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35 Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses to Increase Engagement - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Over 1.86 billion monthly users now use Facebook. That makes Facebook the most used social networking platform in the world. From social media marketing point of view, more active users mean more customers. Although with more number of users comes higher competition. In these days because of aspects like the Facebook algorithm changes, all the expert social media marketers need to be more clever than ever to strive.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips

Online marketers require to approach all the ways to ensure their Facebook medium is trouble-free to find, gives valuable information, and also represents their product, services and business in the ultimate ways.

Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Business 2017

1. Fill up Your About Page

Filling information in the about section of your business page is important. Oftenly a Facebook business page is the first place your valuable visitors like to visit after a Google search. So ensure that all the details about your website including social profiles, services and contact information is filled correctly.

2. Change/Update Facebook Cover Image

The Facebook page cover image is a highlighted section for business promotion. If you are planning to run a contest or free giveaway, your Facebook cover image can act like a advertisement board for you. Display the rewards and awards you are going to give and a URL to that particular contest page for all of your users to check.

3. Don’t Forget to Pin a Post

Don’t forget to pin a post to the top of your Facebook business page feeds. Whenever you publish a new article, blog entry, starting a new giveaway and launching a new product use the power of pin to promote it.

4. Create a Facebook Page Vanity URL

Once you get 25 Likes to your page, you can claim customer vanity URL, It means you can a URL similar to “”. This make it much easier for your visitors to find your page, and also makes it comfortable for you to advertise your brand page on other marketing platforms.

5. Use Like/Share Buttons on Website and Blog Page

Having Like or share icons on your web page as well as blog can redirect traffic to your Facebook business Page, turning website visitors and traffic into social media fans. Tempting your website visitors into liking your Facebook Page with a CTA (call to action) – for instance, “Like us on Facebook page to get updated with our latest products and services!”

6. Host a Facebook Q&A

Facebook channel comes in all forms and patterns making it an excellent way to host a Q&A discussion with your fan following. Always post a question with start and end date-time for questions session. Then share an update to get questions request from your fans. Respond to those questions in real time, pre-recorded message, or simply reply those questions. Choose the way as er your comport.

7. Include your Page in e-mail Signature

Including an icon or a simple text link to your Facebook brand Page in your email signature can help you to get good traffic to your Facebook Page, which can help you to collect some like to it as well as showing your business information to these visitors.

8. Promote your Page with Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook’s paid marketing platforms have come a long way. Just for a few rupees or dollars you can display your brand page in front of the user and viewers who would be concerned in services related to yours. Try to advertise your business page with Facebook paid ads and reach the potential visitors easily and quickly.

9. Run contest on Facebook

Running a contest on Facebook is one of best chance to involve with and have some fun with your followers and fans. Offering something free as a prize will guarantee that your fans and followers are going to share your contest with their friends as well.

10. Use Custom tabs on Facebook Page

Do you know that you can create custom tabs right on your Facebook official page? With the help of Facebook custom tabs anyone can easily create custom landing pages related to almost anything including email list subscribers, reviews, events, services, software installation link etc. Custom Facebook tab gives you endless opportunities.

11. Facebook video

New feature of Facebook. With the help of video production tools and cameras options in every smart phone, mobile phones anyone can create video. Video option works fine with Facebook because it’s faster, entertaining, funny, and it is very easy to share with others. Do a test or trial with a video for your fans and potential viewers, it could help you to boost your contents.

12. Share When Your Fans are Online

Keep an eye on your Facebook page insights to check when your valuable fans are browsing through Facebook. Share a post and adjust to those moments to reach them at just the exact time.

13. Share Appealing Images with Your Posts

Images and graphics are a strongest tool in the toolkit of social media advertiser’s and marketer’s . Graphics have the power to exchange information emotion and idea in just few seconds.

14. Test out various Media Types

If the content you have shared has hit a barricade and can not appear to gather enough engagement, possibly it’s not because of the content, maybe it’s because of the sharing format. One of the important factor that makes Facebook a dynamic channel is the media arrangement it carries.

Text, Video, audio, animations, and shortly VR (virtual reality) technology. There are numerous of arrangements to test with. If you feel your content’s are getting ignored, give a try to video or animations.

15. Use the Power of a CTA (Call to Action)

Most of the social media experts will share an update to Facebook supposing a response but when they see it’s not happening as per their expectation they will scratch their head. It’s maybe happened because you did not enquire. You should never suppose your fans and followers to notice what you exactly want they to perform. Fully and clearly express what you’d like them to perform by using a call-to-action button. Such as “Visit the website to grab the offer”, “Like this post if you agree!”, “Share our post if you know someone is interested in this” or “Shared your thoughts in comment” etc. are the best examples of CTA’s that force your followers to engage with you.

16. 70-20-10 Model

In the event that you are experiencing issues finding an adjust of substance to post to your Facebook page, take after the 70-20-10 model. 70% of the time try to post original content. 20 percent of the time try to share content based on fans interest and 10 percent of the time do some self promotional activities.

17. Create Easy Infographics

An infographic is a visual representation of data or information especially designed to make the information easy to understand on first consideration. You can use infographics to describe your products and services in a visual format. In this way there will be higher chances to get engaged with and shared your post.

18. Re-share Old successful Contents

You don't need to share and create original content each and every time you post an update on your business page. Check you old posts and see what has performed well and engaged for you in the past. Then make some changes and recycle those old content into fresh posts. As your followers are not available on Facebook 24*7 so few of them may have missed it. So feel free to reuse and share your old engaging content so that all of your fans can experience it.

