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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh
Cloud Hosting Security - How Secure is the Cloud Hosting? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Cloud Hosting Security 2021

Cloud Hosting Security

Cloud hosting service is as protected as well as safe as any other type of web hosting services available online. At the same time, Cloud has got unfavorable opinion from users because of virtualized technologies in the old days. At the moment when things began driving towards the cloud solution or cloud computing technology there was a great deal of anxiety concerned with this most recent technology, because businesses, organizations as well as individuals could not get rid of the concept of not having their website data, business information as well as storage in-house.

Nevertheless, since the cloud has gone standard those critiques and reviews have turn into a thing of days gone by. At present we depend on many amazing technologies that live in the cloud powered environment as well as our hosting service is no different.

In this post we are going to look into the major issues and troubles surrounding cloud server hosting security. So you can at last get to know: how secure and safe is cloud hosting?

Understanding Cloud Hosting/Computing Security

One of the major concerns associated with the security of cloud hosting as well as other available cloud platforms had to do with the underlying doubt over rapidly changing technology and not simply the technology. Time has demonstrated to us that the cloud has developed and with that innovation, development has come improved degrees of security. In the past couple of years we have seen that the Cloud has grown at a much faster speed as well as with the technology, growth has come greater degrees of security, safety and protection.

At the moment, taking a look at a common server platform your website’s, blog’s files, data as well as information stored in a defined server area. In powered hosting environment, the files, data, information and everything else related to your site is distributed as well as take up numerous powerful virtual servers from different locations that are connected with physical servers/machines.

With regard to comprehensive security, cloud web hosting service comes with an extra layer of security. You have your own physical safety efforts to shield and safeguard the physical servers from getting compromised, or broke down. Further, you given a highly protected layer of safety on the physical machine. At last, In cloud hosting environment, you provided with an extra layer of security/safety that shield the virtual network as well as segregates the cloud environment relate to you.

Anyway, when it comes to cloud hosting service providers, not every host is equal from the security point of view. The general security of any cloud powered hosting environment has to do with how specific safety procedures are put into operation by hosting companies. To give an instance, you can get access to a vulnerable or unreliable cloud hosting solution similarly you can get access to an unreliable dedicated web server solution. It is not the basic technology, however how it's put into operation by a hosting company.

How Secure is the Cloud Hosting?

The security of cloud can be accomplished through the accurate execution of related technologies as well as approaches. Those technologies utilized to safeguard the cloud environment, at the same time, are adequate to agile situations as well as are authenticated by highly skilled third-party reviewers. These third-party reviews give an estimate of sureness to users that cloud hosting company they are using or thinking about using has inner competencies, facilities and procedures for dealing with the security of cloud which satisfies stringent guidelines and essential security standards.

Exactly how secure is the cloud hosting? Luckily, data/information security is similarly as primary in cloud environment as it is in some other type of website hosting services and a reliable service provider is probably going to have each and every security and encryption highlights crucial to keep your site information/data secure as well as away from the reach of prying programmers, hackers.

For compelling security to be guaranteed in a cloud platform, it is much-needed that both the service provider and customer unite their efforts to comprehend, identify and address the safety related issues engaged with cloud hosting environment. These cloud security issues can include:

Lack of Control/Administrative Access

In cloud based hosting services, the buyer or user is required to give up control of their data and information to cloud service provider, for this reason it is crucial that two together service provider and buyer work together to resolve possible security related worries that may create trouble to both of them.

Security of Web Applications

Buyers should guarantee the security and protection of any type of web applications being created on the cloud environment, because any application without proper security shows a door for online hackers and malicious activities waiting to obtain entrance and make use of cloud.

Dealing with Security Requirements

Generally, security related instances are addressed by the cloud provider, anyway these instances fully have an effect the buyer or hosting account owner therefore it is important to have a predefined agreement between both of them to guarantee sufficient notification of these concerns and difficulties.

Authorization and Access

In view of the fact that data stored on the cloud servers can be accessed from anyplace with an internet connection and Internet-enabled devices as well as the service provider needs to make certain that no one except the buyer and authorised clients can access their site or business information, consequently password based security and validation is a primary worry.

Inspections, Compliance and Legal Threats

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is as of now a universally recognized practice in numerous Information Technology businesses, with numerous businesses, enterprises contingent on auditing to make sure their business operations satisfy stringent guidelines of industry. It is the accountability of the buyer to ascertain that their existence and availability on the cloud platform meets industry norms additionally fulfill the certain regulatory requirements.

The Bad Neighbor Impact

This is one of the most frequent concerns twists around the concern of multi-tenant cloud computing architecture. This is the point at which various diverse VMs (virtual machines) are making use of the equivalent physical server web space. Cloud hosting environment is made up of these virtual machines.

In this type of cloud arrangement, a single unprotected or overburdened website or web application on the system can put others at risk. Be that as it may, there are various improved security conventions set up like VM disengagement, which totally segregates your virtual system from others on a similar machine. Despite that, there are several powerful security and safety procedures available such as isolation of Virtual machine, which entirely segregates your virtual system from other user users on a similar machine. This implies that each and every data and information of your business is sheltered, secure, safe and can not be retrieved by anybody with the exception of you or other users you authorised.

Major Cloud Hosting Security Vulnerabilities

Similar to other types of website hosting services there are few weak points of cloud you have to be informed of. Security is never ever going to become risk free. In contrast to traditional hosting services, the cloud hosting solution offers a general availability passage, which implies that in this type of hosting environment security measures should be much tougher.

Following you will discover few more types of security issues related to cloud hosting environment. You will find that these issues are the same as traditional hosting platforms:

Malware (spyware): Malicious scripts can be inserted into your cloud by hackers and can be very harmful concerning critical information of your business. Anyway, utilizing security tool such for example SiteLock will help safeguard your cloud server against malicious scripts.

DDoS Assaults: It is quite hard to stop DDoS assaults on your server, yet you can try your level best to safeguard your site with the help of tools such as SiteLock, CloudFlare etc.

Data Damage: As data and information of your site/business is stored crosswise over long ranges you being a cloud hosting account owner can keep running into the danger of a data centre being shut down, unplugged or disconnected, because of natural factors. Most of the time these troubles can be reduced via regular server backups stored in various secured locations.

Data/Information Breaches: Data infringement on cloud server can happen because of the absence of two-factor authentication. By enhancing passwords, Security keys as well as improving your user verification process, this can be kept away from happening.

I hope this post has given you a clear image of the major issues related to cloud hosting security. These days cloud hosting providers are diverse from the vulnerable and unreliable cloud server hosting environments of the olden days, and rather offer site owners a highly flexible, reliable, extremely secure and powerful cloud hosting service at reasonable cost.

