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How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website

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How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website

How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website

Does server location affect website speed?

In short, Yes, the server/data center location affects the speed of websites.

The first and foremost thing you need to do when choosing a hosting service for your website is to find out from which location the majority of your traffic, website visitors are coming.
For what reason is this so crucial? Since the server area whereon your website is hosted plays a fundamental part in your entire network latency and TTFB (Time to first byte).

  • Does server location affect website speed?
  • What is Time to First Byte & Latency?
  • Check the Geographic location of your website visitors
  • Perform a Prompt Latency Test
  • Perform a Prompt TTFB (Time to first byte) Test
  • Pick a Server Location Near To Visitors Area
  • How to Reduce Latency?
  • Conclusion

  • What is Time to First Byte & Latency?

    The time to first bite (TTFB) refers to the duration of time it takes at the time a web browser sends a request to the physical server and when it gets its first byte of information. The more extended the range the information must go, the more it will take to serve your webpage. Keep in mind that TTFB must be as low as possible.

    Latency speaks about the complete rotation time that is engaged with the information transmission from your internet browser to the web server over a network. The more extended the distance the information must go, the more it will take to arrive at its target. The latency is evaluated in MS (milliseconds), although it could go up to seconds subject to the network.
    One of the simplest methods to achieve this is to consider picking a server /data center area near your website visitors.

    Now we will take a look at a few of the informative points you can follow to figure out which is the more appropriate server location for your website.

    Check the Geographic location of your website visitors

    One of the straightforward way to discover bits of knowledge about the geographic location of your site's guests is to beware of the data of your Google Analytics account.

    Sign in to your Google Analytics and go to Audience then Geo and Click on Location.

    Once you click the location option you will find the list of countries, you are getting traffic from. In case you are a local business owner, you can specify the results by separating to the city.

    Check the Geographic location of your website visitors

    In the above screenshot you can see that 62% of the visitors we are getting to our website are from India. So it is good to host your website on a India based server location.

    In case you are targeting a worldwide audience, you can make use of a CDN service.

    Perform a Prompt Latency Test

    There are a couple of viable approaches to evaluate latency from your present area to your website hosting service provider, comprising Traceroute Ping Test, or MTR (Combining the functionality of ping & traceroute). With the help of this you rapidly assess which server area may be the most ideal option for your website. Keep in mind, the lower the ping test result, the superior.

    Perform a Prompt TTFB (Time to first byte) Test

    You can make use of the tools such as KeyCDN or Sucuri. By using these tools you will be able to perform a test from different areas around the world.

  • Go to or
  • Enter your website domain name in the search box and click the test button.
  • The TTFB results of your webpage will be shown.
  • Keep in mind that the lesser the TTFB result, the best.

    In the screenshot given below you can see that the TTFB for Bangalore location is very low and much higher for New York. he main reason behind this is that we are using an India based server location. This is evidence that latency and range play into TTFB (Time To First Bite).

    TTFB (Time to first byte) Test

    In most of the cases, TTFB of below 100 ms is perfect. According to Google PageSpeed insights tool under 200 ms is recommended for the server to respond.

    Pick a Server Location Near To Visitors Area

    In case you are getting visitors from India and the data center of your hosting provider is located in the USA or UK, that implies the information literally needs to travel most of the way around the world to contact your site visitors.

    Consequently, it's strongly suggested to choose a host with the server location near to your targeted audience. In the event that you already did that and still your site speed is delayed as it were, most likely you have to consider picking a new hosting service provider.

    Top hosting companies such as FastComet and Hostinger have servers/data centers throughout the world. This permits you to choose a server location nearest to your visitors area and guarantees low latency and extremely quick site loading speed.

    How to Reduce Latency?

    Other than picking a nearby server / data center location, making use of a CDN service is another way to reduce server latency.

    A content delivery network stores the static contents of your site over numerous servers around the world. Such as, in case your site is hosted on a US based server, and one of your website visitor is from India, they are going to see the content from CDN's United States area. CND makes the static data and information of your site load as quick as possible, regardless of where your visitors derive from.

    These days many companies have partnered with the most popular CDN service provider Cloudflare. You can choose to go with Bluehost, Hostinger, FastComet or A2 Hosting, all of these hosting companies are giving free CDN with their hosting plans. Making use of Cloudflare CDN service implies that loading time of a page will take very less time, improving site speed as well as performance.


    I believe that I have helped you in learning about how to pick the best server location for your website or blog. Keep in mind that a server near to your targeted audience will guarantee a rapid and quick loading of your site. If you are not sure about the audience location of your site, you can choose to go with Bluehost because their servers are optimized to serve the global audience. You will be given a free CDN with hosting plans.

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