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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh
How To Install WordPress On Hostinger In 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 votes

How To Install WordPress On Hostinger In 2021

How To Install WordPress On Hostinger

Are you planning to start a brand new blog or website to create an online presence? Whether you wish to begin a web blog, online store or an eCommerce website, selecting a reliable hosting service company is very important.

In the hosting industry there are numerous web hosting companies available to host WordPress based websites but not every one of them are cost-effective. In case you are on a limited budget then Hostinger is the best option to host your website at a budget price. Both Hostinger India and Hostinger global are offering affordable hosting plans.

No other web host can get close to the cost-effective hosting plans and services offered by Hostinger. Furthermore, Hostinger is known as the fastest web hosting company around the world.

Creating a website on Hostinger is much quicker. Hostinger is quite simple to use and you can set up your WordPress website on Hostinger in just a few simple steps.

In this post, we will tell you the best way to sign up for Hostinger hosting and install WordPress using a control panel.
Apart from this we will also discuss why this web hosting provider is certainly the ideal option for the people who are on a limited budget.

So let's get started.

Use the following steps to sign up for Hostinger hosting and Install/setup WordPress.

Step 1: or

First of all you have to visit the official website of Hostinger India using our exclusive link.

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Once you land on the website, you will see their current deal of upto 70% o Hostinger India and Upto 90% off on They generally offer huge discounts on their hosting plans.

Installing WordPress on Hostinger shared hosting

Note: You can use these steps to install WordPress on both Hostinger India and Hostinger Global.

Step 2: Choose a Hosting Plan

Now you need to click the Start Now button or choose any other plan by visiting the prospective page like Shared Hosting , VPS Hosting , Cloud Hosting or Minecraft server hosting based on your requirements.
Here we are signing up for a shared hosting plan and there are 4 plans to choose from with different features and tools.

Install WordPress On Hostinger Shared Hosting

Here is the short summary of their shared hosting plans and pricing:

Single Web Hosting

This is the cheapest starter hosting plan available on the web. With this package you will be provided with 10 GB of SSD storage, 100 GB monthly bandwidth, 1 website, free SSL, 1 MySQL database and free hPanel control panel.

This package is perfect for the website that does not have more data and traffic. Mainly suitable for starter websites and blogs with basic requirements.

Premium Web Hosting

This is the most popular plan of Hostinger and it includes everything you need to start a website at a reasonable cost.
By paying as little as Rs.119/month, you can host unlimited websites/domains. Additionally you will be provided with Unlimited bandwidth, 100GB SSD storage space, Unlimited databases, email accounts, SSH access as well as a free domain name is also included in this package.

This hosting plan is for you in the event that you need to build a WordPress website or blog that you need to grow fast, has higher resources consuming contents and you expect to get a huge amount of traffic.

Business Web Hosting

This hosting plan is perfect for the websites with excessive requirements. Other than the features available in the Premium package, you given access to many features and tools such as dedicated amount of resources, 100GB SSD storage, daily backups, cache manager, free CDN, consistent uptime monitoring, speed boost and many more at the monthly cost of Rs.259.

Every hosting package includes free SSL and 24*7 live chat support.

Now select your desired hosting plan and go ahead by clicking the Add to cart button.

Step 3: Continue To Checkout

When you click on the Add to cart button you will be redirected to the order summary page to complete your order.
Before making the payment and completing the checkout process, don’t forget to check the billing duration for which you are going to sign up for the hosting package. 48 months is the default duration. It is recommended to go with a 48 months billing cycle because you will get a maximum discount for this duration.

You can use our exclusive coupon code “SPECIAL15” to get an additional discount of 8% on all hosting plans.

Note: The prices shown on the entire website of Hostinger is for 48 months duration. The cost will change if you change the billing cycle.

Hostinger Billing Duration

Now click the Checkout Now button to complete the signup process.

Step 4: Continue To Signup Page

Now you will be asked to login or sign up for a new account. You can login or sign up using your Facebook, Gmail or any other email account.
Fill the required details and continue to the payment page by clicking the Create Account & Checkout Button.

Hostinger Signup and Checkout

Step 5: Install WordPress

After making the payment for your hosting account with Hostinger, you have come one more step closer to installing WordPress CMS and setting up your WordPress website.
Now check your email for control panel login details and login to control panel with your login credentials.

Head over to the hosting menu in your control panel (hPanel). You will find the hosting account you recently bought.

Hostinger Hosting Dashboard

Hit the Manage Button to alter the hosting account settings.

Now you are inside the control panel of your hosting account. From there you can manage/view your hosting setting such as Bandwidth usage, web space usage, domains/subdomains, email account etc.

Hostinger Control Panel

Since we wish to install WordPress on our brand new hosting account, we can do that by looking down to the website section in your Hostinger control panel. Now click the auto installer button.

Hostinger WordPress Installer

With the Automatic Installer, you can easily install many applications and scripts on your blog/website. To complete the WordPress installation, just click the WordPress visible in the most popular segment or auto installer.
Hostinger Auto Installer Once you click the WordPress, you need to choose the destination where you wish to install the WordPress.

Hostinger WordPress Install- Choose Domain

After choosing the destination, you will be asked to set up a username and password to access the admin area of your WordPress account. Follow the instructions to create your WordPress admin account.

Hostinger WordPress Setup

Step 6: Enter The Title & Tagline for Your Website

On this step you will be asked to provide a Title and Tagline for your website.

Now you have successfully installed WordPress using Hostinger on your website.
You can move forward and start creating your website.
Now can choose the suitable theme and Plugins for your website from the list of available themes.


So after reading this post, you must have understood how easy it is to install WordPress on Hostinger India and It is just a matter of a few minutes to install WordPress and get your website ready for the action.

Now since you have successfully installed the WordPress, it is the time for you to explore the control panel of your Hostinger hosting account and learn the ins and outs of it.
The control panel offered by Hostinger comes with many applications to accomplish different purposes so it is recommended to understand your control panel very clearly so that you can manage your hosting account as well as website without any trouble or difficulty.

All done. In case you have any further concerns related to installing WordPress CMS on Hostinger hosting account and any other question related to Hostinger and its services, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Importance of Reliable Customer Support in Web Hosting Service - 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes

Importance of Reliable Customer Support in Web Hosting Service

Importance of Reliable Customer Support in Web Hosting Service

These days, many hosting providers offer different types of hosting services to customers around the world. Therefore, it might be a bit difficult to select the best one that suits your web based business. Further, the majority of these web host providers offer unlimited web storage space, data transfer speed, and an option to host multiple websites.

However, the most important thing that you have to keep in mind while picking a hosting company is the customer service or technical support. On this page we are going to talk about the various importance and benefits of web hosting support services.

Bluehost is bound to provide world-class and reliable hosting service with 24/7/365 distinct customer support. Limited Time Offer, Get Huge 65% OFF. Hurry Up.

You Can Get Your Issues Fixed at any Time

Let us imagine for a moment that your website is facing a server related issue and isn't accessible for a longer duration. So at the moment you get in touch with your web host’s customer support team, you discover that there is nobody to respond to your query. This can result in your internet business going down because most of the targeted people will try to visit your website which isn't accessible at that moment. This can make numerous site visitors move to your competitors website.

