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Neha Kumari

Neha Kumari
Neha Kumari, a full-time Contributing Editor at, covers the website hosting, Web Servers, Website Security and technology space through comprehensive feature articles and reviews with the web hosting service providers in the industry. With around 5 years of experience in the hosting field, Neha utilizes her skills to keep readers and users up to date on the latest website hosting services, trends and evolutions.
HostGator Cloud Hosting Review: Reliable? 100% Uptime & Lightning Fast? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 11 votes

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review 2021

Cloud hosting is one of the faster and most reliable hosting option than any other traditional web hosting service you have used for your website in the past. When it comes to budget friendly hosting, HostGator is the first and foremost name come in the mind of every website owner, webmaster or individual. Their new range of cost-effective cloud hosting service is quite different from other service providers.

We have been testing on HostGator cloud hosting services for quite a while. What's more, what we’re viewing entirely is fairly incredible. Extremely fast speeds along with amazing uptime. HostGator Cloud Hosting will never exhaust your pocket or bank balance. Their lower level cloud server package starts at only $7.95/month (10 months term) but you can get into HostGator cloud at just $4.95/month by opting 36 months billing cycle, isn't it great?

Overview of HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans:

  • Hatchling Cloud (Recommended): This hosting plan includes 2 GB RAM, 2 Core CPU, 1 domain name, unlimited sub domains, Unlimited amount of storage and data transfer. Get HostGator Hatchling cloud for as low as $4.95/month.
  • Baby Cloud: This is middle level cloud plan that includes 4 GB RAM, 4 Core CPU, Unlimited domains, sub domains and unlimited Bandwidth as well as unlimited storage space. Cost $6.57/month after flat 45% discount. Offer valid for a limited time only.
  • Business Cloud: This is a top level cloud hosting plan available at HostGator that includes 6 GB RAM, 6 Core CPU, Unlimited Domains, Free Dedicated IP address, Free Upgrade to Positive SSL, Free SEO tools worth $50/year and more. Starting at $9.95/month.
  • Visit HostGator Cloud

    HostGator Cloud Hosting Review

    Pros of Using HostGator Cloud Hosting

    The majority of the components that come standard with leading web hosting services are waste in case the servers can not give excellent uptimes assurance. Below I am going to share the pros of HostGator cloud services.

    1. Extremely Strong Uptime of 99.99%

    In spite of the fact that HostGator’s Cloud Hosting uptime have dropped a little bit in past few months, declining from very strong 100% to 99.99% but still it is better than the industry standard and still HostGator is impressive from the uptime point of view. With just 52m 35.7s of yearly downtime and around 10-12 outages, HostGator cloud is one of the most reliable and fast host that we have reviewed.

    While picking a best web hosting service provider, uptime is top priority to pay huge consideration. You will be provided with powerful security features, faster loading speed along with green energy powered hosting to make your site live on God’s green earth.

    Last 12 Months average UPTIME Statistics:

  • March 2021 : 100% uptime
  • February 2021 : 99.99% uptime
  • January 2021 : 99.99% uptime
  • December 2020 : 99.99% uptime
  • November 2020 : 99.98% uptime
  • October 2020 : 99.98% uptime
  • September 2020 : 99.99% uptime
  • August 2020 : 99.98% uptime
  • July 2020 : 99.99% uptime
  • June 2020 : 99.99% uptime
  • May 2020 : 99.98% uptime
  • April 2020: 99.99% uptime
  • March 2020 : 100% uptime
  • HostGator Cloud Hosting Uptime

    2. Very Fast Response Time (Load Times)

    Website loading time is one of the most crucial element in keeping a fully-functioning, user-friendly and high-quality website or web blog. According to a survey, in case your site does not load in less than 5 seconds, you are going to lose over 74% of mobile based visits and users to your site.

    Fortunately, in case you trust on cloud hosting offered by HostGator, you will never ever need to concern over losing any potential client for your business due to quiet slow loading times. With an average speed of around 319 ms, HostGator cloud solution is one of the powerful, reliable, cost-effective and fastest hosting providers in the industry that our team of experts have reviewed.

    In contrast with other web hosting companies we have checked and tested and listed on this website, HostGator cloud has able to provide a service that is increasingly fast, secure as well as stable, along with excellent customer service and remarkable user experience for all your potential visitors and customers.

    3. Cool & User-Friendly Dashboard

    Many web hosting service providers do not take into consideration the user-friendliness and usability behind the scenes, therefore most of them still use same old looking cPanel tool. That is good in case you are a skilled and highly qualified developer or web master and know everything about cPanel and its functionality. However we all wish to have convenient to use, uncomplicated hosting dashboard.Read HostGator Review here.

    HostGator cPanel looks splendid as well as it is much easier to use. It shows real time uptime statistics, CPU Loads, RAM usage along with many other performance related metrics.

    4. Almost Unlimited Resources

    HostGator offers nearly unmetered amount of data transfer and web space, even on the starter level hosting plans. In simple words it means that you can use computing resources based on your need. In the event that you get a spike of website visitors, no issue. Few shared server hosting companies will charge you additional on the off chance that you go over your allowed quota of resources or simple shut your website.

    By opting Cloud hosting from HostGator, you will never have to worry about resources usage issue, because you will be provided with unlimited amount of resources and you can take pleasure of unlimited traffic and visitors on your website.

    However, don’t forget to read the Shocking Truth About Unlimited Web Hosting here. As well as always go through the terms and conditions of service before signing up. In case you suddenly grow highly popular on the web and start getting huge amount of visitors, you might violate their T & C’s. You can read HostGator Terms & Conditions here.

    5. Tons of FREE Extras:

    HostGator gives tons of free extras included in their hosting plans to attract more customers.
    Here is the list of few amazing extras given by them:

  • ☑ Site Backup & Restore: Enjoy peace of mind realizing that your site as as your important data is highly secured as safeguard by automatic backups of regular basis. With just a few clicks of mouse, you can promptly set up complete data, website backups that will consequently store past versions of your website/blog so that in case anything wrong happen to your site you can quickly restore it using a copy of your backup.
  • ☑ Free Site Migrations: One of the outstanding feature offered by HostGator cloud is free site/domain migration service. There are few web hosts like Bluehost charge around just $149.99 to migrate up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts, HostGator cloud will migrate your website for free of cost.
  • ☑ Free Global CDN Included: Content Delivery Network (CDN) like CloudFlare, MaxCDN, Akamai etc. help take the majority of your biggest files and data including pictures, videos and MP3 of your website so it does not get weighted down by requested and rather conveys them to your potential customers utilizing modest minimal enchantment fairies nearest to their place of residence to make load speeds extremely rapid.
  • ☑ Automated Malware/Virus Removal: This is one of the major issue with WordPress powered websites/blogs because there are numerous of plugins as well as third-party tools available that create many potential security related issues from hackers and dangerous web based threats. In case you site get affected by virus or malware, HostGator’s support team will help you to get back your site.
  • ☑ Unmetered Storage: Most of the traditional web hosting providers provide their customers with small amount of web storage for file, data, video and MP3 uploads. HostGator cloud separates itself from the challenge by including unmetered web space on the majority of their cloud hosting plans.
  • 6. Excellent 24/7 Customer Support

    HostGator offer one of the best customer support service in the industry accessible 24/7 via live chat, phone and email. Especially their live chat support is extraordinary and you can generally get someone from the support team within 5 minutes of time. In case your site issue concern is not resolvable over live chat session, then their support team will assist you through ticket system. Once you open a ticket, HostGator’s top level engineers will start digging around your issue and try to fix it as soon as possible. Also their telephone support system is quite impressive.

