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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh
Top 5 Most Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website - 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes

Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website

The website has some special factors that help in ranking as well as retaining the position. Websites who neglect these points suffer whereas the website who harness them gain reward for their action. The websites that rank in google follow the guidelines and instructions given by google for every website. This article will provide you with a guide on how to make the best website for google ranking. The points here will help you to rank on google easily. This increases the DA of the website that helps the website helps a lot. You can use DA checker to determine the authority of the website.

Important Metrics to Check While Scanning the Website

So here are the five factors that are necessary for the website to have for ranking in google and getting traffic from search engines.

Mobile Friendly

Most people are shifting to mobile devices for searches and google considers mobile searches very important because more than 50% of searches are on mobile devices. The search result prefers mobile-friendly websites. The websites, which are not mobile-friendly get, their position lost due to Google’s new algorithm. According to the new algorithm, the websites that will rank in Google will be mostly those websites that easily open in smartphones. The mobile-friendly website readily adjusts to the mobile screen and the user does not have to fit the screen to view the website. The website’s fonts change automatically. The font size for the desktop is quite large as compared to the phone due to its small screen. In this case, the font size becomes large automatically.

The ad placement sometimes is a big problem for the website owners and sometimes blocks the important message of the website in ads. This problem is solved by the mobile-friendly website and they maintain a good user experience because of which people love to visit their website. Make sure your website’s loading speed is good in mobile devices as well. Sometimes the speed of the website is good in the computer but a bit slow in mobile devices. Ensure that essential content isn’t hidden by ads.

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DA and PA Checker

DA is a very important factor for ranking the website in search engines. The DA checker can tell about the DA of the website. It is absolute that people who regularly use DA checker for their website and constantly work on it tend to have good rankings because DA checker tells about the flaws of the website. The pa checker is also very important and tells where the things should be changed to make the page better for users and that helps rank in google. The DA checker also shows the age of domain, which is a very basic factor for the domain authority.

The website on a highly competitive niche is 3-4 years older. When competition is tough and content of all websites is good then Google also looks at the domain authority of website and domain age. This helps google the best website to rank on top position. It is not impossible to get the first position in the ranking, it’s just tough to get ranked with a new website. The DA and PA checker can suggest tips as well for the website to increase its ranking. Pre-post SEO can work as a DA checker. The tool is very precise and can really help website owners to make their website better.

Web Page Load Time

Another important metrics is loading time of the website, which shows how much time it takes to download the entire source code a particular web page.
Loading duration of site’s source code give you first signs about website speed. However, these two metrics are just a small portion of the battle. A guest of your site can possibly engage with your offers, deals if your entire page has loaded, containing all components, for example, pictures, graphics, videos etc.

A couple of examples?

  • Amazon Inc. (multinational technology company) experienced around 1 % loss in profit every 100 ms website load delay.
  • Walmart Inc. (multinational retail corporation) enhanced conversion rate by 2 % for each one second of page load time improvement.
  • Mozilla also known as Mozilla Firefox enhanced conversions by 15.4 % by diminishing page load time by 2.2 seconds.
  • Still not satisfied?

    A small loading time doesn't just boost the client experience, yet additionally strengthens the organic ranking of website. Google has stated website speed as one of top ranking elements. On the basis of the web page size and the scanning stretch, entire page monitoring can make a great deal of data transfer traffic.

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    So how can you improve site loading time?

    One of the easiest methods is to lessen the size of images. Many online tools and applications contain a choice to diminish the size of images. One more alternative is to choose a best and reliable Cloud hosting service provider to host your website on fastest servers without any interruption.

    Social Shares

    Social shares are also a very powerful signal for google to rank a website. Google claims that social shares don’t count in the ranking factors but studies show that articles with more social shares tend to rank higher in google than other posts. Social shares give more traffic to the website as social shares increase so does the traffic on post increases and google love posts that has traffic.

    The sharing on social media also works for the website article when social shares increase so does the amount of backlinks increase with each share. Social media presence is very important now for the better outreach of the post as more than 2 billion people are on Facebook. The number is increasing every day and it will continue to increase. Therefore, you can get this audience by social media only.

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    Backlinks always help to rank website in google. Most people say backlink does not work anymore. Although their influence is a little less now as compared to 2012. Due to people spamming google with only backlinks. However, they are still very powerful and worthy. The backlinks are like the backbone of the website it gives strength to the website and increases domain authority. You can also check the number and quality of backlinks from DA checker. The backlink is taken from high-quality website help website to rank higher than backlink taken from low-quality website. The website with high DA increases the DA of the website whereas website with low DA does not have much effect on the website. The website from which backlink is taken should be first checked by DA checker to know about the DA of website and then backlink should be taken from them. The website pre-post SEO backlink can be used for making for the website.

    Quality of content

    The quality of content matter a lot in ranking in any search engine. The “content is king” and the audience is the kingdom. If the king wants his kingdom to be happy, he has to be good. Just like this, for the audience to be happy content should be of high quality and should be written after deep research and experience.

    The content maker should 2000-3000 words content to rank high on google. Google crawl the whole page and prefer a website that has a detailed article for the searched query. The content can also be internally linked and externally linked to the flow of traffic across the website and to other websites. This is very helpful for the website to link the text on which detail is present on your or other’s website.

    An Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting

    An Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting - 4.9 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting

    Beginner's Guide to Web Hosting

    If people want to know the existence of your website, then trustworthy as well as a powerful web hosting is much needed. Today, many companies are offering web hosting services along with different tools that are necessary for upgrading website, before it will go live on the internet.

    The web hosting plan includes bandwidth, server speed, location, datacenters, name servers, or domain name, etc. The number of these things is varying from plan to plan, and accordingly, charges are fixed. So wisely choose a plan that will suit to website needs &budget as well.

    While scrolling down through the plans, many people get confused in terms such as web hosting, domain, name- servers, and datacentres. These terms are necessary and contribute to the online presence of the website. Everyone should know the basic concept of it so that you can make full use of these features.

    The explanations of the above terms you might find in technical language; hence results are more confusing rather than understanding. In this post, I am trying to explain web hosting and cover other related topics in a simple language that you can understand.

    What is Web Hosting?

    Website hosting is the process of renting or buying web storage space on big computers called a server, to view application or website content online, which includes HTML code, CSS files, images, & videos. That can be accessed by other computers connected to the internet.

    Web hosting provides the necessary services, tools, and technologies needed for websites or web pages to view online. When you purchase a web hosting service must rely on the following things,

  • Cost
  • Control
  • Storage Space
  • Bandwidth
  • Speed
  • How Does Web Hosting Works?

    The website is nothing but a collection of files, images, videos, & program code. When you create a website, all these things should be stored in a secure place. Also, the website will be available for your user from any browser or platform. So, where you can find a secure place?

    Web server is a safe place where all your files, assets, websites, media, database, and other related things are stored to run the website. When the user enters the domain name into the browser, the web host transfers all the requested necessary files to fulfil that request.

    Many web hosting companies rent out services & tools for hosting websites. You should purchase a hosting service according to usage, memory, data bandwidth that makes the website run faster and available 24x7 without any interruption.

