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How to Increase the Page Speed of a Website or Blog?

Hey guys, Today we will discuss how to increase page speed of website or blog? Better speed of a website or blog play the main role in website optimization or in simple word we can say that if your website that is related from technology blog, gadgets reviews blog, educational website, etc., and your website speed is good then it will help as your website SEO role, . When a website speed is very slow then it will very badly affects to it's users. Let’s see that how can optimize the speed of our website or blog that is a very important topic for website content optimization. So let’s start. We have a list-out some important points to increase the website speed.

How to Increase the Page Speed of a Website or Blog?

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1. Reduce HTTP Requests

In which the first one point is for improve website speed, minimize HTTP requests. Each type of content prevents the place, according to the size of the website. The more content or the file, the more space it takes. The heavily formatted content in a website page means that it will take more time to load on the internet. Therefore, there should be at least Widgets and outgoing links etc. to improve website speed.

2. Optimize Website Images and Videos

Without images and videos or graphics a website does not complete. Images or graphics play the main role for the user interface of the website. But we should keep in mind when we develop a website that keep the image size correct, reduce the size of big size images and reduce the size after uploading. Do not upload videos and other big files without needing, if you have already uploaded that, then today there are many plugins that can optimize images and videos and can increase website speed.

3. Reduce the Redirects

Reduce the number of redirects, because all redirects send an HTTP request and every request plays a role in reducing the speed of the website.

4. Website Page optimization

Website page optimization is also very important for increasing the website speed. So let's see that how we can optimize the website pages. It takes time to fully open every single heavy loaded page. And if the user's internet speed is low, then the page also does not open or load properly. The problem is compression of pages. Compressed pages open with lower bandwidth. Which increase the speed of your blog. In today's time, most web server users download by compressing files with Zip technology.

5. Reduce the Plugin

Plugins are come with primary role when you develop a website on the platform of WordPress technology. Because WordPress is very easy for developing a website and WordPress provide a number of lots plugins but we should keep in mind, that reduce WP plugins because every WordPress plugins associated with the website uses bandwidth. Therefore, keep less plugins important to improve website speed.

6. Reduce Server Response Time

Second one important point for optimization of website speed is reduced server response time, that is very important for that. How long does it take for a website to search? What is the server's response time of the server? If server response time is taking more than 200 ms (ms) then correct it with the help of your SEO specialists which do Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO or hosting company. Because due to slow loading, many readers will not visit your website or blog or they will leave your site before it's loading.

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7. Minify and combine the code files

Because there are so many coding files created when we develop a website. So there is a main point that we should keep in mind when the development of the website has been completed, we should minify the all coding files. For the minify code file you can use minify tool, there are various tool available on the Internet for minify code file. You can search on Google that "minify code" and select a tool from search result and can minify you file by using that tool.

8. Choose the Best Hosting

The last and most important point to improve the speed of the website, choose the best hosting service provider. This is a common problem for customers who purchase cheap hosting plans. Therefore, if the website is loading slowly, your hosting companies can be responsive. Therefore, you should buy hosting from reliable host like Bluehost or FastComet. Choosing the best hosting service is very good design for website optimization and to boost the website speed. Also you can check your website speed through tool and find the reasons why your website is loading slowly. I hope this post "How to increase the page speed of the website or blog" is useful for improving the speed of your website!! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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