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Top 10 Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2019 | SSL Certificate Providers in India - 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 votes

Top 10 Best SSL Certificate Providers in 2019 | SSL Certificate Providers in India

There are numerous of SSL certificates providers on the web that competes the other to endorse that it is the best one. Listed below are the Top SSL certificate providers in the web industry bases on our research and survey and any web pages using one of the SSL certificates guarantees it’s customers that they are safe, protected and secure while doing sensitive transactions over the websites and web pages.

Web security need to be topmost priority for each and every web based business in order to be successful in this digital world because there is a huge rise in the number of internet and network security related threats. For the success of your online business , the trustworthiness and brand reputation play crucial roles and online users of your website should be convinced about sharing their confidential details and sensitive information such as credit card details while surfing your website.

Suppose any of the visitor of your website who had bad experience while surfing your site will never visit it again as well as he warn other users to not visit your site. Due to this reason it is much crucial for every business having a secure website in order to provide secure online experience to the online users. Website security can be done by implementing an SSL certificate on your website.

Top 10 Best Cheap SSL Certificate Providers

What Exactly is an SSL ?

SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer, it is known as a security protocol that creates an encrypted and highly protected link between a browser and server.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is also known as digital certificate that validates the identity of a web page and encrypts the information and data forwarded to the web server utilising SSL technology. Encryption technique is the method of intermixing data into unreadable arrangement that can be only possible to read with a real decryption key.

When SSL certificates installed a server, they initiate a secure padlock HTTPs based protocol, authorizing web users to safely enter and share sensitive and confidential details such as credit card/debit card information and login details.

These days numerous of online business and individuals SSL because it minimizes the possibilities of sensitive details to be into the wrong hands such as online hackers and information stealers. In other words, we can say that SSL enables highly secured transmission in between web server and end-users.

If you had implemented SSL security on your website, your site visitors and customers will feel that their information is highly protected and they are in the safe hands. It will increase customers trust on your website and business.

How does SSL work?

When a web page on any other Internet of things secured with SSL certificate is accessed by any web browser, a Secure Sockets Layer based connection is established in between the browser and server by implementing a technique known as SSL Handshake.

Mainly there are 3 keys used to initiate the SSL connection, familiar as public key, private key and session keys. The connection encrypted using a public key can only be decrypted with a private key and in reverse.

Here is the detailed information about Working process of SSL certificate:

  • When user open a website, browser links to the website and it requests for the web server identity.
  • The web server forward the copy of SSL certificate installed on it with its public key.
  • Then the web browser checks the certificate that it is not lapsed or deactivated and it is signed by trusted provider. If everything goes well, the web browser builds encrypts and returns with a session key to the web page by making use of the public key of web server.
  • All the data and information transmitted between the web browser and a web server is hereafter encrypted using session key.
  • Top Factors to consider before purchasing SSL Certificate for a website

    There are many factors one need to consider before buying an SSL certificate. Few of the top factors are listed below:

  • Reputation of the Certificate Authority
  • Level of the security
  • Issuance Time
  • Compatibility with browsers
  • Trust Seal
  • Level of Encryption
  • Policy of Warranty
  • Availability of Customer Support
  • Refund and Money back policy
  • Duration of Free Trial
  • Top SSL Certificate Providers 2019

    Bluehost Free SSL

    Are you searching for cheap SSL certificate provider for your website? We at UpdatedReviews analysed current trends and security aspects of present day online businesses and listed best 10 SSL certificates providers that are well-known to provide highly secured, trusted and reliable SSL certificates and affordable rates. You should be careful at the time of choosing SSL provider for your website because previous year, Leading web browser Google Chrome had discarded the trust from the few certificates providers i.e. WoSign and it is blacklisted by Google for not keeping the higher standard of online security. Therefore, to make certain that you are getting proper security for your website, here on this page we have shared the list of best ssl certificate providers in India and worldwide.

    1. Comodo

    Comodo is one of the top leading SSL providers, offering cost-effective and highly secured medium for all kind of businesses including small and mid-sized businesses to secure their customer transactions. Comodo SSL provide 128/256 bit industry-standard SSL encryption which is trusted by almost every web browsers.
    Comodo SSL certificates comes with many additional features such as point-to-verify based technology which displays your website visitors and valuable customers with the actual time authentication of your business credentials on any occasion they move mouse pointer on to the SSL seal.
    Comodo provides your valuable customers with notable level of security with 2048 bit signatures and up to 256-bit encryption with all packages.

