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How To Start a Blog in 2021 - Step-by-Step Beginner's Guide - 4.5 out of 5 based on 8 votes

So, are you curious how to start a blog? I am so happy you are here at UpdatedReviews! Here I am going to share steps to create a successful blog. My main motive is to describe the mandatory steps to get off to a profitable and successful blogging start, no technical expertise needed.


I started my first blog in 2012 with little computer knowledge. I struggled a lot. This guide contains what I learned during my journey and is especially for the people who want step-by-step guidance in simplest and easiest format.

How to start a blog to make money

Why You Should Start A Blog

There are numerous of reasons you might consider. Below mentioned are a few most popular ones:

Note: If you already have a strong plan of the whys, then skip these steps and go straight away with the guide.

  • You can generate good amount of money while working from home. Many bloggers are making good money from full-time blogging. Making money with a blog is little bit difficult, but the barrier to access in blogging is very low.
  • Once you get into blogging, you will notice that you are becoming a good writer and thinker. Discovering good content requires creative thought. When you become fully expert in creating quality content for your blog, you can see improvement in the process of your writing, thinking and researching skills.
  • With blogging you can get more publicity for your current business. With a blog anyone from individuals to large organizations can reach large number of people at reasonable price.
  • Blogging is a great way to express yourself, communicating with others and also a fantastic way to share information and news with others.
  • The best reason to start a blog? You can make money doing it!
  • I am sure all of you already knew about all the points I have mentioned here, but it is great to be reminded.

    One very last thing I want to tell you before we get started with blog:

    Making your own or personal blog can take very little time, most likely up to 30 minutes. So take yourself a cup of tea, coffee or juice (whatever you want) and let us get stuck in. If you need any help or at any point of time you feel any trouble during the set-up process, feel free to get in touch with me and I will definitely help you.

    The 6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog or Website

    Below mentioned are the few major steps we are going to cover in this post. Take it easy, I will walk you directly through.

    1. Choose a Topic to Blog or Decide what to blog about
    2. Choose a Platform for your blog
    3. Find a reliable web host
    4. Pick a domain name for your blog
    5. Install WordPress
    6. Designing of your blog

    Step 1: Choose a Topic to blog about

    If you are creating blog for business, company or organization, this step will be very simple to determine. In that situation your blog should be related to your products or services you provide.

    If you are an individual, you can choose a topic based on your interest, you have many choices to choose from. But the main factors to remember are:

  • You should blog about something with more than enough room for conversation. A perfect blog must have plenty of unique content to set in motion and to remain interesting.
  • Pick a topic in which you can set up yourself as an expert. You will most likely not be the first person to blog about the niche you pick. It's practically guaranteed another person or individual has already planned of it before you. You don’t have to worry about this, but put a question to yourself whether you have skills at formatting your blog better than all the others in the same niche.
  • Step 2: Choose Preferred Blogging Platform

    There is broad range of platforms you can use to start your blog or website. You may be fascinated to go with a free option, however know you will be provided with limited resources. Opting for a premium or paid service is not much expensive. It's an easy decision as per my knowledge.

    Which is the Best Blogging Platform?

    There are many blogging platforms available but WordPress is, by far, the most popular platform (source). I am using wordpress for my 2 other blog and for this website I am using Joomla.

    I am using WordPress as well and Joomla and appreciate their flexibility, functionality, performance, ease of use and broaden community of users who share lo of tools and ideas. Wordpress is an excellent choice for blogs and do not worry, if you are planning a website without having a blog, WordPress makes it very easy. Joomla is best option if you want to have a website.

    Pay attention! Within WordPress, there are 2 different options available. Most of the people are typically confused by the 2 thus I will mention them here:

  • based blogs are generally referred to as Hosted WordPress web blogs.
  • based blogs are usually referred to as Self-hosted WordPress blogs.
  • My preferred choice is self-hosted WordPress blog and it will cost you little bit of money, but it will give you complete access and flexibility over your blog.

    Now I a going to talk about the steps you need to follow to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

    Step 3: Find a Web Host

    A web host is a service provider or company which provide you with server space on their server to make it accessible on the web. In simple words, without hosting no one can access your website and when a hosting provider provides you server space then only others or Internet users can access your site on the web. Check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies.

    Disclosure: Since I am a paying customer for around 5 years, few of the links you will find below are referral links, it means, you can save more by using referral links and I will earn a small amount as a referral bonus if you make a purchase using given links.

    If you think you are ready to get started with your own blog, Start it here by Visiting Bluehost's website. I have used their service for more than 5 years.

    Once you hit the above link you will landed on Bluehost’s official website

    Bluehost Web Hosting

    Now all you have to do is choose the plan as per your budget and needs. I would recommend you to go with the Advanced or Business plan because you get much features and resources. But if you are tight on budget then you can go with basic starter plan and in future as your website grow you can upgrade in any time.

    Bluehost India Hosting Plans

    May be you see slight changes in the images you see here because Bluehost continue improving their website.

    Step 3: Choose a Website Domain Name

    A website domain name will be the name by which your website or business be recognized on the web. A domain is the unique address/name of your blog on the web. Your domain name will be yours as long as you keep paying the annual charges usually costs around $5-15 yearly. But there are few best domain name registrars offering domains for just Rs.99 for the first and next it will renew at regular rates. To buy a domain name I would suggest you to check Bigrock Rs.99 Domain offer.

    On this window you will either have to choose a brand new domain name for your blog or enter an already registered domain.

    Choose a domain  name at Bluehost

    The people who aware of your domain/website URL (uniform resource locator) can directly enter it into their web browser's address bar and if you submit your blogs in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing then others will be able to find your blog through search engines by typing keywords related to your keyword, service or business name.

    These are many extensions are available for your domain like .COM, .Net, .Edu, .Org etc. Most popular domain extension is .Com. There are many other country specific extension are available like .In, .US, .UK, you can choose one based on your needs and requirements. If you want to target whole world then it is recommended to go with a .Com extension and if you are planning to target specific location or country you can choose country specific domain extension.

    Few tips for selecting a Good domain name for your blog:

  • Your domain name should be easy to remember.
  • If possible always try to Go with a .com because it is highly popular extension worldwide.
  • Make it simple to pronounce and spell.
  • Avoid hyphens, numbers or other confusing words.
  • If you are not able to decide what to choose, your business, service, product or your name is a safest bet to start.
  • You can use domain name suggest tools to find domain name for your blog.
  • Step 5: Select a WordPress Theme and Install it

    Once you buy web hosting you will be provided with control panel login details in your email, login into your cpanel with the the help of login details and install WordPress for your blog via clicking the Install WordPress icon available in your control panel. Also Check Best Web Hosting India.

