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The 10 Most Popular Social Media Platforms Worldwide - 2020 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Social Media Sites List

Social media networking websites are a very important resources for every businesses that are looking to promote their brands on the web. These platforms are very easy to use and many of them even have paid promotion options for businesses that want to reach maximum number of new audiences. To properly use the power of social media sites you must to know the most popular and well known social media networking sites and recognize the ones that work best for your online business.

To make this simple for you, we listed 15 most popular and widely known social media platforms so you can now make informed online marketing decisions.


Most Popular Social Media Websites in 2020



Facebook is the biggest and most popular social media platform on the Internet, in terms of total number of active users as well as brand recognition. Launched on 4th February, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and his roommates, within short span of 12 years Facebook has managed to gather more than 1.71 billion monthly active users and this undoubtedly makes it one of the easiest and best channels for connecting family, friends as well other people from all over the world with your business or a person. It is roughly calculated that more than 1 million small and med-sized organizations use the platform to promote their business.



You might be thinking that restricting your posts to 140 characters is not a good way to promote your brand, but you will be surprised to know that this social media channel has more than 313 million active monthly users, 1 billion monthly unique visits who make utilize of the 140 character limit to pass on information. Businesses and organisations can use Twitter to connect with potential clients, answer queries, release latest information. Twitter was founded on July 2006, and has its headquarters in San Francisco, United States.



Founded on 14 December of 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is hands-down the another most reputed social media platform for professional networking. This website is available in 24 different languages and as of March 2016 it has over 433 million registered users. LinkedIn is excellent mean for people looking to link with people in same industries, networking with local businesses, professionals and demonstrating business related information and data.



Making its first appearance in the early summer of 2011, Google+ became one of the fastest growing social networking platform the web has ever seen. After failing many times already with Orkut, Google Buzz and Google Wave etc., the search leader finally got success at building something that stuck... Nobody actually needed another Facebook copy, so Google plus had always been widely mauled for being a social platform that nobody really used. Late in 2015, they redesigned it and rolled out a brand new Google+ to put more force on its Communities and Collections attributes to help differentiate the channel a bit extra and give current users more of what they exactly needed.



YouTube — the largest and widely popular video sharing website — was created on 14 February 2005, by three former employees of PayPal. It was later bought by Google in November 13, 2006 for $1.65 billion. YouTube has more than 1 billion website visitors every month and is the second most popular and largest search engine behind Google.



Founded on March 2010, Pinterest is a relatively newbie in the social media arena. This channel contains of digital bulletin boards where organisations and businesses can pin their images as well as content. In September 2015 Pinterest made a statement that it had acquired 100 million active users. Small organisations whose target audience and traffic is mostly made up of female should undoubtedly invest in Pinterest as more than fifty percent of its visitors are female.



Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is a visual social media sharing platform. The website, founded on 6th day of October, 2010, has now more than 500 million (as of June 2016) monthly active users and is owned by Facebook, No.1 social networking Platform. More than 95 percent of Instagram users also use Facebook regularly.



Tumblr is a microblogging and another social networking site and one of the most toughest to use social networking channels.. The channel enable various different post formats, including quote sharing, content sharing, chatting, video, image and photo sharing as well as audio sharing, so you are never restricted in the type of content that you can share on this platform. Tumblr was launched by David Karp in February 2007.



Flickr (pronounced Flicker) is an online image/photo and video sharing platform that was founded by Ludicorp on February 10, 2004 (12 years), and later acquired by Yahoo on March 20, 2005. The platform is widely popular with users who share and embed photographs. As of October 2015, Flickr had more than 112 million active users. An average of one million images are shared every day on Flickr.



WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging platform for Android phones, windows phones, smartphones, Computer's and tablets. The application depends on the Internet to send and receive photos, texts, audio and video files as well as messages to other users that have installed the WhatsApp on their devices. Launched on January 2010, WhatsApp Inc. was bought by Facebook Inc. on February 19, 2004, for approximately $19.3 billion. Today, more than 1 billion people people in over 180 countries use this platform to communicate with their friends, family, loved ones and even clients.



Quora is a question & answer community where questions and queries are asked, answered, modified and maintained by its community of users. The company was created in June 2009, and the community was made accessible to the public on 21th June, 2010. Quora was discovered by two former employees of Facebook, Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever.



StumbleUpon is a discovery engine ( type of Search Engine) that searches and recommends content for its users. More than 25 million active users use StumbleUpon for business, personal, entertainment and information. Additionally, 80,000+ publishers, business brands, and other online marketers have regularly used StumbleUpon’s premium Discovery platform to advertise their businesses.



Launched more than a decade ago in November 2004 (13 years ago), Digg is a news aggregator with a curated homepage that picks stories and information specifically for the Internet users, The topics list is very wide from trending business issues,political issues to science to viral web related issues and anything in between. Digg also supports sharing of information and content to other well known social media networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Which your favourite Social Media Website? Do you want to add any other site to our Social Media Sites list?

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Google Adwords Click-to-Message Extensions Bring a New and Easy way to Connect to Customers - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

Google click-to-message Extension

With the help of new Google’s mobile ad extension, users will be able to connect with marketers/advertisers via SMS.

Google has been testing click-to-text in (message extension) AdWords search ads for many months now. It’s call extensions have been around for years now, but this time google’s new message extensions give users one more option to get in touch with businesses that will be mostly appealing to the call or telephone-phobic and for those wanting stay away getting put on hold, listening to a list of menu choices or waiting to get connected in order to talk to the right person at a business or organisation.

When users click on a message extension’s icon, their mobile phone’s SMS application will open automatically.

Google Click-to-call Extension

In the screenshot provided by Google, you will able to see the call and SMS extensions are placed in cards below the main ad. For message ad extensions, this new style permits marketers to include a call to action in the extension text.

Marketers also create an initial text ads that pre-populates in the messaging app once a user clicks the message extension. The best thing about this ad is users are able to edit that ad text before sending, but it is an excellent opportunity for marketers to help users save precious time by anticipating what they are likely to be interested in. Marketers that are clever to get that right will likely see much better engagement rates on their ads.

Clicks on these message extensions are charged as a normal click on a advert headline or extension. Message extension can be created at the campaign as well as ad group levels, and also they can be scheduled to display during certain periods of the day.

Reporting and information on SMS extensions will be available in the extensions tab in Google adwords. There is no any exact way of calculating engagement results on adwords message extensions. Whether the message extensions connect with associated individual’s mobile phone or toany other enterprises electronic messaging platform, advertisers can got to establish their own ways of following and measurement worth from message extensions.

Along with the announcement about this extension, Google has also announced a best practices guide for marketers to get started with the message extensions.

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Amber Web Hosting Review – A Next Generation Web Hosting Company in India - 4.6 out of 5 based on 14 votes

When you have created your first website the first thing which comes to your mind is choosing the right web hosting company for your business/blog. But we understand it’s going to be tough to decide which is best, when there are thousands over the Internet. Also See Best Web Hosting India.