19. Partner with Influencers

It not harmful to get for a little help from influencers. Associating with industries top and well-known influencer is an excellent strategy that will surely help you to increase your brand. Subject to the reputation of the selected influencer you might have to offer something to them.

20. Use Social Media Pop-up on Your Website

Popup is one of the best way to re-direct your web page traffic to your social media pages where all the excitement is happening. Add social sharing buttons on your pop-ups to turn your web page visitors into social media fans as well.

21. GIFs/Animations

There is no doubt that everyone likes and loves a humorous reaction Animation or GIF. Do experiment with Animations, Emotions, GIFs and smiley faces when you make an update to check if your content gets more engagement.

22. Don’t Forget the Weekends

Just because we have off on weekends it doesn't mean that our fans are also on off and they are not using Facebook. By utilizing the power of Facebook’s easy-to-use scheduling property you can share few contents on the weekends too. It is all about continuing stability.

23. Experiment with Comedy/Humour

Comedy can be a solid device if used in a best manner. Funny content and comedy able to get more engagement because it’s related to the whole world. A funny cartoon, GIF, animation, joke, or update brings an emotional relationship between the content sharer and the viewer. Research by adding a bit of funny things to your some updates and verify if it resonates with your viewers and followers.

24. Tag Others

Use the power of tagging, by tagging others in your post you can actually let them know that you are writing about them. It redirect visitors to the other user account and grows your relationship. If you are just trying to make partnership with others or want to get others attention to your business, tag them frequently.

25. Utilize The Power of Hashtags

Involve your business in the well liked discussion of the day by participating in on the hashtags. Hashtags involve and classify your page updates in the broad global discussion. Keep in mind, use hashtags related to your industry or else your updates will get lost in the crowd.

26. Use Facebook Polls for Pages

The latest Facebook reactions are a funniest option to poll your viewer in respect of a particular topic. Find out what the well liked thought is by creating a Facebook reaction poll for pages. Your followers, fans and audience can vote as stated in the reactions you have allocated to each answer.

27. Respond to Comments ASAP

Facebook has become one the well-liked platform for customer's to give feedback and complaints. Respond as fast as you can to comments, queries and reviews on your Facebook business page. By following this your page will be marked as *replies quickly* sticker so that your visitors and follower know that you are very much active.

28. Share from Instagram

Have a noted Instagram account? Associate your instagram with Facebook business page and keep sharing sharing Instagram photos to your Facebook page. By doing this your Facebook fans and followers can follow you on Instagram.

29. Create a Facebook group

Facebook groups are one of the other best way to get involved with audience and users. So consider creating a Facebook group related to you business or services where you can have in-depth discussions. Having a popular Facebook group can increase the chances to get more reach in the direction of your target viewer.

30. Use the Correct Image Sizes

A difficult to see, out of unfocused image is an inexcusable offence nowadays. Share your visuals to Facebook pages in the best resolution possible for your all viewers. Do quick Google search to know about the most recent optimal image and visuals resolutions.

31. Use Best social media management tool

If you are really approaching to take your social media efforts to the higher level, you must use best social media management tools. Social media management tools saves your time, efforts and worries by arranging all the related things into one stage for you to identify difficulties, scheduling of posts/updates, and listen to what your Business page followers are saying.

32. Share Success stories

Sharing a success story is a part of self-promotion spread out your previous client successes with your fans. An entrancing story of their grow success can give rise to more customers, followers and more interest as well as passion in what you have to offer.

33. Facebook Exclusive Offer & promotions

Make your Facebook fans and followers feel special. Give your visitors and viewers a purpose to follow and like you on Facebook by giving some exclusive deals, offers and discounts such as “ Exclusive Offer valid only for Facebook followers.”

34. Encourage Reviews

Similar to any other review and rating platform, motivate your followers to write honest reviews about their experience with your services. Whether it's positive or negative, it gives chance for you for improvement. In addition to positive reviews are social evidence for others who are on the barrier about giving your services a try.

35. Make Use of BuzzSumo to find Most shared content

Would not it be exceptional to find what kind of contents are executing well with a specific audience? Would not it be extremely superb to know what has performed appropriately so that you can also arrange something similar to that for your audience?

BuzzSumo content search tool permit you to do exactly that. With the help of BuzzSumo tool you can type a specific topic in the search box and get a detailed list of the most shared content and Key Influencers related to that particular topic. In that manner you can view what was associated and make an effort to duplicate the results.


I hope this write-up gives you solid information on improving Facebook marketing for your business. Similar to anything in online marketing, it requires some analysing and exploring to work things just correctly for your valuable viewer and audiences.

What are your favourite Facebook Marketing tips and tricks?

Feel free to share in comments below!

7 Key Tips for Building Your First Business Website - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

A website is a necessity for every organizations, small or mid-size businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody dealing in products as well as services. Despite of any other advertising strategies, allowing your prospective customers as well as buyers to either discover you via Google search or know more about your business and services after they have seen your any of the other promotional medium is very important to creating and growing your new customers base. If you are dealing in online services, business or products, having an online store or website is essential. Even though if you do not deal anything straight online, a web page can perform as an added advantage of your business with details about you as well as your business, and solutions provided.

Tips to Create a Business Website

7 Key Tips for Building Your First Business Website

Creating a website for your any kind of business can be much effortless than you ever imagine. If you have little knowledge than you can do it yourself easily or you can take the help from your friends, or you can hire an expert Web designer/developer to do it for you at a decent price if you make the use of any available CMS (content management system) such as Joomla or wordpress instead of custom developed website. Either you do it on your own or rent an expert to do it for you, it is going to be much easier if you recognize these below mentioned steps.

