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Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari, a full-time Contributing Editor at, covers the website hosting, Web Servers, Website Security and technology space through comprehensive feature articles and reviews with the web hosting service providers in the industry. With around 5 years of experience in the hosting field, Neha utilizes her skills to keep readers and users up to date on the latest website hosting services, trends and evolutions.
Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2021 (Free and paid)

WordPress is one of the well-know and best CMS platform available on the web but still it is perfect. In case you are utilizing WordPress and have an easygoing approach with respect to security and protection, at that point you are strolling in a touchy situation. A web page created using WordPress CMS is much simpler, unexpectedly and effortlessly compromised by hackers. There are numerous of hackers knows about the faults of WordPress and don’t waste the chance to distort your web page. So in order to protect your website from hacker and other security related threats we are going to share the list top 10 best WordPress security plugins on this page.

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2021

Ultimate WordPress Security Tips to keep your Site Secure in 2021

When it comes to WordPress website security and safety, the proactive state is always better than reactive state. Preventing an issue or trouble before it happens will definitely save you precious time, hard-earned money, Headache and it is always better to fix the security related issue before it happened.

Keep Your WordPress Environment Up To Date

Be certain to follow some of the best, basic and easy practices related to security and protection of your WordPress, for example staying up with the latest plugins, themes, templates and other core updates. But it is advisable to take the backup of your website before updating anything so that in case anything goes wrong, you can easily revert your website to the earlier version from your backup.

So now question arises is how to make a WordPress based website more secure and protected? Generally in the World of web hosting especially WordPress, it always begins with choosing a reliable WordPress hosting service provider.

In case you are planning to buy web space on a server, without any doubt, you can easily get a shared server hosting solution between $5-$10 per month. In any case, if you wake and see your website hacked by hacker or see any kind of virus, do not hope for these web hosts to lift their hands to help you, their technical staff most likely have no time or their do not know how to assist you.

Also check: Free WP Reset plugin - One of the best WordPress Development Tool for Non-Devs.

Have Strong Login Credentials

Having a strong login credentials is one of the simple thing ad easiest effort you can do from your side. It is always recommended to avoid admin as your username and avoid password like admin123. Always use a password like mixture of letters, numbers, Symbols, upper and lower characters and make it as tough as possible.

One of the major reason why newbies do not like to use strong and tough password is because strong passwords are very difficult to remember. One of the best thing is that you do not have to remember your account no longer. Password manager is the best option that you can use to manage your password.

WordPress Hosting and It’s Role

WordPress web hosting service plays the crucial role to provide security and protection to your WordPress website. Top web hosting companies such as Bluehost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround take the additional precautions to ensure their web servers against regular risk and hazards created by hackers or identity stealers.

WordPress hosting providers gives highly secure and powerful environment for WordPress based sites. WordPress specialized hosting providers offer regular automatic backups, powerful security measures, automatic updates of WordPress environment and many other essential aspects to secure your website.

For secure and powerful WordPress hosting we recommend Bluehost. They are well-known provider of WordPress hosting and No.1 recommended host for WordPress hosting by

Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins and Services in 2021

Based on the significance of your website or blog and the size of your website, it is always worth giving your website security and protection some real consideration. Now we are going to share the list of 10 best WordPress security plugins and services so that you can choose the right and powerful security for your website.

Security related breaks and issues are not new for WordPress as these issues have been happening since the day one WordPress came into existence. Gratefully, WordPress is an open-source platform and due to this there are millions of powerful security plugins for WordPress that will keep your WordPress environment secure and safe.

Let’s now have a look at few of the top WordPress Security plugins available on the web!

Sucuri Security (Free)

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Sucuri is known as WordPress security specialists and their security related stuffs including free plugins are highly recommended and really worth downloading for your website use. It is one of the top WordPress Security Plugin. sucuri WordPress plugin- Best WordPress Security Plugins One of the biggest benefit of Sucuri plugin is that it automatically scans webpages for malwares, viruses and infected files. In case any security related issues happen, you can easily access Securi’s action monitoring log details to explore and find what may have occurred and in case you find your website compromised or hacked, you can easily restore it without any difficulty. These logs details are reserved safely and securely in the Cloud of Sucuri so that no hackers and identity stealer can not access or delete those files.

Wordfence WordPress Security

Top WordPress Security Plugins

I am assured that you must have heard about this plugin and have seen many other plugins and I am assure that Wordfence WordPress security plugin was on the top of those plugin lists. There are numerous reasons behind this:

Wordfence is a standout plugin amongst the most prominent, or one of the most popular and widely used security module for WordPress sites. With 2+ million active installations this plugin is continue growing and gaining more and more trust of WordPress CMS users globally.

One of the best feature of this plugin is live traffic. You can see traffic updates in real time as well as you can track hacking related attempts in real time. Wordfence is compatible with multiple devices including cell phone and mobile phone sign in.

It comes with many amazing features to block virus and malware attacks in real-time. In contains Two-factor Authentication for login security purpose. This features mainly used by government related agencies as well as militaries globally.

So in case you are looking for excellent WordPress security Plugin, than WordFence is the ideal security plugin for your needs.

Jetpack (Free and Paid from Rs.2000/year)

Top 10 WordPress Security Plugins

Jetpack is another well-known and widely used plugin in the WordPress community. In case you wish to use free version of Jetpack to enhance the performance and security of your website, you will have to set on the Protect module, which watches and protect your site opposed to brute force assaults.

Although the paid version of Jetpack contains all the crucial security related features. Premium version of Jetpack comes in three packages:

  • For just Rs. 2000/year, you can choose Jetpack personal package, which comes with daily automated backups, downtime monitoring, automated spam filtering and many more.
  • For just Rs.4200/year, you can choose Jetpack Premium package, which includes regular malware scanning, Automatic security fixes, Automated malware scanning and many other premium features.
  • By paying Rs. 9,600/year, you can opt to choose Premium Package of Jetpack, comes with Real-time automated backups, Unlimited archive, on-request malware scans and many other amazing features.
  • All-In-One WP Security & Firewall

    As the name itself suggests all-in-one WP security & Firewall. The All-in-One WP Security & Firewall is an exclusive security solution for WordPress based websites.

    This plugin takes WordPress security and protection to the new heights. The main role of this plugin is to block brute force attacks as well as many other amazing functionalities. This plugin helps WordPress site owners to put down most of the typical website related attacks.

    All-In-One WP (WordPress Security) Security plugin utilizes an unparalleled security points grading system to evaluate how perfectly you are safeguarding your site depend the security features you have turned on. This plugin works in such a way that it will not slow down your site.

    iThemes Security

    Top 10 best WordPress Security Plugins

    iThemes has been developing and supporting WordPress tools since 2008 and one of the well-known plugin of iThemes is BackupBuddy. With broad range of WordPress, plugins, modules and themes, Security of WordPress sites is the next move in giving you all that you need to create and protect the WordPress web.

    So in case you install iTheme security on your WordPress site, you are in protected because the plugin is maintained, managed and supported by iThemes itself.

    iThemes automatically bans users from getting to your site who have just assaulted different sites on the web. This is the best feature to protect your site against brute force attacks. This plugin will automatically and continuously reports IP addresses (Internet Protocols) of unsuccessful login tries and blocks them with the goal that your site is secured and safer.

    Top features of iThemes Include:

  • Entirely scan your website and immediately reports where the susceptibilities founds and fixes them in few seconds.
  • Bans troublesome user agents, bots as well as other hosts
  • Strengthens web server security and protection
  • Implement powerful passwords for each and every accounts of a configurable least role
  • Forces SSL for admin pages as well as any other pages and posts.
  • Recognize and blocks several attacks to your filesystem as well as databases.
  • The pro version of iThemes plugin enables additional layer of safety to WordPress based websites. Two-Factor verification – enable you to use a mobile based app to give an example Google Authenticator to create a code or have a created code emailed to you on your email address. Few of the top features of Pro version includes:

  • Easy updation of your WordPress keys as well salt.
  • Automatic Scheduling of Malware scan.
  • Automatically Generate strong passwords right from your profile screen.
  • Google reCAPTCHA to protect site against spammers.
  • An easy to use Dashboard Widget to manage your WordPress security
  • wp-cli Integration –to Manage your WordPress site’s security from the command line interface.
  • Import/Export Settings to saves time organizing multiple WordPress based sites.
  • VaultPress (from $39/month)

    best WordPress security plugin 2021

    Another plugin in the list of best WordPress security plugin is VaultPress and it also belongs to automatic family. It is secure, powerful, trusted and easy to use, most probably one of the best backup solution for websites.

    In this world no website is fully secured. Does not matter how much attempt you put into your website to keep safe from harm and security related breaks can still occur, due to this reason it is always suggest you to backup your website. regrettably , only a few webmasters and website owners follow this suggestion and huge number of webmasters does not take it seriously, don’t put yourself in this list.

    The backup of your website is similar to the duplicate copy of your website. In case anything wrong happen to your website such as any security related issue like virus or malware damage your website, you simple restore your website from the backup.

    This is the situation where this amazing plugin comes into action.

    VaultPress helps you to create planned backups as well as real-time backups, based on the package you have selected ad all the backups created are kept safely and securely off-site. In case of any trouble or difficulty you can restore these backups instantly.

    SiteLock Web Security

    sitelock WordPress security plugin

    Another most popular WordPress security plugin is Sitelock that comes with DDoS protection, virus/malware scan and many other amazing features needed to protect a website online.. SiteLock is one of the fastest and speediest web page security scanning service available on the web that automatically scan, discover, fix, settle and avoid any kind of difficulties and dangers, giving website owners complete peace of mind they actually deserve.

    Sitelock scans and inspects the website on regular basis Including themes, Top WordPress plugins and all available files for possible vulnerabilities that can harm websites and create security related troubles. In case any malware or virus discovered on your website, this security plugin automatically fixes them and let you know about them. By checking the scanning report provided by SiteLock, as a website owner you can instantly take an action to protect your website.

    BulletProof Security for WordPress

    This is another well-known and most-trusted Security plugin for WordPress based websites, that enables WordPress users to scan websites for malware, virus, create firewall, database backup, Anti-Spam and many more.

    BulletProof security plugin comes with one-click Setup Wizard automatically tat make it very easy to use without doing any major configuration. Once the setup process done, this plugin automatically discover the threats and fix them instantly in real time. t is always recommended and suggest to scan web page for any previous or old infected file or document once you done with the setup process. This plugin comes with IP based Firewall, which enable you to secure and protect your plugins.

    In case you are low on budget, BulletProof security plugin might be the ideal option for you. Just for $69.95 one-time fee, you can get this security plugin for your website without any recurring charges monthly or yearly charges.

    AntiVirus (Free)

    AntiVirus for WordPress based websites is a much easier to use, secure plugin to strengthen your WordPress powered webpages against abuse, malware, virus, spam injections and other security related threats.

    This plugin is easy to configure and daily scan your website including themes, databases and other files. In case plugin discover any suspicious activities or actions, it will inform you by sending notification on configured email address. Suppose your website developed on WordPress platform gets hacked by hackers, Antivirus plugin will help you to know about the related issue and you can quickly take an action to resolve the related issue.