But we make it simple by reviewing the most genuine web hosts by hosting our sites and experiencing their support. Here is one such reliable and affordable web hosting- Amber Web Hosting which is suitable to all size of businesses.

Amber Web Hosting At Glance:

Amber web hosting is one of the fast growing web hosting company, based in India. Their service includes Domain Registration, Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting,VPS, Dedicated servers and Fully Manage Dedicated Servers. Worth mentioning is their Reseller plans at affordable price.

Amber Web Hosting Review


Amber Web Hosting Review- What Excites about Their Hosting Plans:

Their shared hosting plans starts as low as Rs.196 per month. It is very much affordable to any common man who wants to host his first website and get live on the web.
The added advantage is you too get a free domain along with it on annual plan.
Most of the companies do not offer free domain with the hosting plans. But Amber Hosting make it possible.

The most awesome part is they work with you until the website is live.


Unique Features with Amber Web Hosting Plans:

  • FREE SEO tools with cPanel
  • FREE Cloud Flare Protection
  • FREE Domain for Life
  • FREE Site backup & restore (1st Year)
  • No contract easy monthly billing options
  • WHMCS billing software with some selected Reseller Hosting plans
  • 370+ Free scripts instantly installed on your account with a few clicks
  • Instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click

The special unique feature of Amber web hosting is they offer free Dedicated IP and comodo private Domain SSL certificate with some selected plans, which we discuss in further sections.

Why Amber Web Hosting - 6 Top Reasons to Host with Amber Webhosting

We shall tell you Amber Web Hosting stands out better in all the terms. Here is the top 6 reasons, why you need to choose them

1. Data Center Technology:

Amber Web Hosting servers are hosted on a Tier 1 & Tier 2 data centre Location in US and Tier 2 & Tier 3 data centre Location in India, which is also a private Data centre located in INDIA and US as well.

Having Regional data centre locations will boost ranking for the sites. For those whose business is more concentrated in India you can choose Indian servers. For those who has more traffic from US can choose US servers.

This facility of regional Data centre locations makes them more flexible in choosing their hosting plans.

      Other Features Of Data Centre Includes:

  •    • Their Data centres are power backed. It has ATS (Automatic transfer switch) to kick in generator in case of power failure.
  •    • Disaster Recovery set up - Data centres are located on a safe zone with Advanced Smoke Detection & Fire Protection Systems.
  •    • The entire architecture is built upon common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 Architecture.

We bet no other company can offer these advanced security features other than Amber Web Hosting. Their network connectivity is through optical fibers.


2. Grab Free Resource With Their Hosting Plans:

       Free domain

Choosing a new domain is more complicated but their search box for checking the availability of domains shows some suggestions which may help you in choosing the right domain name. Added advantage is you get a free domain too with its hosting plan.

       Free Domain Dedicated IP & SSL:

It doesn't end only by providing free domain, they also offer a free Dedicated IP & comodo domain SSL with its high end plan. As you all know SSL will ensure you with security and it also an added factor to increase your website ranking as well.

       Free Site Builder:

It’s easy to build sites using their site builder, they come with drag and drop options. This feature is provided free with the cPanel.


3. Amber Web Hosting plans - Value for money:

Any of their hosting plans is worth buying whether it’s the free features that come along the plan or it might be the price both add value to the product.

It means they don’t either charge too much neither less, with the guaranteed 24/7 support they work with you until the site is live.

Their shared hosting plans starts from 196 per month where you can host single website and in their Gold plan you can host multiple websites.You can save 20% on web hosting plans by using Amber Web Hosting Coupons.

Even Their Hosting Renewal Price is lower than all Big Brand and Top Web Hosting companies, so renew your hosting at low price anytime.

If you have any plan to start a hosting business of your own, they offer you helping hand. A Reseller plan will work out for this.

Check out some of the Reseller plans through which you can make some decent amount by offering custom plans to your clients.

Amber Reseller Hosting Plans


Their Reseller plans come with WHMCS billing software and Free Domain Reseller Account. A facility where in you can create Invoices and bills to your clients.

In All their Reseller plans you can host Unlimited websites, create Unlimited FTP Accounts, unlimited database. They do come with monthly billing option as well which sounds good, where some companies do not offer monthly fearing the factor of reliability.

4. Hassle Free Website Migration:

The most critical situation is when you are suffering from your present host badly and worried about website data migration to other company. Not to worry even if you have no knowledge on it. Amber Hosting safely migrates all your website content, database and files without charging single penny for the same. Expert Migration for PHP, .Net, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Ecommers website and many more.

They can also provide Free Full Server Migration, if move to your current server Provider, due to bad service.

Automatic Backup Facility:

Amber Web Hosting ensures the safety of client’s websites by keeping automatic backups too. You are ensured with weekly back ups, so you can keep updating your sites every now and then.

There is also one suggestion for the users especially if you are using shared hosting, always ensure to keep the data backups on a daily basis, so you need not regret later. Their daily back up options come at Free of cost for 1st Year with selected yearly plan.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Unless like other web hosting companies it has quietly surprised by offering 45 days money back policy. Generally majority hosting companies go to the extent of offering 30 days as the least money back policy period.

But these guys extend their service duration so that customer can test them for a long time. By this they make sure they offer guaranteed service unlike other companies who shut down in a little span of time.


6. Server Latency

This is the best part of Amber Web Hosting as they utilize 2 data center locations. One in India and other in US. Server location matters a lot when it comes to website loading.

Your site tends to load faster if your visitor drive is more from India and you have to choose their hosting plans accordingly. If your traffic is more from US you can choose their US hosting plans.

Server latency comes in the range between 30 to 40 milli seconds. It is pretty good for the websites as they can load faster. Network connectivity is through optical fibers which tends to increase the speed as well.

Final conclusion on Amber Web Hosting

No doubt Amber Web Hosting is one of the emerging hosting company in India with all the advanced data centre facilities, security features with their hosting plans, customer pro support 24/7 and some of the associated free features with the plans.

What else you need when you have all the facilities in hand with a reliable company and plans starting as low as 196 per month. It’s worth trying them as they do offer 45 days.

Top 10 Free Web Hosting sites 2020 | Free Web Hosting India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 22 votes

15 Best Free Web Hosting Sites (2020)

Let’s Accept it — All of us love free stuffs. Free coupons, free tacos, free beer or other drinks, or even a free shirt/t-shirt we know we will never wear free shirts. When we hear the word “free” we just can not help ourselves.

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So why should our website hosting service be any different?.


While there are certainly times people or user should use paid web hosting plans for their website, sometimes people just want to throw their latest project up instantly & be done with it — at no cost to them or without wasting money. Also Check the list of Top 20 Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2020.

If that sounds like your case, you are in good luck. In the below list, we take an in-depth look at the best and top free hosting providers in the market.

