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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh
With over 10 years of experience in Digital marketing. He is the self-proclaimed expert of all things including SEO, PPC, Google Ads and has a great passion for analytics and testing. Shiv's goal with UpdatedReviews is to share his knowledge and expertise so that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they are from, can get benefit. It is via this website that he lives out his dream of sharing knowledge with the world.
Top 5 Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers for Uninterrupted Trading - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes


Best Forex VPS Hosting Services 2024

Merchants/brokers are searching for the ideal trading environment as well as the best possibility to make income while dealing in Forex.

Forex Exchange, also known as foreign money trading/currency exchange, is a global market with high cash flow and astonishing exchanging volume. It is one of the biggest monetary markets all over the world, with resources worth $6 to $7 trillion being traded every day.

Anybody can begin online trading even absent a lot of monetary investment, however you should be aware of changing business sector situations, given the increased instability. Also, numerous online traders had a horrible encounter in which they missed their connections while executing their trade activities, bringing about a tremendous deficiency of cash.

Fortunately, a forex VPS server can tackle this issue.

It is considerably more powerful than utilizing your own computer system for Forex trading. The main reason behind this is that forex currency trading requires high calculation time and surprisingly more network steadiness that a forex VPS server is intended to provide.

A forex VPS server in India has potential as well as resources allocated to fulfil your forex trading necessities and allows you to appreciate online forex trading without inconvenience or discontinuities. In this blog post, we are going to share about the best forex VPS India services that can give you a steady and highly secure network and help generate high income.
But, before we dig deeper, Let us find,

Also look at the list of Best Windows VPS Hosting Providers

What is Forex VPS Server/Hosting?

So now let us find out what VPS Hosting is?

This type of hosting service offers a dedicated Virtual Private Server to the clients who can use an adjustable and powerful platform for different tasks such as running a web page, playing very good quality computer games, running an online store/eCommerce site or forex trading.

By getting access to a VPS hosting service, you do not need to invest much energy as well as cash setting up your PC or keeping your PC system turned on constantly. A forex VPS server hosting permits you to use programmed algorithmic techniques to trade flawlessly on their chosen platform alongside trading specialists to assist them.
There are a lot of advantages of using VPS server hosting for Forex Trading, and few of them are listed below.

Excellent Security

Cyberattacks/online attacks occur every time. A forex VPS hosting guarantees your information security with trend setting innovations such as modern firewalls, DDoS assurance, and many more.

Worldwide Server Locations

Forex VPS server hosting services offer different server locations to traders from all areas of the world. You can pick the nearest server location and perform trading without troubles or latency concerns.
Since you understand the advantages, how about we investigate the best Forex (FX) VPS hosting providers in India.

Trade automation

A Virtual Private Server framework allows you to computerize your trade activities and execute your operations effectively and at a quicker speed, in any event, during your system power failure. These web servers are more stable and highly reliable to perform automated trading with nonstop accessibility and consistent server monitoring.

Increased Network Connectivity

With the fluctuating monetary market, you should be constantly connected with the trading platforms as well as blockers. Indeed, even 1 moment of downtime or interruption can cost you huge money. Yet, a reliable VPS web host gives more prominent uptime of more than 99% and stable network connectivity to look after all day, every day availability.

Quick Summary: Best Forex VPS

  • Best for Windows Forex VPS Servers: InterServer VPS
  • Best Forex VPS Hosting for Uninterrupted Trading: AccuWebHosting
  • Best for All Type of Forex Trading:
  • Best for Affordable Forex VPS: FXVM
  • Best for KVM based Forex VPS: Javapipe
  • Best for Premium customized VPS specifically for traders: Trading FX VPS

  • 7 Best VPS Options for Forex Trading in 2024

    VPS providers often provide the latency, hard disc storage capacity, amount of RAM, number of CPU or virtual CPU (vCPU) cores, internet bandwidth, and number of data centres you can use when describing the service packages they offer. Less latency and more of the other features are typically what you want when comparing providers and packages.

    A dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) address, high-quality customer service, faster solid-state drives (SSDs), use of the non-volatile memory express (NVMe) protocol, pre-installed trading software, and support for multiple operating systems are just a few of the ways that some VPS providers sweeten their deals.

    As a forex trader, you have a wealth of fantastic VPS provider options at your disposal. Generally speaking, the VPS for forex trading that is appropriate for you will depend on your trading preferences, financial situation, operating system requirements, and security requirements. Benzinga's selections for the best six VPS providers for forex traders are shown below.

    #1. Interserver -

    In 1999, Interserver was founded. Numerous services are offered by Interserver, including cloud VPS and Dedicated servers.

    Interserver, a company with 22 years of expertise, offers one of the best forex VPSs with incredible features including best-in-class hardware technology, top-notch server administration, and dependable web hosting.


    Although the market and technology have advanced significantly over the past 22 years, their top-notch services and first-rate customer support have stayed unchanged.


  • Very little latency.
  • Excellent uptime history.
  • Perfect bet for expanding.
  • Strong on safety.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Cons

  • Asia and the EU lack data centres
  • It's also important to note that this company only offers unmanaged servers, allowing you to handle all of the setup duties. But you can always contact their crew for assistance if you chance to become lost during the procedure. The company now offers the operating systems Windows 10, 2017 and 2019.