    VIP Scanner - WordPress Plugin

    The VIP Scanner does precisely what the name suggest. It scans different files available on your web page, containing WordPress site themes and other available plugins. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to discover all the security escape clauses in your WordPress site. VIP Scanner gives you a chance to find all the security related loopholes in your site using WordPress.

    This security plugin for WordPress websites is effective and smooth to use. It comes with an user-friendly interface at the same it enable you to safe your website from viruses, hackers and malwares.

    So Let me tell you Which is the Best WordPress Security Plugins

    After analysing and comparing the top WordPress security plugins available on the web, We have discovered that Sucuri (complete website security) is one of the best security solution for WordPress based websites. This plugin comes with all the essential features you need for your websites in order to secure it, containing complete website scanning, DNS based firewall, DDoS protection, CDN solution etc.

    What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it Work? - 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    How often have you made an effort to disclose to your parents or relatives exactly how you persuaded to manage the cost of a new vehicle (car or bike) or latest android phone or a trip to an island regardless of only working part-time, just to be blamed for being doing some illegal business or activities? On the off chance that is the routine issue for you, you might need to ask you parents and relatives to go through this article.

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is one of the widely popular and oldest method of marketing and promotion in which you refer your friends, clients or online users to any online product or service and when those users make any purchase based on your suggestion, you receive a commission from service provider.

    The commission varies from $1 and can goes upto $10000 based on the type of product or service you are promoting.

    Basically affiliate marketing includes a service provider or company paying some amount as commission to other online individuals generally known as affiliates, just for referring new sales and business to the merchant's web page or online store. Affiliate marketing is 100% based on performance, which implies affiliate members just get paid when their endeavour really convert in a monetary or in a successful sale. In this post, I am going to share the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and all the related details you need to have knowledge of with regard to comprehend how does affiliate marketing actually works.

    One of the most viable question I hear is about how companies or merchants keep track of who is directing traffic, visitors and giving sales. The straightforward answer to this simple question is with a unique tracking URL or link given by the affiliate merchants or companies to their affiliates. The tracking URL provided by company is used to keep the record of traffic, visitors, sales and clients you are collecting through your website or any other channels.

    Also see Best Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

    Affiliate Marketing Explained

    So, in simple words, Many companies and online service providers who are into selling products and services as an illustration flowers, grocery, web hosting services, fashion related products or any other service and product, normally have an affiliate program. All you have to do is just sign up/register for their program and get your individual tracking link/id. Now start promoting your unique affiliate link via your website or social media channels or you can start writing about their products and services and include your affiliate link in your write-up. If your visitors make a purchase using your affiliate link, you get some amount as affiliate commission.

    How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

    Each and every affiliate programs has its own terms and conditions. To give and example most of the affiliate programs comes with minimum 45 days of cookies period means the customer you referred to the merchant need to be active at least for 45 days and once 45 day gets over you will get the commission for that sale.

    Below I am going to share the most frequent terms related to affiliate marketing programs:

  • Affiliate Members: Advertisers such as me you who are make use of affiliate program URL’s to advertise and generate sales.
  • Affiliate Platforms: On the web there are numerous platforms such as CJ ad Impact Radius. These affiliate platforms contains a database of all popular affiliate programs from different categories.
  • Various Affiliate Software’s: There are numerous of affiliate software available, mainly used by companies and businesses to create an affiliate programs for their own products and services. One of the most popular and widely used affiliate software is iDevaffiliate.
  • Affiliate tracking link: An affiliate link is known as a special and unique tracking url generated by affiliate program to track the details of your affiliate advertisements.
  • Affiliate tracking ID: This id is almost similar to the affiliate link we discussed above, however numerous of affiliate programs present a special ID which you can use to promote any product.
  • Payment Methods: There are various payment methods affiliate programs contain. Such as Paypal, Wire Transfer, Direct deposit, cheque and many more.
  • Percentage of Commission: This known as the amount of percentage you will getting for the sale you generate for affiliate merchant.
  • Two Tier Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best way to generate income from affiliate programs. In this kind of affiliate marketing, you refer others to join particular affiliate programs and once that affiliate member generate sale to affiliate merchant, you get a commission. You can also say sub-affiliate commission.
  • Custom affiliate accounts: Dissimilar to a normal affiliate account, a large number of affiliate merchants and companies offer custom affiliate accounts and income to the affiliates generating more sales and business for them.
  • Custom Discounts, Deals & Coupons: Several affiliate programs permit affiliate members to create custom coupons, offers and discounts which can be utilized to track sales. These custom discounts and coupon codes help you to grow affiliate sales as well as your income.
  • Affiliate Link Cloaking: Most of the affiliate tracking URL’s does not looks good. Making use of link cloaking tools like URL shorteners or other tools offered by affiliate programs, you are enabled to modify ugly affiliate tracking url’s to easy to understand links.
  • For online businesses, companies and organizations presenting an affiliate marketing programs, this is a perfect method of free of cost advertisement of their business, products and services and they are saving huge money on marketing.

    To give an example, at any time, you see any kind of coupon codes, discounts or links to the deals, oftentimes these are affiliate url’s and when you make any purchase using these links website owners or affiliates get money.

    I am sure now you get clear idea what affiliate marketing is all about & how does it works.

    I also hope this easy to understand beginner’s guide and FAQ’s related to affiliate marketing will assist you to get started easily. In case you have got any other questions or queries related to affiliate marketing, feel free to drop a line to me in the comments area below.

    Interested in our articles! Make sure to join our newsletters to get these kind of write ups direct in your inbox.

    If you feel that this article is informative for your, feel free to share with your friends and social media channels.

    The 20 Best Web Hosting For India Companies 2021 (Reviewed) - 5.0 out of 5 based on 84 votes

    Top 20 Best Web Hosting for India Websites 2021 (Reviewed)

    Web Hosting is must in order to make a website accessible on the internet. There are many top rated web hosting companies in India and world providing services related to website hosting, server, web design, website advertising and marketing.

    What are the hosting service companies which offer the best and affordable hosting solutions in India? This is one of the difficult question to answer but there are beyond question few we can shortlist based on many factors like cost, quality of services, customer support service, uptime and many more.

    Best Web Hosting India 2021

    The Best Website Hosting for 2021 has to be much Faster, Credible, Secure, Easy-To-Use as well as it must include 24/7 expert customer support. Wish to dive directly into the answer? The best web hosting in 2021 around the world is for sure Bluehost India.

    At the beginning hosting service looks like a very difficult task for most of the people. Traditional shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, fully Managed hosting, CPU cores, Uptime, Data Centre, RAM, Storage, CDN, SSL, Bandwidth. It's all infinite.

    Being in the industry for a long time we have successfully monitored several websites/blogs for our own selves. Making use of our direct understanding, Our team of hosting reviewers worked hard using everyone of the hosting choices and services available and limited it down to the best hosting companies 2021

    Go through the detailed hosting reviews given below, in addition, tricks for saving some money, best hosting coupons, information about the different types of hosting services, as well as our technique for picking the best-in-class web host for your website/blog/online project. How about we get started.

     We have Reviewed, Ranked and Evaluated Web Hosting Companies based on the below mentioned factors:

    Reputation & Popularity: On this page we have reviewed almost every popular hosting companies available on the web as well as the ones which are suggested by our users. Feel free to use our contact us page in order to share your tips.

    Speed & Performance: Before writing web hosting reviews of companies, we have tested their services by hosting an exclusive test sites with them in order to verify hosting solution and services provided by them.

    Reliability & Uptime Guarantee: All hosting companies listed here are providing excellent uptime and you will get 99.9% of uptime guarantee with these hosting service providers.

    Features: Due to heavy competition in the hosting industry many web hosts are offering amazing features with hosting packages. All hosts listed on this page have the standard functions you accept from a best hosting service provider such as cPanel (Control Panel), PHP, Perl, MySQL, MS SQL and also business e-mail.

    Customer Support: Customer support is another important factor of a best hosting service. All the hosting firms listed here are offering customer support in various formats such as live chat, email, ticket, email, toll-free etc. which is available 24/7 to assist you.

    Planning to start a WordPress blog! Read our detailed guide on How To Start a Blog With Bluehost.

    At A Glance: Top 14 Best Web Hosting For India

    1. Bluehost India - The Friendly Web Host with Best Uptime (Rs.199/Mo. + Free 1 Yr Domain & SSL)
    2. Hostinger India - Cheapest and reasonable Web Hosting (Rs.59/Mo. + Free SSL)
    3. A2 Hosting - Best known for Turbo Server Powered hosting ($2.99/Mo. + Free SSL & CDN)
    4. HostGator Cloud - Simple and Reliable Unlimited Hosting ($2.75/Mo. + Free SSL Certificate)
    5. GrenGeeks - Best Green Web Host ($2.95/month + Free Domain & Wildcard SSL)
    6. FastComet - Hosting for Web Designers and novices ($3.95/Mo. + Free Domain Transfer & SSL)
    7. InMotion Hosting - Hosting with Excellent Support and Numerous Amazing Features ($2.49/Mo. + Free SSL)
    8. iPage - Best Hosting for Small Websites but Limited Plans and Support ($1.99/Mo. + Free Domain & SSL)
    9. HostPapa - Innovative and Reliable Green hosting (Rs.99/Mo. + Included Free Domain & SSL)
    10. Bigrock - Reasonable Hosting Service, Unreliable support (Rs.59/Mo. + Free SSL)
    11. SiteGround - Best Value Web Hosting with Excellent WordPress Support ($6.99/Mo. + Free SSL)
    12. Znetlive - A Fastest Growing Cloud Host in India (Rs.49/mo.)
    13. FatCow - Reliable Hosting Services for Everyone ($3.15/Mo. + Free Domain & SSL Included)
    14. InterServer - Extremely Fast Under moderate loads ($5/Mo. + Free SSL & Try 1st Mo. at $0.01)

    Scroll down to read more about these hosting companies

    Each web host provider listed here in the top 20 list of hosting companies offers these amazing features:

  • MYSQL, MSSQL Databases
  • CGI, PHP 5, Ruby On Rails, Perl, Python
  • Support Microsoft FrontPage extensions
  • Multiple POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts
  • Choice of Operating System
  • Unlimited domains, subdomains and add-on domains
  • Daily/Weekly Data Backups
  • Free website building tools with free templates
  • Unlimited FTP Access
  • Free website statistics, virus scan & spam protection
  • SSL/TLS with all hosting packages
  • Atleast 30 days unconditional moneyback guarantee
  • 24/7 expert technical support via email, chat, ticket or phone
  • Minimum 99.9% of Uptime Guarantee
  • How to pick out the most effective web Hosting Provider?

    Without getting quality and reliable web hosting service, you can not even imagine to run a successful website. one of the biggest mistakes website owners will do is to settle on a web hosting service provider thoughtlessly. In the process of getting a website online, the one and only situation that needs few thoughts, huge attention and analysis is choosing a perfect and top leading web hosting provider.

    Few Technical Specifications That A Good Web Host Should meet

    At the time of buying a website hosting service the first thing you need to consider is the amount of web space and bandwidth you need for your website.

