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Successful Event Marketing Tips for Your Next Event

Successful Event Marketing Tips for Your Next Event

Even after so many years till digital marketing evolved, very few marketers actually know how to market an event. For the people who are engaged in arranging or being involved in events, Event marketing is something they must know about. Each event plays a very important role in increasing sales along with profits and building brand value among the users by offering some value to the customers or attendees.

An event can be a music concert by a band, tour arranged by a travel operator, festival celebration arranged by a group of organizers, or a black friday sale event where the seller is looking to increase sale and customers. Event marketing plays a vital role until the sale of the last ticket or achieving sales goals during the event.

Event marketing is itself a challenging task with a lot of problems and obstacles. When you market an event, you are directly competing with hundreds of other organizers. You won't face many issues if you are an established brand but if you are a new business or organizing by your name then it is going to be a hard task. But, you don't need to worry now because you have landed on the right page. Event marketing tips on this page will help you in marketing your event better. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started with it right now.

Take Benefit from Event Listing Portals

In such time when there dedicated mobile applications and websites are available for finding events, people search for events to attend on these portals. You should get your event listed on these websites and mobile applications. It will give you a wide reach among your targeted audience. Some examples of events listing websites are:

Prepare Content for Your Event Marketing

When it comes to content - your landing page, content on the page, social media posts, blog posts plays a really important role. Content is really important to educate your readers about the event. Each content type plays an important role like:

  • Landing Page: Appreciates them in registering for the event by providing information along with a quick registration form.
  • Page Content: The content of the landing page is very important because it will help visitors in making sure if they are really going to visit the event or not. If the content on the page is relevant and helpful then the registration rate will be higher.
  • Social Media Posts: These posts and updates are important to keep your audience updated about the event and it also creates a buzz among your audience about the event.
  • Blog Posts: Blog posts work as a method of indirect promotion. You can create blog posts over a problem and how your content solves it along with providing them discounts on that service due to ongoing or upcoming sales and offers.

Create and Distribute Infographics

Infographics are considered best in terms of getting your content shared ni maximum possible audience. They are easy to read and looks attractive so it catches eyeballs. Infographic is successful because it is a perfect combination of information and graphics. 10% to 20% of your registrations or tickets will be sold through social media with the help of infographics.

Setup Email Marketing Campaigns

Email has always been a cheap as well as successful method of marketing if done properly. A lot of people complain that Email Marketing doesn't work for them. You have to be consistent with the emailing frequency, if you just send directly promotional emails to your users, they won't engage much with your emails.

Diversify your emailing list into two different categories, first of those who have previously attended your event and second of those who haven't. Prepare content according to these categories and then communicate to them about your event in series of emails.

Run Advertising Campaigns for Your Event

In order to get maximum out of your advertising campaigns, you need to think and prepare a strategy and work according to it. Choose your audience carefully. Best advertisements for events is Facebook ads for event attendees. It will automatically optimize your ad and show it to audience who is more likely to attend events. Majorly, it totally depends on your audience targeting and how well you have optimized your ad copies.

Consider Re-Targeting Visitors

People visiting on your website but not registering for the event or buying from the sale are somewhere interested. You will have to convince them to register or buy from the sale. You can do this by reminding them again and again about it. You can show up your brand or event to them while they surf the internet or when they access Facebook. You can do this by installing Facebook pixel on your website for retargeting your users and installing remarketing tag on your website for retargeting them through google ads on various websites. This will help your business to be on the back of the mind of the visitor.

Leverage Your Attendees

People who have registered for your event are the most interested people in your business. Create some value to give them which they can put on their blogs, or which they can share on their social media profiles. This will improve your reach and will work as a good referral medium for your business.

Connect with Social Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the best methods to spread the word along with trustability among people. You can connect with influencers and ask them to share your event with their social network. You can do such promotions on barter or payment basis.

Hire Brand Ambassadors for Your Event

Paid brand ambassadors are the highest level in influencer marketing. You can manually reach out to people who are having a huge fan following on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and pay them to share your event or you can reach out to an influencer marketing agency which will do everything for you.

Run a Giveaway Campaign

Giveaways and contests are the best ways of free promotion. Give something extraordinary to a limited number of people which will encourage them in taking part in the giveaway and share the words with their friends. This will drastically increase your reach along with getting you more participants and attendees.

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