Despite the fact that none of the service providers can provide fully error-free client support and assistance, the support team must be in any case prepared to deal with your issues/queries at all times and as quick as possible. Consequently, this can support you not to miss the opportunity of engaging with your valuable customers.

Basically, the best and reliable hosting service providers must have a customer care solution that is always there to deal with your concerns and resolve them quickly. This is the reason it's essential to read web hosting reviews before signing up for a hosting service.

They Brief About Essential Web Hosting Features

There are 2 different prospects of web hosting services, by taking separate web page hosting and email service or by combining these two in one single package.

Anyway the first option is best as it spares more storage space for your site. For instance, in case an organization is having hosting service for a site along with email in the similar server and when he is utilizing the email service for sending business related emails in bulk then it makes web space related issues.

Consequently the support team should give correct information about the web storage space as well as the details about the plan to all the customers. A few online businesses may need web hosting for numerous sites then they should be given details about how the site hosting should be possible at reasonable expense.

Abiding by their Promises

Similar to other online businesses, a hosting firm needs to meet their promises and liabilities. This is a significant element as it can separate the new web host from the old or expert ones.

You can easily pick the hosting plan that gives certain hosting tools and resources. For example, free domain for 1st year, free SSL, unlimited data transfer capacity, etc. So it is the sole liability of the client assistance team to ensure that the hosting package details are brought to attention of the concerned support team of hosting and furthermore guarantee that the results are given inside the specified time period.

When the customer support staff of the hosting provider is solid and dedicated, your business/website can appreciate the site hosting services with no issues and troubles. You might have selected the right hosting service, although in case that the customer care team does not offer important details or even wrong details about their hosting services, at that point it can create undesirable stress for you as well as for your business.

Thus, prior to starting the process of registering for a hosting service, try to discover about the hosting packages of that particular hosting company, how they deal with web hosting security related issues, and how frequently backup will be taken of your site.

Whereas these are technical related problems, the customer support executive ought to be fit for taking care of them. This is likewise the most suitable approach you can sort out if the hosting service and the customer care staff members are technically experts and skilled. On the off chance that they can, at that point you can have complete peace of mind realizing that your website/blog and online store hosting is in best possible hands.

Nonetheless, in case they do not provide clear solutions to your problems, maybe it's a smart thought to look forward to other top hosting providers in India with an incredible customer support service.

They Create Trust and Offer Seamless Support

The web hosting customer support team is the ambassadors of the company hence they should be solid and skilled. The businesses must be ready to get in touch with them through telephone, live chat or email system and get reaction as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances.

As most importantly, the support staff should understand your hosting related needs and recommend the package based on that. Rather they should not bond just to the organization's hosting package. The website hosting solutions should be personalized to clients' necessities as every business as well as their needs and different. For instance, businesses may have an online store site. The hosting service for an online store site is different. Or someone might want to host multiple websites under one account. Therefore the hosting requirements vary from client to client. The main responsibility of the customer support team is to listen to those different requirements carefully and give suggestions based on their needs.

As mentioned before, when the email hosting and web hosting service is done by the same server then there are possibilities for the web server to go down or offline due to the shortage of the space. Anyway this won't be the solitary reason behind site issues. Some of the time, the network might be down in customers side. Furthermore, it is the right of support staff to recognize the problem and discuss it with the client.

Furthermore, when malicious programs are found in the site, the technical support person must report it to the concerned department to redress the issue.

Proficient and specialist hosting service alongside reliable customer support service brings business revenue to the customers. Thus online businesses should be attentive while picking the best web hosting service. Opt the hosting companies who have solid and reliable customer/technical support teams as they are the ones who are going to serve as a bridge between hosting companies and customers/businesses/website owners.

Make use of these tips while dealing with hosting service companies and live with complete peacefulness by leaving the rest to web hosting customer support staff.

Why Backups are Important for Woocommerce Stores? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

Why Backups are Important for Woocommerce Stores?

Why backups important for woocommerce stores?

WooCommerce is basically an e-commerce plugin for WordPress which offers services that give you access to additional features and paid add-ons. It is a business model which allows individuals and firms to purchase and sell things over the internet. While WordPress is simply a web publishing software which allows the creation of websites or blogs, WooCommerce enhances this platform by changing it to an online store.

There are many reasons as to why backups are important to WooCommerce stores; these mainly revolve around the safety and security of one’s website. While many believe that backups are a waste of storage and time, they underestimate the pivotal role it may play at urgent times of need. Even though you may have taken all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of your website, a strong backup plan is always essential to a store’s method to protect requests, payments, and additional information. Losing even a single order can play a huge role in one’s budget for online stores.

Furthermore, online stores are open round the clock and are unrestricted to business hours. The long hours of opening for these stores increase the chances for a plethora of scenarios which may damage and decrease your income.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) has become more prevalent than ever today. The current Covid-19 situation has emphasized the importance and usefulness of technology with the wide usage of technology all over the world. As online shopping is on the rise, WooCommerce stores have an enormous customer database. Thus, WooCommerce stores fall prey and are easily susceptible to hacking as they contain a large amount of data. Secondly, despite the benefits of technology, it can never be 100% perfect or reliable. Technical errors and failures such as an outdated system or a server failure are always prone to happen.

While technical failures may put you in danger, human errors can be riskier. Disregarding or overlooking updates on your website or plugins can be unprotected or even end up in the deletion of your site. To add on, an outdated site also increases the risk of malevolent scripts infusing virus or dangerous malware onto your WooCommerce site. Lastly, even natural disasters can cause serious damages to one’s hosting systems resulting in the loss of business data. The hosting company may have multiple sites on the same server which increases the chances of site crashes and drive failures. Hence, it is impractical and risky to reply fully on the backups of your hosting company. However, a backup can always protect you from these scenarios and help you retrieve all your data and even your whole WooCommerce store.

Orders play an important role in WooCommerce sites where more orders bring more revenue. In an unfortunate instance where the site crashes, you may lose orders causing you to lose revenue. This also damages your corporate identity and takes up an excessive amount of your time during the recovery process. Thus, this scenario highlights the need for backups as they are reliable. Backups are always advantageous as they avoid the need for regret when time and data is lost.

There are various types of WooCommerce backups that cover various aspects of your WooCommerce store. These include backups from your web host provider, manual backups, and automated backups via plug-ins. Majority of WordPress web host providers contain backups in their hosting bundles. Thus, WooCommerce developers can save the effort and worry of doing regular backups or losing their content. However, these backups give a WooCommerce developer little or no control over where or how their backups are taken or stored.

In this situation, manual backups can prove to be more useful. Even though manual backup may seem lengthy and time-intensive, it is more thorough with the backup of all your data and it even fixes issues that may pop up during the backup process. However, manual backups require various technical skills by the WooCommerce provider which many may lack. Lastly, the quickest and most convenient method would be automated backups using plug-ins. These plugins can be easily installed, and the execution process is simple too. Among the three backup methods, this is said to be the best available choice.