    If you are going to have lots of animations, graphics, more number of pages and getting huge amount of traffic to your website, then you need huge amount of bandwidth/transfer and web space. There are many companies providing unlimited hosting plans which are best in case you need unlimited resources for your website. If your website is getting less amount of traffic then you can go with a basic shared hosting package with limited resources. One more thing you need to keep in mind is the compatibility of operating system that a hosting company provide.

    Reliability and uptime are other important factors need to consider while looking for web hosting. A host can be considered as good if they are able to provide guarantee of 99.9% uptime. Many hosts claims to offer 99.9% uptime but in reality they don’t provide it.

    Check for the Security Features

    Opting for a website hosting firm without knowing about the available security features can be a blunder mistake. Factors like firewalls, regular backups, malware/virus protection should be clearly mentioned by hosting company. It is additionally good to get notifications whenever any changes are made as a result of they'll give you with a warning to suspicious/dubious activities.

    Explore the Technical Support and Customer Service Offer by Web Host

    Customer support is must required thing for web hosting services. So it is important xplore the support offered by hosting provider. Make sure that your selected host offer 24/7 support in order to fix your issues and solve your queries. A reliable service provider offer support via various medium such as toll-free, live chat, email or ticket system.

    Few Important Things to consider while selecting a Best web host

    At the time of hunting for a best web host provider is it good to understand what you are looking for in your hosting company in India. With numerous of hosting companies available on the web and each one is promising to have 99.9% uptime guarantee, unlimited resources such as Web space, bandwidth, and excellent customer support. Therefore, you should choose the right one for your website. Also Check Web Hosting Comparison.

    Few of the important features you should consider when Choosing a Web host:

  • Unlimited Resources (Bandwidth + Web Space)
  • Local Customer support via phone
  • Extra features
  • Money back guarantee
  • Enhanced protection from malware and unwanted threats
  • SSL Security
  • Protection from Malware and spam
  • Free domain name
  • Free Easy-to-use site builder
  • e-Commerce Tools
  • Multiple servers to make sure that your website is in safe hands
  • Marketing Credits including Google Ads, Bing and Yahoo
  • Scalability to customize your site based on your needs
  • Reputation – A company can be considered as good if they have good reputation for providing consistent service

    Below we have listed few points which will help you to make wise decision. With complete expertise and knowledge, you will be able to make a choice of the reliable web hosting service.


    As a website owner you want to have hosting service at an affordable rates, but at the same time you also need a reliable provider. Keep in mind the old proverb, you get what you pay for. While purchasing hosting plan you need to ensure that they have in-house support team, not out-sourced from third party. In-house support department and branded, reliable hardware is always costs more. One and only thing you need to make sure that you are getting the services of a best hosting provider for your money. Before making any decision you should compare the characteristics of each provider offers.

    Specialties and Area of focus

    In actual fact not every web hosts match the needs of every websites. Few companies offer excellent shared hosting plans but they don’t provide solutions that are required for growing and well-established businesses, at the same time others have excellent enterprise level solutions but are not suitable for someone with a personal or non-commercial blog. Before buying hosting from a company you must go through the area of focus and specialties of that company and select the one which understand your exact needs and requirements. Head over to social media websites to get opinion about the services provided by that host, search for the reviews and comments on the various hosting review website on the Internet probably you will many advantages and disadvantages of that particular company.

    Features and Extras

    Once you are ready with the list of your choices, you need to know what makes your selected host stand out of the crowd. What Addons and Extras they offer? Is their website easy to navigate? Do they offer free domain name and Site building tools? DO they offer free marketing credits for Google, Bing and Yahoo ads? DO they provide daily/weekly backups, have multiple data centers, free Search Engine Submission etc.? Is domain privacy included for free or is there any extra charges for this features? So it is highly recommended to check all the extras provided by company before signing up.

    Customer Support Service

    A good host must have a team of dedicated customer support so that in case of any emergency you can get help from hosting expert at any time. If there is no such team available with a host then you could be in a huge trouble and it can lead you to shut your website.

    One of the most important factor you should look out while looking at a hosting providers customer service is, do they offer live chat customer support? So that you can contact then instantly in case of any trouble.

    Scalability or Room to Grow

    At last, another important factor you need to carefully consider about your hosting service provider and the hosting plan you select is do they fit into your plans from the future prospective? As a website owner you want to be ensure that your selected service provider is efficient of allowing your website to grow. You should have the capability to upgrade your account at any point of time. Many top leading providers offer this option and many make upgradation process easier and straightforward than others do. If there is no option to upgrade your account then you need to transfer your hosting account to another new hosting provider, it is always time taking process and need more effort from your side.

    Top 20 Best Web Hosting India 2021

    Here is the list of top 20 Best Web Hosting companies in India for 2021



    BlueHost India

    At a Glance

    • 50 GB SSD Space
    • Unmetered Bandwidth
    • Host Single Website
    • Free Domain, CDN & SSL
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • Exclusive 60% OFF




    Bluehost Review


    Visit Site


    Hostinger India

    At a Glance



    Reviews Reviews


    Visit Site


    Hostgator Web Hosting

    At a Glance

    • Host Single Website
    • Unlimited Space/Transfer/Emails
    • $200 Google/Bing Ads Credit
    • Free Site Transfer, cPanel
    • WordPress, Joomla,Magento, Drupal etc.
    • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Hostgator Reviews


    Visit Site


    A2 hosting review

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Web Storage
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Free SSL, SSD & cPanel
    • Free & Easy Site Migration
    • Anytime Money Back Guarantee
    • Upto 51% OFF Coupon




    A2 Hosting Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
    • SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail A/C's
    • Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
    • FREE Domain Name & SSL Certificate
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




    Greengeeks Reviews


    Visit Site


    Fastcomet Hosting

    At a Glance

    • Host Single Website
    • 15GB SSD Storage & Unlimited Traffic
    • Latest cPanel with Softaculous
    • Free Domain Transfer
    • 45 Days Money Back
    • Free Cloudflare CDN




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site


    inmotion hosting India

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Disk Space & Transfer
    • Websites Supported 2
    • $250 Free Advertising Credits
    • Free Domain, SSL & SSD
    • 90 Days Money Back Guarantee
    • inMotion Coupon-56% Off




    InmotionHosting Reviews


    Visit Site


    iPage India Hosting

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth
    • FREE Domain Name, Site Builder
    • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • $200 worth of advertising credit
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • iPage Coupon-75% Off




    Ipage Reviews


    Visit Site


    Hostpapa India

    At a Glance

    • 100GB Disk Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Host 2 Websites
    • Free Domain Name
    • 30-Day MoneyBack Guarantee




    Hostpapa Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • 20 GB Disk Space
    • 100 GB Bandwidth
    • Host Single Domain
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • 30 Day MoneyBack Guarantee
    • Bigrock Coupon-50% Off




    BigRock Reviews


    Visit Site


    Siteground India

    At a Glance




    SiteGround Reviews


    Visit Site


    Znetlive Hosting India

    At a Glance

    • 600 MB Web Space
    • 3GB Bandwidth
    • Host a single website
    • Free Domain Registration
    • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee




    Znetlive Reviews


    Visit Site


    fatcow india

    At a Glance

    • Unlimited Server Space & Bandwidth
    • Host Unlimited Domains
    • Free Site Builder & Domain
    • 30 days Money back Guarantee
    • Free Marketing Credits worth $200




    Fatcow Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
    • Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    • CONTROL PANEL Included
    • Unlimited Emails
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • 99% Off InterServer Coupon




    InterServer Reviews



    At a Glance

    • 40 GB SSD Space
    • 10 Email Accounts
    • 5 GB Bandwidth
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Low Priority Support




    HostingRaja Reviews


    Visit Site


    CloudWays Logo

    At a Glance

    • 1 GB RAM
    • 1 Core Processor
    • 25 GB Storage
    • 1 TB Bandwidth
    • Free SSL & CDN




    CloudWays Review


    Visit Site


    ResellerClub india

    At a Glance

    • Host Single Domain
    • Unmetered Disk Space
    • Unmetered Data Transfer
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Free cPanel, SSL




    ResellerClub Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • 1000 MB Web Space
    • 5 GB Transfe
    • 10 Emails
    • 2 FTP Accounts
    • cPanel & Softaculous




    HostSoch Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • Free Domain included
    • Host Unlimited Domains
    • Unlimited Traffic
    • Fast SSD Storage
    • Free SSL Certificate




    DreamHost Reviews


    Visit Site



    At a Glance

    • Host 1 Website
    • 1GB SSD Disk Space
    • 10GB Bandwidth
    • Free SSL, cPanel, Softaculous
    • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee




    MilesWeb Reviews


    Visit Site

    Reasons to Choose these Hosting Service Providers

    There are numerous of reasons to choose these providers as your hosting partner. Few of the top reasons are listed below.

    Web Hosting Extras and Addons

    Most of the hosting providers claims to offer unmetered or unlimited bandwidth along with web space, but is very important check whether they really provide it or not. Each and every web host provides different addons with hosting packages such domain name, addon domain, sub-domains, email accounts and most of them claims to provide unlimited.

    There are only few hosting companies like iPage and Bluehost actually provide unlimited resources with their hosting packages at affordable rates. With iPage you can get unlimited hosting just for $1.99/month which lowest in the hosting industry. If you opt for Bluehost’s hosting you can get hosting with unlimited resources for Rs.199/mo.

    All web host listed on this page provides money back guarantee with all their hosting packages to ensure risk free trial. You can cancel your hosting account anytime if you are not happy with the services.

    Reliability / Uptime Guarantee

    Nothing is better than having a round the clock functioning website. You need to choose a web hosting provider with a highly powerful server and solid network connections. Around 99.9% uptime score is best in the hosting industry.

    There are many ways to check the uptime score of a web host. One of the simplest way to do this is reading web hosting reviews on this website because we have analysed their uptime and published the records on our website. Another way to track uptime of your host is website monitoring tools which are available free of cost and very easy to use.


    Getting a trustworthy website hosting solution is a biggest decision because it impacts how you web page compete with other websites in the upcoming years. If you notice any difficulty with your host, there is no point to abide with it since there are many other options available. In other word you should not stay with a host if it is not compatible with your website.

    Below are the short details about Best Web Hosting Service Providers of 2021:

    ➀ BluehostBlueHost Reviews

    Bluehost is one of the most popular largest hosting companies in India providing hosting services all over world. Bluehost is a owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), which is having more than 60 web hosting brands under its umbrella. Bluehost is having more than 20 years of experience in the hosting industry founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton, it has gained huge reputation as a top web hosting companies in the hosting industry.

    Here’s what you get for just $2.95/month.

  • A FREE Domain Name for one year
  • Fast, high quality & reliable hosting
  • Free Site Builder
  • Freem SSL Certificate
  • One-click WordPress Install
  • Top notch 24/7 customer support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Free cPanel control panel
  • Bluehost web hosting start from $2.95/month contains unlimited web space, email account and bandwidth with free website builder tool, instant setup, 24/7 support and 30 days money back guarantee. Read detailed review of Bluehost here.

    ② Hostinger IndiaHostinger India Review

    Hostinger India is one of the lowest cost hosting service providers that cost as low as Rs.49 per month when opting for 48 months billing cycle. A Lithuania (Europe) based hosting company, founded in 2004 with data-centers in 6 locations around the world including India, USA, UK, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia. Currently servicing 29 millions users from 178+ countries. They are one of the largest web host with 15K (15,000) new sign-ups on daily basis.