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List of Top 10 Best Free Hosting Websites

We did huge research on the Internet for the top web hosting services that no money can buy. This is the best choice for the beginners just getting started with their first website or blog, enthusiast designers wanting to try out a various Internet hosting company’s service and technical support, as well as experienced web developers looking for a place to house their new project or website.

Try Bluehost's SSD Hosting for $2.95/month with Free Domain for 1 Year
Bluehost Free Domain Name Hosting
No.1 Recommended Web Host

Create your free website today with the best free web hosting service! PHP, MySQL, 1-click Installer, Free Website Builder & many more included!



000webhost's logoHosted more than 14 million websites/users worldwide, 000webhost has provided First class free and ad-free web hosting solution since 2007. The feature-rich and world class free hosting plan will support all type of small and medium sized projects, as specified by 000webhost’s R&D team. 000WebHost is owned and operated by Hostinger International, one of the top leading web hosting companies in the world, known for high quality and reliable hosting services.

“We have nearly no limits for necessary website creation and management attributes,” said 000webhost’s Research and Development Department Manager, pointing toward fully-functioning FTP accounts, 1 click installer and MySQL databases and PHP hosting support. “Dedicated team became pioneers of untraditional free as well as premium website hosting models.”

In addition to the unlimited without any charges domain hosting and five email id’s, 000webhost also provides website traffic statistics, Free SEO analysis tools as well as guides to help you promote your website or project. Now with a modern and advanced cloud-based infrastructure powering the free web hosting plan, 000webhost recently became the first free hosting provider to offer free SSL certificates to secure your important data and files.

Web hosting

*000webhost provide all important and required tools for understanding web hosting concepts and website creation in general,”. “For start-ups, this is one of the best way to start learning web designing and development basics without any investments. People with great website development expertise may reserve some money and host small or medium web pages without any extra costs and can easily upgrade to premium hosting plans while growing their website in future.*

  • » Web Space: 1.5 GB
  • » Domain & Hosting: Unlimited, free subdomains
  • » Bandwidth: 100 GB
  • » Emails: 5 email Accounts
  • » Free Website Builder: Hundreds of free templates to choose from, plus 1-click auto installs of other apps

As your website grows, 000webhost provides some of the cheapest upgraded hosting plans around — their premium package costs only $3.99 per month.


2. Hosting.India.To one of the well known hosting provider in India specialized in Linux hosting. If you are from India and looking for free Linux hosting India solution for your website then this is the ideal host for you. Join the groups of thousands of Internet savvy customers who are taking the benefits of worry-free, professional hosting solution at no monthly charges.

With all the accounts are hosted with LINUX control panel. Due to this amazing option you will have full control over your hosting account, and you can manage your website very easily.

Features of free Web Hosting plan:

  • » Free Setup
  • »Free 1GB Storage Space
  • »Free 1 GB Bandwidth/Traffic per month
  • »Free CPanel Linux Hosting Control Panel
  • »Fantastico Delux with 50+ Auto Scripts
  • »5 E-mail Accounts
  • »1 MySQL Databases
  • »1 Subdomains
  • »1 FTP Accounts
  • »24/4 Phone Support
  • To avail this 1GB free web hosting visit Website and head over to Hosting menu then click Free 1 GB Hosting from sub menu. Follow the steps to complete sign up process.

    As your web page grows, also provides paid web hosting plans — their paid Linux & windows Hosting start costs Rs.699/year., and Reseller Hosting costs Rs.375/mo.



    X10Hosting based in New Hampshire, United States, X10Hosting is a web hosting provider that has more than 14 years of experience in offering free web & cloud hosting solution. Now it also provides premium and paid web hosting services as well as Virtual Private Servers, but still, the solutions that makes X10Hosting extremely popular among novices is the free cloud powered WordPress hosting.

    • » 100% Pure Cloud SSD Servers
    • » 1-Click Installation for CMS including WordPress, Joomla, MyBB etc.
    • » Latest cPanel control panel
    • » 100% in-house, customer support team
    • » MySQL with latest PHP
    • » No forced advertisements
    • » Free easy to use website builder

    Unlimited web space and bandwidth is an outstanding factor for x10Hosting, along with a support community forum of more than 1,198,609 members.



    000webhost's logoA pioneer in the free Internet web hosting industry with more than 14 years of expertise, fully depends on free web hosting to grow their customer base.

    • » Disk Space: 1 GB
    • » Domain: 1 Domain and 3 subdomains
    • » eCommerce: No
    • » Bandwidth/Traffic: 5 GB
    • » Email: 1 email account with spam filter
    • » MySQL: 1 MySQL(v.5) Database
    • » Free Joomla & Wordpress Installer
    • » 100% NO ADS

    Their free hosting plan, which is completely ads free, allows hosting beginners and novices to test the hosting service and see if they want to invest their money in extra features over the long term.



    weebly hosting free
    Weebly is one of the well-known website builder also offers wide variety of hosting services that merge with their excellent platform. Weebly’s website building templates and tools are among the most polished and latest you can find.

    • » Storage Space: 500 MB
    • » Domain: Domain: Limited to a Weebly subdomain
    • » eCommerce: No
    • » Bandwidth: Unlimited
    • » Email: No
    • » MySQL: 1 MySQL(v.5) Database
    • » Website Builder: Drag & Drop site builder, Free templates; can easily edit via HTML, CSS.

    By upgrading to the paid hosting plan for just $8/month, anyone can add an eCommerce store in just few minutes. The free hosting plan has no ads, but does include their branding in the footer of every free website.


    With interesting hosting plan names, Freehostia’s Chocolate flavor plan offers free cloud based hosting. The load-balanced secured server cluster platform is up to 15 times faster and secure than more traditional shared web hosting setups.

    • » Disk Space: 250 MB
    • » 5 Hosted Domains
    • » eCommerce: 1-click cart installations of several top platforms
    • » Monthly Bandwidth: 6 GB
    • » 3 Email Accounts
    • » Free website building tools, plus 1-click installs for top CMS platforms

    While the 250 MB of storage space is a little less, it’s very difficult to argue with Freehostia’s 24*7 support team and ad-free hosting environment.



    wix hosting logo
    Wix is most popular site building platform and a powerful, browser-based website builder, Wix leads the way when it comes to easy website setup and full-flavoured features. Their tech support is not that great, but it almost does not matter.

    • » Storage Space: 500 MB
    • » Domain: Only one subdomain of
    • » eCommerce: No
    • » Bandwidth: 500 MB Monthly
    • » Email Account: No
    • » Website Builder: Free Drag-and-drop site builder with lots of free templates

    Email accounts, domain and eCommerce features are available with Premium hosting Plans.



    Free Web Hosting AreaFreeWebHostingArea is another free web hosting service provider which is running since 2005. It is one of my most favorite free hosting provider on the web, firstly i think it's a biggest achievement for a free hosting service company run for such a long time because many of the free web hosts just come and go.