As mentioned above, WooCommerce developers should be smart and backup their WooCommerce sites regularly and independently in order to have full control of your backups in the case of data loss. It would be foolish to assume that mistakes would not occur no matter how experienced you are as technical errors may jeopardise years of hard work and consumer loyalty. A single error can make customers lose confidence and trust in your site, urging them to shift to other available sites. In that scenario, it would be heartbreaking, frustrating, time-consuming, and costly to resolve the issue. In some instances, the loss of customer loyalty may never be gained back resulting in permanent loss of revenue.

Thus, WooCommerce developers should avoid being negligent and be vigilant at all times regarding the safety of their WooCommerce stores. The importance of backups is taken lightly and underestimated by many and this has to change to ensure safe online transaction between sellers and buyers. Hence it is always better to be safe than sorry as it is easier to spend time on backup than to fix the consequences of data loss which is way more time consuming and exhausting. In a nutshell, backing up your WooCommerce store is highly important and always safe!

Author Bio - Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web Design and Web development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on WordPress design and development. For More:

New To Web Hosting? Explore iPage’s $1.99/Mo. Special Intro Pricing - 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes

New To Web Hosting? Explore iPage’s $1.99/Mo. Special Intro Pricing

In case you have been planning to start your own blog or business website, personal website, portfolio website, online store, presently may be the perfect time to go right ahead with your plan. With iPage's unbelievably cheapest $1.99/month introductory deal, you gain access to a wide variety of features and tools at a cost that is very difficult to contend with.

iPage Special Introductory Pricing


Albeit several top hosting companies in India offer various hosting packages to look over, at iPage's they keep things quite straightforward with all in one hosting package at $1.99/mo. In case you sign for a 36 months billing cycle. In case you sign up for a 24 months billing cycle, it will cost you little more at $2.49/month and $2.99/month in case you choose a 1 year billing cycle.

Features of iPage’s Hosting Package

Having only a single hosting package makes this web host an excellent option for those new to the hosting, blogging and sites field as it avoids the chance of confusion with the availability of multiple packages. Other providers like Bluehost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting have different hosting packages to choose from, which can sometimes be quite complicated understanding which package is suitable for your website. This was not the case with iPage Hosting, as this package is intended precisely at small to medium size websites, bloggers as well as freelancers. Few of the major features of iPage's hosting package include:

  • A website domain name is absolutely free for 1st year
  • Access to an easy to use 1-click WordPress installer
  • An SSL certificate is available for free of cost
  • Use friendly, skilled and knowledgeable customer support available 24/7 to assist
  • $200 worth free credit for Bing and Google ads
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth included
  • Unlimited emails for free
  • Easy to use website builder for free
  • Option to create unlimited MySQL databases
  • Many option for online selling such as Online store, PayPal integration, Shopping carts, Email marketing integration and many more
  • There are many more features and tools you will get with this package. We at UpdatedReviews highly recommend to grab this amazing deal. In case you find yourself unhappy with the service,, you can grasp the benefits of 30 days unconditional money back guarantee and ask for refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

    Top 10 Front-end Web Development Trends for 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 13 votes

    Top 10 Front-end Web Development Trends for 2021

    Top 10 Front-end Web Development Trends for 2021

    The Internet can be credited to be one of the most revolutionary technological developments by mankind. It has brought the world together in terms of communication, amongst others. Moreover, the way the Internet facilitates the transmission of data at a high speed when coupled with the latest networking technologies has revolutionized the flow of information in the world.

    Since the domain of the Internet is a trending thing these days, more people are willing to get involved with it in ways other than that of a simple consumer. Web development is becoming increasingly popular by the day and the number of aspiring web developers is increasing as well.

    About a couple of decades ago, the introduction of JavaScript laid the foundation of a new Internet era that presented dynamic web pages. A lot has been accomplished since then with the help of React JS Development Services, as far as front end web development is concerned. We interact with numerous streaming websites, web applications, etc. all because of these innovations.

    As technology keeps evolving and newer ways of accomplishing things are being introduced, newer trends are taking over the market each year. However, out of all the technological fields, no other field witnesses the change in trends and innovations as frequently as that of the computers. Because of the dynamicity and world-wide accessibility, web development receives a contribution from a huge community of developers and introduces innovations to the users frequently.

    Here are some front end web development trends that are going to be prevalent in 2021-

    1. Artificial Intelligence-

    Artificial Intelligence is trending these days, and its utility covers a wide variety of fields- so much that it seems like AI will augment every other field in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence helps improve the customer experience by predicting their future preferences based on their past actions. Front end web development helps businesses to generate revenue by suggesting the results according to the AI predictions. Numerous websites are utilizing this utility, for example, Google and Amazon.

    2. Responsive Web Pages and Designs-

    Development in digital technology has not been confined just to computers, but other devices have come to play as well. Mobile phones and tablets have become increasingly popular in recent years especially when Internet surfing is at the highest. If you are obsessed with a certain website, you most certainly wished that your phone was compatible enough to handle the content that is provided.

    This is where responsive web pages come to play. These web pages are designed in a way to respond to the devices that they are visited with. Responsive websites generate a lot more traffic than non-responsive ones. The increasing number of mobile users and the developing smartphone features indicate that the traffic from phones will dominate, thus indicating the trend of Responsive web pages.

    3. UI Innovations-

    User Interface is of utmost importance as the users interact with it all the time. The back end doesn’t concern much as long as the interface is fancy and the information is easy to grasp. These times have been seeing development in responsive interfaces and graphics. These have proven to be immensely engaging and informative to the users. The innovations in this field aren’t stopping any time soon and the trend will continue in the coming years.

    4. Chat-bots –

    As we discussed earlier, Artificial Intelligence is on the rise, and it has led to the development of some very important systems. Among those are the virtual assistants like the Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. People are becoming increasingly reliant on these assistants to perform several activities like ordering products, making payments, setting reminders, asking for information, or performing some in-app activity.

    Automating the assistance for users can be very profitable for businesses- it cuts costs, reduces human-based errors, and works tirelessly. Service-based websites often rely on message-based systems to provide any immediate assistance to the traffic. Automated chatbots powered by AI can solve this issue efficiently.

    5. Voice Search-

    Voice recognition systems have become quite efficient and reliant lately. Computers are now able to interpret what people say to great precision. Many systems utilize this feature to make it convenient for people to search on their platforms, for example- Google Voice Search, Amazon’s Alexa, and so on. Voice Search helps people accomplish tasks easily and consume less time in doing so. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular with the public and will likely be implemented by a lot of websites in the coming days.

    6. Motion Graphics-

    Graphics are the best way to convey messages and information. A human brain can process an image faster than a text naturally, hence website developers started including interactive graphics and avoided text wherever possible. With time, videos and then motion graphics started to become prominent. Designers are coming up with innovative ideas to make the content engaging and comfortable for people to go through using motion graphics and the trend is going to continue in the coming year.