    Visit Site

    #2. Forex VPS -

    Backing over 1 Million forex traders world globally since nearly 10 10 years, ForexVPS is an extraordinary platform to whom you can give your genuine considerations. Their powerful servers are completely upgraded to offer you a magnificent trading experience more than ever. Forex VPS Server

    With their exhaustive forex trading experience, they understand what sort of servers you require to receive the greatest advantages out of your trading exercises. This is the reason they guarantee you are connected nonstop with a 100% uptime guarantee.

    At they never over-burden your server or offer your resources with anybody, thus, you can completely control your web server and use it the manner in which you need. You can exchange at lightning fast speed as high as 1 ms with Forex VPS.

    Do not let latency challenge you, as the entirety of their server accompany a 1Gbps powerful network interface. They likewise have power backup options set up to remain online if there should arise an occurrence of a power failure. Forex VPS have data centers located in the 8 counties all throughout the world, as well as the servers are fueled with bursting quick SSD drives.


  • Highly Optimized Servers
  • Automatic-Reboot Feature
  • No Resources Sharing
  • Downtime Update Schedule
  • Cons

  • Manual Installation of Trading Software Needed
  • Their basic forex VPS plans cost $34.99/month for 2GB RAM, 60GB SSD space, 1 CPU Cores, and auto MT4 or MT5 start-up, among different features. They accept the payment through various modes including PayPal, Skrill, and credit/debit card, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

    Visit Site

    #3. FXVM -

    Take your forex trading experience to the next level making use of the superior, simple-to-utilize, and highly secure FX VPS server hosting service by FXVM. The control panel tool offered by them is intelligent. They comprehend that you never have to face any failures/troubles during a basic interaction such as trading, which is the reason they never divide your server assets with anybody, guaranteeing you are near your agents and execute exchanging at maximum speeds.

    FXVM ensures you experience as insignificant server latency as conceivable to empower quicker performance and raise your order’s possibility of getting filled faster at a similar cost. They support numerous trading stages like MT4 and MT5. Their global data centers are located in locations including London, New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.


  • Affordable Hosting Plans
  • Option to Get Dedicated server
  • Low latency
  • Safe & Secure
  • Cons

  • Less Scalable
  • They keep up 100% network uptime and offer state-of-the-art server monitoring with high levels of redundancy to help you constantly. FXVM's pricing begins at as low as $19/month for 1 CPU cores, 1.5 GB RAM, 40GB SSD space, Windows Server 2012, Automatic Backups and access to dedicated IP addresses. Use FXVM Coupons to avail 30% discount on Forex VPS Plans.

    Visit Site

    #4. AccuWeb Hosting -

    Outstanding host amongst other forex VPS hosting providers you can trust is AccuWebHosting. It allows you to untangle the control and power of your virtual private server to continue ahead with continuous trading. They provide fully-managed services with all Forex VPS hosting plans with full root access.

    Their VPS solution is effectively scalable to a higher level of plans without interposing with your IP and information or causing server downtime or failure. AccuWeb never settles on the system performance; that is the reason they offer the most recent equipment fueled by the server arrangement of Dual Xeon E5 series server with dedicated 256 GB DDR3 RAM, RAID setup, and extremely fast SSD drives.

    Accuweb Forex VPS

    At the point when you pick AccuWeb Hosting forex (FX) VPS, have confidence that your information and network both are in protected hands. They are specialists who deal with setting up and installing a server level firewall on your selected VPS plan. They will likewise deploy an on-request antivirus solution such as ClamWin at no additional expense.


  • Relatively Affordable Plans
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent Security
  • 16+ Worldwide Locations
  • Cons

  • Lack of default Software for Trading
  • Furthermore, they have data centers in 12+ worldwide areas, comprising USA, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore, India, Amsterdam, UK, Poland, Germany, South Korea and Japan. Therefore you can choose the location nearby to your targeted audience. They offer HyperV VPS servers with strong 1GBPS port connectivity, and you are allowed to run MT4/MT5 instances with any slowness. They likewise proficiently handle all the website migration related tasks and specialized issues with 24/7 live expert support and assurance of 99.90% uptime. You can get Forex VPS for as low as $12/month.

    Visit Site

    #5. JavaPipe -

    Improve your online trading abilities on platforms such as MT4/MT5 or many others utilizing the superior VPS hosting packages offered by JavaPipe. They offer nonstop availability with your brokers notwithstanding a safe and stable network. The forex VPS hosting services offered by them are based on KVM. This implies you will get the incredible performance of running apps quicker, great security, and reasonable pricing.

    Does not matter where you are located all around the world, access their performance-tuned private web server with low-latency and very rare to no network related issues. They offer SSD storage space on all forex VPS plans to help you access information rapidly.

    With this host, you do not need to worry about cyber threats as they strengthen your server with strong 3-level DDoS protection. The service offered by them is easy to scale as you can easily upgrade your plans when your trading needs grow.


