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Shiv Singh

Shiv Singh

CloudSigma Reviews

CloudSigma Reviews - 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 votes

CloudSigma Reviews & Expert Opinion - 2021

Visit CloudSigmaCloudSigma offers a creative and advanced Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution that empowers users to design, rescale, begin as well as stop virtual servers through a web interface or API. Dissimilar other well-known cloud computing stages, CloudSigma offers more prominent level of safety along with excellent flexibility. You get the complete freedom to utilize any operating system you wish based on your choice, create cloud servers with any composition of CPU, RAM/Memory and storage space. Instantly FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in your disk images as well as FTP out information at whatever point you wish. Gain from aggressive subscription or their remarkable dynamic burst costing system that accommodates to the use of their powerful cloud. Subscribe in to their value feeds making use of RSS and dependably be informed with their most recent subscription and burst costs. CloudSigma bill in Swiss Franc (CHF), EURO (EUR), United Stated Dollar (USD) or Pound Sterling (GBP). Cloud computing/hosting shouldn't be that hard to utilize or sophisticated. Find cloud computing/hosting done appropriately with CloudSigma.

Visit CloudSigma

Key Facts About CloudSigma

  • Founded 2009 in Switzerland
  • Approximately 50 employees
  • 12+ Cloud locations (Europe, Middle East & APAC and United States of America)
  • 2013 Cool Vendor by Gartner
  • ISO 27001 Certified Public Cloud
  • CoudSigma Cloud Plans, Pricing & Features

    Plan Name RAM Storage Bandwidth CPU Price/Mo.
    50 GB
    5 TB
    1 Core
    2 GB
    50 GB
    5 TB
    1 Core.
    2 GB
    50 GB
    5 TB
    2 Core
    8 GB
    80 GB
    5 TB
    4 Core
    16 GB
    160 GB
    5 TB
    8 Core.
    32 GB
    320 GB
    5 TB
    12 Core
    48 GB
    480 GB
    5 TB
    16 Core.
    64 GB
    640 GB
    5 TB
    20 Core
    See the best Cloud Hosting options

    Why use CloudSigma Cloud platform?

    CloudSigma offer an assortment of raw elementary computing power with a methodology along with tools that channel computing power in the best possible way available. The outcome of this is best value and performance available and a solution that users can and do create production services with.

  • Genuine Flexibility: No determined server sizes, unbundled server resources that provide your necessities. Need bunches of CPU power yet little amount of RAM? No issues because we have perfect solution for your needs.
  • Real High Performance: Their cutting edge tools and CPU customization alternatives will enable your web applications to fly no matter what your operating system either workload.
  • SSD and Magnetic Disk Storage: Combine and match all SSD as well as magnetic disk storage with CloudSigma cloud server solutions. Need a SSD drive for the Operating System and magnetic disk for the data? Don't worry about it.
  • State Of The Art Networking: CloudSigma experts could continue forever with specialized buzzwords that clarifies why their systems administration is dazzling quick. As a client in any case, all you care about is that it is consistent along with actually fast.
  • Extremely Fast Storage: Traditional hard drives are much slower and SSD drives (Solid State Drives) are extremely fast. Why compromise on slow speed? At CloudSigma they have gone everything on SSD drives and the outcome is stunning.
  • Instant Resources Provisioning: Provision servers, storage drives, IP addresses, private systems as well as essentially some other resources they offer on the fly without any interruptions.
  • A Custom KVM Cloud Built Solution: KVM offers full virtualization. That implies dedicated amount of resources distribution, superior protection and ring fenced performance for each and every customer.
  • Data Secure from Prying Eyes: Their secure cloud servers are organized to be self-sufficient by location. On the off chance that you do computing with CloudSigma in Switzerland location you are liable to Swiss law only. In the US (United States) subject just to US law, and so on.
  • Visit CloudSigma


    Try free seven days with no credit card required or request an instant demo account for the next hour.
    Top 5 Legit Ways to Prepare Your Website for Peaks in Traffic - 4.9 out of 5 based on 12 votes

    Legit Ways to Prepare Your Site for Peaks in Traffic

    Legit Ways to Prepare Your Site for Peaks in Traffic

    Having a website for your company or business is essentially required in 2021. There are so many different benefits a website can offer to companies or businesses. A website can help your business seem legitimate as well as help you reach more people and so many other things.

    However, a website is no good for you if people cannot access it. While there are many reasons for website loading pages to slow or the entire site to crash, one of the most common is too much traffic. Too much traffic can overload servers and since your site cannot handle it all, it may just crash. This sudden influx of traffic can happen for a number of reasons including increased publicity, viral content or a recent successful marketing campaign.

    Unfortunately, these spikes in traffic aren’t always able to be predicted. As a result, you need to always ensure your site is well-prepared for peaks in traffic. If not, you could potentially suffer from some downtime, which can be very costly. This blog post is going to look at a couple of different ways to do prepare your site for peaks in traffic.

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    Utilize Monitoring Tools

    Every business or company should use monitoring tools, especially those who want to prepare for potential traffic peaks. These tools can ensure you always know how much traffic your site has or has had over time. You can see trends over time and potentially predict or identify when these peaks might happen so you can better prepare. They can also help you know just how many visitors it takes before potential issues may arise.

    These tools can help you monitor traffic, traffic sources, bounce rates and even your logs. Monitoring logs (through a service like is particularly important as it can alert you when an error, problem or issue might arise. This could help you find and fix it before it affects your end user. Without monitoring your traffic, logs and other important information, you will be left in the dark when it comes to certain aspects of your website.

    Perform Stress Tests

    In order for you to truly be prepared for a lot of traffic, you need to know how your website will perform under stress. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to go out and get thousands of people to visit your site at once. Thankfully, however, there are ways to mimic this. Stress tests will simulate heavy amounts of traffic to see how your website responds.

    This can be beneficial in a few different ways. First of all, it can help you to initially identify how much traffic your site can take as is. Next, it can help you test the upgrades you have made to your server and site to ensure it was good enough to handle how much traffic you feel you may peak at.

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    Improve Your Servers

    Improve Your Servers

    The problem that most websites experience when they get a lot of traffic is that their server fails. So if you want to prepare for peaks or spikes in traffic, you need to beef up your servers. If you are using a shared server, it is a good idea to consider upgrading to a powerful dedicated server that is scalable for your needs.