    Cons of using HostGator Cloud Hosting

    On the off chance you have not observed, we at UpdatedReviews are a huge supporter of Cloud offered by HostGator. With extremely fast speed, amazing loading times along with well trained customer support staff, it is much difficult to locate lot of troubles about HostGator Cloud. There are very few cons HostGator cloud servers to take into account. Here is a brief overview:

    Unlimited Hosting is Limited

    In actual fact, almost every hosting offers related to Unlimited are restricted by many server/resources usage limitations. When it comes to HostGator hosting, an excessive utilization of server and computing resources may lead to hosting account discontinuation or termination of service. Read on HostGator Acceptable Use Policy here.

    Loftier Renewal Charges

    In the same way as other web hosting companies like iPage, Bluehost, - HostGator also offer massive discount during sign up and once the first billing cycle is over and your account is up for renewal they will increase the cost. It is a common practice in the hosting industry.

    Lack of Support Via Social Media

    Social media is heavily popular these days and may individuals as well businesses use it as a communication medium. But HostGator is not much active of social media channels, so in case you are looking for support through social media channels you will be totally disappointed with this web host.

    Final Thoughts - HostGator Cloud

    HostGator cloud hosting is extremely-fast,, cost-effective at the same time it is most reliable host in the industry. It is one of the best place for business website owners to into cloud environment without paying heavy amount of money.

    At present you can grab massive 45% discount on Hostgator cloud hosting plans by using our exclusive coupon codes and deals. We personally think that HostGator is perfect choice for novices, individuals, webmasters and website owners who are on strict budget.

    Try HostGator Cloud Now

    Challenges and Solutions of E-commerce and Logistics Management - 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 votes

    Challenges and Solutions of E-commerce and Logistics Management

    E-commerce and logistics have been long established over the different corners of the world, and they have shown a massive increase in popularity due to their unique concept of trading different products. Different companies have a different marketing strategy, but when it comes to e-commerce, there is only one path that needs to be followed. In a population of 7.7 billion all across the world, the e-commerce industry is shining the brightest and is coming up with unique concepts every day. Everything has its own problems and challenges and this blog talks about some of the major difficulties faced by e-commerce and logistics and some of their solutions. Read on…

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    Challenges and Solutions of E-commerce and Logistics Management

    Improper Online Identity

    Whenever a visitor or a customer sign-up with any e-commerce store they blindly trust these platforms without being aware of its physical identity. This is a challenge for both the customer and the seller as no one is sure of how genuine either of the two is. This often creates huge revenue losses, for a company when a customer makes a Cash-On-Delivery (COD) purchase and when the customer enters the wrong personal information like phone number and address.

    Too many competitors

    With the increase in popularity, more businesses are inclining towards e-commerce, which is increasing the competition in the market. There are a lot of companies providing the exact same services that you do. So until and unless e-commerce and logistics are best in their services it is tough to stay strong with the market.

    Reduced Customer Loyalty

    Customer loyalty matters a lot when it comes to e-commerce and logistics. Poor services and lack of proper management often leads to poor customer loyalty and you start losing on significant profits.

    The increased hassle of return and refund request

    With different companies providing no question asked return guarantee, most of the retailers go through an increased loss due to return and refund request. They have to bear the extra cost of the second trip of the product, without getting paid a single penny for the first one.

    Price competition

    Apart from the product quality, another thing that matters for a good product sale is the pricing. No matter how good the quality is, the sale often lags behind due to product cost. This is a big challenge faced by e-commerce and logistics industry and impacts a lot in the company’s growth.

    Lack of Data security

    Every information and data of e-commerce and logistics are stored in the virtual space. A minor security issue can lead to a great loss. Fraud posts and virus attacks might lead to hacking of major data and your business might come at stake.

    The Fuel cost

    The logistics take care of every transport and delivery all across the country. Increased return request leads to extra mileage for their transport systems and increases the fuel cost of these logistics companies. The prices of fuels are rapidly increasing day by day. Hence these industries facing a surge increase in their expenses.

    Business Process improvement

    Carelessness of the logistics companies is the leading cause of misdelivery of the product. If a logistics doesn't feel the necessity to upgrade to the new technology then they are most likely to face loses and returns. Lack of business process improvement is a big challenge of the e-commerce industry.

    Environmental issues

    Environmental issues can often come as a big obstacle for these logistics company if they don't have proper infrastructure. Natural calamities like heavy rain and other inconvenience might lead to delayed product delivery and can also cause damage to the products. This extra cost is born by the logistics, increases their loss even more.

    Solutions to these problems

    Every problem has a solution if you do it the right way. All the above-mentioned problems can be easily taken care of if the company follows certain rules. This blog talks about how you can overcome these problems in a few simple easy steps.

    A proper verification process

    You can confirm on your customer’s identity through a proper verification process. Through a virtual calling system, you can carry out a verification procedure, by confirming on the phone number, address and product description. This will reduce the overall loss rate. This will also reduce fuel cost and will not lead to return and refund requests.

    Be a step ahead of your competitors

    Challenges and Solutions of E-commerce and Logistics Management

    Do proper research of your competitor and then land on the battlefield. Use the power of social media to your advantage to understand the type of content people are getting attracted to. In this way, you will be aware of your competitors have launched some new products so that you can prepare yourself accordingly. Promote your services through blogs and articles and flourish your business in the best way possible.

    Maintain the quality

    One of the best ways to maintain customer loyalty is by providing the best service possible. Through keeping regular contact and providing intriguing offers and services, you can maintain your customer loyalty can stay assured that your customers have not switched to some other place to avail the same service.

    Know before you go

    With a detailed verification, you can stave off the hassle of frequent return and refund request. Confirm on the product details from your customer’s end and make sure you deliver the right product. This is an initiative taken by iThink Logistics which has shown a 15% reduction in refund rates.

    Set a middle ground for your pricing

    We are not saying you give out your services for free to obtain customers but set a middle ground for the pricing. Try out free shipping and keep an average service charge. This will help you increase your customer base.

    Stay ahead of the environment

    Invest in the proper transport system to protect your products during all kind of natural calamities. No matter what action the nature god takes, you can stay assured of safe product delivery.

    How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2021

    How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for your Website in 2021

    In case you are searching for a web hosting provider for your WordPress website, at that point you have various choices available for you to choose from. There are millions of hosting service providers but only few of them provide great hosting solution for WordPress websites or blogs. This article is mainly geared towards who is building a brand new WordPress based website or already have a WordPress website but are not comfortable with their web hosting company.

    Discovering the best WordPress hosting service provider for your WordPress site or blog is not as simple as looks. There are numerous of factors connect to this process like is reliability and server uptime most critical to you? What about the hosting charges? Fast loading times and faster servers? For what reason does one web host charge far beyond the other? Imagine a scenario in which you need everything from your web host.