  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Easy Upgrades
  • Metatrader (MT4 MT5) Capable
  • Advanced VPS control panel
  • Cons

  • Data Centers are Just in NA and Europe
  • In addition to their expert assistance, self-service option with their extensive information base to get more information. They are one of the cheapest forex VPS server providers with plans starting from $13/month including 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 25 GB SSD storage, 10Gbps shared port and an option to choose from managed or unmanaged.

    Visit Site

    #6. Trading FX VPS -

    Trading FX VPS has a wide variety of trading machines, perfect for just about any use. They have servers in 7 global locations, including New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Singapore, & London. It’s not that broad network few other Forex VPS providers offers, but it’s more than enough to go after the crucial brokers.

    Additionally, the hardware is quite impressive - their forex VPS servers run on pure NVMe storage drives in RAID-10 environment, making the storage much safer and blazing-fast. The CPUs on the basic servers are i9s along with 3.50GHz speed, which is quite good, but the company also provides extremely state-of-the-art high-frequency servers.


  • Strong Data Protection
  • Hyper V Virtualization
  • Fast Speeds with NVMe
  • CLOUD Anti-Virus & Malware Protection
  • Cons

  • Very Costly Compared to Others
  • The Forex VPS plan starts from $25/month but you can try their services for 1 week at just $3.99. Their basic forex VPS plan contains 2048MB RAM, 30GB NVMe space, 1 CPU Core, and auto MT4 AutoLogon. They accept the payment through multiple modes including PayPal, Skrill, Wise, Neteller, credit/debit card, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins & Ethereum.

    Visit Site

    #7. VPS Server -

    Get your forex VPS from VPS Server and begin online trading in just a few minutes with their low-latency and superior services. It sustains all significant trading stages like MetaTrader 4 and 5 with expert consultants to aid the execution procedure. Their servers are dispensed over Windows Server version 2012 that is known to worldwide forex blockers.

    Simply pay for what you will utilize for your forex needs and switch packages easily anytime to fulfill your growing needs. They offer a guarantee of 99.99% uptime with their superior servers to keep up negligible downtimes.


  • Outstanding Scalability
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Live back-ups without reboot
  • Cons

  • Very Costly Forex VPS Plans
  • VPS Server likewise offers you a FREE trial of 7-day on their standard forex VPS packages, alongside an unconditional money-back guarantee. Basic package starts from as low as $24.99/month for 2GB dedicated RAM, 2 CPUs, 2TB transfers, and 50GB web space.

    Visit Site


    In view of the market's high instability, you should be consistently available and monitor the transformations and make use of them in your trading policy-making.

    Appreciate the benefits of hassle-free trading by utilizing the best and cheapest forex VPS hosting services I listed on this page to remain in the competition and harness the high efficiency servers, making the trading process simple for you to get the greatest advantages.

    On the other hand, you can also have a look at the best Windows VPS hosting, however you need to install the essential software such as MT4/MT4 without help from anyone else.

    Best of luck!

    IPVanish VPN Spring Sale, Offers: 65% Discount for All Plans - 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    IPVanish VPN Spring Special Offer: 65% Discount for All Plans

    IPVanish VPN announced a special offer going into Spring Season with a 65% discount for all VPN plans. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save money on VPN purchase.

    From Monday, April 19, 2021 through Monday, May 3, 2021, You can enjoy up to $89.74 off! At IPVanish VPN.

    IPVanish Spring Sale, Deals and Offers 2021

    Protect any of your devices including your smartphones/Mobile phones, PCs, Laptops and tablets. IPVanish has announced huge discounts on all plans during this Spring Season of 2021. IPVanish is offering a 1-Year VPN Subscription for just $31.49. You can save up to 65% off with these Spring Special Sales and deals.

    IPVanish is known as one of the best and fastest VPNs available on the web. Totable features of IPVanish include unencrypted Bittorrent support, an outstanding number of global servers and very difficult to locate features for example IP Cycling.

    IPVanish offers services to safeguard you from getting hacked on public wifi networks, stop targeted advertising as well as assist you to control your web privacy. IPVanish has more than 40,000 shared IP addresses along with more than 1600 VPN servers in around 75+ countries all over the world. All services offered by IPVanish features no traffic/visit logs, 256-AES strong encryption, BitTorrent support, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

    Please go through the following details to grab these deals:

  • Discount (%): 65%
  • Offer Available for: New customers
  • Promo Start Date: April 19, 2021
  • Promo End Date: May 3, 2021
  • Deal Link:
  • Best IPVanish Deals for This Spring Season:

    VPN-only Pricing:

  • 1-mo plan = $3.49 (first month) / $9.99/mo thereafter
  • 12-mo plan = $31.49 (first year) this is effectively $2.62/mo. / $89.99/yr thereafter
  • Get Deal

    VPN + Secure Cloud Storage Pricing:

  • 1-mo plan = $3.84 (first month) / $10.99/mo thereafter
  • 12-mo plan = $34.99 (first year) this is effectively $2.92/mo. / $99.99/yr thereafter
  • Get Deal

    All VPN and Storage Plans Include:

