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Shiv Singh

Top 10 Reasons to Choose WordPress For Your Website/Blog

WordPress is Worlds Best and Most Trusted CMS platform for Many Good Reasons.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose WordPress

Since the Internet has diverted into a most important part of daily from luxury as almost every business owner as well as other innovative people have discovered another home at WordPress, one of the top rated and widely used CMS (Content Management System) on the globe.

Individuals and business owner considering WordPress hosting service are rushing towards WordPress CMS platform to launch the website of their dream from its tremendous benefits and features. If you are looking for best hosting for your WordPress site, give a try to Bluehost, No.1 Officially Recommended Host by

Here in this post we are going to present top 10 reasons to choose WordPress CMS so that you can easily decide whether WordPress is the perfect option for your blog or site.

Most Reliable & Trusted CMS Platform

It is one of the most reliable and trusted CMS platform with remarkable number of users which obtained nearly about 31.7% of the entire web. At present it is one of the topmost used and widely used among other CMS platforms including Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.

This amazing number of market share alongside large number of user base of this CMS indicates that how reliable, solid and trusted is as a CMS platform.

Powerful and Increased Security

By opting for this CMS you can easily keep your WordPress based website/blog as secure by employing the security attributes available in this platform. This platform permit website owners to keep the files and folder safe and secure by opting for password protection so that other unauthorised people and user can not get to the saved contents.

In this platform there are several plugins, modules, widgets also dedicated to sustaining a powerful security system for a blog or site. Also you can easily setup automated updates of all core plugins of WordPress CMS as well as themes to maintain the most recent security related issues and troubles away from your site/blog/web apps.

Dedicated Customer/Technical Support

Doesn't matter what inconvenience or issue you keep running into, the 24/7 live chat customer support provided by WordPress will dependably be there to serve and assist you. Apart from this there is dedicated support forum provided by WordPress to help you with any kind of issue.

Everyone is welcome in community provided by WordPress to share their experiences on this CMS platform as well as t answers the questions of others based on their knowledge about this CMS. Furthermore if you wish to get fully dedicated support system for your blog or site, you have the option to install the WP Live Chat Support Plugin available in the WordPress plugin library and rest of the things will be taken care by WordPress for you.

High Scalability

Being a No.1 CMS platform WordPress has shown its high scalability numerous occasions. We all be aware of how simple and effortless for novices to start a blog for free of cost using this CMS platform. Likewise, the biggest and notable brands such as CNN, Spotify, BBC America, MTV News etc. are using WordPress for their websites.

Therefore this CMS platform can easily serve the needs of different kind of users, organizations and businesses of all sizes and types.

Highly Flexible

WordPress is well-known for its flexibility. By opting for this platform one can grasp the benefit of improved customization features. These customization features contain the real-time customizer which enables website owners to alter everything of site/blog with no proper technical skills and knowledge.

There is a huge library of plugins that permits users to create any type of website including business, forum, social network, online store or a simple blogging site. Therefore if you are looking for high flexibility from a CMS platform, WordPress would be the ideal option for you to choose.

SEO Friendly

The rules and regulations of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are not that clear and easy to understand for the general public. Therefore, newbies who wish to start their own website or blog usually think that it is difficult to follow the SEO guidelines at the time of creating a website or blog.

Being leader in the Internet world, WordPress makes the entire procedure much effortless and easy to understand with few helpful features and attributes. At whatever point of time you create fresh content to submit post to your blog, it will tell you about the elements and attributes you must include to boost the SEO score of your content. Therefore you can easily fix the post as needs before introducing to your website reader, visitors and clients.

Easy Speed Optimization Options

You can several benefits from WordPress by executing particular speed optimization techniques to load your site/blog considerably quicker. Together with these speed optimization tricks, there are any lightweight themes, image size optimization plugins, radical caching system, GZip compression option as well as minimization of JS (JavaScript) and files containing CSS. By making use of these tool, one can without any trouble and hassle reduce the website loading speed.

Content Updation Made Easy

WordPress has made Content Updation Much easier as compare to other CMS platforms. By opting for this CMS you do not need to go through difficult steps to update the posts of your web pages. You can easily update the contents of your site using easier visual editor tool. All you need to do is choose the post, article you wish to modify, roll out the required improvements and save the post.

Cost-Effective & Affordable

Most importantly, WordPress is well-known its affordability. This CMS platform is completely free to start with and one can upgrade to the paid version at cost-effective price. There are several free plugins available to perform different tasks. By upgrading to paid version, one can run a fully functional website on this CMS at a price of around $50-$60 yearly.

Multilingual Platform

WordPress clearly understand its Worldwide reach as well as its huge user base all over the globe. Along with the standard English language, it also available in many other languages. At present this Content Management System is available in around 169 languages and by chance one not able to find their desired language in this platform, there are wide range of plugins are available which can be utilized to translate this entire platform into that specific language.

Access to Third-party Tools

In case you have already become acquainted with particular third-party tools and applications, you do not need to stress over abandoning them at the time you move to WordPress CMS because one of the best thing about plugin is that it will enable you to use those specific tool by integrating them via suitable plugin.

WordPress CMS: The Ideal Choice for Your Website/Blog

The conclusion is that in case you wish your site to looks professional, proficient, get results, easy to handle, setup, maintain and manage, WordPress CMS is going to be best suitable option for your site, mainly in case you are not expert in coding but wish to get your site up and running in few minutes.

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What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)? How Does a CDN Work? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)? How Does a CDN Work?

CDN, known as a content delivery network or content distribution network is an arrangement of distributed network of servers that deliver pages as well as other web based content to the users and visitors, based on the geographics area of the online users and visitors, the core of the web page as well as content delivery web server.