Hostinger offer fully managed cloud hosting services supported by the highly trained and knowledgeable team of dedicated support executives.

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Top 5 Fastest Cloud Hosting Services 2021 | Fast Cloud Hosting India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 14 votes

In case you have arrived on this page of our website, you are in all probabilities in search of best web hosting service providers India. On the other hand you are not in search of just a web hosting company - you are exploring the fastest, most trusted, secure cloud hosting service you can get for your website, application or blog since you understand how essential and important it can be for your web based business.

In case you are simply surfing this page for time-pass, then you are going to learn something new because here we are going to share how site Speed impacts sales and leads of your business.

Taking into account the tremendous prominence as well as significance of site speed, where a variation of under 250 ms (milliseconds) can be more than sufficient to send the possible customers of your’s to a rival’s website, we at UpdatedReviews tested and tried top leading Cloud Hosting Companies and brands around the world by examining the server response time (SRT) using best tools like Pingdom, UptimeRobot, GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights from Google and Bitcatcha. Check out the list of top 5 Fastest Cloud hosting service providers, created based on the lowest possible server response time (SRT).

List of the Top 5 Fastest Cloud Hosting Services

Fastest Cloud Hosting Services 2021

Our team of hosting experts did huge research on the web for fastest Cloud hosting services available for excellent speed, enhanced performance of websites, applications with high scalability.
Fastest Cloud server hosting solution not just enables website owners and webmasters to grasp the advantage of highly scalable environment, freedom to utilize nearly every each software and application for development purpose but additionally it is much beneficial in getting good rank in search engine result pages.
Cloud hosting is one of the most popular and widely-known type of web hosting due to its efficiency to give private environment along with maximum accessibility of services.
In this type of hosting environment the servers are operated in clusters, therefore in case one server goes down or face any issue, at that point the framework consequently spins up each hub on the perfectly working server. This feature of cloud hosting nearly takes out the possibilities of any website downtime.

1. A2 Hosting Cloud VPS - 443 ms

A2 Hosting ReviewA2 Hosting is based on Ann Arbor, Michigan, founded back in 2001. It is an Independently owned and operated host in the industry. A2 Hosting is well-known for advanced SSD powered infrastructure. Their SwiftServer platform boosts page loading times for upto 300% faster compared to standard server configurations. Additionally they offer Turbo servers that enhance the site performance by 20 times then normal servers.

Hosting services offered by A2 Hosting are powered by CloudLinux, CloudFlare Firewall, Let's Encrypt, optimized servers, page level caching and anytime money back guarantee, makes it a phenomenal choice for faster Cloud VPS services. Additionally, you will be given an option to choose the server location of your choice from their strategically located data center location.

Highlights of A2 Hosting Cloud VPS

  • Cloud VPS powered by powerful SwiftServer Platform
  • SSD powered Cloud
  • Configure your Cloud Server in just few minutes
  • Full Root Access on All Plans
  • CloudFlare Firewall for Faster Speeds & Enhanced Security
  • Turbo Boost + Turbo Cache
  • cPanel +Softaculous - 1-Click Installer
  • Webuzo 1-Click Software Installer

  • Try A2 Hosting Cloud Now »

  • 2. FastComet Cloud VPS - 568 ms

    Fastest ReviewNo talk regarding performance of website hosting can be completed without FastComet. A San Francisco, CA based cloud hosting service provider, has built a huge reputation for its advanced SSD powered frameworks. With SSD you get Up to 300% times faster access to your site files and databases as compared with non-SSD web hosts! Hosting services powered by CloudLinux, CloudFlare, GlobalSign, BitNinja and cPanel & WHM, FastComet makes it much easier and simple to determine as well as deploy the precise configuration that will help site owner to make their cloud environment rise rapidly.

    Highlights of FastComet Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud powered platform with FREE SSD drives
  • Configure your cloud in just few minutes
  • Full Root Access as well as option to choose fully managed server
  • Each hosting package comes with CloudFlare for added security and enhanced speed
  • Free Web & CSF Firewall
  • Access to powerful cPanel and WHM control panels

  • Try FastComet Cloud now »

  • 3. InMotion Hosting Cloud VPS - 539 ms

    InMotion Hosting ReviewinMotion Hosting enabling websites owners, webmasters to create and deploy their web applications as well as websites in the cloud environment with enhanced speed and excellent performance. This is one of the top 20 best web hosting for India websites 2021 and well-known for fast-speed SSD powered cloud hosting services. This web host focuses high-availability, enhanced security, top-class Intel CPUs, SSD powered storage, low-latency network as well as simplified administration dashboard.

    Modernizing its hosting framework to most recent SSD powered environment means this web host’s hardware can extend around 95% additional data compared with its already super fast 15K SAS drives. One of the best thing which I like most about InMotion Cloud hosting is that each cloud server plan includes huge amount of web storage space, mostly 2 times more than its rivals. Additionally there is an availability of optional managed services with any extra charges.

    Highlights of InMotion Cloud VPS

  • Ranked on top for Cloud VPS Hosting
  • Up to 8GB of Dedicated RAM with Fault-tolerant SSD Storage
  • Choice of Linux OS: CentOS, Ubuntu, or Debian
  • Simple Control Panel for Easy Account Management
  • Full Root Access with all plans
  • Real-Time Full Server Snapshots
  • Low-Latency Network

  • Try inMotion Cloud VPS Now »

  • 4. InterServer Cloud VPS - 572 ms

    InterServer reviewInterServer is one of the most favorite cloud hosts of ours. Founded in 1999 and based in Secaucus, New Jersey, one of the oldest players in the hosting industry. Their Cloud infrastructure is supported by modern-grade extremely fast SSD drives. Each and every website hosted by InterServer is arranged in a highly protected RAID-10 configuration for enhanced performance. Backed by a grid of 10Gbps Ethernet connection as well as associated to multiple Tier 1 IP backbone providers, they employs only the best in class routing and switching hardware powered by Riverstone, Cisco, Extreme Networks etc. for utmost output and performance.

    Highlights of InterServer Cloud Hosting

  • Choose Linux Cloud starting at $6/mo. or Windows Cloud at starting $10/mo.
  • Option to choose from 1-16 CPU Cores and 1-16 TB Bandwidth
  • Choice of 2-32 GB Memory and 30-480 GB SSD Cloud Storage
  • Powerful Webuzo control panel with numerous of OS choices available for free
  • Month to month billing option available
  • Use Our Exclusive Coupon “UPDATEDREVIEWS” to Get Cloud hosting at just $0.01 for 1st month.

