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15 Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today With No Money

15 Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today With No Money - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Starting a new business online needs very less risk than spending your hard-earned money into a brick-and-mortar store or office space because you are going to do business based on the web, with online business you can reach more prospective customers, buyers and work from anywhere, any location, even anytime. With a basic website or blog and basic knowledge and skills, almost every individual can launch a business online anytime and get it up and running in just few days.

Because of the rise of the internet, it is actually very easy for entrepreneurs, businesses who are dedicated, committed and hard-working to make money from their homes. If you were born during this twenty first century (21st century),certainly you are amongst the blessed with good luck set of mankind that has many options and choices of turning into moneyed man or business tycoon while not working your life out.

Given below are a few best online business ideas to get you thinking in the correct way. At the same time some of these businesses can bring in an excellent passive income on regular basis, few of these online money making ideas can actually create small amount of money.

Best Online Business Ideas 2021 You Can Start Today

Best Online Business Ideas of 2021

1.Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular, widely used ways many people all over the globe are using to make money from the internet. In simple worlds blogging is all about creating and sharing useful and perhaps informative content for a selected audience on the web. If you believe that you really have much knowledge, expertise on a specific topic, you can start making money by sharing that knowledge to a broad range of audience and viewers through a web blog.

In this way making money from blog works: if you have shared quality and informative contents on your blog, definitely more people will love to visit your blog. The more number of visitors that visits your web blog, surely the more amount of money you will earn. If your blog is able to attracts more traffic, you can also attract advertisements from large organizations and businesses.

Check out my guide on How To Start A Blog.

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2. Become SEO consultant

Do you have great knowledge about Search Engines, ranking factors and have skills in platforms such as Google Analytics & Webmasters? A lot of small business/website owners do not know the impact and value of search engine optimization. Teach those website owners about the power and importance of SEO techniques to assist transform their web pages into a Search Engine friendly assets. Utilize your knowledge and expertise to show small business website owners how to check and utilize their Google analytics/webmasters statistics in accurate way, and how to find, use keywords and structure website content to generate more quality traffic/visitors.

3. Become Professional Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best way to make money via the Internet. There are many freelancing websites available on the web let businesses and organizations that need additional help in listing their projects and give ability to freelancers offer proposals, ideas, or bids on those projects, through which the organizations can without worry choose what they actually need as per their budget. Websites such as Elance, Guru or Upwork cover almost every topic which includes Web development, content writing, Animators, Administrative Support, programming, and Finance Professionals etc.

4. Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite way of making money online. If you are a kind of person who loves writing customer reviews on websites like Godaddy, Bluehost, Amazon etc., stop doing it free of charge. The advertising technique of Word-of-mouth is still a vast way to generate leads for many businesses, and there are many businesses which are happy to share some percentage of their profits with individuals who are ready to promote their products or services. Suppose you are owner of a website with a huge fan following and traffic, this may be easier to achieve.

5. Match Making Or Dating Website

If you think you are expert in relationship related topic and you are looking towards making money from your expertise, I would suggest you to start with a match making website or create an online community where you will be able to give assistance to individuals searching for partners to meet. Your job is just to build the facultative environment and if you are able to attract more visitors to your website you will be able to make money by paid membership fees from members.

Apart from paid membership on your website, you can also start selling your products such as e-books, games or any other.

6. Application development

As we are living in a mobile world, the demand of Mobile applications are more than ever, and most of the people as well as organizations are ready to pay good amount of money for ways to organize their daily lives or businesses from their mobiles and smartphones. If you have got a good plan and happen to understand coding, you can start with it and create your apps at your own. If you only have a plan and do not know much about how to turn it into a reality then you can contact a developers because there are many application developers ready to co-operate with individuals on applications creation and development.

7. Creating and Selling WordPress Themes

In this technological world more people and companies want to create their presence on the web no matter what their purpose, the demand for WordPress themes and templates keep increasing. If you think have knowledge of html coding then you can make huge money from creating attractive website templates & themes. All you have to do is create them and then sell through online marketplaces such as ThemeForest and Mojomarketplace to make good amount of money for yourself.