    2. GeoTrust

    GeoTrust ks another best and largest SSL certificates provider available on the web. With 100,000+ customers in more than 150 countries trust GeoTrust to protect online transaction and managing their business over the web.
    GeoTrust’s best in class SSL certificates provide swift delivery at affordable rates, allowing upto 256-bit SSL encryption along with GEOTrust seal one the level of identity verification basis. The basic SSL encryption starts from $149/year, enabling you Basic, inexpensive encryption in minutes. While maximum security comes at $599/year.

    3. TheSSLStore

    The SSL Store is one more largest Platinum Partners of world’s leading Certification Authorities (CAs), containing Symantec, GeoTrust, Certum, Comodo and Thawte. You can get SSL certificates from The SSL Store at unimaginable costs and they also offer exceptional 24/7 customer support.

    4. DigiCert

    Digicert founded in 2007, provides best encryption solution for websites give access to free reissues on unlimited servers for whole life of your certificate which other top SSL certificate providers do not offer. The SSL certificates provides by DigiCert are trusted and accepted by most of the browsers and smart phones/mobile devices and internet related tools.
    With 256 bit encryption, 2048 bit RSA signature with SHA-2 algorithm Digicert SSL certificates confirms website security and protection to the highest level. DigiCert also provides ECC (Elliptic Curve) public-key cryptography support in order to create more efficient and effective cryptographic keys.
    The Standard SSL provided by DigiCert cost as low as $139/year while their top level Wildcard SSL certificate costs $475/year.

    5. GoDaddy

    Godaddy is well-known domain name registrar in the world but they are also famous for providing security solutions for the websites such as SSL certificates at affordable rates ranging from $69 to $299. With Strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption. Get Fast and reliable SSL certificates for your website from Godaddy today.

    6. Symantec

    Symantec is a Fortune 500 company and a member of S&P 500 stock-market index, offering cybersecurity software solutions and services all over the world. Symantec SSL certificates protect your website with encryption of upto 256 bit and also protect your entire website against malicious activities online. You will be provided with most trusted and well recognized seal- Norton Secured Seal on your website. The SSL pricing at Symantec starts from $399 to $1999 yearly.

    7. Thawte

    Thawte is another low price SSL certificate solution provider. Their SSL packages starts from $149/ year and provides upto 256 bit encryption for the website, at the same time their Web Server Wildcard certificates costs $599/year, you can save over $120 USD if you opt for 2 year term.

    8. Network Solutions

    Network Solutions claims themselves to be lowest cost SSL certificates providers, especially if you opt for multi year term. To give an example getting an SSL certificate from Networks Solution safeguard your website for websites as low as $54.49/year with Xpress Domain Validation package. This is lower than any top certificate providers like Godaddy and Thawte. You will be provided with 256 bit and encryption, round the clock expert support and more than 99% browsers compatibility and unlimited free reissues. Furthermore Network Solution is a well-known and trusted name in the industry.

    Types of Web Hosting Explained - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Are you getting confused with the different types of hosting services and various web hosting plans?

    If that is the situation then you are not only the one. With thousands of web based companies getting involved for your online business with numerous of different web hosting packages, things can get more complicating.

    Furthermore, technical terms such as data transfer, bandwidth, uptime, server space etc. can be easily disappointed for those who just wish to start an online business to make money online.

    As an online business get bigger, your website hosting needs will also grow and become more complicated. In the initial stage free and cheap web hosting plans may work well but as your website grows and start getting huge amount of traffic you need to look and another option for your hosting requirements.

    Take into account for this list because the continuation of the type of hosting plans and web hosting services an emerging web based business will have to take into account.

    Types of Web Hosting Services

    types of Web Hosting

    Let's now have a look at the different types of web hosting plans available and discover which one will best server the requirements of your business website, even if you are in the process of starting an online business or planning to take your online business to the next stage.

    Shared Hosting - Best, Cheapest Hosting option

    Shared web hosting is one of the most popular and cheapest hosting option available. In this type of hosting environment your website is hosted a web server shared by many other website, One of the major benefit of this hosting setup is shared cost. It will cost you somewhere in between $1-$5 monthly

    One of the biggest drawback of shared server is that your website have to live on the mercy of other website sharing the server. It means a well popular website with huge traffic can skeptically can affect the performance of your website badly. From the opposed point of view, if you are one of the well-popular web page on the same server, you can take the benefits of super web server at economical rates.

    At the time of starting an online business most of the people start with a shared hosting package due to it’s less cost and this is actually a good way to start a website because a new website will not get more traffic.

    Shared hosting is an ideal choice of websites with few pages or a website that will not get much traffic.

    Price Range: $1 - 10/month.