1. Determine the Main Motive for Your Website

The first and foremost step is to determine what your web page is going to perform for you. It may be just a simple website and just provide information to prospective customers about your products and services. Or else, you may want to create a blog to share articles and useful information about any topic you are interest in. Absolutely, in other situation you might also wish to sell your products as well as services directly online.Deciding the main motive of your website is a primary step because it is going to lead you on how to develop and design.

2. Select Your Content Management System (CMS)

Based on what you are planning to do with your web page, you have various options in applications. Most of them are available even for free of cost with a least possible costs for different kind of add-ons.


If your main motive is e-commerce, especially for online products, it is recommended you to select software which is respectively developed for e-commerce related website. Anyway, if e-commerce is just a minor part of your web page motive, you can easily use low-priced extras or add-ons that can work well with almost each and every popular free content management platforms discussed in the above paragraph, Joomla! and WordPress.

Joomla CMS!

Joomla is free content management system (CMS) that offers you a extraordinarily deal of flexibility and workability; although, as with all equivalent CMS software, your web page will be restricted in how it is build. In fact to an expert of professional Web developer, this is a limitation they may do not like, there is a huge library of templates with great functionality are available with Joomla and it is possible you will be able to get one that meets your specific requirements.

Moreover to available templates, there are n number of add-ons and extras available which offer you an extraordinarily deal of benefits, functionality and features for your website with no coding and with less efforts. Most of the templates are free of cost and some of the better ones will cost you from $15 - $300 or more. Sometime the free of charge version does not have as many features available as compare to paid one.


Alike to Joomla , WordPress is another very easy-to-use content management software. It also has many professional templates to give it an unique looks and add-ons to provide you with added functionality and features. A primary contrast with WordPress application is that its fundamental design is as a blogging platform. At the same time you can use it as similar to Joomla with normal webpages, it’s primary homepage or even a particular page you opt without any trouble can set up as a blog with all the normal features you needed.

You have the option to add plugins for WordPress that add functionality, similar Joomla. Including SEO, e-commerce, social media, image galleries, ratings, videos, Spam protection, newsletters, and many more. You can search almost any plugin in the WordPress plugins directory.

3. Select a Best Web Host

Once you have made choice of software, you require to select a reliable Web host, the server location where your website and all the related data and files will be stored and made obtainable to all visitors and users. Your selection of website hosting service will completely depend on the CMS software you select but also on the server space and traffic you expect to receive on your website. With most of the hosting service providers, you can kick off with economical but less powerful shared web hosting solutions and, if needed in future, you can upgrade to faster and extremely powerful VPS Hosting or dedicated server hosting. This is the main factor you should consider when selecting a best host to host your website.

Another major factor to consider especially if you are creating your website on your own, is whether your web host offers automatic installation of your selected CMS (content management software). Almost every top web hosting companies will allow you to perform this action in the click of a button and in most the situations you can use the services of same hosting provider to host more than one website. If you are going to do it on your own, your web host’s technical support should be a crucial aspect to consider.

4. Select a Best Template & Required Plugins

Once you have selected your CMS software and made your mind on a host service provider, you need to start thinking about other required features. The foremost is the template for your website. With most of the content management platform, and especially with Joomla & WordPress, you can select from thousands of various templates, themes that give your web page the appearance and feel you wish for your website.

For example, if you are a property dealer, you would look for a theme/template that is related property. This would contain a template that might have an appropriate framework and characteristic that allow you to display your details. Even if you are a real estate agent, plumber, hardware dealer or hair dresser, you will be able to get a template that matches your needs.

Additionally you may need add-ons to give great functionality for your web page that makes it trouble-free to use. Similar to templates, there are numerous free options available but some cases the ones we pay are superior, and are also available at reasonable cost. You can browse both the Joomla as well WordPress powered websites and classify through all the add-ons and plugins that are obtainable. Also bear in mind that few of the paid options are added on their sites. It is recommended to visit Joomla official website to check what is available. Even if you choose WordPress CMS, at least you can view the variety of features that's available and explore for something equivalent for WordPress.

You might be wish to add some e-commerce features, provide social sharing buttons, images, videos, newsletters ,commenting system, portfolio option of your work, and even run user surveys or polls just anything you imagine is available as plugin.

5. Create Content for Your Website

Content is the king and one of the important part of any website. Content needs to be fascinating to your website visitors and deliver the correct information so your visitors literally go though it instead of going ahead to another web page. When you write any content, think about it from the users and readers perspective.

Furthermore, along with the text you also need photos and images. Whereas you should have selected a template with visual components as well as background images that combine your particular service or business, other pictures, icons and graphics are mostly used to enhance the content. Making the website pages visually professional is most important. Visual effects can contain vector graphics, products images you are dealing in, photos of yours as well as staff members. Also Check How to improve Keywords Ranking in Google.

6. Use the Power of Social media

LinkedIn, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular social platforms are great to utilise. They can enable people sharing your website, blog entries, images, videos etc. Whatever it might be, social networking sites permits you to engage with potential as well as existing users .

7. Maintain Your Web Page

Almost all text and all type of graphics are added with the help of inbuilt WYSIWYG page editor tool that is very easy to use and also it does not need you to know anything about coding or programming language. The WYSIWYG editor simply enables you to cut, copy and paste your text content from a Word document and easily upload images from your PC or Laptop. Also you will have complete control over text size, text color, fonts, resizing of images and all other required features. You will also have the option to preview the stuffs before you make it live on the web for all visitors and viewers.

