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How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India | Step by Step Guide

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How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India

Leasing a physical space on the server for organizations and for different motives has been continuously decreasing these days. The main reason behind this continuous decrease is that the virtual space contains several amazing advantages that can't be contrasted with the basic methods of doing business on the web. Getting the virtual space for a website has been made imaginable by the top hosting companies such as Bluehost, one of the top picks for the best and quality hosting services in India. You can read my unbiased reviews about Bluehost India hosting here.

The main motive of this hosting organization is to provide businesses and individuals a secure platform to host their website on the web at a reasonable price and they are working smartly to match their objective.

How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India


The most acknowledged name in the hosting industry is Bluehost. It gives a wide variety of hosting plans for all types of businesses and individual needs and a budget price. The hosting services offered by this top leading host includes shared, VPS, Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated server hosting etc. You can also use their services for reselling purposes. Below I am going to share the step by step tutorial on how to purchase web hosting service from Bluehost.


Bluehost hosting is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) and it is known for offering its world class hosting services. They have more than 20 years of expertise in the hosting business. In case you are looking for the best web hosting providers with enhanced speed and performance then Bluehost is the perfect choice for you.
You can use this tutorial to buy hosting plans from

  • Bluehost India vs
  • both because steps are almost the same with both hosting companies. Furthermore, buying hosting from Bluehost India website enables you to make payment in Indian currency whereas when you buy hosting from Bluehost International you need to pay using Paypal or credit card.

    Visit Bluehost.comVisit Bluehost India


    Buying hosting service is not a difficult task, since you have decided to purchase hosting from Bluehost then here is the step by step guide.
    Nevertheless, before we move ahead, it is basic for organizations as well as individuals to discover the sort of content and stuff that they are planning to post on their website. In view of that, they have to choose a best suited hosting plan to serve their needs.

    1st Step-> Visit Bluehost’s official website by clicking This Link. You will land to the below mentioned screen

    Bluehost India Hosting

    2nd Step-> Choose a hosting plan that matches best to your needs. Picking the suitable hosting plan will be a simpler task for you without putting the least cost into thought since you currently understand the worth you gonna get from the site.

    For the individuals yet thinking about which plan to pick for their website, everything relies upon the features you need.
    Select Hosting Plan I would suggest you go with the Plus plan since it offers you the ability to host unlimited domains or you can opt the Basic plan if you wish to host just one single website as of now. Once you decide the plan just hit the SELECT button.

    3rd Step-> After deciding the hosting plan, the subsequent step is to decide on the off chance that you have already registered your domain name or not. In case you already own a domain, you need to enter the domain name before continuing or purchase another one on the off chance that you do not have an already registered name you wish to use. In case you are not sure about the name of your domain, just click I’ll create my domain later link to skip the domain name registration process and register it later.
    One important thing I wish to share with you is in case you have registered your domain with some other registrar then you need to point the nameservers.


    Purchasing a brand new domain doesn't cost anything because Bluehost offers a free domain name with all hosting plans.

    4th Step-> Once you are done with the domain registration part, you need to fill your account details such as name, email, address etc. to continue with this how to buy hosting from Bluehost tutorial.

    BlueHost WordPress Account Creation

    5th Step-> Now you need to check the package information. You will see something like this.

    This is the step where you need to choose the billing cycle you wish to opt. You have the option to choose 12, 24 or 36 months billing duration. You will find that you are going to get free domain and free Let's Encrypt SSL. Also you will find that the longer the plan duration, the cheaper the hosting cost.

    BlueHost Package Details

    6th Step-> Next step in this guide is to choose package extras. Few of the add-ons are checked by default. You can choose any of the add-on based on your needs. You are free to choose or ignore this section. The available add-ons on this page are Domain Privacy+Protection, Codeguard Basic, Bluehost SEO Tools Start, 1 Office 365 Mailbox, & Sitelock Security Essential.

    7th Step-> The final step in this tutorial on buying hosting from Bluehost is to enter the payment information. After entering the payment payment details you need to accept the terms and conditions of service usage and click the Submit button.

    Bluehost payment details

    Now you have bought a hosting plan from Bluehost.

    Now you will get an welcome email from Bluehost support team which contains cPanel login details of your account. You will too get an activation email to activate your domain, in case you choose to register for a free domain name with your hosting purchase.

    Leave this step, in the event your domain name is registered with some other provider.

    Now you will be asked to choose a password for your account.

    You need to hit the create your password button on this step. Once you hit the button you will be redirected to a new page where you can set the password for your site or blog.


    There are 4 different plans available with and 3 with you can choose to host: Pricing

  • Basic plan that costs $2.95 per month.
  • Plus plan that can be bought at $5.45 per month.
  • Choice Plus which can be bought by paying $5.45 per month.
  • Pro Plan will cost $13.95 per month
  • Visit Bluehost Global
  • Bluehost India Pricing

  • Basic plan that costs Rs.199 per month.
  • Plus plan that can be bought at Rs.299 per month.
  • Choice Plus which can be bought by paying Rs.299 per month.
  • Visit Bluehost India
  • It is essential to know that the hosting prices are going to be discounted if bought on yearly basis and when purchased using our exclusive Bluehost India coupons, there will be a huge discount. You are free to choose Indian server or US based server based on your targeted audience.

    No.5. Bluehost Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Bluehost Shared Hosting Worth?

    I must say Yes because Bluehost shared hosting comes with many freebies and amazing features. One of the best things about Bluehost hosting is that it includes free domain, CDN and SSL.

  • Is it Possible To Upgrade Plan to Higher Plan?

    Yes you can easily upgrade to a higher plan by paying the difference amount.

  • Is there any Refund Policy?

    Yes there is a policy of 30 days refund, in case of unsatisfactory hosting experience. Keep in mind that there is no refund for domain name registration and add-on services.

  • Is the Reselling Option Available with Bluehost?

    Yes, there is a reselling option available with Blehost hosting plans. You can ask for Reseller hosting services in case you wish to resell hosting to your clients and start making a decent income.


    Since you are searching for the best website hosting service with exciting features such as Free Domain Name, SSL Certificate, SSD Storage etc. at a discounted price. Here I have the UpdatedReviews exclusive 65% OFF Discount deal link and by clicking this link you can get shared/WordPress hosting for just $2.95/month.



    Bluehost is one of the most trusted brands in the hosting industry because they are offering hosting solutions for every need and budget. It is trusted by many webmasters and bloggers. By using our exclusive Bluehost coupons you can get hosting at reduced price. The ease of use of Bluehost website is superb. If you choose to go with Bluehost India you can easily pay in local Indian currency.

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