The CDN service effectively speed up the delivery of the contents of websites and web applications with huge amount of regular traffic as well as web pages that have worldwide reach. The nearer the CDN (Content delivery network) server is to the website user geologically, the speedier/rapid the substance will be conveyed to the website online user. Content Delivery Networks additionally give assurance from sudden rush in website traffic and visitors.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)? How Does a CDN Work?

How Does a CDN Works?

To lessen the distance between your website visitors, viewers and the server of your website, a Content delivery network (CDN) keep records of your website’s content on several different locations. Each and every points of presence comprises various storing servers in charge of content delivery to website visitors and viewers inside its closeness.

Basically or in general words, A Content Delivery Network makes your website contents in several places in the same moment, giving your valuable visitors better expansion. To give an example when any visitor from Birmingham approaches your US (United States) based web page, it is done via a nearby UK PoP (Point of presence). This is substantially faster than having the your valuable visitor’s, website users requests, and your reactions, walk to every part of the full width of the Atlantic ocean and back.

This is the means by which a CDN works basically. Below I am going to share the various advantages of using a CDN.

Various Benefits of using a CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

In spite of the fact that the advantages of utilizing a CDN (Content delivery network) change contingent upon the size as well as requirements of an Internet stuff, essentially there are 4 major benefits of using a CDN for most of the website users:

Diminishing Bandwidth Charges: Bandwidth and data transfer charges for web hosting and web server is major expense for web pages. Because of caching along with other optimization, Content Delivery Networks can diminish the measure of data a primary web server must give, hence lessening website hosting charges for site proprietors.

Boost the Content Availability & Redundancy: Huge amount of traffic to a website as well as hardware related faults can interrupt the functioning of normal web page. Because of the distributed environment, a Content Delivery Network can easily deal with more activity and visitors and withstand equipment related issues much effectively then several core web servers.

Enhancing Web Page Load Time and Speed: By sharing website content nearer to your website visitors by making use of a closer CDN server, your valuable web page visitors undergo much faster web page loading times and amazing speed. As Internet users are more disposed to go away the slow loading websites and head over to some other available website, a content delivery network can also help to decrease the bounce rate as well as improve the amount of time and duration that online viewer and visitor spend on your website. In simple words, we can say, a website loading at faster speed can get more and more number of visitors.

Enhancing the Security of Website: A Content Delivery (CDN) can also enhance the security of your website by giving enhancements to security and protection certificates DDoS (Distributed denial of service) mitigation along with many other optimizations related stuffs.

Wrapping up

A best Content delivery network decrease the time and duration occupied by website hosting server in order to operate,receive and convey the web page contents. A CDN also saves the data transfer as well as enhances the user experience. It also helps to improves the search engine ranking of website as well as accessibility of the web page contents. A Content Delivery Network also helps to keep your website data from Internet attacks, malware attacks, network related issues or faults.

Therefore, to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts and obtain cheerful clients, it is highly recommended to get website hosting with CDN from best web hosting service providers. We recommend Bluehost for best CDN hosting solutions.

In case you have any other doubts regarding CDN, feel free to discuss in the comment section below.

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

If you are planning to convey digital services and solutions of any type, you will have to compute resources containing storage/web space, memory, CPU power, bandwidth, strong connectivity to network. The type of resources you opt to deliver your services i.e. cloud based or local system is entirely depends on you. In any case, you will unquestionably need to get your homework done first.

Disadvantages of Cloud computing

Cloud is one of the most recent technology and it is benefited several businesses and organizations by lessening charges as well as permitting complete concentration on core business related stuffs, instead of IT and technical troubles and difficulties. Along with many amazing advantages, cloud computing has few disadvantages of cloud computing. In this article we are going to share few of the crucial disadvantages of Cloud computing.

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Various Disadvantages of Cloud Computing Explained

Data Security & Privacy Issues:

Any dialog/talk including information must address security, safety and protection, particularly in regards to handling sensitive information. We should not overlook and ignore what happened to code space as well as the hacking of their AWS EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) console, which prompted data/information cancellation as well as closure of the business. Their reliance and addiction to cloud-based solution implied going for broke in light of the dangers of outsourcing the whole lot.

Remember that your cloud based data is easily reachable from any location using Internet connection, implying that in case any data break happens through hacking, malware or negligent login credential,, the mission critical data of your website can be compromised.

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Chances of Downtime:

Cloud computing technology makes your venture of small size fully reliant on the reliability of the speed of your Internet connection. In case it is offline, you are offline. In case your Internet service go through continuous interruption or slow internet speeds, cloud computing solution may not be ideal for your business.

One more thing you need to consider is how reliant your business/organization would be on cloud based solution reliability, even the well-known and reliable cloud computing based service companies go through server outages/downtime every so often.

Could your business/organization bear the cost of the effects of an outage or server downtime? A server outage on Amazon web services (AWS) in the year of 2017 cost businesses around 150 million dollars and not even single business is exempt, particularly when basic business related processes and functionalities can not afford to be disturbed or disconnected.

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Less Control and Inflexibility

In cloud computing technology you will have less control and inflexibility. A Cloud computing service provider’s EULA (end-user license agreement) and other administration approaches may force restrictions on what cloud users can perform with their deployments. Clients hold complete control and access of their applications, information, services and administrations, yet might not have a similar level of control and access over their backend area.

Data Transfer Charges

In case you are into a business involves into huge amount of data transfer, keep in mind that though inbound transfer in cloud computing is free of cost, but outbound data transfer over the general month to month allotment are charges on each GB (Giga byte) basis.