Since it is easier to modify content, managing your web page is effortless. If you want to update existing information, it will not take very much time. If you are planning to add new content, new pages, extra menu options, new plugins, or blog posts, it is quite easy. Each of the software packages comes with a management panel which allow you access to all of website data and information.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can easily hire a expert Freelance Web developer or a web development company to perform these tasks on behalf of you.


Hopefully with the help of this post, we have clearly shown you that you do not really need coding knowledge or have to expert in order to learn how to build a business or personal website. Those “old school” barriers are now gone.  We certainly weren’t tech savvy when we first started out, so you don’t have to be either.

Olden times have changed now, we were not much technically educated when we started out, even you don’t have to be.

These days there are many of drag and drop website building tools are easily available in the industry that literally let you to drag & drop content into your web page, and let you make it live without even touching any coding or scripting language.

Learning about a website builder is not that difficult, but you do need to spend some time may be a day or more to check them out. It’s not at all a bad decision if you are actually serious about creating a successful website and want to increase your business presence for the upcoming years.

Once you will have basic knowledge of these website builders and become comfortable with these tools, it is good to have some basic knowledge of coding so if you want you can make minor changes on your own. It is not necessity, but just a factor to consider if you wish to add more functionality, flexibility and styling to your website.

Again, here is a list of Best Web Hosting India Companies to get you started in comparing which web hosting service can help you get your website online at affordable cost.

What is Uptime in Web Hosting? How to Measure it? - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

What is Uptime in Web Hosting? How to Measure it?

Uptime is the amount of time that a web server has stayed up and accessible. This is normally listed as a percentage, like 99.99% or "99.8% uptime." Uptime rate is an excellent factor to measure the performance of a best Web hosting provider because it shows that how capable is hosting provider at keeping their systems up, accessible and running. If a web host has a higher percentage of uptime, then it means their servers reachable and running most of the time and therefore any website you host with that hosting company should stay up and accessible too. As websites can't retain users if they are frequently down or unreachable, uptime is extremely important.

What is web hosting uptime

Do You Know Your Web Hosting Providers Uptime Guarantee?

It may be 99%? 99.9%? Or even 100%?

In real facts, it does not really matter.

Most of the Web Hosting companies make a huge promises about uptime guarantees. But they very hardly pay or compensate clients if they break guarantees. Web Server Uptime guarantees are very  appealing when used in advertising pitch, yet the best server guarantee will not stop your website going not reachable.

What is an Acceptable Amount of Downtime?

First of all, let’s examine and analyse how much duration is behind the percentages of uptime. An average in a 30 day month has 43,200 minutes. Let’s have an eye at few frequent uptime guarantees to check how many minutes of website downtime is permitted before the server guarantee kicks in.


  • 1. 99% uptime guarantee enable your site be down or unaccessible for 432 minutes almost 7+ hours every month before you can declare.
  • 2. 99.9% uptime lets nearly about 45 minutes of downtime. Most of the Top web hosts can perform hardware server resources modifications within 30 minutes of time, so this easefully permits for at least single hardware failure on monthly basis. (This is the uptime promised and advertised by many top web hosting companies including iPage, Inmotion Bluehost etc.).
  • 3. 99.99% permits for within 5 minutes of website downtime on monthly basis. As cloud server and CDN hosting (content delivery network) become more universal, 99.99% and 100% server uptime guarantees are becoming more ordinary, however it’s still quite tough to find a hosting service provider that guarantees them.


Furthermore, few hosts calculate downtime on quarterly, or even yearly basis, so a big interruption would be ‘digested by quality service in uninterrupted months.

So exactly how much website downtime would you bearable? Preferably, none at all. But your selected service provider is apparently giving themselves more freedom than you imagine.

Why Web Hosting Uptime is Important?

Web Hosting uptime guarantee plays an important role because it relates the service reliability. Assume if throughout working hours, we send or receive important business related e-mails but the hosting server is not reachable or down? Of course our business will be harmed.

Type of Server Downtime

* Pre-Planned Server Downtime

As the name itself indicates, downtime will be experienced by clients is pre-planned. Assume that when Best Web hosting companies will upgrade their server hardware or restart the server machine because there are applications and software upgrades that need restart.

* Semi Planned Server Downtime

Semi Planned Server Downtime is probablistic since the incidental but manageable. Imagine a web server is running an older version of PHP version 4.xx and it has a security hole. So it require to upgrade to new version and during the time of upgradation to latest versions of PHP there will be the possibility of the service will be disrupted for a few minutes.

* Unplanned downtime

Unplanned web server downtime is commonly happened because of the server overloading and then have to stop or may be some other problems occurs in the performance of hardware resources such as RAM modules corrupt or die.

Server Uptime Guarantee

The type of server downtime of listed above is clearly explain that a web hosting company can not be free from downtime because they need to execute regular maintenance on the server side as well. Thus when a web hosting service uptime guaranteed 100%, the conclusion is its truly Impossible!

Server Uptime is Still Important

Do not be misunderstand, having a web hosting provider company that guarantees server uptime is preferable than one that does not. But do not imagine that if a service provider guarantees 99.99% uptime that your web page will never go down or unreachable. What it more probable means is that if your website is suffering from downtime you'll be compensate for the cost of the web hosting during the server down time.