    If that isn’t something you’re interested in, there are indeed other things you can do. Using either a load balancer or a CDN (content delivery network) should improve your server. These solutions spread out and distribute your traffic to multiple different servers. They can increase the reliability of your website and may come with other benefits, as well.

    Optimize the Front End of Your Site

    The better your website performs, the easier it will be able to handle more people without experiencing issues. While it is important to consider the actual backend application or code when optimizing, you also can't forget about the front end. Examining your front end and finding ways to make the site more scalable is a very good idea.

    This can include things like compressing images and videos, removing old JavaScript that isn’t offering you anything and updating all programs or data that you’re using. Doing all of these things should help your site run better, load faster and handle more people. While doing this internal audit of the front and back ends of your site, it’s also a good idea to make sure your hosting provider is still meeting your needs.

    Use Dynamic Content Caching

    There are many different types of caching, but they can all improve the performance of your site while also easing the burden on your infrastructure. One in particular that you should consider using to prepare your site for traffic is dynamic content caching. This involves storing data in a cache, which is a temporary storage area.

    It provides many different benefits to the end user such as increased speeds, load time, better conversions and will allow for more traffic to be on your site at a time. One this caching is performed, your site will be able to handle a greater number of checkouts, purchases, and other examples of dynamic transactions and content. Also, it could be worthwhile to consider caching static types of content as well.

    In conclusion, hopefully, this article has been able to help you prepare for traffic peaks. While you may never know when these come (or if they ever will), it’s still a good idea to be prepared.

    1&1 IONOS Hosting review

    1&1 IONOS Hosting review - 4.8 out of 5 based on 16 votes
    Visit 1&1 IONOS

    1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Review

    1&1 hosting is started by highly skilled and talented people who know the Internet from top to bottom, It is owned and operated by United Internet, A Germany based corporation, since 1988. Services offered by this corporation includes ISP, web hosting, webmail etc. it also owns, a leading email services provider around the world.

    Later in 2018, they got a blockbuster news as they bought and united with Profitbricks, a well-known and enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure service provider in Europe. This is the way 1&1 IONOS came into existence and become more powerful and extremely bigger than ever before.1&1 is one of the oldest web host with 30+ years of huge experience in the industry.

    With around 12 million domains and 8+ millions of clients hosted in their regional data centers in the US and Europe, is 1&1 IONOS the best host there? We will discover while we determine the services offered by them in this 1and1 review.

    Visit 1&1 IONOS

    1&1 Hosting Plans & Pricing

    Money and funds makes the whole world go round. It additionally influences your brain to go all around when you are attempting to compare all the diverse costs of web hosting services, including shared, Cloud, VPS, email solutions as well as add-ons.

    When it comes to website building options, 1&1 is one of the most-reasonable priced option available there. It’s shared hosting packages are much cheaper for first billing cycle but cost increases significantly at the time of renewal.

    Break Down of 1&1 IONOS Pricing

    Below is the break down 1and1 hosting prices. The majority of the hosting plans with the exception of Cloud hosting offered by IONOS have long-term offers and benefits running, which are going to share below.

    Shared Hosting Prices

  • Business: Best For one website or project, $8 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 12 months)
  • Pro: For larger web projects (up to 5 websites), $10 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 months)
  • Expert: For multiple large web projects (upto 50 websites), $14 per month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 months)
  • VPS Hosting Prices

  • VPS M: $10/month (Offer: $5/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS L: $20/month (Offer: $10/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS XL: $30/month (Offer: $1/month for first 6 month)
  • VPS XXL: $40/month (Offer: $30/month for first 6 month)
  • Dedicated Hosting Prices
    SSD/NVMe Server Plans:

  • L-16 SSD: $80/month ($0.111 per Hour)
  • L-32 SSD: $90/month ($0.125 per hour)
  • XL-32 NVMe: $130/month ($0.181 per Hour)
  • XL-64 NVMe: $160/month ($0.222 per Hour)
  • XXL-96 NVMe: $220/month ($0.306 per Hour)
  • 3XL-192 NVMe: $280/month ($0.389 per Hour)
  • HDD Dedicated Server Plans:

  • L-16 HDD: $70/month ($0.097 per Hour)
  • L-32 HDD: $80/month (0.111 per Hour)
  • XL-32 HDD: $100/month ($0.139 per Hour)
  • XL-64 HDD: $130/month ($0.181 per Hour)
  • XXL-96 HDD: $180/month ($0.250 per Hour)
  • 3XL-192 HDD: $240/month ($0.333 per Hour)
  • Cloud Hosting Prices

  • Cloud Hosting M: Suitable for For web projects with basic demands, $15/month
  • Cloud Hosting L: Best suitable For web projects with high performance demands, $25/month
  • Cloud Hosting XL: Best suitable For large or multiple web projects with basic performance demands, $35/month
  • Cloud Hosting XXL: Best suitable For large or multiple web projects with high performance demands, $65/month
  • WordPress Hosting Prices

  • Essential: For 1 Managed WordPress website, $9/month (Offer: $1 per month for first 6 month)
  • Business: For 2 Managed WordPress websites, $11/month (Offer: $1 per month for first 12 months)
  • Pro: For 5 Managed WordPress websites, $15 per month (Offee: $1 per month for first 6 months)
  • All the hosting services offered by IONOS are available at attractive prices and you can get shared and WordPress hosting for just $1/month for upto 12 months. Nut keep in mind, once the promotional offer is over, you will have to pay the normal prices, so do not forget to check the regular prices before signing up with them.