    Shared hosting is good for a brochure type site, or a newer site that doesn't get a lot of traffic.

    Recommended Best Shared Hosting Option - Bluehost

    Reseller Web Hosting Service - Best to start Hosting Business

    Reseller web hosting services are most essentially type of shared nature hosting solution with added tools and features that allow you to resell server space to other users.

    Reseller packages contains many amazing features such as superb technical control, WHM, cPanel tool, billing software to generate invoices for clients, world class customer support and many other.

    Some of the top features of reseller hosting include:

  • Private Name Servers
  • Free Control Panel & WHM
  • Free Templates to Create Website
  • white label technical support
  • Needs lesser investment and resources
  • Better control over resources
  • Price Range: Reseller hosting packages range from $10 - $30 can even goes even slightly up, determined by the features and resources you need.

    Suppose you are planning to start your own hosting business and looking for best suitable to to get started then Reseller hosting packages are best choice to start with.

    Also see, best web hosting affiliate programs, if you are planning to make money from hosting affiliate programs.

    Cloud Web Hosting Services

    Cloud web hosting service is fairly new hosting option available in the industry which allows numerous of isolated servers work with each other so that it acts as an vast server. In this type of hosting arrangement as the need of a website increases, the hosting provider can just add more hardware in order to make an even bigger cloud.

    One of the biggest benefit of cloud based web hosting service is that it can handle any amount of traffic and if you are getting huge amount traffic to your website then cloud is the ideal choice for you and probable the right time for you to move from shared hosting to Cloud hosting.

    Price Range: Most of the cloud web host charge based on pay per use basis.

    See Also: Best Cloud Hosting Providers here.

    Virtual Private Server - Secure & Powerful than Shared hosting

    Virtual private Server or VPS hosting refers to a physical server that behaves as multiple spitted virtual servers. VPS is also known as bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers where you will rent an entire server. despite the fact each Virtual server shares hardware resources such as RAM, web server space but they all are granted and given dedicated piece of the computing resources.

    VPS Price Range: VPS based hosting packages costs $10-$50 monthly. VPS hosting cost is depend on the resources you demand from your host.

    See Also: Best Cheap VPS hosting options.

    Dedicated Server Hosting Service

    When your website is on a dedicated server, it means you are leasing an entire physical server from a top hosting company. In this type of hosting arrangement You will have complete control over your server. In dedicated hosting arrangement, you do not need to worry about other websites slowing down your website because there is no resources sharing in this arrangement.

    This is one of the highest level of hosting configuration available for any online business getting huge amount of website traffic. Although the pricing of dedicated server is considerably more as compare to shared or VPS hosting.

    Dedicated Hosting Price: The pricing of Dedicated server ranging from $100 and more based on the resources and power you need.

    See Also: Dedicated Server Hosting Comparison

    Self Service Web Hosting

    This is the supreme hosting option available on the web, in this type of hosting arrangement you do everything on your own such as you buy the server, take care of the installations of software, applications, make arrangements of other required stuffs like cooling system, power supply for your machine room and many more. Few of the important factors you'll have to take care of on your own:

  • Space for your datacenter
  • Cooling system
  • Power supply with backup
  • Bandwidth
  • Hardware for server
  • A qualified System Admin
  • And many more.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting Service

    Wordpress is one of the most popular content management system available on the web. With the growing demand of Wordpress as a leading web development platform for creating websites and blogs, many hosting providers are offering hosting solution for it, known as Managed Wordpress hosting. In short, a managed Wordpress hosting is a kind of service in which a web host provider will take care of your wordpress installation up-to-date which can very helpful to you in order to protect your site from any security threats and hackers.

    It is not as affordable as shared hosting option but this is an ideal choice for both startup websites and well-established online business that make use of Wordpress as their development platform.

    See Also: How to Start a blog.


    Choosing a best website hosting package much difficult because there are numerous of options available. The first and foremost step is to understand the type of hosting service you need such as shared, VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server, there four are the mostly used type of hosting. I hope this detailed article about the various type of hosting services has given you the scenario to figure that out.

    Note: If you are just starting with your first website or blog, It is highly recommended you to go with shared hosting. It is one of the cheapest and best suitable option for starting a website.

    Furthermore you should have a loot at the list of companies, I recommend exploring our top rated hosts to find the best and suitable ones for your website. Go through the features they offer and review the required resources such as RAM, web space, bandwidth allotted etc.