    7. Accelerated Mobile Pages-

    Google, in collaboration with Twitter, has started the AMP initiative to develop the open-source HTML framework to aid developers in developing web pages with high performance and fast loading speed. AMPs provide the web pages high visibility and therefore higher conversion rate. Google has declared to provide a mobile search box which will aid the users to discover mobile-friendly sites.

    8. Frameworks-

    The use of JavaScript and related frameworks is imperative for a front end web developer. Frameworks provide tools to make development less time consuming and convenient. Developers use them to avoid repetitive coding and to implement content from the plethora of libraries that they provide.

    Angular JS by Google and React by Facebook have been the major players in this scenario, however Vue.JS, Ember and Backbone are rising in popularity as well. This year will possibly see new tools and library upgrades by these platforms. The dependence of developers on these platforms will continue to increase.

    9. Single Page Applications-

    One thing that is certain for users is that they don’t like to wait for a page to load. Websites adopt several strategies to reduce the page loading time, however this drawback can be significantly avoided by using the Single Page Application model for application development.

    SPAs dynamically work on the same page which avoids the browsers having to load new pages for any particular activity. Gmail, Facebook, and several other renowned applications work on the same model. With the user base responding positively to the SPAs, the trend will most likely remain prominent in the times to come.

    10. Static Websites-

    Even though dynamic websites are much sought after as far as engagement and aesthetics are concerned, static websites have their advantages. Static websites are comparatively safe, load quickly, and consume less space. With niche businesses willing to deliver professional content in a static manner keeping in mind the safety of their data, static websites will remain relevant.


    Web development is a prolific area that attracts new aspirants every year. As technology develops, newer methods of accomplishing tasks are introduced. The world of the internet is developing rapidly and to keep up with the pace of the world, developers, especially those who are fresh in this business, need to be aware of the trending aspects of the trade. In case you are a developer or planning to become one, the above-discussed topics will hopefully help you prepare for your front-end web development pursuits in the year 2021.

    Author Name:- Harikrishna Kundariya
    Biography:- Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBizTechnologies @React JS Development Company. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

    Best Christmas and New Year WordPress Deals 2021

    Best Christmas and New Year WordPress Deals 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Best Christmas and New Year WordPress Deals 2021

    The Christmas holiday season of 2020 and new year 2021 is here, and I believe you are going to have a great time with your loved ones.
    A few WordPress related services and products will be available at discounted price during this Christmas and New Year Holiday season to make your holidays more amazing. In case you missed the best Black Fridays deals, this may be your next ideal occasion to save a huge amount of money on WordPress related services.

    Get the best WordPress hosting for your brand new website or buy a professional theme and plugin for your WordPress website or blog you are planning to start in 2021.
    Make a new beginning by grabbing these outstanding deals and discounts available during Christmas, Year End and upcoming New Year 2021.

    Also See: How to Create a WordPress Website/Blog With Bluehost

    Go through our collection and make the most of your WordPress shopping this holiday season!!

    List of Best New Year and Christmas WordPress Deals

    Here is the detailed list of the best WordPress deals and offers for Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021.

    Deals on WordPress Hosting Services

    Deal Offer Date Link
    Bluehost 65% OFF
    Valid Till 10th Jan 2021 Grab Deal
    GreenGeeks 75% OFF 01/01/2021 to 10/01/2021 Grab deal 80% OFF Valid Till 7th Jan 2021 Grab deal
    Hostinger India 70% OFF Valid Till 7th Jan 2021 Grab deal 79% OFF Valid Till 3rd Jan 2021 Grab deal
    HostPapa India 79% OFF Valid Till 3rd Jan 2021 Grab deal
    Bluehost India 60% OFF Valid Till 10th Jan 2021 Grab Deal
    A2 Hosting 77% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec 2020 Grab deal
    NameCheap 99% OFF Valid Till 21st Dec 2020 Grab deal
    DreamHost 67% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec 2020 Grab deal
    Cloudways 25% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal
    inMotion Hosting 75% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal

    Also See:
  • Best Christmas Web/WordPress Hosting Offers and Deals
  • Amazing New Year Web/WordPress Hosting Offers and Discounts

  • Deals on WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Deal Offer Date Link 20% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    8Degree 40% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    Jetpack 43% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal 20% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    AccessPress 40% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    iThemes 80% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec 2020 Grab Deal
    Astra 30% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    WP Rocket 30% OFF Limited Time Offer Grab Deal
    Directorist 50% OFF Valid Till 5th Jan 2021 Grab Deal
    Acme Themes 40% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    Elegant Themes 20% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    Themify 30% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    MyThemeShop 75% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    Rigorous Themes 20% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    ProteusThemes 27% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    Mystery Themes 30% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    WPZOOM 30% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    ThemeRex 50% Off Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    StudioPress $100 OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    ThemeFuse 30% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab Deal

    Check below for more details about these deals and discounts on WordPress related services and products.

    WordPress Hosting Deals and Discounts

    Let’s begin with the best WordPress hosting deals and offers provided by various hosting service providers around the world.

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting New Year Deal

    Bluehost is one of the most trusted and officially recommended web hosts by and on the occasion of Christmas holiday they are giving WorsPress hosting for as low as $2.95 per month with free domain name.

    Details of Bluehost Christmas WordPress Hosting Deal

  • Deal: 65% Off on WordPress Hosting
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Offer Date: Valid Till 31st Dec 2020
  • Get The Deal

    GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting New Year Sale

    On the occasion of New Year 2021, GreenGeeks has announced to give a special discount of upto 75% on its WordPress hosting plans. You can get WordPress hosting for just $2.49/month with free domain name and unlimited resources.

    Details of GreenGeeks New Year WordPress Hosting Deal

  • Deal: 75% Off on WordPress Hosting
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Offer Date: January 1st to 10th 2021/li> Get The Deal

    Hostinger WordPress Hosting New Year Deal

    Hostinger is another web host that is going to give a huge 75% off discount on its WordPress hosting plans. UpdatedReviews users can get an additional discount of 8% with our exclusive coupon code “SPECIAL15”.

    Details of Hostinger India WordPress Hosting Deals

  • Deal: 70% + Extra 8% OFF on WordPress Hosting Plans
  • Coupon code: SPECIAL15
  • Offer valid: 7th January 2021
  • Get The Deal

    Details of Hostinger Global WordPress Hosting Deals

  • Deal: 80% + Extra 8% OFF on All WordPress Hosting Plans
  • Coupon code: SPECIAL15
  • Offer valid: 7th January 2021
  • Get The Deal

    A2 Hosting – 77% off WordPress Hosting Plans

    A2 Hosting is giving a massive discount of 77% off WordPress hosting plans. This sale is known as New year sale from A2 Hosting.

  • Deal: 77% off WordPress Hosting
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Valid Till 31st Dec 2020
  • Get The Deal - 79% OFF Christmas WordPress Deal

    HostPapa is offering a huge discount of 79% off on its WordPress hosting services.

  • Deal: 79% off Hosting
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid till 3rd January 2021
  • Get The Deal

    HostPapa India - 79% OFF Christmas WordPress Hosting Deal

    HostPapa India is offering a massive discount of 79% off on its WordPress hosting plans.