    • » Storage: 1500MB
    • » Domain: Free subdomain or Free transfer your registered domain name
    • » eCommerce: No
    • » Bandwidth: Unlimited
    • » Email Accounts: No
    • » Website Builder: No, but 1-click installer is available for forums and blogs( Joomla, phpBB3, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo;)

    Your free hosting account will never expire so as long as your website has at least one visitor every month. FreeWebHostingArea guarantees that *small sites* will never have an advertisement from their side, or you can guarantee no advertisements for $1/mo.



    5gbfree hosting service5GBFree is One of the newer free web host on our list, mainly focuses on cutting-edge technology and high security by recently moving to a highly secured US-based datacenter and using the revolutionary CloudLinux OS (operating system).

    • » Storage Space: 5 GB
    • » Domain: 1 add-on & 1 parked domain
    • » eCommerce: 1-click installs for Joomla, PHPShop, and ZenCart
    • » Bandwidth: 20 GB
    • » Email: No
    • » Website Builder/Design: Easy to use, 1-click app installs of all popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and ZenCart etc. no longer post any advertisement on free hosting account starting in late October 2014. Customer support is restricted to their forums, but you will never be asked to sign any contract for the free hosting service.



    Bravenet HostingIn addition to a website builder tool and unlimited storage space, this Canadian hosting company is one and only free web hosting provider with an email marketing platform.

    • » Storage: Unlimited
    • » Domain: Limited to Free Bravenet subdomain
    • » eCommerce: Free Ecwid shopping cart, product search, and product listings
    • » Bandwidth: Unlimited
    • » Email Accounts: NA
    • » Website Builder Tool: Free easy to use drag-and-drop website builder

    Bravenet’s email marketing service helps you create a contact list and design your messages with the help of beautiful templates.



    webfreehosting.netThe eco-conscious web hosting experts at guarantees clients will never have to pay for hosting service if they don’t want to. Their clustered web servers are 100% powered by wind energy.

    • » 1000 MB Storage Space
    • » 5000 MB Monthly Bandwidth
    • » Free Domain Hosting
    • » 3 Free Sub-Domains
    • » 1 free Email account
    • » 1-click installs for WordPress or Joomla

    With tons of excellent features available at their three premium web hosting plans, keeps hosting prices minimal — even much better, there are no forced advertisements on their free web hosting plan.

    Top 5 Best Almost-Free Web Hosting Sites

    Although all the free hosts we listed above guarantees that you can keep your free web hosting as long as you would like, you will wish to take advantage of extra features as your website grows. UpdatedReviews recommended free web hosts offer paid/premium plans to upgrade your service anytime, but, solemn website owners should highly consider selecting for a well known, cost effective, full-featured Best web hosting in India.

    The large number of shared hosting providers will include a free domain name, free email id’s, enough storage space, and more eCommerce features with hosting plans for the nominal charges of between $2 and $10 monthly. Below we have shared few of our favorite cheap web hosting companies:

    Top Recommended Web Hosting Companies


    Hostinger India Review

    At a Glance

    • Host 1 Website
    • 100GB Bandwidth
    • 10GB SSD Space
    • Free Website Builder
    • 30 days money back
    • SSL Included




    Hostinger Review


    Visit Site




    At a Glance

    • 50 GB SSD space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Host Single Domain
    • Free Domain & SSL Certificate
    • Includes Global CDN
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




    Bluehost Reviews


    Visit Site



    inMotion Hosting

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Disk Space & Transfer
    • Host 2 Domains
    • $250 Marketing Credits
    • Free Domain Name
    • SSD Included Free
    • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee




    InmotionHosting Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Host unlimited domains
    • MySQL Databases Unlimited
    • FREE Domain Registration
    • Free Website Builder
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • $200 worth of advertising credit




    Ipage Reviews


    Visit Site

    Top 20 Domain Name Registrars in India - 4.6 out of 5 based on 32 votes

    You cannot ignore the significance of booking or registering a website domain name in advance. Registering a right domain name is very essential for the success of your online business.

    See: How to Get a Free Domain Name.

    Top Domain Registrars

    An ideal domain name that exactly matches your business is very important, large organizations and business owners are ready to pay millions of rupees to register a website domain name that matches their business or brand name. In Order to make your domain live on the web you need a reliable hosting service and these days their many web hosts giving domain name free of cost when you buy hosting from them. In this way you can save money on domain names. Try Hostinger Hosting at $2.59/month with free Domain Name Registration + SSL Certificate + Site Builder and more. . Also Check the list of Best Hosting in India.

    In actual fact, having a suitable domain name and your business are like a perfect couple. And you can book your desired domain name from top domain registrars.

    So here on this page I am going to list top 20 domain name registration providers to choose from.


    1. BigRock India

    Visit Site

    Big Rock is India’s most popular and number one (#1) domain registration provider with more than 6 million plus customers for website domain registration, web hosting, servers etc.

    Bigrock India has different types of plans for registering different domain names. Domain name registration starts from as low as Rs 99/yr.- to Rs 599/yr.-. Bigrock Web Hosting plan starts from just Rs 59/mo.-. For more details please visit the website.

    Get .in domain name for just Rs59/1st year when you buy for 2 years using Coupon code: BRIN2020. Get .COM domain @ ₹​449 For 1 Year, when you buy for 2 years, using Coupon: 2YRCOMAFF. Get [email protected] Rs.399 for 1st years, use Coupon: COMAFF (Only for new customers). Offer valid for a limited time only.

    Bigrock Domains Pricing:

  • .IN Domain at Rs.599 for 1st year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- NA
  • .COM at Rs.449 for 1st Year when bought for 2 years. Use Coupon- 2YRCOMAFF
  • .NET at Rs.749/Year
  • .ORG at Rs. 799/Year
  • .BIZ at Rs.399/Year
  • Also Checkout Bigrock Domain Coupons and Offers.

    Godaddy india

    2. GoDaddy India

    Visit Site

    GoDaddy is the world's largest and well popular web hosting company and domain name registrar. Recently you have seen many Go Daddy ads on TV, Radio, YouTube and other advertising platforms. With Godaddy you can register a domain starting from Rs.99/year. For example you can register .COM for Rs.599/1st year, .in for Rs.149/1st year and for Rs.99. Get started with Godaddy today.

    See GoDaddy Domain Coupons Here.

    Also Checkout GoDaddy Domain Coupons Here.

    SPECIAL OFFER! Get .IN domain name for just Rs. 149 for the 1st year when buying for 2 yrs. 2nd year price is just Rs.599! Get .COM domain name @ Rs.599. Must purchase for atleast 2 years to grab maximum discount. Promo code will be applied automatically when you select 2 years duration.

