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How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2020

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2020 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2020

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2020

In case you are searching for a web hosting provider for your WordPress website, at that point you have various choices available for you to choose from. There are millions of hosting service providers but only few of them provide great hosting solution for WordPress websites or blogs. This article is mainly geared towards who is building a brand new WordPress based website or already have a WordPress website but are not comfortable with their web hosting company.

Discovering the best WordPress hosting service provider for your WordPress site or blog is not as simple as looks. There are numerous of factors connect to this process like is reliability and server uptime most critical to you? What about the hosting charges? Fast loading times and faster servers? For what reason does one web host charge far beyond the other? Imagine a scenario in which you need everything from your web host.

Our main objective in this article is to make easier the process as well as help you to choose the best WordPress web hosting provider for your website.


Hosting Requirements for WordPress Websites

You will be amazed to discover that WordPress CMS is one of the light-weight platform as well as it is works perfectly with almost every reliable web hosting providers in the industry. The major requirements of WordPress websites are:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or higher or any version of MariaDB
  • Because of the increasing demand of WordPress CMS, almost every web hosts come along with simple one-click installer for WordPress. The top WordPress hosting companies we have listed here offer outstanding support needed for running a fully functioning WordPress site.

    There are few more particular features and requirements that you must expect from a web host you choose, does not matter which type of WordPress hosting service that you take a decision to pick.

    Excellent Uptime Score

    Uptime is one of the most crucial elements that any site owner can not get along with other features. Relatively only a few hosting providers offer a guarantee of 100% uptime, the lesser is the downtime the more good it would be for any site built on WordPress. In case you are using a cheapest shared hosting service for your website, there will not b any guarantee of uptime, due to the server/computing resources will be divided for the use of various websites. In view of the website will manage huge number of plugins, templates, modules, databases as well as many other complected aspects, the server performance need to be excellent in order to handle the site speed as well as overall users experience. Therefore it is clever idea to pick VPS hosting or Dedicated server plans for your site that are worth depending on, with a view toward that the website will experience less or almost no downtime related issues.

    Software & Programming Support

    Always go with a hosts who keep their web server updated with the most recent versions of software and programs for giving full support and assistance for WordPress. These web hosts must have particular technologies to scale as well as safeguard WordPress websites. In simple words, it means the servers have the capacity and power to support several versions of MySQL, PHP, MariaDB along with Apache or NGINX web servers. The hosting company should have specific technology optimized and enhanced for WordPress based sites to scale and protect them. As WordPress is whole lot about themes, widgets and plugins, even few of the well-known plugins will have few weak points and may cause security related issues. A best web host should have a framework to recognize, detect and prevent those type of plugins that are dangerous/risky as well as decrease the site performance. Numerous of web hosts claims themselves as specialized in WordPress Optimized hosting, however when difficulties happen, they will not be able to handle the situation.

    Host Level Caching

    On many occasions, WordPress based websites rely on caching plugins to enhance website performance. However these caching plugins are quite useful in enhancing the website speed as well as performance, these plugins are not much efficient when contrasted with host level caching. Having your web host service deal with the caching related issues will lessen the burden of your shoulder and you can completely concentrate on your other business related things.

    Protection Against DDoS Attack

    It is highly recommended to choose a web hosting company that offers enhanced security, protection as well as increased attention to the individual users. Small web hosting companies may not have the capacity to give security and protection against DDoS attacks or malware related issues because small web hosts may not manage the cost of good tools. A good WordPress hosting solution have viable security benchmarks to block the harmful traffic and safeguard the website from malicious activities.

    WordPress Centric Features

    A good WordPress hosting service must provide particular features such as pre-installed WordPress, 1-click WordPress install, instant setup and configuration of software, automated software updates, option to choose from several themes, instant access to plugins to perform site related tasks, easier access to the tools for increased security, in-built caching for quickened site speed and more. It is always better idea to search for extra features for example easy to use control panel tool, free website migration, automatic backup & restore, free site building tools etc. These features are essential to ensure the enhanced speed, performance and continuity of your site.

    Few Points to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider

    Site speed, excellent security, performance and reliability are the crucial points that you need to take into account when selecting a hosting service for your WordPress site. Nonetheless, the most vital point that you must need to take into account is Understanding Your Needs. By analyzing your specific requirements before buying hosting plan for your WordPress site can save you huge amount of money.

