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Dedicated Server Hosting FAQ's

Dedicated Server FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Dedicated server hosting solution can be great investment for your online business website. At the same time, Dedicated server solution can be much complicated for the inexperienced and people with less technical expertise. Subsequently, website owners generally have too many questions and queries related to Dedicated server hosting option.

In this article we have shared the top 9 FAQs related to Dedicated Server Hosting with perfect answer for each question.

Dedicated Server Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

dedicated server hosting faq

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is a type of hosting environment that’s solely dedicated to the needs of a single website. This type of hosting arrangement is suitable for large websites with huge amount of traffic.
In this type of hosting setup a website owner get full control over their server environment. This permits for total server related customization with enhanced security and perfect solution for large organizations and enterprises.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

With dedicated web hosting, you are leasing a whole lot physical server. This gives you with matchless customization along with extreme control over server environment. Additionally you will be given access to level of computing resources.
In dedicated hosting server environment, you will be given access to customize your CPU (central processing unit), operating system, amount of RAM/Memory and other storage options available.

Will I Get Root Access to My Dedicated Web Server?

Yes, you will be provided with full root access with your dedicated server hosting account. Once your account is setup with any best Dedicated Server hosting provider, you get Root Access.

Why Should I Choose Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting solution gives you the possibility to lease a whole server with highly expert technical support and assistance. You are free to customize your server based on your choice. You should choose a dedicated server hosting in case your website needs customizable options or do you need dedicated amount of server resources to serve the huge amount of traffic of your site.

What Operating Systems (OS) Can I Run on a Dedicated Server?

Majority of web hosting providers offers a choice of Linux based distributions of Dedicated web servers.
But if you are planning to use applications such as .NET, MVC, ASP etc. you can choose to run Windows server. But keep in mind that Windows server usually costs more, since there is license fee need to be paid to obtain Windows server.

What Software or Applications Can I Run On A Dedicated Server?

You should be capable of installing anything you wish, since you get full access to the entire server.
In case you have any specific requirements, it is highly recommended to check with the web host you plan to buy hosting.

What is The Difference Between Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed Dedicated servers are for those site owners who do not wish to deal with regular server management related tasks. Server administration related tasks are much difficult therefore many website owners prefer to concentrate on their business related aspects. By opting a managed dedicated hosting plan, your hosting provider will take care the server management related tasks so that you can fully focus on growing your business.

Unmanaged dedicated server hosting plans are well-suitable for website owners who wish to take care the server management related tasks. Hosting company will take care the hardware, network configuration and server security hardening related tasks. Also your host will install an operating system (OS) of your choice on the server.

Website owners have complete freedom and liberty to install as well as manage any software of their choice. In this type of hosting arrangement a website owner will be provided with support to perform hardware related tasks. In case anything happen to hardware, your web host will take care of that and in case there is an issue with server, you will be solely responsible for that.

What are the Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting?

A Dedicated server hosting solution can be much beneficial for some sort of websites and web applications. First and foremost, a dedicated server is one of the most secure and safeguard hosting solution available on the web. In this type of hosting environment, you will not be sharing a web server with any other websites or applications that might be unprotected to hacking is a major plus point.

Dedicated servers additionally will in general have higher uptime assurance, as there are very less hardware & software related malfunctions that may result in your website/web application being brought down or crashed.

Dedicated web servers are particularly optimized for excellent performance and especially crafted to serve the unique needs of websites. Your site will be given freedom to use the entire resources of a server without sharing with any other website.

At last, dedicated servers also offer you with east to scale option to meet the varying needs of your site. Additional resources can be added easily in this type of hosting arrangement.

What are The Drawbacks of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting servers are highly expansive than a Virtual Private Server or any other type of hosting as well as one need to be highly skilled to manage a dedicated server and related tasks.

In case you are not certain that you need a costly dedicated web server, it is best to start with a VPS server or cloud hosting.

Last modified on Tuesday, 31 December 2019 17:01

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