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What is Uptime in Web Hosting? How to Measure it?

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What is Uptime in Web Hosting? How to Measure it?

Uptime is the amount of time that a web server has stayed up and accessible. This is normally listed as a percentage, like 99.99% or "99.8% uptime." Uptime rate is an excellent factor to measure the performance of a best Web hosting provider because it shows that how capable is hosting provider at keeping their systems up, accessible and running. If a web host has a higher percentage of uptime, then it means their servers reachable and running most of the time and therefore any website you host with that hosting company should stay up and accessible too. As websites can't retain users if they are frequently down or unreachable, uptime is extremely important.

What is web hosting uptime

Do You Know Your Web Hosting Providers Uptime Guarantee?

It may be 99%? 99.9%? Or even 100%?

In real facts, it does not really matter.

Most of the Web Hosting companies make a huge promises about uptime guarantees. But they very hardly pay or compensate clients if they break guarantees. Web Server Uptime guarantees are very  appealing when used in advertising pitch, yet the best server guarantee will not stop your website going not reachable.

What is an Acceptable Amount of Downtime?

First of all, let’s examine and analyse how much duration is behind the percentages of uptime. An average in a 30 day month has 43,200 minutes. Let’s have an eye at few frequent uptime guarantees to check how many minutes of website downtime is permitted before the server guarantee kicks in.


  • 1. 99% uptime guarantee enable your site be down or unaccessible for 432 minutes almost 7+ hours every month before you can declare.
  • 2. 99.9% uptime lets nearly about 45 minutes of downtime. Most of the Top web hosts can perform hardware server resources modifications within 30 minutes of time, so this easefully permits for at least single hardware failure on monthly basis. (This is the uptime promised and advertised by many top web hosting companies including iPage, Inmotion Bluehost etc.).
  • 3. 99.99% permits for within 5 minutes of website downtime on monthly basis. As cloud server and CDN hosting (content delivery network) become more universal, 99.99% and 100% server uptime guarantees are becoming more ordinary, however it’s still quite tough to find a hosting service provider that guarantees them.


Furthermore, few hosts calculate downtime on quarterly, or even yearly basis, so a big interruption would be ‘digested by quality service in uninterrupted months.

So exactly how much website downtime would you bearable? Preferably, none at all. But your selected service provider is apparently giving themselves more freedom than you imagine.

Why Web Hosting Uptime is Important?

Web Hosting uptime guarantee plays an important role because it relates the service reliability. Assume if throughout working hours, we send or receive important business related e-mails but the hosting server is not reachable or down? Of course our business will be harmed.

Type of Server Downtime

* Pre-Planned Server Downtime

As the name itself indicates, downtime will be experienced by clients is pre-planned. Assume that when Best Web hosting companies will upgrade their server hardware or restart the server machine because there are applications and software upgrades that need restart.

* Semi Planned Server Downtime

Semi Planned Server Downtime is probablistic since the incidental but manageable. Imagine a web server is running an older version of PHP version 4.xx and it has a security hole. So it require to upgrade to new version and during the time of upgradation to latest versions of PHP there will be the possibility of the service will be disrupted for a few minutes.

* Unplanned downtime

Unplanned web server downtime is commonly happened because of the server overloading and then have to stop or may be some other problems occurs in the performance of hardware resources such as RAM modules corrupt or die.

Server Uptime Guarantee

The type of server downtime of listed above is clearly explain that a web hosting company can not be free from downtime because they need to execute regular maintenance on the server side as well. Thus when a web hosting service uptime guaranteed 100%, the conclusion is its truly Impossible!

Server Uptime is Still Important

Do not be misunderstand, having a web hosting provider company that guarantees server uptime is preferable than one that does not. But do not imagine that if a service provider guarantees 99.99% uptime that your web page will never go down or unreachable. What it more probable means is that if your website is suffering from downtime you'll be compensate for the cost of the web hosting during the server down time.

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