    Analyzing Your WordPress Hosting Requirements

    There are various types of website hosting options accessible for example VPS, Shared, Cloud, Dedicated server, and Managed hosting. Let us now have a look at these hosting options to identify which one is the ideal choice for you.

    WordPress VPS Hosting

    VPS also known as Virtual Private Server. It is a technique of splitting a powerful physical computer server into several servers in respect of the separate website owner’s requirements. Despite the fact that you are sharing the computing resources of a server with few other websites, this type of hosting environment offer you nearly as much control similar to a powerful dedicated server. Additionally it has the excellent isolation of a distinct physical machine as well as can be designed, altered to run particular softwares or application. Many times web developers, webmasters, average users and professional bloggers use VPS hosting to scale their sites and blogs. In case you are not technically expert or don’t have technical skills, then opting a fully managed VPS hosting will be a wise decision for you. By opting a managed VPS hosting for your website means you do not need to worry about server management related tasks because everything will be taken care by hosting service providers. VPS hosting service is ideal choice for medium-sized organizations, blogs with huge traffic, as well as ambitious, web designers/programmers/developers.

    Shared WP Hosting

    Shared web hosting is one of the well-known option of WordPress hosting available and utilized by novices. It is one of the cost-effective approach to start a new website. In shared server hosting arrangement several websites share a powerful server with each other. Due to sharing nature, most of the web hosts offer shared hosting at affordable cost. In this type of hosting environment there is a limitation on everything including storage space, amount of bandwidth etc. Once your site match the limitations, the web host will force you to upgrade your hosting account. In case you do not take it seriously, it will create negative impact on your site as well as other sites sharing the same server.

    Shared server hosting is ideal choice for small businesses, individuals as well as startups.

    Cloud WordPress Hosting

    Cloud hosting service is an excellent choice for WordPress website owners who do not wish to bother about their website loading at slow speed or being totally shutdown. In cloud hosting environment several website share resources on multiple powerful servers and website owners are charged only for the resources they actually use. The cost of cloud hosting can be vary each month based on the resources usage. If you have a site with unpredictable traffic and visitors then opting a cloud plan can be ideal choice for you. UpdatedReviews runs on a Cloud hosting by FastComet.

    WordPress Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated server hosting is an arrangement in which a website owner rent or lease an entire server from hosting company. This type of hosting platform enables businesses with complete control over the server and its resources as well as selection of operating system (OS), hardware etc. In case you are just starting out then you should stay away from Dedicated server hosting. Once your site grow bigger and you start getting huge amount of traffic and visitors, at that moment you should think about upgrading to a dedicated server hosting. In case you are not technically expert or don’t have any trained or skilled system admin, then you should go for a fully managed dedicated hosting plan. When you opt managed dedicated server plan, each and every server management related tasks such a software install, updates, server monitoring, security hardening etc. will be taken care by your hosting service provider.

    Managed WordPress Web Hosting

    Due to the huge popularity of WordPress and large number of WordPress users, many top hosting companies have decided to offer fully managed WordPress hosting solution. One of the biggest advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that site owners do not need to worry about anything, because your web host with enhance your site performance, safeguard your site, perform backups and monitor your site.

    As a conclusion, a fully managed WordPress hosting is one of the trouble-free and extremely fast hosting solution with top-class customer support from a highly skilled and trained staff. Managed WordPress hosting usually cost more compare to normal WordPress hosting. Try Kinsta for powerful managed WordPress hosting starting at $30/month.

    Our top 3 picks for the best WordPress hosting providers are:

  • Bluehost: Best overall WordPress hosting company, officially recommended by
  • HostGator: Best WordPress hosting option for fastest growing sites and blogs.
  • SiteGround: Best overall WordPress support in the hosting industry.
  • Bottom Line - How to Choose the best hosting for WordPress websites

    When you are starting with your first WordPress website, choosing the best WordPress hosting service provider for your brand new website can be without any doubt much complex, with such a significant number of alternatives accessible, particularly if a few of the phrasing included is totally unfamiliar to you. One thing you should keep in mind at the time of choosing a web hosting company is great customer support. In case you are not sure where to start, select any web host from the list of best WordPress hosting providers with excellent support.

    We at UpdatedReviews hope that this detailed article helped you decide the best WordPress web hosting for your website or blog. In case you have any query or question, then feel free to contact us and we will try to respond you with perfect answer for your question.

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