    Our main objective in this article is to make easier the process as well as help you to choose the best WordPress web hosting provider for your website.

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    Hosting Requirements for WordPress Websites

    You will be amazed to discover that WordPress CMS is one of the light-weight platform as well as it is works perfectly with almost every reliable web hosting providers in the industry. The major requirements of WordPress websites are:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or higher
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or higher or any version of MariaDB
  • Because of the increasing demand of WordPress CMS, almost every web hosts come along with simple one-click installer for WordPress. The top WordPress hosting companies we have listed here offer outstanding support needed for running a fully functioning WordPress site.

    There are few more particular features and requirements that you must expect from a web host you choose, does not matter which type of WordPress hosting service that you take a decision to pick.

    Excellent Uptime Score

    Uptime is one of the most crucial elements that any site owner can not get along with other features. Relatively only a few hosting providers offer a guarantee of 100% uptime, the lesser is the downtime the more good it would be for any site built on WordPress. In case you are using a cheapest shared hosting service for your website, there will not b any guarantee of uptime, due to the server/computing resources will be divided for the use of various websites. In view of the website will manage huge number of plugins, templates, modules, databases as well as many other complected aspects, the server performance need to be excellent in order to handle the site speed as well as overall users experience. Therefore it is clever idea to pick VPS hosting or Dedicated server plans for your site that are worth depending on, with a view toward that the website will experience less or almost no downtime related issues.

    Software & Programming Support

    Always go with a hosts who keep their web server updated with the most recent versions of software and programs for giving full support and assistance for WordPress. These web hosts must have particular technologies to scale as well as safeguard WordPress websites. In simple words, it means the servers have the capacity and power to support several versions of MySQL, PHP, MariaDB along with Apache or NGINX web servers. The hosting company should have specific technology optimized and enhanced for WordPress based sites to scale and protect them. As WordPress is whole lot about themes, widgets and plugins, even few of the well-known plugins will have few weak points and may cause security related issues. A best web host should have a framework to recognize, detect and prevent those type of plugins that are dangerous/risky as well as decrease the site performance. Numerous of web hosts claims themselves as specialized in WordPress Optimized hosting, however when difficulties happen, they will not be able to handle the situation.

    Host Level Caching

    On many occasions, WordPress based websites rely on caching plugins to enhance website performance. However these caching plugins are quite useful in enhancing the website speed as well as performance, these plugins are not much efficient when contrasted with host level caching. Having your web host service deal with the caching related issues will lessen the burden of your shoulder and you can completely concentrate on your other business related things.

    Protection Against DDoS Attack

    It is highly recommended to choose a web hosting company that offers enhanced security, protection as well as increased attention to the individual users. Small web hosting companies may not have the capacity to give security and protection against DDoS attacks or malware related issues because small web hosts may not manage the cost of good tools. A good WordPress hosting solution have viable security benchmarks to block the harmful traffic and safeguard the website from malicious activities.

    WordPress Centric Features

    A good WordPress hosting service must provide particular features such as pre-installed WordPress, 1-click WordPress install, instant setup and configuration of software, automated software updates, option to choose from several themes, instant access to plugins to perform site related tasks, easier access to the tools for increased security, in-built caching for quickened site speed and more. It is always better idea to search for extra features for example easy to use control panel tool, free website migration, automatic backup & restore, free site building tools etc. These features are essential to ensure the enhanced speed, performance and continuity of your site.

    Few Points to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Hosting Provider

    Site speed, excellent security, performance and reliability are the crucial points that you need to take into account when selecting a hosting service for your WordPress site. Nonetheless, the most vital point that you must need to take into account is Understanding Your Needs. By analyzing your specific requirements before buying hosting plan for your WordPress site can save you huge amount of money.

    Analyzing Your WordPress Hosting Requirements

    There are various types of website hosting options accessible for example VPS, Shared, Cloud, Dedicated server, and Managed hosting. Let us now have a look at these hosting options to identify which one is the ideal choice for you.

    WordPress VPS Hosting

    VPS also known as Virtual Private Server. It is a technique of splitting a powerful physical computer server into several servers in respect of the separate website owner’s requirements. Despite the fact that you are sharing the computing resources of a server with few other websites, this type of hosting environment offer you nearly as much control similar to a powerful dedicated server. Additionally it has the excellent isolation of a distinct physical machine as well as can be designed, altered to run particular softwares or application. Many times web developers, webmasters, average users and professional bloggers use VPS hosting to scale their sites and blogs. In case you are not technically expert or don’t have technical skills, then opting a fully managed VPS hosting will be a wise decision for you. By opting a managed VPS hosting for your website means you do not need to worry about server management related tasks because everything will be taken care by hosting service providers. VPS hosting service is ideal choice for medium-sized organizations, blogs with huge traffic, as well as ambitious, web designers/programmers/developers.

    Shared WP Hosting

    Shared web hosting is one of the well-known option of WordPress hosting available and utilized by novices. It is one of the cost-effective approach to start a new website. In shared server hosting arrangement several websites share a powerful server with each other. Due to sharing nature, most of the web hosts offer shared hosting at affordable cost. In this type of hosting environment there is a limitation on everything including storage space, amount of bandwidth etc. Once your site match the limitations, the web host will force you to upgrade your hosting account. In case you do not take it seriously, it will create negative impact on your site as well as other sites sharing the same server.

    Shared server hosting is ideal choice for small businesses, individuals as well as startups.

    Cloud WordPress Hosting

    Cloud hosting service is an excellent choice for WordPress website owners who do not wish to bother about their website loading at slow speed or being totally shutdown. In cloud hosting environment several website share resources on multiple powerful servers and website owners are charged only for the resources they actually use. The cost of cloud hosting can be vary each month based on the resources usage. If you have a site with unpredictable traffic and visitors then opting a cloud plan can be ideal choice for you. UpdatedReviews runs on a Cloud hosting by FastComet.

    WordPress Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated server hosting is an arrangement in which a website owner rent or lease an entire server from hosting company. This type of hosting platform enables businesses with complete control over the server and its resources as well as selection of operating system (OS), hardware etc. In case you are just starting out then you should stay away from Dedicated server hosting. Once your site grow bigger and you start getting huge amount of traffic and visitors, at that moment you should think about upgrading to a dedicated server hosting. In case you are not technically expert or don’t have any trained or skilled system admin, then you should go for a fully managed dedicated hosting plan. When you opt managed dedicated server plan, each and every server management related tasks such a software install, updates, server monitoring, security hardening etc. will be taken care by your hosting service provider.

    Managed WordPress Web Hosting

    Due to the huge popularity of WordPress and large number of WordPress users, many top hosting companies have decided to offer fully managed WordPress hosting solution. One of the biggest advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that site owners do not need to worry about anything, because your web host with enhance your site performance, safeguard your site, perform backups and monitor your site.

    As a conclusion, a fully managed WordPress hosting is one of the trouble-free and extremely fast hosting solution with top-class customer support from a highly skilled and trained staff. Managed WordPress hosting usually cost more compare to normal WordPress hosting. Try Kinsta for powerful managed WordPress hosting starting at $30/month.