    After purchasing a suitable hosting plan, website files are uploaded from the local computer to the web server. Once the website is hosted on a web server, by typing website address, anyone can access it on their browser. A web host is responsible for protecting the website from malicious attacks, keeping the server up & running, and transferring files, content over the server to your visitor’s browser.

    In all this process, what is the role of the server? The server is a first physical computer that runs without interruption & connects other web users to your site from anywhere in the world. Hosting service providers have the superb server’s connectivity which is needed to host websites.

    Such companies’ offer a variety of hosting plans, where they cover the hosting needs of the customer from small to large business organizations. Get started building your website with secure & scalable web hosting. Don’t forget to claim the coupons and offers from VoucherArena to save your money while getting the best web hosting services, domain offers, & other hosting products. Buy web hosting at great prices and host your website with a reputed hosting provider.

    Also check out the list of Top 35 Web Hosting Blogs & websites.

    What is Domain Name?

    A domain name is the name of the website, from which internet users can access a website. Many websites are there in the world, so among them, how can you find your website? Here, the computer uses an IP address to differentiate among the websites with its unique number series.

    In terms of the internet, your computer is identified by the IP address which looks like based on this number every website is get identified. Still, for humans, it’s not possible to remember all these number strings to access a different website.

    To overcome this confusion, the domain name is used. Domain name is a combination of letters, numbers and extensions like .com, .net, .in, are used which makes it unique. Some of the web hosting services includes domain name service, or you can purchase it separate from where you want.

    First, the domain name is registered with the website name & the extension; here taken care that no two websites can have the same domain name. For example - If I type, the server will direct to go to this website and no one else’s.

    Types of Domains

    Top-Level Domain (TLD)

    Top Level Domains are the extensions that are listed at the highest level in the domain name registration system. The most popular TLD’s among the hundreds are .org, .net & .com.

    Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

    Country-code top-level domain extensions are the domain names that end with specific country name extensions like .in for India, .uk for the United Kingdom, .au for Australia. These extensions are used specifically for the targeted audience in that country.

    Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD)

    This is the most valuable web extensions which are sponsored by the specific organizations to look different in such a crowd. Sponsored top-level domain extensions are the supreme extensions that represent organizations like .edu for education, .gov for the respected government of the country.

    Most Popular Web Hosting Services

    Shared Web Hosting

    This is the most cost-effective option for entry-level or low traffic websites. Multiple website resources are hosted on a single server. According to specifications, workspace is allocated. It is like renting a room with your friends, contributing to rent and using basic services like water, electricity, furniture and the other resources among all. Learn more about shared hosting here.

    VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

    A virtual private server is the side in between shared web hosting & dedicated web hosting services services. Here the main server is split into small virtual private servers where numbers of hosting websites are lower than the shared hosting. Here website is sharing server resources but having a lower number of other websites. This gives you more control over your website like a dedicated server.

    Dedicated Web Hosting

    It is one of the highest levels of a server. A dedicated web server is a first-line server that gives you full control of your website and eliminates the chance of sharing server resources with other websites. A dedicated server is allocated only for you. This makes it the most expensive web hosting service but adds different & necessary benefits into your dashboard.

    Cloud-Based Web Hosting

    Cloud-based is a new technology in web hosting, where the virtual remote server takes place instead of one traditional server. In the traditional server, if any problem occurred in the server, the whole system gets fails until the problem gets solved. But in cloud-based web hosting, if one remote server fails, another server takes its place and runs the system smoothly without any error.

    Reseller Web Hosting

    Reseller web hosting is like shared web hosting with extra tools that help you to resell hosting space that you buy. You are the “reseller” here, who is purchasing a web server and reselling it to your clients as you are the owner of the server. As the reseller, you get to choose the pricing options for your client, which creates an opportunity to make a profit.

    Additional tools like Web Host Manager (WHM) are added in the control panel. Here you can provide some of those perks like free website templates, white label technical support, private name servers, and price range depending on features and resource limits.

    Colocation Web Hosting

    In this, you purchase a rack or the cabinet space in the colocation centre instead of private data centres. This centre will provide you with bandwidth, power, cooling system, security & IP address. This means you are responsible for the server’s software, data storage, and backup procedures.

    Here you have to take care of everything like software, hardware, and other services. If anything fails in the system, you are responsible for fixing it on your own and getting the server back up and running. Unless you have any technical knowledge colocation is not worth it for you. It needs investment in time, money, & expertise for small businesses.

    The need for a Web Hosting

    If someone visits a website and there are problems in loading web pages like slow loading of a web page, connection timed out, page not found error occurred it doesn’t look good. The user has not that much time to wait till the page loads or error gets solved.

    Users will immediately bounce on the other website of the search result, which delivers what they are looking for seamlessly. To pick out the suitable web hosting service means having access to the resource allocation to enhance the performance of your website, quick loading time as well as reliable for visitors.

    Important Factors that Matter while Choosing Web Hosting Provider

  • How many months or years have been passed since they started the web hosting services? Because it will determine their credibility.
  • Does the company have 24x7 customer-supports where a trained person can interact with you to solve the problem?
  • Other services like security, backup, and email are necessary. So select a hosting web service that offers you all these. Getting it all in one place could reduce the time coordination with different providers.
  • Take a look at the online reviews and testimonials that would give you a more accurate idea of the company's reputation.
  • You should consider the server location because this defers the server uptime. Server uptime should always be 99%.
  • Other things like security considerations, backup services, customers & about mobile access.
  • Fastcomet Summer 2021 Sale Offers - 70% Off Hosting + Free Migration & Support - 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    FastComet Summer 2021 Sale Offers Verified 70% OFF Working Deal

    FastComet summer 2021 sale, offers are here and this year they are wishing every site owner by giving upto 70% OFF discount on all plans including shared Cloud, Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers.

    Every hosting service offered by FastComet includes free website migration, domain transfer, super fast SSD storage, daily weekly backups, easy to use cPanel tool, 45 days long money back guarantee to ensure trouble free hosting experience, CDN from Cloudflare, 24*7 live support by experts etc.

    FastComet Summer Sale Deals

    So in case you are planning to get best and fastest hosting at discounted cost then this FastComet's Summer Sale is the right time for you make a purchase. All you need to do is click any of the link given on this page.

    Details of FastComet Summer 2021 Sale

    FastComet Summer Special 70% OFF Shared Hosting + FREE Migration

    Limited Time Offer

  • This summer season FastComet is giving upto 70% discount on all Shared server plans. Use Coupon Code: HOT70CLOUD
  • FastComet Summer Special 20% OFF Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers + FREE Migration

    Limited Time Offer

  • Avail huge 20% off on Dedicated Servers & Cloud VPS hosting plans. Use Coupon Code: HOT20CLOUD
  • Given above are the great summer special deals and coupons of FastComet. These deals, offers are started on 21st July and valid for a limited time only, so you should not miss this best summer sale promotion from FastComet.

    In case you have any queries related to FastComet Summer Special Offers, feel free to contact us or ask in the comment section.