Best Web Hosting Bangalore - 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 votes

Best Web Hosting Services in Bangalore, India for 2021

Bangalore is known as the center of India's high-tech industry and there are numerous of reasons behind that. Bangalore is the hub of IT (Information Technology) and is highly developed, as compared to other Indian cities in all the matters and facts related to Information Technology. The city has certainly few of the major best web hosting companies in India. The top web hosting companies Bangalore has gained an identity and reputation of them for the outstanding service they present to their valuable clients regarding to web hosting and Servers. The reach of hosting providers in Bangalore is not restricted to Indian continent and the neighboring countries, but it has impact in the far west as well. All of these Top Web Hosting companies India are known for high quality, reliable, highly secure and cheap web hosting services both in India as well as world.

There are many web hosting companies in Bangalore. But you must select the best web hosting company to host your website. It should provide you reliable web hosting, Servers and domain name registration services at affordable cost. At Updated Reviews we have shared the list of top web hosting companies in Bangalore, providing services like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cheap web Hosting, Website builder, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting as well as domain name registration solutions.

Here is the list our recommended best web hosting companies in Bangalore, India:



Hostinger India

At a Glance




Hostinger India Review


Visit Site



Fastcomet Hosting

At a Glance

  • Host Single Website
  • 15GB SSD Storage & Unlimited Traffic
  • Latest cPanel with Softaculous
  • Free Website/Domain Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate




FastComet Reviews


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HostingRaja Review

At a Glance

  • 40 GB SSD Space
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support
  • 10 Email Accounts




HostingRaja Reviews


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HostSoch Logo

At a Glance

  • Host One Website
  • 1000 MB Web Space
  • 5 GB Transfer
  • 10 Emails
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • 1 Subdomain




HostSoch Reviews


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Znetlive Web Hosting

At a Glance

  • Host a single website
  • 600 MB Webspace
  • 10 E-mail IDs
  • 3G Bandwidth
  • Free .Website Domain




Znetlive Reviews


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Hostcats Review

At a Glance

  • 2 Domains
  • 2000 MB Disk Space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • 2 Databases




HostCats Reviews

Rs. 1443

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How to Improve Keywords Ranking in Google 2021 - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

“How to improve your keywords Position (SERP) in Google Search Engine?” is probably the million dollar question every webmaster has ever thought.

Nowadays consumers and users are very intelligent. They perform online research and analysis regularly before buying anything. In actual fact analysis has shown that nowadays business shoppers is already more than 57% less the buying pattern before they even contact a sales representative. It shows that your Google ranking position is much important than ever before. Does your business website appear on the top position of Google search when you find for your business related products or services in your location? If not, you are looking your potential clients.

Given below are a few SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips and tricks to improve your keywords Google ranking in 2021!

how to improve keyword ranking, Tips to improve keywords ranking in Google

8 Best Tips to Easily Improve Keywords Ranking in Google

1. Discover the Keywords Related to Your Business

To increase website appearance on Google search you require to sort out what keywords and phrases are related for your business or products you are dealing in. What are the search terms and keywords users would use to search a business or service similar to yours? With the help of Google Keyword Planner tool you can get idea for keywords, phrases and check the search impressions and volume in your location to determine the best keywords options.

2. Optimize Your Web page for Search Engines

Once you have decided and made the list of words that are suitable for your business, alter your web page and content to add those words and phrases. Ensure that you should use those terms in a realistic way.

3. Get More Social Shares

If you want to get good keywords position in Google or any search engine, then we would suggest you to get more number of social shares for your posts.
Your website should have good presence on social networking websites such as Facebook, Mix, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

4. Concentrate on Local Search Optimization

Google is regularly updating their algorithm and latest changes have moved the focus to local search. You will frequently see particular area based results listed above the organic ranking on a search results page view. Locally it is very important to Being on the top. A research shows that around 36% of users will click on the top organic search results in first page. You should do this by including your business information such as address and phone number into your content.

5. Revamp Your Site Frequently

Google loves fresh and updated content! So Update Frequent, enhance the standard of posts with appropriate keywords and use proper internal linking. All of these approaches are suppose to be favorably by Google search engine.

6. Use Image ALT Tags

If you seriously want to rank your website or blog posts, then you should never miss out taking the advantage of ‘ALT Tags’. You must always try to make use of your important keywords in the ALT tags f your images as this can be really helpful in obtaining much better keywords position in search engines.

7. Execute Blogging

A blogging approach can improve your page rank. Increasing the size of content turn out relevance to Google and gives you higher authority for ranking with frequent search terms and phrases.

8. Try to Use Long-Tail Keywords

There are many website and blog owners who have got great success just because of the cause that they have determined to focus on long-tail keywords only.
Getting Ranked for long-tail keywords is much easier than getting ranked for one to two words keywords because of lot of competition.

I hope above mentioned 8 tips will help you out in getting the good SERP. Commitment, focus, determination and self-belief is what you require to achieving the top keywords position in Google Search.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs more time, effort, calmness and consistency. By implementing above factors regularly, you can improve your keywords ranking and bring much more visitors and traffic to your blog as well as website.

Also check the list of Best Web Hosting India Companies.

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$0.01 InterServer VPS Coupon Code, first Month only 1 cent - 4.7 out of 5 based on 27 votes

InterServer has been in the industry of web hosting and server for 18+ years now and offers a solid shared hosting, VPS Hosting, dedicated server as well as cloud hosting plans for people looking for world class web hosting. They also provide colocation solution for companies that require hardware related help for their IT divisions. If you are a big business, mid-sized business or individual looking for highly dependable web hosting solution for your website then InterServer hosting is an ideal option, and the coupon listed below will get you amazing discounts on their shared, Cloud and VPS hosting plans as well as dedicated server. Also read our Interserver Review.