    The web host has excellent collection of hosting plans, each and every hosting service is optimized for WordPress. One think which we liked the most about their service is that SSH, WP-CLI and GIT integrated on all WordPress plans. The providers has gained huge popularity due to its SSD powered hosting at lowest cost.

    One thing which make them unique from others is their first term hosting cost of cheaper than a buck per month. The basic plan is available at just Rs.59/month. This is one of the lowest price hosting service we have seen, however this is just an introductory offer for 1st billing term, once your account up for renewal you will be charged Rs.435/month.Also check Web Hosting services with free website migration.

    Hostinger hosting packages include 30 days money back guarantee. In case you feel not comfortable using their service, you will be provided with full refund of your money within first 30 days of purchase, no question asked. Pricing

  • Shared [email protected] Rs.59/month (48 Months Billing Cycle)
  • Cloud [email protected] Rs.599/month (48 Months Billing Cycle)
  • VPS [email protected] Rs.285/month (48 Months Billing Cycle)
  • WordPress [email protected] Rs.59/month (48 Months Billing Cycle)
  • Here’s what you get for just Rs.59/month.

  • Choice to host 1 Website
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 1X Processing Power & Memory
  • 10 GB SSD Storage
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • Powerful Custom-Developed Control Panel
  • Hosting optimized for WordPress
  • 1-Click Installer
  • Hostinger is an excellent choice for the individuals who are just starting their website or blog. If you are from India, you will get to enjoy an incredible server response time of 80 ms and when it comes to other countries around the world, they perform damn fast.

    In case you are looking for cost-effective, at the same time effective MySQL, PHP & FTP hosting solution, look no further than Hostinger hosting. Created to support small business owners, individual website owners and growing businesses with free domain name, unlimited storage space, bandwidth and premium customer support.

    ③ FastCometFastComet

    FastComet is one of the fastest growing hosting company, headquartered in San Francisco. They feature a global customer base of more than 45,000 across 83+ countries including India and USA. Official records shows that this company started their venture as a system administration service provider by offering services to private and business clients. They expanded into web hosting and public cloud hosting service industry in late 2013.

    Here’s what you get for just $3.95/month.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free domain name transfer
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Availability of 2GB RAM
  • Free SSD Storage
  • 45 Days Money Back
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL & Cloudflare CDN Free SSL
  • Free 24/7 Priority Support
  • Their different customer base is supported and backed by their 8 Strategically located powerful data centers in major cities such as Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo etc. FastComet is a quite new hosting company that offers a wide variety of web hosting services at reasonable rates. Services offered by FastComet includes Shared, Cloud VPS, dedicated hosting, Open Source hosting etc.

    ④ SiteGroundSiteGround

    Siteground is founded in 2004 by a group of IT guys, with around 13 years of experience in the hosting industry it hosted more than 500,000 domains worldwide from its head offices in Humble, New York and Texas. Siteground also has branch offices in Sofia and Bulgaria to supervise their European operations. SIteGround has positioned themselves as one of the high-quality and well-crafted web hosting solution providers. Read SiteGround Reviews here.

    Here’s what you get for just $6.99/month.

  • Unmetered Data Transfer
  • Free Drag & Drop Builder
  • Unlimited MySQL DB
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 30 Days Money Back
  • SSD & SSL included
  • Free Site Builder & CDN
  • Siteground is giving flat 60% off on their web hosting packages. Now you can get Siteground’s SSD Shared hosting just for $6.99/month regularly $14.99/month. SiteGround offers a range of website hosting solutions in the range of Linux based shared hosting, all the way to Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated servers and Reseller server hosting solutions for large enterprises and fastest growing sites.

    ⑤ inMotion Hosting

    Visit inMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting is largest privately owned and operated web hosting companies in the world. They’ve been in the industry since 2001 and has grown a huge customer base of more than 300,000 domains with two highly secured data centers which are located in Los Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VA. Similar to Bluehost, InMotion Hosting is an affordable, high performance web hosting provider that is widely recommended hosting option for small businesses, start-up firms, and large enterprise websites.

    Here’s what you get for just $3.99/month.

  • Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • FREE Site Transfer!
  • FREE 1-Click Installer
  • Free Advertising Credits worth $150
  • Free SSL & SSH Access
  • InMotion Hosting is one the of the few large, immovable hosting companies available on the web like FastComet that is not owned by EIG (Endurance International Group) – Which is operating more than 60+ Hosting sites like Bigrock, Bluehost and iPage. Checkout Detailed Review of inMotion Hosting here.

    ⑥ HostGator

    Visit HostGator

    HostGator is a top leading and largest web hosting providers, with more than 8,000,000 hosted domains and websites globally. At present they have more than 850 employees to give us expert 24/7 customer support and assistance. HostGator is an amazing hosting service provider that offer array of easy to use and feature-packed hosting plans for individuals, small businesses and large enterprises. It is one of the top choice for Shared, Cloud and WordPress hosting services.

    Here’s what you get for just $2.75/month.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth & Web Space
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts
  • Free HostGator Website Builder
  • Free Website Transfer, Domain Transfer,
  • $200 Google Adwords & Bing Ads Credits Offer
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support
  • HostGator Hosting Plans are much affordable, starting at just $2.75/month (3 Years or 36 Months Term) and come with unlimited amount of Bandwidth/data transfer, free SSL certificate and many more. make sure to check their renewal prices before signing up with them because their renewal charges are little higher - $6.95/month. They offer cost-effective shared, Cloud, VPS, Dedicated server and WordPress hosting plans. Read more about HostGator here.

    ⑦ iPageiPage Reviews

    iPage is another best hosting companies providing services in India currently hosting over 1 million websites worldwide. A web hosting leader since 1998, with more than 18+ years in the hosting industry they are concentrating on offering cheapest hosting services with amazing features.

    Here’s what you get for just $1.99/month.

  • FREE domain registration
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • FREE email address
  • FREE 24/7 support
  • FREE drag and drop site builder
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • FREE domain transfer
  • $500 in Extras
  • You can get hosting for just $1.99/month with a free domain name, easy to use website builder, unlimited bandwidth, web space and unlimited email accounts with 24/7 expert support. Apart from unlimited resources you will also get marketing credits worth $200 for Google, Bing and Yahoo ads. Apart from these amazing features you will be provided with enhanced security tool which is excellent in order to protect your website from virus, malware and other unwanted threats. Read my iPage Hosting Review here.

    ⑧ Bigrock


    Bigrock is globally known domain registrations provider which also offer web hosting. At the beginning it was owned and operated by Directi India, Founded in the year 1998. Few years back it is acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group) the biggest hosting player on the earth.

    Here’s what you get for just Rs.59/month.

  • Host One Website
  • 20 GB Server Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • PHP 5.2 to PHP 5.4, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python
  • CloudLinux, cPanel, Apache, MySQL
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • DirectI is the first ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar of domains in India and they started their operations through top hosting brands like Resellerclub and It has gained huge popularity in little time having headquarters Directiplex, Old Nagardas Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, India.

    ⑨ HostPapaHostPapa

    HostPapa India is in the hosting industry since the year of 2006. So it is well experienced web hosting provider. Hostpapa is globally recognized hosting company and to server Indian customers they offers a different site. Hostpapa is a best option for both Indian and other countries customers. One of the best thing about their service is that they have kept really low prices for Indian customers. But the good news for Indian customers is that the prices for Indian customers are really low and one can buy hosting from HostPapa in Indian currency.

    Here’s what you get for just Rs.199/month.

  • Two websites
  • Free domain registration
  • 100GB of disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • Free Let's Encrypt SSL & cPanel
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Softaculous with 400+ Free Apps
  • HostPapa is a Canada based web hosting provider which is independently owned and operated, rather than being associated with some big corporation you've never known about. The organization presents itself as somewhat extraordinary to the top web hosts, as well, featuring qualities such as its expert support and assistance for sustainable business practices and Eco-friendly/green web hosting.

    ⑩ GreenGeeks


    GreenGeeks has been offering environment-friendly hosting services since 2006. Individuals and businesses of all sizes and types can partner with GreenGeeks for high quality, Shared, VPS, Reseller and WordPress hosting. Unlike other web hosts we looked at, GreenGeeks has three to four plans for each and every hosting service they offer. Each and every hosting plan contains enough amount of storage space as well as strong security options, along with SSL certificate, CloudLinux Servers and CloudFlare CDN on its all plans.

    Here’s what you get for just $2.95/month.

  • Unlimited SSD Web Space, Bandwidth, Domains
  • Free Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 300% Offset with Renewable Energy
  • Free Let's Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • SSD-based RAID-10 Storage Arrays
  • Founded in 2006 by Trey Gardner and hardhearted in California, USA. At present they have 35,000+ customers around the world and has served more than 300,000 websites. GreenGeeks is World's #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Company. As an eco-friendly, Green Web Hosting company, it has committed itself to leaving a positive vitality impression and replaces utilized energy with three times the energy credits that are consumed. When you host your site, blog or web applications with GreenGeeks, it is hosted on the World's most Environmentally Responsible Web Hosting Platform.

    ⑪ Fatcow

    Fatcow aims to provide exclusive business solutions like website management, domain name registrations, email accounts, web services, eCommerce services, marketing services and resources and many other small business solutions worldwide.

    With Fatcow you can get free domain names, unlimited web space and bandwidth and their hosting packages are powered by 100 % green energy. Additionally they provide easy to use site builders tool, $100 Google Ads Credits and $100 Bing Ad Credits and also you will be provided with 1GB free cloud storage. Their powerful software, applications and excellent services make the user experience more adequate.

    ⑫ HostGator India

    HostGator is another most popular choice amongst website owners and webmasters because of its reliable, features rich and secure services. founded in 2002 a Houston, Texas based hosting company, with more than 9 million domains hosted it has become a leader in the hosting industry. In 2012 they launch Indian website to server Indian customers and today they have lots of satisfied customers. Hostgator is the good option if you are searching for for VPS or Dedicated server Hosting. Read HostGator India Review here

    ⑬ InterServer

    Visit InterServer

    InterServer is another best and high quality hosting service provider, Founded by Michael Lavrik & John Quaglieri, InterServer is a New Jersey US based service provider that’s been in the hosting industry since 1999. In the beginning launching as a virtual hosting account re-seller, the web host has grown over the past 19 years and now manages two highly secured data centers in New Jersey and continuously expanding to additional locations around the world, including India and other countries.

    Here’s what you get for just $5/month.

  • Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage
  • SitePad Website Builder
  • Unlimited Storage Space, Transfer
  • Raid-10 Storage
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free SSL & Website Migration
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • With InterServer you will discover a variety of web hosting options to choose from as for example Shared, Cloud VPS, Dedicated server plans, collocation services as well as website building tools at reasonable cost. The majority of InterServer's hosting plans accompany a broad suite of features that make building and keeping up your site, blog and an online presence simple.

    ⑭ ZnetLive India

    ZnetLive India is one of the reputed and reliable web hosting companies in India in the year of 2002 to provide the quality and Best web hosting solution all over world including India. Basically Znetlive is an Indian based company but it is also providing services in US and Singapore and having it’s servers in America and Singapore too. Znetlive has got many awards & accreditations by some of the top technology leaders such as Microsoft.