    Main Features of 1&1 IONOS Hosting

    Talking about the features & characteristics of 1and1 hosting, we should begin with the truth that this hosting service providers offers many amazing features to its customers at lowest cost. Below I am going to share the major features of 1&1 IONOS hosting:

    1&1 IONOS hosting features

    Free Domain Name and 1&1 Website Builder

  • Almost every hosting plan include free website domain, email accounts, huge amount of web space and more. Apart from this each hosting package include 1-click installer so that you can easily install any CMS platform such as WordPress or Joomla.
  • On the other hand, you can create your website easily with the help of easy to use and Drag-and-drop website builder tool offered by IONOS in all hosting packages.
  • One can easily install popular apps. The team of experts is available round the clock and will help you choose plugins & extensions for your specific needs as well as help you with the installation process.
  • Lots of Easy to Scale Cloud Hosting Options

  • Pick a predesigned cloud plans, available in different extents ranging from M to XXL, for low-priced and entry into the cloud environment. Additionally you can pick your desired scripting language, ideal server as well database to exactly meet your website's requirements and your specific needs.
  • The 1&1 IONOS Cloud enables clients to send in 55 seconds or less, with burden adjusting to disperse traffic and guarantee ideal execution for your site. Modify your assets whenever to coordinate the requests of your traffic.
  • The cloud hosting plans offered by 1&1 IONOS enables clients to deploy in just few seconds of time, with load balancing technique to disperse traffic and guarantee ideal performance for your web application or site. Alter your server resources whenever to meet the changing requirements of your site traffic.
  • IONOS ensures that you just pay for the resources you need and with the help of easier administration portal one can start and stop resources whenever you wish. In case you do not configure resources, you do not have to pay for them.
  • Exclusive Search Engine Optimization and Advanced Marketing Tools

  • 1&1 IONOS give access to Ranking Coach, a do-it-yourself online marketing software, ensuring your site and business is more visible to your potential audience online as well as search engines. Once you perform a SEO test using Ranking coach, you will be given clear results in text and graphical format, it doesn't matter which CMS platform you use. This tool will give you helpful feedback regarding your website SEO.
  • They offer best email marketing plans with streamlined approach to integrate membership forms and compose appealing messages that understandable on all type of devices. Their easy to use software permits users to keep an eye on marketing campaigns in real-time as well as allow to run A/B testing to troubleshoot their marketing strategies, making sure that their marketing attempts are kept highly proficient and compelling.
  • Google Ads also known as PPC marketing may look like quantum physics, however 1and1 will enable website owners to make use of the organization's ability and skills.
  • World-Class Security and Excellent Performance

  • 1&1 IONOS offers fully managed server packages with elective performance optimizations notwithstanding the full list of website hosting features and benefits. Folly managed hosting users get access to unlimited traffic/data transfer and 100% SSD web storage that gives blazing-fast speeds than HDD based storage.
  • 1&1 IONOS server farms/datacenters, situated over the US (United States) and Europe, include modern-grade hardware, and nonstop monitoring by highly trained staff. With outer connectivity speeds more than 300 gigabits (Gib) for every second, you are certain to have fast and simple access to web applications. Redundant web storage systems, automatic server backups and regular updates,along with firewalls protection and DDoS assurance guarantees everything is planned for most extreme security and protection.
  • With high proactive security, malicious content/malware filtering with SiteLock website security, and data recovery systems, 1&1 IONOS hosting comes with the amazing options to protecting sites of their customer against disasters and misfortunes. For enhanced performance and increased security this service provider offered an optional CDN from CloudFlare along with free SSL certificate.
  • Customer Support at 1&1 IONOS

    Similar to other hosting providers, 1and1 IONOS offers its customers with 24*7 customer support option along with tons of extra help tutorials and articles as well as a community is also available to ask your doubts and questions. These tutorials and articles includes solution and answers for most of the questions of clients. In case you do not find solution you can get in touch with their customer support team directly using live chat or telephone. Their customer support executives are available 24/7 to give expert solution ad advice.

    1&1 IONOS Uptime & Reliability

    1&1 IONOS gives an uptime guarantee of 100% to all of its hosting plans and offering. In case of a site hosted with IONOS failing below 99.99% uptime, You may get in touch with 1&1 IONOS and ask them for a credit for that particular month commensurate to the amount of site downtime. It is highly recommended to read the general terms and conditions of service usage before signing up with them. We tested their server uptime manually and got good response time with around 99.98% of uptime, which is quite good and there are not many complaint about.

    1and1 IONOS Review: Conclusion

    All in all, 1&1 IONOS offers a pretty good website hosting solution at lowest introductory price. On other side, you get extremely strong, powerful and stable performance, a stupendous cost, excellent security tools, HTTP/2 network protocol, and an SSL certificate is included for free of cost in each and every hosting. When you consider all of these features, there is not substantially more you would ever need to run a successful website at this price. At the same time, you will be given a puzzling control panel, a costly website builder tool as well as chat support is not easily accessible.

    After completing this analysis, I can definitely say that I for sure like 1&1 IONOS hosting. Quite good performance, excellent security and a lot of features and tools at an extraordinary cost are altogether fascinating. However putting little more focus on live chat support would surely benefit this web host in great way.

    Strengths & Weaknesses IONOS Hosting


  • Easy to Scale performance enable to adjust everything to your specific needs.
  • Much lower introductory cost.
  • Quite good performance.
  • Incredible account security.
  • Reasonable shared & WordPress hosting plans
  • Quite good help center
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL certificates
  • DDoS protection on all plans
  • Performance-Tuned Cloud hosting plans
  • Weaknesses:

  • Lack of email support
  • Inconsistent pricing
  • Confusing hosting control panel
  • Expensive Website builder tool
  • ScaleGrid Reviews

    ScaleGrid Reviews - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    ScaleGrid Hosting Reviews

    At ScaleGrid, we provide fully managed MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, and PostgreSQL hosting, taking all the headache out of managing a high-performance production deployment. The platform automates all of your time-consuming tasks, such as distributing your data across regions, scheduling backups, upgrading versions, patching OS, log rotations, and dynamically scaling, so you IT teams can focus on building a better application vs. managing their complex data infrastructures. We're also the only DBaaS platform that enables you to host in your own cloud hosting account, enabling you to leverage advanced capabilities like Virtual Private Clouds (VPC & VNET), Security Groups, and Reserved Instances to save up to 75% on long-term Web Hosting costs.

    As a multi-database hosting platform, we also allow our users to manage all of their database clusters in one single pane view console instead of coordinating across multiple platforms. This significantly improves our users efficiency and reduces database sprawl.

    About ScaleGrid

    ScaleGrid was establish in 2012 in Seattle, WA (Washington). ScaleGrid is targeted for SMB and enterprise customers who are deploying databases on public or private clouds. Our solution handles all the operational aspects of running a production database and lets them focus solely on the development aspects.

    Our solution offers several unique features that make it stand out in the Database-as-a-Service market. ScaleGrid is a Polyglot, multi-cloud solution that allows our customers to deploy the database of their choice on the cloud of their choice. We can also seamlessly migrate your databases from one cloud to another. This enables our customers to prevent and protect their infrastructures from vendor or cloud lock-in. ScaleGrid also supports on-premise or hybrid cloud deployments - so you can deploy your databases on both your private cloud or any of the popular public clouds.