    Bluehost WordPress Installation

    Go ahead with the installation of WordPress

    Install WordPress using Mojo Marketplace

    On next page you will be able to see a screen that looks almost similar to, Click the Continue/start Installation button to start the process of WordPress installation.

    Select Domain to Install WordPress

    On this step, select the domain name you want to install WordPress on it. Suppose the domain you opted during signup process does not display, just hit “Domain” option and you can easily choose it from available list.

    Bluehost Domain WordPress Installation

    Don’t enter anything in the directory field.

    Enter User Information for WordPress Account

    On this screen you have to enter your user info such as website Name or Title. Remember this is totally different than the name of your domain which ends in .In, .com, .Net or something similar. You will also have to enter Admin user name and password these details will be what you need to login to WordPress account once it is installed. Provide your preferred email id because all the information of your website will be sent through email. Read and check the terms and condition button.


    Now you should have got two different welcome emails. One from Bluehost with the login info of hosting account. Second from WordPress with login info for your WordPress account. Save these details carefully.

    Did you opted for new domain registration or entered existing domain name in Step 4?

    If you chosen to register a new domain name in Step 4

    Then anyone or any user on the web can access your WordPress website by typing your domain into browser.

    If you have entered an existing domain name in Step 4..

    Then your website will be not live on the web until you change the name servers of your domain. By changing your name servers you can point your web domain to the new web page.

    To change the old name server of your domain to new name servers you need to login to your domain control panel provided by your domain registrar, first of all make a note of your new Bluehost name server details:

  • Even if you registered a brand new domain name or transferred an already registered one, you will realize you have done it successfully if you are able to access or see your website by typing it into any browser.

    Step 6: Designing of Your Blog

    Well done! Now you are a pleased owner of a self-hosted WordPress based blog. After finishing with WordPress installation you need to start with the process of designing your blog as per your desire. You can easily change the design of your blog with the help of Themes. By default Twenty Sixteen theme will be installed on your blog—although it's a good theme to get started. Whenever you wish you can choose a theme that looks good and matches with your blog niche. Your potential viewers and readers will foremost observe the complete appearance and features of the web blog, before even checking the contents of it.

    Do you want to Make Money from Your Blog?

    Read my article about ways to Make Money from a Website or Blog.

    Also Read my article about Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today.

    Was this article helpful for you? If yes, would you like to share it with others who might find it helpful as well? Simply hit the social sharing buttons below as per your comfort. Thanks!

    How o Create A Blog
    15 Best Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today With No Money - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Starting a new business online needs very less risk than spending your hard-earned money into a brick-and-mortar store or office space because you are going to do business based on the web, with online business you can reach more prospective customers, buyers and work from anywhere, any location, even anytime. With a basic website or blog and basic knowledge and skills, almost every individual can launch a business online anytime and get it up and running in just few days.

    Because of the rise of the internet, it is actually very easy for entrepreneurs, businesses who are dedicated, committed and hard-working to make money from their homes. If you were born during this twenty first century (21st century),certainly you are amongst the blessed with good luck set of mankind that has many options and choices of turning into moneyed man or business tycoon while not working your life out.

    Given below are a few best online business ideas to get you thinking in the correct way. At the same time some of these businesses can bring in an excellent passive income on regular basis, few of these online money making ideas can actually create small amount of money.

    Best Online Business Ideas 2021 You Can Start Today

    Best Online Business Ideas of 2021

    1.Start Blogging

    Blogging is one of the most popular, widely used ways many people all over the globe are using to make money from the internet. In simple worlds blogging is all about creating and sharing useful and perhaps informative content for a selected audience on the web. If you believe that you really have much knowledge, expertise on a specific topic, you can start making money by sharing that knowledge to a broad range of audience and viewers through a web blog.

    In this way making money from blog works: if you have shared quality and informative contents on your blog, definitely more people will love to visit your blog. The more number of visitors that visits your web blog, surely the more amount of money you will earn. If your blog is able to attracts more traffic, you can also attract advertisements from large organizations and businesses.

    Check out my guide on How To Start A Blog.

    Or just go straight to Bluehost and get your blog live in just few minutes and start making money!

    Bluehost WordPress Hosting Offer


    You can grab BlueHost’s basic web hosting package just for $3.95/month with free .COM domain name and SSL certificate. Check out Bluehost Coupons to save more on hosting plans.

    This is the best place to get your blog live. Or you can check the list of Top Web Hosting companies to find out best hosting solution for your blog.

    2. Become SEO consultant

    Do you have great knowledge about Search Engines, ranking factors and have skills in platforms such as Google Analytics & Webmasters? A lot of small business/website owners do not know the impact and value of search engine optimization. Teach those website owners about the power and importance of SEO techniques to assist transform their web pages into a Search Engine friendly assets. Utilize your knowledge and expertise to show small business website owners how to check and utilize their Google analytics/webmasters statistics in accurate way, and how to find, use keywords and structure website content to generate more quality traffic/visitors.

    3. Become Professional Freelancer

    Freelancing is one of the best way to make money via the Internet. There are many freelancing websites available on the web let businesses and organizations that need additional help in listing their projects and give ability to freelancers offer proposals, ideas, or bids on those projects, through which the organizations can without worry choose what they actually need as per their budget. Websites such as Elance, Guru or Upwork cover almost every topic which includes Web development, content writing, Animators, Administrative Support, programming, and Finance Professionals etc.

    4. Affiliate Marketing

    One of my favorite way of making money online. If you are a kind of person who loves writing customer reviews on websites like Godaddy, Bluehost, Amazon etc., stop doing it free of charge. The advertising technique of Word-of-mouth is still a vast way to generate leads for many businesses, and there are many businesses which are happy to share some percentage of their profits with individuals who are ready to promote their products or services. Suppose you are owner of a website with a huge fan following and traffic, this may be easier to achieve.

    5. Match Making Or Dating Website

    If you think you are expert in relationship related topic and you are looking towards making money from your expertise, I would suggest you to start with a match making website or create an online community where you will be able to give assistance to individuals searching for partners to meet. Your job is just to build the facultative environment and if you are able to attract more visitors to your website you will be able to make money by paid membership fees from members.

    Apart from paid membership on your website, you can also start selling your products such as e-books, games or any other.