On condition that your business necessities will contain frequently downloading huge quantity of data from cloud based applications, websites of data storage device, the extra charges can include.

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Customer Support/Service

In the earlier days of cloud computing technology, unsatisfactory customer support was a continual grievance from customers. Luckily, these days most of the cloud service providers have put huge improvements in providing quality technical support service to cloud users in the course of recent years, although better service comes at a cost.

In case your business/organization requirements are are such that you need a quick/faster response to customer support queries, ensure that you select a cloud service provider that offer enough ways accessible for customer technical support such as live chat, email, telephone etc.

Chance of Data Loss

In cloud computing environment you do not just have to bother about hackers and cyber-terrorists stealing or making changing to your critical data or information, you too need to bother about your sensitive data being demolished as well as lost overall, without leaving even a single clue.

In the cyber world there are several well-known cloud computing service providers that offer outstanding security from you valuable data loss, yet there are still a broad range of mistakes that can happen. One of the well-known and common reasons of data loss are human generated errors. It is always good to backup your data on a physical device before backing it on a cloud based device.

Final Thoughts: Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing technology is superb option for small sized businesses and organizations to get-away the difficulties as well as expanses of IT related administration, on condition that they can be settled with the drawbacks. Security and safety concerns associated to having their business details out on the web appear to be the main worry of entrepreneurs and organizations.

As per my suggestion you should begin with cloud computing slowly, choose and start with 1 or 2 applications of your business to supplant and analysis how things stack up. Ideally after some time, you will become much more related and satisfied with cloud computing and ready to grab the advantages of cloud computing technology.



Cloud computing is an arrangement in which computing resources are delivered as a service over a network connection, most of the time the Internet. Cloud computing service fully depends on sharing a pond of physical as well as additionally virtual resources, instead of dispensing personal or system based hardware, application and software. Cloud computing is to some extent similar to the term utility computing because in this environment users are capable to take advantage of a supply of computing resources instead of deal with the tool required to produce it on one's own.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing


In Cloud Computing arrangement users only have to pay for the resources they utilize, so they don’t need to pay for the unused resources, due to this it is available at reasonable rates


It is highly scalable because of automatic increase and decrease of resources based on the needs, therefore ensuring the higher level of security.


In cloud computing model numerous of services can be setup utilizing the same available computing resources.


As services are hosted over various different servers so any individual system breakdowns don’t influence the performance and progression of the service.


It is an excellent option from the security and the level of management along with the option to match the needs of any business.

Various Uses of Cloud Computing

Most probably you are using one of the cloud based technology at this moment but you do not even know it. In case you use any online solution to store documents, play music, send or receive emails, watch TV, play online games, use mobile or anything else, most probably cloud is the technique making it possible for you. Cloud based services are in the industry from a decade and there are several kind of organizations and businesses from small, mid to large organizations and enterprises as well as government agencies are taking the benefits of cloud technology. Given below are the few crucial things you can perform using Cloud computing:

  • Creation of web apps and services
  • Store data, files, backup and recover data
  • Host web applications, websites and web blogs
  • Play audio and video
  • Build Software online
  • To make predictions and analyse data
  • How Does Cloud Computing Works

    Cloud computing services works in a differ way, depending on the service provider you choose. But several best cloud service providers provide a friendly, easy-to-use, web based dashboard that makes it much simpler and effortless for webmasters and web developers to administer their accounts and resources. Few cloud computing based solutions are likewise are intended to work properly with REST (REpresentational State Transfer) APIs and a CLI (Command Line Interface) giving web developers and coders several choices.


    Various Types of Cloud Computing

    Basically Cloud computing works on three models, public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

    Public Cloud

    A public Cloud model is where services and related infrastructure are hosted off-site by a cloud solution provider, shared over their customer base and got to by these customers publically accessible networks, for example, the world wide web. Public cloud model is an excellent economies of scale along with redundancy yet these are highly unprotected and unsecure than private cloud models because of increased accessibility and ease of use.

    Private Cloud

    Private cloud model utilize pooled services and framework put away as well as kept up on a private network, even if physical otherwise virtual, obtainable and available only by one single customer. Top advantages of this arrangements are excellent security and more control. This cloud computing model is not available at cost-effective rates as business will have to buy or lease as well as maintain all the required hardware, software etc.

    Hybrid Cloud

    As the name itself indicates, a hybrid cloud, it is a mixture of both private and public cloud computing solutions. A Hybrid cloud computing enables a business/enterprise to amplify their efficiencies, by making use of public cloud environment for non-sensitive activities and tasks at the same time utilizing a private arrangement for complex and important functions, businesses and organizations can make certain that their cloud computing arrangement is perfect without paying anything more than is needed.

    Different Models of Cloud Computing

    Basically there are 3 different models of Cloud computing, 1). Software as service (SAAS), 2). Platform as service (PAAS) and 3). Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

    PaaS (Platform as a Service)

    Platform as a service known as PaaS is a type of Cloud computing that gives a stage and platform to enable web developers and coders to develop applications as well as service over the web. PaaS computing based services are hosted in the cloud environment and obtained by users just via their system using web browsers.

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

    IaaS referred to infrastructure and is the foundation of cloud computing solution. Instead of buying or renting space in a physically located data center, workers and other required things to maintain and administer computer servers, cloud computing networks and storage, cloud service customers lease space in the data center located virtually from an IaaS service provider. The customers will get access to the data center virtually through web. This type of computing model of cloud gives the raw materials for IT requirements and users just pay for the resources they actually use, which contains, Memory, RAM, CPU power/Cores, web space, hard disk, bandwidth etc. Only actual cloud service providers enable user to rent and lease virtual server along with storage whereas making systems to integrate them all. At the time leasing from a cloud IaaS service provider, users are simply leasing the hardware and required software/applications that automates it.

