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What is Web Hosting Process?

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Here on this page I am going to explain the process of hosting a website on Internet.

Blogs, web applications and Websites are hosted or stored on special computers systems known as servers. When and online or Internet users wish to look your website, all they have to do is enter your website address or website domain name into their web browser. Once they type the URL of your website into the browser of their computer system, computer system will then connect to the server of your website and your webpage will be delivered to them via the browser of their PC.


Selection and registration of Domain name is the first step of getting a website online. A domain name is an online address of a business or website such as that use to open a particular website via a browser. Actually website domain names are pointers to a specific IP address (Internet Protocol Address) and we make use of domain names instead of IP because they are very easy to keep in mind as compare to a series of numbers.

Each and every websites have an unique IP address such as The DNS (domain name system) convert these numbers into website names All website domain names are registered in a central registry maintained by The Network Information Center also known as InterNIC, a division of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) a nonprofit organization which accredits domain name registrars or companies. Also read- Web Hosting Checklist

The first and foremost step in the process of registering a domain name is the selection of it. The name of a domain can be just about anything you wish, but from the business point of view it should describe the nature and purpose of your website. For example if you are in the business of car selling, you should have a domain name related cars for example

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There are few rules for domain name selection, like only letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed in it. Apart from this, a domain name should consist of minimum 3 characters and no more than 63 character, but it is always recommended to keep your domain as short and simple as possible. A website Domain name can be in upper case or lower case.

There are numerous extensions available for domains. The most popular and widely used extension is .com. Other domain extensions include .edu (Educational institutes), .biz (for business sites), .info (informational websites), .org (for organisations) and .net (for network service providers).

In addition there are many country specific extension such as .in (India), .us (United States), .ca (Canada) or .uk (United Kingdom). There are few different rules for country specific domains so it is recommend to check with your domain registrar to see if these extension are available to you or not.

Before assigning to some all domain names must be registered with a domain registration company that has been accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). There are numerous of domain registrars on the web and domain registration charges vary significantly. You can find the complete list of registrars here at the InterNIC’s website. Even though these registrars are closely monitored, these registrars are allowed to sell their solution via third party sites, so you will find many web hosting firms providing website domain name registration solution. If you buy domain from third-parties then you will have to some extra money.

A Domain name can be registered for minimum of 1 year and you cannot have a domain for lifetime, although you are allowed to buy a domain for up to ten years. It is always recommended to register a domain for longer duration because the longer the registration duration, the lower the cost. So if you think you are on the web for considerable period you can get benefit of longer domain registration period. If you have multiple domains you can even save more money by registering them with same registrar because many registrar offers more discounts on bulk domain registration.

Web Hosting Process


Now you own your domain name. So what's next? You need a service which is known as website hosting to get your website up and running. A web hosting is a service providing space on the web for websites. This information contains login details such as passwords to sign into your hosting account, paths to directories where the files and data of your site should be uploaded, and above all, what your DNS (domain name servers) are.

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  • DNS (Domain name servers) create a connection between the website domain name ( and IP address (Internet Protocol). The IP address as discussed earlier is a set up numbers such as: Each and every server has its specific IP number which, in the situation of dedicated servers hosting account a single website domain, is equal to the domain name. Websites hosted on dedicated server hosting environment can be acknowledge to IP like or by serving the demand of webpage.

    Most of the situations websites are hosted on shared web servers. Hosting a website Shared server means that one single server is assigned to multiple web pages and each website have the same IP (Internet Protocol). If you enter shared IP address in the browser mostly you will be redirected to your hosting providers website or you will see an error message. Therefore DNS (Domain Name System) is much required for websites hosted on shared server platforms. Furthermore Domain names are the one and only method to urge these websites because it’s not possible to urge these websites with the help of IP address. Visit Bluehost India to buy hosting with free Domain & SSL.

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    Configuration of DNS

    When you buy a domain name for your website, your domain name will be registered on the Domain Name System of the domain registrar. Till the time you choose a website host for it, your domain registration provider will mostly redirect it to an error page. Keep in mind that there is no time frame between buying a domain name for your site and finding a web host. There are many people buy domains without any business intention. But there are many other people purchase a domains with the purpose of using it for personal or business use. In order to use you need to register with a web host because you need hosting service to make your website accessible on the Web (World Wide Web).

    Process of DNS configuration looks similar to this:

    Primary DNS Server: (

    Secondary DNS Server: (

    The information related to DNS will be provided by your hosting company, mostly you can find this information in the confirmation mail sent by hosting provider during signup. Of if you can't find these details then it's best to get in touch with your web host service provider and ask for DNS information. Once you are ready with the DNS details you need to enter it into domain panel. If you have purchased both web hosting and domain from same company then they will mostly do the required changes on the behalf of you.

