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Top 5 Most Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website

Top 5 Most Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website - 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes

Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website

The website has some special factors that help in ranking as well as retaining the position. Websites who neglect these points suffer whereas the website who harness them gain reward for their action. The websites that rank in google follow the guidelines and instructions given by google for every website. This article will provide you with a guide on how to make the best website for google ranking. The points here will help you to rank on google easily. This increases the DA of the website that helps the website helps a lot. You can use DA checker to determine the authority of the website.

Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website

So here are the five factors that are necessary for the website to have for ranking in google and getting traffic from search engines.

Mobile Friendly

Most people are shifting to mobile devices for searches and google considers mobile searches very important because more than 50% of searches are on mobile devices. The search result prefers mobile-friendly websites. The websites, which are not mobile-friendly get, their position lost due to Google’s new algorithm. According to the new algorithm, the websites that will rank in Google will be mostly those websites that easily open in smartphones. The mobile-friendly website readily adjusts to the mobile screen and the user does not have to fit the screen to view the website. The website’s fonts change automatically. The font size for the desktop is quite large as compared to the phone due to its small screen. In this case, the font size becomes large automatically.

The ad placement sometimes is a big problem for the website owners and sometimes blocks the important message of the website in ads. This problem is solved by the mobile-friendly website and they maintain a good user experience because of which people love to visit their website. Make sure your website’s loading speed is good in mobile devices as well. Sometimes the speed of the website is good in the computer but a bit slow in mobile devices. Ensure that essential content isn’t hidden by ads.

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DA and PA Checker

DA is a very important factor for ranking the website in search engines. The DA checker can tell about the DA of the website. It is absolute that people who regularly use DA checker for their website and constantly work on it tend to have good rankings because DA checker tells about the flaws of the website. The pa checker is also very important and tells where the things should be changed to make the page better for users and that helps rank in google. The DA checker also shows the age of domain, which is a very basic factor for the domain authority.

The website on a highly competitive niche is 3-4 years older. When competition is tough and content of all websites is good then Google also looks at the domain authority of website and domain age. This helps google the best website to rank on top position. It is not impossible to get the first position in the ranking, it’s just tough to get ranked with a new website. The DA and PA checker can suggest tips as well for the website to increase its ranking. Pre-post SEO can work as a DA checker. The tool is very precise and can really help website owners to make their website better.

Web Page Load Time

Another important metrics is loading time of the website, which shows how much time it takes to download the entire source code a particular web page.
Loading duration of site’s source code give you first signs about website speed. However, these two metrics are just a small portion of the battle. A guest of your site can possibly engage with your offers, deals if your entire page has loaded, containing all components, for example, pictures, graphics, videos etc.

A couple of examples?

  • Amazon Inc. (multinational technology company) experienced around 1 % loss in profit every 100 ms website load delay.
  • Walmart Inc. (multinational retail corporation) enhanced conversion rate by 2 % for each one second of page load time improvement.
  • Mozilla also known as Mozilla Firefox enhanced conversions by 15.4 % by diminishing page load time by 2.2 seconds.
  • Still not satisfied?

    A small loading time doesn't just boost the client experience, yet additionally strengthens the organic ranking of website. Google has stated website speed as one of top ranking elements. On the basis of the web page size and the scanning stretch, entire page monitoring can make a great deal of data transfer traffic.

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    So how can you improve site loading time?

    One of the easiest methods is to lessen the size of images. Many online tools and applications contain a choice to diminish the size of images. One more alternative is to choose a best and reliable Cloud hosting service provider to host your website on fastest servers without any interruption.

    Social Shares

    Social shares are also a very powerful signal for google to rank a website. Google claims that social shares don’t count in the ranking factors but studies show that articles with more social shares tend to rank higher in google than other posts. Social shares give more traffic to the website as social shares increase so does the traffic on post increases and google love posts that has traffic.

    The sharing on social media also works for the website article when social shares increase so does the amount of backlinks increase with each share. Social media presence is very important now for the better outreach of the post as more than 2 billion people are on Facebook. The number is increasing every day and it will continue to increase. Therefore, you can get this audience by social media only.

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    Backlinks always help to rank website in google. Most people say backlink does not work anymore. Although their influence is a little less now as compared to 2012. Due to people spamming google with only backlinks. However, they are still very powerful and worthy. The backlinks are like the backbone of the website it gives strength to the website and increases domain authority. You can also check the number and quality of backlinks from DA checker. The backlink is taken from high-quality website help website to rank higher than backlink taken from low-quality website. The website with high DA increases the DA of the website whereas website with low DA does not have much effect on the website. The website from which backlink is taken should be first checked by DA checker to know about the DA of website and then backlink should be taken from them. The website pre-post SEO backlink can be used for making for the website.

    Quality of content

    The quality of content matter a lot in ranking in any search engine. The “content is king” and the audience is the kingdom. If the king wants his kingdom to be happy, he has to be good. Just like this, for the audience to be happy content should be of high quality and should be written after deep research and experience.

    The content maker should 2000-3000 words content to rank high on google. Google crawl the whole page and prefer a website that has a detailed article for the searched query. The content can also be internally linked and externally linked to the flow of traffic across the website and to other websites. This is very helpful for the website to link the text on which detail is present on your or other’s website.

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