    How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India | Step by Step Guide - 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India

    Leasing a physical space on the server for organizations and for different motives has been continuously decreasing these days. The main reason behind this continuous decrease is that the virtual space contains several amazing advantages that can't be contrasted with the basic methods of doing business on the web. Getting the virtual space for a website has been made imaginable by the top hosting companies such as Bluehost, one of the top picks for the best and quality hosting services in India. You can read my unbiased reviews about Bluehost India hosting here.

    The main motive of this hosting organization is to provide businesses and individuals a secure platform to host their website on the web at a reasonable price and they are working smartly to match their objective.

    How To Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost India


    The most acknowledged name in the hosting industry is Bluehost. It gives a wide variety of hosting plans for all types of businesses and individual needs and a budget price. The hosting services offered by this top leading host includes shared, VPS, Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated server hosting etc. You can also use their services for reselling purposes. Below I am going to share the step by step tutorial on how to purchase web hosting service from Bluehost.


    Bluehost hosting is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) and it is known for offering its world class hosting services. They have more than 20 years of expertise in the hosting business. In case you are looking for the best web hosting providers with enhanced speed and performance then Bluehost is the perfect choice for you.
    You can use this tutorial to buy hosting plans from Bluehost India vs both because steps are almost the same with both hosting companies. Furthermore, buying hosting from Bluehost India website enables you to make payment in Indian currency whereas when you buy hosting from Bluehost International you need to pay using Paypal or credit card.

    Visit Bluehost.comVisit Bluehost India


    Buying hosting service is not a difficult task, since you have decided to purchase hosting from Bluehost then here is the step by step guide.
    Nevertheless, before we move ahead, it is basic for organizations as well as individuals to discover the sort of content and stuff that they are planning to post on their website. In view of that, they have to choose a best suited hosting plan to serve their needs.

    1st Step-> Visit Bluehost’s official website by clicking This Link. You will land to the below mentioned screen

    Bluehost India Hosting

    2nd Step-> Choose a hosting plan that matches best to your needs. Picking the suitable hosting plan will be a simpler task for you without putting the least cost into thought since you currently understand the worth you gonna get from the site.

    For the individuals yet thinking about which plan to pick for their website, everything relies upon the features you need.
    Select Hosting Plan I would suggest you go with the Plus plan since it offers you the ability to host unlimited domains or you can opt the Basic plan if you wish to host just one single website as of now. Once you decide the plan just hit the SELECT button.

    3rd Step-> After deciding the hosting plan, the subsequent step is to decide on the off chance that you have already registered your domain name or not. In case you already own a domain, you need to enter the domain name before continuing or purchase another one on the off chance that you do not have an already registered name you wish to use. In case you are not sure about the name of your domain, just click I’ll create my domain later link to skip the domain name registration process and register it later.
    One important thing I wish to share with you is in case you have registered your domain with some other registrar then you need to point the nameservers.


    Purchasing a brand new domain doesn't cost anything because Bluehost offers a free domain name with all hosting plans.

    4th Step-> Once you are done with the domain registration part, you need to fill your account details such as name, email, address etc. to continue with this how to buy hosting from Bluehost tutorial.

    BlueHost WordPress Account Creation

    5th Step-> Now you need to check the package information. You will see something like this.

    This is the step where you need to choose the billing cycle you wish to opt. You have the option to choose 12, 24 or 36 months billing duration. You will find that you are going to get free domain and free Let's Encrypt SSL. Also you will find that the longer the plan duration, the cheaper the hosting cost.

    BlueHost Package Details

    6th Step-> Next step in this guide is to choose package extras. Few of the add-ons are checked by default. You can choose any of the add-on based on your needs. You are free to choose or ignore this section. The available add-ons on this page are Domain Privacy+Protection, Codeguard Basic, Bluehost SEO Tools Start, 1 Office 365 Mailbox, & Sitelock Security Essential.

    7th Step-> The final step in this tutorial on buying hosting from Bluehost is to enter the payment information. After entering the payment payment details you need to accept the terms and conditions of service usage and click the Submit button.

    Bluehost payment details

    Now you have bought a hosting plan from Bluehost.

    Now you will get an welcome email from Bluehost support team which contains cPanel login details of your account. You will too get an activation email to activate your domain, in case you choose to register for a free domain name with your hosting purchase.

    Leave this step, in the event your domain name is registered with some other provider.

    Now you will be asked to choose a password for your account.

    You need to hit the create your password button on this step. Once you hit the button you will be redirected to a new page where you can set the password for your site or blog.


    There are 4 different plans available with and 3 with you can choose to host: Pricing

  • Basic plan that costs $2.95 per month.
  • Plus plan that can be bought at $5.45 per month.
  • Choice Plus which can be bought by paying $5.45 per month.
  • Pro Plan will cost $13.95 per month
  • Visit Bluehost Global
  • Bluehost India Pricing

  • Basic plan that costs Rs.179 per month.
  • Plus plan that can be bought at Rs.299 per month.
  • Choice Plus which can be bought by paying Rs.279 per month.
  • Visit Bluehost India
  • It is essential to know that the hosting prices are going to be discounted if bought on yearly basis and when purchased using our exclusive Bluehost India coupons, there will be a huge discount. You are free to choose Indian server or US based server based on your targeted audience.

    No.5. Bluehost Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Bluehost Shared Hosting Worth?

    I must say Yes because Bluehost shared hosting comes with many freebies and amazing features. One of the best things about Bluehost hosting is that it includes free domain, CDN and SSL.

  • Is it Possible To Upgrade Plan to Higher Plan?

    Yes you can easily upgrade to a higher plan by paying the difference amount.

  • Is there any Refund Policy?

    Yes there is a policy of 30 days refund, in case of unsatisfactory hosting experience. Keep in mind that there is no refund for domain name registration and add-on services.

  • Is the Reselling Option Available with Bluehost?

    Yes, there is a reselling option available with Blehost hosting plans. You can ask for Reseller hosting services in case you wish to resell hosting to your clients and start making a decent income.


    Since you are searching for the best website hosting service with exciting features such as Free Domain Name, SSL Certificate, SSD Storage etc. at a discounted price. Here I have the UpdatedReviews exclusive 65% OFF Discount deal link and by clicking this link you can get shared/WordPress hosting for just $2.95/month.



    Bluehost is one of the most trusted brands in the hosting industry because they are offering hosting solutions for every need and budget. It is trusted by many webmasters and bloggers. By using our exclusive Bluehost coupons you can get hosting at reduced price. The ease of use of Bluehost website is superb. If you choose to go with Bluehost India you can easily pay in local Indian currency.

    Let us know your thoughts about this post in the comment section. If you liked this post then join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • HostPapa Summer Sale Offer 2020 Verified 30% off Working Coupon Code - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    HostPapa Summer Sale! 30% off Optimized WordPress Plans

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    Do you wish to know about Hostpapa? HostPapa is a leader in the hosting field, known for Shared, VPS, Optimized WordPress hosting etc. services. Also it offer environment friendly Green Hosting treasonable cost.