    Godaddy is getting popular in India especially with it’s all rounder hosting deal for just Rs 99/mo. for 3 years duration that includes Unlimited bandwidth, Free domain name plus 10 email addresses. For more info visit Godaddy India

    Godaddy Domains Pricing:

  • .COM Domain at Rs.599 for 1st year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- CJC141ID
  • .IN at Rs.149 for 1st Year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- CJC99R
  • .INFO at Rs.209/Year
  • .ORG at Rs. 849
  • .NET at Rs.749/Year

  • Bluehost

    3. Bluehost - FREE DOMAIN NAME for 1 Year When You Buy Hosting

    Visit Site

    Bluehost is a leading web hosting and domain registration services provider. Since their founding in the year of 2003, Bluehost has frequently found new ways to deliver on their main mission: to empower people to complete control the web. Based in Orem, Utah, Bluehost offer all-inclusive tools to numerous users all over the world so anyone including novice or professional, can get on the web and grow.

    If you are looking for free domain name registration then Bluehost is the best choice for you. With Bluehost you can get a free domain name with web hosting packages and their hosting packages start from as low as $2.95/mo. You can any domain extension for free of cost such as .COM, .NET, ORG, .CO.UK, US, .Website, .INFO and many more. Read more about Bluehost in our detailed reviews. In case you just need a domain name then check out domain registration pricing below:

    Bluehost Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain Name With Hosting Packages
  • .COM*: $11.99/yr
  • .CO*: $9.99/yr
  • .WEBSITE*: $11.99/yr
  • .NET*: $12.99/yr
  • .ORG*: $8.99/yr

  • Hostinger

    4. Hostinger India

    Visit Site

    Hostinger has been the industry for years. One of the most reputed and recognised web hosting providers as well as domain name registrar around us. Everyday Hostinger attracts around 15000+ new sign ups to its service. One of the best this hosting service provider is that you can get your domain name registered for free of cost by signing up for their hosting packages, starting from as low as Rs.45/month.

    In case you are just looking for domain name registration then Hostinger has got you covered. With Hostinger you can get your .com at just Rs.566, .in at Rs.435. You can choose from the list of most popular top level domain names that fit you best.

    Hostinger Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain Registration With Premium & Business Shared/WordPress and Cloud Hosting Plans
  • .COM *: Rs.566/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.435/yr
  • .XYZ *: Rs.70/yr
  • .ONLINE*: Rs.70/yr
  • .TECH*: Rs.70/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.655/yr

  • Namecheap

    5. NameCheap Domain Registration

    Visit Site

    Namecheap is also a well-known domain name registrar available. When you visit their website you will an amazing domain name search tool that encourages you to discover the correct domain name as well as it gives you excellent suggestions in case your desired domain is not available for registration.

    Along with domain registration they do offer domain name privacy protection as well as premium DNS services. One of the best things about this domain registrar is that it offer domain privacy for free of cost with all domain names.

    NameCheap Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .com *: $7.88
  • .net *: $9.88
  • .org *: $9.88
  • .in*: $9.98
  • .online*: $1.08

  • ResellerClub

    6. ResellerClub

    Visit Site

    Founded in 1998, located in Goregaon (East), Mumbai, ResellerClub offers a broad range of Web solutions to Web Hosts, Website Designers/developers, Technology Consultants, freelancers and Domain Name Resellers worldwide.

    They are the industry's leading web and online presence services provider and one top destination for web products online. If you are planning to start domain registration business you can opt for ResellerClub.

    ResellerClub Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.720/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.490/yr
  • .BIZ *: Rs.360/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1040/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.920/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.285/yr

  • ZNetLive

    7. ZNetLive

    Visit Site

    ZNetLive is another very good option for registering a domain name. The website domain name can be booked for as low as Rs. 169/year for .in and for .com it is just Rs 619/year.

    As far as web hosting cost is concern then it starts from just INR 112 per month for 5 years duration. Read ZNetLive Reviews.

    Znetlive Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.725/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.439/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.799/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .CO*: Rs.2799/yr

  • iPage india

    8. iPage

    Visit Site

    iPage has over 2 million registered domains users all over the world. The company offers some excellent features like FREE security tools, marketing suite, FREE Cloud Storage, FREE Website building tools which is extremely helpful for any new website owner or business startup.

    Although the customer support is completely based on US and it's available 24/7. Also check iPage Coupon codes to save more.

    iPage Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain name with all hosting packages
  • .COM *: $10.99/yr
  • .NET*: $11.99/yr
  • .ORG*: $16.99/yr
  • .TECH*: $6.99/yr
  • .LIVE*: $1.99/yr

  • HostGator India

    9. HostGator India

    Visit Site

    Although HostGator is a US based hosting company but it is very popular in India too. Registering your domain name with Hostgator could cost you from INR 499 to INR 1350.

    Their web hosting packages starts from just INR 99/month. The company has good customer support service dedicated for Indian customers only. For more details visit HostGator India today.

    HostGator Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.749/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.699/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .CO.IN*: Rs.599/yr
  • .STORE*: Rs.349/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.899/yr

  • Fat Cow

    10. Fat Cow

    Visit Site

    The last but not least name of domain registration providers in our list is Fat Cow. It is also a US based Internet company that charges no money for domain name registration.

    Hosting plan costs $49 per year and domain name is absolutely free that other hosting companies don’t offer. However Fatcow is still not as famous as HostGator, Bluehost or Go Daddy or even InMotion Hosting. For more Details visit the given link.

    FatCow Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: $10.99/yr
  • .NET*: $11.99/yr
  • .ONLINE*: $5.99/yr
  • .WEBSITE*: $3.99/yr
  • .ORG*: $16.99/yr

  • Dreamhost

    11. Dreamhost

    Visit Site

    Dreamhost is another well known company like Go Daddy and bigrock. We are listing it on 10th position because it is not an Indian provider. They have been able to beat its top competitors like Go Daddy and Bigrock and become one of the most popular domain name registration providers.

    Dreamhost is offering free domain name registration and domain privacy with its all shared hosting plans. In case you already have a hosting account and just want to register your domain name then you can easily to it with Dreamhost. This web host offers 400+ TLDs along with best in class domain management related tools.

    Dreamhost Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain with all shared hosting plans
  • .COM *: $7.99/yr
  • .TECH*: $2.99/yr
  • .CLUB*: $0.99/yr
  • .XYZ*: $0.89/yr
  • .ORG*: $13.95/yr
  • .NET*: $10.99/yr

  • eWeb Guru

    12. eWeb Guru

    Visit Site

    eWeb Guru is totally an Indian web hosting provider. eWeb Guru allows hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms.

    When it comes to domain registration, it offers one of the affordable domain name registration solutions, starting from as low as Rs.199.

    The cost of hosting is quite inexpensive compared to other hosting providers. For Linux it is INR 1295 / Year and for Windows hosting it is Rs 995 / Year.

    eWeb Guru Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain with all shared hosting plans
  • .COM *: Rs.699/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.599/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.799/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .BIZ*: Rs.450

  • Host Cats

    13. Host Cats

    Visit Site

    Host Cats is also a well known Indian hosting company. However the cost for booking domain name is quite expensive. It starts with INR 1100 for .net, INR 672.59 for .IN and Rs 764 for .COM.

    The web hosting price starts from INR 150/Mo. for Linux hosting and INR 352.30/Mo. for windows. Host Cats is highly professional hosting provider with good customer care support and service.