    ⑮ HostingRaja

    HostingRaja is another well-known name in the Indian hosting industry founded in 2006 by Mr. Dhanasekar Mani CEO and founder of Hosting Raja, in the beginning started as a web design and development company later in 2011 shifted complete focus towards web hosting services.

    HostingRaja is best suitable and reliable option for novices as they provide complete support free of cost on account set up and installation, also their support team will work with you until your website goes live. Hosting Raja is well-known for its 24/7 multilingual expert customer support which is available via live chat, toll-free, email and ticket system. They provide all type of web hosting solutions including Shared hosting, VPS, Cloud and dedicated server. You can get hosting for just Rs.99/month. Read Hosting Raja Review here.


    After doing comprehensive testing and undergoing the strengths and weaknesses of each hosting brand, Our team of hosting experts actually feel that the Global web hosting brands such as Bluehost, HostGator, FastComet, inMotion Hosting and SiteGround are your most ideal options. They are reliably much quick with a notoriety of being dependable/Trustworthy and their customer support service will help and assist you in any capacity they can.

    While this article has given you with detailed information and valuable data, it's totally dependent upon you to step out and incorporate the pieces and parts that suit within your site necessities. The details given above are just a beginning point to your very own research. With it, one can easily pick a rock-solid and best web hosting service . Basically, the best website hosting in India as well as world is the service that gives you the maximum advantage while as yet having enough flexibility and room to grow with your web based business.

    SiteGround Labor Day SALE 2019 – 77% OFF Web Hosting (1st to 9th Sep) - 4.2 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    SiteGround one of the best web hosting providers is offering huge 77% discount on shared web hosting plans on the occasion of Labor Day or you can also call it as SiteGround Summer Sale. Now with this Special offer you can buy web hosting for upto 77% huge discount. Remember, The Higher the Plan, the Bigger the Discount.

    SiteGround Labor Day 2019 SALE / Summer Special Offer

    Note: SiteGround Hosting Sale will start on September 2nd 2019 and run till 9th September 2019, so keep a track of this post to grab this amazing offer.

    Plan Name
    StartUp 3.95 (66% off) 3.95 (60% off) 2.95 (67% off) 4.95 (66% off)
    GrowBig 5.95 (70% off) 6.45 (64% off) 4.45 (70% off) 7.45 (70% off)
    GoGeek 7.95 (77% off) 6.85 (77% off) 5.70 (77% off) 9.15 (77% off)


    Being in the industry for more than 13+ years SiteGround is one of the highly recommended hosting providers by most of the top bloggers and webmasters. On the occasion of Labor day (1st Sep to 9th Sep) they are offering upto 77% discount. This discount will be applicable on new purchases only and not be applicable for renewals, domain name registrations, or other “add-on” services.

    Siteground Labor Day Web Hosting Sale

    Why SiteGround Hosting is Highly Recommended?

  • SiteGround has more than 12+ year of experience was founded in 2004 by few university friends and now it is known as a leading web hosting provider.
  • Currently Siteground has more than 400+ employees and is constantly growing.
  • Currently there are more than 500,000 domains hosted worldwide with SiteGround.
  • Everyday they process 1500+ tickets, 1000+ phone calls and 3000+ lice chat requests.
  • They have 5 different highly secured data centers across the world – Including UK, USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.
  • How to Grab the SiteGround Labor Day Deal?

    On the special occasion of Labour day SiteGround is offering 77% discount on it’s regular web hosting plan $9.95/mo. Now you can buy the same website hosting package in special price of $3.59/mo. only. To avail this offer follow these simple steps:

    77% OFF Labor Day Sale

    Step-1: Visit SiteGround Official Website via Clicking Above Link.

    STEP-2: Select the right web hosting plan as per your needs and hit the “Get Started” button. OR If you want to check the hosting features of Siteground in details, hit the “Jump To Plan details” button. Now after checking all the details select your web hosting plan and hit the “Get this Plan” button.

    Siteground Labor Day Sale

    STEP-3:If you already own a Website Domain Name registered and want to host it with SiteGround then check “I already have a Domain” option if not check “Register a new Domain” option.

    STEP-4:Search for your desired Domain Name in the search box and if domain Name is available, hit the “PROCEED” button & fill the information.

    SiteGround Shared Hosting Domain Registration

    STEP-5: This is the last step and here you have to fill Account information such as email & password, Client Information such as Name & Address, Payment Information such as Card number & Card Expiration date and Purchase Information such as plan & data center location. Once you fill all the required information correctly, review it and hit the pay now button.

    SiteGround Labor Day Sale

    Easter Web Hosting Deals and Offers 2021 - Upto 90% Off - 4.6 out of 5 based on 10 votes

    Are you looking for the best 2021 Easter website hosting offers and deals? If this is the case then you are in the right spot. Many web hosting providers are going to offer huge discount on the eve of Easter and Good Friday 2021. Hence, this is a good time for you to buy web hosting service for your website. Among all the hosting providers offering huge discount on this Easter good Friday, our team has carefully picked some most trusted and affordable web hosting companies for our users. One this page we are going to share top Easter web hosting deals, by using these offers you can get the best web hosting solution for yourself as low as $2/mo. and save huge amount on your total billing.

    Easter Web Hosting Offers, Sale, Discounts

    Easter Web Hosting Sale Discount 2021

    Below are the best Easter Web Hosting offers and discounts from Top Web Hosting Companies.

    FastComet Easter Sale - Upto 70% OFF

    FastComet Easter Sale 2021, Get Upto 70% Off on all Hosting plans.

    Offer Date- 30th Mar to 10th Apr 2021

  • Avail 70% OFF all new Shared Hosting Plans plus Free Domain Transfer & Website Transfer. Use Coupon Code: EGG70
  • Grab huge 20% OFF all new Cloud VPS/Dedicated Servers hosting plans & Multiple server Locations. Use Coupon Code: EGG20
  • GreenGeeks Easter Sale - Upto 75% OFF Hosting

    Easter Sale 2021, Upto 75% Off on Shared/WordPress Hosting

    Offer Date- 1st April to 10th April 2021

  • Ecosite Lite: $2.49/mo for 36 months. or $4.95/mo for 12 months.
  • Ecosite Pro: $4.95/mo for 12 months.**
  • Ecosite Premium: $8.95/mo for 12 months.**
  • Hostinger Easter Sale - 80% Off on Web Hosting

    Hostinger Easter Sale, Get Exclusive 80% Off on Hosting plans.

    Offer Date - 1st Apr - 10th Apr 2021

  • 80% OFF on Shared Hosting Plans
  • 67% OFF on Cloud Hosting Plans
  • 70% OFF on VPS Hosting Plans
  • eUKhost Good Friday & Easter Sale! - Flat 21% OFF

    EUKHOST Easter Special Offer - 21% OFF all Web Hosting Services

    Offer valid until 30th April 2021. Coupon Code - EASTER21

    For Easter 2021, EUKHOST is offering 21% OFF all web hosting services. All-inclusive Managed Web Hosting with 24/7 Support at 21% off, a promotion not available anywhere else!

    HostPapa $1 Hosting Easter Sale 2021

    HostPapa Easter Sale 2021, Get Hosting at $1.

    Offer Date- Yet To Be Announced

  • Starter & Business Shared Hosting will cost $1/mo. for 3 years (36 Month) billing cycle.
  • Starter & Business Optimized WordPress plans will cost $1/mo. for 3 Years (36 month) billing cycle.
  • Christmas Web Hosting Deals, Offers 2020 - Up To 90% Discount - 4.9 out of 5 based on 28 votes

    Christmas Web Hosting Offers & Deals 2020 : Up to 90% Discount (LIVE)

    2020 Christmas is coming! Are you looking forward to take the chance to buy a desired web hosting package at a lowest cost? If your answer is yes, then you should not miss this amazing collection of the best web hosting offers and discounts exclusive to Christmas.

    After Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale, many top Web Hosting companies offer their best discount on Christmas Web Hosting Deals. If you are planning to buy web hosting for your website, then there is no preferable time than now.

    The entire December month is off-season for Web Hosting business. That’s why best web hosting providers offer best discount during this period of time to close out the year energetically.

    Don't miss the new year special web hosting deals from top leading hosting providers here.

    Christmas Web Hosting Deals 8, Christmas and New Year web hosting deals, xmas web hosting sale

    Christmas vector created by freepik

    This type of offers only happen once in a year. If you fail to get this deal, you will have to wait for one more year. In this article we are going to share a list of top web hosting companies that offer huge discount on web hosting. Here is the list.

    Also Check:
  • Best Christmas WordPress Deals & Sale
  • Best New Year Web Hosting Offers and Promotions

  • Christmas Special Web Hosting Offers & Deals

    Deal Offer Date Link
    Hostinger 90% OFF (Best Deal) Valid Till 7th Jan Grab deal
    Hostinger India 70% OFF Valid Till 7th Jan Grab deal
    A2 Hosting 77% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec Grab deal
    FastComet 70% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec Grab deal 79% Off 22/12/2020 to 03/01/2021 Grab deal
    HostPapa India 79% Off 22/12/2020 to 03/01/2021 Grab deal
    MilesWeb 80% Off Valid till 31st Dec Grab deal
    DreamHost 67% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec 2020 Grab deal
    HostGator India 55% OFF Valid Till 30th Dec 2020 Grab deal
    Bluehost 65% OFF (My Pick) Not Yet Announced Grab Deal
    NameCheap Upto 99% Off 15/12/2020 to 21/12/2020 Grab deal
    Host4Geeks 50% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec
    Coupon: HOHO50OFF
    Grab deal
    ScopeHosts 55% OFF Valid Till 31st Dec 2020 Grab deal
    GreenGeeks 75% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal
    Cloudways 40% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal
    iPage 75% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal
    inMotion Hosting 75% OFF Not Yet Announced Grab deal

    Top 15 Best Christmas Web Hosting Offers, Sale, Deals

    You can easily activate these offers by the GRAB DEAL button, once you click the button you will be redirected to the Christmas Holiday deal page of that specific web host.
    Now in the below section, you will get detailed information about the Christmas holiday special web hosting deals from top web hosts around the world.
    Let's now take a quick glimpse of the best website hosting Christmas offers and discounts 2020.

    Bluehost – Christmas Sale 63% offer

    Bluehost is another professional web hosting company founded in 2003.

    Generally, Bluehost offers 3 type of shared hosting solutions for different needs and on the occasion of Christmas, Bluehost is offering flat 63% off discounts based on its shared hosting solutions.

    Undoubtedly, the Standard hosting plan is the lowest and attractive one and its Business plan doesn’t look good as its Pro hosting charge little extra but come with more features and benefits.

    Additionally, Bluehost claims 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If any customers are not satisfied or happy with its shared hosting service, Bluehost will provide a full refund to it’s customers.

    To redeem Bluehost shared hosting 63% off Christmas discounts, please visit the following link.

    View Deal

    Exclusive 63% Discount On Web Hosting

    Offer Valid Till : Not Running

    Exclusive 63% Offer On Bluehost's Web Hosting plan. Hurry!