    HostPapa Summer Sale Offers 2020

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    Why I Select HostPapa Hosting?

    The reasons behind are given below:

    1. Reliable Hosting services with modern technology
    2. Best-in-class customer support
    3. Guaranteed server security
    4. Servers optimized for extreme speed & enhanced performance
    5. Independently owned hosting organization


    Summer Sale for Your Hosting Luck!

  • FREE account instant setup & domain registration
  • 30-day money back guarantee – Without any risk
  • FREE marketing tools
  • FREE email accounts
  • FREE website building tools
  • FREE one-on-one live training session

    I hope you will enjoy this post about HostPapa summer sale discounts 2020? In case you have any doubt in your mind, feel free to share with me through the below comment box.

    The Best Examples of Never Giving Up

    The Best Examples of Never Giving Up - 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    The Best Examples of Never Giving Up

    Examples of Never Giving Up

    Remember the story of King Robert the Bruce and the Spider? I am sure every one of you has read the story at least once in life. You would find the story in Aesop fable’s collection of children's stories. As an adult, I thought this is a story meant for kids, how to not lose hope but then I thought Aesop didn’t write the fables for kids entertainment. Fables are lessons for adults, yes it sounds weird but it’s true. Honestly, I loved the simplicity of the story most, when I read it again as an adult. I am just giving a brief gist of it here, Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland lost battle against The King of England for 6 consecutive times, his soldiers were terribly injured, and he fled to a cave. There he saw a spider trying to reach the cave roof, but she was falling down. She couldn’t weave till the roof and fell 6 times. King Bruce felt pity for the Spider and thought to himself, she knows the pain of failing for six times. To his surprise, he saw the Spider weaving to the cave roof for the seventh time and this time she succeeded. The King got inspired by watching the Spider. He went to look for his soldiers, this time he was confident, he made a strong army and fought against The English Army and this time he won. He got back his kingdom.

    This is a legend, most of us have not seen it but in this article I am going to write about real life heroes who never ever “Gave Up”.

    “By every usual standard, I was the biggest failure I knew.” — J.K. Rowling

    Shocking!! One of the most popular writers of the nineties and the 20th century. She introduced us to the Magical World of Hogwarts and her main protagonist Harry Potter. As a Nineties Kid, I couldn’t even imagine my childhood without reading the Harry Potter series and I think a lot of you would agree with me. Can you even imagine, a successful writer could ever say this? Yes, she had to struggle so much to attain this success. She had become clinically depressed after her first marriage. She had no job; she had to take care of her infant daughter when she started creating the Wizardry World for us through her first book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. After writing 3 chapters, she sent it to a publisher who rejected the project. The same thing happened with the next 11 publishers, and she was in utmost depression then. Finally, the editor of a very small publishing house in London read the script. Surprisingly, the 8-year-old daughter of the editor read the script as well, and she was very excited to read the rest of the story. This made Bloomsbury Publishing house agrees to publish Rowling’s book. She was advised to get a day job because writing novels for Children won’t help her to survive. The rest is history and today her books are translated into more than 70 languages and the Harry Potter franchise has accumulated $25 billion since 1997.

    J.K. Rowling’s success story is a legend for our future generation and it’s a learning lesson for us.

    “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all — in which case, you fail by default.” — J.K. Rowling

    If you don’t fail, you will never succeed. Just keep don’t Give Up.

    The next story rather incident is a very recent one. I am talking about Yuvraj Singh, the prince of Indian Cricket team. He has a fan following all over the World. One of the most successful cricketers of the 20th century. He started his career in the year 2000, when most of the critics were not sure about his playing skill. He proved everyone wrong, he amazed everyone with his batting skill. Who doesn’t remember his 6 Sixes in an over on 19th September 2007? India got 3 world cups (u19/2000, T20/2007, ODI/2011) when he was in the Team. Shortly after he bagged Man of the Series in the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, he went for his cancer treatment. Yeah, during the World Cup series he knew he had Cancer, but he didn’t let down his team and gave them the World Cup. His career as a cricket player took a halt for the next few months for treatment. Again many critics suggested his career has ended. In 2016, he again played for the winning team of IPL, Sunrises Hyderabad. His career’s best score (150 runs from 127 balls) happened in 2017. He retired from international cricket on 10th June 2019.

    “I was not going to feel sorry for myself. No, why should I? When my form came back, or when I picked up wickets, or when I got the big scores, or when I got player of the match, or hit six sixes, had I ever asked God, ‘why me?’ Of course not. Often in my career, I have been the man with silver in the fist. Have I ever asked God, ‘why me?’ No, never. So when the illness came I had no right to ask ‘why me?” ― Yuvraj Singh, the Test of My Life

    He wrote the book The Test of My Life, an autobiography whose first 20 copies were auctioned in

    Yuvi Singh’s story proves that best might come after the worst nightmare. He never lost faith even after being diagnosed with Lung Cancer.

    “One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better.” — Colonel Sanders

    The story of KFC’s Owner is nothing less than Classic Tragedy. Colonel Sanders or Harland Sanders was born on 9th September 1980. His father died when he was just 5 years old, he had left school and joined the US army by the age of 16 from where he was discharged after a year. He got fired from his next 4 jobs by the time he was 17. He got married at 18 and his wife left him along with their child by the time he was 20. He became a cook and tried selling his secret recipe. This was not the beginning of happiness, because a series of conflicts ruined his career again. He acquired a motel four years later because he gained local popularity by selling his secret recipe. This motel was burned down the very same year and failure followed him in his next efforts as well. He started working in a cafeteria and sold his secret recipe. At the age of 65 he retired from his job as a cook but his dream to open the Kentucky Fried Chicken aka secret remained intact. The recipe was initially turned down more than 1000 times by restaurants that’s when he started selling door to door. In 1959, he again opened his KFC franchise and went to various restaurants offered to cook his recipes. KFC’s popularity had begun during this time and in 1962 Sanders got the patent protecting his method of pressure frying chicken. At the age of 88 Sanders became a Billionaire.

    Failure can happen multiple times but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever succeed.

    The reason I chose stories of these 3 people because, they prove Multiple Failures, Severe Illness and Rejections doesn’t really mean you should give up. Giving up is really easy but staying in the game and playing it is all which matters.

    If you want to hear some more stories of People for whom Giving Up is not an option let me know in the Comment section below.

    I hope you got inspired reading this.

    All the best for your future.

    Note: Information mentioned in this article are taken from books and internet.


    SharkServers - 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    SharkServers User Reviews 2021

    SharkServers is a small web host that is not a match for bigger hosting players such as Bluehost or Hostinger. Bigger web hosting providers give superior configuration at a reasonable cost. SharkSevers is an Independent hosting organization, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Reading, UK. At present, they offer shared, VPS, Dedicated server hosting and website building tools for the businesses for all sizes.