  • Try InterServer Cloud now »

  • 5. HostGator Cloud Hosting - 646 ms

    HostGator Cloud ReviewHostGator is one and only web host in our list of fast Cloud hosting providers who rely on HDD rather than SSD for enhanced performance and speed. Cloud platform powered by HostGator mainly focus on low-density servers, large number of CPU cores along with multiple layers of caching. The basic Hatchling Cloud plan includes 2 CPU cores and scales upto 6 cores in the top level plan. Their Cloud platform is 2 times faster than then their normal shared hosting services as well as contains 4 times more resources.

    HostGator gives customers an intuitive resource management dashboard that provides insights into usage trends, download speed, uptime, and other metrics. Beginners looking for shared hosting simplicity in the cloud will particularly appreciate HostGator’s services.

    Highlights of HostGator Cloud

  • 2 Times Faster Along With 4 Times More Resources
  • Huge Amount of Storage Space
  • Low-Density Cloud Servers
  • Multiple Levels of Caching
  • Unlimited Databases, Domains and Sub Domains

  • Try HostGator Cloud now »
  • Why You Should Look for the Fast Cloud Hosting Services

    Here you have the list of Fastest Cloud Hosting services! Hopefully you have found the list of fastest and best Cloud server hosting services available on the web », but do you know why it is crucial to get fastest Cloud Service? In Website hosting, when it comes to eCommerce sites or online stores, the performance of site considerably create huge impacts on the visitors/site audience conceptions as well as the potential of any brand to convert/transform site’s traffic to a successful lead or a client. As modern technology is getting extremely faster, our patience is getting much shorter. A study done by eCommerce leader Amazon showed that they would lose around $1.6 every year in business if they face as small as 1 second slowdown. Apart from successful conversion of a business lead to a paying client as well as commitment of a customer, performance is the crucial element to get a good rank in the search results of top search engines like Google and Bing. You must be aware of Google Page Speed update, which was released late in July 2018 and the main motive of this update is to look at the loading time of websites in mobile devices. As indicated by search engine giant Google, the ideal time in which server should respond is 200 ms. Anything slowest and websites will begin feeling lethargic.

    Therefore, what did you learn from this article today? Excellent performance is much essential, website with extremely fast speed leads to more business and sells more, a moment delay in site loading matter a lot. By adopting modern technologies, world-class hardware, huge amount of highly scalable computing resources and power, cloud hosting gives an opportunity for business owners to boost their web presence. Since 2014 we have reviewed more than 100 hosting providers and here on this page we have listed top 5 fastest Cloud services to boost up the speed of site.

    4th of July Sale - Save Upto 90% On Web Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    4th of July Sale - Save Upto 90% On Web Hosting

    4th Of July Web Hosting Sale, Offers

    4th of July web hosting sale is here on the Independence day in the United States of America (USA). It also named as 4th of July Sale. On this day (4th of July) many US based web hosting companies provides the best deals and discounts on their hosting products and services for their potential clients.

    As a website owner you must be expecting huge discounts, offers and deals on web hosting during the 4th of July sale. Are you planning to buy web hosting from best service provider at a discounted price? In case your answer is yes, then this is the right time for you purchase hosting and you should not miss these huge deals, offers and discounts on best website hosting services for 2020 on 4th of July.

    What Is 4th Of July?

    On the 4th of July, 1776, the thirteen American colonies declared their independence (freedom) from England, an occasion or we can also say instance which finally led to the establishment of the United States (US). Each and every year on 4th July, also called as Independence Day of America and celebrated as one of the biggest holidays.

    On the occasion of 4th July 2020, We from the team of UpdatedReviews would like to wish all the Americans a very Happy Independence day and you can save huge one all web hosting packages.

    4th July Web Hosting Offers, Deals & Coupons

    To enjoy and glorify the Independence Day, many top and reputed web hosting companies in India are offering tremendous discounts and offers on Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Dedicated web servers. Before you buy hosting from any web host, I would suggest you to check the top 3 hosting deals, offers and Hosting Coupons with amazing quality you can try on 4th July 2020.

    The first 6 months of the year (Jan to Jun) are off-season for hosting service providers, due to this reason many biggest web hosting providers offer great discounts on July 4th to beat their off-season and attract more customers to their service.

    Namecheap 4th of July Sale - Grab Huge Save 61% Off Discount.

    • Up to 61% off 1st Year on Shared Hosting Plans.
    • .US Domain : First year registration only $2.88 - offer ends July 9.

    Offer Date: 4rd July - 9th July 2020

    GreenGeeks 4th of July Sale - $2.95/mo. Web Hosting + Free Domain & SSL.

    • On the occasion of US Independence Day, GreenGeeks is giving huge discounts on its Green Hosting packages. Now you can get Shared hosting and WordPress hosting for as low $1.95/month with free Domain name, SSL Certificate, Unlimited SSD Space & bandwidth and many more from No.1 Green Web Hosting Providers.

    Offer Date: ...............

    LiquidWeb 4th of July Sale: Get 75% Off Managed WordPress Hosting

    Offer Date - ...................... Coupon Code: AMERICA

    This 4th of July Sale LiquidWeb is giving flat 75% Off 2 Months on Managed WordPress Hosting packages packages. Act fast to grab this limited time offer.

    Get 75% Off Managed WooCommerce Hosting.

    • The best WooCommerce Hosting Deal just got better! Save 75% OFF on Managed WooCommerce web hosting for 2 months with LiquidWeb 4th of July Savings!

    Offer Date - 3rd July - ............................... Coupon Code: AMERICA

    99% OFF 1st month Shared, Cloud VPS Hosting.

    • On the occasion of 4th of July ( The US independence Day) InterServer is giving huge 99% OFF on its Shared and Cloud VPS hosting plans. Now you can get hosting for as low as $0.01 for 1st month.

    Offer Date - 4th July - ................. Coupon Code: UPDATEDREVIEWS

    This sort of deals and discounts are accessible once every year. In case you miss this offer, you will have to wait for another one year to get a chance to grab these amazing offers again. Act fast to grab these offers.

    GreenGeeks 4th of July Sale - $1.95/mo. Hosting + Free Domain Name - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    GreenGeeks 4th of July Sale 2019 - $1.95/mo Web Hosting + Free Domain Name

    Save big on GreenGeeks website hosting plans this 4th of July. The sale/offer will start on Wednesday, July 3rd 2019 and will be live till Sunday, 7th July 2019 at midnight.