    Host Cats Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.635/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.510/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.815/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.893/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.905

  • net4

    14. Net4

    Visit Site

    Net4 is an India based domain name registrar as well as hosting company. The hosting package starts with a price tag of Rs 30/Mo. Which includes 250MB space, Unlimited Data Transfer on Indian data centers.

    However domain name extensions that it suggests is very vast and you can register a domain for as low as Rs.350. The cost of .com is Rs. 833 and you can register .in by paying Rs.490.

    Net4 Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.833/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.490/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.1,040/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1,035/yr
  • .co*: Rs.2095

  • Indialinks domain

    15. Indialinks

    Visit Site

    Indialinks is an Indian domain name and web hosting provider. You can register your domain names at Rs 1350/year and the web hosting plan starts from just Rs 450/mo.

    Indialinks Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.1350/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.1250/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.1350/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1350/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.1550



    Visit Site

    Hosting India is also another most popular Indian hosting company and it is quite affordable as compared to the rest of the Indian providers like HostingRaja and bigrock. It also offers services on both Linux and Windows platforms. It is widely recognized for free hosting service. Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.650/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.520/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.400/Year
  • .NET: Rs.925/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.850/Year

  • SquareBrothers

    17. SquareBrothers

    Visit Site

    Square Brothers is also a famous domain registrar in India. The provider is really good for websites particularly targeted in India. However plans are quite affordable compared to other hosts as well as the service is really good for all kind of businesses

    SquareBrothers Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.699/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.399/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.299/Year
  • .NET: Rs.799/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.799/Year

  • Netti Gritty

    18 Netti Gritty

    Visit Site

    Netti Gritty domain name and hosting service is very cheap with a starting price of just INR 100 for windows and INR 83 for Linux platforms and reseller hosting is starts from Just INR. 750/mo.

    Netti Gritty Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.800/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.600/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.450/Year
  • .XYZ: Rs.99/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.1050/Year

  • So these are the top 20 domain registrars from India and US that you should consider for. Visit their website and get complete information about their plans.

    Facts about the new Google Local Search Algorithm Possum - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Google Possum Update

    We are very well known to the Google algorithms and their timely updates which bring lot of changes in your keyword position and Page rankings. Google algorithms updates when rolled out has new criteria to be taken care of every time. If you have seen changes in your Business listing in the last few days then you must know that it is because of the new update in Google Local search filter Possum.

    Google wants always the best result to be delivered to their users so if you don’t find your Business listing in the top 3-5 results then you don’t need think that the update has vanished your Website from the search engine or your be penalised for this. You website must have violated few of the criteria in this regard your website’s ranking and position might been effected. This does not mean that you will never able to regain your position back.

    Let’s have a deeper look on the major changes brought in Possum by Google new update.

    1. Your Physical Location becomes more important

    Now Google will consider your location as the major location in your searches. The latest update will consider your location for your search as the important rather than the other location you are actually searching for. If you are searching from Bangalore for Mumbai location then your search will include more that of Bangalore results and less that of Mumbai results.

    2. Addition in Google Local Filter Guidelines
    As Google offers filter options for organic search results similar to that it offers filter options for local search results which is based on various factors like the website organic ranking, SERP position. To make the results more relevant for the users Google’s added parameter is if there are two similar service providing business in the same building then one will be filtered out of the search result. For example if there are two Bookstore i the same building with same address but different name and numbers still one of the bookstore will be listed out of the search as both the stores sell books.
    Another addition to the guideline is that a single food joint has many outlets in the city then only one of their listing will be considered not all the outlets even though the NAP is different.

    3. Listing Includes Outside City Results

    Before Google does not use to list the business which are on the border or outside the border of the search filter. For example if you are searching for something in specific area of Bangalore then it used to show you limited results of that area but now it will include close by areas as well as close by city listings in your search to make it convenient for you. Listing will include the area which can be reached either by using any transportation or by walk.

    4. Fluctuations in result with similar kind of Search

    Now every word in the long tail keyword counts after the update in Local Search Algorithm. With the change in your filter options your results are likely to change with vast variations as compared to before. Now every word in your long tail keyword is countable and you will get mixed results because of this.

    After this update you might find many variation in your business organic search so start making the changes required as per the new update in Google’s Local Search algorithm Possum.

    Also Checkout the list of Best Web Hosting India.

    HostGator Vs Bluehost (2020) – Which Is The Better Web Host? - 4.8 out of 5 based on 11 votes

    Choosing the right hosting provider is the toughest and important part of your website. Hosting plays an integral part in your website because it helps your website to get live to the audience. There are many hosting providers in the market choosing the best one for your website can be a bit tough and tedious job for you. Bluehost and Hostgator are two main players in the market but choosing the best among them can be a difficult task for you. In order to make your task easy, we are comparing both the Hosting providers in various aspects which will help you decide which is the best suitable provider for your website. Also Check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies.

    BlueHost VS HostGator - Overall

    BlueHost is a leader in WordPress hosting founded in 1996. Bluehost has been focusing on the single hosting plan which includes almost all the important features and benefits to create a website easily and quickly. With more than 19-years of experience in the Internet Hosting field, it has earned a good reputation and been serving for over 100,000 WordPress websites.

    HostGator is one the another popular web hosting company founded in 2002. It is mainly focusing on the domain registration business, and entered to the web hosting business in 2004. As for WordPress Internet hosting solution, it is one smallest part of a series website hosting as shared server hosting, reseller hosting, virtual Private Server and dedicated web servers. It is one of the industry-acknowledged and popular hosting provider, which has served for more than 900,000 customers worldwide.

    There are many parameters which are important to compare two hosting providers. So here is the detailed comparison of Bluehost and Hostgator. Parameters mentioned below to compare these hosting providers are few of the most important parameters in hosting service.

    Bluehost VS Hostgator

    Choice of plans

    Bluehost: - They offer you with a number of choices in terms of plans to choose from. Bluehost offer you with a minimum of three plans under each hosting which gives better choices for a customer to opt for the plan which suits them or their website needs.

    Hostgator: -They also offer same number of plans under each type of hosting. Hostgator offers maximum of three plans for under each hosting type so a customer has better choices to choose from the many options offered by them.

    Customer Support

    As we all know support is the most important part of hosting services which has to be taken into count before making the final decision.

    Bluehost: - Bluehost provides customer/technical support through various ways like phone, live chat, ticket system etc. Apart from these options there is a huge knowledge base available for self-help and containing answer for alomost every query customers has. Compare to HostGator, Bluehost's live chat support is much faster with decent knowledge about the ins and outs of hosting services. Being a No.1 officially recommended WordPress host they have an exclusive page for WordPress related resources so that one can start with WordPress without any struggle.

    Hostgator: -On the other hand Hostgator offers its customer with support in various platforms like on-call, live chat support etc. which makes it convenient for the customer to get the service easily.If you are looking for fast and reliable support then Bluehost is the perfect option for you.