    6. Application development

    As we are living in a mobile world, the demand of Mobile applications are more than ever, and most of the people as well as organizations are ready to pay good amount of money for ways to organize their daily lives or businesses from their mobiles and smartphones. If you have got a good plan and happen to understand coding, you can start with it and create your apps at your own. If you only have a plan and do not know much about how to turn it into a reality then you can contact a developers because there are many application developers ready to co-operate with individuals on applications creation and development.

    7. Creating and Selling WordPress Themes

    In this technological world more people and companies want to create their presence on the web no matter what their purpose, the demand for WordPress themes and templates keep increasing. If you think have knowledge of html coding then you can make huge money from creating attractive website templates & themes. All you have to do is create them and then sell through online marketplaces such as ThemeForest and Mojomarketplace to make good amount of money for yourself.

    8. Remote Tech Support

    Numerous of small sized businesses have less budget and because of this they can not afford full-time employee, so when they face any problem with their systems, they will mostly call a computer expert friend or any family member. If you have good expertise in the field of computers and networking, you can actually brought down their requirements by offering them prompt remote technical assistance.

    9. Real Estate Agent / Properties Rental Services

    One more best business option that you can easily start online is real estate agency or properties rental solutions. If you are already a real estate agent and doing business offline, all you have to do is take your real estate business online and expand your business market because large number of people those looking to buy or rent properties usually search online through search engines against reading through real estate newspapers or magazines. It is very easy to put up your real estate business on the web, all you need is an operational web page along with a social media channel to list your properties.

    10. Become a Social Media Consultant

    Many big organizations and businesses prefer to appoint a full-time employee or an agency to manage their social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc., but most of the small sized businesses oftenly have to run their own marketing campaign for social media channels. Nevertheless, because they have many other responsibilities, commonly entrepreneurs are excessively overwhelmed or busy to spend their lot of time on expanding their social media perspective. As an expert social media consultant, you can efficaciously guide those entrepreneur in the right direction relating to best strategies, executing schedules, and sharing contents to their targeted audience. Consequently, as their business develop, so will yours.

    11. Buying and Selling Domain Names

    Another best way to make money online is buying and selling of domains and many individuals buy and sell website domain names to earn money online because it takes little investment and very less time. You can buy a domain name at its registration price or even cheaper rates using discount coupons and then resell it for a revenue. But, it is recommended to do some research before on websites such as,, or any other domain auction websites/marketplaces in order to get a best idea of what is most popular regarding to web domain names. One of the best way to find really great names is to go through the list of terminated domain that provide you with many expired domain names and have made their comeback for people to buy them again.

    12 Sell Photos Online

    If you have great passion for photography of love capturing photos then you can make a very nice living for yourself by selling your photos online. There are numerous of people who are ready to spend good amount of money for the collection of unique and best images. Nowadays it has become very easy to submit your images to the community, which can help you to create additional source of income. Many stock photo sites like Shutterstock, envato and Fotolia offer tempting bonuses for individuals to make money regularly from the images they captured in their free time.

    13. Online Flight Ticket Booking

    To start an online ticket booking all you need is basic computer knowledge, a computer or laptop, an internet connection and of course partnership deed or agreement with any government registered & certified ticket booking company.

    With this type of deed, you will be needed book flights for your customers and you will earn your commission based on per successful booking. This type of job you can do on part time basis it will not stop you from maintaining your regular job or permanent business. It is only another method of making some extra money.

    14 Website designing Business

    If you have good knowledge of HTML coding and designing skills, you can start with creating appealing, easy-to-use web pages, blogs for small businesses and individuals. Put your abilities to great use for entrepreneurs who need to take their web presence to the higher level. Create a comprehensive portfolio website or profile on social networking websites such as Facebook, Linkedin to show it off and attract more clients.

    15. Teach Online (Online Tutors) and Conduct Webinars

    Tutors and teacher are in more demand whether it is via online or offline. Hence, if you think you have got a brain and like to help others, become an online tutor or e-teacher to make some extra cash in your free time. The main factor you require is to be highly skillful in a particular subject and able to spend a few of hours every week to help others. There are many website on the web like and you can register with and become a tutor. Suppose you are really expert, you can start conducting online seminars, workshops and webinars. Most of the students whether University or college are always ready to spend money to get entry into highly-admired online seminars as well as workshops.


    Overall, the Web itself is packed with lot of money making opportunities. Whereas for most of the individuals making money online is not their main source of earning, it can actually create a very solid income stream on regular basis. There are few online businessman's, which are figuring out mine gold because of all the hard work, efforts, persistence and most importantly the time they have devoted in order to make their dream to be fulfilled. Can one of these listed online money making ideas work for you? Or if you are looking for ways to monetize your website check out this awesome list of best Ways To Make Money Online From a Website.

    I trust I given you some motivation to begin something yourself!

    All the best and start something new today.

    SiteGround Labor Day SALE 2019 – 77% OFF Web Hosting (1st to 9th Sep) - 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    SiteGround one of the best web hosting providers is offering huge 77% discount on shared web hosting plans on the occasion of Labor Day or you can also call it as SiteGround Summer Sale. Now with this Special offer you can buy web hosting for upto 77% huge discount. Remember, The Higher the Plan, the Bigger the Discount.

    SiteGround Labor Day 2019 SALE / Summer Special Offer

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    Being in the industry for more than 13+ years SiteGround is one of the highly recommended hosting providers by most of the top bloggers and webmasters. On the occasion of Labor day (1st Sep to 9th Sep) they are offering upto 77% discount. This discount will be applicable on new purchases only and not be applicable for renewals, domain name registrations, or other “add-on” services.

    Siteground Labor Day Web Hosting Sale

    Why SiteGround Hosting is Highly Recommended?

  • SiteGround has more than 12+ year of experience was founded in 2004 by few university friends and now it is known as a leading web hosting provider.
  • Currently Siteground has more than 400+ employees and is constantly growing.
  • Currently there are more than 500,000 domains hosted worldwide with SiteGround.
  • Everyday they process 1500+ tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 3000+ lice chat requests.
  • They have 5 different highly secured data centers across the world – Including UK, USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.
  • How to Grab the SiteGround Labor Day Deal?

    On the special occasion of Labour day SiteGround is offering 77% discount on it’s regular web hosting plan $9.95/mo. Now you can buy the same website hosting package in special price of $3.59/mo. only. To avail this offer follow these simple steps:

    77% OFF Labor Day Sale

    Step-1: Visit SiteGround Official Website via Clicking Above Link.

    STEP-2: Select the right web hosting plan as per your needs and hit the “Get Started” button. OR If you want to check the hosting features of Siteground in details, hit the “Jump To Plan details” button. Now after checking all the details select your web hosting plan and hit the “Get this Plan” button.