    Visit SharkServers

    SharkServers Review

    Features & Ease of Use of SharkServers

    The standard features of SharkServers’ hosting services includes the following features:

  • SSL certificate included
  • Option to Create MySQL Databases
  • FTP accounts
  • DMCA Ignored Hosting
  • Softaculous & Optional backups
  • Spam Filter
  • 1-click app installer
  • PHP support
  • The hosting services offered by Sharkservers are available on both Linux and Windows platforms. There are 3 different packages available in the offshore cPanel hosting you can choose from. For DirectAdmin hosting there are 4 packages with various features and benefits. You can choose cPanel or DirectAdmin hosting based on your needs and website requirements.

    For VPS hosting solutions SharkServers use KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization technology to ensure high performance for the websites of their valuable customers. The KVM virtualization helps to scale the VPS plans. You will be provided with optional backup with your VPS account. The VPS hosting packages start from as low as $6.99/month and the top level VPS plan costs $220/month.

    Pricing and Customer Support

    The cost of SharkServers hosting is much higher compared to top hosting brands like Hostinger India, FastComet and Bluehost because the features of the starter hosting plan of SharkServers are similar to other hosting companies. Despite that you can get a little discount based on the billing cycle you choose.
    Every new customer will be provided with free DNS as well as ID protection for the first year of the hosting purchase with an auto-renewal option. Keep in mind that, at the time of renewal you will be charged the full amount. Other added services include free website builder tool, Free website migration, CodeGuard, SiteLock, SpamExperts etc.

    All shared and VPS plans services are backed by 30 days money back guarantee. All other services and products are not eligible for moneyback. Apart from this there is no information about uptime guarantee.
    To get instant help and assistance, customers are provided with live chat, ticket system as well as telephone support. The live chat support is quite fast in our test. Sad to say that the knowledge base is almost empty because there are only a few informative articles available in it.

    Shared Hosting Plans

    Plan Name
    Space/Bandwidth Websites Price
    Basic 5GB/10GB 1 $4.22/Mo.
    Advanced 10GB/1TB Unlimited $7.62/Mo.
    Ultimate 50GB/2TB Unlimited $16.95/Mo.
    Checkout the best Shared Hosting alternatives

    VPS Hosting Plans

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM CPU Price
    VPS 1 20GB/1GB 1 x 2.40GHz $6.99/Mo.
    VPS 2 25GB/2GB 2 x 2.40GHz $11.99/Mo.
    VPS 3 80GB/4GB 3 x 2.40GHz $22.99/Mo.
    VPS 4 160GB/8GB 4 x 2.40GHz $59.99/Mo.
    VPS 5 320GB/16GB 5 x 2.40GHz $106.99/Mo.
    VPS 6 640GB/32GB 6 x 2.40GHz $219.99/Mo.
    Checkout the best VPS Hosting alternatives

    Dedicated Server Plans

    Plan Name
    RAM/Space CPU Price
    G6-8G 8GB/1TB Intel Xeon E5-2407 $49.99/Mo.
    H1-32 32GB/6TB Intel Core i7-2600 $56.99/Mo.
    H2-32 32GB/2 x 750GB Intel Core i7-2600 $56.99/Mo.
    H5-32 32GB/2 x 2TB Intel Core i7-3770 $58.99/Mo.
    H7-128 128GB/2 x 240GB Intel Xeon E5-1650V2 $129.99/Mo.
    H9-128 128GB/1x 240GB AMD Threadripper 2950X $199.99/Mo.
    Checkout the best Dedicated Hosting alternatives

    SharkServers Server/Data Centre Locations

    SharkServers offer offshore web hosting services from its Netherlands based servers. Their data centers are linked with various redundant 100G network link to ensure the low latency as well as higher uptime.


    SharkServers have been providing quality hosting services since 2014 (6 years) They have around 20000 customers and every customer had experienced the excellent service until March 2019 because in 2019 they suffered from a data loss. Due to this disaster they have lost many customers.
    SharkServers may give a better hosting service at a little high cost, yet does it balance with the top leading hosting service providers in India and around the world? We think that it's much difficult to say yes.

    Pros of the services offered

  • VPS plans are backed by KVM technology
  • Hosting services are available on Linux & Windows OS
  • Optional Data backups
  • Option to choose from multiple billing cycles
  • Cons of the services offered

  • There were a huge data loss occur in March 2019
  • Costly hosting plans
  • Visit SharkServers

    Bluehost India vs – Why Should You Prefer .In Over .Com? - 4.8 out of 5 based on 10 votes

    Bluehost India vs – Why Should You Prefer .COM Over .IN?

    Latest Update: Bluehost India is now an Indian version of Therefore, your choice is very simple now. In case your target audience is from Indian continent, you must choose Bluehost India (Indian data centers/servers), and if your target audience is belongs to USA or all over the world, you should go with ( U.S.A based data centers).

    Bluehost India vs

    Hope all of you making the most of our past blog post on Bluehost vs Hostinger. Today we are going to inspect Bluehost India versus (US). So without taking more, let’s now start!
    Bluehost is a standout amongst other hosting providers that prides of incredible services at outstanding costs, gives exclusive Bluehost discount coupons to their potential customers so that they can save money on hosting purchase and available in the form of Indian as well as global service provider. To know about the major differences between these two sites under one brand, keep reading this blog post.

    Since you are from India and searching for a most trusted web host, it might be confusing to choose between these two sites, for instance or because both of the web hosts are almost the same with slight differences, therefore making a selection can be a little bit difficult for newbie site owners.

    Visit Bluehost India

    Bluehost India Vs Bluehost.COM : WHY .COM IS STILL THE BEST CHOICE?

    Bluehost is one of the most trusted web hosts all around the world. Most of the webmasters, site owners and bloggers prefer to host their websites with Bluehost. The hosting services offered by them are furnished with outstanding features and attributes. Best thing about Bluehost hosting is that it includes free domain name registration for 1st year of hosting purchase. It is one of the hosts you can rely on. To serve the Indian clients there is a separate website named Nevertheless, how does Bluehost India compare to Bluehost US. Today we are going to review the differences between and so that you can make the right choice.

    Exclusive Offer From for UpdatedReviews Audience!

    Exclusive 65% Off Deal for our visitors. Get hosting for just $2.95/mo. Normal Price $7.99/month With a free domain name, SSL, CDN & more. Valid for limited time only. Offer include the following extras:
    ✔ Free SSL certificate Included
    ✔ FREE Domain Registration for 1 Year with every new hosting account
    ✔ 65% OFF WordPress Hosting Plans
    ✔ 65% OFF Website Builder
    ✔ 37% OFF on VPS Hosting
    ✔ 24% OFF Dedicated Server Hosting
    ✔ Free $200 Worth Marketing Credits
    ✔ All offers are auto applied, just click the given link to grab these offers


    Exclusive Offer From Bluehost India for UpdatedReviews Audience!

    Exclusive 65% Off Deal for our visitors. Get hosting for just Rs.175/mo. Normal Price Rs.499/month With a free domain name, SSL, CDN & more. Valid for limited time only. Offer include the following extras:
    ✔ Free SSL certificate Included
    ✔ FREE Domain Registration for 1 Year with every new hosting account
    ✔ 65% OFF WordPress Hosting Plans
    ✔ 65% OFF Website Builder
    ✔ 37% OFF on VPS Hosting
    ✔ 24% OFF Dedicated Server Hosting
    ✔ All offers are auto applied, just click the given link to grab these offers


    Therefore, Our team of hosting experts have done extensive research and analysis to discover the qualities and weak points. You can find a detailed comparison between both of them.