  • Deal: 79% off WordPress Hosting
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid till 3rd January 2021
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    NameCheap Christmas Holiday WordPress Deals

    This Christmas holiday season NameCheap is giving a massive discount of upto 99% on all WordPress hosting plans, Domain and Web Security Products. Offer includes free SSL, free site migrations, unlimited domains, 24/7 expert support & more.

    Details of NameCheap WordPress Hosting Christmas Deals

  • Deal: Upto 99% OFF on WordPress Hosting. Starting from $0.01/mo.
  • Coupon code: NA
  • Offer valid: 15th Dec to 21st Dec 2020
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    Cloudways New Year WordPress Deal

    This Christmas holiday season Cloudways is going to give a massive discount of 25% on all hosting plans. Offer includes free SSL, free site migrations, unlimited domains, cron job manager and 24/7 expert support & more.

    Details of Cloudways WordPress Hosting Deals

  • Deal: 25% OFF on Hosting Plans for 3 months.
  • Coupon code: HELLO2021
  • Offer valid: Yet to be announced
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    inMotion Hosting

    inMotion hosting is offering upto 75% discount on all Wordpress hosting plans during this Christmas and new year holiday season. iMotion plans come with free website migrations, free SSL and many more amazing features.

  • Deal: 75% OFF inMotion WordPress
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Yet to be announced
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    WordPress Plugins & Themes Deals and Discounts

    In this section we are going to discuss the Christmas and New Year special WordPress Plugins and themes discounts from various providers. - 20% OFF Plans

    To celebrate this Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021, has announced a discount of 20% on its hosting plans.

  • Deal: 20% OFF on all WordPress plans
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Limited Time Offer
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    Jetpack is one of the widely recognized security monitoring plugins for WordPress and now they are giving a 43% discount on all plans.

    Details of Jetpack Holiday/Christmas/New Year Deals

  • Deal: 43% off on all plans
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Limited Time Offer
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    WooCommerce – 20% OFF All Plans

    On the occasion of Christmas and New Year Holiday season, WooCommere is giving 20% off on all plans. It is one of the top leading and widely recognized eCommerce platforms.

    Details of Holiday Deals

  • Deal: 20% off All Products
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Limited Time Offer
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    AccessPress Themes

    AccessPress has several professionally built themes for WordPress users. These themes are available for both free as well as commercial use. During this Christmas and New Year Holiday season, all the premium themes of AccessPress will be available at discounted price of 40% off.

  • Offer: 40% Off on all WordPress Themes
  • Coupon Code: Not XMAS21
  • Valid Date: Valid Till 31st Dec 2020
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    iThemes Holiday Sale – Up to 80% OFF Everything

    iThemes is running its biggest sale of the year 2020 and now they are giving a 80% discount on everything during this Christmas holiday/new year season.

    Details of iThemes Christmas Holiday Sale

  • Deal: Upto 80% off on Everything
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Limited Time Offer
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    Astra is one of the most famous themes. This theme includes several amazing features to design a fully functioning website in just a few minutes. This Christmas Holiday season Astra is giving a 30% discount on Astra Pro.

    Details of Astra Christmas Holiday Sale

  • Offer: 30% Discount on Astra Pro
  • Coupon Code: FESTIVE30
  • Valid Date: Valid Till 31st Dec 2020
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    Elegant Themes – 20% off on Membership Plan

    This Christmas Holiday season and New Year eve Elegant Themes is giving 20% on membership plan. This limited time offer will enable you to get Divi website Builder, Bloom, Monarch and many more for the cost of a single WordPress theme.

    Details of Elegant Themes New Year Special Offer

  • Deal: 20% OFF on Membership Plan
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    Themify Christmas Sale

    Themify is a store of WordPress themes and plugins that creates professionally designed themes and WordPress users. With Themify Christmas Sale you can obtain a 30% off discount on regular products as well as 50% discount on Lifetime Club.

    Details of Themify Christmas Deal

  • Offer: 30% Off Regular Products and 50% Off on Lifetime Club
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Not Yet Announced
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    MyThemeShop New Year Sale - 75% OFF

    This New Year and Christmas season, MyThemeShop has a huge discount on its all themes and you can get any theme for just $19, regular price $87. For the first time they are giving unlimited domain licenses to use on an unlimited number of websites.

    Details of MyThemeShop New Year Deal

  • Deal: Get Themes for unlimited domains at just for $19
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    Acme Themes

    It is a theme store for WordPress users that contains both free and paid themes.

    Details of Acme Themes Holiday Deal

  • Offer: 40% Off
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Not Yet Announced
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    WP Rocket

    Wp Rocket is a caching plugin for WordPress sites. With the help of this plugin you can speed up your WordPress blog/website and generate more traffic, conversions and money with WP Rocket caching.

    Details of WP Rocket Christmas & New Year Deal

  • Offer: 30% Off on WP Rocket
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Limited Time Offer
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    Directorist Business Directory is one of the well-known and fast-growing business directory plugins for WordPress powered websites and blogs. It is fully compatible with most of the WordPress themes

    Details of Directorist Christmas & New Year Offer

  • Offer: Flat 50% Off
  • Coupon Code: Auto-applied
  • Valid Date: Offer Valid Till 5th Jan 2021
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    Rigorous Theme

    Rigorous Themes is an online store of fully-functioning WordPress themes which has a bunch of fully-professional, multi-functional themes with elegant designs and layouts.

    Details of Rigorous Themes Christmas & New Year

  • Offer: Flat 20% Off all Premium WordPress Themes
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Not Yet Announced
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    This XMAS holiday season 2020 and New Year 2021 eve ProteusThemes is giving 27% off on ahy plans that include niche-specific WordPress themes with unlimited active website usage.

    Details of ProteusThemes Xmas Offer

  • Deal: 27% OFF on ProteusClub plans
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    Mystery Themes

    Free & premium wordpress themes built by bystery themes gives your website/blog an elegant look. You can download WordPress themes for business, magazine and more. All the WordPress themes Designed by Mystery Themes are highly customizable as well as immensely responsive.

    Details of Mystery Theme New Year Offer

  • Offer: 30% Off All Premium Themes
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Not Yet Announced
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    WPZoom is a WordPress theme with latest features and professional support. Best and responsive theme for photographers, business, ecommerce, video, artists and more. This holiday season they are giving 20% off on all their themes.

    Details of WPZOOM Holidays Sale

  • Deal: 30% off on WordPress Themes
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    ThemeREX is an Envato Power Elite Author. They create beautiful high quality niche WordPress Themes and website Templates for any kind of business.

    Details of ThemeREX Holidays Deal

  • Offer: 50% Off on all best selling themes
  • Coupon Code: Not Applicable
  • Valid Date: Not Yet Announced
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    8 Degree Themes

    This holiday season 8 Degree themes is giving 25% discount on all premium WordPress themes. In case you are using any of the free themes of 8 Degree then this is the right time for you to upgrade to the premium themes.

    Details of 8 Degree Holiday Sale

  • Deal: 25% OFF on WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    On the occasion of New Year, StudioPress is going to give massive $100 off on Pro Themes.