    Hostinger Christmas Sale, Offers - Upto 90% + Extra 8% Discount on Hosting

    During this Christmas and end of the year holiday season, Hostinger is offering whopping 90% discount of its all hosting plans. This amazing offer is valid throughout the December 2020 and ends on 5th January 2021. You should keep in mind that this offer is valid only for new hosting accounts and does not applicable on hosting renewals. Use coupon code "SPECIAL15".

    View Deal

    Hostinger International - Up to 90% + Extra 8% OFF on All Hosting Plans

    Offer valid till 7th January 2021. Use Coupon Code "SPECIAL15"

    Get upto 90% OFFER on Web Hosting + Free Domain, SSL Certificate & More

    Hostinger India Up to 70% OFF + Extra 8% Christmas Sale

    Offer valid till 7th January 2021. Use Coupon Code "SPECIAL15"

    Get upto 70% discount on Web Hosting + Free Domain, SSL Certificate & More

    NameCheap Christmas Holiday Deals 2020

    Celebrate the Christmas holiday season with Namecheap’s Holiday Deals, Offers. They have a sack full of exclusive festive deals, promos with discounts on domains, website hosting, SSLs and more for seven days starting 15th December and ending 21st December 2020. Check it out today!"

    View Deal

    NameCheap's Holiday Deals are here — 99% Off Festive Treats

    Start Date: 15th Dec - End Date: 21st Dec 2020

  • Up to 99% OFF on EasyWP (WordPress Hosting)
  • Up to 60% OFF Shared Hosting and Private Email
  • Up to 94% OFF top domains, including .COM and .CO
  • Up to 86% OFF web security products, including SSL Certificates and VPN.
  • HostPapa Christmas Sale 2020

    With the Christmas holidays season right around the corner, HostPapa, a well-known host in the industry is getting ready for an exclusive Christmas Web Hosting sale, offers. HostPapa's Christmas Sale is going to start in the morning (10 AM EST) of December 22nd 2020 and run untill 10 PM EST of January 3rd 2021. So act fast to grab this amazing Christmas Offer from HostPapa

    View Deal

    Exclusive $2.99/month Shared / WordPress Hosting plans

    Start Date: 22nd Dec - End Date: 3rd Jan 2021

    Shared Hosting plans will cost just $2.99/mo. Regular Price $13.99 (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone purchasing a hosting package of 36 months.

    Optimized WordPress hosting plan will also cost $2.99/month under the same 36 month billing term.

    HostPapa India Christmas/New Year Sale 2020

    Exclusive Rs.167/month Shared / WordPress Hosting plans

    Start Date: 22nd Dec - End Date: 3rd Jan 2021

    Starter & Business Shared Web Hosting plans will cost just Rs.167/mo. Regular Price Rs.499 (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone purchasing a hosting package of 36 months or more.

    Starter Optimized WordPress hosting plan will also cost Rs.167/month under the same 36 months billing cycle.

    MilesWeb Christmas Holiday Sale 2020

    Get great discounts on web hosting this Christmas season from MilesWeb. Grab whopping 80% off on web hosting plans + free domain name and free SSL certificate with all hosting plans.

    View Deal

    Get Massive 80% OFF on MilesWeb hosting

    Start Date: 8th Dec - End Date: 31st Dec 2020

    Shared Hosting plans will cost just Rs.40/mo. Regular Price Rs.200 and you can renew at same cost! Offer valid for a limited time only. Grab it now

    FastComet Year End Sale/New Year Deals & Christmas Offers - Up To 70% Discount

    FastComet is an amazing hosting company, which consistently provides the extremely fast, secure, reliable and affordable hosting solutions all over the world.

    On the occasion of Christmas, Year End and New Year, FastComet promotes its shared, Cloud, VPS and Dedicated hosting plans heavily. Now you get upto 70% off on FastComet Hosting plans with many amazing freebies like free Domain transfer, Website Transfer, SSL certificate etc.

    View Deal

    Exclusive 70% OFF on Hosting Plans

    Offer Valid Till 31st Dec

    FLAT 70% OFF on all new Shared hosting plans + Free Domain/Website Transfer + SSL Certificate. Use Coupon: ENDYEAR70

    Flat 40% OFF all new Managed SSD Cloud VPS/Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Multiple Locations: Use Coupon: ENDYEAR40

    HostGator India Christmas Sale - Flat 55% OFFER

    HostGator is here to end this year with these sweet deals on Web Hosting & Servers. This Christmas HostGator India is giving flat 55% discount on its hosting products and services.

    View Deal Christmas Sale - Flat 55% Off On Hosting

    Promo Dates: 23rd to 30th December 2020. Coupon Code: HGI20XMAS

  • Flat 55% off on Shared Hosting
  • 40% Off On Cloud Hosting
  • 25% Off On Dedicated HDD & SSD
  • A2Hosting Christmas Sale - Flat 77% Discount

    A2 Hosting Christmas Offers & discount is really awesome deal for bloggers, webmasters and business owners who planning to buy A2 Hosting web Hosting or servers on this Christmas.

    This is a limited period offer, So make sure you take advantage of A2 Hosting Christmas Discount, Bookmark our website to get more updates on all web hosting Deals 2020.

    Below are the details about the latest A2 Hosting Christmas Offers for 2020, just visit the link below to activate the offer and grab flat 77% discount.

    View Deal

    Exclusive 77% Discount On All Web Hosting Plans

    Offer Valid Till 31st Dec

    Get Shared Hosting - 77% OFF ($2.49/month)

    Managed WordPress Hosting - 66% OFF

    Managed VPS - 57% OFF

    Reseller Hosting - 60% OFF

    Select SSD Dedicated Server Hosting - 46% OFF

    ResellerClub Christmas Sale - Upto 60% OFF

    Make your Christmas even more cheerful this year! Your favorite product at ResellerClub is on a huge discount of flat 50%. This Xmas ResellerClub is giving huge 60% discount on its all hosting services. .

    Below are the details about the Christmas offers of ResellerClub, just visit the below link to activate this offer and grab upto 60% discount.

    View Deal

    Exclusive Up To 60% Discount On All Web Hosting Plans

    Offer is going to end on 31st Dec 2020.

    Upto 40% Off on Shared Hosting

    Upto 25% Off on Cloud Hosting

    Flat 35% Off on WordPress Hosting Plans

    Upto 40% Off on Reseller Hosting Plans

    Upto 60% discount on SSD VPS Hosting

    Upto 55% Off on Dedicated Servers

    DreamHost Christmas / End of Year Deals - Up to 67% OFFER

    Now, you can sign up for DreamHost shared web hosting with 67% off discount. For all of those who are looking for the high-end packages like VPS Hosting or dedicated server, there are also huge offers for them also in this Christmas and new year season.

    Additionally, Dreamhost guarantee 97 days money back. If you are not satisfied with its services, you could get a full money back within first 97 days of the service and prorated refund after 97 days.

    If you are interested in this Dreamhost Christmas Offers on shared hosting services, visit the link below.

    View Deal

    Exclusive 67% Discount On Web Hosting Plans

    Offer Valid Till 31st Dec.

    Grab flat 67% Offer On DreamHost Shared and WordPress Hosting plans. Hurry!

    InMotion Hosting Christmas Sale - Upto 51% OFFER

    InMotion Hosting is an excellent web hosting company, which consistently provides the extremely fast, reliable and affordable web hosting solutions.

    On the occasion of Christmas, InMotion Hosting promotes its shared business hosting plans heavily. Now, after more than 25% off, its shared web hosting costs $5.95/mo only, instead of $ 7.99/mo.

    Apart from, InMotion Hosting claims and invites users to try its shared web hosting services with no obligation. If users are not happy with its services, InMotion Hosting offers no questions asked 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! If you want to experience this premium shared business web hosting, Just visit InMotion Hosting Christmas promotional link below.

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    Exclusive 25% Off Shared Hosting, 50% OFF Reseller Hosting, 51% OFF VPS, 47% OFF Dedicated Servers, 25% OFF WordPress Hosting

    Offer Valid Till: Not Running

    Get 64% exclusive Discount On InMotion Hosting's Business Web Hosting plan. Hurry!

    SiteGround Christmas Sale 2020 - 60% OFF & Free Domain Name

    SiteGround is quality crafted web hosting service provider. They become very popular and famous for their premium world class support, security and server speed. It hosts more than 500000 domains worldwide. During this Christmas, they offers 60% OFF and a Free domain name registration to their new customers. During Christmas sale 2020 their hosting plans will start from $2.95/Month.

    To avail Siteground Christmas Discounts, please visit the following link.

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    Exclusive 60% Discount On Web Hosting

    Offer Valid Till: Not Running

    Exclusive 60% Discount On Siteground Web Hosting plan. Hurry!

    iPage Christmas Deal 2020 – 75% off

    iPage Christmas and New Year Sale 2020: With more than 1.5 lakh of happy customers hosting their websites, iPage is one of the well known names in the web hosting industry and what made them a very popular web hosting provider are the services they provide,such as Server Speed, 99% Uptime, Quality technical Support along with free domain name registration and discounts on every occasion. iPage Christmas sale is one such occasion where you can save as huge as more than 75% on your web hosting.

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    Exclusive 75% Discount On Web Hosting

    Offer Valid Till : Not Running

    Exclusive 75% Discount On Ipage Web Hosting plan. Hurry!

    Cloudways Christmas & New Year Discounts - 25% OFFER

    Cloudways, the next-generation cloud server hosting provider provides you with the most reliable, trusted, dedicated and optimized web hosting servers to keep your website always up, running and healthy. Get 25% OFFER on Cloud hosting platform on this Christmas and New Year Eve.

    If you are interested in Cloudways Christmas Deal on Managed Cloud hosting services, visit the link below.

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    Exclusive 25% OFFER On Managed Cloud Hosting Plans

    Offer Date: Not Running

    Avail flat 20% Off On Cloudways Managed Hosting plans. Hurry!

    Interserver christmas sale & New Year Discounts - 50% OFFER

    View Deal

    Exclusive 50% OFFER On Web Hosting Plans

    Limited time offer.. Coupon Code- CHRISTMAS16

    Avail flat 50% Off On InterServer Web Hosting plans. Hurry!

    GreenGeeks christmas sale & New Year Discounts - 35% OFFER

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    Exclusive 35% OFFER On Web Hosting Plans

    Limited time offer.

    Avail flat 35% Off On GreenGeeks Web Hosting plans. Hurry!

    eUKhost Christmas Deals & New Year Offers - 25% Discount

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    Get Exclusive 25% OFFER on Hosting this Christmas.

    Offer valid till: 1st Jan 2020

    Avail flat 25% Off On VPS Hosting plans. Hurry! Use Coupon Code: JINGLE25VPS

    Avail flat 20% Off On Dedicated Hosting plans. Hurry! Use Coupon Code: JINGLE25DS

    Avail flat 50% Off On SSL Certificates. Hurry! Use Coupon Code: JINGLE50SSL

    ZNetlive Christmas Offers & New Year Sale - 25% Discount

    Get ready to shop wisely this Christmas as ZnetLive has revealed Christmas Web Hosting offers and discounts.

    Use the link given below to grab ZNetlive Christmas offer.

    View Deal

    ZNetlive Christmas Special Offers Flat 25% Off.