    ScaleGrid also provides customers full access and administrative control over their database deployments. This enables our customers to use most of their existing scripts and tools and also work with other database consultants they have been working with historically.

    At ScaleGrid, we are committed to data protection and have incorporated security best practices for our infrastructure to ensure the safety of our customer’s data. Our customers are able to leverage our advanced security features to protect their data. We support “Encryption in transit” to preserve the privacy of data as it moves across the network. You can also enable “Encryption at rest” to ensure that your data is encrypted on disk. Once you enable encryption at rest your backups are also encrypted. Customers can also use IP whitelists to enable access control for their databases.

    We at ScaleGrid also enable our customers and users to deploy their database servers in their very personal Virtual Private Clouds on AWS (VPC) and Azure (VNET) through our Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) plans. This enables them to isolate and protect their databases in their own virtual network. Our BYOC plan also allows our customers to leverage Security Groups to lock down access to their servers using cloud security groups.

    The greatest advantage of our platform is also our competitions greatest weakness, control. We are the only DBaaS solution that allows our customers to keep full super user administrative control over their databases. Sacrificing administrative access is one of the main reasons why businesses decide against leverage a DBaaS product, as they want the ability to access and control their own databases without blindly putting their trust in a third-party service. As a product built by database experts, we fully understood this concern and designed our product from inception with the benefit of allowing our customers to operate as admins of their own data. While many of our customers never have to use this advantage as our service is fully managed for them, it provides the necessary peace of mind of knowing they can access and administer changes to their databases at any time if needed in the future.

    ScaleGrid Hosting Plans, Prices & Features 2021

    Shared Hosting Plans

    Plan Name
    Space/Bandwidth Websites Price
    MongoDB Hosting: Shared Clusters 20GB/Unlimited Unlimited $20/Mo.
    See the Best Shared Server Hosting Options

    Dedicated Hosting Plans

    Plan Name
    Space/RAM CPU Price
    MongoDB Hosting: Dedicated Clusters 10GB/1MB 1 x 3.30GHz $35/Mo.
    Redis Hosting: Dedicated Clusters 10GB/1MB 1 x 3.30GHz $18/Mo.
    MySQL Hosting: Dedicated Clusters 10GB/1MB 1 x 3.30GHz $18/Mo.
    See the best Dedicated Server Hosting options

    HostPapa St. Patrick’s Day sale, Offers & Discounts 2020 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    HostPapa St. Patrick’s Day sale, Offers & Discounts 2020

    Who do not know about HostPapa. HostPapa is one of the largest Shared & Cloud hosting provider in the World. HostPapa has come up another exciting offer in March 2020. Starting on March 17th at 10 am EST , HostPapa is going to run St. Patrick's Day Sale, featuring huge discounts on Shared and WordPress hosting plans.

    As you know finally Spring is here and HostPapa is almost ready for one of the most recognized celebrations of March Month. This means an exclusive offer for hosting luck! It is going to start on 17th March at 10AM EST and End on 22nd March 2020 at 10AM EST. Read HostPapa Reviews here.

    The St. Patrick's Say Sale of HostPapa will run for flat 144 hours (6 Days). Please note, HostPapa will be updating its Homepage as a part of the sale on St. Patrick's Day 2020. So all you have to do is hit link and coupon code will be applied automatically. This is one of the best offer from HostPapa for 2020, so make sure you get benefit of this amazing offer.

    Here are the details of St. Patrick’s Day Sale:

  • Starter and Business Shared Hosting plans will cost as low as $1.95/month (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a hosting package of 36 months (3 Years).
  • Starter and Business Optimized WordPress Hosting plans will cost $1.95/month, under the same billing cycle of 36 months.
  • Grab Deal Now St. Patrick’s Day Sale:

  • HostPapa Europe St Patrick’s Day Sale €0.95/month WordPress hosting (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a hosting package of 36 months (3 Years).
  • Visit

    Sale Starts: Tuesday, March 17th at 10 am EST

    Sale Ends: Monday, March 22nd at 10 am EST

    The offer is only applicable on new hosting accounts, not applicable on old account renewals or any existing hosting plans.

     HostPapa St. Patrick's Day Sale

    Get the Amazing Features Your Online Business Needs

  • Easy-to-use tools and applications keep you fully in control
  • You get “Unlimited” everything
  • Create a professional website in just few minutes
  • Servers built for excellent speed
  • Secure & reliable business email solution
  • User-friendly control panel tool
  • Committed to excellent security
  • Over 400+ apps included
  • Support you can trust available 24/7
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • Hundreds of mobile-friendly templates too choose from
  • Professional looking designs
  • eCommerce ready hosting solution
  • Website Builder included free with hosting
  • Visit

    Why choose HostPapa over the other Hosting Providers?

  • Reliable servers and advanced technology
  • Award winning customer support
  • Commitment to security
  • Independently owned and operated company
  • Optimized for speed & performance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Grab Deal Now

    To make the most out of this exclusive sale from HostPapa, it would be great if you bookmark our website and visit it during 17th March to 22nd March 2020, so that you can grab huge discount. St. Patrick's Day includes numerous of celebratory bliss and good luck. With amazing offers and deals like these from Hostpapa, you will have a great reason to celebrate.

    Also See: FastComet St. Patrick's Day Sale 2020 Savings.

    Happy Saving!

    How to Find Best Web Hosting for Your Website in 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 15 votes

    How to Find Best Web Hosting for Your Website in 2021

    How to Find Best Web Hosting for Your Website

    If you are digital marketer, Content writer or an entrepreneur then you need a hosting service to host your online website to generate more traffic and leads. Without a suitable hosting you cannot imagine an online business.

    Whatever you are a blogger or an owner of commercial website you have to choose a flexible web hosting service to run your website. It is unlikely to run a website without a web hosting.

    Here, we are going to uncover all significant points which are considerable to discover a web hosting to run your business website so that you can increase your business revenue as well as your website popularity.
    There are numbers of factors where you have to focus before going to buy an internet space to store your website data and files.

    First you have to understand your business. Ask to yourself some following questions –

  • How much is the size of your website including files?
  • Are you running a payment transfer website?
  • How much you are getting monthly visitors?
  • What’s your website level beginner, intermediate and high?
  • These questions can make you more cleavers to choose a hosting plan and discuss with your service provider.
    When you come to buy an appropriate hosting package then some webmasters find it hard. Finding a hosting package for an online business is little bit hard. Because of lots of companies’generate fake reviews and ratings to attract more customers.