    Details of StudioPress New Year Sale

  • Deal: $100 off on Pro Plus Theme Package
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    ThemeFuse Themes Holidays Deal

    ThemeFuse is celebrating this Christmas Holiday season with massive 30% Off discount on all the WordPress theme offered by them.

    Details of ThemeFuse Themes Deal

  • Deal: 30% OFF on all products
  • Coupon code: Not Applicable
  • Offer valid: Not Yet Announced
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    Summary of Christmas and New Year WordPress Deals

    If you are a WordPress developer, an organization offering WordPress related products and services and you are to run a promotion during this Christmas and New Year Occasion then feel free to contact us, we will try our best to include your WordPress deals on this page.

    If you are a WordPress user, keep checking this page so that you can avail maximum discount on your WordPress purchase during the sale period.
    I believe that this article about WordPress Christmas and New Year Deals has helped you!

    We from the entire team of UpdatedReviews and WebHostingDekho wish you a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Spare some time from your busy schedule and start working on your new year resolution for the upcoming year 2020.

    Reasons to Employ Virtual Reality Technology at the Workplace - 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    Reasons to Employ Virtual Reality Technology at the Workplace

    Reasons to Employ Virtual Reality Technology at the Workplace

    Technology has become a part of our natural life. Everything we use is supported by technology. Most businesses are dependent on the means of technology whether you are outside or inside of your working place. With each passing day, we are getting one step closer to make our workplace feel more like home. Virtual reality (VR) is making a huge impact in the workplace for all employees. Virtual Reality is proving to provide a better work experience for the workers. Most businesses are dependent on technology and VR App Development, it made it easy for the workers to interact. It can boost your productivity, sales, and can improve the experience of the workplace. So all the workplaces should adopt the use of virtual reality technology? Well, this could be a challenging question for many as it depends on many factors. Surely it can provide you a real-life experience using virtual reality but how effective it could be for a business. It is a creative way to improve life in the workplace. Let’s see some of the benefits of using VR in your workplace.

    Interview with Virtual Reality

    Well, most companies prefer to choose video calls with their employees for the interview. And it comes with its own sets of good and bad. But using virtual reality technology employees can get a very realistic experience. You can get the experience of having a face to face interview even while sitting anywhere around the world. Many companies can stretch their communication using virtual reality technology to improve the experience for their staff and workers. You don’t have to travel miles to choose a place for your interview. You can just give your interview even while feeling connected with different people.

    Improves Training

    You need to understand your workplace and for that, you need to train your employees with every single detail. Virtual Reality can provide the workers with a simulation technology where they can train themselves and can demonstrate their skills. There are various work fields using VR technology for training their workers. NASA and other aeronautical workers are being trained using VR to give a real-life experience. Some unskilled trainees who are new to their work can use the idea of virtual technology to get the idea of the work they need to perform to boost productivity. It will improve the working and training experience for the workers.

    Manufacturing an Item

    Suppose your company is designing a new model of a car before putting all the parts together you can use VR technology to set up the whole design of the car. You can create a prototype of the product before actually creating the product this will make it a lot easier for the workers to face any kind of defect while creating the real product. You can even test the product and can test the durability of the product. It will save a lot of time and money for the companies. Many builders and architects are using VR technology to create a prototype design of the building and interior of the house.

    Improves Marketing

    Virtual Reality can improve the marketing strategy of a company. You can get the experience of anything in real-time. This could be a great tool for the travel agencies to give their customers an experience of the place they want to visit or if you want to purchase a new dress you can use virtual reality technology to view the product before buying. You can make all the decisions before getting your hands on the product. This will improve the marketing of many companies that are willing to improve their sales and provide their customers with a new experience. It gives a more realistic experience for the customers even if they are not trying a product.

    Better Understanding of Ideas

    Ideas may not work effectively with words you need to demonstrate your idea to make it come true. What else could work better than Virtual reality when it comes to sharing your ideas with your workers. You can display your design and ideas to your workers so they can understand your vision and work accordingly. It will be more effective when it comes to designing a product or making a prototype of a design. You can create a 3-dimensional workplace for all your workers. This will also improve the communication between all the workers to make them work better. Understanding a concept is a really big deal when it comes to working together and VR can help to make it real.

    These are some of the aspects of using virtual reality technology. But is it really promising? Do all the businesses need to adapt their workplace with VR? Well, the question could very different for everyone. Some small businesses may not be able to use the virtual reality tech as the cost could really exceed their revenue. It may take a lot of time to set up a virtual reality office and make it work for all the workers. Some workers may not find it helpful to work with as it can affect their working experience. Technology is rapid growth and with each day we are been introduced to something new. Many things may become much easier using VR technology but that doesn’t mean that all the business sectors are willing to switch to VR tech from normal working.

    As the cost of setting a VR could be a lot and adapting with it can also be somehow difficult for small business sectors. But despite all this virtual reality could be promising and can improve a lot in the workplace. Most of the big companies had already adopted the use of VR in their workplace and many are planning to adopt it soon. Soon all the companies may start using virtual reality technology to improve the experience for their workers and give them a better feeling and it will also improve the productivity of work. Many VR App Development related tasks are under process and they are a powerful tool in increasing market sales.

    About The Author

    Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Web Services. I would love to share thoughts on Video Sharing Clone Service and Game Design Development etc.

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  • How To Choose A Domain Name For A Blog

    How To Choose A Domain Name For A Blog - 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 votes

    How To Choose A Domain Name For A Blog

    How To Choose A Domain Name For A Blog

    How will you know if the domain name you choose for your blog is “the one”?

    You’d want to select your domain name carefully, because it can either make or break your blog’s growth. Changing it later though can be challenging because it can affect your search rankings, and ultimately your revenue.

    That's why it's highly crucial to choose the domain name that is "the one," right from the start.

    To do so, you need to know five vital things before you even consider a domain name for your blog.

    Don’t worry tho, we are here to help!

    Let's go through these five tips before showing you how to find the perfect domain name for creating your blog.

    You’ll thank us later!

    Let’s dive right in.

    7 Questions You Need To Answer Before You Name Your Blog

    Go through the seven tips below to help you name your blog.

    Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog

    What will your blog be about?

    Have you decided on your niche? If so, then this question will be easy to answer.

    The blog niche refers to the particular topic you want to tackle on your blog. If you don’t know what your niche is, this is the time to do so.

    Spend quality time to know, understand, and decide on what you want to blog about. It's a waste of time to pick a domain name and write content entirely unrelated to your it.

    Of course, you can choose a broad name for your blog, such as That way, you get the blog on different niches.

    Even still, it's recommendable to find a niche first before you choose a domain name. At least, be specific on where you want your blog to be in the coming years.

    Who is your target audience?

    You probably know this, right? Identifying your target audience helps you understand how you can serve them effectively. It can also help you narrow down the name lists for your domain blog.

    What will be the tone of your blog?

    After finding your target audience, the next step is the tone of voice of your blog. Do you want to have a young approach? Maybe a more mature approach will do?

    It’s up to you to decide.

    Will your domain name build and promote your brand?

