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Top 10 Best Free VPS Hosting sites 2021 | Free VPS Hosting India

Top 10 Best Free VPS Hosting sites 2021 | Free VPS Hosting India - 4.9 out of 5 based on 16 votes

There are numerous of hosting companies which provider Free VPS hosting services. Many of them claim to provide a VPS plan for free of cost for whole life that is nearly unbelievable the reason behind this is that running and managing any type of hosting service incorporates high charges and not even single person or company can offer you that for free of cost. However still there are some dependable hosting providers which offer VPS hosting service for free of cost for a limited duration and after completion of that duration they will charge nominal amount from you to use their service. There are few other hosts charges a small amount of money that is actually much close to free of cost from the 1st day itself and provide you the reliable solution and cover-up the cost of running their servers. Following are the few of the Top hosting providers that you can consider for your VPS server or Hosting related needs.

Top 10 Best Free VPS Services of 2021

Free VPS Hosting, Free VPS Hosting India

Here on this page we have tested and reviewed more than 50 VPS hosting services for you and after mindful consideration, here is the list of top 10 best Free VPS hosting providers for you.

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List of Free VPS Hosting Providers


1. Accuwebhosting

Accuwebhosting Free Windows VPS HostingAccuWebHosting Offers free Windows VPS hosting absolutely free for one month. Once the month will over, this package will cost you $14.97/month. You will be provided with free Setup of your virtual machine. You will be provided many applications such as IIS server, Latest ASP.NET framework, Free MSSQL Server database, PHP with fast CGI, MySQL database also included and many other software which is request at the time of setup.

Features of AccuWebHosting Free Windows VPS hosting:

  • Hosting from USA based datacenter
  • Dual Xeon E5 & E7 series Servers
  • Enterprise Class Nimble SAN Storage
  • 1 Gbps Port Speed
  • Remote Desktop & Full Root Access
  • Microsoft HyperV Virtualization
  • Choice of Operating System
  • WebsitePanel Control Panel
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Server Firewall
  • Initial Setup & Configuration
  • Self Managed Windows VPS
  • Complimentary Backups
  • Easy Upgrade to Premium Windows VPS Hosting
  • Web based VPS Management Panel
  • ASP.Net 4.5 / PHP 5.x
  • Unlimited Microsoft SQL & mySQL Database
  • SmarterBundle Pro at no additional cost
  • Get Free Windows VPS Hosting for 1 Month.

    Get Free Windows VPS


    2. Interserver

    Interserver Free is one of the most reputed and trusted 18+ years old web hosting company headquartered in United States and popular for offering quality, reliability and affordable web hosting services globally. They offers VPS hosting for free for 30 days to all the new customers and once 30 days will over you can renew it for a cheapest rate of $6/month. Interservers VPS packages comes with wide selection of OS (operating system) such a Linux, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Suse, Fedora and many more. So if you are searching for a higher end VPS hosting plan with excellent support, we highly suggest you to give InterServer a try.. Try VPS hosting for free with $0.01 InterServer VPS Coupon Code.

    If you are searching for a website hosting service and planning to build a website in a web server that contains extreme power and increased flexibility in that case shared server hosting but it is not as costly as dedicated web server, A VPS (Virtual Private server) hosting may be best solution for your website.

    Use Coupon Code - UPDATEDREVIEWS or ROCKONINTERSERVER During checkout to get VPS hosting for just $0.01 for 1st month


  • Instant Setup
  • Monthly Pricing - cancel anytime
  • Never overloaded - Fast IO
  • Gigabit Network
  • OpenVz or KVM
  • Cluster DNS
  • Multiple operating systems
  • Full Control - root or admin
  • Start, Stop, Reboot
  • Instant reinstall
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Get Free VPS

    What Exactly Is VPS Hosting?

    A VPS hosting package includes the best components of a shared server and dedicated server hosting services. Similar to a shared hosting, Virtual servers places your web page on a web server that also hosts few other web pages running on it but the number of sites hosted on VPS is quite less as compare to Shared hosting. As the web pages share a server, the cost of VPS hosting fairly less compare to dedicated hosting. There is a huge difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting, that you website does not share server resources with other sites hosted on the same server, whereas in shared hosting all the resources shared among all the websites.

    Your website will be provided with a separate server with its own operating system and dedicated resources such as RAM, Storage space, and bandwidth as a result you can see excellent performance in your website.

    As a consequence of VPS hosting’s mixed nature, the cost of this service is not as low as Shared hosting charges and not high as dedicated web hosting charges. For VPS hosting you need to pay somewhere in between $10 to $50 per month, depending on the configuration you have chosen.

    The Features You Need to Know

    Web hosting providers generally offer numerous of VPS hosting plans that keep different amounts of storage space, email accounts, CPU power, number of domains and monthly bandwidth. It is always suggested to choose a web host with enough resources so that your website can grow. For example inMotion hosting and HostGator both offers good amount of resources in their hosting packages. Most of the hosting companies only offer Linux powered operating systems. So if you are searching for Windows VPS hosting you need to dig a bit more.

    Furthermore you also need to decide if you want to control your VPS account setup on your own, or you want your host to manage your VPS hosting account for you. If you opt for self-managed VPS server, you will not have to extra charges. On other hand, if you go for managed VPS, you will have to pay additional charges but you don’t have to worry about the server management related tasks. In managed VPS hosting environment you web host will treat your website on priority basis such as priority backups, server updates, security related stuffs and many more. Although managed VPS hosting is not available for free of cost and it can cost you around $100 extra in your monthly bill.

    Do You Need A VPS?

    My answer is yes, If you are are looking for cost-effective server option that will not load website at slower speed if any other website is consuming more resources. At UpdatedReviews we have reviewed numerous VPS hosting providers and contained the best ones in this list. Moreover if you are looking for more stronger hosting option and you should should look into a dedicated web server.

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