Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companies of 2023

Running a successful WordPress based blog or website is not that easy.You need to take care each and every aspects related to your site including website design, content, site promotion/marketing, social media management and many more. Be that as it may, before you perform that, you have to make sure your WordPress blog or website is functioning frictionlessly and your WordPress host you have selected for your website is not creating troubles and hassles.

These days numerous of web hosting providers concentrating on offering cost-effective hosting services. And one can get shared hosting for as low as $5 per month. Shared hosting is an ideal solution of you are just starting your business from scratch. But if you have a business website with medium traffic then WordPress hosting is the ideal choice for you.

WordPress hosting is quality hosting solution specially designed for WordPress websites. These days WordPress hosting is gaining huge popularity among WordPress web developers and bloggers widely.

Managed WordPress hosting solution is designed in such a way that you get faster loading times of your website, excellent security, 24/7 support by WordPress experts. But keep it mind, WordPress hosting is little bit costlier than traditional shared hosting service. We recommend Kinsta among others for best managed WordPress hosting providers. Kinsta Logo

Now you might be thinking why there is a huge price difference? Is managed WordPress website hosting service is genuinely that good? Do i really require managed WordPress hosting solution for my website or blog? Is this type of web hosting solution worth the price? If such is the case, then which is the top and reliable WordPress hosting provider to host your website.

On the off chance that you have any of those concerns and inquiries, at that point you are in the ideal place.

In this post we are going to spotlight benefits and disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting services as well as comparison of top 5 best rated and reliable managed WordPress hosting companies of 2023 based on the experts opinion. You can use our comparison and analysis to determine which managed WordPress hosting is best suitable for your website.

After doing careful research, analysis and comparison hundreds of Managed WordPress hosting providers, here are presenting you with top 5 best managed Wordpress hosting companies in India 2023.

World's Best 5 Managed WordPress Hosting Providers



Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WP Starter

At a Glance

  • 1 WordPress install
  • 25,000 Visits
  • 10 GB SSD Disk Space
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • 27 global locations
  • White-labeled cache plugin




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BlueHost managed Wordpress hosting

WP Pro - Build Plan

At a Glance

  • Optimized Hosting for WordPress
  • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, Domains
  • Jetpack Site Analytics
  • 100 Free Premium Themes
  • Daily Scheduled Backups
  • Malware Detection and Removal




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A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress 1-SITE

At a Glance

  • Perfect Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • Free CDN & Plesk Panel
  • Turbo (Up To 20X Faster)
  • Site Staging & Easy Backups
  • Anytime MoneyBack Guarantee




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DreamHost Managed WordPress

Managed WP-DreamPress

At a Glance

  • Built for ~100k Monthly Visitors
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Daily Backups & 1-Click Restore
  • Jetpack Free Pre-Installed
  • 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee




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What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting service is predominantly developed and enhanced for WordPress based websites. Put in other words, this kind of hosting solution takes care of each and every aspects of your WordPress website on the behalf of you so that you can concentrate on your website. By opting for WordPress hosting, you do not have to bother about any tasks such as WordPress updates, site performance, server uptime, plugins update or any other stuffs.

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These days numerous of hosting providers make use CDN (content delivery network), server-level caching, so that you don’t have to depends on their party plugins. Managed WordPress hosting perfect hosting solution for those who do not have much knowledge, skills and technical knowledge.

Managed WordPress Hosting

The Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Excellent Security: One of the biggest advantage of Managed WordPress hosting is to offer excellent security. This type of hosting service comes with powerful security options on the server, so that you do not need to bother about any security related issues such as virus, malware, DoS attacks, hacking, SQL injection etc. related concerns.
  • Save Time: By using managed WordPress hosting you do not have to waste your important time to comprehend this platform and it functioning process because each and every task will be taken care by your managed WordPress hosting companies.
  • Excellent Support by Experts: Most of the managed WordPress hosts have well-trained and skilled staff with excellent knowledge of WordPress and other related stuffs.
  • Speed Optimization: Website speed plays and crucial part in the ranking of it inn search engines, there are numerous of ways you can utilize to improve your WordPress site such as use of caching plugin or make use of content delivery network (CDN) such as Cloudflare. There are some managed WordPress hosting providers such as Kinsta, A2 Hosting and Bluehost which allow caching at the web server level.
  • Daily/Weekly Backups: With managed WordPress hosting you have the choice to take daily/weekly backups of your website containing files, data, images, themes, plugins and databases and you can easily download your backups from the dashboard of your site which can save your valuable time.
  • Automatic Updates: With Managed WordPress hosting you have the option of Automatic updates of your WordPress files to most recent versions. By opting for WordPress you do not have to spend additional money to update and manage your site because your selected Managed WordPress Hosting provider will do it for you.
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    The Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting Service

  • High-priced: There is a big variation in the cost of managed WordPress hosting and traditional shared hosting. Normally a shared web hosting package will cost you around $2-$4 per month while managed WordPress hosting will cost your much more.
  • Restrictions: You will not allowed to use any plugin which consumes more resources and most of the managed hosting providers do not permit any caching plugins such as W3 or WP super cache.
  • Control Panel: With traditional shared hosting you will be provided with easy to use cPanel tool and in case you are moving shared hosting solution to Managed WordPress hosting, in that situation you might find it very hard to manage your site because it comes with a different control panel tool.
  • Conclusion

    With regards to WordPress platform, the best and highly secure approach to have a site hosted is via Managed WordPress hosting. Despite the fact that these WordPress managed hosting plans can be somewhat expensive, it will surely pay off. These packages are well-suitable for business and commercial use, if you are willing to spend some extra money then you can opt for managed WordPress hosting providers for your website.

    As in this article we have discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of Managed WordPress hosting services, we unquestionably have cleared all of your doubts and confusions related to this type of hosting. In case you have any other queries or concerns, feel free to contact us or post your queries and concerns in the comment box. If you are searching for any other types of web hosting service, given below are some other hosting options to choose from!

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