    When a DNS is registered newly, the domain nameservers are changed, you can expect a DNS propagation time up to 24 hours. The main reason behind this is because it takes some time for the Domain Name Server to take effect over the world wide web.


    Once you are ready with your hosting and domain account you can start uploading your website to server. One of the most simplest way upload a website is to utilization File Transfer Protocol (FTP), A standard network protocol mainly used for the transfer of computer files between a client and web server on a computer network, but there are many other options to do this.

    Your selected web host will guide you on how to associate to your website via FTP. There are various software available on the web to associate to the FTP server such as FileZilla.

    There are mainly two main folders in the each root directory of your server – public_html and www. Data and file of your website must be uploaded to the public_html folder which is the root for a primary domain. Whereas the www folder is known as mirror folder which permits internet users to access your site on the web.

    Before uploading this files you may have to alter a some settings in your FTP application in order to to upload files in a right way. To give an example, if you are making use of any type of firewall on your computer system or laptop you need to set the transfer medium to passive. Or if you are utilizing a proxy you need to alter the proxy based settings.

    Data, files and documents can be sent or got in either binary, text or ASCII mode. On the off chance that they are exchanged utilizing the wrong method they may wind up with errors on execution during the exchange. Your FTP programming application may endeavor to figure out which mode to use by looking at the contents of the documents. Files and data that ought to be sent in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) format incorporate HTML (and alternative such as HTM, SHTML, DHTML etc.) TXT, CGI (Common Gateway Interface), C, ASP (Active Server Pages) and etc. Essentially, any file or data that can be seen in a text, content manager ought to be transmitted in ASCII format. Binary mode, furthermore, is utilized to transmit everything else – illustrations, media files such as images, videos, audios etc.. For using the FTP software, you need to create a connection to your website server. Search for the folder on which you want to upload web page files, data and then browse the files in your system you want to upload. A complete folder or single files may be uploaded by FTP.

    For most of the pages you can choose specific name based on your comfort, but in each and every directory there is one file named as– index.html or other variant like index.htm or index.shtml etc. This index.html file is the name of your homepage. You can view the homepage of you web page by typing or Suppose there is no such file named index.html available on your root, then the all contents of your root folder will be displayed. In the lack of an index file in each directory of website, everyone who check over to that directory able to view all the information available on that. This can lead to major security risk along with revealing personal details to everyone.

    You can also create sites online easily. Few popular host service providers allow you reach to browser based managed software that make very easy to design web pages. Once you are done with the creation of your the page it will naturally saved to the exact area on your web server. These software's are known as website builder which are usually available via the cPanel (control panel) of your hosting account which you will get to manage to your website.

    Step by step Guide to getting a Domain and Web Hosting with Bluehost

    Bluehost is known as most trusted web hosting service providers with over 2 million clients globally. The hosting services offered by this web host are tend to be best suitable for all type of businesses. Let’s now take a look at the features of Bluehost hosting services:

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    At this moment you must be anxious to get to know about the steps to buy Web Hosting and Domain from Bluehost. Before we start, I would highly recommend you to identify your needs and budget and choose a hosting package based on your that. Prior proceeding with sign up process, understand the type of hosting service you need for example Shared, VPS, Cloud Hosting or Dedicated Server. Visit Bluehost now to know about the various type of hosting services offered by them.

    Buy Web Hosting from Bluehost

    Sign up for Bluehost Hosting

    Choose the hosting package from above screenshot or click here to maximum discount with free domain name SSL Certificate, also check Bluehost India Coupon Codes here. Once you hit the plan you will be redirected to the domain registration page where you will be able to view 2 separate boxes, one is for new domain registration and the other one to enter your already registered domain name. Keep in mind that Bluehost is not going to charge anything for new domain name registration if you use our exclusive link given above.

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    Once you done with domain registration part, click the next button and once the domain name you entered is approved you will be requested to enter the account details for new account creation. These details include name, email, contact number, address etc.

    Package Information

    Once you entered the account information, you need to check the package details including billing term, extra features etc. Don’t forget to uncheck the extra field you do not wish to include in your hosting package. Check the below screenshot:

    Bluehost package details

    Make the Payment

    Now you need to make the payment using best suitable payment mode like credit card or Paypal. Once you make the payment, you will get your hosting account login details via email account you used for account creation.

    Bluehost payment details

    All done, now you are ready to use Bluehost hosting and domain registration service.

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