    How to Start Home Based Web Design Business in 2019 - Best Steps - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    How to Start Web Design Business Online from Home

    Benefits, Drawbacks, and Guides to Getting Started in Web Design 2019

    While reading the stories of great website designers and developers it look like that starting a web design company or business is much easier. But the procedure of starting your own web design business is not that much easy as it looks; you not only require designing expertise but you also need, an excellent plan, strategy and genuine efforts in order to get your business run successfully.

    Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business from Home

    Even though these days it is easier than before to build a website for personal or business use with the help of templates and CMS (content management platforms) such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento etc.. but many business owners still prefer to hire a website designer or coder to design and develop a website for them. Therefore many web design jobs and opportunities are available.As per the report of, the average salary of a web design is over $73,632 per year as of 30th January 2018. With a range normally between $63,034 to $84,145, although this can change relying on numerous of aspects.

    What Does It Take to Be an Expert Web Designer?

    Web designers and developers also known as artist as well as part tech freak. These designers are not just responsible for the look and feel of a website, but also responsible for functions of a website. Website designers are not needed to have any kind of diploma, degree or certification until they have the necessary expertise and abilities to design a web page. In spite of the fact that it is not essentially a requirement, just coding skills and programming knowledge can increase possibilities and more options.

    A Good Web Designer should have:

  • Knowledge of popular programming/coding languages, such as CSS, HTML, Ruby,PHP, SQL, Java, Python etc. can increase the value of web designer.
  • A vision for eye-catching design, together with layout and color: A web designer should be able to create the layout of a website that should be stunning at the same it should be able to serve the motive of the site.
  • Deep understanding and knowledge of font color combinations and font styles and how exactly they can be utilised to build a website.
  • Skills to manage and structure the website for easy navigation.
  • Once designers get some knowledge and expertise to handle clients projects on their own basis, they think of start to work from home as a freelancer or starting their own website designing company. Doubtlessly it is one of the best idea but it requires a mixture of great thinking, excellent thoughts and professional skills as well as determination and patience to change your dreams into reality. Anyway, for all those, who are thinking to start their own website design company, below we have shared some tips which can help you to run a successful web design business.

    Things You Need to Start a Web Design Company

    It is unquestionable that you must have the knowledge and skills in web design before getting into web design business. Once you have that, you will need few more things like:

  • A website for yourself to represents your skills as well as to showcase your portfolio of work.
  • A office or work place that is quiet and free from disturbance.
  • Hardware resources such as computer system, laptop, scanner, printer and digital camera to interact with your clients visually.
  • Software and applications for creating graphics, images and animations, which may be free of charge or cost some money.
  • An Internet connection with high-speed and good connectivity.
  • A Server space for hosting your clients website and testing it.
  • A Brochure of the Services you will provide along with the charges.
  • An agreement that describes all the policies of your work.
  • A strong business plan/strategy, describing your services, target market, and financial objectives.
  • An excellent marketing strategy that contains your target market and how you plan to approach that market.
  • Apart from the above mentioned things, you also need a strong network to approach for possible referrals. This strong network can contain people you have designed website for before, but also other professional people that work directly with the businesses that need designers for designing their website or applications. To give an example, you should be in touch with some copywriters, content writers, graphic designers and other users related in creating websites. There are possibilities that you will have a client which wants a website, but does not have contents, images and graphics for it. Via your strong network, you can refer those kind of clients to them and the other businesses can refer their clients related to your business to you.

    Benefits of Starting a Web Page Design Business

    There are numerous of benefits of starting website designing business from home, which is in more demand. Below are the pros of starting web design business:

  • It can be executed from anywhere home, office or any other location with the access to internet.
  • No academic qualifications are necessary, anyhow training, qualification or diploma can have added advantage.
  • Due to increase in the way of doing business online, every business now need a website so the need of web designers is not at all going to disappear.
  • Being a web designer you can be more innovative every day.
  • You can earn more than enough.
  • Great chances to expand the business into other fields, for example Digital marketing, web hosting services, web page maintenance & management and many other fields.
  • Drawbacks of Starting a Website Design Business

    In this world nothing is perfect, so similar to other home based businesses, starting a web design business from home is also having few drawbacks, like:

  • Due to modernisation web us constantly growing, because of this reason you will need to stay updated with new coding and programming.
  • Huge competition is there in web designing.
  • There are any easy to use tools available these days, so many people prefer to create website on their own.
  • You have to be in front of computer system most of the time.
  • Once you are done with the setup process of your business, the next biggest challenge for you will be yo get the first client. There are numerous of different ways on the web to find clients, containing your personal network. Make sure you are having a program getting referrals because getting more referrals is one of the best and cost-effective way to get success in your web design business.

    One of the best option for getting clients is by freelancing job portals that contains freelance web designing jobs and connecting with prospective customer via social media channel like LinkedIn or twitter.