    SaaS (Software as a Service)

    SaaS referred to as on-demand software solution, SaaS is mainly a software licensing along with a delivery model in which a completely accessible and operational software is given to users via web on a subscription basis. Software as a Service solutions are mostly obtained by customers via a web browser on their system and can be charged based on the usage or sometime fixed month to month billing.

    What is Cloud ERP? and Benefits of Using Cloud ERP

    Let us begin with what the Cloud server is.
    The cloud solution is a network of powerful web servers that store data and information. Every web server has its own role and responsibility. Few of the servers run web applications, few of them just store data and information, and some work as deliver a service.
    One of the major benefit of Cloud solution is that it can be obtained from any location remotely using Internet based device. In simple words you can access your application hosted on cloud servers from any location anytime using a computer system that has an active Internet connection and web browser.
    Hence, a Cloud ERP service implies that the Enterprise Planning (ERP) system is hosted on a Cloud based platform or Cloud server that can be obtained via any type of web browsers.
    Rather than accessing a program installed on your system such as computer or laptop, you can simply get into your ERP software by entering it into the web browser of your system with the help of Internet from any location anytime.

    What is Cloud ERP? and Benefits of Using Cloud ERP

    What is Cloud ERP Software?

    Handling the stocks as well as the inventories utilizing traditional accounting software and medium is not just time consuming, yet it additionally prompts a considerable measure of problems.
    While the conceivable outcomes of human mistakes dependably stay higher, it additionally turns out to be extremely complicated to monitor all the moment points of interest. This is the reason organizations want to put resources into enterprise resource planning software also known as ERP software. These are propelled software that go about as a spine for a whole business. A software like this coordinates all the key administration and business procedures to give a review of the considerable number of tasks that are going ahead inside the association. An ERP software helps monitor the HR information, the organization financials and the manufacturing data.

    Besides, in these days, organizations intend to discover more intelligent ways for promoting the internal intelligence. They comprehend that speed is conspicuous in business sectors that have moment life cycles of product and negligible time-to-showcase plans. Is is an undebatable fact that on premise frameworks are of incredible help in accomplishing such requirements. However cloud server based solutions are easier to manage, customize, can be instantly implemented and demonstrate possibilities to enhance the adoption rates among resellers.

    This is the reason, more organizations are moving towards ERP cloud server hosting solution with a specific end goal to keep up the competitive edge. Remembering these, Several providers has come up with cutting edge ERP solutions that are incorporated with phenomenal highlights.

    ERP is fundamentally a cutting-edge incorporated solution that enables enterprises of various sizes to deal with their entire business associations, including HR, store network, financials, acquirement and other projects. Consequently, this is a to a extremely powerful framework that can be effectively customized and ensures most extreme profits for investments as far as effectiveness, efficiency and cost-savings. ERP is picking up ubiquity because of its multi-server nature.

    Benefits of Using ERP on Cloud Server

    One of the major reason to invest your money in ERP software solution is that these are developed in such a way that these assist integrate several data resources as well as all the administrative related processes in a single and unified system. An advanced software design and typical database are the two major components of ERP software system. It doesn’t matter you are a small size business or large size, ERP cloud solution providers effectively take into account every one of your needs. Given below are some of the crucial advantages of opting ERP software on Cloud server:

    Easy Access to information:

    ERP software solution can produce the information consequently and guarantees simple access to data. For example, the software figures out data like the points of interest of a specific request, the detailed payment history of a particular client or the sales margin of a specific product. By embedding the accurate data into the product, you will have the capacity to get to all the essential data inside a limited ability to focus time.

    Enhanced customer experience:

    Many ERP on Cloud solution providers comprehend that keeping the clients happy, joyful and fulfilled is a definitive objective of any and each entrepreneur, and this is the reason they plan the product likewise. With the assistance of a cleverly developed enterprise resource planning software on the Cloud server, these providers empower their customers to give every one of their clients the significant administrations. This guarantees an enhanced user experience.

    Enhanced Integration:

    This is presumably the most critical advantages of utilizing an ERP on Cloud server. Powerful ERP software lessens repetitive information entry. Organizations for whom incorporating the distinctive procedures is fundamental, can profit a ton by installing ERP software. This product additionally empowers your workers to cooperate with each other all things considered.

    Usage of different software:

    There must be diverse departments inside your organization taking care of various tasks. While the accounting team members tracks the sales order with a specific software, the sales team department takes after some different techniques to take and deliver the orders. At the point when the distinctive departments of your organization continue utilizing diverse software, there are increased chances of perplexity and mistakes. This is the place where utilizing ERP software will serve you best. With the assistance of this, you will have the capacity to coordinate numerous product and every one of the departments will have the capacity to get to the updated information.

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    There are several best web hosting companies on the web providing Cloud ERP hosting solutions at cost-effective rates and if you are searching for affordable Cloud ERP solution to host your ERP software, I would recommend you to go withA2 Hosting, one of the cheapest ERP hosting provider on the web.

    Start Hosting Your ERP Software And Get The Benefits of ERP on the Cloud from A2 Hosting!
    When Should You Move to a VPS Server or Dedicated Server Hosting? - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    When Should You Move to a VPS Server or Dedicated Server Hosting?

    At present I am using shared server hosting service for my website, yet I see a ton of people discussing about VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting. At the point when would it be advisable for me to think about those hosting solutions?