    Siteground Labor Day Sale

    STEP-3:If you already own a Website Domain Name registered and want to host it with SiteGround then check “I already have a Domain” option if not check “Register a new Domain” option.

    STEP-4:Search for your desired Domain Name in the search box and if domain Name is available, hit the “PROCEED” button & fill the information.

    SiteGround Shared Hosting Domain Registration

    STEP-5: This is the last step and here you have to fill Account information such as email & password, Client Information such as Name & Address, Payment Information such as Card number & Card Expiration date and Purchase Information such as plan & data center location. Once you fill all the required information correctly, review it and hit the pay now button.

    SiteGround Labor Day Sale

    GreenGeeks Summer Sale 2019 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    GreenGeeks Summer Sale 2019 – Greengeeks is a Leading Green Web Hosting company in the industry well-known for the carbon-free campaign. It offers 300% Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Energy. Each and Every hosting plan anyone sign up with the hosting provider leads to a greener world.

    Along with Green Web Hosting, it also offers cPanel based web hosting packages in various varieties such as shared hosting, reseller hosting plans, dedicated server and VPS hosting. You shouldn’t miss this Huge discount sale this summer 2019, GreenGeeks Summer Sale deals, GreenGeeks Summer Special discount, GreenGeeks Deals for Summer 2019, Get 80% Discount Here For Summer 2019.

    Activate Deal Now

    Greengeeks shared hosting plan is the best in comparison with all other web hosting services offered by them because it has an affordable price. This summer you can buy their hosting for only $1.95/mo (on a 3 year term) regular price $9.95/mo. At a lowest cost of about $1.95/month, one can get the following amazing features with the Greengeeks web hosting packages:
    Greengeeks Summer Sale 2019 – Grab 80% Off
    Web Hosting Summer Sale 2019 is great time to save more on GreenGeeks hosting packages. It is independently Owned and operated Since 2008, 35000+ customer, Hosting 300,000+ Websites worldwide. Greengeeks web hosting had hosted many websites of every type with 24/7 Support, 99.9% Uptime guarantee, Money back guarantee, quality Features were fully loaded for the affordable Price range.

    GreenGeeks Summer Deals 2019 Sale Details

    Check Below the details of GreenGeeks Summer Sale

    • Offer Detail– Get hosting for only $1.95/mo. Regular price $5.95 & $11.95/mo.
    • Start Date – 3rd July 2019
    • Ending Date – 7th July 2019
    Activate Deal Now

    Steps to Redeem GreenGeeks Summer Sale Coupon $1.95/mo. Hosting deal

    Follow these simple steps to avail Greengeeks Summer Sale

    • Hit the Below Button and it will redirect you to GreenGeeks Hosting official website.

    GreenGeeks Summer Sale

    • Now Select the web hosting package and Click on “GET STARTED”
    • Fill all the required details and confirm whether GreenGeeks summer offer Discount Coupon is applied or not.
    • Once promotional offer is applied to your cart, hit Create Account & Get Started button to checkout and buy green geek’s web hosting.

    Note: GreenGeeks Summer Sale offer is valid on new account only. This offer is valid from July 3rd 2019 – 7th 2019. So grab the amazing offer before it’s too late, don’t miss this deal.

    12 Ways To Make Money Online From a Website 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Earning as well as making money from a website is not a fantasy. It’s doable by each and every website owner.

    In actual fact, turning a part-time, hobby or interest based blog/website into a money making or revenue generating asset is just a normal thing with a bit destiny and some smart work.

    As a website owner you must be able to generate good amount of money to cover your basic cost of domain name registration and web hosting services.

    Remember that the methods for making money online listed below range from easiest and simple to ones that need a lot of efforts. So be sure to choose something that suits exactly to your site and interest.

    In this guide I have shared the top 10 most popular site monetization tips and tricks.

    Note: It does not make a difference whether you have started a web blog or created a website. The below mentioned techniques will work for both.

    It will take some time to figure out the best way to make money from a web site. If one thing doesn’t work for you, try different way. Don’t simply give up. The most common reason individuals or website owners fail with blogging, is not because their planning or web site is not good but the main reason behind this is they give up too soon.

    Tips to Monetize a Website

    Best Ways to Make Money from Your Website

    Making money online from a website is not that easy task. But these best tips are doubtlessly your best bet.

    1. Affiliate Marketing

    One of the best and most popular way to make money from your website as well as a blog is Affiliate marketing.

    Go ahead with finding a product or service you love the most and would like to recommend your visitors. Then promote it on your website and recommend it to your visitors. If your visitors need those products and services they will click on your affiliate link for buying the products/services at the same time you earn some money as a commission.

    The amount of commission you get might be anywhere from 35%-80$ or up to $100 per successful sale. In simple words, if the commission is 40% and you promote a products that costs $100, you will get $40 for just referring the successful sale. Is it not a great deal?!

    Where can I find products to promote?

  • CJ (Commission junction) – One of the best affiliate network offers reliable products/services with timely payments.
  • Shareasale– Another best affiliate network mostly best for clothes, accessories, business, education and other offline goods & services.
  • Web Hosting Affiliate Programs – Web Hosting Affiliate Programs pays whopping amount of commission. There are numerous of people earning thousands of dollars as commissions by promoting different Best Web Hosting Companies. There are few hosting commission like A2Hosting, iPage etc. offering good amount of commission. Read more about best and highest paying web hosting affiliate programs.
  • Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

  • You can earn big amount as a commission!
  • Simple to setup and does not need a lot of support and knowledge.
  • Passive source of income.
  • Drawbacks of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Income is not assured, one month you can earn $100, next month can make $1000 or more.
  • Most of the time great products can have less conversion ratio.
  • Higher conversion rates pages can have useless products.
  • Also check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies.

    2. Sell Ad Space

    One of the most popular and widely used way to make money from a website is by putting advertisements on it. We all recognize what ads appear as if, however did you recognize that they operate in many alternative ways in which like Pay Per Click, Pay Per one thousand Views or Pay Per timeframe.

    Everyone know what adverts look like, but some of them may don’t know how ads function! they function in various formats such as PPC (Pay Per Click), Pay Per Views (PPV) etc.

    The major drawback of selling ad space on a website, is that everybody know what they look like and avoid clicking those advertisements.

    When selling ad space, you generally have 2 options:

    1. Find work yourself and work with advertisers directly.


    2. Contact a mediator who takes care of bringing you advertisers and work.

    Everything relies upon you. Is this a business for you or is this only a chance to make profit?