    GreenGeeks 4th of July Web Hosting Sale

    GreenGeeks - 1.95/month Hosting

    GreenGeeks is No.1 best green energy web hosting providers around the world. During 4th of July sale it offers web hosting for as low as $1.95 per month with free domain name.

  • Offer Date: The offer will start on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 and run until Sunday 7th July 2019.
  • Coupon Code: No Coupon Code Needed. Just click the given link to grab this offer.
  • Grab Offer

    Highlights of GreenGeeks hosting:

    GreenGeeks Offer Everything You Need to Start Your Website/Blog. Tons of features you need for your website at lowest price of $1.95/month!

  • Unlimited SSD Storage Space
  • 1 FREE Domain Name Included
  • Unlimited Data Transfer /Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Sub Domains & Parked Domains
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy
  • Highly Scalable Computing Resources
  • Multiple Data Center Locations
  • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Optimized LiteSpeed and MariaDB
  • CDN Integration Included
  • HTTP/2 & PHP 7
  • Free Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • Free Shopping Cart Installation
  • Premium SSL Certificates Available
  • PCI Compliance Hosting
  • 24/7 Technical Support via Live Chat, Telephone & Email Tickets
  • Buy Now

    GreenGeeks Summer Sale 2019

    GreenGeeks is excited as Summer is here and they have a special deal/offer this coming weekend, They are dropping their prices to $1.95/mo (36-month billing term only) for our viewers.

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    Reseller Hosting Offers

    Reseller Hosting Offers - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    Reseller Hosting Offers

    Digitization has come a long way as well as is expanding with every single passing day, for the better. So when it comes to web hosting service, the online hosting service providers will offer you more choices that you can imagine. The promotional offers, Deals, Discounts available on web hosting including cloud, VPS, Shared, Reseller hosting provide a huge upto 90% discount. Today on this page we are going to discuss about the various offers available on reseller hosting services from top leading hosting service providers. Websites like UpdatedReviews presents you exciting deals and offers on best reseller web hosting services that you can categorize as well as check on the website and unhook the ones that accommodates your requirements and preferences of your website.

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    Also See: Best Cloud Hosting Offers

    Introduction to Reseller Hosting

    Reseller web hosting is a hosting business model wherein a website host provides some or each and every of their hosting services to be sold by a third person or another business. Reseller hosting service provides an opportunity to the third party businesses to act as a full-fledged web hosting company without the need to manage, own, handle, and operate a hosting infrastructure.

    Best Reseller Hosting Offers & Promos of 2021

    Reseller Hosting Offers

    Here is the list of most popular & top Reseller hosting offers among our visitors:

    InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting Offers

    InMotion Reseller Hosting Offer

    Upto 53% OFF Reseller Hosting at InMotion Hosting

    Coupon Coupon: Limited time offer. No Coupon Code needed to avail this offer.

    inMotion Hosting Offer for buying Reseller hosting. Now you can save huge on inMotion Hosting Reseller plans. Special 53% offer on Reseller Hosting Plans. Start your hosting business with inMotion Hosting Reseller plans.

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    HostGator Reseller Hosting Offer

    HostGator Reseller Hosting Offer

    Get Upto 58% OFF in HostGator Reseller Hosting Plans

    Coupon Coupon: SNAPPYR192424

    HostGator is giving Up to 58% off Reseller Hosting plans. One of the best service Designed for you to grow your online business, and make some money. Try HostGator Reseller hosting now.

    Grab Offer

    GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Offer

    GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Offer

    Get Upto 70% OFF on GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Plans

    Coupon Coupon: NA. No Coupon code needed to grab this offer. ust click the Grab Offer button now to avail this offer.

    GreenGeeks is giving Up to 70% off on Reseller Hosting services. No.1 Green Web Hosting providers around the World. Try GreenGeeks Green Reseller hosting now.

    Grab Offer

    Bigrock Reseller Hosting Offer

    Bigrock Reseller Hosting Offer

    Avail Flat 30% OFF on Bigrock Reseller Hosting Plans

    Coupon Coupon: HOSTYOURSITE30

    Bigrock is giving flat 30% discount on its reseller hosting plans. Now you can start your own reseller hosting business at a discounted rate with Bigrock. Try Bigrock Reseller hosting now.

    Grab Offer

    LiquidWeb Reseller Hosting Offer

    Avail Flat 50% OFF on LiquidWeb Reseller Hosting Plans

    Coupon Coupon: SUMMER50

    LiquidWeb is giving flat 50% discount on its reseller hosting plans this summer. Now you can start your own hosting business at a huge discounted price. Try LiquidWeb Reseller hosting now.

    Grab Offer

    ResellerClub Reseller Hosting Offer

    Flat 40% OFF on Reseller Hosting Plans at ResellerClub

    Coupon Coupon: No Coupon Code needed to avail this offer. Click the Grab Offer Button to avail this limited time offer.

    ResellerClub India is giving huge 40% OFF discount on its reseller hosting plans. Now you can get reseller hosting for as low as Rs.770/month. So visit ResellerClub now to get reseller hosting at discounted rates.

    Grab Offer

    Top 8 Free WordPress Hosting sites 2021 | Free WordPress Hosting India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes

    List of 8 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services

    The List includes 4 Free WordPress Hosting and 4 WordPress hosting with Trial

    Free WordPress Hosting

    With regards to making a site or blog, one of the foremost things to look for is the best web hosting service. But the biggest challenge is that getting a best and reliable hosting service is not an easy task, as there are huge numbers of hosting companies available on the web to choose from. In spite of the fact that there are tons of paid hosting options offered by every hosting service provider, what if you come to know that you can kick start your website or blog at no cost? Yes there are few hosting companies offering WordPress free for a few days or even months, it means you can try hosting from these web hosts without paying anything for a specific duration of time and once the trial period is over you need to pay hosting fee to use their hosting service.

    Now you might be thinking that is it possible to get WordPress hosting free for lifetime? So my answer to this question is yes you can get free WordPress hosting for lifetime in India. You can enjoy these services as long as you wish because there is no time limit in these kind of services, but free hosting services always comes with many restrictions and you will not get advanced features available in the paid hosting or WordPress hosting with free trial. So it is highly recommended to go for hosting services with free trial instead of free hosting services.

    Therefore with due regard for our potential newbies, learner as well as our enthusiast bloggers and first time site owners, we on this page have put together the list of free WordPress hosting with cPanel, SSL, Site builder and many more that might be the perfect choice to start first website or blog. At the same time, in case you are looking for more powerful and solid features, there are tons of best and cheap hosting options available to choose from for hosting your website at affordable cost.