    Pricing, Extras and Refund

    Bluehost: - They offer affordable hosting service plans as they have number of plans for each kind of hosting and it becomes reasonable for the customers to choose and pay for according to their budget.

    The Basic WordPress and Shared hosting plan is starting from only $2.95/mo. and it comes with excellent features like unlimited bandwidth, SSD storage space, free domain name for 1 year, SSL Certificate, CDN and much more.Checkout latest Bluehost Coupons and save upto 60% on hosting purchase.

    They have another 3 hosting plans which comes with excellent features and benefits to create a website or blog:

    • » Basic: Costs just $2.95/Month
    • » Plus: Costs just $5.45/Month
    • » Choice Plus: Costs just $5.45/Month
    • » Pro: Costs just $13.95/Month

    Visit Bluehost

    Note: Each and every hosting service offered by Bluehost comes with 1 free domain name for 1 year and there is a 30 days money back guarantee to ensure risk free hosting trials.

    Hostgator: HostGator- Takes pride in offering reliable hosting service at a balanced price. This web host provides users with three hosting packages : Hatchling, Baby and Business plan, starting from as low as $2.75/mo. Checkout latest Hostgator Coupons to save more on hosting your website with them.

    They have total 3 plans in shared hosting:

    • » Hatchling Plan: $2.75/mo.
    • » Baby Plan: $3.95/mo.
    • » Business Plan: $5.95/mo.

    Visit HostGator

    HostGator Hatchling & Baby plans come with a free SSL certificate, dedicated IP, and VoIP phone service. One thing which I do not like about HostGator hosting is that they do not offer SSD storage in their shared hosting as well as their is no free domain name available in any of the service offered by this web host. There are many web hosts like Bluehost (Free Domain for 1 year), FastComet (Free Domain for life), Hostinger (Free 1 year domain) etc. offering free domain when you buy hosting from them.

    Hostgator offers cheapest hosting service with HDD storage.

    When it comes to moneyback, both of the companies are giving moneyback guarantee with their all web hosting plans.

    BlueHost : Guarantees full refund of your money within first 30 days, and pro-rated money back for cancellations at any time of period. This means you are not going to lose all your payments you have made for hosting account in any circumstance.

    HostGator : Promises full refunds in 45 days of time. This 45 days long period can be used as a trial period because the host will refund all your hosting charges once you request to cancel your account within the guaranteed time for any reason.

    Performance & Uptime

    Bluehost: -When compared to Hostgator, Bluehost has maintained an excellent uptime of 99.99% in last 12 month.

    Hostgator: - The average uptime of HostGator hosting is around 99.98 which is not as good as Bluehost.


    While selecting a WordPress hosting service, most of the people usually want a cheap web hosting plan with rich features and functionalities. BlueHost. is well known and popular for its unlimited features and the extraordinary support for almost all modern technologies, at the same time Hostgator. also offers equally powerful features for various types of hosting solutions. But when it comes to WordPress, Bluehost is the No.1 choice as they have specialized and optimized solution for WordPress related services.

    Below we have listed some of the notable features offered by both hosting providers.

    • »Unlimited web space, monthly data transfer, bandwidth, MySQL database, uptime guarantee and unlimited email accounts.
    • »Modern & easy to use cPanel (control panel) & hassle free one-click application installation.
    • »Multiple options of coding languages, such as PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, GD, cURL, CGI, mcrypt and much more.
    • »More web development features including Zend Engine, onCube Loader, Zend Optimizer, .htaccess, SSH etc.
    • »One of the best and Easy-to-use yet feature-rich Weebly site builder with thousands of templates available for free of cost.
    • »Un-conditional money back guarantee & free marketing credits (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

    HostGator vs BlueHost: Ease of Use

    This section is very important for newbies who enter into hosting field for the very first time. Most importantly, it can be a tough task for starting a website and managing it, along with your web hosting account, domain names and email accounts.

    To serve with this circumstance, both web hosts include the cPanel (control panel) and the 1-click apps installer into their all web hosting plans.

    • »The cPanel is one of the most popular and widely used control panels, to manage a website, which is strongly recommended for newbie webmasters. With this tool you can start managing and exploring everything related to your web page and hosting account very easily.
    • »The 1-click applications and script installer obtains the easiest and time-saving procedure for installing all the well liked and well known scripts, for example WordPress, Joomla, PHP, PrestaShop, Magento, Zencart, Drupal and much more. Most importantly, the manual setup of these applications needs efforts and times, even it requires some technical knowledge too. With the help of one click installer, anyhow, everything can be done easily and without wasting time via some simple clicks.

    BlueHost VS HostGator : Technical Support

    Technical support is one of the most important factor to consider while selecting a web hosting provider.

    The technical support provided by BlueHost and HostGator is very close. Both of the providers are offering 24*7*365 toll-free call support, knowledge base for self help, live chat support, email system, and ticket system. Whenever you are in trouble you can ask for help from a real person anytime even mid-night also. For excellent technical support we recommend Bluehost as their support team is quite fast and knowledgeable.

    Final Thought

    By doing above detailed comparison, and also the comparison we learned from other review websites, we can reach the final thought that both BlueHost and HostGator are outstanding WordPress/web hosting service providers which have affordable cost, unbeatable features, extreme performance and timely customer support.

    However, considering the fact that BlueHost is much more reliable and feature-rich option than HostGator, we recommend this Host rather than the other one. Bluehost is little bit costly compared to HostGator, but there are many amazing features such as SSD storage and Free Domain name which HostGator doesn't offer in its hosting packages.

    Bluehost Coupon Codes 2020 - Exclusive 65% Off Coupon Codes + Free Domain Name - 4.9 out of 5 based on 18 votes

    Bluehost Coupon Codes


    Bluehost as a best web hosting India offers high-quality hosting services at economic rates. If you are looking for Bluehost coupon codes or discounts, then you are at the right place. At this time, Bluehost provides promotional links to its partners. So throughout the time of sign up, no coupon or promo codes are accepted. Bluehost always keeps record of the source of incoming traffic. Bluehost offers the maximum discount only when you visit it from particular partner web page like this UpdatedReviews. On special events, Bluehost Offers special coupon codes for a limited time.

    An Exclusive offer for UpdatedReviews viewers that gives an exclusive discount by clicking our link. Pay just $2.95/ per month. instead of $3.95 per month. + Free Domain, CDN, SSL 1-click WordPress Install and more. If you visit directly, the basic shared & WordPress hosting will cost you $3.95 per month, but when you visit by clicking any of the link given on this page it will cost you only $2.95 per month.

    [UpdatedReviews Exclusive] Bluehost $2.95/month + Free Domain & SSL (Limited Time Deal)

    Bluehost Coupons for 2020.

    Bluehost Promo Code - Flat 65% Off on Hosting

  • Flat 65% off Shared & WordPress hosting.
  • Avail Flat 37% off on VPS hosting.
  • 27% exclusive discount on Dedicated Servers.
  • Coupon code- No Coupon Code required to avail these offers.