    You can find amazing review and high rating of some worst firm’s websites. Most people who want to prefer a plan, they don’t do proper research. However it is not an easy task, even though, there are lots of hosting firms supply cheap web host along with support features.

    If you want to buy a quality and effective internet space then you need to comprehend some subsequent points. These are the portent of a flawless hosting services provider. .

    Company History

    Find a trustable web hosting company which is offering services for at least a decade before. Check how many years they have completed in this business. Does the company use own web server or a renting form other?Crawl their about us and contact us page.

    Find their website domain age through online tools and server location. These things can clean your path in buying a hosting package.

    Server Location

    It is necessary to located web server nearby your website. When your server located nearby you then your website loads fast. You must find your server location before go through a web hosting. Find some answers of following question –

  • What’s your target readers and country?
  • Is your server located in your target country?
  • If you are going to target globally then your hosting company has multiple servers in multiple countries.

    By these things you can remove worse web hosting providers form your list.

    Control Panel

    One of the most powerful tool which provides you to manage and get complete authority over the hosting. But ask them how much control they are offering you? Are they providing full control and some features? It is important to handle whole hosting space to manage and secure your blog.

    Website Security

    You should know very well before comes to this point that every website can be hacked. After hacked your website, hijacker can do everything. They can change blog admin password and remove your data. They can remove all the content and files. This feature must contained by your service.

    Technical support

    Your hosting company should be a skilled technical staff who will be responsible for your website. Highly professional and quality hosting companies provide you multiple level of support like email, call and live chat. Find out how fast their team in recovering issues.

    Website backup

    Website data backup is another feature which is necessary in case if your website is attacked by someone. This is routine task to secure your data from hackers. This is powerful feature should be include in your list.
    These are few but very powerful feature which must contain in your web hosting features. I have listed 6 major points I know very well that I are very less but they are enough to find a web hosting service.
    I want to suggest you to choose hosting carefully because web hosting is the foundation of a successful online business. It can make your business and can break your business, it’s your choice.

    Author Bio – Neeraj, A professional content writer at HostnetIndia. HostnetIndia offers Linux cloud, windows cloud, shared hosting, dedicated server and reseller hosting.

    WordPress Hosting Offers 2021

    WordPress Hosting Offers 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 12 votes

    WordPress Hosting Offers

    The website hosting industry is very popular for low cost and special introductory offers, because each and every web host wish to have more number of new customers and in order to attract new users many web hosts run introductory offers on various hosting products and services. We have already listed best VPS and Cloud Hosting Offers previously. Today we are going to list best WordPress offers and deals on this page, so that you can host your WordPress blog or website at discounted rates using these coupons.

    WordPress Hosting Offers

    What is WordPress Hosting?

    So you have already made the clever decision to go with WordPress (One of the best CMS platform) for your website or blog. Now you are on the track to make another crucial choice for your web page- Web Hosting. Among the plethora of well-popular terms such as VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Shared hosting, you have stumble upon this thing named WordPress web hosting. So let me explain What is WordPress Hosting?
    In simple term, WordPress hosting is just a type of hosting that has been totally optimized for WordPress CMS to meet the security, performance and reliability related needs. A normal WordPress hosting solution generally comes with 1-click WordPress installer to make it easy and simple to get started with WordPress website. There are some top WordPress hosting companies will automatically updated or upgrade your WordPress based applications and software based on the needs. WordPress web hosting service is available in 2 formats, Shared WordPress hosting and fully managed WordPress hosting.

    There are several several WordPress hosting service providers available online but only few of them give best discounts and offers on WordPress hosting. Below you can find the best WordPress hosts with amazing discounts and offers on WordPress plans.

    Top WordPress Hosting Offers & Promos for 2021

    Bluehost India WordPress Web Hosting

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting Offers

    Bluehost India WordPress Hosting Offer

    Exclusive 60% OFF WordPress Hosting for UPDATEDREVIEWS Visitors + Free Domain

    No Coupon Code Needed

    You need to buy WordPress hosting for 36 months in order to grab this amazing offer and coupon code will be applied automatically during checkout.

    Save 60% on WordPress hosting with Launch your WordPress website in just one click, with 1-click app installer and highly scalable & optimized environment.

    Grab Offer

    Hostinger India WordPress Hosting Offer

    Hostinger India WordPress Hosting

    Flat 70% + Extra 8% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : SPECIAL15

    Hostinger India is giving exclusive 70% OFF + Extra 8% Discount on WordPress hosting. Use the coupon code given above to get this amazing offer at

    Grab Offer

    HostGator WordPress Hosting Offers

    HostGator WordPress Hosting Offer

    Flat 54% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : RSOSAVEAW2NEW

    You need to choose 36 months billing cycle in order to grab this amazing offer. Don't forget to use the above coupon code during checkout.

    Save flat 54% on WordPress hosting with HostGator. Get started today for as low as $4.63/month. Offer valid for a limited time only

    Grab Offer

    inMotion WordPress Hosting Offers

    inMotion WordPress Hosting Offer

    34% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : NA

    inMotion Hosting is giving flat 34% Off on their WordPress hosting plan. Choose 3 years billing cycle and get WordPress at $4.99/month with free Domain, SSL and more.

    Grab Offer

    SiteGround WordPress Hosting Offers

    SiteGround WordPress Hosting Offer

    60% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : NA

    SiteGround is giving huge 60% Discount on their WordPress hosting plans. Now you can get WordPress hosting for as low as $3.95/montjh

    Grab Offer

    iPage WordPress Hosting Offers

    iPage WordPress Hosting Offer

    75% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : NA

    iPage WordPress Hosting offer. Get WordPress hosting starting at just $3.75/month with free Domain Name SSL Certificate.

    Grab Offer

    Godaddy WordPress Hosting Offers

    Godaddy WordPress Hosting Offer

    77% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Coupon Code : CJCRMN2CP

    Godaddy is giving flat 77% Discount on its WordPress hosting plans. Now you can get WordPress hosting at just Rs.99/month with free domain name of your choice.

    Grab Offer

    More Offers are Coming Soon...

    Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon 2021 | Flat 99% Off $0.01 First Month Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes

    HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code, Promo, Offers and Discounts

    HostGator 1 Cent Coupon

    Flat 99% Off $0.01 First Month Hosting

    Below I am going to share the 1 cent coupon codes and discounts, and are applicable for new hosting account purchases. Get started now with these amazing deals on HostGator website hosting packages, containing shared, Cloud server, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting and WordPress hosting plans. Every hosting plan include Free SSL certificate, Site Builder and one-click WordPress install along with days money back guarantee.

    Hostgator 1 Cent coupon codes 2021

    1. Coupon Code: 1CENT will give you shared hosting at just $0.01 for 1st month. Click here to try HostGator 1 Cent Shared Hosting.
    2. Coupon Code: HOSTGATOR7994 will give you Cloud hosting at just $0.01 for 1st month. Click here to try HostGator 1 Cent Cloud Hosting. Don't forget to use the given coupon code.

    Quick Guide to Grab Hostgator 1 Cent Hosting offer:

  • Click here to visit HostGator's $0.01 Hosting Offer page
  • Hit the Get Started Button
  • Enter Your Primary Domain Name
  • Note: UnCheck all Additional Addon Services otherwise those services will cost you more
  • You will see the "1CENT" Coupon is already applied and the final price has become $0.01
  • Now make the Payment and all done. Your Hosting account is ready now.
  • Read about HostGator cloud Hosting here.

    Get this Deal

    Each Shared Hosting Plan Include:

  • Safe Harbor Certified Hosting
  • Free HostGator Site Builder tool with over 100+ Mobile-Friendly Templates & Images
  • Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups
  • Free Website Transfer, Script Transfer, Domain Transfer, MySQL Transfer
  • Free and Instant Installation of 52+ Scripts
  • $100 Google Ads & 100 Bing Ads Credits
  • Flexible, Easy to Use and latest Control Panel
  • Unlimited Web Space and Transfer
  • Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Emails Sub Domains and FTP Accounts
  • 45 Days Money Back Guarantee without any contract
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Instant Install of Shopping Carts for Blogs, Portals, Forums and Counters
  • MySQL Databases containing phpMyAdmin Access
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • Online Customer Support Portal containing more than 500 Video Tutorials and 680+ Help Articles
  • Host Multiple websites under one roof
  • CodeGuard, Sitelock, GSuite and Domain Privacy
  • Prevent spam Instantly with SpamAssassin
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support via Phone, Email and Live Chat
  • CGI, Fast CGI, PHP 5/7, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSL included
  • Why Choose Hostgator Shared Hosting?

    With HostGator 1 cent hosting coupon, you can try HostGator shared as well as Cloud Hosting for almost free of cost. Shared hosting is one of the widely used form of hosting service and more than 90% of website owner use shared server to host websites and blogs. Shared hosting is a situation in which multiple websites hosted on one single server with many other users. One of the biggest benefits of this type of hosting is it's cheapest cost. Shared hosting is ideal if you are just starting your website and getting least amount of traffic. All the computing resources (such as RAM, CPU power, Memory, bandwidth etc.) available on shared hosting environment are shared among many other websites. HostGator is one of the largest providers of shared and Cloud hosting in the industry. By opting HostGator you can be assured that your site is in reliable hands. All hosting services are backed with 45 days money back guarantee.

    Read more about HostGator here.

    If you opt multiple years or months of billing terms, you can save huge amount of money. They offer wide range of hosting services. The Hatchling shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest option available and contains unlimited space and huge amount of Bandwidth but there is a restrictions on the websites you can host on this package. But in case you choose their Baby or Business shared hosting which are little costly compared to Hatchling plan, you get access to everything unlimited.

    How to Grab HostGator $0.01 (1 Cent) Coupon Code?

    1st Step: Visit to use 1 Cent Coupon and Click on "Get Started" button now.

    HostGator Shared Hosting

    2nd Step: Choose a Domain Name
    Enter a new domain name to register, if you don't have one or continue with your already register domain name.

    HostGator Domain Selection

    3rd Step: Choose a Web Hosting Plan & 1 month billing term to grab 1 cent offer
    Enter your Desired username and PIN (4-8 Digits).

    Choose Hosting Plan

    4th Step: Now you need to Enter Your Billing Info like name, email, contact, company name etc. Choose the payment type from Credit Card or Paypal.
    HostGator Billing info

    5th Step: Uncheck all the additional boxes

    HostGator Addons

    6th Step: Enter Coupon Code – 1CENT or PENNY and hit Validate button.

    HostGator Checkout Page

    7th Step: Check the terms & condition button and then click Checkout Now Button.

    payment page

    All done, now your new hosting account is ready.

    In case you wish to buy hosting service for more than 1 month then use Coupon Code: SNAPPY60 and Grab 62% OFF. To know more check Hostgator Coupons here.

    FastComet Christmas, Year End 2020 Sale / New Year Offers 2021 - 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    FastComet Christmas, Year End Sale 2020, New Year Offers 2021

    It's the most amazing time of the year! The best period for online shoppers to shop is here and FastComet's Year End Sale and New Year Deals are already one. They are offering Flat 70% OFF on Shared Server Hosting packages and Flat 40% OFF on Cloud VPS and Dedicated server hosting plans Plus you get Domain Name Transfer and SSL certificate. So Don't miss the chance to save more on hosting purchase with FastComet.

    Also See: Best and Massive Upto 90% OFF New Year Special Web Hosting Offers 2021.

    FastComet New Year Sale

    FastComet New Year Sale 2021

    Below are FastComet Offer Details on New Year Deals

  • Sale Details: FLAT 70% OFF on all new Shared hosting plans + Free Domain/Website Transfer + SSL Certificate
  • Coupon Code: NEW2021
  • Sale Starts on 3rd Jan 2021 and will continue till 31st Jan 2021
  • Sale Details: Flat 20% OFF all new Managed SSD Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Multiple Locations
  • Coupon Code: NEWCLOUD
  • Sale Starts on 3rd Jan 2021 and will continue till 31st Jan 2021
  • Grab Deal Now

    It only happens once in a year! Grab these amazing End of the Year Sale/New Year Deals

    Act fast to grab these amazing deals before they’re gone!

    Happy Shopping
    Bluehost vs DreamHost - Detailed Comparison 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    Bluehost vs DreamHost (2021) - Detailed Comparison

    Bluehost vs DreamHost

    Is it the first time that you are going to host a website/blog or do you already have huge knowledge, skills and expertise in web hosting related services?