    If you want to build and promote your brand, your blog domain name is an excellent way. If you want to sell your products or services, the domain name can help.

    A good example is Pinch of Yum. It's a food blog with numerous tasty and easy recipes. But they also offer resources for other blogs in the food niche.

    However, it's not a strict requirement because not all blogs use their company's name or brand. So it all boils down to the reason for your blog.

    Use intentionally appropriate domain names for your blog

    When creating a domain name, make sure you don't join multiple words and come up with one embarrassing word.

    Here are some examples of what we mean:

  • - Who
  • - Pen
  • - Speed of
  • Check out more lists of embarrassing examples to avoid such mistakes.

    When you come up with a domain name, it’s ideal to have other people review them. That can save you a lot of trouble. Another option is the Word Safety tool. It can keep you from coming up with weird domain names for your blog.

    Now, let’s move on to how to pick the perfect domain name for your blog.

    How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog

    Stay with .com, if possible

    Currently, there are so many new extensions for domain names. Apart from the original extensions such as .com, .net, and .org, you can get .bike, .shop, .music, and even .blog.

    Domain Name Extensions to choose

    But we always advise that you stick with .com.

    You can indeed get tempted to come up with clever names for your blog with new extensions. However, .com has been the most used and reputable domain name extension.

    Extensions like .biz or .ninja tend to do more harm than good. For example, most spammy websites use .biz for their domain name extensions. So using that approach can cause problems in the future.

    Also, most people automatically type .com without a second thought. If your domain name is, most searchers will automatically type It's best to avoid such a risk.

    Of course, it does not mean you can’t succeed with the other domain name extensions. But it’s better to be on the safer side.

    Have you realized that most smart phone keyboards have a button for .com?

    Maintain a short domain name

    It's advisable to have a memorable domain name, and most importantly, short.

    You should try to keep your blog's domain name within 15 characters. Long domain names are to be difficult for people to remember.

    But domain names such as Google, Bing, Apple, etc. are easy to remember. That's why it's logical to have short domain names. However, one-word domain names can be a challenge, unless you create a new word.

    You can also use two-word domain names such as

  • In summary, make the words short, catchy, and memorable. Also, make it rhyme, especially when you say it out loud. When it rhymes, it sticks with people, and they never forget your name.

    Make the domain name brandable and unique

    If the name of your blog is unique, it helps you stand out and become recognizable. The quickest way to develop such ideas is to find other top bloggers in your niche.

    Find out their blog's names and create a unique domain name. The emphasis here is "unique." You don't want to be accused of ripping someone's domain name off. You come off as cheap and untrustworthy.

    For example, you won’t buy anything from, knowing that there is So come up with a unique name. It makes you look credible.

    Choose a flexible domain name

    It’s the right call to select a domain name related to your niche. That’s because it shows your audience what your site is about.

    However, it's not the best to limit your blog too tightly to a specific niche. It may not be easy when you want to branch in the future.

    So you should choose a name that will make it easy for you to include other niches.

    Don't use double letters

    Double letters in your domain name increase the chances of typos, which can affect your rankings. For example, is confusing and can lead to numerous typos.

    So avoid double letters, make your domain easy to remember, and more brandable.


    When choosing a domain name, it should be able to last for a long time. Your blog's domain name should also have a good vibe and first impression.

    That's why you need to take time to create a domain name that's memorable, catchy, unique, and relevant. If you have a perfect name for your blog, but it's already taken, you can buy it from the owner.

    However, you need to check your budget, whether it's the right solution. If you don't have the budget, you can use other domain extensions. Later, when you're generating enough income, you can purchase the .com extension from the owner.

    If it’s not up for sale, there’s always a way around it. Try creating a unique domain name from the one that’s already taken. Once you are done with the domain name selection process, the next step you need to take is choose the best web hosting service provider for your blog.

    In the end, your domain name for your blog should be unique.

    This article was contributed by Brand Pulsar. Brand Pulsar specializes in creating premium brands from scratch and helping new businesses have a great start.

    HostGator Black Friday 2020 Sale : Grab Upto 75% Discount - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    HostGator Black Friday 2020 Sale : Grab Upto 75% Discount

    Are you searching for HostGator Black Friday deals 2020 and Cyber Week special offers? If yes, then you are in the right place because here we are presenting to you the best Black Friday Website Hosting Deals for you.
    HostGator is globally recognized hosting brand among webmasters, and developers. With the extraordinary features and tools that it offers with the hosting packages, Hostgator has kept up its compatibility among its clients. The Black Friday Deals and offers for 2020 have been already announced by HostGator and will go live on 25th November 2020.

    Summary of HostGator Black Friday Sale 2020

    2020’s Hostgator Black Friday hosting deals and offers are something that you should not miss. This amazing offer will go live on 25th November, Wednesday at 1:00 PM CST through, 1st December, Tuesday at 11:59 PM CST. It will starts on Black Friday and end on Cyber Monday.

    Therefore you have six days to avail the benefits of this deal on your web hosting purchase. Yes you heard right, you can save huge on your hosting purchase with Hostgator.
    With this 2020’ Black Friday sale you will get a huge upto 75% discount on hosting + a free domain name with all hosting packages. Is it not great?
    Once the sale will live, the following link will take you directly to the HostGator Black Friday Discount page.

    Starting from Wednesday, November 25th at 1:00 PM CST through Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59 PM

    Get Black Friday Deal

    Summary of HostGator Cyber Monday Sale 2020

    The Cyber Week sale of HostGator will start from Black Friday and run until Cyber Monday 2020, you can avail great discounts with limited 75% off flash sales on HostGator’s web hosting during this Cyber Monday special offers 2020.

    As per the details we received from HostGator, the Cyber Monday sale will begin from Monday, November 30th 2020 and give a huge 75% discount on hosting purchases.

    Sale Date: Monday, November 30th 2020

    Get Cyber Monday Deal

    You might be thinking that why Hostgator is giving this much huge discount and is it worth buying hosting from them? Stop worrying, because we have got you covered and the answers to your questions in the below paragraph.

    Why should You Go With HostGator Hosting?

    In case you are newbie in the hosting field and wish to start your own website or blog, HostGator has got your back. Hostgator is a one stop destination for all your website hosting related requirements. You can read about HostGator in our details review.

    With the help of HostGator’s site builder tool, you can without putting much effort create your own website or blog and make it live on the web. One of the best features of Hostgator hosting is that you can migrate your website free of cost from any other provider to HostGator service. Few more reasons to go with HostGator this Black Friday and Cyber Week sale, offers 2020 are given below:

    Good Customer Support Service

    Got stuck with your website or related to hosting and don’t find any solution? Do not take much tension because HostGator hosting comes with good customer support service. You can easily contact their customer support staff via live chat, phone and email.

    One of the best things about their support is that it is quite fast, you can get someone at your service under 15-20 seconds.

    Good/Solid Uptime

    The hosting services offered by HostGator comes with a solid uptime of around 99.98%. This, yet they are additionally extremely reliable with their guaranteed uptime of 99.98%. Also, our analyses show that it has given an uptime of between 99.98 to 100% in the last 12 month duration.

