every webmaster and website owner the self-confidence and full power of running a successful online presence for their website or online applications via its easy to use and user friendly interface. As we discussed above, you can use cPanel to manage various sub-domains and domain names with effortlessness and extreme speed,making it one of the most trusted, dependable and powerful website management tool.

    Are you looking for powerful cPanel Hosting for your website and online application? We would recommend to to go with Bluehost or A2 Hosting, these are most reliable cPanel hosting options available to host any kind of web site and web based application with ease.

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