    In any of the situation, the decision of choosing a web hosting service for your website/blog totally relies on the motive of your business and your individual needs. Before making any decision you have to clear about your exact necessities as well as your budget, because if you are clear about these things then only you can decide a best and reliable hosting plan.

    One thing you should always keep in mind that there is no perfect web hosting service in the industry for everyone. You may observe one web host to be perfect and ideal for your website motive and your requirements, whereas another person probably won't think that it's ideal for theirs requirements.

    Considerably, in case you are trying to narrow down your choices to the most perfect and finest hosting service providers, you might in a little while find yourself end up looking at two well-known web hosts, Bluehost and Dreamhost. These 2 web hosts have been in the hosting industry for years and they are not going to disappear blink of an eye. Also these two hosting providers are widely accepted for providing reasonable-priced and full-featured hosting services for all type of websites/blogs, therefore it doesn't matter what framework you are hoping to set-up, we are fully certain these hosts service providers would have the capacity and skills to cater your needs.

    So now we are going to compare these two well-known and most-trusted web hosting companies and service providers in the industry, such as Bluehost and Dreamhost based on their pricing, plans, features, customer service etc.


    Visit BlueHost

    At a Glance

    • Free Domain & SSDs
    • Free Regular Backups
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 24*7*365 Support
    • Free SSL Certificate & cPanel
    • Recommended By WordPress




    BlueHost Reviews


    Visit Site


    Visit DreamHost

    At a Glance

    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • SSL Certificate 7 Custom Control Panel
    • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • Solid State Drives
    • Buy a .COM for $11.95




    DreamHost Reviews


    Visit Site

    Overall Web Hosting Comparison

    Visit BlueHost

    Bluehost’s hosting service has been most favorite host of mine for the shared hosting and WordPress hosting areas. They comply with modern norms, as they use only latest available hardware, servers and world-class customer support for all type of hosting services.

    For most of the website owners, Bluehost’s shared hosting is the ideal choice to fulfill their requirements. Once you feel that you have outgrown your shared hosting and your hosting package is not able to accommodate your traffic needs, you can without any downtime jump to the VPS, Cloud or dedicated server hosting environment.

    Bluehost is one of the couple of hosting service providers officially recommended by WordPress. By opting for their hosting you can easily install this popular CMS platform in just few click of mouse using the cPanel as well as you can also opt their fully managed hosting services and leave everything on their expert team.

    The other factor which makes Bluehost hosting services more admirable is their name and acceptability towards the reasonable cost and useableness. Internet newbies as well as professional webmasters can really enjoy that. Additional features, as for example free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, free .com, access to unlimited email account, enough amount of web space etc. make this web host a value for-the-money and most-favored in the entire industry.

    Here are top features of BlueHost hosting:

  • FREE Domain Name for One Year
  • Website Builder Tool with Templates
  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • Unlimited Site traffic/bandwidth
  • 24/7 in-house Support Team
  • Secure Shell, FTP Access, Stats
  • Generally cost $7.99/mo, but now you can get it for just $2.95/mo.
  • CGI, Ruby/Rail, Perl, PHP, MySQL etc.
  • Faster SSD Storage
  • Industry-leading Hardware with 99.99% uptime
  • 30 Days Money back Guarantee
  • Get Started on Bluehost Today.

  • Visit DreamHost

    A superior web host for the website owners who are aware that what they are searching for, Dreamhost offer great and performance-tuned hosting ideal for scaling web pages as well as web applications via the arrays of lost cost shared server, secured and powerful VPS/Cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting.

    We genuinely like the features of their hosting however catch on that many novices or expert web developers/webmaster might do not wish to give out the additional money to take advantage of the increased performance, advance optimization and managed solutions offered by Dreamhost.

    Supposing, you have a website which is growing at faster speed and getting huge amount of traffic, there are few web hosts like Dreamhost will take care of everything. The managed services offered by this web host comprise complete infrastructure management, automated updates, server backups, malware/virus scan, Server monitoring, DDoS protection and more.

    Here are top features of DreamHost hosting:

  • Unlimited traffic/Bandwidth, Databases, storage space, domains, email accounts etc.
  • Round the clock US-based customer support
  • Zero Risk, 97 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 200% faster performance with SSDs (solid-state drives)
  • They compensate for every hour downtime as a free service
  • PHP 7.1, IPv6, Rails, Python, Perl, CGI etc.
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Get started on DreamHost today.
  • Types of Web Hosting Plans

    Shared Hosting Plans

    Both of the hosts offer Shared hosting at reasonable rates. Bluehost has three shared hosting plans starting from $2.95/month, whereas Dreamhost has two shared server plans starting from $2.95/month. Both do not charge anything for account setup.

    Bluehost Shared Hosting

    Basic Plus Go PRO
    Websites 1 Unlimited Unlimited.
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Web Space 50 GB SSD Unmetered Unmetered
    Email Storage 100 MB Unlimited Unlimited
    Free SSL Included Included Included
    Control Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
    Pricing $2.95/mo. $5.45/mo. $13.95

    DreamHost Shared Hosting

    Shared Starter Shared Unlimited
    Websites 1 Unlimited
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
    Web Space 50GB Unlimited
    Email Accounts NA Unlimited
    Free SSL Included Included
    Control Panel DreamHost Control Panel DreamHost Control Panel
    Pricing $2.59/mo. $7.95/mo.

    VPS Hosting Plans

    Bluehost has three different plans for VPS hosting starting from $19.99/month whereas Dreamhost has four different plans for VPS starting from $13.75/month. Let us have a look at the features of both hosts:

    Bluehost VPS Hosting

    Standard Enhanced Ultimate
    Bandwidth 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB
    Storage Space 30 GB SSD 60 GB SSD 120 GB SSD
    RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
    IP 1 2 2
    Pricing $19.99/mo. $29.99/mo. $59.99/mo.

    DreamHost VPS Hosting

    Basic VPS Business VPS Professional VPS Enterprise VPS
    Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Storage Space 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB
    RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB
    IP 1 1 1 1
    Pricing $13.75/mo. $27.50/mo. $55/mo. $110/mo.

    Cloud Hosting Plans

    Both of the hosts are having three different cloud hosting packages with many amazing features.

    Bluehost Cloud Hosting

    Starter Performance Business Pro
    Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
    Storage Space 100 GB UnmeteredSD Unmetered
    CPU 2 4 8
    RAM 2 GB. 4 GB 6 GB
    Pricing $6.95/mo. $9.95/mo. $15.95/mo.