    Our top 3 picks for the best WordPress hosting providers are:

  • Bluehost: Best overall WordPress hosting company, officially recommended by
  • HostGator: Best WordPress hosting option for fastest growing sites and blogs.
  • SiteGround: Best overall WordPress support in the hosting industry.
  • Bottom Line - How to Choose the best hosting for WordPress websites

    When you are starting with your first WordPress website, choosing the best WordPress hosting service provider for your brand new website can be without any doubt much complex, with such a significant number of alternatives accessible, particularly if a few of the phrasing included is totally unfamiliar to you. One thing you should keep in mind at the time of choosing a web hosting company is great customer support. In case you are not sure where to start, select any web host from the list of best WordPress hosting providers with excellent support.

    We at UpdatedReviews hope that this detailed article helped you decide the best WordPress web hosting for your website or blog. In case you have any query or question, then feel free to contact us and we will try to respond you with perfect answer for your question.

    ResellerClub Birthday Bash Sale - Upto 60% OFF on Hosting - 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 votes

    ResellerClub Birthday Sale 2021 - Up to 60% OFFER

    ResellerClub has turned 14th this February and ResellerClub is giving big thanks to everyone for supporting and loving them. Similar to other Birthday Bash, this year also they are giving huge killer discounts and promos. On the occasion of Birthday ResellerClub has decided to give never before pricing on each and every product. Now you can get any hosting service from ResellerClub at a discounted rate. This Big Birthday Bash, They are offering up to 60% discounts on website hosting and domain name registration services. Find out more about ResellerClub here.

    Here are the details of ResellerClub’s Big Birthday Bash offers 2021

  • Cloud Hosting - Upto 60 % OFF
  • Shared Hosting - Upto 60% OFF
  • WordPress Hosting - Up to 40% OFF
  • Reseller Hosting - Up to 35% OFF
  • Linux VPS Servers - Up to 60% OFF
  • Linux VPS Servers - Up to 30% OFF
  • Coupon code will be applied automatically to grab ResellerClubs’ Birthday Bash Deals. Big Birthday bash Sale will be live between 15th February 2021 to 21st February 2021.

    Grab Offer

    Take a look at the screenshot given below for more information:

    ResellerClubs’ Birthday Bash Sale 2021

    ResellerClub has completed 13 wonderful years in the hosting industry and now they are celebrating with their traditional Big Birthday Bash Sale!. In case you have been with them for over one year, you most likely definitely comprehend that the Big Birthday Bash Offer is when ResellerClub present one of the biggest sale of the year. This year is the same as others.

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    Top 3 Ways To Get A Free Domain Name for Your Website - 4.9 out of 5 based on 23 votes

    How to Get A Free Domain Name - Top 3 Ways

    How to Get a Free Domain Name

    In simple words a domain name is known as online address of a website. It is a combination of three elements, i.e a website or business name, a dot (.), and an extension (.COM, .IN, .ORG).There are few domain name registrars give domain names for free of cost, whereas few other offer a website domain name included for free of cost in their hosting packages.

    Below I am going to share the top 3 ways to get a free Domain Name. So Learn How You Can Get A Free or almost free Domain name for your website or blog.

    Selecting a website domain name is almost similar to deciding a name of your new born child. Either it is first one or tenth one, you wish to choose an unique, interesting, easy to remember as well as easily match the personality of your online brand or business (or child). Since you are thinking about web domain name and domain extensions, you will have to understand the Differences Between Domain Name and Web Hosting.
    Additionally you need to discover where to register your domain name and host your new website.

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    1. Get a Free Domain With Affordable Web Hosting

    These days many web hosts offer free domain name registration with their paid hosting packages and free domain is included for free with all hosting services such as Shared, Cloud, VPS as well as Dedicated Server hosting. Below I am going to share the name of top 2 web hosts giving free domain name.

    Bluehost - Free .COM Domain for One Year


    Buy opting Bluehost hosting, you get a chance to register a domain for free for 1st year with shared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting plans.

  • FREE domain name for 1st year and site builder tool
  • Upto unlimited domains/websites, email accounts and bandwidth
  • Free Marketing Credits worth for Bing & Google Ads
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 24/7 expert support with online tutorials
  • Flat 60% OFF Bluehost Exclusive offer for UpdatedReviews audience
  • Automatic daily, weekly & monthly backups

  • Get started Today on Bluehost hosting.
  • There are very few web hosts who offer free Domain Name when you buy web hosting from them. Most of the web hosts give free .COM domain with their affordable web hosting packages because .COM domain is more in demand and it is actually possible to get a .COM domain completely free of cost. Few top web hosting providers such as Bluehost offer free .COM domain names for one year to the users who purchase web hosting and host their websites on their servers. Anyway, as you are looking for free Domain name, right now you can get one of the best offer from by signing up for their low cost hosting plans starting at just $2.95/month, which contains a .COM domain name for free of charge for 1 year.

    With regard to selecting a perfect domain name for your website/blog or just to create a professional email address with your brand name, majority of online users or businesses are searching for a .COM extension in their URL, for example Main reason behind using this domain extension is that it is widely recognized and professional looking extension available for domains, therefore picking a web host offering a free .COM domain name along with professional email address, SSL and business website/blog is highly recommended and a best choice.

    Bluehost is an ideal choice for everything including website, domain, hosting, and email. With them you can affordable web hosting starting at just Rs.199/month that contains 1-click installer to create a professional WordPress site or blog, free email accounts, free SSL certificate as well as a free .COM domain for your business or personal use. This means you can have a fully functioning website from Bluehost at $2.95/month.

    Hostinger - Free Domain with Annual Hosting Plans

    Hostinger Free Domain Name

    With Hostinger you get an opportunity to register a domain for free with annual shared (Premium & Business), WordPress and Cloud hosting plans.

  • Free Domain with Annual Business & Premium hosting plans
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • FREE site builder tool
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 1-Click Installer
  • SSH Access with business & premium hosting plans
  • Hosting optimized for WordPress

  • Get started Today on Hostinger Hosting.
  • These days everyone wants to have a free domain name and at Hostinger they understand it better, that’s why their hosting plans include a free domain name for one year of hosting purchase. This applies to most of the services offered by them like shared, Cloud, WordPress and Dedicated Server Hosting. You can not start a website or blog with a domain name alone. You will need another most important element called web hosting. So why not get both with one purchase? Did you know? Free website domain names are included for free when you buy annual Premium or Business web hosting plans from Hostinger.

  • Free Domain Name with Hosting Purchase: .com, .xyz, .net, .online, .info, .store, .website, .space, .site, .tech
  • iPage - Build Your Website with a Free Domain Name Registration

    When you sign up for iPage hosting, you get an opportunity to get your domain for free for 1st entire year. Along with this you will get SSL for free, free online store, free ads credits worth $200 and many more. You get domain for free with shared, WordPress, VPS and Dedicated server hosting packages.

  • FREE domain registration
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Scalable bandwidth/transfer
  • 1,000s of free templates
  • FREE email address
  • FREE 24/7 support
  • FREE drag & drop site builder
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • FREE domain name transfer

  • Get started Today on iPage Hosting.
  • Free domain registrations and transfers applicable to .com, .net, space, .tech. .online, .site, .website, .store, .info, .club, .us, .biz, .me, .co & .org domain extensions.