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Note: This $0.01 price is available for 30 days only and once the 30 days time period is over you will be charged huge $6/month for the same package.

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iPage $1.99/mo. Unlimited Hosting + Free Domain Name, SSL, 30 days money back, 24/7 Support, $200 Credits for Google & Bing Ads & More.

Get InterServer 1 Cent Coupon

interserver 1 cent coupon, interserver free trial

Get $0.01 InterServer VPS coupon code for the first month, 1 cent VPS coupon InterServer, the actual cost is $6/month of Linux Cloud VPS, $10/month of Windows Cloud VPS platform. features: 1024MB memory, 25GB web space, 1TB traffic/monthly monthly. It’s Interserver 1 cent VPS Coupon. Checkout latest Interserver Coupons here.

InterServer 1 Cent Coupon Discount 2021

    1. InterServer has various coupons and promo codes available for our its new users to try their services. Using exclusive "facebook50" coupon code will give you flat 50% off discount the first month on all VPS hosting platforms.
    2. Using our exclusive coupon code "ROCKONINTERSERVER" will give you the first month for $.01 (almost free of cost) on Linux VPS platform. This offer is not available on Windows VPS platform.
    3. Also Coupon code "UpdatedReviews" will give you the first month of InterServer shared hosting for $.01.

Get InterServer 0.01 VPS

How to Grab InterServer $0.01 Promo Code?

UpdatedReviews exclusive coupon code from InterServer will give you huge 99% off on their shared Hosting and Cloud Virtual Private Server plans. Read below to know how to grab InterServer's 1 Cent hosting coupons.

Follow the steps to grab the InterServer $0.01 hosting Deals!

  • Click here to Visit InterServer's official website.
  • Choose Cloud VPS or Shared Hosting plan of your choice. In this example I am Explaining about Cloud VPS Plan.
  • Now choose 1 core VPS plan and hit "BUY NOW" button.
  • Now sign up for new account or login using Email, G+, Twitter or Facebook account.
  • Now you will be landed to order page. Fill the required details and Use Coupon Code "UPDATEDREVIEWS" at the bottom of the page. You will see the total cost will change to $0.01. Now click "Proceed" Button.
  • Now you will be landed to VPS order confirmation page. Verify everything and click "Place Order" Button.
  • Now make the payment using credit card or Paypal.
  • All done!

    Your account is ready to host your website.

    So what are you waiting for?? Try InterServer 1 Penny Coupon Now.

    Various Advantages of Moving to VPS Hosting from Shared Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    With many different types of Web Hosting services available, it can be puzzling at moments but it is much crucial to select a genuine web hosting solution while you are going to start a website. So through this post we will guide through the whole process and share with you some main advantages of moving from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting Server.

    Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

    Benefits of Moving from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting

    Shared Hosting Service

    Shared hosting is a method for Web hosting companies to place a large number of users on a single server. A web server is similar as a computer with a processor, memory, RAM and a hard drive. Shared hosting is a situation when you lease a small piece of a server, that’s being divided by many other user’s websites. You are not allowed to customize anything but you share server management, maintenance cost as well as other responsibility. Shared hosting is the widely known and most commonly used method of hosting a website. Many times it will be shared out amongst hundreds of other users, and because all the websites are hosted on the one physical machine it just takes a handful of bigger, high traffic websites to consume too many resources like memory, web space etc., and therefore your website will be affected very badly. In most of the cases Shared hosting is the first step people take when creating their first website, generally because it is economical, cheapest and very easy to set up. However if you are serious about what you do and best at it, your website will surpass shared web hosting at a fast speed which means you will need to move to a bigger host or upgrade to higher package.

    Drawbacks of Shared hosting

    1. Very limited resources.
    2. In Shared Hosting your website performance may be badly affected by your neighbors websites hosted on the same server.
    3. In some situations you might have to face long term troubles with scalability and website backup.
    4. There is a high possibility to facing security issues for sharing a same server with others.
    5. The customer service may not be as good as those of dedicated packages.
    6. Servers can get overburdened and freeze up all the websites.

    VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)

    Virtual Private Server is the next wise step once you’ve surpassed shared hosting. On a VPS (Virtual Private Server), website users are assigned resources that are not shared with anyone else. All resources such as CPU power, web space and memory are shared over all accounts available on the machine, but simultaneously, slices of those server resources are always separately dedicated to each and every account. This feature permits for more capacity and flexibility than being on a shared hosting account. A VPS is known as private server, virtual server VPS that lie around on an extremely strong physical machine. But dissimilar to Shared Server hosting, you have assured quota of system resources that only you have approach to. Therefore, even if there is a large web page than yours on another VPS portion, hosted on the same physical server, that will not really matter as you are always assured the system resources that you are already paying for. Additionally, once your website grows, you can freely upgrade your VPS account to a more powerful option in just a minutes of time. You can choose VPS hosting India in any of the following situations:

    1. Expansion of your business website beyond shared hosting stage.
    2. Assumption for a outstanding increase in traffic and visitors over the next few days or months.
    3. Planning to work with confidential, highly secured data in your business.
    4. Objective to increase crowd which in turn needs a greater email volume.
    5. Goal to host multiple domains, website, blogs or different kind of applications very soon.

    Various Benefits of VPS Hosting:

    1. You will have an enormous web space and bandwidth/transfer which permits you to do what you love.
    2. You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any moment.
    3. You are free to configure anything you want on the server as you own it.
    4. Freely Operate your own batch files to create numerous services inside the web server with the help of shell access.
    5. You will get an extensive and dedicated 24*7 Customer Service which will help you to manage your website.
    6. You can have easy compatibility and website backup in this technique.