    In case you have made your mind to discover the cost-effective approach to host your WordPress blog or site, in that case a free WordPress web hosting company might be the ideal way for you to go. However let me inquire you something.

    What amount of money do you spend on tea/coffee, or on any other dirty habits like alcohol or smoking each month?

    I am sure that the amount somewhere around $2-$4 per month will not burn your pocket or wallet?

    If the above line which i said is correct then it would be great for you to go with premium hosting that contains many advanced features such as SSD storage, Cloudflare CDN, SSL secured server, huge amount of computing resources etc. Try Hostinger hosting now with free Domain, SSD storage and many more for your brand new website.

    I will be truthful, since past few years, I have been spending most of my time helping small businesses and individuals creating profit-making blogs and websites, and in case you are happy in getting few visits every month from your known, friends and relatives, having a small project just for time pass then free WordPress hosting is unquestionably the perfect option for you.

    But in case you are thinking to make money for living from your blog or website, or going to use it for business purpose then I have a perfect deal for you with Hostinger. You can get hosting for as low as $2.15/month here.

    Move forward, in case small blog or hobby website is what you are looking for, then following are the best choice for you.

    Best Free WordPress Hosting Services for 2021

    Here on this page we have listed the best and top WordPress hosting service providers and companies for you. Few of the hosting companies listed here offer WordPress hosting with free trials and few of them offer Web Hosting for WordPress entirely free of cost.

    X10Hosting X10Hosting Free Hosting

    One of the oldest and well-settled Cloud powered WordPress hosting service providers in X10Hosting founded in 2004 offers features rich hosting solution at free of cost. In case you wish to have enhanced flexibility in your free hosting service along with cloud powered environment at that point this is the right choice for you.

    Key Features of X10Hosting

  • 1-Click Installation for WordPress, Joomla, MyBB etc.
  • Latest cPanel control panel
  • 100% in-house, English customer support staff
  • Most recent versions of MySQL and PHP
  • No forced advertisements
  • Private Cloud server hosting
  • AccuWebhostingAccuWebhosting Free WordPress Hosting

    AccuWebHosting is situated in the US offering lifetime free WordPress hosting from its Canada based server. AccuWebHosting offers world class web services to the worldwide community for around 14 years.
    They offer WordPress hosting with highly advanced technologies and excellent 24/7 customer support, currently servicing more than 55,000 customers with its powerful hosting services such as Cloud, VPS, Dedicated servers and Shared hosting on both Linux as well as Windows operating systems.

    Key Features of AccuWebHosting Free Hosting:

  • Pure SSD Drives for Blazingly fast websites
  • cPanel control panel, PHP7 along with HTTP/2 support
  • Enhanced Security & WP Optimized Servers
  • WordPress hosting with superpower of Redis
  • Multi Layer DDos Protection
  • Complementary data backup of your website
  • Perfect plan for 5000 monthly visitors
  • 000WebHost000WebHost Free WordPress Hosting

    In case you are in search of a highly reliable and totally advertisement free WordPress web hosting service provider then don't look further than 000WebHost. One of the first-class hosting companies that has an amazing popularity in the industry is 000WebHost, powered by Hostinger. At present, they are serving 18 million plus users all over the world.

    Top Features of 000WebHost Free WordPress Hosting Includes:

  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • HTTP/2 and NGINX with custom-built WordPress caching plugins
  • 1000 MB Disk Space
  • 10000 MB Bandwidth/Transfer
  • 2 MySQL Databases
  • Nearly unrestricted PHP support
  • 5 Email Forwarders
  • 2 Websites
  • cPanel powered hosting
  • Free Website Builder
  • WordPress.comWordPress Free WordPress Hosting is one of the best platforms from WordPress. Buy opting you don’t need to spend money on any application/software, web server as well as web hosting. Therefore making it an ideal platform to start in case you are just a hobby blogger.

    Key Highlights of free WordPress:

  • Subdomain
  • Dozens of Free Themes
  • 3GB Web Space
  • Excellent WordPress Community support
  • Mobile-friendly blog/website creation
  • WordPress Hosting with Free Trial

    Yes, you heard right and I am going to talk about best premium WordPress hosting service with Free Trial. There are some WordPress hosting companies that give test drive and you do not need to pay anything for testing their services. But few of them may request you to pay Rs.1 , 1 cent, 1 Penny to verify that they are not getting a spammer as their customer. Anyway you do not need to worry about anything because these web host will not ask you to add your credit card details. You can use Paypal as your preferred payment mode.

    Therefore in case you are searching for WordPress hosts with free trial, here I am presenting to you the list of top 5 Best WordPress Web Hosts with free trial.

    Top 4 Best WordPress Hosting with Free Trial

    Rank Company Trial Period Link
    1 InterServer 30 Days Try Now
    2 FastComet 14 Days Try Now
    3 HostGator 30 Days Try Now
    4 Cloudways 3 Days Try Now


    So these are best Free WordPress hosting and WordPress hosting services with free trial. However if you are looking for highly quality and reliable hosting services then you should go with WordPress hosting free trial rather then free WordPress hosting because free hosting is not as reliable as paid hosting service. The hosts listed in the table of WordPress hosting with free trial are top quality web hosting service providers.

    In case you wish to hear my personal recommendation, it is InterServer. You can try InterServer WordPress hosting for 30 days at just $0.01.

    Liquid Web Summer Sale 2020 - Save Flat 50% OFF - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    Liquid Web Summer Sale - Save Up To 50% OFF - NOT RUNNING

    Note : Liquid Web summer sale not yet started, but you can take the benefits of Spring Special Hosting offers from Liquid Web here.

    Today in this post, we have shared the updated information about Summer Special web hosting coupons, deals, offers by Liquid Web for 2020. So feel free to share this post with your friends and buddies through social media channels, so that they can also save huge cash while buying hosting services.

    In case you are searching for the Best VPS Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated Server hosting Deals, at that point Liquid Web is the best option for you. At present Liquid web is running huge discounts on Dedicated servers, Managed WordPress hosting & VPS hosting services. They have huge 15 years of experience in the hosting industry.

    They offer hosting with 24*4*365 on-site Heroic Support on location Heroic Support specialists. This web host is ideal for the individuals who looking for enormous or small, managed as well as unmanaged, dedicated, VPS, cloud server or WordPress hosting services.

    So grab the amazing hosting offers from Liquid Web this summer. Act fast to grab Liquid Web Summer Special Hosting offers & discounts before it expires.