    At UpdatedReviews, we generally lean towards searching advertisers from our end. By finding advertiser yourself you get paid more, build much better associations and can make generate superior results by doing better job.

    Setting ad space contribute only a little part of my total income but it is great to realize that money is nearly assured to come consistently.

    Keep in mind, Google hates the method of purchasing and selling links. Website owners usually buy links because search Engines like Google rank sites based on the quality and quantity of backlinks. When you are giving link to other website, it means you are informing search engines that you really trust those websites. Google loves this process to happen organically. If your website get caught for selling and buying links, Search engine like Google will definitely penalize your website by throwing your site out of organic search.

    Best Ways to make money online

    3. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense)

    As a business/website owner you must have heard about best and leading paid advertising platform on the web known as Google Adword which enables an advertise or promoters to target ads in the format of text and images based on various keywords & contents of the websites. Then there comes Google Display Network wherein Google search engine allows advertisers to put advertisements in the form of images and banners on websites, online stores, applications etc. who are part of the Adsense network. The search adverts are placed on the search engine before and after organic results which is directly owned by google however what about the image and animated ads which google displays on other web pages, online stores that it does not own, operate nor handle? this is the situation where google adsense comes in. Google Adsense is a part of Google network which permits publishers, website owners to accept adverts from directly from Google advertising network which are positioned with the help of Adwords. When publishers or website owners adds put on google advertisements to their own website or online store they makes money directly from the advertisers, website owners who deploy Google Adwords or Google Display Network.

    Putting adsense ads to a website is almost similar to selling advert space on your web page but just to a single advertising network which will display ads on advertisers website, therefore saving their valuable time as well as money. Google adsense based ads are targeted based on the content, category, interest and topic of the publishers website.

    One of the best thing about Google adsense network is that it is one of the simplest and easiest way for website owners, bloggers and webmasters to earn and generate income from their websites or web blogs. To begin with Adsense one requires to sign up / register with Google Adsense account, once the account get approved then they have to set up advertisements for each and every page on the site. Google Advertisements comes in different sizes and you have complete freedom of picking the promotions. To display these ads on the website one need to install ad code available in the HTML format which can easily generated from the adsense account.

    Adsense is a money making program designed by Google for bloggers, webmasters and website owners. With Adsense website owners can monetize their websites, online applications just by placing advertisements. If you are facing any trouble or need any help to start adsense on your website or blog you can easily contact Google Adsense specialists. And if you have already begin started with adsense then it is recommended you to go ahead with reading the Google Adsense rules and regulations for publishers before you go further.

    Google Adsense works on Pay per click model and you can make anywhere from $0.10 to $5 per click. Although, when your website start getting enough traffic, visitors, you can easily make hundreds even thousands of dollars every month.

    How to apply for for Google Adsense Account?

    Apply for Google AdSense – Before you apply for adsense account, make sure you go through with their latest Terms Of Service. Google's Terms & Conditions Of Service are very strict, so it is very difficult to get approved.

    4. Sponsored Reviews, Posts & Articles

    Accepting sponsored posts and articles is one of the most common ways to making good money from your website.

    When you have done the smart work of generating consistent traffic to your web page with an engaged community, there are a couple of best approaches to monetise your diligent work.

    For instance, many business and organizations look for blogs and websites that will promote their sponsored blog post content. Method of ‘Native advertising‘ like this works decently because it however lines up together with your website’s main content, therefore it comes across relevant and more clear.

    You can likewise review the products from an organization or business in an *advertorial* that is part content, part promotion or advertisement. For instance, if your site talks about the most recent mobile phones, computers and laptops, the manufacturer or distributor of one of those promotions would definitely LOVE/LIKE to have you review and highlight their products to your fans and followers.

    If done in a right or proper way, this can make a win/win situation. But done inadequately or imperfectly, with unessential or unreliable site content, and it can surely destroy all of the user’s believe and trust that you have earned why putting lot of efforts and hard work.

    5. Create a job board

    Creating a job board on your site is another easiest and simplest way to make extra money when people or companies looking to hire someone will allow to post a job on your board and users will apply for the job.

    Additionally, I have seen many small blogging website try to do follow this method and totally not succeed because it’s very competitive way and if you are not able to send them any use to apply for their job then it’s waste and useless for those people to post jobs on your website.

    As for the software concern, I would recommend you try ThemeForest, they have an amazing collection of various kind of job board plugins, templates and themes.

    It is highly recommended to charge a least amount at the starting so that you can attract more customers/users to your website and if they get applications as per their needs they will definitely return to your site.

    6. Accept Donations from Your Visitors

    Do not have much traffic or large numbers monthly/daily visits, but you have a well built online community? Directly ask your users to donate!

    Accepting contributions/donations is not a fastest route to make money, but, it can definitely help you to cover up your small expenses, if your readers like what you have got to say on your website and wish to support your journey.

    To give an example, PayPal offers donation buttons that you can add to your website very easily also it’s doesn’t require much time, offers you a quickest way to get back what you are spending on a web hosting Service, new service/product addition, research, development and all of the extra daily charges to maintain and keep your blog active. To give an example website like earns a lot of money because of donation option on their.

    7. Sell Your Own Digital Product (i.e. Ebook)

    By selling your product directly to your visitors potentially you can make more money on per sale basis.

    This is actually possible because there’s no mediator or any individual in between you and your potential buyers to take a share from the money you earned.

    This perspective looks fairly simple and easy to use as a result you can simply sell your product directly to your buyer through your website and make money instantly. It is unfortunate that it is not that simple task to do in reality.

    Making great items that are solid and accomplished actually require more amount of time and extra resources. Selling your own items with the help of your site likewise raise some tricky problems such as payment gateways option (the way you are going to collect payments), shipping & handling (how are you going to delivered the items to your buyers?), taxes and much more.

    What's more, if that does not seem sufficient work already, you will additionally require a very much attractive, powerful landing page to ensure your item has a solid conversion rate.

    8. Offer Premium Content

    A few sites and blogs give away a small piece of their content without any charges, and charge extra for the use of their premium content and other tools.

    For example Moz, they have a well-popular blog that provides information, guides and advice on broad range of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related topics. In addition of your users and viewers can decide to become paid members. Moz Pro costs $99 per month and give access to many amazing tool, guides, and other exclusive resources.

    For creating your website, I would recommend you to use ThemeForest to find a best theme.

    9. Sell Paid Directory Listings

    This is not most common way to make money but I seriously believe it should be.