    GreenGeeks - Free Domain Registration or Transfer

    By opting GreenGeeks hosting you will get a chance to register a new domain name or be able to transfer your already registered domain name to them, without paying anything. You will be given a free domain with shared hosting packages starting from $2.95/month:

  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • 1-Click App Installer
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • 300% Green Hosting
  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free Wildcard SSL
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • FREE Website Migration

  • Get started Today on GreenGeeks Hosting.
  • inMotion Hosting - FREE Domain Registration

    Every WordPress Hosting package comes with a free domain name registration or Free existing domain transfer. In case you do not wish to buy domain during checkout process, you get credit to register your domain later.

  • FREE domain name and seamless site transfer
  • Includes 1-click installer with over 310 apps
  • FREE SSDs for shared business hosting plans
  • Easy installs for WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop
  • FREE data backups and complimentary SSL certificate

  • Get started Today on InMotion Hosting.
  • Godaddy - Get a Free Domain Name

    Purchase hosting from GoDaddy and we will throw in a website domain name for free. Buy a yearly Economy, Deluxe, or Ultimate shared Hosting plan or any annual WordPress package by GoDaddy and you will automatically eligible for a free domain name registration.

  • World's No.1 Domain name registrar with 78 million domain names under management
  • FREE domain name comes with annual hosting plans
  • Easily Manage your domain names via cPanel or Plesk control panel
  • 1-click install for applications like WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • FREE email accounts
  • Free daily backups/weekly with 1-click restore

  • Get started Today on GoDaddy Hosting.
  • What will happen if you Wish to change hosting Provider?

    Few days back I used a web hosting provider that provided me a free website domain name, yet just for the duration I was their active customer. This was totally unfair. Your web domain name has to be entirely yours. In case you do not have complete control over your domain, you will be in the trouble later.

    Gratefully, Bluehost and Hostinger both the web hosts are slightly differ from others. Below I am going to share the short details of their terms about domain names.

    Bluehost Free Domain Policy

    In case you have register a free domain name with them during sign up for a web hosting account, there is a fee for domain that is non-refundable. This not just helps Bluehost to cover the cost, but also guarantees that you are not going to lose your domain name. You will be be allowed to transfer it to any other provider or just point it somewhere else whenever it might suit you. You own the rights of your domain until you keep renewing it.

    2. Use a Free Subdomain Name From a Website Builder

    Many free website builder tools and CMS services like Weebly and will offer you with a free subdomain name for example or

    There are a couple of reasons why I would advise staying away from these options. The primary reason is that you do not own the rights to your domain name, WordPress, Weebly or other site builder own the domain. Besides, a subdomain does not look like a professional domain and it become more difficult for individuals to keep in mind.

    At last but not least, you will be restricted to utilizing the site builder tool that provides you the subdomain. Most of the free website builder platforms are having very limited features, so this gives a very less scope for growing your website.

    3. Get Free ccTLDs

    There are few services that give free website domain names allowing you use a particular country code top-level domain (ccTLD). These kind of services must be stayed away from as much as possible since they usually offer shadowy country code top level domain extensions such as .ga, .ml, .cf, tk or .gq. These extensions not just look unprofessional, at the same time a domain having those kind of extension is much difficult get ranked in search engines like Google or Bing.

    The Bottom Line

    In simple words, if you are looking for a free domain name for your website but do not wish to pay the charges, you are best off getting one for free of cost with your web hosting package.

    In case you are going to build a website or blog for business purpose, we at highly recommended going for a .COM domain rather than going for a free domain name with extensions like .tk or cf. Buying having a paid domain name extension like .COM, NET, .ORG, you get better branding, increased credibility among your customers. By signing up with Bluehost you can obtain a website domain name, web hosting, Server as well as professional email address for just $2.95/month. Get started with Bluehost today and get free domain for one year.

    In case you have tried any other ways to get a free Domain Name without compromising your website or business, kindly share with us in the comments section. We will try to add that method in this article.

    HostGator Valentine’s Day Sale, Offer - 50% Off All Hosting Plans - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    HostGator Valentine’s Day Sale & 50% OFF Mardi Gras Offer on All New Hosting Plans

    Hey Lovely reader, I am much pleased to make everyone of you aware of the Valentine’s Day special offer from HostGator, one of the largest web hosting providers. As per the information we got from HostGator, they will be offering Flat 50% OFF on all hosting plans this Valentine’s day 2019.

    This year HostGator is going to start it's’ Valentine’s day sale on 14th February 2019 12am CST and will be running only for 24 hours on the occasion of Valentine’s. The sale featuring Valentine’s day will be ending at sharp 11:59pm CST, Thursday night. One thing you should keep in mind that Hostgator will update this sale on its official website with promo code, it means you can directly copy the coupon code from their website and use during checkout.

    Click here To Grab Offer

    HostGator Valentine’s Day Sale 2019

    Here are the details of HostGator Valentine’s Day Sale:

  • Visit HostGator by Clicking this Link
  • Use Coupon Code: CUPID During checkout
  • Offer Date: Thursday, February 14th: 12am CST – 11:59pm CST
  • HostGator Mardi Gras Sale 2019

    Apart from this, HostGator is going to run another flash sale soon after the Valentine's day offer discount deal on 16th February 2019 i.e the Mardi Gras Sale and during this sale you grab flat 50% OFF on all hosting plans offered by

    Here are the details of HostGator Mardi Gras Offer:

  • Sign Up via visiting this Link
  • No Coupon code needed to avail this offer
  • Offer Starts: Saturday, February 16th at 12am CST.
  • Offer Ends: Sunday, February 17th at 11:59pm CST.
  • Note: These offers will be applicable on new hosting accounts and you can not use these offers or coupons to renew your existing hosting accounts.

    Top Reasons to choose HostGator?

  • Today HostGator hosts more than 8,000,000 domains worldwide, which makes them one of the largest web hosting companies around the world.
  • Each and every hosting service is backed by 45 days money back guarantee, so in case you find any trouble with their hosting you can get full money back within first 45 days of hosting purchase.
  • There is no restrictions on the server resources usage for example you get Unlimited Web Space, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Email Account etc.
  • All hosting plans include a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
  • Free Website/Domain Name Transfer, MYSQL Database Transfer, Script Transfer by HostGator
  • Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups Included in every hosting plan
  • Instantly install More than 75 open-source scripts with just a single click of mouse!
  • HostGator has an award winning customer support team in the industry. You can contact the expert team of HostGator by live chat, email as well as phone.
  • Low Cost Cloud hosting plans starting at just $4.95/month.
  • That’s all folks, all I want is you should not miss this amazing discount, offer and deal from Hostgator this Valentine’s day.

    Kinsta Review

    Kinsta Review - 5.0 out of 5 based on 14 votes

    Kinsta LogoKinsta Managed Hosting Review 2021

    Are you in search of the fastest and reliable WordPress web hosting providers? Would you wish someone else to be responsible for keeping your WordPress based website or blog secured, protected and backed up? If this is the situation, then Kinsta could be only the best and most reliable managed WordPress web host service you have been in the search for.