    Afternic Review

    Afternic Review - 3.0 out of 5 based on 5 votes

    About Afternic

    Afternic is the world’s best domain marketplace available on the web, listing 5+ millions premium domain names available for auction and getting 75+ million domain searches every month - which is higher than any other domain marketplace available online.

    Afternic Reviews

    Founded in 1999, located in Cambridge, MA, Afternic launched the first ever web page where the owners of domains could list their domain names for sale, and potential domain name buyers could review available stock- associating buyers and sellers of website domain names for the first time, and launching the industry’s foremost domain mart. Since their launching, they have been uninterruptedly growing and innovating, presenting latest technologies like Fast domain Transfer that permit a domain name buyer to have instant control and management of a purchased website domain name, and creating a delivery network that now contains 100+ associates that market their domain listings globally. Whether you are a domain seller or domain name buyer, Afternic is the one of the most secured and trusted in the industry.

    Godaddy Alternatives India - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    Web Hosting Alternatives to Godaddy

    Are you searching for alternatives to Godaddy since you are not happy with their services?

    There are many other users suffering with Godaddy services such as frequent downtime, low quality technical support, and low-grade marketing tactics & practices. The host used sensual, erotic advertising and marketing campaigns to promote its services.

    Godaddy is the largest Internet domain registrar and web hosting provider approximately 17+ million customers worldwide and more than 6,000 employees globally.

    With a large number of 17+ million users, it clearly shows that they are good at selling domain names with a cheap introductory rates. But they charge terribly, incredibly high during renewal.

    Do you know, millions of website owners and Hundreds of businesses have moved their hosting from GoDaddy to other alternatives like InMotionhosting, BlueHost, FastComet and Hostgator in recent days. Most of them were frustrated of incredibly higher renewal plans, annoying customer service provided by them. There are many great Godaddy alternatives who are really better than GoDaddy and these alternatives are actually dying to have you as their clients and they actually do care too much about your website as you do.

    These hosts provide broad range of offers, deals, discounts, excellent services, amazing features and having great prestige in the Internet hosting industry.

    Godaddy Alternatives 2019





    • Host Single Domain
    • Unlimited Disk Space
    • Unlimited Transfer
    • Unlimited Emails
    • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee




    Hostgator Reviews


    Visit Site




    BlueHost web hosting


    • 50GB Space
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Free Domain & CDN
    • 30-Day Money-Back
    • Wordpress, Joomla, cPanel
    • 1-Click WordPress Install




    Bluehost Reviews


    Visit Site





    At a Glance

    • Free Domain for life
    • Single Website
    • 15GB SSD Space
    • Unmetered Traffic
    • 45 Days Money - Back
    • Free CDN




    FastComet Reviews


    Visit Site




    inMotion Hosting


    • Unlimited Space & Transfer
    • Host 2 Domains
    • $250 Advertising Credits
    • Free Domain, SSL & SSD
    • 90 Days Money Back
    • FREE 1-click installer




    InmotionHosting Reviews


    Visit Site


    Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019, How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2019? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Do you want to know the latest trends of digital marketing strategies for 2019? Then you have landed in a right place.
    This year has been lots of new changes so far, and there is no sign of slowing down in these changes.
    Due to this reason we are going to share article with you about the top digital marketing trends for 2019.

    Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

    We have done huge research and collected the information about latest digital trends of marketing and put all of them on this page for our valuable readers and viewers so that they can make well-informed decision and choose strategies that create good impact and stand out from the rest, because digital marketing is one of the most effective way to attract more customers to your business these days.

    Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

    In Digital marketing, since the Internet Artificial Intelligence (AI) rises very quickly. Artificial intelligence provides that efforts that we need in our jobs,Through go away from time consuming and argumentation type jobs to AL. And then retailers can easily understand the advantages of artificial intelligence.

    There are two most important things that can happen in the next year are:

    As a result of Artificial language processing i.e. Chatbots allowing us to do this with less human effort by changing the marketing from one way communication to a customer dialogue.

    Artificial intelligence-based products are built with vendor applications & there are plenty open source of libraries to use by the adoption of artificial intelligence.

    Rise in Live Video Usage

    Like Artificial intelligence, the live video is new, and it it grows quickly. Now day Everyone wants the advantages of Facebook Live. And it is very popular in their investors to connect with their audience and a quick method. Everyone loves to watch live video.

    In fact, live video gets 3x more views said by Facebook.