  • Secure storage space (500 GB)
  • Continuous file syncing
  • Data sharing controls
  • Remote device wiping
  • Advanced VPN encryption
  • Unmetered/Unlimited device connections
  • No data transfer caps
  • Servers in 75+ Locations
  • Shared IP addresses
  • Zero traffic logs
  • Proxy web server
  • Access to censored media
  • Multiple connection protocols
  • 24/7 customer support
  • IPVanish is one of the most trusted VPN (Virtual Private Network) Providers based in the USA. It secures its clients/users via end-to-end encryption of data and information. They also offer a decoy IP address to their users/clients which can be used for unlimited devices. This VPN is available for all devices including IOS, Android, MacOS, Windows as well as fire TV. One of the best things about IPVanish is that all services are backed by a 30 days money-back guarantee for a risk free trial.

    Visit IPVanish

    77% OFF A2 Hosting Earth Week Sale 2021

    77% OFF A2 Hosting Earth Week Sale 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    A2 Hosting Earth Week Sale - Get Yourself Up To 77% + Free SSL

    A2 Hosting Earth Week Sale 2021

    If you are looking for the best website hosting offers and deals to get maximum discount on A2 Hosting plans, then here we are with the best discounts and A2 Hosting coupons.
    A2 hosting is one of the well-known hosting service providers headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, founded in 2001, one of the oldest hosting brand in the industry. You can read more about A2 hosting reviews here.

    A2 hosting is very serious about Earth Week and wants to do their part. To celebrate they are trimming their prices for an entire week on three of their most popular hosting plans! Make sure to grab your offer because the sale starts April 17th April 2021!

    Get Huge Discount on Their Most Popular Plans

    Shared Hosting - 77% Off

    Shared - Up to 77% Off Shared Hosting

    Save Date - 17th April to 25th April 2021

    Save 72% on your first billing cycle for your new Shared Hosting package this Earth Day Week. Offer Includes Free SSL Certificate, CDN, Site Builder, cPanel and many more.

    Managed VPS - 58% Off

    A2 Hosting Managed VPS - Up to 58% Off

    Save Date - 17th April to 25th April 2021

  • Unmanaged VPS - 50% Off

    A2 Hosting Unmanaged VPS - Up to 50% off

    Save Date - 17th April to 25th April 2021

  • GET UNMANAGED VPS HOSTING from A2 Hosting: GIVE YOUR WEBSITE MORE POWER. Save upto 50% on UnManaged VPS Hosting Plans this Earth Week sale 2021.
  • We know that you have worked very hard on your website or blog. So make the right decision now to host your websites/blogs on A2 hosting’s high-speed Swiftserver platforms, SSD drives with 99.99% uptime commitment. One of the best things about A2 Hosting is that they are one of the fastest web hosting services around.

    It is the best time for you to get a high-performance, ultra reliable hosting solution for your website from A2 hosting to succeed online. You also have the option to choose their powerful Turbo server for enhanced page speeds of up to 20X faster than other hosting providers.

    Experience Guru Crew Support Available 24/7

    A2 hosting support team includes best and expert engineers, educated sales representatives which can be accessed anytime through live chat, email and phone.

    Nexcess Spring Sale - 60% off Managed Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Nexcess Spring Sale 2022 is LIVE Now!

    Nexcess is having a massive Spring Sale and during Spring season it's WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento hosting plans will be available at 60% discount.

    Nexcess Spring Sale 2022

    Nexcess spring sale is in full bloom! Nexcess web hosting plans are 60% off until the end of may 2022! What is even better about this exclusive deal is that it lasts for 6 months for WordPress hosting & WooCommerce hosting plans, and 4 months for Magento hosting plans.

    Nexcess WordPress Hosting Spring Sale - Get 60% Off

  • Get A faster, more secure and scalable website with Nexcess's Spring Into Savings - Up to 60% OFF Managed WordPress Hosting.
  • Sale Date : 12th May - 31st May 2022

    Nexcess Spring Sale 2022 - 60% OFF Managed WooCommerce Hosting

  • No coupon code required to Get 60% Off Managed WooCommerce hosting When You Purchase a Monthly Hosting Plan!
  • Sale Date : 12th May - 31st May 2022

    Nexcess is one of the most popular hosting service providers around. This is the best time for you to buy Nexcess hosting at a discounted price. So act fast to grab these Spring offers and deals.

    GreenGeeks Spring Sale 2021 (Working Coupons) Upto 75% Off - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    GreenGeeks Spring Sale 2021 - Up to 75% Off

    GreenGeeks Spring Sale

    GreenGeeks Spring Sale for web hosting. Use the deals listed on this page to get upto 75% huge discount on hosting plans. GreenGeeks offer fastest green hosting services at affordable cost with 24/7 expert support and 30 days money back guarantee.

    You can take the benefits of this amazing deal to get a better discount on your purchase with GreenGeeks. You will be offered a huge 75% discount. To grab GreenGeeks 75% OFF Spring sale, all you need to do is click the activate deal button and a discount coupon will be automatically applied.