    Here in this Kinsta WordPress hosting review, we are going to explain everything about Kinsta Hosting like features, loading speed, uptime Pricing and more. When it comes to powerful managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is the first name which come in the mind. Kinsta offer highly scalable, developer friendly, easy to use and reliable hosting.
    Undoubtedly one of the most reliable and superior hosting alternatives in case you are thinking to go with WordPress CMS, Kinsta hosting platform comes with numerous of add-ons for those setting up their website or blog using Worlds best and widely used CMS platform.

    Introduction to Kinsta WordPress Hosting

    Since Kinsta were started in 2013, Almost 6 years back, they have been trying hard to become one of the most preferred choice for WordPress based users and WordPress developers who are set up to look farther advertising endeavors as well as worth the money to discover a quick, reliable and extremely secure place for their site or blog.

    Kinsta has a team of highly trained and experienced WordPress developers who genuinely understand that dependable WordPress Web Hosting is based on advanced technology. Saying this does not imply that the $30/month starter level WP plan offered by Kinsta is not competitive in comparison to other premium managed WordPress web hosts, it's simply that this is not low cost and economical hosting plan.

    Check out Kinsta Now
    Kinsta WordPress Hosting

    But why opting Kinsta as your partner you can access to fully managed WordPress hosting. This implies Kinsta is not just going to take care the aspects of your WordPress management related tasks, but they will be taking care to host your website/blog in a highly optimized environment for WordPress. Few essential and time consuming tasks such as security hardening, managing your server, backing up your site are pulled off from your hands. In addition to the fact that this saves you huge time, it lessens the chance of something turning out badly in case you are not well aware of the WordPress functioning process.

    By opting Managed WordPress Web Hosting from Kinsta, you can experience extremely fast loading speed, along with minimal downtime as well as just a few performance related difficulties with normal hosting solution. In spite of the fact that there are numerous providers offering WordPress hosting with fully managed support at reasonable cost, as we are going to look into this review, Kinsta hosting do have a couple of dissimilarities from alternate web hosts available in the industry.

    Kinsta Hosting Plans

    Kinsta Offers 9 different types of plans for WordPress sites of all all types like businesses as well as enterprises. One thing which make Kinsta unique from others is the features of hosting plans are same over the majority of its hosting plans. In order to get access to any specific features, you do not need to upgrade your current plan. The major contrasts between the Kinsta Hosting plans are the amount of SSD storage space increase with every tier of service, number of sites users can host as well as free CDN.

    Range of Hosting Plans

    In the stater level plan, users are allowed to host one WordPress website, whereas in top tier plan users can host upto 100 sites. In case any user need to host more than 100 website, can freely ask for customized hosting plan.

    Each and every hosting plan priced based on the numbers of monthly visits/unique traffic it supports, instead of monthly bandwidth. In case you reach the monthly quota of allowed visits, you do not need to worry because your account keeps running normally but you will charged $1 extra for each 1000 visits you cross.

    Details of Kinsta Hosting Pricing

    Kinsta WordPress Hosting Pricing

    At present Kinsta have eight managed WordPress hosting plans with different features and pricing structure. Given below are the details of their hosting pricing:

  • Starter Plan: Costs $30/month and suitable to host 1 site or 1 WordPress install, 5 GB SSD disk space and 20,000 monthly visits.
  • Pro Plan: Costs $60/month and suitable to host 2 site or 2 WordPress install, 10 GB SSD disk space and 40,000 monthly visits.
  • BUSINESS 1 Plan: Costs $100/month and suitable to host 5 site or 5 WordPress install, 15 GB SSD disk space and 100,000 monthly visits.
  • BUSINESS 2 Starter Plan: Costs $200/month and suitable to host 10 site or 10 WordPress install, 20 GB SSD disk space and 250,000 monthly visits.
  • BUSINESS 3 Plan: Costs $300/month and suitable to host 20 site or 20 WordPress install, 30 GB SSD disk space and 400,000 monthly visits.
  • BUSINESS 4 Plan: Costs $400/month and suitable to host 40 site or 40 WordPress install, 40 GB SSD disk space and 600,000 monthly visits.
  • ENTERPRISE 1 Plan: Costs $600/month and suitable to host 60 site or 60 WordPress install, 80 GB SSD disk space and 1,000,000 monthly visits.
  • ENTERPRISE 2 Plan: Costs $900/month and suitable to host 80 site or 80 WordPress install, 120 GB SSD disk space and 1,5000,000 monthly visits.
  • If you choose to pay yearly, you get two months free, all 8 managed WordPress hosting plans include one free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, daily backups, SSH access, highly secured network along with an access to CDN. APart from this there is a guarantee of 30 days on each and every hosting plans, it means you can try Managed WordPress Hosting service of KInsta without any risk and trouble.

    What Do You Get with Kinsta WP Hosting?

    In case you are looking for enhanced loading speed, least server administrations related tasks on your own, very rare or no site downtime, in this case Kinsta hosting could be the best suitable option for you. Below I am going to list out what you get from Kinsta when you buy any plan from them.

    Unlimited Free Migrations

    With other web hosts, you need to pay extra for migrating your website but with Kinsta the situation is totally different. In case you are transferring your site from Cloudways, DreamHost, WP Engine, Flywheel or Pantheon, Kinsta will take care migration related tasks of each and every of your site totally free of charge.

    Option to Choose Your Data Center

    One major factor that distinguishes Kinsta hosting from many other well-known managed WordPress web hosting companies is their ability to use Google Cloud Platform. In simple words it means websites/blogs built on WordPress are hosted on the Google powered infrastructure. You can freely select any of the 25 Google Cloud platform regional state-of-art data centers for each and every website you host. Learn more about Kinsta Data center Locations here.

    Automatic Daily Backups

    As stated, automatic daily backups are included in each WordPress plan of Kinsta. Automated data backups are retailed for atleast 14 days in starter level plans as well as 30 days on the highler vele plans. Apart from the free daily backups, there is a paid hourly backup option are also available. You can for every 6 hours backups by paying $50 per month per site and every hour option by paying $100 per month per site.

    WordPress Staging Environment

    You get access to staging area to perform development, testing or tweaking as well as tuning - all just in a single click of mouse. The biggest benefit of staging environment is that you can make a copy of your live site to test it and make the necessary changes if needed.

    Option to Use CDN of Your Choice

    With Kinsta WordPress hosting you can utilize a CDN (content delivery Network) of your choice. With other web hosts, you often see there is restrictions to use other services which are not allowed. With KInsta you can use from multiple CND options like MaxCDN, CloudFlare, Fastly, Amazon CloudFront or any other.