    Offer Date: Coming Soon

    25% Off on shared Linux Hosting and Windows Shared hosting plans. Coupon Code: WHChristmas

    25% Off on Linux Reseller and Windows Reseller hosting plans. Coupon Code: RHChristmas

    VPS9.Net Christmas & New Year Sale - 45% OFFER

    VPS9.NET Website hosting Servers are located at many State-of-the-art data center facilities such, Netherlands, Germany, USA, & Russia to surpass the Industry Standards. During this Christmas Holiday Sale they are offer upto 45% discount on hosting services.

    Use the below link to grab VPS9 Christmas Special Sale.

    View Deal

    VPS9.Net Christmas Web Hosting Offers Upto 45% Off.

    Offer Date: Starting from 20th December, Ends on 31st December

    SAVE FLAT 45% FOR A MONTH on VPS Hosting Plans

    ScopeHosts Christmas Offers & New Year Sale - Upto 55% OFF

    This Christmas ScopeHosts is giving upto 55% Discount on its selected hosting services and they are one of the award winning web hosting service provider with 24/7 technical support, excellent performance and 99.99% uptime.

    Use the link given below to grab ScopeHosts Christmas offer.

    View Deal

    ScopeHosts Christmas Special Offers Upto 55% Off.

    Offer Date: 20th December Ends on 31st December 2020



    Host4Geeks Christmas Sale - Upto 50% OFF

    One the occasion of Christmas Holiday season, Host4Geeks has announced an exclusive offer for our viewers. With this offers you can avail upto 50% discount on Host4Geeks hosting plans. Just click the link given below and use the coupon code to grab this Christmas special discount at Host4Geeks.

    Use the link given below to grab Host4Geeks Christmas Sale.

    View Deal

    Host4Geeks Christmas Holiday Sale - Upto 50% Off.

    Offer valid till 31st December 2020

    50% OFF ON SHARED HOSTING (first month). Coupon Code: HOHO50OFF

    15% OFF ON Budget Reseller Hosting (First invoice). Coupon Code: HOHOHO15OFF

    Bluehost Black Friday 2020 Deals: 60% OFF [Live Offers] - 4.8 out of 5 based on 12 votes

    Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2020: Upto 60% OFF (Live Offers)

    Bluehost Black Friday Deals

    Bluehost, this name does not need any introduction, as it is one of the most popular names in the Web Hosting industry. Many of the guys working online or webmasters, Know what Bluehost is, and what services they provide. Now, coming to the point, Bluehost Black Friday Deals 2020 are Live Now and you can Buy your favorite Web hosting package with discount up to 60%. To activate Bluehost Black Friday sale, Just Visit the activation link given below. Also Check the list of Top 10 Best Web Hosting companies.

    Activate Deal

    On this page, I am going to introduce you the exclusive Bluehost Black Friday offers for 2020 which you can use to host your website.

    You can check the best Black Friday Web Hosting deals for 2020 from in the below table and choose the one based on your needs:

    Regular Price Offer Price Discount
    Basic $8.99/mo. $2.65/mo. 60% Off
    Plus $11.99/mo. $5.45/mo. 60% Off
    Choice Plus $16.99/mo. $4.94/mo. 60% Off

    Activate Deal

    Here are the details of Bluehost Black Friday 2020 Sale:

  • Upto 60% OFF on Shared & WordPress Hosting plans
  • 60% OFF flat discount on WooCommerce Hosting plans, $2.65/mo.
  • 40% OFF flat discount on WordPress Pro Hosting plans, starting from $9.95/mo.
  • 50% OFF on domain names i.e., .com, .org, .info, .net, .co, .us, .biz domain extensions

  • The Black Friday Deals or thanksgiving day sale of Bluehost will be available from 16th November 2020 to 30th November 2020 so act fast to grab Bluehost offer before it expires!

    Read See: Bluehost's Cyber Monday Web Hosting Deals.

    On the occasion of Black Friday, Bluehost (No.1 Officially Recommended WordPress host) is giving huge discounts on its shared web hosting plans. Now you can get up to 60% off on shared hosting services offered by Bluehost.

    The regular price of their basis hosting plans is $3.95/month as well as the plus & choice plus plans costs $5.95/month.
    But with this offer, you can get the basic plan at just $2.65/mo. Whereas the plus and choice plus will cost just $5.45/mo. Offer valid for a limited time only.

    On the occasion of Black Friday, they are going to give huge discount of the year 2020 and if you miss this offer, you will have to wait for one more year to grab this offer again. So don’t miss the massive discount at any cost.

    Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting brands in the industry with 16 years of experience in offering high quality hosting services. They are officially recommended host by We have hosted a few of our blogs on Bluehost and never faced any major issue with the service offered by them.

    This is one of the amazing offers from Bluehost and once it’s gone, it will not be back before next year (November 2020).

    Editor’s Note: Being in the industry for a long time, I personally suggest all my viewers to buy hosting for maximum duration (24 - 36 months), because you only get huge discounts during this Black Friday if you buy hosting for longer duration. I followed the same strategy when I bought hosting from FastComet last year for my website.

    Click the below link to grab this link

    Click to Grab Offer

    The link given above is an exclusive link created to grab Bluehosts’s Black Friday deals and will be available for a limited time only.

    The Unique Features of Bluehost Hosting

    Being one of the leading and officially recommended hosts by WordPress, Bluehost offer some of the amazing features in its hosting packages to cater all kind of websites.

  • Bluehost offers auto-installation of WordPress, so if you are not aware of WordPress installation, you do not need to worry because WordPress will be automatically installed on your site. Recently they revamped their Domain Privacy with extra features to better help protect customer domain names and other details, an easy-to-use Google Ads tool that enable to create and handle Google Ads campaigns without any trouble.
  • 30 days unconditional money back guarantee to ensure risk free hosting trial is one of the best features offered by Bluehost. Each and every hosting purchase you make with Bluehost, you will be offered by $200 worth Google and Bing ads credits to promote your brand for free of cost.
  • Apart from this there is a 24/7 expert support service available through live chat and toll-free number to get instant help and assistance.
  • Free domain name is offered with each hosting services offered by them. There are only a few hosts offering free domain name registration service with the hosting packages. By opting their hosting services, you don’t need to pay anything to register your domain name because they will register it for free of cost.
  • Click to Grab Offer

    Bluehost Hosting Pricing

    When we talk about shared hosting, Bluehost offers 4 different plans, basic, plus, choice plus and pro with different features and benefits.

  • Planning to start a basic website then basic shared hosting plan is good for you which allows to host single site, best suitable for small businesses, non-profit organizations and personal websites, costs just $3.95/month (Exclusive $2.95/month for UpdatedReviews viewers). During this Black Friday Sale, the basic package is available for just $2.65/mo. After flat 60% off discount.
  • The second hosting plan called plus allows to host unlimited websites and includes unlimited SSD space and data transfer, costs $5.95/mo. (Exclusive $5.45/month for UpdatedReviews viewers). The cost of this plan during black Friday sale will be $5.45/month
  • The 3rd plan called choice plus includes all the features of plus package, the additional features of this package includes Domain Privacy + Protection and Site Backup - CodeGuard Basic, costs $5.95/mo. (Exclusive $5.45/month for UpdatedReviews viewers). The cost of this plan during black Friday sale will be $4.45/month
  • The plus and choice plus both packages costs same ($5.45/month) and during this Black Friday sale you are going to get huge 60% off huge on these 2 packages.
  • Once you are done with the hosting purchase process, you can click here to learn how to create a WordPress website with Bluehost in just a few minutes. As mentioned above Bluehost is a leader in providing high quality hosting services at reasonable cost. It is very easy to install WordPress and create a site or blog with WordPress.


    Hope you enjoyed this article about Bluehost Black Friday deals!

    I want you to do not miss this amazing deal. In case you are planning to start a website or blog and looking for a reliable hosting service then this is the best host for your to choose from. I highly recommend their services for novices as well as professional web masters.


    BIGROCK RS.99 DOMAIN NAME COUPON - 5.0 out of 5 based on 21 votes

    A domain name is an unique online address where your website or any application can be found on the web. A domain name can be your brand name, your business name or your name. The process of purchasing a domain name is known as website Domain Name Registration. Also check Bigrock Web Hosting Coupon - Upto 55% Off.

    Why Pay When You Can Get Your Domain Name for Free? Discover How to Get a Free Domain Name here.

    Note: All these Domain registration coupons are applicable on new orders. In case you are already a customer of Bigrock and wish to use these coupons, you need to create new account.

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    bigrock 99 rs domain coupon

    For a limited time, Bigrock is giving up to 73% off on domain name registration.

    .ONLINE Domains @Rs.99

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    .COM Domain @Rs.624/yr

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    End Date: 30th April 2021

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    Bigrock Rs.199 .IN Domain Offer

    Get a .IN domain @ Rs.199 for 1st year

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    Bigrock Rs.139 .IN Domain Offer

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    End Date: Expired

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    .CO domain @Rs.199

    Get a.CO domain @Rs.199

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    End Date: 30th April 2021

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    .BIZ domain @Rs.199

    Get a .BIZ domain @Rs.199

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    End Date: 30th April 2021

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    .ME domain @Rs.249

    Get a .ME domain @Rs.249

    Promo Details:

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    ..INFO domain @Rs.199

    Get a .INFO domain @Rs.199

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    End Date: 30th April 2021

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    Bigrock .Com Domain Offer

    Get a .Com at Rs.399 for 1st year.

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    Get .COM Domains for 2 Years @999

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    UnReliable/Expired Coupons

    Bigrock Free .COM Domain Offer.

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    Get Your Free Domain

    Bigrock 99 Rs. Domain Coupon

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    Also Check iPage 1 Dollar Hosting Offer.

    Bigrock Rs.99 Coupon Code, bigrock 99 coupon code 2019

    This price is applicable only for the first year of the domain registration, from the next year domain can only be renewed with normal price. Checkout More Bigrock Coupons.

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    Rs.99 .Com Domain offer at Bigrock just got BIGGER & BETTER than before!

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    Top 20 Domain Name Registrars in India

    Top 20 Domain Name Registrars in India - 4.6 out of 5 based on 32 votes

    You cannot ignore the significance of booking or registering a website domain name in advance. Registering a right domain name is very essential for the success of your online business.

    See: How to Get a Free Domain Name.

    Top Domain Registrars

    An ideal domain name that exactly matches your business is very important, large organizations and business owners are ready to pay millions of rupees to register a website domain name that matches their business or brand name. In Order to make your domain live on the web you need a reliable hosting service and these days their many web hosts giving domain name free of cost when you buy hosting from them. In this way you can save money on domain names. Try Hostinger India Hosting at Rs.119/month with free Domain Name Registration + SSL Certificate + Site Builder and more. . Also Check the list of Best Hosting in India websites.

    In actual fact, having a suitable domain name and your business are like a perfect couple. And you can book your desired domain name from top domain registrars.

    So here on this page I am going to list top 20 domain name registration providers to choose from.


    1. BigRock India

    Visit Site

    Big Rock is India’s most popular and number one (#1) domain registration provider with more than 6 million plus customers for website domain registration, web hosting, servers etc.