    GreenGeeks Spring Sale - Upto 75% OFF + Free Domain

    Sale Date: 1st March to 30th March 2021.

  • Was $10.95/Month. Now: $2.49/month
  • Exclusive offer for our visitors. No promo code required
  • Special Pricing for This Spring Season:

    • Ecosite Lite: $2.49/mo. for 36 months. or $4.95/mo. for 12 months.
    • Ecosite Pro: $4.95/mo. for 12 months.**
    • Ecosite Premium: $8.95/mo. for 12 months.**

    Activate Deal Now

    Note: GreenGeeks is currently offering lowest price on 12 month terms for Pro & Premium hosting plans. Take advantage of these low prices today.

    Sale starting from 1st April 2021, will last till 30th April 2021. Be sure to grab this deal before its gone.

    Our main motive is to provide you with the best discount possible so that you can save a good amount of money on your purchase and get yourself a trusted web hosting service.

    This is the right time to buy hosting from GreenGeeks, because you will not get a discount better than this. So hit the activate deal button and start saving money on your hosting purchase.

    What is The Difference Between Web hosting and Web Server? - 4.9 out of 5 based on 8 votes

    Difference Between Web hosting and Web Server

    Web Hosting : As the name itself suggests, it is a type of Internet service needed to get a website/web application or blog hosted on the server and so that everyone can access the website. Additionally it assists one with prohibiting hackers, viruses and malware to access information and give great security solutions.

    Web Server : In general words a web server is a medium that processes all approaching network requests over HTTP as well as store, process & deliver website pages. The main motive of a web server is to store the files and data of a website and distribute them over the world wide web.

    Web Hosting and Web Server

    Web Hosting
    Web Server
    Website hosting is generally a method of using a web server to host websites. Web server is generally a computer system that stores website data and information.
    It allows website/web pages to be available to users world wide web. It mainly used to host websites.
    It enables individuals as well as businesses to make their web pages accessible via Internet. Generally It provides services to different devices, tools or programs in network.
    A web hosting service actually stores web pages on web server so that one can approach website via internet. It just stores server software/applications and website’s component data.
    Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting etc. are the different type of web hosting services. Web server processes network requests of internet users and operates them with files/documents that create web pages.
    It utilizes different networks to transmit same arrangement of data. Application server, proxy server, & Mail Server etc. are the few examples of Web servers.
    The primary motive of hosting service is to keep all web pages of a site hosted on a server and take care of every technical difficulty. The primary motive of web server is to store, process as well as convey web pages to Internet users.
    It boosts site performance, speed, security, technical support, etc. It enables to systematize coding/programming, personalized server setting as per specific needs, comfortable installation, setup and deployment.


    The primary difference between web server and website host is that web server is a software or hardware that gives services to different programs or tools in the network whereas a web host is a computer device that connects to the network system.

    Bluehost Spring Sale : Limited-Time Huge Discount - 5.0 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    Bluehost Spring Sale, Limited-Time Offers & Discounts 2021

    On May 24th 12:00 am. MST to May 27th 11:59 pm. MST, Bluehost is going to have a 4 days sale offering $2.95/month for 36 months on the Basic Shared/WordPress Hosting Plan.

    We want to help you start Spring Season by giving our valuable readers discounted pricing on Bluehost hosting plans. Starting from May 24th, Bluehost will be discounting ALL term-lengths on all Shared Hosting packages:

  • Basic Package - $2.95/mo* (12/24/36 month)
  • Plus Package - $5.45/mo* (12/24/36 month)
  • Choice Plus Package - $5.45/mo* (12/24/36 month)
  • Pro Package - $12.95/mo* (12/24/36 month)
  • In simple words it means that 12 months Basic Hosting Package ($2.95/month) will have a $35.40 in total cart value + includes a free domain name for the 1st year of purchase and SSL certificate. That’s an outstanding deal that has not been given by Bluehost, one of the top web hosting companies ever!


    Bluehost Spring Sale 2021

    Limited-Time Discounted Pricing is Available:
    From May 24th 12:00 am. MST to May 27th 11:59 pm. MST.

    Bluehost Spring Special Offer - Get Huge Discount

  • Special pricing for the Spring 2021 season. Save huge on web hosting + a free Domain name and SSL certificate with all hosting plans.
  • Sale Date: 24th May 12:00 am MST to 27th May 11:59 pm. MST 2021

    No Coupon code needed.

    The Shared Hosting and WordPress hosting includes three different plans, Basic, Plus and Choice Plus. The basic hosting package comes with 50 GB SSD storage space and Unlimited data transfer.

    In case you are planning to buy hosting from Bluehost then this Spring sale is a great time for you.

    In a shared hosting environment, several users and websites share one single server and its resources such as web space and bandwidth, this type of service can sometimes be a trouble, if some users consume more resources/data transfer. So in case you are looking for a more stable hosting solution then you should consider VPS hosting or Cloud hosting service.

    Up to 80% OFF Web Hosting Holi Offers

    Up to 80% OFF Web Hosting Holi Offers - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes

    Web Hosting HOLI Offers 2024 Special Deals, Discounts and Sales

    Are you looking for best Holi special web hosting and domain name registration deals and offers?