    Bluehost is perhaps the best hosting brand that gives outstanding services at a price that can be afforded by everyone. It is owned by EIG group which hold more that 80+ companies around the world including, HostGator, iPage, A Small Orange, Bigrock etc.
    Bluehost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaten and he was the CEO of it till 2011. In 2010 it was acquired by Endurance International Group. Read our detailed and unbiased Bluehost Review here. vs Bluehost US The global version of Bluehost is referred to as that serves +2 million sites and blogs under its powerful service. This places Bluehost company as one of the biggest hosting players in the global industry. The services offered by them includes Shared, WordPress, eCommerce, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

    The shared server hosting packages it offers are suitable for novice bloggers and new business startups. It has successfully kept up it's excellence as well as consistency level throughout the years. Moreover, it prides itself of top-notch customer/technical support service, feature-rich hosting services at reasonable costs.

    To serve the Indian clients there is a different dedicated domain extension owned by EIG. They operate Bluehost India through .in domain extention to offer services to Indian users. Read our detailed and unbiased Bluehost India Review here

    What prompted the division of Bluehost into and

    The International form of Bluehost makes use of the conventional global payment modes of Credits Cards & PayPal. This was a major issue for Indian users and site owners who wished to buy hosting from them but couldn't because they didn't have the way to. In this way, to provide them the alternative of buying with a local payment modes, the firm decided to launch for India specific individuals. Anyway, both India and International forms of sites use the same standard cPanel dashboard.

    Now I assume that you have enough information about these web hosts, let’s now jump into the detailed comparison of them. We will discuss everything about them including cost, hosting features, technical support service, find out which is the right choice to host your website in India by sharing the list of best web hosting India service providers.


    Bluehost global offers an incredible range of services for a wide range of sites, ranging from the personal sites, startup sites and large enterprises websites at a budget price. Nearly every type of hosting solution is offered by this web host such as low cost shared hosting, cheap yet fast VPS hosting plans, Powerful dedicated web servers and optimized hosting for WordPress websites. The services offered by them are for global users. The main client base of Bluehost India is India specific, the services offered by them are similar to .com site and you are allowed to choose from shared, WordPress, Dedicated, VPS hosting services on Linux OS.

    Our opinion: Whichever you decide to choose between these two, the service offered by them is best but Bluehost India is good choice for Indian websites whereas good for the websites targeting global audience.


    The hosting services offered by are somewhat more costly than the Indian website. Be that as it may, the cost of hosting plans depends on the package you choose to host your site. Here I am going to discuss the three packages available for shared hosting. The basic shared hosting plan costs $2.95/month (Exclusive pricing for UpdatedReviews visitors), if you visit other websites, the same package will cost you $3.95/month. The plus shared hosting package costs $5.45/month. Whereas choice plus package also costs $5.45/month. When it comes to the performance, reliability and service quality, all three packages are outstanding and really worth the money.

    Similar to the global website of Bluehost, for Indian users also there are three shared hosting packages available on Linux operating system. The name of these three packages are similar to You can buy Basic package by paying Rs.175/month, Plus package at the price of Rs.299/month and and choice plus package at Rs.279/month.

    Our Opinion: take down Bluehost global regarding reasonableness as visible in the above paragraph. You will get unwavering quality, amazing features and high quality customer support service from at a reasonable cost.


    The hosting dashboard given by Bluehost global is much more easy to use and simple. You will find yourself comfortable while navigating through without any sort of trouble.
    The interface of the dashboard of is quite good but not as excellent as All things considered, it does almost the same task of giving the client an intuitive and straightforward dashboard as

    Our Opinion: The interface of the hosting dashboard of both of the hosts is nearly same as each other because both of them are using the same web developer for their website. Although, Bluehost Global is a clear winner here because of its appealing interface.


    For its global audience Bluehost offers 4 different shared web hosting plans - Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. The basic hosting plan is the lowest priced among each of the three, which includes only one domain and standard level of performance. This is the best suitable plan in case you wish to host a single domain name.

    The other three plans offer you with the option to host an unlimited number of domains, email accounts, along with unlimited web space and data transfer. In case you are planning to host unlimited websites, the Plus plan is the ideal choice for you. Pro plan is the costlier shared hosting offering available at, it is best if you are looking for excellent performance and high quality service. The pro plan contains a dedicated IP address. Apart from shared hosting, there is the option to choose VPS, Dedicated server, Reseller, Hosting, WordPress hosting and eCommerce hosting services based on your needs and website requirements. Some other features offered by Bluehost’s includes Marketing services, Professional email, Bluetopia, Blueprint, Blue Sky and domain name registration.

    The services offered by Bluehost India are little bit less compared to .com. The service catalog of Bluehost India comprise shared server, VPS server, Dedicated server, WordPress and eCommerce hosting India. All packages are available at budget price.

    Our Opinion: Both and Bluehost India offers same services at a budget price. As said, cost little high but compensate for it by giving high quality and reliable services. Since you are from India, you can go with


    This is the place where the two alternatives claim to offer 99.9% uptime, as well as in our tests we have received around 99.99% uptime from both. Since you are from India, it is advisable to go with Bluehost India.


    The servers of Bluehost are perfectly optimized, this is the reason why they are officially suggested by the WordPress community. One of the major advantages of opting the services of Bluehost is that they give the option to take daily, weekly as well as monthly data backup options.

    The backup option gives you complete peace of mind because you know that in case of any trouble, you can easily restore your site from the backup copy. Bluehost offers hosting services from its US based data centers, which means you do not have the option to choose Indian server for your website.

    By hosting your website with, you have the choice of opting Indian server location because they have their server located in the Mumbai data center, also you are allowed to choose the US based server location from Indian site. This ability makes a top rated host in India. Similar to Bluehost Global, Bluehost India offers Daily/weekly and monthly backups.

    Bluehost uses the best in class hardware to power its server and infrastructure.

    Our Opinion: Both hosting choices have outstanding servers and hardware with excellent backup options. However, has little edge over Bluehost India due to International server locations to serve the global audience. But it your targeted audience is from India then go with Bluehost India.


    Both have a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can ask for a full refund of your money in case you are not satisfied with the hosting services. So you can try their services without any worry for the first 30 days.


    Being in the hosting industry for a long time, has a complete understanding of the importance of client support service. It offers customer support service through different channels so that one can reach the support staff without putting much effort. You can reach customer support staff via live chat, email, toll-free as well as community support is also available.
    There is a resolution time of 5-30 to resolve the concerned issue of every client, but in most of the situations the issues raised by the clients are solved in just a few seconds.
    The customer support service offered by Bluehost India is available in the format as global website as well as queries raised by customers are resolved and answered within just few minutes.

    Our Opinion: When it comes to the excellent customer and technical support services, and both are winner. Both are having an outstanding and knowledgeable customer support staff.