    Simple steps to start a Facebook live video and that are:

  • You can promote a quality sale to the viewers who watches you.
  • In advance tells everyone about the holiday display and sales by starting a live video.
  • Your employees can be introduce by starting a live video with your followers.
  • Facebook live video can be started on every popular event that your followers can watch you.
  • Anything that you want to do, beware that your users or followers who are related with your business are known about your promotions and other sales to avoid the mistakes. So it is quit good to start a live video in off hours that your customers can see everything that happens in that off hours and they can easily understand the things in which they have any kind of issues.

    More Concentrate on Customer Experience

    It doesn’t mean if you can easily hit the jackpot of customer experience by handling some customers Even if your company might be able to deliver a “personalized” email. An individual can attract with you only by relevant timing with great content throughout the journey of the customer’s. And which cannot happen in one month. It is reality how many things there are like what kind of activities has done or not online or offline. With new way of operating content, Marketers will optimise their customer experience for better growth of their business.

    Unique and High-Quality Content

    Content, often referred to as the “king” in digital marketing,“content” is referred as the king which the essential part of almost every online market. The content becomes more competitive by professional writers. There is only one method of success to write better and qualitative content that the readers can easily understand. And that content can be provided by the professional and highly expert writers.

    Rise in Voice Searches

    Voice search is growing at a fast speed, one of the best reason behind this - it’s extremely fast, easy to use, allows the internet users to make any search on the go. Due to this reason, many smart internet marketers are making use of voice search for their website. This year voice search will be one of the hottest trends in digital marketing.

    Rise in Social Media Analytics

    The social media analytics are very powerful and very easy to use. These are the medium of analytics to go beyond engagement and they measures the quality of content and are the most important ROI. We should focus on the the whole customer path on various touch points,instead of measuring little little things.

    The visitors motive should be understand by viewing in context after one another. Campaign only becomes successful and result when we knows that what is there after the click on our ad

    Increase of Augmented Reality

    If we talk about augmented reality consumers shows that they are ready and is proved by Pokémon Go. AR related applications and products will coming out next year. It takes lots of time to take people more closer with VR technology, which is truly democratized.

    Linkedin May Rise, Twitter Falls

    There are many social media platforms that helps in advertising the business and other things. In now days the twitter’s value decreases while other social media platforms grows very fast like LinkedIn. By expanding the count characters from 140 to 280 the platform tried to revive,but this is not seen yet. Some customers are sad by that their favourite platform has gone now. Actually that the individual is forced to precise their ideas within 140 characters. In today the Facebook or LinkedIn provides an individual to suffer from that issues.

    The customer acquisition in 2017 was strongly focused by the Twitter without making any progress to its ad platform. Then the investors don’t have any choice to invest in other platforms to connect with their audience. Twitter looks disappearing from the advertising platform.

    Rise of Account Based Marketing

    Account based marketing is the popular word of B2B marketing, which is only a fad?

    Thanks to evolving marketing technologies it is possible for the companies to execute ABM at higher scale. Furthermore, The same language and speak is required by the ABM. It is not about the leads it is about the lead that marketers can understand how to track that targeted accounts in similar way as sales does.

    The advantages of ABM starts from better resource allocation to improved pipeline metrics. Now it is not only that technology which is important nut sets new mindset that makes sales experience more better.

    Use of Own Data in Advertising

    In today’s world, We need to join customer's journey and and the customer to getting that better experience which they are expecting from the brand today. At that point there are certain important technologies that play a significant role like DMPs.

    When the own data is used by the marketers for advertising purpose the buying is definitely goes on programmatically which is controlled by company’s own buying desk. If you want to improve your customer experience you need that capillaries which is implemented within the organization or can be drawn from external agencies, where the data can becomes like a glue in your operations.

    Bigrock Republic Day Sale, Offers & Discount 2019 (Not Running) - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Bigrock Republic Day Sale, Offers

    Bigrock is celebrating this Republic Day of India 2019 with huge discounts and blasts this time and they are inviting all of you to the party! They are giving you an amazing offer on their best selling Web Hosting services & Domain Name registration solutions.

    Bigrock Republic Of Hosting Sale

    On this auspicious day Bigrock is Giving a Huge Discount On Web-hosting- Get one year free on Shared, Reseller, Cloud and WordPress Hosting (with a min. purchase of 2 years.) On this republic day 2019.

    Details of Bigrock India Republic day Coupons:

  • Offer: Get 2 years web hosting for the price of one (with a min. purchase of 2 years.)
  • Promo Code: REPUBLIC18
  • Offer Date: 19th-20th Jan 2019
  • Don't waste your time. Go ahead make most of this sweet offer from Bigrock.