    LiquidWeb Summer Sale 2020 : Special 50% Off 3 Months

    Grab this discount to host your website is a highly secured environment. This offer is valid only for the month of June & ends 31st July 2020. Use Coupon Code SUMMER50 and save 50% offer 3 months on any web hosting plan.

    Coupon Code SUMMER50

    Grab 50% Off Now

    Managed VPS Hosting Coupon : Get 50% OFF VPS this Summer Only

    This Summer, Buy Managed VPS hosting from Liquid Web and avail flat 50% discount. Offer Valid for 31st July 2020.

    Coupon Code SUMMER50

    Activate 50% OFF Now

    Managed WordPress Hosting : Get 50% OFFER this Summer Only

    Save flat 50% OFF on Managed WordPress hosting this summer at Liquid Web. Offer valid for 3 months only.

    Coupon Code SUMMER50

    Grab Offer Now

    Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Coupon : 33% OFF

    Save Flat 33% off on Managed Dedicated Servers for 3 Months. Use the below coupons code to grab this deal.

    Coupon Code: SERVER33

    Save 33% OFF Now

    LiquidWeb is one of the leading hosting player in the industry with a great servers options under management. They were a standout amongst the reliable Hosting Providers under Top quality best web hosting companies List 2020 in the industry. From this page, you can find best and active LiquidWeb Hosting coupons and these coupons, promo codes will give you maximum available discounts while making a purchase at Liquid Web.

    Top 7 Cloud Hosting FAQ Answered - Cloud Server FAQ - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    Top 7 Cloud Hosting FAQ Answered

    Cloud Hosting FAQ

    Cloud web hosting is classified among the most recent technologies in the hosting industry. It make uses of cloud computing to setup your server over various machines/physical servers. One of the major reason behind the popularity of this hosting solution is its enhanced flexibility, capacity to scale and guaranteed uptime for your site or web application.
    In case you are new in the hosting space, it might be confusing for you and still you might be have so many question related to Cloud Server hosting. TO make your confusion away, below I am going to share the answers for few of most common questions/queries related to cloud hosting.

    What is cloud hosting?

    Cloud hosting enables businesses and individuals to host their critical web applications in a highly secure and protected virtual environment in this manner making those application accessible on different kind of devices from any location throughout the world.
    One of the most highlighted features of cloud hosting solution is that it make uses of a grid of virtual servers (VS), which utilize computing resources and processing power of vast network of physical servers. As opposed to having the majority of your site's files and data on one physical machine, they are distributed over a vast network of servers. Checkout our Cloud Hosting Guide here.
    In general, cloud hosting is a combination of simplicity, best security, ease of use and scalability with the certainty of the most recent virtualization technique and cloud computing technology.

    What are the Advantages of Cloud Hosting?

    Cloud hosting comes with broad range of advantages for a website and web applications, containing enhanced flexibility, more security, economic efficiency, more power, unlimited amount of storage space and SSD drives.

    How Does Cloud Hosting Work?

    As mentioned earlier, each and every server inside the cloud environment supports in performing some specific sort of duties and tasks and in case any server within the cloud environment collapse or overloaded and stop working, all the other available servers start working as a backup server to provide the essential resources.

    Why use Cloud Hosting?

    Flexibility, higher availability, ease of use, cost efficiency are few of the major reasons behind the huge popularity of Cloud hosting/computing. Cloud hosting servers are much easier to scale depending on the requirements. Due to its scalable nature, upgrades and downgrades can be easily done without any troubles. Availability of several redundant servers guarantee the maximum (100%) uptime assurance. Price is another added benefits of cloud web hosting. In this sort of hosting arrangement you are allowed to choose the amount of storage space, data transfer, CPU power, RAM etc. you need and pay only for the resources you actually use.

    What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting?

    As said, Cloud hosting is built upon cloud computing innovations which utilized the inter connected infrastructure software as well as the ability to deliver resources to clients in when requested. Cloud computing technology comes with the ability to easy integration of addition resources, for example CPU power, Memory, web space and Bandwidth. The clients need to pay just for the resources the actually use, no need to pay for the unused resources.

    In Dedicated server arrangement, an entire server server provided by a web hosting company for you to lease or rent. Only your website will be hosted on whole server. You will be given remote access to the server so that you can customize the server based on your needs. Lean more about VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting here.

    What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Server?

    A VPS hosting provider partition a dedicated server to share the same server with few different website owners. Normally, VPS hosting service providers take advantage of of container technology (known as container) for example, Virtuozzo, Hyper-V to separate several users on one single server from each other at the same time running a shared instance of the OS. Where as in Cloud environment one single website is given access to use the resource of multiple servers. You will have the freedom to choose the operating system of your own choice along with enhanced performance, stronger isolation, ability to configure any applications or software, guaranteed security and data protection. Read more about the Difference Between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting here.

    What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?

    In shared hosting environment one server is used to hosted numerous websites (100 or even 1000 websites). Shared web hosting companies generally give site owners restricted access to the server as well as limited access is given to server resources. This sort of hosting service comes with an easy to use control panel where one can manage the websites hosted on that server. With cloud server hosting, you will be given full root access to your server and you will have complete control over the server as well as ability to install any applications of software the way you want. Read more on Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting here.

    Are there any Drawbacks of Cloud Hosting?

    Cloud hosting service can be a perfect decision for businesses and individuals with good technical knowledge to get the most out of cloud environment. On the other hand, if you do not have proper knowledge and skills, you will not be able to get the maximum of cloud server environment.

    I hope that your search for Cloud Server Hosting FAQ (frequently asked question) ends now! If not, feel free to contact us to discuss any other questions related to cloud computing you may have. Discover more about Best Cloud Server Hosting Providers here.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

    Prior you settle on a choice to utilize or reject making use of a shared server hosting service, it is much essential to figure out the benefits and drawbacks of this hosting service. The selection of a right hosting alternative entirely relies on the type and nature of site you are going to run, therefore in this article we are presenting you the more commonly known advantages (Pros) of shared web hosting that businesses of all sizes as well as individuals can take advantage from, at the same time, we are going to share few of the drawbacks of this sort of hosting which may possibly force you to look at the hosting options such as VPS or Cloud hosting.

    Also Read: What Is Shared Hosting?