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    when to migrate Dedicated server hosting

    My simple and short answer for this question would be, right after you are start earning decent money from your website or web blog. Shared web hosting solution is best choice when you are in the starting stage. I am in shared server hosting since 2 years and now my website have already started getting decent amount of traffic, so I am planning to move to VPS server.

    One of the major issue with this type of web hosting service is that your web page of blog will be hosted in the same server with many other websites, in shared server generally more than 100 sites are hosted in the same server. Subsequently, in case any of the website owner do something wrong, you will also have to face the problems.

    To take an example, in case a any website owner with less knowledge run any script on the server and that cause the crash of server, the other sites including yours will affect negatively, whether you did not have anything to do with it and your site will for sure go down. In some cases, if any web page owner sharing server with you doesn't take site security seriously and abandons some security holes open, it will definitely affect you website too, as a result you will see your site might be hacked by hackers or some other malware attacks.

    Given above are the two major reasons for moving your website to VPS server or to a dedicated server hosting solution based on the situations you are currently in..

    Being in the hosting industry since 5 years I do not suggest any website owner to start straight away on a dedicated web server hosting arrangement since it is one of the costlier hosting option available and for the reason that you could turn out to be wasting your hard earned money for a web page that will not not go far away. But based on my knowledge as soon as you begin earning some decent amount of money from your website it would be right time to take a move to VPS or dedicated server, as this move would give your site an excellent security as well as help you to increase the performance of your site, as a result you will see boost in your income too.

    when to migrate VPS server hosting

    So what exactly I mean by decent amount of money and how much money you should be making from your site? The answer for this question is that when you continuously start making an average $500/month you should consider buying a VPS server hosting which will cost you in between $5 to $60/month and when you start making atleast $1000-$1500/month you should consider buying a Dedicated server for your website which will cost you in between $60 to $200/month.

    Along with the advantages mentioned above, by hosting your website, blog or web application on VPS server or Dedicated server hosting environment, you will see you them more responsive, as in this type of web hosting you will not share the server as well as its resources with any several other websites and web applications.


    At last if you are looking for best VPS hosting option for your website, I would recommend InterServer for best and cost-effective VPS hosting solution or if you are planning to buy a Dedicated server for your website checkout inMotion Hosting, one of best SSD based Dedicated server hosting provider on the web.

    8 MOST COMMON WEB HOSTING MISTAKES YOU SHOULD AVOID - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes


    selection of a best web hosting service provider is crucial to your success on the web. A poor quality and worst web host provider can affect your site by causing frequent downtime, slowing down your site speed and poor user experience etc.

    Even if you are planning to set up a web blog, online store, e-commerce website, business website, personal website or any other website, you should make certain that you choose is solid, efficient, reliable and available to assist you when you need any assistance.

    Web Hosting Mistakes

    Selecting a web hosting company is a quite difficult task, specifically when there are any hosting companies on the web and all are claiming to offer best in class services. In this situation situation, website owners fall prey to the false commitments and guarantees of cheap website hosting service companies on the web and later feel apologetic about the choice they made.

    In this article we are going to the share the top 8 most common mistakes you should avoid while choosing a web hosting for your website.

    1. Choosing a Free Web Host

    While web hosting service sounds amazing for your pocket, cloud hosting just going to create lot of issue over the long haul. Some of the the well-known causes you may face include:

  • A free web hosting will put undesirable third party advertisements on your web page
  • You will have to face slow website loading speeds.
  • You will not be having the option to scale your web page as your business or organization grows
  • In Free web hosting solution you will not be able to run specific scripts
  • Search engines like Google and Bing may ignore your website
  • is the perfect example for this situation. Despite the fact that WordPress is one of the well CMS platform to create websites and blogs, the free website hosting option restricts the several WordPress software and applications as well as they keep the authority to put 3rd party advertisements on your web page.

    In simple words, in free hosting arrangement you will have to sacrifice the control over your website as well as you will not get quality hosting server as well support.

    2. Not Doing Proper Research on Restrictions

    In case a web hosting package seems to be too perfect, it most likely is. Saying this does not mean that the web host you are seeking is hiding truth from you, but to be in the safer side it is always do some proper research before opting for hosting service. This is one of the most common hosting mistake you should avoid at any cost.

    To take an example, a web host may say that you will offered with Unlimited bandwidth. But when you do some research you will find there are many restrictions and limitations. One of the the biggest truth behind Unlimited bandwidth term is that once you cross the assigned amount of bandwidth you will have to face website slowdown issue.

    Some most common restrictions to take into consideration include:

  • No Setup & Install of your desired software
  • No SSH Access
  • No access to Multiple Pop Email Accounts
  • All these restrictions are mostly not mentioned on the web hosts website, so it is recommended to do some research on your own for example contact previous or current customers, talk to their customer representative to get detailed information.

    3. Not Mentioning Your Exact Requirements

    It is one of the well-know mistake and you should avoid it at any cost. It is always recommended to make a list of your requirements such as how much resources you need. By doing this you will make it much easier for you to at the time of hosting account upgrade in the future.

    4. Not Reading Web Hosting Reviews Online

    While choosing a web hosting package, it is much easier to one that seems ultimate and ideal for your website without doing any proper research. It is always recommended to read web hosting reviews online to get clear idea of which hosting service provider is going to offer your best perfect for you at best possible price. Some most common mistakes include:

  • Not Reading Customer Complaints
  • Troubles with server downtime and website loading
  • Avoiding security related issues
  • Avoiding to read customer opinion on social media platforms
  • In case you find many good reviews on any particular review website about particular hosting company, it is not a good signal. There are much possibilities that the web host has paid money to write good reviews.