    DreamHost Cloud Hosting

    512MB RAM Server 2GB RAM Server 8GB RAM Server
    Bandwidth Free bandwidth* Free bandwidth* Free bandwidth*
    Storage Space 80 GB 80 GB 80 GB
    CPU 1 1 4
    Pricing $4.50/mo./$0.0075/hr $12/mo./$0.02/hr) $48/mo./$0.08/hr

    Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

    Let us now compare Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting with DreamHost Dedicated Server Plans. Bluehost has three Dedicated server options to choose from whereas Dreamhost has 5 Dedicated servers to choose from.

    Bluehost Dedicated Server

    Standard Enhanced Premium
    Bandwidth 5TB 10TB 15TB
    Storage 500GB (Mirrored) 1TB (Mirrored) 1TB (Mirrored)
    CPU 2.3 GHz 2.5 GHz 3.3 GHz
    IP Addresses 3 4 5
    RAM 4GB 8GB 16GB
    Pricing $79.99/mon. $99.99/mo. 119.99/mo.

    At Dreamhost you choose the required configuration as they offer custom plans and you are allowed to choose resources based on your requirements. The basic Dedicated server plan starting from $ 169/month. Below is the detailed comparison of the maximum available configuration with these two well-known web hosting providers:

    DreamHost Bluehost
    Maximum Storage Space 2TB 1TB
    Maximum RAM 30GB 16GB
    Maximum Bandwidth Unlimited 15TB
    RAID 1 Yes Yes

    When it comes to powerful Dedicated server hosting, Dreamhost is clear winner, as you get more flexibility and freedom to choose server configuration as per requirements with Dreamhost, which makes Dreamhost better than Bluehost for Dedicated server hosting.

    Web Hosting Features Comparison for services offered by Bluehost & DreamHost

    How about now we analyze Bluehost's & DreamHost's different website hosting features, for example, customer service/support, uptime guarantee, control panel, money back policy, performance etc.

    Customer Service/Support

    Every top web hosting provider will dependably deliver high-priority and first preference to customer satisfaction as well as entirely concentrate on improving their customer support options.Both Dreamhost and Bluehost follow the same thing. These two web host give 24/7 customer support services to all clients through live chat, email, phone as well as ticket system. Apart from this they also own discussion forums so that customer can discuss about their hosting related issues, tips, tricks as well as share their knowledge.

    Bluehost allow its customers to raise their issue using ticket system and get solution from their technical team. Anyway it is always good to get instant help from web host using live chat or telephone for instant resolution of your issue.

    When it comes to DreamHost web hosting, it offers its customers with the option to use its Knowledge Base that contains numerous of hosting articles, how to’s, tutorial, troubleshooting manuals for self-help.

    Both web hosts are excellent in this field and for customer support both are clear winner with 24/7 top class customer service.

    Uptime and Availability

    When it comes to Uptime Bluehost does not make any declare of uptime assurance, but as per our analysis and monitoring they are able to give around 99.99% uptime, therefore it ensures the maximum availability of your site. Whereas DreamHost claims to deliver 100% uptime, but in reality they are also delivering around 99.99% uptime. So both of them are able to deliver equal uptime.

    Performance & Reliability

    When it comes to performance and reliability both web hosts deliver consistent performance for any kind of websites/blogs and due to this reason both hosting companies being considered as most trusted and reliable name in the industry for several years.

    But for increased performance, Bluehost has combined few most recent innovation and transformation by making use of segregation technology that enables Bluehost to smartly manage the CPU (central processing unit) as well as safeguard the sites hosted with them from unwanted threats, viruses, malware and spammers.

    So in this segment, the clear winner is Bluehost as they use advanced technologies and techniques.

    Money-Back & Cancelation Policy

    Bluehost offer 30 days money back guarantee. At the same time this guarantee is only applicable on hosting services. You will not get any refund for added features like free domain name,, account setup fee or any other addons you have taken during sign up. In case you ask for a refund after 30 days, you will get partial refund for the unused service.

    Dreamhost offer 97 days money back guarantee which is really difficult to beat. By opting this web host you will get more time to test the hosting offered by them because you will have huge time to ask for the refund. Although the 97 days money back only applicable on hosting services and it is not applies on any other services such as domain registration, SSL and other third-party offering. You will be only refunded if you have made the payment using credit card.

    Control Panel

    Control panel is one of the most essential thing of hosting service. Bluehost uses industry leading control panel tool known as cPanel. It is one of the most easiest control panel for hosting services. Whereas Dreamhost uses its custom made control panel tool and it may take much longer for you to understand and navigate it.

    In this segment, Bluehost is the clear winner as they offer an easy to use cPanel tool.

    Extras & Freebies

    Bluehost offer free Marketing credits for Google/Bing Ads worth $150 in hosting packages. Apart from this it offer free site builder tool for easier website creation. In case you are planning to migrate your website from any other host to Bluehost, then you need to pay for it and the cost for site migration is $149.99 for up to 5 websites and 20 email account. There are many other companies like A2 Hosting and InMotion hosting does not charge anything for site migration services.

    In you are planning to transfer your domain to Bluehost then they will not charge anything. Also if you are planning to register new domain, Bluehost will register it for your for free of cost.

    DreamHost also do not offer free website migration service. Anyway they didn’t mention the site migration charges on their website. They also offer free domain name for 1 year. In case you are looking for site builder tool included in your hosting, you need to pay extra to obtain this as they do not offer free site builder tool. In this segment Bluehost is better than Dreamhost.

    Conclusion – Bluehost or Dreamhost: Who is the Winner?

    On the basis of the comparison done above of the diverse web hosting features provided by these two hosts, it is clear that Bluehost offer little better services than DreamHost.

    You can without any second thought choose Bluehost due to its easy to use control panel tool, scalability and the availability of free domain & SSL in basic shared hosting package, free website migration services, regular automated backups and more. In the same way, you may decide on DreamHost hosting, in case you are in hunt of more powerful and flexible dedicated server hosting option, long term money back guarantee, Faster SSD storage etc.

    As said in the beginning, there is not perfect and perfect solution for all your hosting related needs. The most essential thing you need to do is recognize and identify your specific requirements as well as do some comprehensive exploration of the features you need in your hosting service and features provided by the web hosts we discussed here.

    I hope that this detailed comparison of Bluehost and DreamHost will be helpful and beneficial for you to decide perfect and best suitable web hosting service company for your online project.

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article!

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