    In case it is true then you are in the right place because here on this page we have listed the best Web Hosting HOLI Special Offers from top hosting providers in India.

    Every festival season, hosting companies come up with amazing offers on different types of hosting services such as Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Domain Name Registration etc. Make this festival of colors more exciting, amazing and splendid for you by shopping your preferred hosting service, server or a domain name for your website. UpdatedReviews, one of the leading hosting reviews, coupons and deals websites, has listed all the amazing Holi Special Promos so that you can save more on web hosting services.

    Note: The exciting discounts of this colorful season of Holi 202 are live now. We are very pleased to announce these exclusive deals for our valuable viewers and audience. Make most of these limited time offers. Hurry and check out the Holi Special offers given below to save big.

    Holi Special Web Hosting Offers 2024 and Domain Registration Deals

    UpdatedReviews fly high on making our loving audience and visitors happy by sharing these best deals and discounts they can avail on hosting purchases. So without wasting more time have a look at the Holi Web Hosting Sale, Offers and discounts and grab your favorite service at a heavily discounted price.

    Bigrock Holi 2024 Sale - Flat 75% Off On Web Hosting

  • Huge 75% OFF on Shared Hosting
  • 55% OFF Cloud Hosting Plans
  • 60% OFF VPS Hosting Plans
  • UP TO 50% OFF on Business Email
  • Sale Date: 11th to 15th March 2024. Coupon Code: BRHSALE

    Holi Special OFFER - Upto 80% Off on Web Hosting

  • Get Upto 80% Off on all Web Hosting Plans + Free Domain name. Buy now and everything you need to get online at discounted price. Offer includes free domain, SSL, cPanel/WMH, Free migration, SSH access and more.
  • Offer Date: Yet to be announced

    Hostinger India Holi SALE: 75% Off + 2 Month Free

    Sale Date: Yet To Be Announced

    This Holi 2024 is giving huge 75% off discount on their premium hosting plan + Free Domain Name, SSL, CDN, Free Migration and More. Get additional 7% off using coupon code "UROFF10". Offer valid for a limited time only.

  • Get Flat 75% OFF Premium Shared Hosting + 2 Month Free
  • Upto 70% OFF Cloud Hosting + 2 Months Free
  • Get 75% OFF Huge Discount on WordPress Hosting + 2 Months Free
  • Up to 69% OFF VPS Hosting Plans
  • Up to 57% OFF Email Hosting Plans
  • Up to 68% OFF Minecraft Server Hosting Plans
  • Use Coupon Code: UROFF10.

    Bluehost Holi Sale - 65% OFF + Free Domain & SSL

    • Exclusive 65% discount during Holi Festive Season + Free Domain Name & SSL
    • No coupon code needed to avail this exclusive offer. Just hit the Get Deal button

    Sale Date: Yet To Be Announced

    HostGator India Holi Sale - 55% Off On Hosting

    Offer Date: Yet to be announced.

    • HostGator India HOLI Sale 2024, get 55% Off On Hosting. Free .COM domain with every hosting product purchased for minimum 6 Months or more.

    Use Coupon Code: HGI21SPLASH.

    Stay Tuned... Soon We Will Update More Exciting Holi Offers and Deals on This Page.

    Final Words

    We at UpdatedReviews believe that during this festival of colors, you will make use of these exclusive hosting coupons and promos to save maximum and begin your online journey with your favorite hosting company in India. We also wish you all the success in your future endeavors. These Holi Offers and sales are going to expire on 31st March 2021. Be quick to grab the discounts and make sure to avail the benefits.

    Wishing you and your beloved one success, happiness and prosperity this Holi Festive season and always!


    Hostgator Spring Sale - Up To 70% OFF on Web Hosting Plans - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    HostGator Spring Sale, Offers & Discounts 2021

    HostGator Spring Special Offers and Sale– Starting from Monday, 22nd March 2021.

    Hostgator is back again with amazing offers and discounts on web hosting for the people/website owners who are searching for cheapest hosting services. And keep in mind that, you can also claim a free domain name with every new hosting package you purchase during the Hostgator Spring Sale.


    Starting Monday, 22nd March at 12:00 AM CST HostGator will be offering 65% off their 12 - 36 Month Hatchling Shared Packages and 70% off of 12 - 36 Month Baby and Business Shared hosting Packages. This offer is going to run through Thursday, 25th March at 11:59 PM CST 2021 and includes free domain name registration as well!

    Coupon code will be applied automatically at the time of checkout.

    HostGator Super Savings Spring Sale - Up To 70% OFF

    • HostGator we will be giving 65% off our 12 - 36 Month Shared Hatchling Packages† and 70% off of our 12 - 36 Month Shared Baby and Business hosting Packages Free Domain name with every hosting package.