    5. Avoiding to Verify the Quality of the Customer Service of Web Host

    Verifying the quality of customer service offered by web host host much easier, all you have to do is contact customer service with some technical question and check whether they are able to answer your questions. In case you ignore this, you will have to face lots of issues in the future. Imagine you are facing an issue with your website and hosting account and you are not getting proper answer and help from your web host! In this case you will find your website downtime for longer time, means huge loss for your business. Almost every web host claim to provide 24/7 expert support, so it is always good to do reality check.

    6. Selecting A Web Host With No Moneyback Guarantee

    There are few hosts not having any moneyback guarantee or refund policy. Selecting a hosting service provider with no moneyback or refund policy means huge loss. Suppose you are not happy with the service offered by your selected host and now you want to cancel your hosting account and want refund of your money. In this situation you will have to lose your hard-earned money because you select a web host with no money back guarantee. Having a money back guarantee means you can ask for your money back in case of any dissatisfactory service or because of any other.

    Make sure to check the refund and money back policy closely to get clear information about the terms and conditions. There are many web host offer refund and money back after a certain period of time such as upto 90 days money back guarantee as well as some host offer anytime money back guarantee.

    7. Not Choosing the Right Web Hosting Package

    Once you decided to go with a web host, the most common mistake is not choosing the right hosting package. A shared hosting plan is one of the cheapest hosting option and best suitable for small sites and blogs. But in case you are expecting quick growth and bloom in your business, it is better to go with a better hosting package such as VPS hosting or Cloud hosting to serve the growing needs of your site.

    Along with the type of hosting service it is also crucial to give attention to the available features of hosting package. Such as the cost-effective shared hosting package may not contain live chat support, free domain name, free SSL certificate, privacy protection or some other important features that are essential for your site.

    On the other side, there is no need to opt a dedicated server hosting solution, if you are planning to run small business website or web blog.

    8. Not Taking Regular Backups of Your Data

    It should not occur that you lose entire data of your site. In any case, it occurs every now and then with even the top and well-recognized brands in the hosting industry. So if you don’t wish to lose your website data, it is recommended to take daily or weekly backups of your website.

    By avoiding these above mentioned mistakes you can choose a perfect web host for your website or online application. Hope you like this article! Feel free to share your views about on this articles in the comments sections below.

    Top Uses of Dedicated Servers - 10 Best Uses of Dedicated Servers - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

    Top Uses of Dedicated Servers - 10 Best Uses of Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated server hosting is an arrangement of hosting wherein a server is dedicated and committed one single organization, one person or one website. This type of server hosting arrangement is in contrast to shared server hosting solution wherein a web server acts as host to several website owners. A dedicated web hosting solution is most of the situations mentioned to as a dedicated web server and it can be set up in-house, on your own premises, remotely inside a highly secured data center. Let us now take a look at some of the uses of Dedicated servers.

    Also check out the list of Best Dedicated server hosting Providers.

    Top Uses of Dedicated Servers - Best 10 Things You Can Do With a Dedicated Server

    Therefore, you have invested huge amount of money to get dedicated server for your website or online application! You have acquired the skills/talents, you have appointed the qualified individuals, as well as you have arranged the infrastructure for your dedicated server? No worries UpdatedReviews is here to help you to tell the several ways you can use dedicated web server which you have purchased:

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    Use Dedicated Server as Web Server: This is the most well-known and frequent use of a dedicated server – getting huge amounts of traffic and visitors on your site? dedicated servers solutions are ideal for hosting websites with huge traffic. On the off chance that you've surpassed your shared web hosting server, dedicated web hosting is the upcoming best available option for you.

    Use Dedicated Server as Application Server: Where a Dedicated server is mainly utilized for a solitary, huge, particular web application or website. These kind of web applications are almost always business critical therefore you can have several devoted servers setup in order to guarantee load sharing and dividing.

    Use dedicated server as Backup server: In case of technical breakdown, human generated errors or unforeseen event, it can be dangers to information as well as your mission critical data security. To avoid any of this kind of situations you can use your dedicated servers to backup your mission critical data.

    Use Dedicated Server as Video Streaming: Dedicated servers are designed to deal with large size files and huge amount of traffic making perfect option for online video streaming sites and applications.

    Use as VPN Servers: VPN refers to Virtual Private Network give safer connections over public networks and channelizes all your website traffic via these connections.

    Use Dedicated Server as Email servers: E-mail web servers enable users to manage email messages and have full control on to the response, the dispatch as well as delivery. Is is always good to own your email at your website domain name so our can easily handle the storage as well as upload limit and restriction. By having your owner web server, you can easily send large size files without any size restrictions.

    Use of Dedicated Server as a Music Jukebox: An Internet powered music jukebox enables you to play and sort out your music files from any kind of gadget you utilize. Use your dedicated server to stream distinct high quality multimedia files at various bandwidths/data transfers. Get into your music library from any location.

    Use as Database Server: A dedicated server could serve as a solid, efficient, effective data storage solution for different web applications and sites. As well, the dedicated servers can be utilized for analyzing information and documenting.

    Use as Chat room servers: With dedicated server you can create your own particular chat room, likewise well-known at the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) server. Each and every chat room utilizes this server, enabling file transfers, encryption, intermediary, chat bots and many more.

    Use as Nagios Server: This kind of server is helpful for checking if something turns out badly with your host server and tells you the estimated time required to settle it. Nagios Server obsers network related issues, web host resources as well as network investigations such as temperature/humidity.