    Technical Features of Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

    Kinsta Optimized Hosting

    In this part of Kinsta WordPress Hosting Review, we are going to discuss the technical features and details of their hosting service including server uptime, performance, security, site speed, support and more:

  • Free SSL: You will be provided with free SSL certificate. Also no need to renew costy SSL certificate. You will be provided with one-click SSL install with their Let’s Encrypt Integration. Additionally you can install any SSL of your choice.
  • CND (Content Delivery Network): Kinsta has collaborated with KeyCDN (A high performance content delivery network). The starter WP plan include 50 GB of KeyCDN utilization every month and more GB’s of KeyCDN access is given of higher level plans.
  • Real-Time HTTP/2.0: Kinsta use HTTP/2 on all its server as well as CSN.
  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol): Each hosting account include Secure FTP access to your server space for uploading and modifying files.
  • Easier Access to Database: You will be provided phpMyAdmin tool to access your website database via a web browser.
  • Site cloning: Thinking to build a template for your new client? You can easily clone or copy any of your current running website or staging environments in just single click of mouse.
  • WordPress Management Made Easier: You can easily manage as well as update your plugins using Kinsta Hosting account dashboard, but there is a lack of automatic plugin or software updates.
  • Multiple Data Center Locations: The major benefit of using Google Cloud Platform is that you get access to multiple 18 server locations worldwide to choose from.
  • Traffic Analytics: You get access to visitor analytics tools inside the Kinsta hosting dashboard.
  • Optimized WordPress Stack: Kinsta only use the most recent and best tech stack mainly optimized for WordPress sites.
  • Ecommerce Functionality: eCommerce websites are highly demanding because they produce huge amount of data along with un-cachable requests. In order to meet these needs Kinsta has several optimization options to make sure you given the ideal stability between performance and excellent functionality. Few of the examples of these optimizations include un-cached shopping cart pages as well as skipping the cache whenever the Woocommerce_items_in_cart” cookie or edd_items_in_cart” cookie are identified to make sure easier and in-sync checkout procedure.
  • New Relic for Performance and uptime monitoring: Each and every account hosted at Kinsta comprises 720 uptime checks everyday with their New Relic (An uptime and performance monitoring tool).
  • Kinsta Support

    Kinsta WordPress hosting comes with Live chat, email support option, along with huge knowledge base containing the answer and solution for every question related to WordPress. Live chat support option is only available for current paying customers. Live chat support is very fast compared to email support option and in case you contact their support team using email there will be a little bit delay in the response time. But whenever you get reply from the support team, you will be given the permanent solution for your queries or issues.

    One thing which I like the most about Kinsta customer support team is that they are much eager to give the permanent fix and resolution to the queries raised by customers. Like other companies they do not give any solution based on guesses and assumptions.

    Pros & Cons of Kinsta Hosting


  • Extremely Fast Hosting
  • 18 Global Data Center Locations
  • Free of cost site recovery
  • Free unlimited migrations
  • Free Everyday backups
  • Malware protection & Removal
  • Quick support by team of experts
  • Cons:

  • Much Expensive
  • Restricted to WordPress
  • Conclusion

    After reading this detailed review of Kinsta, you can see that they offer extremely fast and highly secured managed WordPress Hosting solution at costly price but with excellent uptime score as well as the strength handle multiple visits and huge amount of traffic.

    Certainly, Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting solution is not suitable for everyone. In case you are just starting out a brand new WordPress site or having a site with less amount of visitors, Kinsta is probably not an ideal choice for you.

    Check out Kinsta hosting

    Most Popular Alternatives for Kinsta


    BlueHost Managed WordPress Hosting

    At a Glance

    • ✔ Recommended By
    • ✔ Multiple Hosting Options
    • ✔ No Traffic Limits
    • ✔ 24/7 Expert Customer Support
    • ✔ Free SSL, CDN & Domain
    • ✘ Slow Loading on Shared Plans




    Bluehost Reviews


    Visit Site


    A2 Hosting Managed WordPress Hosting

    At a Glance

    • ✔ Great Managed WP plans
    • ✔ Easy, Automated Backups
    • ✔ Top-notch support
    • ✔ Free SSL & HTTPS
    • ✔ Free & Easy Site Migration
    • ✔ Anytime Money Back Guarantee




    A2 Hosting Reviews


    Visit Site

    HostPapa Valentine’s Day sale, Offers & Discounts 2020 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    HostPapa Valentine’s Day Deals, Offers & Discounts

    February is here and HostPapa, a well known web host in the industry is getting ready for a special valentine's day offer, sale for all web hosting lovers!. On the ocassion of Valentine's day HostPapa is going to give huge discounts on all hosting products and services. Now you can get hosting for your website from HostPapa at just $2.95/month with amazing features and benefits.

    Grab Your Deal Now

    HostPapa Valentine's Day Sale 2020

    HostPapa's valentine's day sale is going to start on 13th February at 10 am EST and end on 17th February at 11 pm EST. So get ready to save huge on hosting at HostPapa.

    During HostPapa Valentine's Day Sale 2020:

  • Business Shared Hosting plans is going to cost $2.95/month (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a package of 36 months.
  • Business Optimized WordPress plans package will cost just $3.95/month, under the same 36 month purchase condition.
  • No Coupon Code Needed to grab this exclusive Valentine's day deal. Coupon is auto applied.
  • Offer Date: 13th February at 10 am EST and end on 17th February at 11 pm EST 2020

    Visit HostPapa

    HostPapa India Valentine's Day Sale 2020:

  • Business Shared Hosting plans will cost Rs.99/month (or equivalent in other currencies) for anyone buying a package of 36 months.
  • Business Optimized WordPress plans will cost Rs.199/month, under the same 36 month purchase condition.
  • Visit HostPapa India

    To make the most from this amazing valentine's day sale. If would be great if you stay tuned and keep visiting our website because you can save huge on all hosting products at HostPapa. Also feel free to share this page with your friends, family members through social media channels to that they can also grab this exciting offer this Valentine's day.

    Upto 90% OFF Valentines Day Web Hosting Deals, Offers & Special Discounts 2021 - 4.6 out of 5 based on 9 votes

    Valentine's Day Web Hosting Offers, Deals at UpdatedReviews

    With Valentine's Day 2021 around the corner, the air is overflowing with love, romance, happiness and excitement. From younger couples to older, each and everyone appears to appreciate acclaiming this season of affection, romance and passion similar to any other festival of India. Valentine's day, the day of love and romance is celebrated on 14th February every year, includes give and take of gifts between, friends, lovers, couples, etc. In case you are in search of unique and trending Valentine's day gifts in that situation you have arrived at the right place. This year UpdatedReviews is offering Valentine's day exclusive offers, sales, promos, deals and discounts on wide range of services such as Web Hosting, Domain Name, Website Builders, Web Servers, SSL certificates and more. Look over the best offers and buy Valentine's day surprise for your loved ones today. In 2021, the valentine's day is going to happen on Friday, 14th February.

    Valentine's day web hosting sale

    Celebrate this Valentine's day with and grab amazing deals, offers and discounts on premium Web Hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated servers and more. Check below for exciting Valentine's day Offers and Discounts.