    Today's Bluehost Coupon Codes & Deals:

    Regular Price Our Price Hosting Type
    65% Off Basic Hosting $7.99 $2.95 Shared Hosting
    65% Off WordPress Hosting $7.99 $2.95 WordPress Hosting
    65% Off Website Builder $7.99 $2.95 Site Builder+Hosting
    37% Off VPS Hosting $29.99 $18.99 VPS Hosting
    27% Off Dedicated Hosting $109.99 $79.99 Dedicated Server
    Visit Now

    While searching for promo, discounts & coupon codes on the web, you will see many websites offering various kinds of discounts or Bluehost coupon codes.

    You can buy Bluehost hosting package anytime at a regular rate. You may check Bluehost hosting coupons here.

    Although, by using the following links, you can avail the maximum discount offer at checkout.

    Purchase either 24 or 36 months hosting package for availing the best discount. Discounted price is valid for first term only. You can renew your hosting account at regular price.

    $2.95/ month + Free domain name – Click to Activate this offer.

    Bluehost Wordpress Hosting coupon, discount offers and Deals:

    • * 65%% off on Optimized Hosting for WordPress & Shared Hosting
    • * 25% off On VPS & Dedicated Servers

    Coupon Code: WPLAUNCH

    Limited time offer, valid for limited time only, so make the best use of the promo!

    Visit Now
    Bluehost Coupons

    Bluehost Web Hosting coupon code

    Bluehost offers special promotional offers on its different web hosting packages. Latest Bluehost coupon codes are given below. Just click on the below given links to activate the offer.

    Bluehost WordPress Web Hosting
    Get Super optimized WordPress Web Hosting starting at $2.95/month

    Next-Gen VPS Hosting Solution
    Fully Managed Linux VPS Servers Starting at Just $18.99

    Web Hosting Rs. 1 For 1st Month From Hostgator India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 20 votes

    Note: This offer from HostGator India is not active right now but you can try 1 Cent Coupon Code and get first Month hosting only for 1 cent

    HostGator .com is giving flat 99% OFF on Shared & Cloud Hosting plans. You can try Shared hosting and Cloud server hosting for 1st month at just $0.01. This offer is applicable on Hatchling Cloud & Hatchling Shared Hosting plan.

    Details of HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code

    Get shared hosting & Cloud hosting at $0.01 for 1st month use Coupon Code: HOSTGATOR7994

    To avail this offer you need to choose 1 month billing cycle at the time of checkout.

    Get this Deal

    Now a days making money online is one of the easy task and it can be easily done with the help of a website or blog. But for creating and designing a beautiful professional website/blog, you need to have registered your desired domain name & web hosting. Also Check Hostgator coupons India 2020 Offer as well as the list of Best Web Hosting India.

    Hostgator 1 Rs. web hosting

    Usually, it costs anywhere between Rs. 1500 to 4000 every year for Domain name registration + web hosting packages. Most of the popular hosts like Bluehost India, Godaddy, HostingRaja, Bigrock charge this much money and it is not worthy for newbie webmasters & bloggers. Read Hostgator Reviews by users and our experts.

    So, here we have a great deal for you! Following information will provide you detailed procedure:

    Follow These Simple Steps to Get Hostgator India Web Hosting For One Month

    STEP 1 : Click Here to Visit Hostgator India Website

    STEP 2 : Click on *Get Started Now*

    Hostgator India

    STEP 3 : You can find the 3 types of Shared web hosting plans. This offer is available only on Hatchling plan for 1st month.

    STEP 4 : Choose Hatchling Plan --> Select One Month @ Rs.400 from drop down menu & Click Buy Now.

    Hostgator Web Hosting

    STEP 5 : On this page you will be asked to select whether you already have a domain name for your hosting plan or not. If already own a domain then click on yes and enter your domain name and click the continue button.

    Hostgator offers

    STEP 6 : Coupon Code Will Be Applied Automatically. If Not, Then You Can Use Coupon Code 1RUPEE.

    Hostgator 1 penny offers

    You can see the total amount Rs.1.01. Click on Continue button and fill your details in the Sign In or Sing up Form & Make the Payment via Debit/Credit Card or Internet Banking.

    Features You will Get with this Web Hosting Package

    • » • 1. Unlimited Web Space and Bandwidth
    • » • 2. 1 Click Script Installation
    • » • 3. Easy to Use Control Panel
    • » • 4. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
    • » • 5. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • » • 6. 24*7*365 Technical Support

    Note: After One Month, Standard Charges Will Apply! Checkout Hostgator India Coupons.

    Get this Deal

  Recommended Hosting Services


    BlueHost India

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited web space
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Host Single Domain
    • Free Domain Name
    • Includes Global CDN
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




    Bluehost Reviews


    Visit BlueHost 



    iPage Reviews

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Host unlimited domains
    • FREE Domain Registration
    • Free Website Builder
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • $200 worth of advertising credit




    Ipage Reviews


    visit ipage 



    Hosting Raja

    At a Glance

    • 5000 MB Web Space
    • 50 Emails
    • 20 GB Bandwidth
    • 10 FTP Accounts
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




    HostingRaja Reviews

    Rs. 99

    Visit HostingRaja 



    A2 Hosting

    At a Glance

    • Host 1 Website
    • unlimited Disk Space & Data Transfer
    • 5 Databases
    • Free SSD Included
    • Anytime Money Back Guarantee




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    inMotion Hosting

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    • Unlimited Space & Transfer
    • Host 2 Domains
    • $250 Marketing Credits
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    What is Dedicated Server & its Uses? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated Hosting is the preferred and highly recommended hosting for online business website. Let’s have a close look on more facts on Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated hosting is one of the costliest hosting but it is still preferred or is always recommended for website which gains large traffic on daily basis.

    Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

    • » When you purchase dedicated Hosting from any hosting provider they set up the server for you and provide you with full freedom to control it on your own.
    • » As you are not sharing the server with anyone you can change any settings according to your need,
    • » You get a unique IP address which is not authorized to anyone else.
    • » You are free to install any software you want to on your server as you are the only person who is using this server.
    • » Dedicated Hosting maintenance is done by the hosting provider itself you need not worry about it at all.
    • » When you have opted for dedicated Hosting then you have large space for your data along with your client’s data.
    • » Dedicated Hosting helps you to maintain your website uptime and loading time as you are using the server completely rather than sharing it with other users which may reduce your uptime.

    Who Chooses this Hosting?
    Dedicated hosting come with huge price tag so people hesitate to opt this hosting but this hosting often opted by people who own big business, e-commerce website holders as their website receive large number of traffic every day. So this is mainly opted for business which has large number of data to store, large number of traffic on their website.

    Even though Dedicated Hosting come with huge price tag it is very useful and gives you freedom to use the server completely on your terms and needs. You can change the settings according to your need and run in business smoothly without any interruptions or restrictions so if you have a website which gains large number of traffic every day then you must opt for Dedicated hosting and you will never regret your decision.

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