    Sale Date: 22nd Mar to 25th Mar 2021

    Conditions of Hostgator Spring Sale

  • This offer ends on Thursday, 25th March at 11:59 PM CST.
  • This offer is only valid to new customers on Shared web hosting packages of 12 months or more duration. Not applicable on hosting renewals or existing plans.
  • *Free domain name registration available to new customers on Shared, Cloud hosting and WordPress hosting packages of 12 months or more.
  • –> Click here to find more HostGator’s coupons

    How to Start an Online Store in 2024 - Step by Step Guide - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    How to Start an Online Store in 2024 - Step by Step Guide

    Are you planning to start an online store for your business? We understand that creating an online store can be frightening particularly when you are not technically expert. Well, you are not only one. After assisting many users and businesses start the web based store, we have chosen to create the most thorough/detailed guide on the best way to build your online store with WordPress and WooCommerce.

    How to build an online store

    What Do You Need to Begin an Online Store?

    There is no perfect time to start an online store than right now.

    Anybody with a laptop or computer system can begin in just a few minutes of time without having any technical skills.

    Given below are the 3 crucial things you need to begin an online store are:

  • A website domain name for your online store such as or
  • Server space or web hosting account to store the data of your online store
  • Full concentrate for 30 minutes.
  • That's right, it is actually that easy to set up an online store.

    Anyone with little knowledge can build an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce in half an hour. In this article we are going to share step by step information about this process.

    We are going to cover the following:

  • Step by step guide to Register a Domain Name
  • Step by step guide to select the Best WooCommerce Hosting
  • Step by step instructions to Get a Free SSL Certificate (For secure transactions)
  • Step by step instructions to Install WordPress
  • Step by step instructions to Set up a WooCommerce store
  • Step by step instructions to Add Products/Services in your Online Store
  • Step by step instructions to Choose and Customize Your Theme
  • Step by step instructions to Stretch Your Online Store with Plugins
  • Figuring out how to Learn WordPress and Grow Your Online Business
  • Let’s begin now.

    1st Step: Creating Your Online Store Platform

    One of the major mistakes most users make isn’t selecting the good platform for their internet store.

    Luckily you are on this page, so you are not going to make the same error.

    Mainly there are 2 widely used platforms for eCommerce: WordPress + WooCommerce and Shopify.

    Shopify is a hosted platform for eCommerce that starts from $29 per month. It is an easy to use solution which allows you to sign in and begin selling online. The disadvantage to Shopify's solution is that it is very costly, and the payment alternatives are very less except if you pay extra charges.

    This is the reason most clients pick WordPress + WooCommerce due to its flexible nature. It requires some arrangement, however it is worth doing it for the sustained period. Largest eCommerce platform around the world is WooCommerce.

    In this guide, we are going to guide you through how to create an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce.

    To set up an eCommerce store, you need to have a website domain name, hosting account, and a SSL security certificate.

    A web domain name is the online address of your site. It is the thing that clients will type in their web browsers to open your site. A domain name looks like this : or

    Website hosting service is the place where your site resides on the web. It's known as the home of your site on the web. Each and every site on the web must need hosting service.

    SSL certificate is essential in order to add an exceptional security layer on your site/online store so that you can accept payment using credit card, bank details or any other sensitive information.

    Typically a .com domain name costs around $10 to $15/year, hosting service costs around $1 to $10/month (shared hosting), an SSL certificate costs nearly $20 per year.

    That is a really huge expense for a startup.

    Gratefully, Bluehost, being an official recommended WooCommerce hosting as well as WordPress hosting service provider offer UpdatedReviews users 65% off hosting with a free domain name for 1st year, free SSL certificate, and a CDN.

    By visiting our link you can get WordPress hosting for as low as $2.95/month.

    Bluehost is one of most popular and oldest hosting providers in the world. They are one of the biggest hosting brands on the web when it comes to optimized WordPress hosting. The main reason behind this is that they host more than millions of sites.

    NOTE: At UpdatedReviews we trust in transparency. In case you sign up using the link given on this page, we will make an earning of some commission without costing anything extra for you. We would earn this commission for suggesting any of the best hosting service providers, yet we just suggest to our valuable visitors the services that we tested and used.

    Let us move forward and buy domain name, Web Hosting and SSL certificate.

    Visit Bluehost by clicking here.

    First and foremost thing you need to do is hit the Gray Color Get Started Button to begin the process.

    Choose domain name

    In the next screen, you need to choose the hosting plan from available plans, starter and plus plans are recommended.

    Now you will be asked to choose a domain name for your site/store/

    Bluehost WooCommerce Plans

    In the last step you will have to enter the account details and package information to finish the hosting purchase process. Now you will see the addons and extra that you can select to purchase.

    It's completely up to you whether you buy these addons, yet we for the most time do not suggest making purchase of these extras. You can generally buy them whenever you feel you need them.

    Hosting extras

    Once done, you will get an email from Bluehost support team with details about cPanel login. cPanel is the hosting control panel which allows you to manage everything in your hosting account.

    Move forward and sign in to the control panel tool. You will see a pop saying Welcome to Bluehost and WooCommerce and WordPress Installed on your site.

    Bluehost login

    You simply need to tap the green color 'Login to your site' button, and you will be taken to the dashboard or your WordPress website.

    Well done, you have successfully finished setting up the web hosting and domain registration part.

    The following step is to set up your WordPress website and afterward your online eCommerce store.