    Dissimilarity between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting:

    1. Server Resources: In Shared hosting you will have access to a limited number of server resources  at the same time VPS hosting permits private web spaces, having large amount of resource availability.
    2. Website Security: VPS Hosting is highly secure compare to shared hosting.
    3. Level of ControlVPS hosting offers more control over the server as you can add or remove any preferred programs, software, applications, and scripts. You will have more raised flexibility and security level which is very beneficial. In shared hosting you will not have control over the server.

    When to move to VPS Hosting from Shared hosting?

    You can opt to move from Shared hosting to VPS hosting in any of the following situations listed below:

    1. When your website is eating all your processors.
    2. Your website is consuming all of your CPU power, RAM and Memory resources.
    3. If you need complete control on Server.
    4. You are planning to send more emails.
    5. If you are looking for excellent website performance and safely.
    6. If you want to enlarge the existing performance level of your website.
    7. If you are planning to personalize the website appearance and settings.

    Conclusion: Upgrading to VPS Hosting India from shared web hosting server is a situation that each and every business/website owner either small or medium sized will definitely experience and at that moment they will surely admire the advantages of VPS Hosting solution.

    iPage Secret Offer Coupon at $1.99/mo. - 5.0 out of 5 based on 22 votes

    Note: With iPage Secret Offer you can get Unlimited Hosting at just $1.99/month with a free Domain Name for 1 Year and SSL certificates.

    Also See: HostGator 1 Cent Web Hosting offer

    Hostinger $0.99 Shared Hosting Offer.

    iPage a leader in web hosting industry have repeatedly been growing in this field. They always offer a great deals and offers on hosting services to clients. At present, their platform serves more than 1,000,000 customers all over world for Web Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Email Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Marketing Services, E-Commerce Services as well as other professional services. With their fastest growing business service, they have been offering a lot of secret deals for their customers exclusively. Now at this moment, you guys are very lucky! because they are offering another amazing secret hosting coupon right at the present time - iPage secret offer at just $1.99/mo.! Also Check iPage Coupons to save more on iPage Hosting.

    Grab iPage Secret Offer!

    ipage secret offer

    Grab Secret Offer Coupon at $1!

    Currently, you can avail the iPage web solutions via their secret discount coupon code. The special introductory offer of iPage is at $1.99/mo., but with the help of iPage Secret Offer, you only have to pay $1.99/mo. — Opt for 3 Years term and grab flat 75% OFFER. As per iPage this is the greatest way of say thanks to their valuable customers/users, an amazing and exclusive offer to their new users, present customers or even their family members, relatives and as well as friends!

    What You Will Get With This Secret Offer?

    1. Unlimited Disk Space & Email Accounts
    2. Free Domain Name ($14.99 value)
    3. Free Site Builder Tools
    4. Free online store
    5. Free Search Engines Marketing & Advertising Credits

    & much more. Read iPage Reviews from users and experts to know more about iPage Hosting Services.

    ipage web hosting features

    An amazing and feature rich plan, isn’t it? For a cheaper cost, you get to avail these superb services. But those mentioned featured are just the surface of the offer. There are many other amazing features you will get with ipage web hosting secret offer.

    Moreover, the good thing about this secret deal is it is very shareable. iPage allows you share this amazing deal to your friends, family members as well as your relatives! Just keep in mind that this Promotional price is available for the first 36 month term only, billed annually basis. For next term the Customer Appreciation Plan will renew at the rate of $7.99/month which is still a discounted price.

    Such a worthy deal, correct? So what are you waiting for? Avail the iPage hosting services now for just as low as $1.99/mo.!

    Grab The Offer

    Top 5 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools - 4.4 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    Whenever we start any new web blog or website, one of the major considerations involved in the action is the selection of a website domain name. Nowadays there are several domain name suggestion tools existing on the domain industry, and in this post we have composed a list few of the most popular and highly recommended of these suggestion tools, which will give assistance you to search domain names based on your selected keywords ideas.

    Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools

    One thing which we always advise is to go for branded or else keyword-rich website domain name, depending on your services, products as well as business model. If you are going to create a micro-niche website, it’s always recommended to bag for a name that has your key phrase or business name in it. If you are looking for long period involvement, We would highly recommend that you opt for a branded name like UpdatedReviews, iPage, Bigrock and so on. Branded website names more specifically these are very helpful in several ways in the long run. To be specific, a domain name which is easy to pronounce and remember will always be valuable. Never ever try to use a name that is very difficult to spell or type.

    List of Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools:

    Domain name suggestion tools are very helpful when you’re searching for some high standard website domain names based on keywords, (mainly when you get a deal from any domain registrar to buy a domain for Rs.99 using their special offer).

    Before you go through the any of the following Domain tools,We highly recommend that you check the following list:

    Top 20 Domain Name Registrars

    So let’s begin with a easy-to-use list of websites which will guide you to find the best and appropriate domain name for your brand new web page.

    1. Domainsbot:

    Domainsbot is a very easy to use web domain suggestion tool which also allow you to use your key phrase to give you some great domain name suggestions. What I like about this site is that when you search for a niche-based keyword, it also finds the domain listings from SEDO (world's leading domain marketplace) and Godaddy (One of the Most popular Domain and web hosting provider) along with charges. This can be very convenient in selecting the best keyword as well as SEO rich domain name for your business website. It is one of the ideal keyword domain name generator tool available.