    Various Advantages of Shared Hosting Service:

    Shared Hosting service provide numerous of of benefits for small to mid-sized websites . Some of the top and most crucial advantages of shared web hosting are given below:

  • In this type of hosting option you do not need to worry about the technical tasks of the server because server maintenance, management and administration is handled solely by your hosting company.
  • You will be given access to an easy to use icon based cPanel tool along with many useful application that are especially intended to make website management related tasks uncomplicated.
  • You are allowed to create multiple email addresses at your website domain name.
  • You have the option to create more than one MySQL, MS SQL database.
  • When compared to VPS or Dedicated servers, shared hosting plans appears to be considerably less expensive and due to this reason most of the websites including personal, small businesses, blogging sites can easily bear the cost of it. Shared hosting packages generally costs between $1.99 to $10 each month.
  • In this type of hosting arrangements you do not need to have any distinct skills and expertise in site, blog and server management since web host company has the responsibility of the management related tasks.
  • In spite of the fact that large number of sites, blog share the resources of one single physical server, majority of shared web hosting plans comes with consistent monitoring, administration along with expert support that ensures the excellent uptime.
  • You get access to PHP programming language
  • Disadvantages of Shared Hosting Service:

    Even though there are several benefits a shared hosting service contains for the website owners, it also has some of the major drawbacks and those drawbacks are listed below:

  • Since you share the computing power and resources of one single physical server with many other websites, your web page may frequently face slowness caused by the other resources hungry websites.
  • A shared hosting plan contains less amount of features when compared with a VPS or dedicated server plan.
  • One of the biggest drawback of shared server hosting solution is the security related issues that faces by the server like:
    1. This type of servers are generally disposed to hackers.
    2. Every single spiteful movement and exercise caused by one single site affects the entire network of sites sharing the same server.
  • Physical server/machine may get overburdened by by requests which may lead it to shut.
  • Customer/technical support available in shared plans may not be as best as those of higher-end hosting options such as VPS, Cloud hosting or Dedicated servers.
  • At some point of times you might face resources restriction issues since all of the other i n the network make use of the same resources including CPU power, RAM, bandwidth etc.
  • You don’t own the right to choose the software and web applications that you wish to use since you can not use or install any extra software other than what is offered by your selected web host.
  • How Much Does Shared Hosting Cost in 2021?

    In most of the cases you expect to pay $3.95 to $10.95/month for shared hosting plan during signup.

    Typically, a starter-level shared hosting plan cost somewhere around $1.99 each month and permit to host just single domain name, whereas mid-tier shared hosting package cost $6.99 per month. For top-level shared hosting plan, one need to pay upto $20.99/month.

    When it comes to buying a hosting service, you should keep in mind that it is a very sensitive issue because majority of best web hosting companies 2021 around the world offer several hosting plans. For this reason, I would suggest you to look besides the price to the particular highlights offered by a web host before considering the cost factor.

    19 Best & Cheap Month-to-Month Web Hosting Plans for 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 13 votes

    Top 19 Best Month To Month Web Hosting Plans 2021 to Host Your Website or Blog

    19 Best & Cheap Month-to-Month Web Hosting Plans

    Looking for a reliable and month to month billing web hosting plan with no contracts or agreements? As well as you wish to choose the dependable hosting companies with high quality customer support solution and several features and benefits? In order to make your selection easier and effortless, we at UpdatedReviews thoroughly chosen the secure and best web hosting providers with monthly billing/payment option.

    Remember, due to the short contract time frame, hosting packages that are charged month to month will in general be much costlier. From this perspective, we have reviewed and found the most reasonable-priced options available for different type of necessities as well as budgets. Below we are going to share the list of top 19 hosting companies offering monthly hosting plans at affordable cost.

    InterServer 0.01 Shared Hosting

    Best Monthly Shared Hosting Plans

    Before considering a product’s or service’s worth, buyers usually use price tags to decide product’s quality and value - in spite of the fact that they do not know anything about mobiles, to give an instance, as a buyer they will think/imagine the most costly alternative will be highly long-standing and comes with more features.

    Simply because the web hosts listed below offer amazingly low cost hosting plans, despite that, it does not mean their service quality suffers. Each and every web hosts listed on this page are globally accepted in the hosting industry due to their reliable, World-class,, highly secured and user-friendly hosting services. See the best and cheapest shared hosting providers here.



    InterServer Review

    At a Glance

    • $0.01 for the 1st month, then $5 monthly after
    • NO annual agreements & NO sudden cost increases
    • Unlimited web space, bandwidth & emails
    • 99.9% uptime & price-lock guarantee
    • Free website migration
    • 450+ Cloud Apps




    InterServer Reviews



    Fastcomet Review

    At a Glance

    • Free Domain For Life
    • 15GB SSD Space & Unmetered Traffic
    • Hack-free Protection
    • Real 24/7 Technical Support
    • Fixed Prices, No Surprises
    • 45 Days Money - Back




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site



    Hostgator Review

    At a Glance

    • $0.01 for 1 month. Renews at $10.95/mo.
    • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
    • Unlimited emails & free SSL
    • 1-click WordPress install
    • Latest cPanel
    • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Hostgator Reviews


    Visit Site



    GreenGeeks Review

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited SSD Space & Data Transfer
    • Unlimited Emails & Domains
    • One click installations of 150+ apps
    • FREE Domain & SSL Certificate
    • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy




    Greengeeks Reviews


    Visit Site

    Best Monthly SSD Hosting Plans

    In case you are planning to move forward into increasingly improved hosting plan, make sure to search for companies that offer SSD (Solid-State drives). SSDs are improved storage devices offer significantly faster performance compared to traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). See the best ssd hosting companies here.



    Inmotion Hosting Review

    At a Glance

    • Business hosting with FREE SSD
    • Free Zero Downtime Site Transfer
    • FREE 1-Click Installer
    • Unlimted Domains, Emails, Bandwidth
    • 90 days Money Back Guarantee
    • FREE data backups & SSL certificate




    InmotionHosting Review


    Visit Site



    Fastcomet Review

    At a Glance

    • High-speed & Faster Hosting
    • FREE backups, CDN, & Brute-force Protection
    • Real-time monitoring, 99.99% uptime
    • Real 24/7 Technical Support
    • Fixed Prices, No Surprises
    • 45 Days Money - Back




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site



    Siteground Review

    At a Glance

    • $3.95/mo. (Regular: $11.95/mo
    • 10 GB SSD Space
    • 10,000 Visits Monthly
    • Free Website Builder
    • 1-Click App Installer
    • One Website Allowed




    Siteground Reviews


    Visit Site



    GreenGeeks Review

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited & scalable resources with RAID-10 storage
    • Aggressive server monitoring & live security scans
    • One click installations of 150+ apps
    • Unlimited domains & email accounts
    • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy




    Greengeeks Reviews


    Visit Site

    Cheapest Monthly VPS Hosting Plans

    As we go forward the website hosting services ladder, monthly web hosting services really get increasingly normal and ordinary. VPS hosting servers are amid the increasingly diverse in regards to web storage amount, RAM, computing power and other management related services.