    As a website owner I consider it to be a savvy approach to sell advertising, you see as opposed to putting and displaying advertisements on the sidebar of your website, you have a directory on your website or blog where you connect to various organization's, businesses and sites related to your industry and charge a small amount for the listing. If you charged fixed monthly amount, so to give an example, say you had listed 1000 companies in your registry and charged $10 per month, you would make $10000 per month.

    Anyhow, in reality this is advantageous to the readers of your website, for example you have a website about selling and buying mobiles online, in the directory could be a segment for the sellers, where mobile phone seller pay to list their products. Buyers will come and look for the right mobile phone as per their need and budget.

    Similar to a job board, you can add adverts to your blog, to promote the directory to ensure your customers are delighted with the number of visitors seeing their advert.

    10. Build an Email List

    Spend some of your time in reading blog/website growth ideas/suggestions, and you are sure to meet up with people talking “the money’s in the list“ and Email List is the list they are talking about.

    They are directly indicating to your email list, which contains your most reliable audiences. The main purpose of email list is to convert as much as strangers who visit your web page/blog for the first time into regular followers who wish to remain up-to-date with your latest work or content.

    In actual fact this is a time consuming technique and you certainly will not become rich overnight. But I guarantee that it is one of the outstanding, long term techniques.

    Never miss the significance in making relationships with your supporters, followers and regular visitors, nonetheless. Providing your followers with outstanding information or free help is an ideal approach to begin. Spamming your followers with spontaneous promotions is the speediest approaches to lose your trust in front of your followers and harm your long-term objectives.

    11. Sell Your Website/Blog

    Selling your website or blog can make you rich enough, or it could be simply a pleasant retirement fund. Whatsoever it will be, it can be a superior approach to get a whopping lump sum cash in your pocket. Normally, websites and blogs sell for 2 to 4 years income, although if your web page is old enough and it has something noteworthy about it or it has great command in your industry at that situation you can expect any figure you want. Being in the blogging industry for many years I have seen few blogging websites go for more than 200 years revenue and it didn't even get $100,000 twelve-month period (a year).

    Remember that all of your hard work will at last pay off and once it does it will be one of the most glorifying moments of one’s life.

    It is good to know that if you sold your blog/website for the revenue of 3 years and suppose it made $4000 per month, you would get $144000. But in actual to make that much of amount of money it could take around 7 or 8 years because of taxes and other expenses. Another factor you have to consider the time you took to build your business. Suppose it took you around 3 years to build your business and you sell for $144,000 – then it would be like making an additional $48,000 each year.

    Where can I sell my website?

    Flippa – One of the best and most popular website market to sell your site.

    12. Just Copy Others

    Last but not least and my personal favourite. Just copy what other website/blog owners are doing.

    A Quick Overview and Your Thoughts

    Undoubtedly I failed to share many other methods that you can use to make money from your site as well as blog, but this is a good begin! And of course there are numerous of other affiliate programs out there that you can utilize. But mentioned above are the main options to monetize your website: Pay Per Click (Google Adsense), Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Reviews, Selling Ad Space, Selling a Product, accepting Donations, selling your site or Selling Paid Directory Listing.

    At last I would love to hear your thoughts about this post! If you guys know any other best ways to monetize websites, feel free to share in the comment section. I’ll definitely add it in the above list.

    Good luck.

    Independence Day Web Hosting Offers & Deals 2020 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    Independence Day 2020 - Get huge discounts from Top Web Hosting Providers in India

    India is going to celebrate 73 years of Independence day on 15th August 2020. On the occasion of this great day many Top Web hosting companies and domain Name registration providers offering massive discounts on their services. To add extra excitement to our celebrations few hosting companies like BlueHost India giving huge 51% discount on it’s shared, VPS and Reseller hosting plans. Bigrock another popular hosting company in India offering upto 60% discount on all web hosting plans including Shared, Reseller, Cloud and KVM VPS hosting. Another well-known hosting & domain name registrar Godaddy offering massive discounts on all popular domain extensions. With this offer you can register your desired domains for guaranteed lowest prices.

    independence day web hosting sale

    There is no limit of the numbers of domain name registrations. You are allowed to register n numbers of domains with this special price. These are few deals which Godaddy offering on this independence day Rs.99 for .com domain, Rs.249 for .in, 249 Rs .org .biz .asia, Rs.65 for .Space and just Rs.99 for .club. Celebrate this independence day with amazing saving while buying hosting from hosting companies like GoDaddy, Bluehost India, BigRock and HostGator India etc.

    Also Check: The List of Top 20 Web Hosting Companies in India.

    Independence Day Web Hosting Sale 2020

    1. Hostinger India Up to 70 Off Independence Hosting Offer

    Hostinger India Independence day Hosting sale, Avail up to 70% off on all web hosting plans. Also you can get FREE SSL with every hosting plan your purchase from Hostinger as well as free domain name with selected hosting plans. Offer is valid for limited time only. Hurry...

    Details of Hostinger Independence Day Sale

  • Up to 70% off on Shared, WordPress Hosting
  • Up too 67% off on VPS Hosting
  • Up to 67% off on Cloud Hosting
  • Offer Valid till16th Aug 2020
  • Use Coupon Code: 10OFF to get extra 10% OFF
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    2. Bluehost Independence Day Sale - Upto 65% Off on Hosting

    BlueHost Independence Day coupon flat 65% off on Shared Hosting ($2.95/month + Free Domain Name), Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting. Flat 37% off on VPS & 27% off on Dedicated Server plans on all tenures. Grab this amazing offer now.

    Offer Date : 20th August 2020

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    3. HostGator India 55% Off Independence Day Web Hosting Offer

    HostGator is a popular Indian web hosting service provider offers Linux and Windows based shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers, cloud based hosting as well as domain name registration services at affordable cost. On the occasion of Independence day HostGator is offering super discounts on their web hosting services.

    HostGator Independence day Hosting offer, Avail flat 55% off on all web hosting plans from HostGator this independence day. Also you can get FREE SSL with every hosting plan your purchase from HostGator. Offer is valid for limited time only. Hurry...

    Details of HostGator Freedom Sale 2020

  • Flat 55% off on Shared, WordPress and Cloud Hosting
  • Flat 25% off on Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Flat 20% off on SSL certificates, SiteLock and CodeGuard
  • Offer Dates : 10th Aug to 12th Aug 2020
  • Coupon Code: HGI20IND
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    4. Godaddy Independence Day Sale - Upto 60% Off on Hosting-

    Godaddy India is honoring Independence Day by making it even more affordable for us to start an independent business website. Get your brand new venture online with up to 60% off on all hosting products and services.