8. Remote Tech Support

Numerous of small sized businesses have less budget and because of this they can not afford full-time employee, so when they face any problem with their systems, they will mostly call a computer expert friend or any family member. If you have good expertise in the field of computers and networking, you can actually brought down their requirements by offering them prompt remote technical assistance.

9. Real Estate Agent / Properties Rental Services

One more best business option that you can easily start online is real estate agency or properties rental solutions. If you are already a real estate agent and doing business offline, all you have to do is take your real estate business online and expand your business market because large number of people those looking to buy or rent properties usually search online through search engines against reading through real estate newspapers or magazines. It is very easy to put up your real estate business on the web, all you need is an operational web page along with a social media channel to list your properties.

10. Become a Social Media Consultant

Many big organizations and businesses prefer to appoint a full-time employee or an agency to manage their social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc., but most of the small sized businesses oftenly have to run their own marketing campaign for social media channels. Nevertheless, because they have many other responsibilities, commonly entrepreneurs are excessively overwhelmed or busy to spend their lot of time on expanding their social media perspective. As an expert social media consultant, you can efficaciously guide those entrepreneur in the right direction relating to best strategies, executing schedules, and sharing contents to their targeted audience. Consequently, as their business develop, so will yours.

11. Buying and Selling Domain Names

Another best way to make money online is buying and selling of domains and many individuals buy and sell website domain names to earn money online because it takes little investment and very less time. You can buy a domain name at its registration price or even cheaper rates using discount coupons and then resell it for a revenue. But, it is recommended to do some research before on websites such as,, or any other domain auction websites/marketplaces in order to get a best idea of what is most popular regarding to web domain names. One of the best way to find really great names is to go through the list of terminated domain that provide you with many expired domain names and have made their comeback for people to buy them again.

12 Sell Photos Online

If you have great passion for photography of love capturing photos then you can make a very nice living for yourself by selling your photos online. There are numerous of people who are ready to spend good amount of money for the collection of unique and best images. Nowadays it has become very easy to submit your images to the community, which can help you to create additional source of income. Many stock photo sites like Shutterstock, envato and Fotolia offer tempting bonuses for individuals to make money regularly from the images they captured in their free time.

13. Online Flight Ticket Booking

To start an online ticket booking all you need is basic computer knowledge, a computer or laptop, an internet connection and of course partnership deed or agreement with any government registered & certified ticket booking company.

With this type of deed, you will be needed book flights for your customers and you will earn your commission based on per successful booking. This type of job you can do on part time basis it will not stop you from maintaining your regular job or permanent business. It is only another method of making some extra money.

14 Website designing Business

If you have good knowledge of HTML coding and designing skills, you can start with creating appealing, easy-to-use web pages, blogs for small businesses and individuals. Put your abilities to great use for entrepreneurs who need to take their web presence to the higher level. Create a comprehensive portfolio website or profile on social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin to show it off and attract more clients.

15. Teach Online (Online Tutors) and Conduct Webinars

Tutors and teacher are in more demand whether it is via online or offline. Hence, if you think you have got a brain and like to help others, become an online tutor or e-teacher to make some extra cash in your free time. The main factor you require is to be highly skillful in a particular subject and able to spend a few of hours every week to help others. There are many website on the web like and you can register with and become a tutor. Suppose you are really expert, you can start conducting online seminars, workshops and webinars. Most of the students whether University or college are always ready to spend money to get entry into highly-admired online seminars as well as workshops.


Overall, the Web itself is packed with lot of money making opportunities. Whereas for most of the individuals making money online is not their main source of earning, it can actually create a very solid income stream on regular basis. There are few online businessman's, which are figuring out mine gold because of all the hard work, efforts, persistence and most importantly the time they have devoted in order to make their dream to be fulfilled. Can one of these listed online money making ideas work for you? Or if you are looking for ways to monetize your website check out this awesome list of best Ways To Make Money Online From a Website.

I trust I given you some motivation to begin something yourself!

All the best and start something new today.

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