    Check out Domainsbotl

    2. NameMesh:

    Namemesh is another well-known free domain name generator tool. The best thing about this is, here you can easily search for domain name availability for all the latest domain name extension. You have the choice to define the length of maximum character of domain as well as option to hide registered domains.

    Check out Namemesh

    3. Business Name Generator Tool from Shopify:

    Shopify is one of the most popular platform for launching your e-commerce website. They too have a business name generator tool which will help you to bring forward with a significant name for your website/business. The only drawback is, it explores only for .com domain extension. Although, the results are very perfect.

    Visit Shopify

    4. DomainIt - Domain Suggest Tool:

    This domain tool permits you to find and register for domain names extensions such as .com, .cc, .TV, .net. By default the adult content suggestion is off, although if you want you can turn it on.

    Visit DomainitDomain

    5. BustAName:

    BustaName is another most favorite domain search tool after domainsbot. It helps you find all the available domain names extensions based on the entered key phrases. Just enter the main keywords that best explain your business, service or website and this tool will bring back all ready for use website domain names using these key phrases. You have the choice to expand the search additional by adding synonyms, adding suffixes/prefixes, word combination etc. One good thing about this tool is here you can also find Brandable domains.

    Check out BustaName

    6. Panabee:

    I like the appearance of this website as you can very easily enter your word & it will start suggesting available names. You have the choice to search for domain name availability in all the new as well as old domain extensions which is really helpful feature in today’s date. It also let you find for username availability on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

    Visit Panabee

    We hope this list of top domain name suggestion tools will be very handy for you as you want to get the best domain name for your next business enterprise.

    If you use other tools to find quality domain name that you have found handy feel free to share with us.

    Few Tips to Save Money on Web Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    If you are thinking to create a blog/website or going to start an online business, purchasing web hosting package can be your first factor to consider. Around 3 years ago, I made my first investment on Hosting Raja for buying Web hosting plan. While I have Selected the right web hosting company for my website, but I made few major mistakes that cost me more money. I could have saved a good amount of my hard-earned money if I was knowledgeable about those difficulties.

    save on web hosting

    In this article I am going to share about how you can save more money on buying web hosting because I don’t want you to do the similar mistakes that I did. I will also share few other strategies that will guide you to save more money while making a purchase. Thankfully you do not have to compromise the quality of the service.

    Here are few quick tips & tricks that will assist you to save more money on web hosting service.

    Head Start with Shared Hosting Plan

    If web hosting term is new for you, you may get puzzled by various types of Internet hosting solutions available. However you shouldn’t be as you are free to change your hosting plan anytime. So it is a great idea to begin with web hosting basic plan like Shared Hosting plans.

    Shared Hosting is the well known and low cost hosting option. In shared hosting you will be sharing your hosting area with other website to reduce price. Shared hosting is an ideal choice when you are planning to start a new website, blog or discussion forum. As a brand new web page does not gain much more traffic, you require not to have a massive space on your web server. A shared hosting plan can manage upto 20000 visitors every day for a perfectly optimized website. Here at UpdatedReviews, we use Hosting Raja Shared Hosting.

    I would highly recommend you to start with a Shared Web Hosting Plan.

    Buy Domain Name from Bigrock

    If your selected web hosting provider do not offer free domain name registration, then think about buying a domain name from Bigrock. Yes, you can buy domain name and hosting service from different provides. You can easily connect each other later.

    In these days Top web hosting companies provide a free Website domain name with their hosting for first term. If their renewal charges are not high, you can without any worry go with that domain name registrar. But I personally recommend you to buy a domain from Bigrock for a longer duration that will really help you to save more money.

    Use Web Hosting Coupon Code or Promo Link

    Web Hosting Discount coupons can save much more money of yourself. Many best web hosting companies India offer huge discount coupons, promo links to their affiliate members. By using these exclusive coupon codes you can get amazing discount on your total billing.

    Below are few most popular web hosts’ coupons and promotional links.

    1. HostingRaja: HRCOUP40 (40% OFF Coupon Code)
    2. Ipage: Promo Link (83% Off)
    3. A2 Hosting: Flash51 (51% OFF Coupon Code)

    Exclude Extra Services

    Many well-known Hosting companies contains few extra services such as SSL, Sitelock, codeguard, Backup/restore, SEO etc. with their packages. Following mentioned services are not free of cost. If you believe that you will not require these extra services, then just uncheck/remove those services.

    Buy Web Hosting for Longer Duration

    Many web hosting companies don’t offer any discount at the time of renewal. To give an example, you purchase hosting from Hosting Raja with 40% discount for one year, after one year you want to renew your hosting account. On that occasion you cannot use any coupon code to grab discount. It means you need to pay the regular charges. Furthermore, if you purchase hosting for longer duration, you will receive an enormous discount on total billing.

    The more longer duration you opt, the more money you save.

    Become an Affiliate of Hosting

    Have you ever thought of earning money from web hosting rather than paying? Yes, it is possible to make money from hosting. I have been doing this for a while. You can also do the same by joining best web hosting affiliate programs and advertising them through your website on social media platforms.

    All you have to do is, ask others to buy web hosting by utilizing your affiliate link.

    Also Read: Top 10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

    Wait for Special Event Offers

    Many Web hosting companies offer exciting discounts on special occasions like Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. If you have time than wait for these special occasions and buy web hosting during those days. Usually web hosts offer around 50% to 90% discount. You can bookmark our website or join our newsletter or like us on Facebook to get all the updates on Web Hosting deals.

    Hope now you will be clever enough to save huge money on web hosting by following above mentioned tips. If you think this post is helpful for you, please share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

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