    Offer Date : 15th August - 31st August 2020

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    5. ResellerClub Independence Day Sale

    ResellerClub- One stop shop for web hosting, Servers, Domain Names, Add-on services and broad range of reseller programs in India. ResellerClub web host offers, highly reliable, flexible, secure and cost-effective choices to host websites, domain registration services. This Independence day, ResellerClub is giving huge discounts on its hosting services. Checkout the ResellerClub's Independence Day Hosting Offers here.

    ResellerClub Upto 50% OFF Independence Day Offer 2020 is here!

    As promised, ResellerClub has Delivered amazing discounts this year. Now you can get upto 50% OFF on their web hosting products. This Independence Day ResellerClub is giving huge 50% OFF on its shared hosting services.

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    6. BigRock Independence Day Coupon Codes- Not Running

    Bigrock celebrating 73 independence day in a BIGGEST way, they are giving huge discounts on Web Hosting as well as Domain Name Registration. On the occasion independence day 2020 A bunch of Amazing offers are waiting for you, given below are some of them from BigRock hosting. Keep checking our website to get more amazing deals, these are few of the active independence day deals from Bigrock for limited time only so grab it before expires.

    47% Off on All Web Hosting

    BigRock Independence Day Hosting Coupons. Avail Flat 47% Off on All Web Hosting Plans including Shared, Reseller, Cloud and KVM VPS hosting. This Is one of the Best Offer From BigRock India right now! Hurry!!!

    Offer Date- Not Yet Announced

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    Rs. 99 Domains Coupon

    On this independence day BigRock is giving special coupon for .com domain registration. Register your desired Bigrock domain for just 99 Rs. Limited time offer valid till 31st Aug 2019. Being the most popular domain name extension the .Com is a sure fire money maker.


    Stay tuned with our website to get more amazing deals this Independence day

    Top 50+ Free High PR DoFollow Image Sharing Sites and Photo Sharing Sites List For Seo - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Images Sharing Sites List 2018: High PR image sharing sites are the best, powerful and effective technique to promote websites/blog and most of the webmasters and Bloggers are using Top High Pr dofollow Images/Photo Sharing Websites to promote their website and blogs. Below are few major benefits of using such High-authority Image sharing sites:

  • Generate High Authority Backlinks for Website/Blog
  • Best way to generate Huge referral traffic
  • Powerful way to Reach Right Audience/viewers
  • Helpful way to Increase Website Ranking/Improve SERP
  • Unquestionably, these photo/Image Sharing websites are very powerful particularly in targeting audience/traffic related to your niche. But as a website owner you need to be a bit careful for that because this can be only achievable if you target right Keywords related to your website. Therefore, keep an eye on the select and use of keywords. Also these image sharing website will help you to getting fast indexing of links by all the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

    Best off page SEO Techniques 2018

    image sharing sites list 2018

    What Exactly Are These Photo/Image Sharing or Hosting Websites?

    These Photo Sharing sites or image hosting website are absolutely free to use and one can easily bookmark images and photos their website as well as blog. Doubtlessly, it helps to obtain high quality backlinks and also help to improve website visibility in search engine result pages (SERP). In other words, by using these Free Image Sharing sites you can make your website/blog well popular because all of these photo sharing sites are extremely popular and by sharing your images on these websites can easily turn a good amount of referral traffic to your website/blog.

    See Top 100+ High PR Profile Creation Sites List 2018 for SEO

    Also check Instant Approval Article Submission Websites list.

    50+ Free High Pr Do Follow Image/Photo Sharing Sites List 2018

    There are a numerous of websites/blogs which provides the list of free image sharing sites, these numbers can be 100’s or 1000’s, although, there are some websites that are stated on other website are not functioning anymore. Here on this blog we have filtered some of the best photo sharing sites available online that will definitely save your precious time as well as efforts. So now have a look at the list of free image/ photo sharing sites:-



    Importance of High PR Image Sharing Sites?

    High PR Image Sharing Sites or Photo submission sites comes with good domain authority and getting high authority links to your websites are always beneficial. Few image sharing sites such as Pinterest, Google Photos and Flickr has domain authority of around 100. So you can easily get a quality link from a 100 domain authority website by just submitting an image at Flickr, Google photos or Pinterest. If you are able to get links from such type of authority websites will automatically help you to gain good SERP ranking. This list of images/photo sharing sites is having many good authority and High PR sites. All you have to do is create an eye-catching image related to your website, product and service and submit it on these sites.

    Increase the number of links just by submitting more photos on these sites and it will definitely help you to improve your website’s SEO efforts. Remember if you are regularly sharing fresh images into all of above mentioned websites then your web page or blog will always be on top in SERP and as a result you will see huge traffic. Keep in mind, you must share high quality images and these images should be good enough for describing the contents of your website, service or blog.

    List of High Quality Backlinks:

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  • Also Check : Best Off-Page SEO Strategies
  • Also Check : High PR Profile Creation Sites List
  • Also Check : Most Popular Social Media Platforms Worldwide
  • Also Check : Compare Web Hosting Plans India
  • Also Check : Top 50 High DA Free Video Sharing Sites list 2018
  • The Impact of GST on Digital India- The Future of SMEs on Online Marketplaces - 4.7 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    While the influence and effectiveness of GST on economy of India will still take some time to be reviewed under the light of facts, it would be interesting to know the immediate effects of GST on fast growing business sectors of India. One such sector is Digital Services. In our previous article we gave an overview of the effect of GST on ecommerce business of India. Let us be more specific and see how will it affect the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) selling their products on online marketplaces.
    Get your business online today with best web hosting services in India.

    goods and service tax impact

    The Healthy Growth of e-commerce

    In a study conducted by Internet and Mobile Association of India it was estimated that the e-commerce of India has crossed the milestone figure of 200,000 crores and reached a whopping 211.005 crores in December 2016. If the claims in the reports are something to go by the total revenue generated by the online retail industry of India will touch $100 billion by 2021.


    Before going further, let us have some introductory points associated with online marketplaces in India:

  • A surge in online marketplaces is proved by the legendary success of yesteryears start-ups like Flipkart, and Snapdeal as well as the entry of global leaders like Amazon.
  • These marketplaces generally charge the sellers either a commission on the products sold or a subscription fee.
  • Online marketplaces offer the sellers a fully managed digital store to display and sell their products.
  • Customers enjoy the triple benefit of competitive pricing, easy comparison ecosystem and ordering the product with a few clicks.
  • Some of the marketplaces offer the facility of managed fulfillment centers the ship the products to the end clients while many of them require the merchants to ship the items directly to the clients.
  • In order to further enhance the E-commerce business model in eh country the government also allows the FDI.