    Since VPS Server & Cloud hosting services are highly variable and easily customizable as well as transform as traffic and visitors flow changes. At the same time, the flexibility means that costs can fluctuate at mass scale.

    InterServer 1 cent VPS Hosting

    Do not forget to compare comparable products before making your choice. The VPS hosts we are going to list underneath give an assortment Virtual Private Server hosting packages to match specific requirements. Take into account your support related needs, preferable OS (Operating System), technical ability as well as traffic you are expecting at the time of comparing VPS hosting services offered by any web hosts:



    Inmotion Hosting Review

    At a Glance

    • 66% off for 1st Month
    • Real-time redundancy & cloud-powered infrastructure
    • Free cPanel/WHM license
    • 10X faster CentOS and NGINX
    • FREE SSDs, SSL certificate & Root Access
    • Automatic server backups




    InmotionHosting Review


    Visit Site



    Interserver VPS Review

    At a Glance

    • Managed Cloud VPS available in Linux & Windows
    • Cloud Remote Backup Service
    • Centos, Ubuntu, and Debian for Linux
    • Hyper-V or KVM platform for Windows
    • High performance SSD storage
    • Monthly Pricing-Cancel Anytime




    Interserver Reviews

    $0.01 for 1st Mo.

    Visit Site

    Cheapest Month-to-Month Cloud Hosting Plans

    Cloud hosting is one of the most recent type of hosting. One of the best feature of Cloud hosting is its flexible nature. The web hosts listed below offer highly flexible Cloud plans at reasonable rates:



    Hostgator Cloud Review

    At a Glance

    • 1st Month at 12.95

    • Low-density servers for 2X faster load times
    • Free SSL Certificate, cPanel
    • Data Mirroring, Automated Failover
    • Unlimited Space, Bandwidth
    • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee




    Hostgator Cloud Review


    Visit Site



    InterServer Cloud VPS Review

    At a Glance

    • Flexible Cloud platform to deploy your online projects
    • Linux and Windows Cloud Available
    • SATA drives & SSD Storage
    • Raid level 10 storage arrays
    • Cloud Remote Backup Service
    • Deploy 100's of Apps




    InterServer Reviews

    $.01 for 1st Mo.

    Visit Site

    Cheapest, Best Monthly WordPress Hosting Plans

    WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platform available online, at the same time it is highly difficult platforms to host along with speed and security related things. Since it is utilized by huge number of websites/blogs on the web, WordPress powered websites/blogs accompany with a major security related threats on their back.

    There are several web hosts offer 1-click WordPress installation as a standard part of their shared server hosting plans, however the hosting providers we have listed below go above and beyond to optimize their reasonable prices with most recent hardware, tools as well as security prevention measures the platform require to grow. Read more about month-to-month WordPress hosting plans below:



    inMotion Review

    At a Glance

    • Pre-installed WordPress
    • FREE SSL certificate & unlimited transfer
    • Automatic plugin, theme, and core updates
    • FREE drag-&-drop WP page editor
    • Create Beautiful Website with BoldGrid




    inMotion Reviews


    Visit Site



    Fastcomet Review

    At a Glance

    • Free WordPress Installation
    • People-powered WordPress transfer
    • Free Domain Forever
    • 1-Click WordPress Auto-Installer
    • Virus scan & Malware removal for WP
    • Free WordPress Backup & Restore




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site



    Hostgator Review

    At a Glance

    • WordPress Cloud Hosting
    • 2.5X Speed-Advanced Security-FREE Migration
    • Install WordPress with 1-click via cPanel
    • Automatic Malware Removal
    • Automated Backups Including File-Level Restore




    Hostgator Reviews


    Visit Site

    Best Month to Month Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

    Month-to-month billing option is one of the best way to evaluate how a new website hosting provider’s infrastructure coordinates with the particular demands and requirements of your website as well as web application.

    Much similar to test-driving a vehicle before purchasing, large websites, web applications owners and webmasters should make certain new hardware as well as configurations can deal with the huge workload.

    Beside testing or performing experiments, businesses and large organizations may just need a dedicated server hosting solution to handle highly engaged and occupied periods in the business cycle. In spite of the fact that the requirement on educational institutes such as school, university, college, web based educational systems can mostly sit back and relax during the summer season, such as these institutions need much more computing resources and power when the moment arrives for pupils, learners or trainees to enroll for classes or courses in the fall season. Below we have listed the best and cheapest month-to-month dedicated server hosting plans you can choose for your website or web applications:

    See the best dedicated server hosting cheap here.


    inmotion Review

    At a Glance

    • FREE server management & security updates
    • FREE Launch Assist by sysadmin
    • 99.999% uptime via Smart Routing technology
    • Multi-Layer Defense Mitigate Unplanned Downtime
    • cPanel & WHM Included




    Inmotionhosting Review


    Visit Site



    Hostgator Review

    At a Glance

    • Choose from Linux or Windows servers
    • Unlimited MySQL databases
    • 24/7/365 server monitoring & tech support
    • Fully Redundant Network & Datacenter
    • SSH access & support for several languages
    • Fully Managed or Semi-Managed




    Hostgator Reviews


    Visit Site



    Interserver Review

    At a Glance

    • Powerful, Flexible & Performance-tuned servers
    • 100 MB OR 1GB PORT
    • Choices of Unix, Linux, and Windows
    • cPanel/WHM, Plesk, Direct Admin




    Interserver Reviews


    Visit Site



    Fastcomet Review

    At a Glance

    • Powerful, rock-solid Dedicated Servers
    • cPanel/WHM/Softaculous
    • Free Domain Forever
    • Upto 300% Faster SSD Storage
    • Full Root Access
    • Automated Backup & Snapshots




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site

    Conclusion: Best Month-to-Month Web Hosting Plans With Free Domain, Site Builder, SSL & CDN

    So, I really belief you liked our list of best month-to-month hosting providers that offer free domain name, high quality solution and even best-in-class customer support service.

    There are more than 100s of website hosts that offer monthly billing option with many features however with regards to selecting the best host service I can not think over and above these.

    In this way, on the off chance that you have a highly engaging business website where you have to concentrate on different parts of developing your business/organization without to be concerned about hosting related issues you can't get anything better than these month to month billing web hosting plans.

    Hosting companies such as FastComet, HostGator and GreenGeeks are an excellent choice with month-to-month billing plans. They offer reliable and best web hosting services at a better cost.

    Hence, I recommend you to go with any of the web hosts listed above based on your budget and needs.

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