    Use as a Game Server: You can use your dedicated server as a game hosting server. In case you play video games online, you must be familiar with how a game hosting server function. Utilizing a dedicated web server you can easily host your own multiplayer games with least possible downtown along with excellent speed. If you are looking for tutorials on how to use dedicated server host a game such as CS (counter strike), Minecraft etc. there are several tutorials available on the web about it.

    The uses of a dedicated servers are endless and there are many other things you can do with your dedicated server that I could not included in this list of the uses of dedicated server such using dedicated server as a test server, set up it as a HTTP tunneling, set up your web analytics server or Set Up as a VOIP server.

    On the off chance, you have found any other which i have not included in this list on how to use a dedicated server, we would happy to hear from you, feel free to share your idea in the comments section below.

    How to Check Your Website Performance with Pingdom Tools? - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    How to Check Your Website Performance with Pingdom Tools?

    In this blog post, we are going to take a look at Pingdom, one of the well-known and widely used website monitoring tool and speed testing tool available these days. At first sight, Pingdom speed test tool may look like a simple website performance testing tool but when you sign up or register with this tool, numerous of several features and options becomes accessible for you.

    Founded in 2007 and situated in Sweden, Pingdom has gained huge experience and expertise in analysing websites and monitoring websites. It is trusted by more than 850,000 users and organizations such as Spotify, Pinterest, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk and many more who all utilize Pingdom tool to check the uptime statistics and availability of their web pages, web applications, servers etc. Currently they have successfully grown their network more than 70 test locations covering Europe, USA and Asia Specific regions, it means website owners can test their websites, applications from any part of the world.


    But today if you are already using a website and if your website performance is not good and if you are looking for information on how to check site performance with Pingdom tools then here is the complete information on it. Pingdom is one of the best-known website monitoring and speed testing tool. According to us, it is one of the best tools where you get the complete information about a website performance and I also indicate that on which area that you need to concentrate on. So to begin all you need to do is that enter your website URL and click on start test and the result will display on your screen. Not only that you can even check single articles which you have published on your website and you will get different results. Using Pingdom gives you more information about view content size by content type, content size by domain, the various requests being made by the domain etc.

    Pingdom Website Analysis

    So here are some of the features that you find when you search for your website performance on Pingdom tool:

    Performance Insights

    It is one of the important section where it helps you by giving some basic information about your website where it is lagging behind. It also acts as a checklist where you can go through and it also helps your website faster. So in here, you will find few hurdles, and you need to click on the down arrow which is shown on the right end and now you will see some information, so now follow that to resolve your issues.

    Pingdom Porformance Monitoring tool

    Response Codes

    Here in this response code, you will find the information which is useful if you running a website a long time. In here it gives you the information on resources that help to load on the page. And the numbers which are displayed are the class statuses are usually A-OK.

    Pingdom Response codes

    Content and request breakdown

    In here you will find four different table where you will get the information about the distribution of your content and your requests. And in Content size by content type, you can see all list of your assets which are grouped together by its type like, images, HTML, scripts, CSS etc. and with the help of this, you can take our any serious issues.
    And in requests by content type, you can see the table where it shows the number of requests your site is making and thus helps your website to analyze and optimize it. Content size by domain and requests by domain in here it shows the same information related to the origin of your content. And in here you have to load the content from your local sources or else from your content Delivery Networks. On the other hand, if you are loading a lot of content from off-site sources, then there will be slow down on your website.

    Pingdom Content and request breakdown

    The waterfall

    Here in this option, it is used for developers to gain a visual understanding of how websites will load and you can also see where are the issues are. It also shows the cache of information when you click on the down arrow on your right side. And the icons on the left side it indicates the type of content which is being requested. And over there is any of the response is not in 200 class then you will see the alert icon. Next is the request URL and the request size and there is also bar graph where it shows information on when and how the resource loaded.

    Pingdom Waterfall tool


    As you can see, understanding how PingDom can help you to check your website performance and how PingDom Speed Test Tool actually works and with the help of images and screenshots you can make a well-informed decision to improve the performance of your website. A waterfall chart is one of the crucial option to analyse and evaluate each and every file individually and understand how your individual files load. In case you are looking for best and safer option to analyse your website, PingDom is the best option to choose.

    6 Major Differences - Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

    6 Major Differences - Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

    Even if you are a blogger, small business or a webmaster in search of web hosting solution, in this situation you might we thinking whether you should opt VPS hosting service or Shared hosting solution. Each one is having various benefits that we are going to discuss in this article.

    Shared Hosting vs. VPS Hosting

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    Basics of Shared Web Hosting and VPS Hosting

    In shared hosting environment, your website will be hosted a server which is shared with many other websites. Shared server is an arrangement similar to a building of apartment, you will be provided with a piece of larger building. This hosting arrangement is cost-effective because hosting companies can serve several customer from one physical server. Shared servers offer website owners with less amount of bandwidth, CPU power, less flexibility, lower performance and all the technical stuffs taken care by hosting company including server maintenance, server security, technical configurations etc.

    If you are looking for more room to grow and less restrictions then move from shared hosting to VPS server hosting is ideal solution for you. In this type of hosting arrangement you can host your websites, web applications on a virtual server assigned entirely to you to server your contents.

    In VPS hosting arrangements you will be sharing the physical server with some other websites, however computing resources including web space, bandwidth, RAM are divided and allocated to each and every user. Since you do not need to compete for server resources and CPU power. In this type of hosting arrangement you don’t need to worry about other websites and applications and consuming too much resources such as bandwidth or web space ad causing for slow down your website. As compare to shared server hosting, VPS hosting is little costlier but contains the power of dedicated server at much affordable cost.