    Impacts of GST (Goods and Services Tax)

    Mandatory GST registration

    Though the other businesses need not bother registering with the GST until or unless they cross a certain turnover threshold, the case of e-commerce sellers is different. The turnover factor remains out of the equation when it comes to GST registration in case of e-commerce resellers. All the e-commerce resellers have to register themselves under GST irrespective of their total turnover.

    No Composition Scheme

    In order to facilitate the growth of SME enterprises there is a provision of composition scheme under GST Law. The scheme allows the SMEs to enjoy the almost unaffected growth by offering those dual benefits- filing the quarterly (instead of monthly) returns and rendering nominal tax rates at 2% or less. However, the SMEs involved in e-commerce businesses are excluded from this scheme.

    TCS (Tax Collected at the Source)

    There is another mechanism attached to GST in the context of online marketplaces. Known as TCS (Tax collected at the source) this mechanism made to mandatory for the online marketplace to deduct a prescribed percentage of total amounts that represent the GST liability of the seller. The amount needs to be deposited with the government. In order to claim the TS credit collected by marketplace operator, the seller needs t file monthly return under GST law. Understandably it will have a major impact on the liquidity for the SMEs that play a vital role in small business.

    Useful advice for SMEs with limited capital and experience

  • To start with complete your GST enrolments now. Here are the details of the enrolment process.
  • The effect on liquidity is inevitable and the only way out is to redesign your logistics and effective inventory management. Sort out the items according to the saleability and current demand. Be cautious of introducing any new items for now.
  • Revise your orders in waiting and halt any heavy orders if possible. Avoid buying in bulk until the full impact of GST on your business is clearly apparent. In short, try to be as modest in your business operations as possible. Focus on fundamentals rather than assuming any innovative business models.
  • Erroneous calculations can present a false picture of your business potential. A paradigm shift in the business model has a definite effect on your profits and costs. So, replace your calculators and other relevant resources with the GST compliant products so that you should have an actual picture of your business potential n the light of GST.
  • About Author: EverData Technologies is leading datacenter and cloud service provider in India that is focused on meeting the rapidly increasing data demands of Digital Revolution in India.

    Getting Your Website Online: The Complete Beginner’s Guide - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    How to Put Your Website Online?

    Putting a website online can be difficult task, basically, if you have never tried it before. In this article we have shared step-by-step guide for putting a website on the web.

    How to Get a Website Online

    • 1. Decide your website requirements: What kind of website do you have! Is this a personal web page, blogging website, small/medium business website, will it be online video or audio streaming website, etc. Capture your needs before you make a start with picking services so you can purchase the services that best meet your website requirements.
    • 2. Choose Concept of Your Site: You should analysis your market, figure out the best keywords for your website, what exactly your web page is going to speak, and start preparing content. Keep in mind you should never choose a website domain name or start creating pages for your website till you’ve decided a solid concept for it. This is one of the most crucial step of putting a most successful website online.
    • 3. Pick a perfect domain name: Read our article to help you choose a perfect domain name.
    • 4. Register your domain name: After choosing a domain name it is recommended to register your domain name as soon as possible. You may need to get extra options or alternatives which will point to your desired domain name. Pay attention, the domain you want to buy might be included for free of cost with best and cheap web hosting India company you will choose to host it. Don’t pay for a domain name if it comes with your web hosting package.
    • 5. Select a Best Web Hosting Provider: This is the most important step. Choose a reliable and best web hosting company and a hosting plan that meets your website needs.
    • 6. Build/design your website: With the help of HTML editor tool build the contents of your website. Do examination of your pages on regular basis using multiple web browsers. You can build your website with the help of templates or even hire a professional web design company based on your requirements.
    • 7. Upload your website to Server: Via an FTP client you will get from your hosting company, you can easily upload your website to your web server. Your website is live now and available online, can be viewed by anyone on the Web.

    Final step: Get Your Website to the Search Engines.

    Excellent, now you have a fully operational website. You could terminologically stop here for some time, and wait for prospective visitors to come to your website. But, in other words if you follow this, you will not receive any visitors to your website. Why?? just because your prospective users will be able to search your site in the search engines.! Most of all, what are the probabilities of user entering your exact website domain name in the search box?

    Nowadays every user use search engines to find anything online, mainly Google. But to make your website visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc. you require to submit your site to them manually.

    For the comfort of our valuable visitors, we have shared a few links to the search engine on which you can submit your website URL easily:

    Best Off-Page SEO Techniques and Strategies to promote your website.


    Getting a website on the web may seem little difficult in the beginning. There are numerous of choices and well as a website owner you do not wish to waste your precious time by opting the wrong choice. Now after reading this post I hope we informed you about the process behind getting on the web. However, this is but a quick summary of a really Comprehensive subject. It is recommended that you do more analysis before you choose a hosting provider or domain name registrar.

    Meanwhile you can check the list of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies offering free domain name with hosting packages.

    All the best!


    GoDaddy leader in the hosting industry has made decision to scrap its Cloud Servers product and service, which was started just over a year ago in March 2016 to help small companies take the advantage of scalable services similar to AWS for building, scaling and testing cloud solutions. It was geared toward small size organizations and businesses creating a minimum of a partial move to the cloud infrastructure.

    Godaddy Cloud Server Business

    The company clarified it rather wants to concentrate on OpenStack infrastructure instead of continuing development of its very own-branded cloud platform.

    “After serious consideration, we have decided to shut our cloud servers/hosting’ product. From the starting our main goal and motive was to design easy-to-use and scalable services for small, personal and medium sized business owners,” statement made by Raghu Murthi, SVP (senior vice president) of Hosting and Pro at GoDaddy. “We’re proud of what we built, established and now we are focusing on building a robust and scalable solutions based on OpenStack infrastructure. GoDaddy Cloud Servers given lot of learnings for us that we’ve already been applying to other products and services. All credit goes to the partners and especially the valuable customers who used our services.”

    As per the statement made by GoDaddy, its Cloud Servers product and services would stop being supported by end of this year probably by 31 December 2017, in fact applications being used as part of the company's collaboration with Bitnami cloud would no longer be supported and authenticated from 15 November 2017. Godaddy has encouraged its Cloud Servers users to rather move to GoDaddy VPS hosting plans before their time is gone.

    Meanwhile earlier in the week GoDaddy has already announced it will sell its European PlusServer business to BC Partners a London-based private equity firm for €397 million ($456 million). The company is considering to get rid of PlusServer business that it it acquired as part of its purchase of European rival Host Europe Group (HEG) last year.

    Godaddy $1/mo. hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

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