    2nd Step. Setting up WordPress Website

    WordPress and WooCommere are already installed by Bluehost on your site

    Bluehost Welcome screen

    Now move to the next step and Click “I Don’t Need Help”. Nothing to worry about because we are here to guide you with the entire process.

    Quitting the setup wizard will display the WordPress administrator dashboard which look similar to following:

    Bluehost WordPress admin dashboard

    To start with, you need to click the Settings » General to add title and description to your WordPress website.

    WordPress site title and description

    Setting up HTTPS to Use SSL Certificate

    The WordPress hosting offered by Top hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostinger includes a free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate comes pre-installed for your website domain name. Although you need to configure it on your WordPress site, so it loads using HTTPS instead of HTTP.

    In the Settings option, click General and enter your WordPress site address and Site URL with HTTPs.

    Change URL to HTTPS

    Now scroll down and click the save changes button to apply the changes you made.

    Now your basic WordPress site setup process is completed. Now you have to set up your online store using WooCommerce.

    3rd Step. Setting up Your WooCommerce/Online Store

    Before starting the online selling process, there are a couple of things you need to setup such as payment and shipping data.

    Now you will see a message saying Welcome to WooCommece on the admin area of your WordPress site. Move forward and hit the Run setup wizard button.

    Run WooCommerce setup wizard

    Once you click the Run setup wizard button, the setup wizard window will be launched, now you need to click the let’s go button to begin the setup process.

    step 1 of WooCommerce setup wizard

    WooCommerce requires some necessary pages for shopping cart, account, shop etc. You can tap on the proceed with button to create these pages automatically.

    Bluehost WooCommerce Page Setup

    This is going to take you to the following stage.

    Presently you should disclose to WooCommerce in which location your eCommerce store is located and which payment as well as unit measures to utilize.

    Select locale and currency

    Subsequent to choosing your store location and currency, Hit the continue button to proceed onward.

    On this page you need to fill the shipping details and tax information based on your country.

    WooCommerce shipping & tax information

    WooCommerce eCommerce platform can be utilized to deal in both digital products, services and physical products that need to be shipped.

    You have to tick the box, in case you are going to ship the products, or simply leave it unticked in case you are going to sell digital products.

    Now you have to answer the Tax related question. WooCommerce can assist you with figuring and add taxes to your total costs.

    You can leave this option as it is, in case you don’t have any idea about it because you can easily change these details from the WooCommerce setting option.

    Hit the continue button to proceed.

    Then, you will be approached to pick a payment means for your WooCommerce store.

    WooCommerce Payment method

    Default payment methods available in WooCommerce are Paypal and Stripe. Apart from these two there are numerous other payment gateways available for WooCommerce which can be easily installed wherever you want.

    One of the simplest and recommended payment gateway is Payment to accept payments from your clients.

    Now just enter the email address of your Paypal account and hit the continue button.

    Once you are done with the payment method selection, your WooCommerce store setup process is completed.

    WooCommerce setup completed

    Now you need to hit the Return to WordPress dashboard link to exit the setup process.

    In the wake of completing the WooCommerce setup procedure, you are currently prepared to add items to your online store/website.

    4th Step: Adding Products to Your WooCommerce Store

    How about we begin adding the product to your web store.

    You need to visit the Products section » Add New page to create a new product.

    WooCommerce Add new product

    To start with, give a title to your new product and afterward some comprehensive description. In the right hand side, you will find the Item Categories. Hit the +Add New Product Category to make a category for this item you are going to add. This enables you as well as your clients to sort and surf items without any problem.

    WooCommerce Add product category

    Look down a little and you will see the Product Data section. This is the place where you will give item related data such as cost, stock, shipping details etc.

    Enter WooCommerce product data

    In the following item data box, you will see a space to add item short description about your product.

    Add Product short description

    In the end, on the right side, you will see an option to add the main image of the product along with a product gallery.

    Add Product images

    Whenever you feel satisfied with all the item data you have added, you can tap on the Publish button to make it live on your store.

    Follow the same process to add more products.

    5th Step: Choose and Tweak WordPress Theme

    Themes and templates control how your WordPress based websites are visible to the users when they open it. For a WooCommerce online shop, they additionally influence how your products are shown.

    There are a large number of paid and free WordPress themes accessible on the web.

    Your hosting account with Bluehost comes pre-installed with a Storefront theme for your WooCommerce store. All you have to do is customize it based on your requirements.

    Go to the Appearance » Customize page section. This will launch theme customizer in which you can alter distinctive theme settings.

    In the event that you do not like the Storefront theme, you can make use of any other theme by visiting Appearance » Themes page section.

    Change WooCommerce Store theme

    6th Step: Broaden Your Online Store Using Plugins

    Since you have your online store ready to generate business for you, you likely need to begin with including other regular components on your site, for example, a contact us page, about us page, support page and many more.

    Plugins are the best way to add new features and options to your website or online store.

    In the WordPress plugins library there are more than 46000 active plugins available to choose from.

    We believe that this guide assisted you with figuring out how to build an online store using WooCommerce. If you find this article helpful, then feel free to share on your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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