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Top Reasons Why Websites Go Down or Crashes & How to Prevent it?

Top Reasons Why Websites Go Down or Crashes & How to Prevent it? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Top Reasons Why Websites Go Down or Crashes & How to Prevent it?

Website downtime or crash can be frustrating as well as annoying and inconvenient because a little site downtime can cost your business very much, particularly if you own a popular eCommerce website.
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At the moment when your site goes down or crash, it's a serious matter. A website is probably a showroom to display your products/services, your sales channel, medium of contact, your business portfolio, and hell of a lot more.

A longer duration of downtime or unavailability for any website at the wrong occasion is much more similar to locking or closing your business doors amid open hours.

On the off chance that your site or blog takes over two seconds to load, around 14% of your customers or online users will leave and locate to other website to make purchase.

Just imagine what your potential online customers would do in case they find your site unavailable or inaccessible for more than a 2 seconds of duration.

Today in this post we are going to take a deep look in the various reasons why websites go down. Have a look at the top causes of website down or crashes so that you can be kept informed of them and keep your site online without any interruption.

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Low Quality Web Hosting Service

Even though your selected web hosting service provider confided you with an assured uptime of 99.99%, the uptime guarantee does not actually value the place it is mentioned on. Regardless of whether your web host makes no attempt to meet the standard they actually assured and they deliver you an uptime of around 80% or even less, your hosting provider will not be compensating you for any kind of losses you occur. Your web host may be compensate you the real cost you paid for the hosting service at the particular period of downtime, which for the most part does not add up to much. Hosting your website on a low cost hosting service is one of the major cause of website downtime or crash. Worst part of it is that you really do not know how much downtime or outage your site is going to experience since your web host company is not probably going to report the measure or volume of unintentional downtime/outage your site experiences every month. This is the situation in which website monitoring tools and services comes into an action. By using website monitoring tools you will easily identify how much amount of downtime or any kind of outage your site is undergoing.

Coding Related Errors

Occasionally your site crashed due to someone including you, your web developer or any other who is having access to your sites admin area, unintentionally ruined the coding part.

Coding related issues generally occurs due to someone from your web development or website maintenance team messed something up during performing any kind of maintenance or website updation. So in case you are facing any site crash or outage after your team was performing any action on it, at that point it most likely crashed on account of a coding related errors.

Planned or Unplanned Server Maintenance

In most of the cases your web host (A reliable web host) send alert related to planned server maintenance. Server maintenance and updation is must for every hardware upgraded, security patches or application updates. In most of the situations hosting account owners are informed in advance and maintenance related tasks are performed whenever there is a least amount of traffic or visits to a website. Mostly midnight is the best suitable time to perform scheduled maintenance of any server. But there are few unreliable hosts that do not inform their client before doing any server maintenance. You should always stay away from those web hosts.

Virus/Malicious Attacks

In case your site has any weak points from the security point of view, online hackers may discover/identify it and surely try to bring your site down using those weak points because hackers are there to just to bring down the websites. These online attacks could be from bots or from real individuals maliciously attempting to hack your business or personal website. There are numerous of web based bots and most of them sustain virus or infected software. These bots are similar to the worms of the web. These bots keep on crawling around the web as well as attempt to locate websites, blogs, web application they can break down.

In case any malicious threat or bot gets attracted to your web page, generally lead to crashing your site.

Hardware Malfunction or Failures

Servers are man-made equipements therefore in some situations hardware stops working or server’s fan bust, circuits heat and so on related issues can happen. Replacing or fixing any non-functioning component is a simple task unless it is not available and needs to be arranged.

DNS Related Issues

Another possible reason of website downtime is DNS related issues. Sometimes it happens due to domain propagation time and in some occasions it happens to due to incorrect configuration of DNS. Even a minor mistake in nameserver can cause a website down as well as crash. In order to avoid DNS related issues, you need to configure your DNS related setting correctly.

Overburden Server

In case you share sort of controversial stuffs or offering something for free of cost through your site or blog, in that case you should expect huge amount of traffic like a tsunami to your site. If you have planned it in proper way then you can easily handle it using backup servers. Otherwise tsunami of traffic and visitors will consume all the resources of your server and your website go down.

How to Prevent your Website Going Offline?

There are few ways to prevent your website going down or offline. Below we are going to share the top 3 ways to stop your website going offline:

Find A Reliable Web Host

One of the most crucial factor in keeping your site up and running is finding a right web hosting provider. A best and Reliable web host service provider will give you access to broad variety of services to make certain that your site remain up for maximum of the time, these services comprise:

  • 24/7 expert monitoring of servers & hardwares
  • Utilization of fast, powerful and high-performance servers
  • Expert observation of for hacking, bot and malicious activities
  • Arranging web servers for maximum performance & capabilities
  • Expert monitoring of server performance to dealt with any kind of issues
  • Fully Managed Server Updates and fixing to Operating System (OS) Software
  • Furthermore, if you choose a reliable web host you will be provided with many other services to prevent your website from going down, like remote server backups, automated backups, 24*7 technical support by team of experts along with 24/7 server monitoring. Few top web hosting companies also give an assurance of uptime depending on the type of web hosting service you opt.

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    Depend on a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

    Depending upon any top CDN services like CloudFlare CDN and MaxCDN can help you lessen your site downtime to some extent. By using any CND such as CloudFlare or MaxCDN, you will be provided with an option to deliver traffic to your website via their nameservers. So in case, your web hosting provider’s servers are facing downtime, content delivery network service provider can in that situation serve a cached copy of your site to your valuable visitors.

    Keep Your Site Software up to date

    You can prevent your website going offline due to hacking or malicious activities by keeping your software up to date to the most recent versions available. Hackers always keep an eye on outdated software of sites to bring them down. Therefore it is always recommended to turn on automatic updates, so that you do need to worry about software updations.

    Contact Your Web Host

    All in all, no matter what issue you are facing with your website, you should try to get in touch with your web host. Your host service provider must be able to assist you in the right direction with a proper solution.

    Final Thought

    Each and every website crashes and go offline at some points of time. To be frank downtimes are unavoidable. So at the moment downtime or crash happen just stay calm, peaceful as well as keep patient. Contact your web host or web developer or any technical expert and share all of the information related to the issue that you can and work with them to get your site up and running as soon as possible.

    Last modified on Thursday, 02 January 2020 08:15

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