    Solid Security Features

    HostGator offers amazing security features in all hosting packages such as the option to add SiteLock which will help you to secure your site but you need to pay for it. The SiteLock security protection will continuously monitor your site and let you know about the possible website hacking attempts and security breaches. Apart from this they also give SpamAssassin with their email hosting plans to prevent spam messages from reaching your inbox.

    45-Day Long MoneyBack Guarantee

    Each hosting service provider has a different money back guarantee. The industry standard money back guarantee is 30 days but Hostgator gives a 45 days long money back guarantee with all hosting plans. Although it is suggested to check the terms and conditions before signing up.

    You should keep in mind that there is no refund for the payments made through check, money orders, or bank wire transfers. Refunds are not valid for dedicated servers, setup fees, install fees for custom software, or domain registrations. You will be eligible for the refund if you have paid using a credit card or PayPal.

    Free Website Migrations

    HostGator is one of the best hosting options for the individuals as well as businesses that already own a fully functioning website or blog but wish to change the hosting service provider. In order to get free migration service, you need to contact their support team within the first 30 days of signup and they will do the needful. The free migration service includes the migration of complete cPanel.

    Ease of Use

    As stated earlier, in case you are completely new in the field of hosting or website, hostgator is perfect choice for you. They will help you in designing, creating and hosting your website in just a few clicks.
    They offer an easy to use website builder tool named as Gator which includes free domain name and hosting. All you have to do is buy Gator site builder and you will be ready to get online.
    You will also be provided with website analytics, free SSL security certificate, ecommerce tools so that you can setup your online store or ecommerce website without any trouble.

    Activate The Deal

    More About HostGator Black Friday 2020 Deal

    Prior moving to the Black Friday deals of HostGator you should keep in mind that:

  • This Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will not be applicable on old hosting accounts. So be sure to sign up for a new hosting account.
  • Free domain name registration includes .com, org and .net domain extension only and you will be given a free domain name only with shared, WordPress and Cloud hosting accounts for 12 months purchase.
  • Final Words

    It is worth waiting for HostGator Black Friday Sale and Cyber Week Discounts. The reason behind saying this is not just that there is a huge discount but there are many amazing features offered by them in their hosting packages.

    The services offered by HostGator are perfect for the websites with hygge traffic and they have an outstanding uptime. They have all the features required to run a website smoothly. So don’t wait and grab the benefits of HostGator Black Friday sale.

    How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website

    How to Pick the Best Server Location for Your Website

    Does server location affect website speed?

    In short, Yes, the server/data center location affects the speed of websites.

    The first and foremost thing you need to do when choosing a hosting service for your website is to find out from which location the majority of your traffic, website visitors are coming.
    For what reason is this so crucial? Since the server area whereon your website is hosted plays a fundamental part in your entire network latency and TTFB (Time to first byte).

  • Does server location affect website speed?
  • What is Time to First Byte & Latency?
  • Check the Geographic location of your website visitors
  • Perform a Prompt Latency Test
  • Perform a Prompt TTFB (Time to first byte) Test
  • Pick a Server Location Near To Visitors Area
  • How to Reduce Latency?
  • Conclusion

  • What is Time to First Byte & Latency?

    The time to first bite (TTFB) refers to the duration of time it takes at the time a web browser sends a request to the physical server and when it gets its first byte of information. The more extended the range the information must go, the more it will take to serve your webpage. Keep in mind that TTFB must be as low as possible.

    Latency speaks about the complete rotation time that is engaged with the information transmission from your internet browser to the web server over a network. The more extended the distance the information must go, the more it will take to arrive at its target. The latency is evaluated in MS (milliseconds), although it could go up to seconds subject to the network.
    One of the simplest methods to achieve this is to consider picking a server /data center area near your website visitors.

    Now we will take a look at a few of the informative points you can follow to figure out which is the more appropriate server location for your website.

    Check the Geographic location of your website visitors

    One of the straightforward way to discover bits of knowledge about the geographic location of your site's guests is to beware of the data of your Google Analytics account.

    Sign in to your Google Analytics and go to Audience then Geo and Click on Location.

    Once you click the location option you will find the list of countries, you are getting traffic from. In case you are a local business owner, you can specify the results by separating to the city.

    Check the Geographic location of your website visitors

    In the above screenshot you can see that 62% of the visitors we are getting to our website are from India. So it is good to host your website on a India based server location.

    In case you are targeting a worldwide audience, you can make use of a CDN service.

    Perform a Prompt Latency Test

    There are a couple of viable approaches to evaluate latency from your present area to your website hosting service provider, comprising Traceroute Ping Test, or MTR (Combining the functionality of ping & traceroute). With the help of this you rapidly assess which server area may be the most ideal option for your website. Keep in mind, the lower the ping test result, the superior.

    Perform a Prompt TTFB (Time to first byte) Test

    You can make use of the tools such as KeyCDN or Sucuri. By using these tools you will be able to perform a test from different areas around the world.

  • Go to or
  • Enter your website domain name in the search box and click the test button.
  • The TTFB results of your webpage will be shown.
  • Keep in mind that the lesser the TTFB result, the best.

    In the screenshot given below you can see that the TTFB for Bangalore location is very low and much higher for New York. he main reason behind this is that we are using an India based server location. This is evidence that latency and range play into TTFB (Time To First Bite).

    TTFB (Time to first byte) Test

    In most of the cases, TTFB of below 100 ms is perfect. According to Google PageSpeed insights tool under 200 ms is recommended for the server to respond.

    Pick a Server Location Near To Visitors Area

    In case you are getting visitors from India and the data center of your hosting provider is located in the USA or UK, that implies the information literally needs to travel most of the way around the world to contact your site visitors.

    Consequently, it's strongly suggested to choose a host with the server location near to your targeted audience. In the event that you already did that and still your site speed is delayed as it were, most likely you have to consider picking a new hosting service provider.

    Top hosting companies such as FastComet and Hostinger have servers/data centers throughout the world. This permits you to choose a server location nearest to your visitors area and guarantees low latency and extremely quick site loading speed.

    How to Reduce Latency?

    Other than picking a nearby server / data center location, making use of a CDN service is another way to reduce server latency.

    A content delivery network stores the static contents of your site over numerous servers around the world. Such as, in case your site is hosted on a US based server, and one of your website visitor is from India, they are going to see the content from CDN's United States area. CND makes the static data and information of your site load as quick as possible, regardless of where your visitors derive from.

    These days many companies have partnered with the most popular CDN service provider Cloudflare. You can choose to go with Bluehost, Hostinger, FastComet or A2 Hosting, all of these hosting companies are giving free CDN with their hosting plans. Making use of Cloudflare CDN service implies that loading time of a page will take very less time, improving site speed as well as performance.


    I believe that I have helped you in learning about how to pick the best server location for your website or blog. Keep in mind that a server near to your targeted audience will guarantee a rapid and quick loading of your site. If you are not sure about the audience location of your site, you can choose to go with Bluehost because their servers are optimized to serve the global audience. You will be given a free CDN with hosting plans.

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