    Should you buy web hosting from Bluehost India?

    While writing this article, there is no considerable distinction as far as quality among Bluehost U.S and Bluehost India. You can choose either dependent on your specific needs and website requirements. I say again, if you focus on Indian audience, you should purchase web hosting from Bluehost India, or if you focus on global or USA based audience, purchase hosting service from
    For the knowledge or information purpose, you can explore both of the websites of Bluehost and learn about the different features, plans and pricing yourself.

    Visit Bluehost.inVisit Bluehost U.S

    Final Thoughts

    I believe that after reading this detailed analysis about Bluehost India vs you have got a clear understanding about both of them. Both of the hosts are giving outstanding hosting services at reasonable costs. As I referenced above, is actually equivalent to Bluehost Global, and my proposal would favor over site. Indian site is advised just in case you do not have a global payment choice, and you have to pay in Indian Rupees. With Bluehost India you will be given the option for choose Indian server/data center location for your website.

    Feel free to ask me anything about the services of Bluehost India or Bluehost us. I would request you to do me a favor, spare some of your time to share your feedback and opinion regarding this article in the below comment section.

    If you wish to read other same sort of comparison then go through the Bluehost vs Hostinger, Bluehost VS Godaddy here.
    Thanks a lot for taking your time to read this blog post.

    BlueHost India Review

    BlueHost India Review - 4.8 out of 5 based on 95 votes

    Bluehost India review: Is It Still the Best in 2021?

    Should You Prefer it Over Bluehost US?

    [UpdatedReviews Exclusive Bluehost India Deal] Grab 65% OFF on Hosting + Free Domain Name, SSL, Free Migration& More. Limited Time Offer. Grab it now

    Bluehost India Review

    Is it true that you are searching for an honest BlueHost India Review? At that point here is a detailed Review of It will be beneficial for you to get all the data that you required before making a hosting purchase from Bluehost India. We earlier gave you the detailed difference between Bluehost India and Bluehost US. In this review of BlueHost India, we are going to discuss everything about including pricing, plans, features, performance etc.


    Also Read: How to buy web hosting from Bluehost India >>

    You may have utilized the hosting services of Bluehost global. They are well-known and globally recognized for their cost-effective shared and WordPress hosting plans. They are one of the 20 largest web hosts that’s the reason their services are used by many websites and bloggers.

    Assuming that you are residing in India and searching for a most reliable and trusted web host for your online venture. Bluehost India has long experience in the hosting industry, was founded in 2003 and currently serving more than 2 million websites all over the world. In 2021 they are ranked as the No.1 web hosting company in India. It is owned and operated by the EIG group of companies.

    Though is recommended by itself for secure WordPress hosting, we should now check the abilities as well as performance of BlueHost India.

  • Quick Overview of the features
  • Bluehost India Hosting Plans, Pricing & Features
  • Bluehost India Shared Hosting Plans
  • WordPress Web Hosting Plans
  • VPS Server/Hosting Plans
  • Dedicated Server Hosting Plans
  • BlueHost India Uptime and Reliability
  • Should You Purchase Web Hosting from Bluehost India?
  • BlueHost India vs BlueHost US
  • Bluehost India Coupon Code
  • Bluehost India Hosting FAQs
  • Conclusion - Do We Recommend Bluehost India?

  • Quick Overview of the features

  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year of Hosting Purchase
  • 1 - Click WordPress Installation
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • Modern Grade Data Centers with Advanced Security
  • Xeon Powered Server
  • Servers with easy to scale option as per the customers need
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Uptime
  • Guaranteed 30 Days Money back
  • Easy to use cPanel with all hosting plans
  • Bluehost India Hosting Plans, Pricing & Features

    When it comes to shared hosting, Bluehost India has 4 different packages available to choose from, named Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. The basic shared hosting plan costs as low as Rs.179/month and contains 50GB of space on SSD drives, Unmetered Bandwidth, free domain & SSL certificate. In this package you can host just 1 website. The cost of the plus package is Rs.299/month and you will be provided with Unlimited resources along with the option to host unlimited websites/domains. The cost of the Choice Plus package is Rs.279, the additional features of this package are free Domain Privacy and Site Backup - CodeGuard Basic. Last but not least shared hosting package is Pro which costs Rs.859/month. This package contains all the features of previous 3 packages, additionally you will be provided with 2 Spam Experts and a dedicated IP address. All the 4 shared hosting packages of Bluehost India comes with free CDN from Cloudflare, free domain name, SSL certificate and performance-tuned servers in their most advanced data centers.

    Bluehost India Shared Hosting Plans

  • Basic Shared Hosting: Normal Price Rs.499/mo. but for UpdatedReviews visitors there is an exclusive discount of a tremendous 65% off. Now it costs you just Rs.179/month.
  • Plus Shared Hosting: Normal Price Rs.679/mo. but with UpdatedReviews exclusive deal it cost just Rs. 299/month.
  • Choice Plus Shared Plan: Normal cost Rs.919/mo. but with our exclusive offer it cost just Rs.279/month for 1st billing duration.
  • Pro Plan: This is the most costlier shared hosting package available at Bluehost India, Normally cost Rs.1459/month, but with our exclusive offer it costs just Rs.859/month.
  • There is a broad variety of shared hosting packages available to choose from with that suits the needs and budgets of all types of businesses and websites. Checkout the available features of Bluehost India shared server plans in the below chart:

    Plan Name
    Space/Bandwidth Websites Cost
    Basic 50GB/Unlimited 1 Rs.179/Mo.
    Plus Unlimited Unlimited Rs.299/Mo.
    Choice Plus Unlimited Unlimited Rs.279/Mo.
    PRO Unlimited Unlimited Rs.859/Mo.
    Checkout the best Shared Hosting Providers in India

    WordPress Web Hosting Plans

  • Basic WordPress Plan: Special Cost Rs.179/month (36 months billing duration), normal cost Rs.499/month.
  • Plus WordPress Plan: Special Cost Rs.299/month (36 months billing duration), normal cost Rs.679/month.
  • Choice Plus WordPress Plan: Special Cost Rs.279/month (36 months billing duration), normal cost Rs.919/month.
  • This is one of the best as well as perfect offerings by Bluehost India hosting company. This is the major reason why it is officially recommended and suggested by for highly secure and reliable WordPress hosting in India as well as the world.

    Get detailed information about how to start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost India here.