    Bigrock India has different types of plans for registering different domain names. Domain name registration starts from as low as Rs. 99/yr.- to Rs. 999/yr.-. Bigrock Web Hosting plan starts from just Rs 59/mo.-. For more details please visit the website.

    Get .in domain name for just Rs.299/1st year when you buy for 2 years. Get [email protected] Rs.399 for 1st years, use Coupon: BR21COMAFF399 (Only for new customers). Offer valid for a limited time only.

    Bigrock Domains Pricing:

  • .IN Domain at Rs.299 for 1st year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- NA
  • .COM at Rs.399 for 1st Year. Use Coupon - BR21COMAFF399
  • .NET at Rs.949/Year
  • .ORG at Rs. 799/Year
  • .BIZ at Rs.199/Year
  • .CO at Rs.199/Year
  • Also Checkout Bigrock Domain Coupons and Offers.

    Godaddy india

    2. GoDaddy India

    Visit Site

    GoDaddy is the world's largest and well popular web hosting company and domain name registrar. Recently you have seen many Go Daddy ads on TV, Radio, YouTube and other advertising platforms. With Godaddy you can register a domain starting from Rs.99/year. For example you can register .COM for Rs.499/1st year, .in for Rs.149/1st year and for Rs.99. Get started with Godaddy today.

    See GoDaddy Domain Coupons Here.

    Also Checkout GoDaddy Domain Coupons Here.

    SPECIAL OFFER! Get .IN domain name for just Rs. 149 for the 1st year when buying for 2 yrs. 2nd year price is just Rs.599! Get .COM domain name @ Rs.499. Must purchase for atleast 2 years to grab maximum discount. Promo code will be applied automatically when you select 2 years duration.

    Godaddy is getting popular in India especially with it’s all rounder hosting deal for just Rs 99/mo. for 3 years duration that includes Unlimited bandwidth, Free domain name plus 10 email addresses. For more info visit Godaddy India

    Godaddy Domains Pricing:

  • .COM Domain at Rs.499 for 1st year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- CJC141ID
  • .IN at Rs.149 for 1st Year when you buy for 2 years. Use Coupon- CJC99R
  • .INFO at Rs.209/Year
  • .ORG at Rs. 849
  • .NET at Rs.749/Year

  • Namecheap

    3. NameCheap Domain Registration

    Visit Site

    Namecheap is also a well-known domain name registrar available. When you visit their website you will an amazing domain name search tool that encourages you to discover the correct domain name as well as it gives you excellent suggestions in case your desired domain is not available for registration.

    Along with domain registration they do offer domain name privacy protection as well as premium DNS services. One of the best things about this domain registrar is that it offer domain privacy for free of cost with all domain names.

    NameCheap Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .com *: Rs.583.84/yr
  • .net *: Rs730.16/yr
  • .org *: Rs.583.84/yr
  • .in*: Rs.496.70/yr
  • Popular Domains for just 99 Cents

  • Bluehost India

    4. Bluehost - FREE DOMAIN NAME for 1 Year When You Buy Hosting

    Visit Site

    Bluehost is a leading web hosting and domain registration services provider. Since their founding in the year of 2003, Bluehost has frequently found new ways to deliver on their main mission: to empower people to complete control the web. Based in Orem, Utah, Bluehost offer all-inclusive tools to numerous users all over the world so anyone including novice or professional, can get on the web and grow.

    If you are looking for free domain name registration then Bluehost is the best choice for you. With Bluehost you can get a free domain name with web hosting packages and their hosting packages start from as low as $2.95/mo. You can any domain extension for free of cost such as .COM, .NET, ORG, .CO.UK, US, .Website, .INFO and many more. Read more about Bluehost in our detailed reviews. In case you just need a domain name then check out domain registration pricing below:

    Bluehost Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain Name With Hosting Packages
  • .COM*: Rs.819/yr
  • .CO*: Rs.1949/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.699/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.949/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.999/yr

  • Hostinger

    5. Hostinger India

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    Hostinger has been the industry for years. One of the most reputed and recognized web hosting providers as well as domain name registrar around us. Everyday Hostinger attracts around 15000+ new sign ups to its service. One of the best this hosting service provider is that you can get your domain name registered for free of cost by signing up for their hosting packages, starting from as low as Rs.45/month.

    In case you are just looking for domain name registration then Hostinger has got you covered. With Hostinger you can get your .com at just Rs.566, .in at Rs.435. You can choose from the list of most popular top level domain names that fit you best.

    Hostinger Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain Registration With Premium & Business Shared/WordPress and Cloud Hosting Plans
  • .COM *: Rs.566/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.435/yr
  • .XYZ *: Rs.70/yr
  • .ONLINE*: Rs.70/yr
  • .TECH*: Rs.70/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.655/yr

  • ResellerClub

    6. ResellerClub

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    Founded in 1998, located in Goregaon (East), Mumbai, ResellerClub offers a broad range of Web solutions to Web Hosts, Website Designers/developers, Technology Consultants, freelancers and Domain Name Resellers worldwide.

    They are the industry's leading web and online presence services provider and one top destination for web products online. If you are planning to start domain registration business you can opt for ResellerClub.

    ResellerClub Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.720/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.490/yr
  • .BIZ *: Rs.360/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1040/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.920/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.285/yr

  • ZNetLive

    7. ZNetLive

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    ZNetLive is another very good option for registering a domain name. The website domain name can be booked for as low as Rs. 169/year for .in and for .com it is just Rs 619/year.

    As far as web hosting cost is concern then it starts from just INR 112 per month for 5 years duration. Read ZNetLive Reviews.

    Znetlive Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.725/yr
  • .IN *: Rs.439/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.799/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.919/yr
  • .CO*: Rs.2799/yr

  • iPage india

    8. iPage

    Visit Site

    iPage has over 2 million registered domains users all over the world. The company offers some excellent features like FREE security tools, marketing suite, FREE Cloud Storage, FREE Website building tools which is extremely helpful for any new website owner or business startup.

    Although the customer support is completely based on US and it's available 24/7. Also check iPage Coupon codes to save more.

    iPage Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain name with all hosting packages
  • .COM *: $10.99/yr
  • .NET*: $11.99/yr
  • .ORG*: $16.99/yr
  • .TECH*: $6.99/yr
  • .LIVE*: $1.99/yr

  • HostGator India

    9. HostGator India

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    Although HostGator is a US based hosting company but it is very popular in India too. Registering your domain name with Hostgator could cost you from INR 499 to INR 1350.

    Their web hosting packages starts from just INR 99/month. The company has good customer support service dedicated for Indian customers only. For more details visit HostGator India today.

    HostGator Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.749/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.699/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .CO.IN*: Rs.599/yr
  • .STORE*: Rs.349/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.899/yr

  • Fat Cow

    10. Fat Cow

    Visit Site

    The last but not least name of domain registration providers in our list is Fat Cow. It is also a US based Internet company that charges no money for domain name registration.

    Hosting plan costs $49 per year and domain name is absolutely free that other hosting companies don’t offer. However Fatcow is still not as famous as HostGator, Bluehost or Go Daddy or even InMotion Hosting. For more Details visit the given link.

    FatCow Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: $10.99/yr
  • .NET*: $11.99/yr
  • .ONLINE*: $5.99/yr
  • .WEBSITE*: $3.99/yr
  • .ORG*: $16.99/yr

  • Dreamhost

    11. Dreamhost

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    Dreamhost is another well known company like Go Daddy and bigrock. We are listing it on 10th position because it is not an Indian provider. They have been able to beat its top competitors like Go Daddy and Bigrock and become one of the most popular domain name registration providers.

    Dreamhost is offering free domain name registration and domain privacy with its all shared hosting plans. In case you already have a hosting account and just want to register your domain name then you can easily to it with Dreamhost. This web host offers 400+ TLDs along with best in class domain management related tools.

    Dreamhost Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain with all shared hosting plans
  • .COM *: $7.99/yr
  • .TECH*: $2.99/yr
  • .CLUB*: $0.99/yr
  • .XYZ*: $0.89/yr
  • .ORG*: $13.95/yr
  • .NET*: $10.99/yr

  • eWeb Guru

    12. eWeb Guru

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    eWeb Guru is totally an Indian web hosting provider. eWeb Guru allows hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms.

    When it comes to domain registration, it offers one of the affordable domain name registration solutions, starting from as low as Rs.199.

    The cost of hosting is quite inexpensive compared to other hosting providers. For Linux it is INR 1295 / Year and for Windows hosting it is Rs 995 / Year.

    eWeb Guru Domain Registration Pricing:

  • Free Domain with all shared hosting plans
  • .COM *: Rs.699/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.599/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.799/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.799/yr
  • .BIZ*: Rs.450

  • Host Cats

    13. Host Cats

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    Host Cats is also a well known Indian hosting company. However the cost for booking domain name is quite expensive. It starts with INR 1100 for .net, INR 672.59 for .IN and Rs 764 for .COM.

    The web hosting price starts from INR 150/Mo. for Linux hosting and INR 352.30/Mo. for windows. Host Cats is highly professional hosting provider with good customer care support and service.

    Host Cats Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.635/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.510/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.815/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.893/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.905

  • net4

    14. Net4

    Visit Site

    Net4 is an India based domain name registrar as well as hosting company. The hosting package starts with a price tag of Rs 30/Mo. Which includes 250MB space, Unlimited Data Transfer on Indian data centers.

    However domain name extensions that it suggests is very vast and you can register a domain for as low as Rs.350. The cost of .com is Rs. 833 and you can register .in by paying Rs.490.

    Net4 Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.833/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.490/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.1,040/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1,035/yr
  • .co*: Rs.2095

  • Indialinks domain

    15. Indialinks

    Visit Site

    Indialinks is an Indian domain name and web hosting provider. You can register your domain names at Rs 1350/year and the web hosting plan starts from just Rs 450/mo.

    Indialinks Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.1350/yr
  • .IN*: Rs.1250/yr
  • .ORG*: Rs.1350/yr
  • .NET*: Rs.1350/yr
  • .INFO*: Rs.1550



    Visit Site

    Hosting India is also another most popular Indian hosting company and it is quite affordable as compared to the rest of the Indian providers like HostingRaja and bigrock. It also offers services on both Linux and Windows platforms. It is widely recognized for free hosting service. Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.650/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.520/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.400/Year
  • .NET: Rs.925/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.850/Year

  • SquareBrothers

    17. SquareBrothers

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    Square Brothers is also a famous domain registrar in India. The provider is really good for websites particularly targeted in India. However plans are quite affordable compared to other hosts as well as the service is really good for all kind of businesses

    SquareBrothers Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.699/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.399/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.299/Year
  • .NET: Rs.799/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.799/Year

  • Netti Gritty

    18 Netti Gritty

    Visit Site

    Netti Gritty domain name and hosting service is very cheap with a starting price of just INR 100 for windows and INR 83 for Linux platforms and reseller hosting is starts from Just INR. 750/mo.

    Netti Gritty Domain Registration Pricing:

  • .COM *: Rs.800/Year
  • .IN *: Rs.600/Year
  • .CO.IN *: Rs.450/Year
  • .XYZ: Rs.99/Year
  • ..ORG * Rs.1050/Year

  • So these are the top 20 domain registrars from India and US that you should consider for. Visit their website and get complete information about their plans.

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