    Visit Bigrock

    Hostinger Customer Care Number - 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

    About Hostinger

    Hostinger Customer Service

    Hostinger is a web hosting company founded in year 2004. It is also managing the free web hosting services of since 2007. The Hostinger platform currently servers more than 29 million users in 178+ countries worldwide. The company is headquartered at Europos, Kaunas, Lithuania. Services provided by include web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, domain name registration, wordpress hosting and website building tools.

    Visit Hostinger

    Hostinger Customer Care Service Contact Details

    Below is the detailed information about customer care service of and Hostinger India, including phone number, email id and official address. Along with contact details and customer service number, you can also read Hostinger reviews of their web hosting services. Get the customer service below for Hostinger support, help, complaints or feedback.

    Hostinger, UAB
    Europos 32-4, 46326
    Kaunas, Lithuania

    Hostinger International Ltd.
    61 Lordou Vironos Street
    6023 Larnaca, Cyprus
    Phone No.- NA
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Hostinger Customer Support Number

    There is no contact number available for customer support at Hosting website. You can only contact through email or ticket system.

    Note: Hostinger India is operated by

    How To Choose The Best Windows VPS Server Hosting Providers For Your Website? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    Looking for a hosting provider with high degree of scalability! It means you need some extra resources and features. So, if you are looking for extra resources such as RAM, web space or transfer/bandwidth or CPU power, only a VPS hosting provider can offers these resources to you. It is highly recommended for you to check their privacy policy as well as terms of the service usage carefully before buying any hosting plans from them.

    When you are going to sign up for VPS hosting plans, you need to make decision whether you should go for Linux or Windows as your hosting operating system. If you opt for VPS server hosting, you can enjoy the features and benefits of a dedicated server for lowest rates. If you opt for Linux VPS server it costs you much lesser because Linux is an open source platform available for free of cost. For the websites built using windows or Microsoft technologies, Windows VPS server is the ideal option. So here on this page I am going to discuss about best Windows VPS server hosting plans India to host your Windows based website.

    Tips to find the best Windows VPS Hosting Providers in India

    Room to Grow

    When you are searching for a best Windows VPS server solution for your website, you require a specific hosting package which must fulfil your website motives. Choose a provider which provides you with all the required features, functionalities as well as room to grow your business/website.

    Select Between Managed & Unmanaged VPS

    In order to select the best Windows VPS hosting packages in India, you also need to make selection between managed and unmanaged hosting solutions. If you are not technically expert a managed VPS hosting plan is the ideal option for you to choose. But choosing managed VPS Server hosting option with cost you more as your hosting provider will take care the server management, monitoring related tasks for you. If you are technically expert you can opt for unmanaged VPS hosting option but you have to manage your server on your own.

    Quality of Customer Support

    Customer support is another important point to check before signing up with any provider. Make sure you are getting 24/7 expert customer/technical support via live chat, email, phone or ticket system so that you can easily contact them in case of any trouble or issue with your website.

    Server & Hardware Performance

    While choosing best Windows VPS hosting plans in India to host your website make sure that you are getting latest and high-end hardware. If you host is not providing you with high-end hardware resources it can negatively affect your website performance. Performance is one of the most important aspect need to consider while choosing a best plans for your website.

    Choose Between SSD & HDD

    Always go with a provider which offers SSD based storage space because SSD based storage option can enhanced the performance of your website. SSD powered hosting operate almost 100 times more faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives, hence it boost the performance of your site.

    Root Access

    Make sure you are provided with Full Root Access so that you can access your server from any location remotely.


    Make sure you will have the option to easily Scale your resources when you needed them. This means you must have the potential get more resources when you needed. So, if any point of time your website needs more resources such as RAM, web space or bandwidth or CPU power, your selected VPS host has to be able to offer these to you. Also go through the usage of services carefully.

    Backup Options

    Before signing up ensure that you will be provided with daily/weekly backup option , so that you can easily take the backup of your data. Also make sure you should be offered with user-friendly control panel tool. Plesk is the most preferred panel for Windows VPS hosting packages.

    Furthermore, the hosting plans should also be cost-effective to keep it within your budget. Anyway, Windows based hosting packages are somewhat costlier, which makes budget factors more and more crucial. Above mentioned are the few guidelines you need to follow while choosing the best Windows VPS server hosting plans and providers for your website. If you are looking for best Windows VPS hosting options, visit our Windows VPS page where we have listed best solution for windows based sites. Save more on Windows VPS using latestVPS hosting offers.