    Bluehost is the No.1 WordPress hosting recommended by the WordPress community. The WordPress hosting offered by is also similar to See the chart below to get detailed information about the WordPress hosting Plans of Bluehost India::

    Plan Name
    Space/Bandwidth Websites Cost
    Basic 50GB/Unlimited 1 Rs.179/Mo.
    Plus Unlimited Unlimited Rs.299/Mo.
    Choice Plus Unlimited Unlimited Rs.279/Mo.
    Checkout the best WordPress Hosting Providers here

    VPS Server/Hosting Plans

  • Standard VPS Package: Special Cost Rs.1159/month (36 months billing duration), regular cost Rs.1859/month
  • Enhanced Package: Special Cost Rs.1859 (36 months billing duration), regular cost Rs.3659/month
  • Ultimate Package: Special Cost Rs.3659 your first month, regular cost Rs.7359/month.
  • With Bluehost India you have the option to choose from the wide array of the VPS hosting plans. Appreciate the astonishing power, freedom, increased control, increased flexibility, advanced protection for your online venture with the SSD drives powered hosting plans offered by

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM Websites Cost
    Build Unlimited Unlimited Websites Rs.1159/Mo.
    Grow Unlimited Unlimited Websites Rs.1859/Mo.
    Scale Unlimited Unlimited Websites Rs.3659/Mo.
    Checkout the best VPS Hosting Providers here

    Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

  • Standard Server Plan: Special price Rs.4859/mo. (36 months billing duration), Normal cost Rs.6719/month.
  • Enhanced Server Plan: Special price (36 months billing duration), Normal cost Rs.9759/month.
  • Premium Server Plan: Special price Rs.7359/mo. (36 months billing duration), Normal cost Rs.12799/month.
  • The standard dedicated server hosting plan includes 4 cores CPU @ 2.3 GHz, whereas Enhanced dedicated server comes with 4 cores CPU @ 2.5 GHz and premium dedicated server hosting package also contains 4 cores @ 3.3 GHz CPU. Each package contains enough amount of storage space so that you can store and host enough data. Every hosting service offered by Bluehost India is backed by 30 days money back guarantee.

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM IP Cost
    Standard 500GB/4GB 3 Rs.4859/Mo.
    Enhanced 1TB/8GB 4 Rs.6159/Mo.
    Premium 1TB/16GB 5 Rs.7359/Mo.
    Checkout the list of best Dedicated Server hosting providers

    BlueHost India Uptime and Reliability Reviewed

    Site/server uptime is one of the most crucial elements of every hosting service. In case your web page goes offline or stops working during peak hours, in that case you for sure lose potential clients as well as money. The uptime of Bluehost India is as good as Bluehost US. The uptime of Bluehost India is somewhere around 99.99%. This means 52 minutes downtime each year.

    Uptime is an important element of every web hosting. In case your website face downtime during a peak hour, you for sure lose an opportunity to make a decent revenue as well as customer. BlueHost India is quite good in server uptime. In our test we received nearly 100% uptime.

    It is also vital to observe that we did not record any downtime throughout our analysis. Take a look the screenshot given below for a quick overview of Bluehost India server uptime.

    Bluehost India Uptime
    Bluehost India Uptime Statistics

    Nonetheless, with just 1 single datacenter situated in India, we did not imagine would do good enough when gotten through our server speed test.

    Utilizing our test website hosted on their basic shared hosting, we got down to business and began assaying their server response times – and guess what? we were completely wrong.

    Bluehost India Server Response Time
    Bluehost India Server Response Time

    Should You Purchase Web Hosting from Bluehost India?

    Right now It's smarter decision to purchase web hosting from Bluehost India, as well as make use of free global CDN from Cloudflare to ensure your website/blog loads extremely fast in the Indian continents.

    Both Bluehost India and Bluehost US give a free domain name, SSL security certificate as well as access to PHP 7.0.

    I couldn't imagine anything better than to see offering a similar infrastructure as they are offering from their US website, webpage which would guarantee your site/blog stays up, running all the time and you will get access to qualified and expert technical support service. So it is advisable to purchase website hosting from (Starting from Rs.179/month) or Hostinger India (Starting from Rs.79/month).

    BlueHost India and BlueHost US - Which is the Best Host?

    There are numerous differences between Bluehost US and Bluehost India, but the major difference between these both sites is the cost of hosting plans. To know more about these 2 sites you can go through our detailed review of Bluehost India vs Bluehost.Com.

    Bluehost India Coupon Code

    Normally, Bluehost India shared hosting starts at Rs.499/month, that is the regular cost. But you can avail an exclusive 65% discount on their hosting plan for first billing cycle.

    Put differently, you can buy Bluehost hosting by paying just Rs.179/month rather than the normal cost Rs.499/month.

    Magnificently, their hosting package likewise accompanies a free website domain name and a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee so you can get a full in case you feel dissatisfied with their service. So their is nothing to worry.

    Simply click here to claim your Bluehost India deal straight away.

    Bluehost India Hosting FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Which hosting plans should I choose from Bluehost?

    There is no particular response to this question. It simply a subject of what you actually need. In any case, in the event that you are just beginning your online journey, at that point we would suggest you pick shared hosting plan at

    And on the off chance that you need to make an online store/eCommerce site, at that point go for their eCommerce hosting plans, which is particularly crafted to deal with eCommerce websites and online stores.

    Is it possible to upgrade my plan later?

    Yes it is always possible to upgrade your plan to higher plan, this is the reason we always recommend our users to start with basic package and upgrade to higher package later. At it is very easy and effortless to upgrade your current plan to any other plan.

    Where are Bluehost servers located?

    Their India-based Servers/data centers are located in Mumbai, India. They also have data centers across the world including US, UK, and china. You can choose India server location from website and if you are looking for US server location you need to host your website using

    Do they offer multilingual support?

    No, They don't offer multilingual support. They only offer support in Hindi and English languages.

    Does Bluehost India offer domain name registration?

    Yes, Domain name registration service is available at Bluehost India. Additionally, majority of their hosting plans are packed with free domain name.

    SSD or HDD Which is offered by them?

    Their hosting plans are equipped with SSD drives for enhanced security, increased reliability, and enhanced speed.

    Do they offer any uptime guarantee?

    The hosting services offered by Bluehost India are backed with 99.99% uptime guarantee. But, this guarantee doesn't include any refund in case any downtime occur.

    Do they offer any money-back guarantee?

    Yes, Bluehost India gives 30 days money-back . You can easily cancel your hosting account within the first 30 days of hosting purchase to get a full refund. Keep in mind that you will get a full refund on your web osting service only. The 30 days money-back guarantee doesn't to add-ons, for example domains.

    Conclusion - Do We Recommend Bluehost India?

    👍 Yes, we strongly recommend it.

    At UpdatedReviews, we will always suggest to our valuable users. We believe that our Bluehost India review has given you with all the details needed to make the wise hosting choice.

    Bluehost is a incredibly dependable and efficient web hosting provider. With outstanding uptime and excellent speed that continually rank high in the hosting and server industry, you must consider using their hosting.

    Additionally, their hosting plans are cost-effective and packed with numerous features and tools. And with variety of packages available, you are certain to discover something that is appropriate for your business or website.

    In conclusion, they are additionally a decent choice in case you are searching for a authoritative WordPress web hosting. Their WordPress powered hosting solution is dependable and strongly recommend officially by

    Bluehost India is as excellent as Bluehost US. Therefore we recommend you to go with Bluehost India to get a highly reliable hosting solution at much affordable cost along with amazing features and benefits. Have you or any of your friends ever used the services of Bluehost India? How was the experience you or your friends experienced with their services? What are your thoughts on their hosting services, server performance and reliability? Feel free to share your perspectives with us in the comment section.

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