    So now let us discuss about the various difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting in details:

    Difference No.1 - Server Resources

    As the name itself indicates, In shared hosting environment users share server resources with many other websites, while in dedicated server hosting environment users get access to entire server assigned to their websites and they can use entire server based on their needs.

    A VPS hosting is like bridge between shared hosting and dedicated server, a cluster of pieces of the same physical server behaving as their own dedicated computing resources. Considering that fact, there are upsides and downsides of the shared as well as VPS hosting resources distribution scope.

    Shared Web Hosting

    When you share server space and computing resources with other websites, you are going to face few restrictions. Although no single hosting account will affect another's capability, per say, there will be greatest amount of CPU power, RAM, Storage space, bandwidth etc. In this type of hosting arrangement Your site won't have the capacity to utilize and access server and other resources beyond the topmost permitted. In case you do not need more space and other resources for your website then this is not a big issue.

    VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server

    In VPS hosting environment, you will enjoy the increased benefits of huge amount of web space, and availability of increased amount of computing resources. This is going to be essential in case you wish to grow your business/website and wish to give your customer and online users at experience that goes beyond the traditional shared server hosting level.

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    Difference No.2 - Performance

    Being a website owner you must heard that more resources means more increased performance. The performance of shared hosting is entirely depends upon the technologies and tools your web host use, such as SSD drives instead of HDDs, Catching software, Content delivery network (CDN) etc.

    Shared Server Hosting

    In the arrangement of shared server hosting, the actions of other websites could definitely affect the performance your website, this is one of the major drawback of shared server. Although, in case your website needs less performance and you are in search of easy to use option then this is right choice for you.

    VPS Hosting

    It is not hidden that VPS hosting comes with excellent performance and offer increased amount of bandwidth and computing resources to the website owners. In this type of hosting arrangement you will have additional flexibility to install/configure required software and applications on the server, although you will have to ensure that you have a qualified and skilled system admin to retain your server up and running smoothly. In case your website gets huge amount of traffic or you are planning to host multiple website, VPS hosting will be the ideal choice for you.

    Difference No.3 - Pricing

    Cost is another crucial thing to consider while considering these two options. You need to spend more money if you are planning to buy VPS hosting, whereas in shared hosting arrangement cost of server is divided into various user which make it one of the low cost option to host a website. But compared to shared server, VPS server offers more resources and it is considered as one of the more reliable option to host a website because of this, it costs extra.

    Shared Hosting

    In shared server hosting arrangement you pay the charges related with running, handling and managing a web server since you are going to share server and its resources with many other websites and applications. As per the price prospective a shared server hosting is one of the cost-effective hosting option and it is an ideal choice for the those planning to host a website or web application with normal features.

    VPS Hosting

    In you wish to improve your business presence on the web, you need a powerful hosting solution and VPS hosting is one of the best solution with better customization option and increased performance.

    Difference No.4 - Security & Safety

    While sharing single server and related resources with several website, it is biggest benefits from the security point of view but there are more chances of security related issues in shared hosting arrangement.

    Shared Hosting

    In the shared hosting arrangement , there is a huge risk of security infringements because there are several websites sharing single server and more websites means more chances for hackers and attackers. The users of shared hosting service are generally having less knowledge and skills related to security precautions. Due to less knowledge and skills there are more chances of server vulnerabilities created by other websites hosted on same server.

    Availability of Customer support is generally limited in this type of hosting arrangement as compare to VPS hosting arrangement. Although in case you are are not going to put any sensitive information on your website then shared hosting can be a good option for your website.

    VPS Hosting

    If you opt for VPS hosting, you will be offered with excellent security and protection with increased safety features. As well as you will be provided with excellent customer support solution in VPS hosting arrangement.

    Difference No.5 - Server Management

    In simple words, in shared hosting arrangement your web host manage server for you. In VPS hosting you are responsible for server management and related tasks, unless you opt managed VPS hosting.

    Shared Hosting

    In case you opt for shared server hosting, there is almost no technical expertise or knowledge needed to manage the server as your web host is going to manage it for you. In simple words you can grab the amazing benefits of a server without paying any extra charges for server management.

    VPS Hosting

    Websites and web applications hosted on VPS hosting environment are much complicated in terms of resources management, so you need to hire an expert system admin in order to manage your server so that you can easily handle your server and its customization related tasks.

    Difference No.6 - Scalability

    Scalability is one of the important factor to consider while deciding a web hosting service. Scalability refer to the ability of a hosting account to serve the growing needs and demands of your website. In case you are expecting around 20,000 average monthly visit to your website, a shared web host can easily server your needs. But in case you cross the 20,000 monthly visits you may start getting an Internal server errors on your website. In this situation you have to consider going with a VPS server or dedicated hosting plan.

    Shared Hosting

    Shared hosting is enough to serve your short term goal but it can create problems if you are planning to fulfil your long-term goal relying on how your web page grows in the future. In case your storage capacities are increasing day by day or your website traffic is increasing day by day, it is better to scale up your resources for better and increased performance.

    VPS Hosting

    Due to easy customization features a VPS hosting plan enable you to scale resources as quick as possible and easily. In case you feel, you need more resources, you can scale up on the go to meet your needs.

    So Which Hosting Option is Ideal for your Website?

    Selection of web hosting service is much important task because choosing a wrong type of hosting option can lead to huge loss in your online business.

    The selection of hosting hosting service totally depends on your needs and requirements. So it is always recommended to analyze your needs before selecting a web hosting service for your website. If you are planning to host a large website, need more room to grow or expecting huge growth in traffic and visitors than VPS hosting is right choice for you. Or if you have a small website with less visits and consuming less resources than you can go for Shared hosting service.

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