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Top 10 Front-end Web Development Trends for 2021

Top 10 Front-end Web Development Trends for 2021

The Internet can be credited to be one of the most revolutionary technological developments by mankind. It has brought the world together in terms of communication, amongst others. Moreover, the way the Internet facilitates the transmission of data at a high speed when coupled with the latest networking technologies has revolutionized the flow of information in the world.

Since the domain of the Internet is a trending thing these days, more people are willing to get involved with it in ways other than that of a simple consumer. Web development is becoming increasingly popular by the day and the number of aspiring web developers is increasing as well.

About a couple of decades ago, the introduction of JavaScript laid the foundation of a new Internet era that presented dynamic web pages. A lot has been accomplished since then with the help of React JS Development Services, as far as front end web development is concerned. We interact with numerous streaming websites, web applications, etc. all because of these innovations.

As technology keeps evolving and newer ways of accomplishing things are being introduced, newer trends are taking over the market each year. However, out of all the technological fields, no other field witnesses the change in trends and innovations as frequently as that of the computers. Because of the dynamicity and world-wide accessibility, web development receives a contribution from a huge community of developers and introduces innovations to the users frequently.

Here are some front end web development trends that are going to be prevalent in 2021-

1. Artificial Intelligence-

Artificial Intelligence is trending these days, and its utility covers a wide variety of fields- so much that it seems like AI will augment every other field in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence helps improve the customer experience by predicting their future preferences based on their past actions. Front end web development helps businesses to generate revenue by suggesting the results according to the AI predictions. Numerous websites are utilizing this utility, for example, Google and Amazon.

2. Responsive Web Pages and Designs-

Development in digital technology has not been confined just to computers, but other devices have come to play as well. Mobile phones and tablets have become increasingly popular in recent years especially when Internet surfing is at the highest. If you are obsessed with a certain website, you most certainly wished that your phone was compatible enough to handle the content that is provided.

This is where responsive web pages come to play. These web pages are designed in a way to respond to the devices that they are visited with. Responsive websites generate a lot more traffic than non-responsive ones. The increasing number of mobile users and the developing smartphone features indicate that the traffic from phones will dominate, thus indicating the trend of Responsive web pages.

3. UI Innovations-

User Interface is of utmost importance as the users interact with it all the time. The back end doesn’t concern much as long as the interface is fancy and the information is easy to grasp. These times have been seeing development in responsive interfaces and graphics. These have proven to be immensely engaging and informative to the users. The innovations in this field aren’t stopping any time soon and the trend will continue in the coming years.

4. Chat-bots –

As we discussed earlier, Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, and it has led to the development of some very important systems. Among those are the virtual assistants like the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. People are becoming increasingly reliant on these assistants to perform several activities like ordering products, making payments, setting reminders, asking for information, or performing some in-app activity.

Automating the assistance for users can be very profitable for businesses- it cuts costs, reduces human-based errors, and works tirelessly. Service-based websites often rely on message-based systems to provide any immediate assistance to the traffic. Automated chatbots powered by AI can solve this issue efficiently.

5. Voice Search-

Voice recognition systems have become quite efficient and reliant lately. Computers are now able to interpret what people say to great precision. Many systems utilize this feature to make it convenient for people to search on their platforms, for example- Google Voice Search, Amazon’s Alexa, and so on. Voice Search helps people accomplish tasks easily and consume less time in doing so. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular with the public and will likely be implemented by a lot of websites in the coming days.

6. Motion Graphics-

Graphics are the best way to convey messages and information. A human brain can process an image faster than a text naturally, hence website developers started including interactive graphics and avoided text wherever possible. With time, videos and then motion graphics started to become prominent. Designers are coming up with innovative ideas to make the content engaging and comfortable for people to go through using motion graphics and the trend is going to continue in the coming year.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages-

Google, in collaboration with Twitter, has started the AMP initiative to develop the open-source HTML framework to aid developers in developing web pages with high performance and fast loading speed. AMPs provide the web pages high visibility and therefore higher conversion rate. Google has declared to provide a mobile search box which will aid the users to discover mobile-friendly sites.

8. Frameworks-

The use of JavaScript and related frameworks is imperative for a front end web developer. Frameworks provide tools to make development less time consuming and convenient. Developers use them to avoid repetitive coding and to implement content from the plethora of libraries that they provide.

Angular JS by Google and React by Facebook have been the major players in this scenario, however Vue.JS, Ember and Backbone are rising in popularity as well. This year will possibly see new tools and library upgrades by these platforms. The dependence of developers on these platforms will continue to increase.

9. Single Page Applications-

One thing that is certain for users is that they don’t like to wait for a page to load. Websites adopt several strategies to reduce the page loading time, however this drawback can be significantly avoided by using the Single Page Application model for application development.

SPAs dynamically work on the same page which avoids the browsers having to load new pages for any particular activity. Gmail, Facebook, and several other renowned applications work on the same model. With the user base responding positively to the SPAs, the trend will most likely remain prominent in the times to come.

10. Static Websites-

Even though dynamic websites are much sought after as far as engagement and aesthetics are concerned, static websites have their advantages. Static websites are comparatively safe, load quickly, and consume less space. With niche businesses willing to deliver professional content in a static manner keeping in mind the safety of their data, static websites will remain relevant.


Web development is a prolific area that attracts new aspirants every year. As technology develops, newer methods of accomplishing tasks are introduced. The world of the internet is developing rapidly and to keep up with the pace of the world, developers, especially those who are fresh in this business, need to be aware of the trending aspects of the trade. In case you are a developer or planning to become one, the above-discussed topics will hopefully help you prepare for your front-end web development pursuits in the year 2021.

Author Name:- Harikrishna Kundariya
Biography:- Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBizTechnologies @React JS Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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