    FastComet Valentine's Day Sweetheart Deals - Upto 70% OFF

  • Save flat 70% Off all New Shared hosting plans & Locations. Use coupon: LOVE70
  • Save flat 20% Off all New Cloud VPS & Dedicated CPU Server Plans plus FREE Site Migration. Use Coupon: LOVE20
  • Offer Date: 10th Feb. to 14th Feb. 2021

    A2 Hosting Valentine's Day Sale - Upto 77% OFF

  • Shared - Up to 77% off (from $2.49/mo)
  • Reseller - Up to 60% off (from $16.99/mo)
  • Managed VPS - Up to 58% off (from $33.99/mo)
  • Unmanaged VPS - Up to 50% off (from $4.99/mo)
  • Managed WordPress- Up to 66% off (from $10.99/mo)
  • Dedicated Server - Up to 46% off (from $119.99/mo)
  • Offer Date: 12th Feb. to 21st Feb. 2021

    HostPapa $2.95/mo. Valentine’s Day Hosting Sale

  • Business Shared Hosting plans will just cost $2.95/month (or equivalent in all other currencies) for anyone buying a package of 36 months.
  • Business Optimized WordPress hosting plans will cost just $3.95/month, under the same 36 month purchase condition.
  • Offer Date: Not Announced Yet

    No Coupon Code Needed to grab this deal. Just click the Get Deal button

    HostPapa India Up to 88% OFF Valentine’s Day Web Hosting Sale

  • Business Shared Hosting plans will just cost Rs.99/month (or equivalent in all other currencies) for anyone buying a package of 36 months.
  • Business Optimized WordPress hosting plans will cost just Rs.199/month, under the same 36 month purchase condition.
  • Offer Date: Not Announced Yet

    No Coupon Code Needed to grab this deal. Just click the Get Deal button

    Hostinger Valentine’s Day Sale : Upto 90% OFF

  • This Valentine's day get whopping 90% OFF on web Hosting Plans plus free SSL certificate from Hostinger.
  • Offer Date: Not Announced Yet (India) Valentine’s Day Sale : Up to 90% OFF

  • Gift your loved ones a website this Valentine's day with Hostinger 90% OFF valentine's day sale. Limited time offer, so act fast to grab it.
  • Offer Date: Not Announced Yet

    65% OFF Bluehost Valentine's Day 2021 Sale

  • This Valentine's day save flat 65% on Bluehost's Shared & WordPress hosting plans. Pay just $2.95/month instead of 7.95/month for shared/WordPress hosting.
  • Sale Date: Not Announced Yet

    InterServer Valentine's Day Special Offer 2021

  • This Valentine's day fall in love with InterServer's prices. Get unlimited hosting for $4/month on 3 years billing cycle or $5/month on monthly billing.
  • Try InterServer's Shared, Cloud VPS hosting at just $0.01 for 1st month using Coupon "UPDATEDREVIEWS"
  • Sale Date: Not Announced Yet

    HostGator Valentine’s Day Offers. Not Running

  • HostGator will be running multiple 50% off Deals this Valentine's day featuring 50% off on all New Hosting plans.
  • Sale Date: Not Announced Yet

    Not Announced Yet

    HostGator Mardi Gras Sale

  • This Mardi Gras HostGator is running flat 50% OFF Sale on all hosting plans. So get ready to grab huge discount on your favorite hosting services
  • Sale Date: Not Announced Yet

    Coupon Code: CUPID

    Top 5 Best Web Hosting Trends to Watch out for in 2021 - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Top Web Hosting Trends to Watch out for in 2021

    Web Hosting Trends

    Planning to launch a website market and advertise your product, Brand, Business or services? Have you decided and chosen a hosting plan for your site? The necessity of a reliable and secured website hosting plan can not be ignored or undervalued especially with regards to building up a website for business use.

    You need to opt a reliable web hosting service for your website related requirements that can offer you excellent technical support and assistance. On the other hand, web host arrangements are not any more only a solution for hosting websites/blogs or web applications. At present website owners and webmasters are expecting varied solutions tied up in a single web hosting package.

    The significance and the excellence of Web Hosting for the digital industry blooms at an amazingly fast speed. Having this in mind, it is highly recommended for the website owners, webmasters to keep an eye on the latest trends of web hosting.

    Here in this post we are going to talk about the latest Trends of web hosting that has to be followed by each and every website owner and web based business.

    Eco-Friendly/Green Hosting

    Eco-Friendly web hosting also known as Green Hosting means operating a website on a server that use energy efficient technologies/techniques. These energy-efficient technologies are Energy-Efficient Server Hardware, Efficient Server Software, Natural Cooling system, Renewable Energy Devices and so on.

    Have you ever thought how much much carbon dioxide it produces when you use a web page? It produces around 20 MG (milligrams) of Carbon Dioxide. Now with more than 4.2 billion active Internet users all over the world, you can easily figure out how possibly Internet users like you and me are harming environment by releasing huge amount of Carbon dioxide. Try GreenGeeks, No.1 Green Web Hosting provider.

    As per the technology experts, in case the consumption of energy by web hosting service providers will continue increasing like this, by year 2021 the population generated would surely exceed the pollution generated by the airline/aviation industry.

    Cloud Hosting/Server

    According to experts it is indicated that soon, Cloud hosting services are going to beat the whole web hosting industry. The main reason behind this is that it contains many amazing features such as increased security, excellent uptime, and high reliability, therefore numerous of online businesses are opting cloud.

    Cloud server/hosting includes physical web servers situated in a highly secured data center room and the virtual server that is used for hosting websites/web applications acquires its computing resources from this arrangement of physical servers.

    Yet Cloud hosting/computing services are not that much costlier, due to its affordable nature, many brands, businesses are changing over to Cloud powered hosting environment. Website owners with least investment option available can think about Cloud server solution for having world class hosting environment at affordable cost.

    Additionally, by opting Cloud, you do not need to worry about the chances of slow down, website crashes or interruption in the functioning of your site. In case any failure or interruption happens, the framework will keep your website from going disconnected or down via consequently changing to another available server. Due to this amazing benefit cloud hosting is a top web hosting trend in 2021.

    Improved Security

    These day many top web hosting providers give more priority to their clients security and protection of their precious data moreover they will go extra miles to execute excellent security efforts. Numerous sensible hosting companies these days pick servers offered by security intended, genuine as well as powerful dedicated server hosting providers like inMotion Hosting because they offer enhanced security along with trustworthiness over and above shared hosting companies. Telling you the truth, a critical level of security breaks and violations that were encountered by prime business can be trackable to out and out lack of inattentiveness and unnecessary gaps.

    These days several web hosting security protocols for example quality SSL security Certification, encoded data storage as well as compliance audits CMS (content management system) exposures are getting to be inescapable. These security protocols empowers businesses and organizations to keep website’s details and data safe and sound for the time being dealing in financial transactions, online sales and purchase to online buyers.

    Advanced Hardware for Hosting

    Other than upgraded processors and highly improved memory solutions, the innovative and modern-grade hosting technologies at present necessitate increasingly robust hardware and equipment. As a result of this numerous of well-known and reputed web hosting are switching to SSD drives for accelerated server performance and speed. Moreover these days several web hosting companies are mentioning about their comprehensive hardware and server specifications used to host websites, in order to attract more website owners to buy hosting from them.

    Automated Data Backups

    Despite the fact that, a web host you choose is supposed to perform data backup, despite everything you have to perform this measure as well. In case you opt manual data backup, it will be a time-taking procedure as well as it is not liberal from human generated errors. Interestingly, a large number of CMS platforms such as Joomla, WordPress accompany several plug-ins to create automated backups. These plugins makes it much easier and effortless to take automated backups and recover data in case of sudden system disappointments or failures.


    So, mentioned above are the top 5 web hosting trends for 2021. The superior, enhanced security, reliability and concern about business protection are the main reasons making hosting service a highly demanding business. Pick companies which offer Green Web Hosting as well as cloud solutions at reasonable rates. Try InterServer Cloud VPS.

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