    FastComet Reviews on WordPress Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes

    About FastComet

    FastComet Logo

    How many web hosting service providers can you take into consideration? There are really large number of hosting companies who are all competing to get clients. Users of hosting are normally having some Internet based content that they want visible on the World Wide Web. Web hosting is a type of Internet service provide platform to publish contents and websites on the world wide web and opting a web hosting company is mostly the best thing to do.

    FastComet is one of the the leading web hosting companies that could host your site at affordable rates. In this post we are going to take look at Fastcomet review including insight on the company performance, pricing, plans, uptime and many more.

    FastComet Web Hosting Services

    Similar to most web hosting companies on the web, FastComet website hosting provides the service to house your site in their highly secure data centers and making it accessible to everyone on the web.

    The Fastcomet has been in the hosting industry for more than 7 years. In the beginning the company main focus on providing only hosting services to both business and personal websites. But late in year 2013 they stepped into public cloud hosting services and now they are offering best in class cloud hosting solution to their customers. Some of the services provided by this host includes open source website hosting service, SSL certificate, site building tools and many more.

    Fastcomet Web Hosting Features (Table)

    FastComet Server Location
    Chicago, United States
    Dallas, United States
    London, UK (United Kingdom)
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Frankfurt, German
    SG, Singapore
    Tokyo, Japan
    FastComet Services
    Shared Hosting
    Domain Name Registration
    SSL Certificate
    Cloud VPS Hosting
    Dedicated Servers
    WordPress Hosting
    Joomla Hosting
    OpenCart Hosting
    e-Commerce Hosting
    Website Builder
    Unlimited Domains
    Available With Selected Web Hosting Packages
    Domain Hosting
    Unlimited Space/Bandwidth
    Limited Space, Unmetered Bandwidth
    Linux Web Hosting
    Windows Website Hosting
    1 Click Install
    WordPress Hosting
    e-Commerce Hosting
    Joomla Hosting
    Magento Hosting
    PHP Hosting
    Email Accounts
    Unlimited Accounts with all Shared Hosting Plans
    Free Let's Encrypt SSL
    Cloudflare CDN Free SSL
    Free GlobalSign Private SSL
    Free Dynamic SSL seal
    Free Server Name Indicator (SNI)
    Free Website Transfer
    Upto 3 Websites
    Free Domain
    CPU Cores
    Upto 6
    Upto 6 GB
    Money Back Guarantee
    45 Days
    Malware Removal
    24/7 Support
    Ticket System
    Live Chat
    Toll-free Telephone
    Discussion Forum
    Control Panel
    Hosting Backup
    Payment Methods

    American Express
    Maestro Card

    Fastcomet Wordpress Hosting Review

    FastComet also provide hosting solution for WordPress based websites. Actually in these days it is difficult to find a hosting provider out there that does not provide support for WordPress CMS. WordPress hosting at fastcomet is available under the open source hosting services and it comes with the all required features for WordPress like 1-click WordPress set up, backup/restore, virus scan and malware protection, and many other advanced security tools. One of the most essential factor to consider when searching for a WordPress website hosting solution is the speed which your website can be loaded on the web, along with the customer/technical support service provided by the company. FastComet possess of excellent hosting speeds similar to SiteGround, iPage, BlueHost, and inMotion.

    Why is Fastcomet Hosting Plan Good for WordPress?

    With Fastcomet you can get wordpress hosting as low as $3.95/month makes it one of the most affordable hosting option to everyone including bloggers, webmasters and small on-line businesses. Another best thing about this host is that it provides backup option, excellent security, as well as it support many other open source CMS platforms and applications which are essential to run a WordPress based websites. They also provide free Wordpress themes which makes very easy to design a beautiful website.

    Fastcomet WordPress WooCommerce Review

    WooCommerce is one of the well-known application that most of the people use to create their online stores or ecommerce website. FastComet provides its customers with WooCommerce hosting solution same as the shared hosting services. With their hosting packages WooCommerce is available as a plugin, and you can get SSD based WooCommerce hosting solution at a affordable rates. In addition, FastComet also provides WooCommerce installation and other extensions installation service for free of cost.

    FastComet Technical Support & Customer Service

    Customer service and support at Fastcomet is available in various mediums such as toll-free phone, live chat, support ticket system, and email support as well as huge community is also available where you ask any questions related to hosting and other web services. There is another easy to access option available to contact the technical team for more help.Fastcomet support is available round the clock to server it’s customers.

    There are many reviews available on the web for their customer support which shows that they have a expert and highly qualified support team that acts as quick as possible on customer complaints and problems. If you are looking for more another wordpress web hosting option that providing cost-effective hosting solution with customer support, checkout SiteGround.

    Visit FastComet

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